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  1. The Social Psychology of Organizing by Karl E. Weick, 1969
  2. Social Psychology (3rd Edition) by Robert S. Feldman, 2000-07-26
  3. Social Psychology: An Applied Perspective by P. Wesley Schultz, Stuart Oskamp, 1999-08-23
  4. APS: Current Directions in Social Psychology (Readings from the American Psychological Society) by The American Psychological Society, 2003-12-27
  5. Social Psychology by Elliott Aronson, Timothy D. Wilson, et all 2006-12
  6. Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Intergroup Processes (Blackwell Handbooks of Social Psychology)
  7. Social Psychology by David Myers, 2004-08-01
  8. Student Study Guide for Use With Social Psychology 8e by David Myers, 2004-06-01
  9. Handbook of Social Psychology (Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research)
  10. Advanced Social Psychology by Abraham Tesser, 1994-11-01
  11. Understanding Critical Social Psychology by Keith Tuffin, 2004-12-08
  12. Social Psychology: A Sociological Perspective by Christine M. Von Der Haar, 2005-01-29
  13. Social Psychology- Study Guide by David G. Myers, 2007
  14. Social Psychology by John Sabini, 1995-06

61. SOSIG: Social Psychology
social psychology, Editor LTSN Psychology, Social Science Information Gateway. You are here Home Psychology Home Psychology social psychology.
Social Psychology Editor: LTSN Psychology, Social Science Information Gateway You are here : Home Psychology Home Psychology > Social Psychology
in Psychology
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62. The Asian Association Of Social Psychology (AASP)
Welcome to the Asian Association of social psychology. A0036209M). The Asian Association of social psychology (AASP) was formed in 1995.

63. Social And Cultural
Current Research in social psychology Site has online articles about current issues in social psychology. Applied social psychology.
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Social and Cultural
Advertising and the Media
Applied Social Psychology
Cults and Propaganda ...
Activism and Psychology Home Page
"This page was created as part of the course work for a graduate seminar in Social Psychology at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Instead of writing yet another dust-collecting essay, I chose to create this page as a resource for activists and psychologists, and anyone who, like me, finds themselves in the sometimes strange position of inhabiting both identities".
Alberta Bandura
Site provides a "biographical sketch" of Alberta Bandura.
Attribution Theory
This article provides a description of attribution theory, an example of a study which illustrates the effects of attribution, a discussion of the problems associated with external attributions, and some suggestions concerning the effective use of attributions.

64. Myers, David
Psychology of religion, teaching of psychology, positive psychology, happiness, social psychology, hearing loss, sexuality (Hope College, MI).
David G. Myers
Professor of Psychology, Hope College

65. Social Psychology, 3/E
social psychology, 3/e. by Eliot Aronson Timothy Wilson Robin Akert. Welcome to the online study guide specifically designed to accompany social psychology.
Social Psychology, 3/e
Eliot Aronson
Timothy Wilson
Robin Akert

Welcome to the online study guide specifically designed to accompany Social Psychology. Features of this site include:
  • online quizzes which include instant scoring and coaching
  • critical thinking and writing activities
Visit this site when you want to gain a richer perspective and deeper understanding of the topics discussed in Social Psychology To enter this site, select a chapter from the menu below and click "Begin."
Select a chapter:
1: Introduction to Social Psychology 2: Methodology: How Social Psychologists Do Research 3: Social Cognition 4: Social Perception 5: Self-Knowledge 6: Self-Justification and the Need to Maintain Self-Esteem 7: Attitudes and Attitude Change 8: Conformity: Influencing Behavior 9: Group Processes: Influence in Social Groups 10: Interpersonal Attraction 11: Prosocial Behavior: Why Do People Help? 12: Aggression: Why We Hurt Other People 13: Prejudice: Causes and Cures 14: Social Psychology and Health 15: Social Psychology and the Environment 16: Social Psychology and the Law
Prentice-Hall, Inc.

66. Greening: Home
CEO BigTribe. Entrepreneur and researcher. Personalization, collaborative filtering, computersupported cooperative work, ubiquitous computing, simulated annealing, distributed computing, social psychology.
Dan R. Greening, Ph.D. Mt. Washington 1991 by Ron Lussier I head BigTribe Corporation , developing mobile location-based applications. Profession Publications Why? Contact ... Colophon

67. Social Psychology
social psychology, 7/e. David G Myers, Hope College. social psychology 7/e by renowned author David Myers continues to set the standard
Student Center
Instructor Center

Information Center

Help Center

Social Psychology, 7/e David G Myers, Hope College
Social Psychology 7/e by renowned author David Myers continues to set the standard by which other Social Psychology texts are judged. The authors engaging writing style and unique, intimate voice make the text both compelling and readable, without being overly simplistic. The organization logically moves the student through the study of how people think, influence, and relate, including an appropriate balance of basic research and applied material for the course. This edition includes a greater emphasis on social psychology applications to both work and in life, and uses video clips and vignettes to emphasize the relevance of social psychology research. This edition of Social Psychology also marks the introduction of the Social Connection video series, which follows Myers organization and brings classic research to life. View the Social Connection Video Preview. Download RealPlayer to view Video.

68. Traffic Psychology At The University Of Hawaii With Dr. Leon James
Research articles on the social psychology of driving and road rage, by Leon James, Professor at the University of Hawaii.
Please visit my other site
for up to date articles, news analyses, surveys, interviews, and more.
at the University of Hawaii
Leon James
Professor of Psychology
University of Hawaii
Please visit my other site
for up to date articles, news analyses, surveys, interviews, and more.

69. Social Psychology
Internet Guide. Study Skills Primer. PowerWeb. Feedback Help Center. social psychology, 7/e. David G Myers, Hope College. Student Center. Contents
Student Center Instructor Center Information Center Home ... PowerWeb Feedback
Help Center

Social Psychology, 7/e David G Myers, Hope College
Student Center
Chapter 1: Introducing Social Psychology
Chapter 2: The Self in a Social World

Chapter 3: Social Beliefs and Judgments

Chapter 4: Behaviors and Attitudes
Chapter 16: Module C

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education
is one of the many fine businesses of The McGraw-Hill Companies

70. SAGE Publications - Journal Of Language And Social Psychology
Journal of Language and social psychology Editor James J. Bradac, Department of Communication, University of California Santa Barbara.

71. Social Behavior And Personality: An International Journal
Focuses upon social psychology, Human Development and the Psychology of Personality.
:: home editorial information journal search journal online ... feedback Researching Social Psychology, Human Development and Psychology of Personality?
Check out our recommended articles, Submit your manuscript or Search our journal articles.
editorial cv
how to purchase an article author/reviewer section help... ... Internet Agreement
:: Welcome to SBP Journal
Interested in Social Psychology, Human Development and Psychology of Personality?
Check out our new improved search engine to download our journal articles.
  • A well-established international journal, founded in 1973
  • New! Submit your manuscript online - watch its progress
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72. SAGE Publications - Personality And Social Psychology Bulletin
Personality and social psychology Bulletin Published in Association with Society for Personality and social psychology. Editor

73. SPSP Mentorship Program
Offers free emailbased career mentoring in personality and social psychology to students from underrepresented groups in psychology (e.g., ethnic and racial minorities).
SPSP Mentorship Program
Are you an undergraduate student interested in a career in personality and/or social psychology? Are you a member of an underrepresented group in psychology, such as a racial or ethnic minority? Have you ever wished you had a mentor who could guide you through the process of becoming a professional psychologist? Then you've come to the right place!
The SPSP Mentorship Program connects college students from underrepresented groups with faculty mentors across the country. Eligible students include:
  • Racial/ethnic minority members
  • First-generation college students
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender students
  • Students with a physical disability
SPSP Mentors have volunteered to answer questions and provide guidance via email to students who are interested in becoming a personality or social psychologist. For example, SPSP Mentors can:
  • Answer questions about personality and social psychology
  • Suggest professional groups for you to join as a student affiliate
  • Help you select graduate programs that fit your needs
  • Offer tips on getting into graduate school or finding jobs in psychology
  • How the Program Works
    Whether you are looking for an answer to a single question or looking to establish an ongoing relationship with a mentor, participation in the program involves three easy steps.
  • 74. Social Psychology Department
    Skip You are here Welcome to LSE social psychology Department. social psychology Department. Founded in 1964, the department has
    Home Help Search Site index ... LSE for you You are here - Welcome to LSE
    Social Psychology Department
    Founded in 1964, the department has one of the largest concentrations of social psychologists in Europe with 13 members of staff and over 100 graduate students enrolled on three specialist Masters programmes or conducting research towards a PhD. Quick links Library IT Services LSE map LSE Career Services ... Sources of Funding information pack
    Address and contacts Social Psychology Department
    London School of Economics
    Houghton Street
    London WC2A 2AE Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7712
    Fax: +44 (0)20 7955 7565 Enquiries: Mr Daniel Linehan
    Departmental Manager
    Email: Tom Chivers MSc Programme Administrator Email: Abi Lower MPhil/PhD Programme Administrator Email:
    Contents Introduction Who's who Study Research ... Privacy statement

    75. Dr. Anthony Greenwald/Home Page
    Experimental and social psychology (Univ. of Washington, USA)
    Anthony G. Greenwald, PhD
    HOME PAGE Navigate using the menu under my face (Thanks to Eliot Smith for the photo)
    last updated: May 5, 2004
    • 5 May 04: Thirty (30) downloadable pdf publications (see menu at left) have been updated by optical character recognition (courtesy Acrobat 6.0). This provides searchable content improved legibility , and reduced length (by an average of 25%). The improved files (which are mostly for publications prior to 2000) are recognizable by filenames ending with .OCR.pdf. 26 Feb 04: New downloadable pdf of just-published chapter (in Bill McGuire festschrift) titled "The resting parrot, the dessert stomach, and other perfectly defensible theories" (a comment on slow scientific progress when competitions between theories are illusory). 9 Feb 04: New downloadable pdf of slideshow for "Revised Top 10 List of Things Wrong with the IAT" (SPSP, Austin, TX, Jan 2004). Includes a summary of avoidable pitfalls in using the IAT. 23 Sep 03: Downloadable version of the new IAT scoring algorithm paper (see Publications link in menu at left).

    76. A Psychology Press Journal European Review Of Social Psychology
    European Review of social psychology. The European Review of social psychology (formerly an annual series) is being launched in 2003 as an efirst journal.

    77. Counterfactual Research News
    Online research articles on what might have been , an extensive bibliography of counterfactual publications in social psychology, news, and links to the homepages of psychologists active in this area.

    78. Social Psychology Section
    social psychology Section. The purpose of the Section on social psychology is to foster the development of this branch of sociology
    Social Psychology Section The purpose of the Section on Social Psychology is to foster the development of this branch of sociology through stimulating research and communicating knowledge. Social psychology is interpreted according to its inclusive and traditional use in sociology to encompass such broad fields as socialization, interpersonal relations and social interaction, attitudes and public opinion, and collective behavior. Section Officers, 2003-2004 Chair: Guillermina Jasso, New York University Chair-Elect: Past Chair: Phillip Carmi Schooler, National Institute of Mental Health Secretary-Treasurer: Karen A. Hegtvedt, Emory University Section Homepage The URL of the homepage is:
    Last Updated on November 08, 2003

    79. Psychology: Social Psychology: AmoebaWeb
    social psychology. Affect Control Theory David Heise, Online Documents social psychology. Current Research in social psychology (CRISP) An Electronic Journal,

    80. Brehm, Social Psychology, 5e
    social psychology Fifth Edition Sharon S. Brehm Indiana University Bloomington Saul M. Kassin - Williams College Steven Fein - Williams College PurchaseBook.
    ACE Practice Tests Flashcards Web Links Learning Objectives ... Psych on Screen Textbook Site for: Social Psychology
    Fifth Edition
    Sharon S. Brehm - Indiana University Bloomington
    Saul M. Kassin - Williams College
    Steven Fein - Williams College
    ACE Practice Tests

    Take ACE Practice Tests and get your results immediately, to check your understanding. Evaluating Research
    These activities will help you apply your critical thinking skills to psychological research. NetLabs
    Take a personality test, analyze your relationships, find out the truth about eyewitness testimonythe major concepts in your text all come alive here. Thinking Critically
    These activities are designed to help you sharpen your powers of critical examination by providing you with a framework for analyzing evidence before drawing conclusions. Psych in the News, on the Shelves, and on the Screen
    Psychology is everywherein the news, in movies and TV shows, in books. Read short articles about the latest connections between psychology and what's happening in the world. Flashcards Learn the terms in this book with this set of interactive flashcards.

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