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  1. Contemporary Abstract Algebra Plus Study And Solutions Manual 6th Edition by Joseph A. Gallian, 2005-03-18
  2. An Introduction to Abstract Algebrawith Notes to the Future Teacher by Olympia Nicodemi, Melissa A Sutherland, et all 2006-04-24
  3. Introduction to Modern Abstract Algebra by David M. Burton, 1967
  4. A History of Abstract Algebra by Israel Kleiner, 2007-10-02
  5. Abstract Algebra (Brooks/Cole Series in Advanced Mathematics) by Ronald Solomon, 2002-12-16
  6. Concrete Abstract Algebra: From Numbers to Gröbner Bases by Niels Lauritzen, 2003-10-20
  7. Abstract Algebra: A Geometric Approach by Theodore Shifrin, 1995-08-14
  8. Fundamentals of Abstract Algebra by MALIK, 1997-07-01
  9. Abstract Algebra (Dover Books on Mathematics) by W. E. Deskins, 1996-01-16
  10. Abstract Algebra: A First Undergraduate Course by Abraham P. Hillman, Gerald L. Alexanderson, 1999-09-14
  11. Abstract algebra and solution by radicals by John E Maxfield, 1971
  12. Basic Abstract Algebra: For Graduate Students and Advanced Undergraduates (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Robert B. Ash, 2006-12-01
  13. Abstract Algebra with Applications, Volume 2: Rings and Fields by Karlheinz Spindler, 1994-10-18
  14. Linear Algebra: An Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) by Robert J. Valenza, 1999-02-12

21. Exploring Abstract Algebra With Mathematica
Exploring abstract algebra with Mathematica. The EAAM web site has moved to http// Please modify any bookmarks.
Exploring Abstract Algebra with Mathematica
The EAAM web site has moved to . Please modify any bookmarks. You will be redirected there within 10 seconds.

22. Maple Worksheets For Abstract Algebra
Maple worksheets for abstract algebra. I have also added a number of references to the textbook (abstract algebra, by Dummit and Foote) we have been using.


Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program

Course Schedule
Teaching Resources
Saint Louis University
Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Computer Science
Maple worksheets for abstract algebra
These worksheets are part of an ongoing project of mine to produce courseware for using Maple to help students learn concepts in abstract algebra. I want my students to have the power of Maple for exploring difficult concepts and for gaining intuition. On the other hand, I don't want my class to become a class in Maple. The model I am using is that Maple is a programming language that the instructor uses to produce specific user friendly applications that the student can use to explore a particular concept. The worksheets are being developed with exercises to encourage the students not only to follow the Maple computations, but to experiment with variations from the worked examples. Nevertheless it is important that the worksheets be available to those who don't understand computers at all. Thus, the first time through the worksheet, the student only has to hit enter to see the results of the computations. The second time through, the student can use the worksheet as a template, changing numbers to explore similar problems. If the student finds the material interesting, he or she can use the code as a model for using Maple for more work. The image I have is not to create black boxes, but to create clear fiberglass boxes. The user can ignore the inner workings, but they are visible for inspection if the user wants to tinker.

23. Abstract And Linear Algebra :: Index
A forum for students on abstract algebra and linear algebra.
Abstract and Linear Algebra
A worldwide classroom on abstract algebra and linear algebra with the internet as blackboard and students as teachers.
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24. Intro To Abstract Algebra
Intro to abstract algebra by Paul Garrett in PostScript and PDF.
Intro to Abstract Algebra 5245-46
Paul Garrett,, 624-5012, Vincent Hall 353 Quiz solutions (pdf):
  • The text for 5245-5246 in Summer 1998 will be My Notes (PostScript) PDF version ). These notes (with exercises and index) were specifically designed by me for this two-quarter sequence. We will start at the beginning of the Notes, and go approximately halfway through in 5245. The precise pace will depend on the class, and content of each quiz and homework assignment will be indicated as we go. Starred sections and starred exercises are optional.
  • There will be 20-minute quizzes each Tuesday and Thursday in the first hour of class. These quizzes will be open-book, open-notes. The one-hour final (Tues, July 21 for 5245, Wed Aug 26 for 5246) is also open-book, open-notes.
  • email is by far the best way to reach me and get a helpful response:
  • If we have a grader, corresponding homework will be collected after each quiz, and will count for 10 percent of your grade. The lowest two quiz scores will be dropped (but no make-up quizzes given), and quizzes count for 60 percent. The final will be 30 percent. (If there is no homework grader, the quizzes will be 2/3 and the final 1/3).
  • Office hours will be MWF after class, or by arrangement. I respond to

25. Maple Application Center
Careers. Contact Us. abstract algebra Powertool, (Updated 5/2/2002 with 10 new lessons) A set of Maple lessons for an introductory abstract algebra course, Algebra Power

26. Contemporary Abstract Algebra - Student Home
Textbook Site for Contemporary abstract algebra Fifth Edition Joseph A. Gallian, University of Minnesota, Duluth PurchaseBook. GAP
GAP Manual True/False Practice Questions Maple Manual Computer Exercises and Applets Textbook Site for: Contemporary Abstract Algebra
Fifth Edition Joseph A. Gallian, University of Minnesota, Duluth
GAP Manual

This GAP Manual accompanies Contemporary Abstract Algebra , Fifth Edition, and provides instruction and exercises for students who use the GAP software program. True/False Practice Questions
These web-based practice problems review the material and reinforce concepts. Computer Exercises and Applets
Corresponds to the programming problems found within the 5e textbook. Maple Manual
Provides a set of lessons designed to cover several concepts in Contemporary Abstract Algebra, Fifth Edition.
Site Map
Partners Press Releases Company Home ... Privacy Statement , and Trademark Information

27. Contemporary Abstract Algebra Abstract Algebra With GAP
Textbook Site for Contemporary abstract algebra, Fifth Edition Joseph A. Gallian, University of Minnesota, Duluth. abstract algebra with GAP
GAP Manual True/False Practice Questions Maple Manual Computer Exercises and Applets Textbook Site for: Contemporary Abstract Algebra , Fifth Edition
Joseph A. Gallian, University of Minnesota, Duluth Abstract Algebra with GAP
Some resources on this page are in PDF format and require Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. You can download the free reader below!
For further explanation on how to save or view PDF documents, please see:
Downloading and viewing PDF files.

Authored by By J. G. Rainbolt and J. A. Gallian
This GAP Manual accompanies Contemporary Abstract Algebra , Fifth Edition, and provides instruction and exercises for students who use the GAP software program. You may choose either to download each chapter separately or download the entire manual at once. The subroutines and art figures needed for this GAP manual are saved in separate files. For your convenience, you will find a helpful Student Solutions Manual that provides the odd-numbered answers to the exercises found in this GAP Manual.
The chapter and art figure files are available in PDF format. All subroutines are saved as basic text files. If you have any questions about this resource, please contact Julianne Rainbolt at

28. The Mother Of Abstract Algebra (Emmy Noether)
The Mother of abstract algebra. Of all of the women mathematicians, Emmy Noether is generally the best known. Often described as
The Mother of Abstract Algebra
Of all of the women mathematicians, Emmy Noether is generally the best known. Often described as a loving, intelligent woman, she was impressive by many standards. She was faced with gender issues and political tensions in her lifetime, but her passion for mathematics remained strong. Amalie `Emmy' Noether was born in Erlangen Germany on March 23, 1882 and was the eldest of four children. Her father, Max Noether, was a professor of Mathematics at the University of Erlangen. Initially her interests were mainly languages, and upon graduation of high school she became eligible to teach French and English at a school for young girls. However, when she was 18 she became interested in mathematics. She was not allowed to enroll at the University at the time, because she was a woman. She was able to audit classes, and she did so for two years at the Universities of Erlangen and Gottingen. She worked closely with Paul Gordon, a friend at the University. Under his supervision, she wrote her doctoral thesis: On Complete Systems of Invariants for Ternary Biquadratic Forms . In 1907 she was granted a doctorate at Erlangen. After Gordon's retirement, she began to work with the algebraists Ernst Fischer and Erhard Schmidt on the topic of finite relational and integral bases. Around this time she periodically substituted for her father at the University.

29. Abstract Algebra - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
abstract algebra. abstract algebra is the field of mathematics concerned with the study of algebraic structures such as groups, rings and fields.
Abstract algebra
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Abstract algebra is the field of mathematics concerned with the study of algebraic structures such as groups rings and fields . The term "abstract algebra" is used to distinguish the field from " elementary algebra " or "high school algebra" which teaches the correct rules for manipulating formulas and algebraic expressions involving real and complex numbers Historically, algebraic structures usually arose first in some other field of mathematics, were specified axiomatically, and were then studied in their own right in abstract algebra. Because of this, abstract algebra has numerous fruitful connections to all other branches of mathematics. Examples of algebraic structures with a single binary operation are: More complicated examples include: In universal algebra , all those definitions and facts are collected that apply to all algebraic structures alike. All the above classes of objects, together with the proper notion of homomorphism , form categories , and category theory frequently provides the formalism for translating between and comparing different algebraic structures.

30. List Of Abstract Algebra Topics - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
List of abstract algebra topics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a list of abstract algebra topics, by Wikipedia page. See also
List of abstract algebra topics
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
This is a list of abstract algebra topics, by Wikipedia page. See also: Table of contents 1 Basic language 2 Group theory 3 Ring theory 4 Field theory ... edit
Basic language
Group theory

31. Abstract Algebra
abstract algebra. Reader ebook. It is also available as the abstract algebra Powertool from the Maple Application Center. Software
Abstract Algebra
Dr. Aleksandrs Mihailovs
Intro to Math Calculus III Abstract Algebra Maple Manual Homework Midterm 1 Midterm 2 ... Syllabus
Contemporary Abstract Algebra , by Gallian , 5th ed., Houghton Mifflin (2002)
Maple Manual
I am writing a Maple Manual for this course, intended to be used with Dr. Gallian's text. It is available as html doc color pdf with links and bookmarks, and black and white pdf without links or bookmarks, also as a Maple 6 worksheet Maple 7 worksheet Maple 6 worksheet with removed output Maple 7 worksheet with removed output , and a Microsoft Reader e-book . It is also available as the Abstract Algebra Powertool from the Maple Application Center
Introduction to algebraic structures such as groups, rings, and fields. Formal development of their properties, complemented by examples and applications. Prerequisites: MATH 208 and MATH 254.
Lectures Study Groups Homework Exams
  • Midterm 1 - Wednesday, February 6, 10 % to total grade.

32. Abstract Algebra With Maple
Sorry, this document requires that your browser support frames. This link will take you to a non-frames presentation of the document.

33. W. Edwin Clark's Home Page
(aka BanachTarski Paradox). Help yourself to the postscript file of my book ELEMENTARY abstract algebra. This version was used in the Spring Semester 2002.
Welcome to W. Edwin Clark's Home Page
Mathematics Department of the University of South Florida How to reach me Maple Links Like almost everyone whose Vilmos Totik , and Stephen Suen
MATH LINKS OF INTEREST: Students who have trouble understanding mathematics may take comfort in the following remark of John von Neuman

    "In mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them."

If you are a students and do not feel sufficiently challenged your courses try solving the Discrete Problem of the Week or one of the Seven Mathematics Problems of the Millenium Mathematics in fiction, music and other offbeat links:

34. Nico Benschop Homepg: Powersums, Fermat, Waring, Goldbach, Cantor; State Machine
A compendium of papers by Nico F. Benschop on abstract algebra, number theory, computer science and physics.
Welcome to the homepage of
Nico F. Benschop
John Glenn (77), Shuttle #92: Discovery - 7nov1998 @ Kennedy Space Center... Proficiat!
Charles Lindbergh
Spirit of St.Louis - 21may1927 @ Le Bourget, Paris... touch down!
- - - - - - - And the E xplorative . D iscovery . S pirit goes on ... ;-) - - - - - - - Home email: Mail('n.benschop') . . AmSpade Research Edouard Manet (1882): Chrystal vase + clematis > Some WWWisdom cookies and quotes
(beware: with sci.math Core ;-) about: Curiosity and Search "An open mind is a joy forever " Inertia " Climbing Mount Prejudice " Generalize "If a problem is too hard, generalize it " Simplify " We have to fight uphill to rediscover the obvious " Coincidence " Life is fighting entropy " My CV Work Play ff finite fun . . (reflections in the finite)* Intuition : . . Even if you don't see it, you still can smell it ! - - - "Remembering Claude Shannon" - - - (NB: 28-july-2002) Fermat, Waring, Goldbach -:- view Arithmetic as Function composition (semigroups) :
. . . Additive Number Theory : hard problems, solved via semigroups Z(.) mod m_k , and . . . The sawtooth of Evolution :
Child's arithmetic
(=exponential;-( : . . . Stable economic growth of 3 % per year

35. Catalogue Of Algebraic Systems.
E. Lee Lady s Notes This includes Notes on Homological Algegra, A Course in abstract algebra, and Torsion Free Modules over Dedekind Domains.
Catalogue of Algebraic Systems
The catalogue was compiled by John Pedersen. John moved and I inherited it. The catalogue is still quite incomplete. However, following it I have listed some additional links where you might find what you are looking for. W. Edwin Clark
Additional Links
Since the above catalogue was compiled much more information on algebraic matters has appeared on the web. Below are links to some of these webpages. I have just begun collecting them . If you know of others that would be appropriate to add please let me know. As of now they are listed in no particular order. Organization may come later. W. Edwin Clark

Beachy, John A., and William D. Blair. abstract algebra, Second Edition. abstract algebra A First Undergraduate Course, Fifth Edition.
MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS, AND MATHEMATICAL EDUCATION Beachy, John A., and William D. Blair ABSTRACT ALGEBRA, Second Edition 427 pages, $51.95 list; ISBN 0-88133-866-4; Instructor’s Solutions Manual This volume offers a gentle introduction to proof in a concrete setting, the introduction of abstract concepts only after a careful study of important examples, and the gradual increase of the level of sophistication as one progresses through the book. It offers an extensive set of exercises that help to build proof writing skills. In addition, chapter introductions give motivation and historical context while tying the subject matter in with the broader picture. Introduction 1. Integers 2. Functions 3. Groups 4. Polynomials 5. Commutative Rings 6. Fields 7. Structure of Groups 8. Galois Theory 9. Unique Factorization Appendix A. Sets Appendix B. Construction of the Number Systems Appendix C. Basic Properties of the Integers Appendix D. Induction Appendix E. Complex Numbers Appendix F. Solution of Cubic and Quartic Equations Appendix G. Dimension of a Vector Space

37. Abstract Algebra
abstract algebra. Home Page Algebra College Algebra abstract algebra Tell Your Friends About This Site Click Here support
Abstract Algebra
Home Page Algebra College Algebra Abstract Algebra ... Tell Your Friends About This Site
support us, please click on the banner above My Homework! See the latest 20 problems that you have done.
Random SAT word: vertical Know what it means? Vocabulary Game
Word Problems
Solve and practice cracking word problems. This page helps students who have encoutered terms from abstract algebra and need to quickly brush up their knowledge.
  • Group
    A group (G, ) is a nonempty set G together with a binary operation on G such that the following conditions hold:
    (i) Closure: For all a,b G the element a b is a uniquely defined element of G.
    (ii) Associativity: For all a,b,c G, we have a (b c) = (a b) c.
    (iii) Identity: There exists an identity element e G such that e a=a and a e=a for all a G.
    (iv) Inverses: For each a G there exists an inverse element a G such that a a =e and a a=e.

38. Abstract Algebra - Wikibooks
abstract algebra. From MediaWiki, the free encyclopedia. abstract algebra looks at the mechanics behind the scenes of algebra we have examined previously.
Abstract algebra
From Wikibooks, the free textbook project.
Abstract algebra looks at the mechanics "behind the scenes" of algebra we have examined previously. Abstract algebra links are mirrored in Discrete mathematics and Algebra , since these topics partially overlap with abstract algebra. Other topics here may link to articles in Discrete mathematics or Algebra also. edit
Algebra over other number systems
Linear algebra
Abstract algebraic systems

39. MATHnetBASE: Mathematics Online
Applications of abstract algebra with MAPLE. Richard Ervin Klima Ernest Stitzinger Neil P. Sigmon.

40. Wiley::Abstract Algebra, 2nd Edition
Wiley Mathematics Statistics Algebra General Algebra abstract algebra, 2nd Edition. Related Subjects, abstract algebra, 3rd Edition (Hardcover),
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By Keyword By Title By Author By ISBN By ISSN Wiley Algebra General Algebra Abstract Algebra, 2nd Edition Related Subjects Linear Algebra
Related Titles More By These Authors
Abstract Algebra, 3rd Edition (Hardcover)

General Algebra
Abstract Algebra, 3rd Edition (Hardcover)

by I. N. Herstein
Explorations in College Algebra, 2nd Edition (Paperback)

by Linda Almgren Kime, Judy Clark
Explorations in College Algebra, Graphing Calculator Manual and Student Solutions Manual , 2nd Edition (Paperback)

by Linda Almgren Kime, Judy Clark Modern Algebra with Applications, Second Edition (Hardcover) by William J. Gilbert, W. Keith Nicholson Modern Algebra: An Introduction, 5th Edition (Hardcover) by John R. Durbin Join a General Algebra Abstract Algebra, 2nd Edition David S. Dummit, Richard M. Foote ISBN: 0-471-36857-1 Hardcover 912 pages August 1999 US $101.95 Add to Cart If you are an instructor, you may request an evaluation copy for this title. Find supplements, online resources, and technology solutions for this title on

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