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         Algebraic Geometry:     more books (100)
  1. Heights in Diophantine Geometry (New Mathematical Monographs) by Enrico Bombieri, Walter Gubler, 2007-09-24
  2. Birational Geometry of Algebraic Varieties (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics) by Janos Kollár, Shigefumi Mori, 1998-10-28
  3. Introduction to Algebraic Geometry by J. G. Semple, L. Roth, 1985-11-14
  4. Algebraic Geometry for Scientists and Engineers (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs) by Shreeram Shankar Abhyankar, 1990-10
  5. Introduction to Intersection Theory in Algebraic Geometry: Number Fifty-Four (Cbms Regional Conference Series in Mathematics) by William Fulton, 1984-04
  6. Lectures on Arakelov Geometry (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics) by C. Soulé, D. Abramovich, et all 1995-01-27
  7. Techniques in Fractal Geometry by Kenneth Falconer, 1997-04-28
  8. Linear Geometry (Applications of Mathematics) by K. W. Gruenberg, A. J. Weir, 1977-06-30
  9. Computations in Algebraic Geometry with Macaulay 2 by Bernd Sturmfels, 2001-10-25
  10. Algebraic Topology by Allen Hatcher, 2001-11-15
  11. Algebraic Geometry in Coding Theory by H. Niederreiter, 2009-05-30
  12. Introduction to Algebraic Geometry. by Gordon Welchman, 1950
  13. Introduction to algebraic geometry by Serge Lang, 1972
  14. Elementary Geometry of Algebraic Curves: An Undergraduate Introduction by C. G. Gibson, 1999-01-13

121. Surf - Home
visualization of real algebraic geometry.
visualization of
real algebraic geometry Home Download Documentation Gallery ... Screenshots
What is surf
surf is a tool to visualize some real algebraic geometry: plane algebraic curves, algebraic surfaces and hyperplane sections of surfaces. surf is script driven and has (optionally) a nifty GUI using the Gtk widget set. The algorithms should be stable enough not to be confused by curve/surface singularities in codimension greater than one and the degree of the surface or curve. This has been achieved quite a bit. We have drawn curves of degree up to 30 and surfaces of degree up to 20 successfully. However, there are examples of curves/surfaces of lower degree where surf fails to produce perfect images. This happens especially if the equation of the curve/surface is not reduced. Best results are achieved using reduced equations. On the other hand, surf displays the Fermat-curves accurately for degree up to 98. surf is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Go here to download surf or visit the SourceForge project page
Project Info
Tracker Bugs 1 open / 5 total
Bug Tracking System Feature Requests 0 open / 2 total
Feature Request Tracking System Mailing Lists mailing lists ) CVS Tree commits

122. Frederik Vercauteren
University of Bristol. Algorithmic number theory and computational algebraic geometry; applications to cryptography.
Bristol CS Index
Dr. Fré Vercauteren
Computer Science Department
Woodland Road
University of Bristol
Bristol BS8 1UB, United Kingdom
Office : Merchant Venturers Building, Room 3.47
Phone: +44-117-954-5634
Fax : +44-117-954-5208
  • - Introduction to Cryptography
  • - Information Security
  • - Object Oriented Programming
Research Interests:
  • Algorithmic number theory and computational algebraic geometry
  • Applications of the above in cryptography

123. MATHnetBASE: Mathematics Online
algebraic geometry and Number Theory. An Elementary Approach to Homological Algebra New as of 5/1/2004. Analytic Hilbert Modules New as of 2/3/2004.

124. Welcome To Francesco Baldassarri's Home Page
Universit© Louis Pasteur. Arithmetic algebraic geometry. Curriculum vitae, list of publications with some preprints.
A network of
the European
Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry

Francesco Baldassarri is the Italian Coordinator for the European Project Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, a consortium of 12 leading european Universities. (click on the map for more details about the partnership) The main themes of research of the network are: I. p -adic cohomology theory II. Rigid geometry and p -adic uniformization III. Automorphic forms and the Langlands programme IV. L -functions of motives and their special values V. Diophantine geometry European Coordinator:
67084 Strasbourg cedex
Tel : (33)
Fax : (33) e-mail : Francesco Baldassarri Welcome to Francesco Baldassarri's home page. Here you can find my curriculum vitae and a list of my publications with some preprints available by clicking on the link. This page is still under construction. Math Department Last update 15.01.98 francesco baldassarri

125. Algebraic Geometry Group Activities
Projective algebraic geometry Group.
Projective Algebraic Geometry Group Group Members
Danilo Bazzanella
Gianfranco Casnati

Silvio Greco

Maria Luisa Spreafico
Giulio Tedeschi

Group Activities
School (and Workshop) "Computational Algebra for Algebraic Geometry and Statistics" September 6-11, 2004 (speakers: W. Decker, S. Hosten).
Workshop "Zero-dimensional Schemes and Related Topics" February 13-14, 2003. School (and Workshop) "Polynomial Interpolation and Projective Embeddings" September 15-20, 2003 (speakers: L. Chiantini, R. Miranda).
School (and Workshop) "Algebraic Space Curves" September 23-27, 2002 (speakers: R. Hartshorne, M. Martin-Deschamps).
School (and Workshop) "Liaison and Related Topics" October 1-5, 2001 (speakers: J.C. Migliore, U. Nagel). Dipartimento di Matematica del Politecnico di Torino

126. Yuri Tschinkel
University of Illinois at Chicago. algebraic geometry, number theory and harmonic analysis.
Yuri Tschinkel's Home Page
office: (312) 413-9153

127. Home Page Of Gunther Cornelissen
University of Utrecht. Arithmetical algebraic geometry, in particular global function fields (moduliproblems, automorphic forms); non-archimedean uniformization, group actions in positive characteristic; diophantine sets.
Home Research Onderwijs Links Home Page of Gunther L M Cornelissen
Department of Mathematics, University of Utrecht
Postal address: 80010, NL-3508 TA Utrecht,
Street address: Budapestlaan 6, 3584 CD Utrecht
Telephone +31 30 253 1476
Fax +31 30 251 8394,
E-mail: cornelis "at"
Room nr. 405
(at work - contrary to a certain colleague / picture courtesy of F. Kato Guide to the above navigation bar:
For (p)reprints and scientific links (reviews, preprint servers, NT-web, ...) go to Research For course related material (including links to online course material), go to Onderwijs (in Dutch). For other useful (?) links (food guides, reference works, maps, schedules,...) go to Links.

128. Algebraic Geometry School 2004
27th Autumn School in algebraic geometry. algebraic geometry and derived categories. Lukecin, Poland, September 19th September 25th, 2004.
27th Autumn School in Algebraic Geometry
Algebraic geometry and derived categories
Lukecin, Poland, September 19th - September 25th, 2004
Teachers: Andrei Caldararu (Philadelphia, US) and Miles Reid (Warwick, UK) Program: An introduction to algebraic geometry featuring derived categories and some of their applications. A large fraction of the material should be accessible to beginning graduate students with the appropriate motivation.
Plan of Caldararu's lectures: I will present a mild introduction to derived categories, attempting to avoid the technical details of their inner workings. Main topics to be covered will hopefully include Grothendieck-Serre duality, a description of the derived category of P^n (the Beilinson construction), the criterion of Mukai-Bondal-Orlov-Bridgeland for when an integral transform is an equivalence, equivalences of Fanos and general type varieties (a la Bondal-Orlov), Mukai's equivalence between the derived category of an abelian variety and that of its dual, and some topics connected to Hochschild homology and cohomology, maybe in connection with Kontsevich's Homological Mirror Symmetry conjecture.
Prerequisites: Chapters 2,3 of Hartshorne (especially Serre duality), some elementary algebraic topology

129. Volume 60 "Algorithmic And Quantitative Real Algebraic Geometry"
VOLUME Sixty TITLE Algorithmic and Quantitative Real algebraic geometry EDITORS Saugata Basu and Laureano GonzalezVega. Ordering Information.
DIMACS Series in
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
TITLE: "Algorithmic and Quantitative Real Algebraic Geometry"
EDITORS: Saugata Basu and Laureano Gonzalez-Vega
Ordering Information
This volume may be obtained from the AMS or through bookstores in your area. To order through AMS contact the AMS Customer Services Department, P.O. Box 6248, Providence, Rhode Island 02940-6248 USA. For Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express orders call 1-800-321-4AMS. You may also visit the AMS Bookstore and order directly from there. DIMACS does not distribute or sell these books.
Algorithmic and quantitative aspects in real algebraic geometry are becoming increasingly important areas of research because of their roles in other areas of mathematics and computer science. The papers in this volume collectively span several different areas of current research. The articles are based on talks given at the DIMACS Workshop on "Algorithmic and Quantitative Aspects of Real Algebraic Geometry". Topics include deciding basic algebraic properties of real semi-algebraic sets, application of quantitative results in real algebraic geometry towards investigating the computational complexity of various problems, algorithmic and quantitative questions in real enumerative geometry, new approaches towards solving decision problems in semi-algebraic geometry, as well as computing algebraic certificates, and applications of real algebraic geometry to concrete problems arising in robotics and computer graphics. The book is intended for researchers interested in computational methods in algebra.

130. Ganith
The Ganith algebraic geometry Toolkit. GANITH is an algebraic geometry tookit, used for the computation and visualization of algebraic equations.
The Ganith Algebraic Geometry Toolkit GANITH is an algebraic geometry tookit, used for the computation and visualization of algebraic equations. It also provides the computational mathematics infrastructure for the Shastra toolkits. Example applications of this for geometric modeling and computer graphics are algebraic curve and surface display, curve-curve intersections, surface-surface intersections, global and local parameterizations, implicitization. GANITH also incorporates techniques for interpolation and least-squares approximation (multivariate data fitting) with algebraic curves and surfaces. The GANITH algebraic geometry toolkit manipulates arbitrary degree polynomials and power series.e It can be used to solve a system of algebraic equations Power series manipulations are used to generate piecewise rational pproximations to algebraic curves and surfaces. Arbitrary rational parametric surfaces can be displayed in GANITH, taking care of poles and base points. Animation facilities allow the visualization of entire families of algebraic curves and surfaces. Version 1 of GANITH is available from anonymous FTP at in the file /pub/shastra/ganith-sun.tar.Z

131. Course Notes --- J.S. Milne
Course notes by J.S. Milne. Topics covered are group, fields and Galois, algebraic number, class field theories. Other areas discussed are modular functions and forms, elliptic curves, algebraic geometry, Etale Cohomology, and Abelian varieties. In HTML, PDF, PostScript and DVI formats.
Course Notes
Full notes as pdf (or dvi and ps) files for all the advanced course I taught between 1986 and 1999. Some of the notes give complete proofs (Group Theory, Fields and Galois Theory, Algebraic Number Theory, Class Field Theory, Algebraic Geometry), while others are more in the nature of introductory overviews to a topic. About the notes At last count, the notes included about 1350 pages. Errata: This is a list of errors and additional comments not yet incorporated into the files on the web, mainly contributed by readers. Group Theory
A concise introduction to the theory of groups.
(August 29, 2003; v2.11; 85 pages) Fields and Galois Theory
A concise treatment of Galois theory and the theory of fields, including transcendence degrees.
(August 31, 2003; v3.01; 99 pages) Algebraic Number Theory
A fairly standard graduate course on algebraic number theory.
(31/8/98, v2.1; 140 pages) Class Field Theory
(6/5/97; v3.1; 222 pages) Modular Functions and Modular Forms
This is an introduction to the arithmetic theory of modular functions and modular forms, with a greater emphasis on the geometry than most accounts.

132. Macaulay
Macaulay is a computer algebra system for mathematical computations in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. At its core is a carefully tuned implementation of Grobner basis methods for manipulating systems of polynomial equations.

133. Algebraic Geometry - Encyclopedia Article About Algebraic Geometry. Free Access,
encyclopedia article about algebraic geometry. algebraic geometry in Free online English dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. algebraic geometry. geometry
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Algebraic geometry
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Algebraic geometry is a branch of mathematics Mathematics is commonly defined as the study of patterns of structure, change, and space; more informally, one might say it is the study of 'figures and numbers'. In the formalist view, it is the investigation of axiomatically defined abstract structures using logic and mathematical notation; other views are described in Philosophy of mathematics. Mathematics might be seen as a simple extension of spoken and written languages, with an extremely precisely defined vocabulary and grammar, for the purpose of describing and exploring physical and conceptual relationships.
Click the link for more information. which, as the name suggests, combines abstract algebra Abstract algebra is the field of mathematics concerned with the study of algebraic structures such as groups, rings and fields. The term "abstract algebra" is used to distinguish the field from "elementary algebra" or "high school algebra" which teaches the correct rules for manipulating formulas and algebraic expressions involving real and complex numbers. Historically, algebraic structures usually arose first in some other field of mathematics, were specified axiomatically, and were then studied in their own right in abstract algebra. Because of this, abstract algebra has numerous fruitful connections to all other branches of mathematics.

Symplectic and algebraic geometry. Universidad Aut³noma de Madrid, Spain; 1416 February 2002 . Spanish/English.

135. MathGuide: Algebraic Geometry
MathGuide algebraic geometry (32 records). Results 120 21-32 1. Algebraic Surfaces. Subject Class, algebraic geometry. Source Type, Virtual Exhibitions.

136. Computational Commutative And Non-Commutative Algebraic Geometry
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. Last update Friday January 30, 2004, Visitors 1481, Webmaster.
Front Page Organizers Date and place Speakers and talks ... Contacts Chisinau, Republic of Moldova Last update: Friday January 30, 2004 Visitors: 1754 Webmaster

137. Bruinier, Jan
Universit¤t zu K¶ln. Automorphic forms, number theory, and algebraic geometry. Research papers, preprints, and links.
Prof. Dr. Jan Hendrik Bruinier
Mathematisches Institut
Weyertal 86-90
Germany Office: 014
Phone: ++49 (0)221 470 4334
Fax: ++49 (0)221 470 6745
E-mail: Research interests: Automorphic Forms, Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry
Phone: ++49 (0)221 470 4337, E-mail:
Things of interest
Selected research papers and preprints
  • pdf On Two Geometric Theta Lifts (with J. Funke), preprint (2003), Duke Math. Journal, accepted for publication.

    ps Coefficients of half-integral weight modular forms (with K. Ono), J. Number Theory 99 (2003), 164-179.
    ps The arithmetic of the values of modular functions and the divisors of modular forms (with W. Kohnen and K. Ono), Compos. Math. 140 (2004), 552-566.
    ps On Borcherds products associated with lattices of prime discriminant (with M. Bundschuh), Ramanujan J. 7 (2003), 49-61. dvi ps The arithmetic of Borcherds' exponents (with K. Ono), Math. Ann. 327 (2003), 293-303.

138. Michael TSFASMAN
Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences. algebraic geometry in relation to number theory (varieties over nonalgebraically closed fields, especially over finite fields and number fields, parallelism between the function field and number field case, curves, rational varieties, rational points and zero-cycles, elliptic curves and abelian varieties, towers of varieties and asymptotic theory); Number theory (global fields, zeta-functions); Error-correcting codes; Lattices and sphere packings
Updated: January 1999
Prof. Dr.
Michael A.
T s f a s m a n
Michael A. Tsfasman Dobrushin Mathematics Laboratory, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, 19 Bolshoi Karetny, 101447 Moscow GSP-4, RUSSIA 
E-mail: There were visits on this homepage.

139. MFO
Translate this page Title Classical algebraic geometry. Organisers David Eisenbud, Berkeley Joe Harris, Cambridge Frank-Olaf Schreyer, Bayreuth. Date June 27th - July 3rd, 2004.

140. Prof. J.H. Coates, FRS
University of Cambridge. Interests in number theory, arithmetical algebraic geometry, and Iwasawa theory.
Department of Pure Mathematics
and Mathematical Statistics DPMMS People Prof. J.H. Coates, FRS
Prof. J.H. Coates, FRS
Title: Sadleirian Professor of Pure Mathematics
College: Emmanuel College
Room: C1.08
Tel: +44 1223 337989
Personal Home Page
Research Interests: Number theory, arithmetical algebraic geometry, Iwasawa theory
Information provided by

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