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         Psychologists:     more books (100)
  1. Jesus, Ph.D. Psychologist by Thomas A. Bruno, 2000-07-01
  2. Computing for Psychologists by WEST, 1991-01-01
  3. A Pocket Philosopher/Psychologist - A Study Of -- Wisdom & Wit --- As Well As Great Ideas & Virtues by Dr. Mark J. Merten, Ph.D., 2006-07-06
  4. Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire---Two Evolutionary Psychologists Explain Why We Do What We Do by Alan S Miller, Satoshi Kanazawa, 2007-11-01
  5. Creative Strategies for School Problems: Solutions for Psychologists and Teachers by Michael Durrant, 1995-05
  6. The Collaborative Psychotherapist: Creating Reciprocal Relationships With Medical Professionals (Psychologists in Independent Practice Books) by Nancy Breen Ruddy, Dorothy A. Borresen, et all 2008-03-15
  7. Ethics for Psychologists: A Commentary on the Apa Ethics Code by Mathilda B. Canter, Bruce E. Bennett, 1994-11
  8. Going Straight: An Ex-Convict/Psychologist Tells Why and How by Paul Karsten Fauteck, 2001-02
  9. THE GREAT PSYCHOLOGISTS by Robert I. Watson, 1963
  10. Neuropsychology for Psychologists, Health Care Professionals, and Attorneys, Third Edition by Robert J. Sbordone, Ronald E. Saul, et all 2007-06-21
  11. Culture Competence in Forensic Mental Health: A Guide for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Attorneys by Wen-Shing Tseng, 2004-07-21
  12. Health Care Ethics for Psychologists: A Casebook by Stephanie L. Hanson, Thomas R. Kerkhoff, et all 2004-08-30
  13. The Life of a Psychologist: An Autobiography by Fritz Heider, 1983-05
  14. The Great Psychologists (5th Edition) by Robert Irving Watson, 1991-01

61. Belgian Federation Of Psychologists
Belgian Federation of psychologists. It set up an ethical code that psychologists should adhere, and that goes beyond legal obligations.
Belgian Federation of Psychologists The Belgian Federation of Psychologists is the umbrella organization that unites and organizes the different psychology organizations in Belgium. It aims at improving the professional and scientific status of psychology in Belgium, by protecting the status of psychologists as well as the rights of their clients.
  • It obtained a legal protection of the title of psychologist and further strives for a legal protection of the title of psychotherapist. It set up an ethical code that psychologists should adhere, and that goes beyond legal obligations. It provides scientific and professional training programs for psychologists in cooperation with its associations. It is structured in the following four sectors or domains in psychology:
    • Clinical Psychology Organizational Psychology Educational Psychology Teaching and Research in Psychology
    It represents Belgian psychology on the European and international forum, as a member of the

Promotes research and represents the professional interests of psychologists in the United States. Includes information on publications and conferences, and a finda-psychologist referral feature.
PUBLIC PUBLICATIONS > MEMBER PUBLICATIONS > INSTITUTIONAL PUBLICATIONS > QUICK LINKS Members only Psychologists Students Media NEWS Monitor on Psychology gradPSYCH PsycPORT Press Releases ASSOCIATION INFO Programs and Directorates About APA Advertise with Us Affiliate Organizations APA Practice Organization State Psyc. Assocs. Divisions Regional ... Presidential Candidates APA WEEKLY NEWS ROUND-UP
This week's top stories from APA
APA Offers Materials That Can Help Children Deal With Disturbing Images from Iraq
APA Presidential Candidates Answer Questions Consumerism and Its Discontents
Attention Drugs Come of Age as Firms Target Adults

Reuters Health - June 3, 2004
Mentally Ill Kids Adrift in System

USA TODAY - June 02, 2004
Study: Mental Illnesses Are Under-Treated

Associated Press - June 01, 2004
Study: Driving Longer Means Larger Waists
Associated Press - May 31, 2004 Check out our psychology news wire CONVENTION NEWS Practical Information on Practice Toward a more equitable, inclusive society Be an APAGS Ambassador! Register online ... View previous features 750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242 Telephone: 800-374-2721; 202-336-5500. TDD/TTY: 202-336-6123

GESTALT psychologists ON THE GESTALT SWITCH. (this originally appeared in Il Cannocchiale Rivista di Filosofia, 1999.). IAN VERSTEGEN.
(this originally appeared in Il Cannocchiale: Rivista di Filosofia IAN VERSTEGEN (Temple University, Philadelphia, PA) By now there is a vast ilterature on the so-called gestalt switch in the philosophy of science (Aronson 1984, Kuhn 1970, Scheffler 1972, Wright 1992). It was first used to justify antirealism in science by Norwood Hanson (1958) and Thomas Kuhn (1970), based on Ludwig Wittgenstein's original "intellectualist" discussion of the duck-rabbit switch in his Philosophical Investigations (1953). Subsequently, it has been debated to what degree the observations of scientists are theory-laden by arguing how perception actually changes when we first see one object and then another, each equally supported by the same stimulus. It is remarkable that throughout the debate no one bothered to ask what Gestalt psychologists actually meant when they discussed such switches. Only Maurice Mandelbaum (1977) pointed out that Kuhn's use of the gestalt switch, based as it was on his own empiricist psychology, was wholly opposed to the original intention of Gestalt psychologists, and if "abstract" objects like a Maltese cross were substituted for recognizable objects (like ducks and rabbits), the analogy to the semantic content of opposed theories lost much of its force. It is remarkable that a conceptual relativist like Arthur Danto (1991) has admitted that "almost the precise kinds of examples. . .of penetration [of language on perception] give us the best examples of impenetrability" (p. 208).

64. The Psychology Hall Of Fame
A collection of links on Famous psychologists. Psychology Resources. Schools of Psychology. Biographies. The Psychology Hall of Fame.
The Psychology Hall of Fame The Psychology Hall of Fame The Psychology Hall of Fame The Psychology Hall of Fame The Psychology Hall of Fame The Psychology Hall of Fame The Psychology Hall of Fame The Psychology Hall of Fame ... The Psychology Hall of Fame

65. Counterfactual Research News
Online research articles on what might have been , an extensive bibliography of counterfactual publications in social psychology, news, and links to the homepages of psychologists active in this area.

66. SPN Professional Profiles: Search Profiles
Directory of over 700 social psychologists. Search by name or keywords of interest, browse by research area, or view an alphabetical list of all profiles.
Search Profiles
On this page, you can search more than 800 psychologist profiles by name or keywords of interest, browse by research area, or view an alphabetical list of all profiles. When typing a name or keyword, be sure to use quotation marks for phrases (e.g., "affirmative action"). You can also use the pull-down menus below to search only for psychologists who are SPSP Mentors or Media Contacts
Search SPN professional profiles psychologist home pages profiles and home pages of all profiled psychologists Media Contacts only SPSP Mentors only for the name or keyword(s):
Browse all profiled psychologists Media Contacts only SPSP Mentors only with any all of the following interests:
Aggression Applied Social Psychology Attitudes Attribution Close Relationships Communication Conflict Resolution Culture/Ethnicity Emotion Ethics/Morality Evolution/Genetics Gender Group Processes Health Helping/Pro-Social Behavior Intergroup Relations Internet/Cyberpsychology Interpersonal Processes Judgment/Decision Making Motivation/Goal Setting Nonverbal Behavior Organizational Behavior Person Perception Personality Persuasion/Social Influence Political Psychology Prejudice/Stereotyping Psychology and Law Psychophysiology Research Methods/Assessment Self/Identity Sexuality/Sexual Orientation Social Cognition Sociology
View an alphabetical listing of all profiled psychologists Media Contacts only SPSP Mentors only

67. National Directory Of Psychologists
These links describe the information available through the National Directory of psychologists and Psychology Information Online (Please read the Disclaimer

68. Ottawa Academy Of Psychology - An Organization Of Registered Ottawa Psychologist
Association of area psychologists. Its purpose is to maintain a meeting ground for members, provide continuing education for professionals in the field, help build awareness of psychology and provide information to the community.
Find it here Home page About the Academy Our Members Officers and Staff Past Presidents List of Members Finding a Psychologist Who is a Psychologist Who a Psychologist Helps Regulated Psychologists Getting a Referral Who pays psychologists? Other Services 1999 Referral Statistics Related Sites
Thank you
for visiting the Ottawa Academy of Psychology's web site. If you don't find the answer to your question here, we welcome telephone inquiries. Our number, , can be found at the bottom of every page.
About the Academy

Look here for information about our organization, its members, present officers and staff, a list of past Presidents and a link to the Membership Directory.
Finding a Psychologist

Find out about help dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, life changes, abuse, or other psychological stresses. Discover what a Registered Psychologist is and whether one can help you with your specific need.
Membership List

An alphabetical list of Ottawa area psychologists who belong to the Academy and who have fulfilled the standardized academic and clinical training required to be a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario.
Latest News

Included here are announcements about upcoming events for members and a link to the Academy's seasonal newsletter.

69. Florida Directory Of Psychologists
Florida Directory of psychologists (Please read Disclaimer before using Directory). Leigh Scott Rosenberg, Psy.D. Altamonte Springs. FL.

The mission of the ENOP is to facilitate efforts in information exchange and concerted European action by academics in the field of work and organizational psychology.
sponsored by the
Maison des Sciences de l'Homme
  • Introduction Membership Program Activities
    Reference Model and Minimal Standards
    ... Appendix 3
    ENOP Symposia
    Knowledge Management 2001 ENOP Symposium on Work-Life Balance European Harmonisation of Working Life: Challenges for East and West, March 21-23, 2002 ... Universidad Complutense, Madrid Last modified: April 13th, 2001
  • 71. Society For Southeastern Psychologists
    Society for Southeastern Social psychologists SSSP If you have suggestions, comments, or questions about the SSSP website, please send them to Robert McMillen.
    overview history meetings news ... Social Psychology Network (SPN) -The Definitive Internet Resource in Social Psychology, developed and maintained by Scott Plous at Wesleyan University Society for Southeastern Social Psychologists
    If you have suggestions, comments, or questions
    about the SSSP website,
    please send them to: Robert McMillen This site was last updated December, 2002.

    72. Women In Psychology
    Brief biographies and bibliographies of some female psychologists of various races, ages, and sexual orientations.

    European Network of Community psychologists Translate this page Provides information about research and education in the field of community psychology.

    74. Loading... Champfleurie Consultants Ltd Home Page...
    Business psychologists based in Central Scotland, specialising in management development and performance improvement through competencies, assessment centres and training. Site contains related articles, product and service information.
    Welcome to the Champfleurie Consultants web site. Champfleurie Consultants are business psychologists specialising in management development and performance improvement through competencies, assessment centres and training.
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    version of the Champfleurie web site please use the links below: Flash Site Non-Flash Site Download Flash

    75. Georgia State Board Of Examiners Of Pschologists
    The Georgia State Board of Examiners of psychologists is a sixmember board consisting of five psychologists and one consumer member.
    237 Coliseum Drive
    Macon, GA 31217-3858
    License Verification
    Licensure Information Fee Schedule Online License Renewal ... How Can We Help You? E-mail Us...
    The Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychologists is a six-member board consisting of five psychologists and one consumer member. Board members are appointed by the Governor to provide consumer protection and public health and welfare through the regulation of the profession. The Board processes licensure applications and receives, investigates and adjudicates complaints issued against licensed psychologists. There are currently 1,709 licensed psychologists in the state.

    76. Can Psychology Help A Church In Crisis?
    APA Monitor article explaining how psychologists can help in combating sexual impropriety and other problems in the church.
    Volume 33, No. 6 June 2002 Can psychology help a church in crisis? A small group of psychologists says yes, asserting that psychology's science and practice can be part of the solution. BY JENNIFER DAW
    Monitor staff
    The news reports of Catholic priests charged with sexually abusing adolescents have shocked thousands of Americans. But for a group of psychological experts, the recent events aren't just news, they're a call for help from psychology. "Psychology can offer so much to the church, the public, victims and rank-and-file Catholics, as well as priests," says Thomas Plante, PhD, editor of "Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned: Perspectives on Sexual Abuse Committed by Roman Catholic Priests" (Greenwood, 1999) and professor and chair of psychology at Santa Clara University. "We can offer the best in science and the best in practice and let data cut through the hysteria," says Plante, who evaluates those entering religious life for necessary characteristics and for potential red flags, and treats victims and offenders in his practice. Though the number of psychologists conducting research and treating clergy is small"there's only about 15 of us in the Northeast," says Plantepsychologists can help prevent further abuse by recognizing risk factors in potential priests and collaborating with religious superiors.

    77. TASP Index Page December 2000
    2004 by the Texas Association of School psychologists. Introduced April 1, 1997. CONTACT US! Questions and comments for the webmaster? Webmaster.
    About TASP Membership Executive Board Graduate Students ... Service Project Sunset for the TSBEP is coming up soon. Please check the weblink for information that pertains to YOUR licensensure TASP Sunset Testimony NASP Legislative Update (posted 1/04) Don't forget; we need your membership (Memberships run July 1st through June 30)! Every voice counts! Download your application! Did you know that if you have not renewed your membership yet, you are past the date? Quick! Click! 10 Years of TASP Leadership!
    NASP Career Center is now available
    Hotel Information for 2004 TASP Professional Development Conference in San Antonio , November 4 - 6, at the Omni Hotel ©2004 by the Texas Association of School Psychologists Introduced April 1, 1997 CONTACT US! Questions and comments for the webmaster? Webmaster TASP / P.O. Box Austin TX 1-888-414-8277 (Toll Free) / 512-836-1001 (Austin Area) Email us at TASP Have you moved recently? Updated Membership Application Our Calendar of Events Page is open for business ... NASP Career Center is now available

    78. CIOP Home Page
    Welcome to the official web site of the Chicago Industrial/Organizational Psychologists. CIOP is a society of human resource professionals from the greater Chicago area. CIOP sponsors several meetings each year to discuss current issues in I/O psychology, and to provide opportunities to interact with other professionals in the field.
    What's New?
    View the CIOP newsletter on-line.
    Job Opportunities
    CIOP Salary Survey
    Coming Attractions
    • 5.07.04 Conditional Reasoning
      Speaker: James M. LeBreton, Ph.D
      For more information, check out the scientist-practitioner
      6.10.04 Annual Dinner Meeting
      Speaker: Fritz Drasgow, Ph.D.
      Note: Dates are subject to change based on availability of speakers. Meeting time and location will be published in the scientist-practitioner before each meeting.
    Past Meetings
    • 10.31.03 Executive Coaching and Consultation
      Speakers: David B. Peterson, Ph.D. and John Blattner, Ph.D.
      11.21.03 Executive Assessment for Coaching and Development
      Speakers: Bob Kaplan, Ph.D. and Rob Kaiser, M.S.

    79. Jackson Leadership Systems
    Organizational psychologists, specializing in the assessment and development of leaders within organizations.
    Jackson Leadership Client: Assisting in the Selection of John Ferguson, Jr., as the Toronto Maple Leafs' General M anager "Ferguson Jr.['s hiring has] ...been judged positively, reflecting well on a Peddie-engineered and Tanenbaum-endorsed hiring practice, which follows that of Fortune 500 companies." "Michael Grange, The Globe and Mail, February 27, 2004"

    The first professional services organisation for Clinical Psychology in New Zealand and committed to public and professional education, the representation of the profession and the quality practice of Clinical Psychology.
    This document requires a browser that can view frames. Click Here to view the page.

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