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         Algebraic Number Theory:     more books (100)
  1. Algebraic Number Theory and Representations (Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics Number 80 (1965)) by D. K. Faddeev, 1968
  2. Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic Number Theory: Proceedings of the Special Program at Nankai Institute of Mathematics, Tianjin, China, September 198 (Nankai ... Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics) by Ke-Qin Feng, Ke-Zheng Li, 1993-07
  3. Algebraic Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry: Papers Dedicated to A.N. Parshin on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday (Contemporary Mathematics (American Mathematical Society), V. 300.)
  4. Algebraic Number Theory (Pure & Applied Mathematics) by R. Long, 1977-09-01
  5. Introduction to algebraic number theory (Graduate School studies) by Henry B Mann, 1955
  6. Computational problems, methods, and results in algebraic number theory (Lecture notes in mathematics, 262) by Horst G Zimmer, 1972
  7. Algebraic Number Theory by Edwin Weiss, 1998-01-29
  8. Theory of Algebraic Numbers by Harry Pollard, 1965
  9. Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)
  10. Theory of Viscoelasticity: An Introduction to the Theory of Algebraic Numbers and Functions by P. M. Christensen, 1982-10
  11. Select Topics in Algebra: and Its Interrelations with Logic, Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry (Mathematics and its Applications) by I. Bucur, 1984-12
  12. Selected Papers on Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry (American Mathematical Society Translations Series 2)
  13. The Theory of Algebraic Numbers. First Edition. by Harry Pollard, 1950

41. Henri Darmon - Home Page - Math McGill
McGill University. algebraic number theory, with a special emphasis on elliptic curves, modular forms, and their associated Lfunctions.

Graduate Student

Number Theory
Henri Darmon
Department of Mathematics.
Office: Burnside Hall, Room 1111
Office Hours: By appointement.
Office Phone:
Office Fax:
Current Trips and Conferences
Sept 1-December 20, 2003. I am visiting Princeton University.
AIM-sponsored activity
on the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture.
Upcoming Trips and Conferences
January 1-4, 2004. Far Hills Workshop on computational aspects of p -adic cohomology.
July 12-15, 2004. Joint Canada -France meeting of the mathematical sciences. Toulouse, France.
Research Interests
Algebraic number theory , with a special emphasis on elliptic curves modular forms , and their associated L-functions
Elliptic Curves and the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture
My Harvard PhD thesis (1991; cf. also [Da1]) formulated an analogue of a conjecture of Mazur and Tate [Mt1], replacing cyclotomic extensions of Q by anticyclotomic extensions of an imaginary quadratic field and modular symbols with Heegner points. One could apply the ideas of Kolyvagin [Ko1], which had just appeared then, to prove special cases of this conjecture which could not be approached in the original setting considered by Mazur and Tate. One of the puzzling features of the anticyclotomic setting is the presence of predictable degeneracies in the associated height pairings. (In the cyclotomic case, a conjecture of Mazur predicts that the cyclotomic p-adic height pairing is always non-degenerate.) Such degeneracies lead to extra vanishing of the corresponding p-adic L-functions. The phenomenon of extra vanishing brought about by degeneracies in the height pairings was studied in a series of joint papers ([BD1], [BD2]) with M. Bertolini, where the notion of a "derived height" was introduced.

42. Instructional Conference On Algebraic Number Theory
HarishChandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India; 825 November 2000.
HRI Main Page Mathematics
Advanced Instructional Workshop on Algebraic Number Theory
(with special reference to Elliptic Curves)
(November 8 25, 2000)
This workshop will be followed by an International Conference on Number Theory from November 26 to November 29, 2000.
Useful Links: Local Coordinators:
  • Dr. S. D. Adhikari.
    Cabin No. 3, Phone No. (O) 2017, (R) 4017 e-mail:
  • Dr. B. Ramakrishnan Cabin No. 6, Phone No. (O) 2019, (R) 4019 e-mail:
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43. Math 129: Introduction To Algebraic Number Theory
Mathematics 129. Introduction to algebraic number theory. Final Exam Now Available! By William Stein. Course Textbook (all notes combined into a book).
Mathematics 129
Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory
Final Exam Now Available!
By William Stein
Course Textbook
Student Projects
Virtual Office Hours
Spring 2004
Harvard University
Department of Mathematics

44. Algebraic Number Theory
A Brief Introduction To Classical And Adelic algebraic number theory. William Stein (based heavily on works of SwinnertonDyer and Cassels). May 2004.
A Brief Introduction To Classical And Adelic Algebraic Number Theory
William Stein
(based heavily on works of Swinnerton-Dyer and Cassels)
May 2004
Download for free:
  • Online (HTML) version PDF version DVI version (0.6MB, missing 3 diagrams) PS version Latex source files License (this is basically the license this book is released under)

  • I wrote this book for Math 129 at Harvard during Spring 2004. I'm making it available to everyone for free under very liberal conditions. For example, please feel free to put a copy on other web sites, or to make printouts or copies available to your students (even if you have to charge the students for reproduction costs).

    45. Ronald Van Luijk
    University of California Berkeley. Algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry and related topics. Catalogue of algebraic surfaces.
    Graduate Students Mathematics UC Berkeley University of California
    Ronald van Luijk
    853 Evans Hall Office Hours:
    Department Fax:
    rmluijk (at)
    Department of Mathematics 3840
    970 Evans Hall
    University of California
    Berkeley, CA 94720-3840
    I am a 4th year PhD student, interested in Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry and related topics. My advisor is Hendrik Lenstra . I graduated at the University of Utrecht in 2000 under the supervision of Frits Beukers and Ben Moonen . My thesis was about Perfect Cuboids
    Catalogue of Surfaces
    I intend to start a catalogue of algebraic surfaces , that are of interest to number theorists because of their rational points. The catalogue will include references, so that if "new" surfaces pop up, they can be compared with other surfaces, that have already been analysed. As for now, the catalogue doesn't contain many surfaces yet. Please e-mail me about any surfaces you've encountered and/or worked on, that might be of interest.

    46. John Voight: Notes
    John Voight. Oberwolfach Explicit algebraic number theory. I took notes from the Oberwolfach Seminar on Explicit algebraic number theory held in November 2003.
    John Voight Oberwolfach: Explicit Algebraic Number Theory
    I took notes from the Oberwolfach Seminar on Explicit Algebraic Number Theory held in November 2003. These are preliminary; your comments are most welcome. Lenstra: The Chebotarev Density Theorem Lenstra: The Idele Class Group Lenstra: Profinite Groups Lenstra: Galois Groups of Radical Extensions Schoof: Arakelov Class Groups Stevenhagen: Class Field Theory Stevenhagen: Kummer Theory and Reciprocity Laws Stevenhagen: Primes Represented by Quadratic Forms 274: Seminar
    I compiled the notes from the 274 seminar on complex multiplication that was run by Don Zagier for the first half of the fall semester together with his three Bowen lectures on periods and special functions of L -functions. Enjoy. Aspects of Complex Multiplication I also compiled the notes from the continuation of the seminar which dealt with group schemes run by Rene Schoof. These are in rough form toward the end, and the comments on the exercises are incomplete. Let me know if you have any suggestions. An Introduction to Group Schemes Algebraic Geometry (Hartshorne):
    I compiled the examples and comments that Hartshorne has made in his presentation of 256A: Algebraic Geometry, intending to cover the first two chapters.

    47. Notes For Dick Gross' Algebraic Number Theory Course
    Notes for Dick Gross algebraic number theory Course Spring 1999. As many of you know, I have been typing up the notes for the Number
    Notes for Dick Gross' Algebraic Number Theory Course Spring 1999
    As many of you know, I have been typing up the notes for the Number Theory Course being taught by Dick Gross who is visiting from Harvard during the Spring Semester of 1999. I am posting the notes only in .ps and .pdf format since some of the files contain .eps figures. If you need a hard copy or something, email me Before I post anything, I get it approved by Professor Gross, but if you find any mistakes, email me . Cheers. Sean
  • Lectures 1-4 .ps or .pdf : material from 14 January to 26 January
  • Lectures 5-8 .ps or .pdf : material from 28 January to 9 February
  • Lectures 9-12 .ps or .pdf : material from 2 February to 25 February
  • Lectures 13-16 .ps or .pdf : material from 2 March to 11 March
  • Lectures 17-18 .ps or .pdf : material from 23 March to 25 March
  • Lectures 1-18 .ps or .pdf : material from 14 January to 25 March
  • Lectures 1-18 compressed .ps.gz or .pdf.gz : material from 14 January to 25 March
    Last updated 5.25.99
  • 48. Tan, Victor
    National University of Singapore. Automorphic forms and representations, algebraic number theory, modular forms and elliptic functions, combinatorial designs and difference sets.

    49. Algebra, Algebraic Number Theory, Quadratic, Cubic, Quintic Number

    50. Dr V Abrashkin
    University of Durham. algebraic number theory. Publications and links.

    51. UR Math: Algebra And Number Theory Group
    algebraic number theory, modular forms, padic modular forms. Fall 2004, MTH 531 Intro. to algebraic number theory Instructor Tucker.
    Site map Search
    University of Rochester
    Mathematics ... Research groups
    Algebra and Number Theory
    2003-2004 Number Theory seminar
    Permanent Faculty
    Steve Gonek gonek The Riemann zeta function, L functions, and the distribution of prime numbers. Naomi Jochnowitz what Algebraic number theory, modular forms, p-adic modular forms Saul Lubkin lubkin Algebraic geometry, homological algebra; Construction of algebraic-topological like invariants in algebraic geometry. Arnold Pizer apizer Algebraic number theory, arithmetic of quaternion algebras and its connections to modular forms, Brandt matrices, Hecke operators, and Ramanujan graphs. Sanford Segal ssgl Analytic and elementary number theory; complex analysis; history of Mathematics.
    Postdoctoral Faculty
    Andrew Knightly knightly Galois representations and automorphic representations of U(3); traces of Hecke operators Ken McMurdy kmcmurdy Modular curves, moduli spaces, models for modular curves.
    Current Graduate Students
    Micah Milinovich

    52. Algebraic Number Theory - Encyclopedia Article About Algebraic Number Theory. Fr
    encyclopedia article about algebraic number theory. algebraic number theory in Free online English dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. number theory
    Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
    Algebraic number theory
    Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition In mathematics Mathematics is commonly defined as the study of patterns of structure, change, and space; more informally, one might say it is the study of 'figures and numbers'. In the formalist view, it is the investigation of axiomatically defined abstract structures using logic and mathematical notation; other views are described in Philosophy of mathematics. Mathematics might be seen as a simple extension of spoken and written languages, with an extremely precisely defined vocabulary and grammar, for the purpose of describing and exploring physical and conceptual relationships.
    Click the link for more information. , an algebraic number field (or simply number field ) is a finite field extension In abstract algebra, an extension of a field K is a field L which contains K as a subfield. For example, C (the field of complex numbers) is an extension of R (the field of real numbers), and R is itself an extension of Q (the field of rational numbers). The notation

    53. LookSmart - Directory - Algebraic Number Theory
    algebraic number theory Connect to papers, articles, and courses covering a variety of topics on number theory and algebra. Directory
    @import url(/css/us/style.css); @import url(/css/us/searchResult1.css); Home
    IN the directory this category
    YOU ARE HERE Home Sciences Mathematics Number Theory
    Algebraic Number Theory - Connect to papers, articles, and courses covering a variety of topics on number theory and algebra.
    Directory Listings About
  • Binary Cubic Forms and Cubic Number Fields
    Professor Henri Cohen from Bordeaux University presents a paper on the theory of binary cubic forms and its application to cubic number fields.
    Cyclotomic Fields Virtual Study Group

    Group studies cyclotomic fields and offers problem assignments and solutions as well as a discussion archive, errata, and membership list.
    Discriminant Exponent Calculator

    Online calculator determines the discriminant exponent from user-inputted fields. Read a brief description of the tool.
    Louisiana State University - Seminar in Algebra and Number Theory

    Professor Hoffman teaches this course on algebraic number theory, algebraic semigroups, quadratic forms, and algebraic K-theory and offers a collection of lecture notes.
    Mollin - Research Interests
    Presents a collection of notes on continued fractions and ideal theory and includes links to publications aimed at undergrad and graduate math students.
  • 54. Tom Weston
    Similar to the relevant portion of Lang s algebraic number theory, but with more details and more of an emphasis on the underlying topology.
    Contact Information
    Tom Weston
    Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Amherst College

    P.O. Box 5000
    Amherst, MA 01002-5000 I am a regular participant in the Five College Number Theory Seminar . Beginning September 2004 I will be an assistant professor of mathematics and statistics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    Research papers
    • On Selmer groups of geometric Galois representations ps pdf ), Ph.D. thesis, 2000.
    • An overview of a theorem of Flach ps pdf ), appendix to Deformations of Galois representations Arithmetic algebraic geometry (Park City, UT 1999) , IAS/Park City Mathematics Series
    • Algebraic cycles, modular forms and Euler systems ps pdf ), Journal fur die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik
    • Geometric Euler systems for locally isotropic motives ps pdf ), Compositio Mathematica
    • Selmer groups and Chow groups of self-products of algebraic varieties ps pdf ), International Mathematics Research Notices , no. 39, 2063-2073.
    • Kummer theory of abelian varieties and reductions of Mordell-Weil groups ps pdf ), Acta Arithmetica

    55. Paul Garrett's Lecture Notes, Exercises, Course Material
    With exercises and course material. Topics include algebraic number theory; Automorphic (Modular) Forms, Representations, Lfunctions.
    Lecture Notes and Exercises

    56. Algebra And Number Theory At PSU
    This is the webpage for Penn State s group in algebra and number theory. Number Theory Web Have fun! algebraic number theory Archives Preprints appear here!

    57. K-theory Preprint Archives
    Electronic preprint archives for mathematics research papers in Ktheory. Includes some papers in algebraic number theory.
    K-theory Preprint Archives
    Welcome to the preprint archives for papers in K-theory. We accept submissions of preprints in electronic form for storage until publication. Storage after publication may be possible, too.

    58. Midwest Algebraic Number Theory Day
    This site contains information about Midwest algebraic number theory Day. Read about Midwest algebraic number theory Day or find Alg

    59. Jan Nekovar
    Universit© Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI). algebraic number theory, arithmetic algebraic geometry.
    Case 247 4, place Jussieu F-75252 PARIS CEDEX 05 FRANCE
    Office: 175 rue du Chevaleret/ 16 rue Clisson, 75013 PARIS (Office: 7A43
    Tel :
    URL :
    CV.pdf Publications ... Links

    60. Walter De Gruyter - Algebraic Number Theory And Diophantine Analysis
    algebraic number theory and Diophantine Analysis. Subjects Mathematics / Mathematics, General. Mathematics / Algebra, Number theory. Language English. Back.

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