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         Psychologists:     more books (100)
  1. Psychologists' Psychotropic Drug Reference by Louis Pagliaro, 1998-08-01
  2. Decoding the Ethics Code: A Practical Guide for Psychologists by Celia Fisher, 2003-06-17
  3. Brain Literacy for Educators and Psychologists (Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional) by Virginia W. Berninger, Todd L. Richards, 2002-05
  4. How to Become a Clinical Psychologist: Getting a Foot in the Door by Alice Knight, 2002-12-06
  5. Great Psychologists and Their Times: Scientific Insights into Psychology's History by Dean Keith Simonton, 2002-04
  6. Reflections from a Psychologist: An Autobiography by A. Keith Barton, 2002-10-31
  7. "Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?": A Psychologist Explains the Development of Racial Identity by Beverly Daniel Tatum, 2003-01-07
  8. A psychologist looks at life by Gary R Collins, 1971
  9. The Psychologist as Expert Witness by Theodore H. Blau, 2001-10-05
  10. Howard Gardner Under Fire:The Rebel Psychologist Faces His Critics
  11. Life as a Psychologist: Career Choices and Insights by Gerald D. Oster, 2006-05-30
  12. Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist by Walter A. Kaufmann, 1975-02-01
  13. Statistics for Psychologists: An Intermediate Course by Brian S. Everitt, 2001-04-01
  14. A Geography of Time: The Temporal Misadventures of a Social Psychologist, or How Every Culture Keeps Time Just a Little Bit Differently by Robert V. Levine, 1998-09

21. Welcome To OPP - Leaders In Applied Business Psychology
Offers psychometric tests, training, consultancy, and its own publications.
We help organisations optimise their people performance in the key areas of Talent Management, Leadership Effectiveness and Change Enablement. Our solutions are underpinned by our expertise in business psychology and our portfolio of world-leading psychometric instruments - including the ABLE Series ability tests, the 16PF®, MBTI® and FIRO-B® personality instruments, and the Benchmarks® 360 degree feedback questionnaire. conditions of use var sc_project=265787;

22. APA Link Page
Archive of newsletters published by the American Psychology Association's Educational Psychology division. Includes research briefs and other announcements of interest to educational psychologists.
NEWSLETTER FOR EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGISTS NEP DIVISION 15 AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION NEP/15 Editor: Christopher A. Wolters Department of Educational Psychology University of Houston, Houston TX
Available Newsletters:
NEP/15 will publish minutes of official business meetings, committee reports, news items, and information on topics and issues of interest to the Division 15 membership. Items and articles for NEP/15 should be addressed to Christopher A. Wolters, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Houston, Houston TX 77204-5029 or e-mail to

23. The School Psychologists' Home Page
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Bartow County
School System
About Us
Site Index What's New? Search Our Site! ...
How to Contact Us
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24. Creative Therapy Associates, Inc.
Creative Therapy Associates is dedicated to producing materials and tools that address the mental health issues of children and adults in a unique way. Our products are used by teachers, psychologists, parents, and individuals.
7709 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45231 Welcome to Creative Therapy Associates Inc. We are celebrating 15 years of business. Creative Therapy is dedicated to producing materials that address the mental health and social issues of children and adults. Our products are considered contemporary and decorative art that is useful in many diverse settings: children's bedrooms, family rec. rooms, offices, and waiting rooms of physicians, psychologists, ministers and other professionals.

25. ::The Association Of Black Psychologists::
The Association of Black psychologists PO Box 55999, Washington, DC.20040. Phone(202)7220808 Fax (202)722-5941.
WHATS NEW IN JUNE: Election Ballots for ABPsi Officers will be mailed soon. Please be sure to vote. About ABPS i Job Postings Chapters ... Annual Meetings The Association of Black Psychologists P.O Box 55999, Washington, D.C.20040. Phone:(202)722-0808 Fax: (202)722-5941
Web Management:

26. APA Ethical Principles Of Psychologists And Code Of Conduct
The Ethical Principles of psychologists and Code of Conduct effective December 1992. WEBSITE HELP, ETHICAL PRINCIPLES OF psychologists AND CODE OF CONDUCT.

Ethics Homepage

Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct

Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in the Care and Use of Animals

A Statement on Services by Telephone, Teleconferencing, and Internet

APA Ethics Committee Rules and Procedures

ETHICAL PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGISTS AND CODE OF CONDUCT Looking for the 2002 (new!) APA Code of Ethics? The 2002 Ethics Code went into effect on June 1, 2003. View the 2002 Code online at
The fifth edition of the APA Publication Manual, published before the 2002 APA Ethics Code was approved, contains cites to the 1992 APA Ethics Code. View the 1992 Ethics Code. Posted here are updates that will make your fifth edition of the APA Publication Manual consistent with the 2002 Ethics Code.

27. National Association Of School Psychologists (NASP)
National Association of School psychologists (NASP) Site offers full text of NASP position papers, professional standards, and newsletter articles (Communique apos; Briefs), as well as information

28. APA Ethical Principles Of Psychologists And Code Of Conduct
The American Psychological Association s ethical principles and code of conduct for psychologists, 2002 update. WEBSITE HELP, Ethics Homepage.

Ethics Homepage

Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct

Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in the Care and Use of Animals

A Statement on Services by Telephone, Teleconferencing, and Internet

APA Ethics Committee Rules and Procedures
ETHICAL PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGISTS AND CODE OF CONDUCT The Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct is also available in PDF format (285K).
Download now
Compare the Ethics Code with its predecessor, the 1992 Ethics Code. The previous (1992) Ethics Code was no longer effective as of June 1, 2003. History and Effective Date Effective date June 1, 2003.
10.10 Terminating Therapy
INTRODUCTION AND APPLICABILITY The American Psychological Association's (APA's) Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the Ethics Code) consists of an Introduction , a Preamble , five General Principles (A - E), and specific Ethical Standards . The Introduction discusses the intent, organization, procedural considerations, and scope of application of the Ethics Code. The Preamble and General Principles are aspirational goals to guide psychologists toward the highest ideals of psychology. Although the Preamble and General Principles are not themselves enforceable rules, they should be considered by psychologists in arriving at an ethical course of action. The Ethical Standards set forth enforceable rules for conduct as psychologists. Most of the Ethical Standards are written broadly, in order to apply to psychologists in varied roles, although the application of an Ethical Standard may vary depending on the context. The Ethical Standards are not exhaustive. The fact that a given conduct is not specifically addressed by an Ethical Standard does not mean that it is necessarily either ethical or unethical.

29. European Network Of Community Psychologists
Provides information about research and education in the field of community psychology.

30. American Board Of Assessment Psychology
Certification board for psychologists specializing in assessment. Includes list of members, details of annual conference, and newsletter.

31. Ottawa Psychologists / Gilmour Psychological Services
Services include psychotherapy, psychological testing and assessment, consultation and group therapy.
437 Gilmour Street,
Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada, K2P 0R5
is based in Ottawa, Canada but offers its services to clients from all over the globe. A biography of each member of our group is available through this web site. Our psychologists offer a wide variety of expertise including consultation and assessment as well as counselling and psychotherapy. We accept referrals from health care professionals and institutions as well as from individuals. Our clinic offers individual, couple and family therapy, stress, anger and crisis management, vocational counselling, grief counselling and many other services. We are also publishing a series of frequently asked questions that we hope will further enhance your research. Enter our website to find out more:
  • Our Group
  • Services
  • Client Concerns
  • Frequently Asked Questions ...
  • Book Reviews Meet our twelve psychologists and learn about their special areas of interest and expertise.
  • Learn how to make an appointment and what to expect on your first visit;
  • Find out answers to frequently asked questions
  • What is the difference between a psychologists and a psychiatrist?
  • 32. Association Of Educational Psychologists (AEP)
    Association of Educational psychologists (AEP) the professional association and trade union for educational psychologists practising in the UK.
    Welcome to the website of the

    33. Australian College Of Clinical Psychologists
    Professional association devoted to the support and development of practising psychologists in Australia.
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    34. Association Of Child Psychiatrists And Psychologists Of Armenia
    An NGO uniting professionals engaged in activities related with children's mental health. Offers history, a list of organized events, galleries, published documents and purposes.

    35. Delta Consultants, Business Psychologists Developing Leaders And Organizations
    Philadelphia region Business/Industrial and Organizational psychologists specializing in individual and team coaching; organizational development; and testing for employee selection, placement, and career planning.

    Business Psychologists Developing Leaders and Organizations
    OUR PURPOSE Delta's expertise centers around helping organizations meet their strategic objectives by maximizing leadership effectiveness at all levels. To this end, we offer results oriented development and selection programs geared toward executives, managers and individual contributors. Our technologies and processes are designed to align people's attitudes and goals with organizational objectives, and to create the shared ownership and excitement that leads to achieving excellent results. WHO WE ARE . . . WHAT WE DO
    Organizational Development Organizational Structure Organization Audits Culture Change Employee Engagement Survey Customer Surveys Climate Surveys Respectful/Healthy/Civil Workplace Leadership Development Executive Coaching Team Building Development Assessment 360° Feedback Assessment Performance Management Emotional Intelligence Anger Management Change Management Pre-Employment Assessment Employee Selection Testing Management/Executive Selection Test Validation Competency Development Our Team Business, Industrial, I/O Psychologists

    36. Main Page
    Updated on May 25, 2004
    To serve and protect the public interest: by promoting excellence in the profession, by ensuring that psychological services are safe and effective, and by advocating for accessibility to psychological services.
    Information to Members of the Public and the Profession Regarding Psychologists and Psychological Associates
    Getting Ready for Privacy Legislation
    Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
    The College ... BARBARA WAND SEMINAR 2004: Audio, Video Order Form
    Click here to order online: QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAM NOTICE
    The Self Assessment Guide and Professional Development Plan for 2004 is now available. Deadline for completion for members with even number registration numbers as well as all members holding Certificates Authorizing Supervised Practice or Certificates Authorizing Interim Autonomous Practice is April 30, 2004. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

    37. Splash_page And Site Map Overview
    As well as being a repository for online versions of material by the influential American social psychologist, George Herbert Mead (18631931), this site also archives work related to his, including that of many important early 20th century American psychologists, including J.R. Angell, J.M. Baldwin, J. Dewey, W. James, W.I. Thomas, E.B. Titchener.
    Welcome to the Mead Project

    38. The Australian College Of Private Consulting Psychologists
    Information on the role of clinical psychologists in Australian society.

    To continually support members of the College and to promote the profession of Psychology so that Members can competently assist the community and advance the knowledge of the profession.
    • Promote the College as an ethical and professional body of highly qualified Psychologists Provide suggestions in practice-management and fee guidelines to new and existing Members Issue all relevant information to Members Provide business and professional support to members through workshops, conferences and seminars Represent the interests of Members to government, employers, health funds, insurers, organisations and the general public Promote the profession and private practice Maintain a directory of Members and their specialisation Liaise with similar organisations both nationally and internationally to promote the college and it's Members Provide a forum for professional development and case presentation
    The business of the college is conducted by a duly elected Executive Committee, which comprises of a President; vice-President; Treasurer; Secretary and Executive Members. All positions are declared vacant each 12 months and Executives may re-apply for their previous position but such a move must be approved by College Members at the Annual General Meeting.

    39. EFPA - European Federation Of Psychologists' Associations
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    40. Team Focus UK - Business Psychologists And Psychometric Assessment Solutions
    Information about Team Focus a psychology-based consultancy specialising in enhancing the contribution of people at individual, team and corporate levels.
    Team Focus are business psychologists specialising in enhancing the contribution of people at individual, team and corporate levels. Our clients range from small, dedicated businesses to major, global organisations. Based in the UK, we are capable of dealing with the most complex trans-national people issues through our network of international associates and partners.
    As business psychologists, we are able to focus on helping organisations achieve business objectives through the effective deployment of their human resources. We use our expertise in psychometric assessment, management development, individual development, team building, 360 degree appraisal and training to enable people to maximise their potential and so enhance the effectiveness of the organisation.
    In 2002, we launched our 'Profiling For Success' on-line assessment system. Developed around a brand new series of psychometric tests and questionnaires spanning the fields of ability, personality, interests and motivation, Profiling for Success offers an entirely new kind of assessment experience to the test-taker and unrivalled ease of use for our organisational clients within the UK and abroad.
    Our talent management division spans the traditional assessment and development divide. Our assessments use some of the most sophisticated methods available including simulations, role plays, psychometric assessment (tests and personality questionnaires) and in-depth interviews. These assessments can be the springboard for developing people, coaching them in their role and facilitating the team-building activities that create the conditions for high performance.

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