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         Algebraic Geometry:     more books (100)
  1. Coordinate Geometry (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Luther Pfahler Eisenhart, 2005-03-04
  2. Algorithms in Algebraic Geometry and Applications (Progress in Mathematics)

141. ABC-KLM
algebraic geometry, Boundary Conformal Field Theory and NonCommutative Geometry. A research network in the UK pursuing the deep connections between mathematics and physics - primarily algebraic geometry, operator algebras and quantum groups in pure mathematics and conformal field theory, string theory and statistical mechanics in mathematical and theoretical physics.
Network in Algebraic Geometry, Boundary Conformal Field Theory and Noncommutative Geometry
Meetings Information about the Network Mailing List Meetings Future meetings: Previous meetings: Information about the Network The objective of this network is to bring together groups in the UK having a common goal in pursuing the deep connections between mathematics and physics—primarily algebraic geometry, operator algebras and quantum groups in pure mathematics and conformal field theory, string theory and statistical mechanics in mathematical and theoretical physics. The network is initially built around Alessio Corti (Cambridge), Gustav Delius (York), David Evans - coordinator (Cardiff), Nigel Hitchin (Oxford), Shahn Majid (Queen Mary, London), Andreas Recknagel (King's London) and Miles Reid (Warwick). Funding by EPSRC grant GR/R36596/01 will enable individual visits as well as informal one or two day meetings and network workshops. This builds on our previous more ad hoc arrangements which include the workshop in Warwick in September 1999, the

142. Popular Texts
Textbook in Problems on Elementary Topology by Viro, Ivanov, Kharlamov and Netsvetaev draft version in postscript. The page also includes several papers on real algebraic geometry.
Textbook in Problems on Elementary Topology
by O.Ya.Viro, O.A.Ivanov, V.M.Kharlamov and N.Y.Netsvetaev. This is a textbook on Elementary Topology. Still, it is not finished. Hopefully, it will not be yet another textbook. Here is Foreword where we describe the collection of pedagogical ideas and tricks, which can give the first impression about the project. To find out more, take a look on the Table of Contents
I would appreciate any criticism, or suggestions either on the general principles or any specific part of the text. The last version of the whole book (a PostScript file) can be taken here Russian version, which is even less complete, can be found here.
Configurations of Skew Lines in the 3-Dimensional Space
This is a survey of results on projective configurations of subspaces in general position written by Julia Viro and Oleg Viro in the form of a popular introduction to the subject, with much of the material accessible to advanced high school students. However, in the part of the survey concerning configurations of lines in general position in three-dimensional space we give a complete exposition.
The same paper in postscript format: Interlacings of Skew Lines
Introduction into Topology of Real Algebraic Varieties
Postscript files of the first sections of this text: The Early Topological Study of Real Algebraic Plane Curves
A Real Algebraic Curve from the Complex Point of View

The Topological Point of View on Prohibitions
A popular paper concerning a technique for constructing real algebraic varieties by gluing pieces together and counter-examples to the oldest conjecture about topology of real algebraic curves (published in the Intelligencer).

143. Singular:Home
Computer Algebra System for polynomial computations with special emphasis on commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and singularity theory.
A Computer Algebra System for Polynomial Computations
Welcome to S INGULAR
  • May 2004: Release of SINGULAR version 2.0.5 , a minor upgrade from version 2.0.4 (Groebnerwalk, Janet basis, bug fixes and compatibitlity changes for gcc 3.2/3.3) is available for most Unix platforms (including Mac PPC Darwin) and Windows August 2002 : Textbook "A S INGULAR Introduction to Commutative Algebra" ... Springer Verlag . The book includes a CD containing a distribution of S INGULAR version 2-0-3 (for Unix/Windows/Mac platforms). S INGULAR is free software under GNU Public Licence . For registered S INGULAR users we offer the following free services
    • e-mail information about updates and news
    • support for installation and computational questions.
    Register as S INGULAR user Use any of the following links to find out more about S INGULAR

    S INGULAR ...

    is developed by the S INGULAR research group which is part of the Algebraic Geometry Group at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Kaiserslautern under the direction of Gert-Martin Greuel Gerhard Pfister , and Comments or suggestions? Send mail to
  • 144. Midterm Review Of The RTN Network "Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry"
    Research Training Network Arithmetic algebraic geometry. Regensburg, Germany. May 610, 2002.
    Research Training Network Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
    International Conference on Arithmetic Geometry
    (May 6-10, 2002)
    Midterm Review (May 11, 2002)
    The conference will be held under the auspices of the European Research Training Network Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
    The aim of the conference is to cover broadly important recent developments in arithmetic geometry. Topics include the advances in p-adic Hodge theory, p-adic differential equations, automorphic forms, Iwasawa theory, and the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture.
    In keeping with the aims of this Network, the conference will include not only the plenary talks of the senior invited speakers, but young researchers in the field will be asked to present their recent work as well.
    The Conference will take place at the University of Regensburg Scientific Committee: Massimo Bertolini (Padova) Jean-Marc Fontaine (Paris-Sud) Guy Henniart (Paris-Sud) Uwe Jannsen (Regensburg) Norbert Schappacher (Darmstadt) Anthony J. Scholl

    145. AGAT-2
    algebraic geometry, Commutative Algebra and Topology. Mamaia, Constantza, Romania; 2226 September 2002.

    146. H. A. Verrill's Homepage
    Universitaet Essen. Arithmetic algebraic geometry. Fundamental domain drawer and Magma code.

    Helena A. Verrill
    Universitaet Essen
    Fachbereich 6, Mathematik
    45117 Essen

    Mathematics Papers
    Notes and Overhead Slides from Mathematics talks, etc
    Mathematics Computing
    Fundamental Domain drawer
    Fundamental Domains in Magma
    Course Notes
    Elementary Calculus (Queen's University, 1997)
    Elementary Linear Algebra (Queen's University, 1997)
    Group Law for elliptic curves (Copenhagen University, 2000 (2 lectures only, given as substitute.))
    Other things of interest:
    Notes on xfig, latex, and pdf
    Wallpaper drawing program ...
    Robert Verrill's Ph.D. thesis (November 2001) (ps version)

    147. Nicholas M. Katz's Home Page
    Professor of Number Theory algebraic geometry, Princeton University. Space filling curves over finite fields.
    Check out Bibliography of Nicholas M. Katz pdf file (70 KB) C.V. of Nicholas M. Katz pdf file (6 KB) Photo from 60'th Birthday Conference jpg file (807 KB) Photo from 60'th Birthday Conference (high resolution version) TIF file (123 MB)
    Nicholas M. Katz PDF and DVI files available for download
    On a question of Lillian Pierce dvi file (44 KB) pdf file (982 KB) Hooley parameters for families of exponential sums over finite fields pdf file Notes on G_2, determinants, and equidistribution (typo's corrected Dec. 9, 2003) pdf file online version (joint with Esnault) Cohomological divisibility and point count divisibility (corrected version of nov. 10, 2003) dvi file (41 KB) pdf file (187 KB) Corrected version of Chapter 5 of "Twisted L-Functions and Monodromy" pdf file (Annals of Math Study, to appear) Moments, Monodromy, and Perversity: a Diophantine Perspective Corrections to "Space filling curves over finite fields" dvi file (12 KB) pdf file (88 KB) (joint with Pandharipande) Inequalities related to Lefschetz pencils and integrals of Chern classes pdf file (80 KB) Estimates for "nonsingular" multiplicative character sums dvi file (60 KB) pdf file (206 KB) A semicontinuity result for monodromy under degeneration dvi file (36 KB) pdf file (163 KB) Sato-Tate Equidistribution of Kurlberg-Rudnick Sums pdf file (94 KB) AWS2000 Lectures: L -functions and monodromy: four lectures on Weil II pdf file (184 KB) Larsen's Alternative, Moments, and the Monodromy of Lefschetz Pencils

    148. IHP -- Explicit Methods In Number Theory"
    Research session on effective and computational aspects of algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry. Institut Henri Poincar©, Paris, France; 6 September 20 December 2004.
    From September 6th to December 20th 2004 (Version française)
    Organizing Committee Karim Belabas Henri Cohen John Cremona Jean-François Mestre ... Don Zagier Contact


    ... Useful informations
    Presentation This trimester is to take place at the Centre Émile Borel and will present state of the art in effective and computational aspects of algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry. Discussions sessions and seminars series will take place during this trimester, as well as short courses on the computer algebra systems MAGMA et PARI/GP. Those interested in participating in the program can register on-line at the following address Participation of predocs and postdocs is strongly encouraged. They will have open access to all the Institute facilities. Those seeking financial support and/or an office should send a letter of application to the secretary , together with a curriculum vitae (and a letter of recommendation for students only).
    Long courses John CREMONA: Elliptic curves Bjorn POONEN: Rational points on curves Don ZAGIER: TBA (TBA: to be announced)
    Short courses Le critère de Nyman pour l'hypothèse de Riemann Frits BEUKERS: The equation x p + y q = d z r Manjul BHARGAVA: Higher composition laws Jean-Marc DESHOUILLERS: Explicit methods in additive number theory Effective complex multiplication in small genus and applications to primality proving Eduardo FRIEDMANN: Barnes's multiple Gamma function

    149. The London Topology And Geometry Seminar
    Held on Fridays in term with interests in topology, algebraic, differential and symplectic geometry, dynamical systems and mathematical physics.
    The London topology and geometry seminar
    The seminar is held jointly by Imperial College King's College , and Queen Mary , University of London, with visitors from Cambridge Oxford Warwick and other universities. It is designed for anyone visiting London on a Friday afternoon.
    Between us we have interests in topology, algebraic, differential and symplectic geometry, dynamical systems and mathematical physics. So the audience can be very varied depending on the week's topic.
    To be put on the email list to be notified about seminars, email "subscribe" to . Similarly to un subscribe.
    The organisers are: Martin Bridson Shaun Bullett Simon Donaldson Bill Harvey , and Richard Thomas
    Some older organisers of the London Geometry seminar: Du Val Roth , and Semple
    Under construction... Apostolov ? Bielawski ? etc..
    • Friday 7th May . Room 2C, King's College. King's College Colloquium:
      Marcus du Sautoy (Oxford): Through the looking glass: groups from a number theoretic perspective
    • Friday 14th May Room 140, Huxley Building

    150. Amnon Besser: Homepage
    Ben Gurion University. Number theory, algebraic cycles, algebraic Ktheory and arithmetic geometry. Research, publications, course information, and links.
    Dr. Amnon Besser
    Address Department of Mathematics
    Ben Gurion University

    Be'er Sheva 84105
    Israel Phone
    Room NO.
    Office hours
    : Monday 14-16 Education B.Sc. : Tel Aviv University 1985
    M.Sc. : Tel Aviv University 1987
    Ph.D. : Tel Aviv University 1993 Research Research Interests: Number theory, Arithmetic geometry, p-adic integration, p-adic cohomology, Shimura varieties, Automorphic forms, Algebraic cycles, Algebraic K-theory. List of publications from mathscinet (requires mathscinet authorization) Research profile Research Group: Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry Publications

    151. Research In Geometry & Algebraic Topology
    geometry and algebraic Topology.
    Mathematics Home Research Undergrad Postgrad ... Mathematical Education
    In many respects, the latter half of the 20th Century has been a golden age of Geometry and Topology, with spectacular advances in the study of manifolds (particularly in dimension 4), Global Analysis including Index Theory, complex manifolds and Algebraic Geometry, including its applications in Number Theory. Increasingly, strong connections with integrable system theory and global aspects of differential equations as well as the remarkable two-way flow of ideas between Geometry and Theoretical Physics are dominating developments. Algebraic Topology has developed important machinery such as cohomology theories including ordinary cohomology, K -theory, cobordism and elliptic cohomology. These are often of use in geometric situations, as well as within Algebraic Topology itself which tends to study much less `rigid' geometric situations than Geometers do. There have also been significant interactions with many areas of Algebra, and indeed much of Algebraic Topology can be viewed as `applied algebra' as well as being a major source of innovative algebraic ideas. Departmental research activity in Geometry and Topology occurs in the following areas.

    152. Schmitt, Susanne
    MaxPlanck-Institut fuer Informatik. Effective computational geometry, separation bounds; Computer algebra; algebraic number theory, elliptic curves.
    Susanne Schmitt
    Algorithms and Complexity Group (AG1)
    Stuhlsatzenhausweg 85
    Office: Building 46.1, room 318
    Phone: +49 681 9325 118 (92 118 on campus)
    Research Interests
    • Effective Computational Geometry, Separation bounds
    • Computer Algebra
    • Algebraic number theory, Elliptic curves
    April 1999:
    Ph. D. in (supervisor: Prof. Dr. H. G. Zimmer
    October 1991 - June 1995:
    Studies in Berechnung der Mordell-Weil Gruppe parametrisierter elliptischer Kurven (supervisor: Prof. Dr. H. G. Zimmer
    List of Publications
    • S. Schmitt,
      Computation of the Selmer groups of certain parametrized elliptic curves,
      Acta Arithmetica, 78(3), pp. 241-254, 1997.
    • Elements with bounded height in number fields,
      accepted from Periodica Mathematica Hungarica.

    153. Wingberg, Kay
    Universit¤t Heidelberg. algebraic number theory, Iwasawa theory; arithmetic geometry; structure of profinite (or prop) groups.

    154. Alg_arith.icm98
    (ICM 1998 Satellite Conference) Essen, Germany; 1015 August 1998.
    August 10-15, 1998 Essen, Germany
    Third announcement
    There will be a satellite conference on algebraic and arithmetic geometry at the university of Essen, Germany, from August 10 until August 15, 1998. Arrival: Sunday, August 9, afternoon
    Departure: Saturday, August 15, afternoon
    Nearest airport:
    There will be plenary sessions (55 min.) and two parallel series of main lectures (45 min.), one on Geometry and one on Arithmetic.
    At present the following speakers accepted the invitation:
    V. Alexeev, V. Batyrev, K. Behrend, S. Bloch, J.-B. Bost, C. Deninger,
    A. Goncharov, R. Hain, D. Harbater, Y. Ihara, J. de Jong, Y. Kawamata,
    F. Oort, R. Pink, F. Pop, M. Raynaud, K. Ribet, S. Saito, T. Saito,
    In addition there will be up to four parallel series of seminar talks (35 min.). The subjects of the seminars include
      Arithmetic and Arakelov geometry Galois theory Algebraic cycles Birational geometry Geometry and physics Projective geometry and vector bundles
    Preliminary schedule (new): as ps.file

    155. Private Page Berge
    University Bordeaux. algebraic number theory and geometry of numbers. Publications, recent work, and links.
    • phone: +33-5-56-84-61-31 (From France : 05-56-84-61-31) fax : +33-5-56-84-69-50 (From France : 05-56-84-69-50)

    • Laboratoire A2X
      33405, Talence cedex
    I am a Mathematics professor at the University Bordeaux 1. My general field of research is number theory. After working for several years on algebraic number theory (Galois module structures, regulators and discriminants), I am presently interested in geometry of numbers.
    Links to WEB pages of some mathematicians working on lattices and coding theory.
  • Christine Bachoc Richard Borcherds Renaud Coulangeon Noam Elkies ...
  • P. H. Tiep
    Recent work

    156. Home Page Of Chris Towse
    Scripps College, Claremont. Arithmetic geometry and Riemann surfaces (Weierstrass points), algebraic number theory (generalized continued fractions), combinatorics (chain partitions).
    Christopher Towse
    Office: Balch 28
    Phone: (909) 607-3540
    Mailing Address:
      Department of Mathematics
      1030 Columbia Ave.
      Scripps College
      Claremont, CA 91711 USA
    Click here for the Scripps Math Department website. Click here for a schedule of the Claremont Colleges Mathematics Colloquium.
    Teaching Schedule:
    Spring 2004
    Math 23, Transcendental Functions and Introduction to Calculus
    MWF, 9:00-9:50, Balch 40.
    Math 31, Calculus II
    MWF, 11:00-11:50, Balch 41.
    Math 144, Classical and Modern Geometries
    TTh, 1:15-2:30, Balch 41.
    Office Hours : TBA.
    For more about the professional me , click here
    Just a few Math Links

    Interested in the Putnam Competition? Here is the official site at Santa Clara University . Many colleges and universities put up sites each year, but they seem to change and disappear regularly. Try searching on Google to find the latest sites. Each Fall semester: If you're a Scripps student interested in the Putnam, we'll having practice sessions on Thursday evenings 6PM 8PM . Feel free to give me a call or email for more information. Also, Harvey Mudd has practice sessions (which you can take as a half-credit course) each fall.

    157. Prof. C.B. Thomas
    University of Cambridge. Application of algebraic topology to differential geometry.
    Department of Pure Mathematics
    and Mathematical Statistics DPMMS People Prof. C.B. Thomas
    Prof. C.B. Thomas
    Title: Professor of Algebraic Topology
    College: Robinson College
    Room: E1.19
    Tel: +44 1223 337970
    Research Interests: It has long been known that the existence of certain geometric structures on smooth manifolds imposes topological constraints. A deeper question is to ask whether these suffice, and if not, what additional conditions are needed. Examples include Riemannian metrics (with positive scalar, Ricci or sectional curvatures), contact and symplectic forms. In attempting to solve these problems interesting arithmetic questions arise - for example on the role of cubic forms in the construction of symplectic 6-manifolds. Other interests: group cohomology, geometrisation of 3-manifolds, application of topology to number theory.
    Information provided by

    158. Stanford CS Theory
    Research includes sequential and parallel algorithms, computational problems in databases, computational geometry, design and analysis of programs and programming languages, and combinatorial, logical, and algebraic mathematics.
    Computer Science Department: Foundations
    As theoretical computer scientists, we seek greater understanding of fundamental computational techniques and their inherent limitations. Research includes the development of new sequential and parallel algorithms, computational problems in databases, computational geometry, design and analysis of programs and programming languages, and supporting studies in combinatorial, logical, and algebraic mathematics.
    CS-Theory information
  • Who's who in CS-Theory at Stanford ( faculty staff visitors students ... Administrative life of the Theory student quals, thesis info, etc. Speaker list for CS theory lunches The Algorithms Seminar (AFLB)

  • Next talk: 8th April, 2004 (2:00 pm)
    Departmental and Stanford links
  • Computer forum events csd.bboard (Stanford access only) View and create Room reservations The Stanford Who
  • Theory links
  • The comp.theory newsgroup The Theory Page , maintained by Suresh Venkatsubramanian.

  • Has pointers to journals conference information software , and maybe you
  • The Hypertext Bibliography Project
  • webmaster@Theory.Stanford.EDU

    159. Frank Vallentin
    TU M¼nchen. geometry of numbers; computational algebraic number theory.
    Frank Vallentin
    Center for Mathematical Sciences Germany room: S 4234 phone: e-mail: Research Interests:

    160. Intercity Algebra And Geometry Seminar
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