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         Psychological Disorders:     more books (100)
  1. Cognitive performance and left-handedness: comparative analyses in adults with seizures, physical, psychological and learning disorders in a rehabilitation ... article from: The Journal of Rehabilitation by Michael Ferrari, 2007-01-01
  2. Toward the Integration of Psychotherapy (Wiley series on psychological disorders) by John M. Reisman, 1971-08-04
  3. The Abused Woman: A Survivor Therapy Approach (Assessment and Treatment of Psychological Disorders, Video and Manual Edition)
  4. Treatment of the Borderline Adolescent (Wiley Series on Psychological Disorders) by James F. Masterson, 1972-06-28
  5. Psychological Concepts and Dissociative Disorders
  6. The psychological origin of mental disorders, by Paul Dubois, 1913
  7. Depression: A Cognitive Therapy Approach - A Viewer's Manual (Assessment & Treatment of Psychological Disorders) VHS tape and book by Arthur Freeman, 1994-12
  8. The Humanization Processes: A Social, Behavioral Analysis of Children's Problems (Wiley Series on Psychological Disorders) by Hamblin, 1971-06
  9. Psychological Disorders in General Medical Settings by N. Sartorius, 1990-01
  10. Locos por consumir.(compras compulsivas como trastorno psicológico)(TT: Mad over buying.)(TA: compulsive buying as a psychological disorder)(Artículo Breve): An article from: Epoca by J. Ibáñez, G. Plaza, 2001-01-21
  11. Prodromes, coping strategies and psychological interventions in bipolar disorders [An article from: Clinical Psychology Review] by D. Lam, G. Wong,
  12. Uneasy Lives: Understanding Anxiety Disorders (Encyclopedia of Psychological Disorders) by Linda N. Bayer, 2000-05
  13. Social Status and Psychological Disorder a Causal Inquiry by Bruce P. , Barbara Snell Dohrenwend Dohrenwend, 1969
  14. Sleep Disorders (Psychological Disorders) by Mary Brophy Marcus, 2008-06-30

101. The Official Website Of Theodore Millon
Millon theory and psychological assessments focuses mainly on personality disorders.
Institute for Advanced Studies
International Center Welcome to the official website of Theodore Millon, PhD, DSc The Institute for Advanced Studies in Personology and Psychopathology (IASPP) International Center in Coral Gables, FL is the home base for Dr. Theodore Millon's professional activities in psychology. Our site is dedicated to keeping mental health professionals updated on advances in the domain of personologic science, as well as on the research and scholarly activities of the Institute. HEADLINES AT IASPP... These are just some of the highlights of what's transpiring at the Institute for Advanced Studies! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTs We regret to announce that this year's Millon Inventories Conference has been cancelled. Dr. Millon and the featured faculty of the conference will be meeting in Miami, however, to celebrate several milestones Dr. Millon is marking this year, as well as to plan for several key future developments related to the inventories and training modalities. August 7-10, 2003 marked a huge milestone for Dr. Millon, who received one of the prestigious APA awards at this year's APA Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Please take a look at our photos from Toronto, 2003.

102. Update
Clinical and analytical hypnotherapy in Canterbury and Headcorn in Kent for all emotional, psychological and psychosomatic disorders.

103. THINKCLINIC - Homepage Deutsche Version
Childhood war trauma and related psychological disorders.

104. Spasmodia Dysphonia - Dr. Morton Cooper - Strangled Voice Therapy
Alternative therapy for voice disorders based on a psychological interpretation of the condition.
11661 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA 90049
ph. (310) 208-6047 Contact Us

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About Dr. Cooper ... Botox Shots Dr. Cooper in the News Fox News Dr. Cooper reporting cures on SD - Video Clip(4mb) Fox News Dr. Cooper with patient Jaques Duprie Video Clip(4mb) Dr. Cooper vs. The Medical Community Use this Translation device to view this site in a different language!"
"Dr. Cooper put me on the
right track for a better voice."
Jackie Joyner-Kersee

50% of American people misuse their voices and may suffer from Strangled Voice . If you have a hoarse throat, shortness of breath, weak or nasal voice, you may be misusing your voice. Dr. Cooper finds that the overwhelming number of bad and raspy voices are due to wrong voice use, not a medical problem. Dr. Cooper has also developed simple but effective techniques to help anyone make the most of their voice. An effective non-evasive technique

105. Welcome
Hypnosis techniques for the treatment of depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, sexual difficulties and other psychological and medical problems.
Êáëþò Þñèáôå óôï site ãéá ôçí êëéíéêÞ ýðíùóç.
Ðáôþíôáò êÜèå ìßá áðü ôéò åðéëïãÝò ôïõ menu, ìÜèåôå
éá íá æçôÞóåôå óõìâïõëÝò Þ íá èÝóåôå áðëÜ ôéò áðïñßåò óáò, ðáôÞóôå ôï contact form êáé èá ëÜâåôå áðÜíôçóç.

Based in Toronto Canada. Specializing in ADD/ADHD including psychological assessment, epilepsy, and sleep disorders including sleep apnea.
This account has been suspended. If you are the owner of this account, please contact to sort out this problem ASAP. Legal Privacy

107. Self Discovery
Presents articles on the humanistic approach to understanding human motivation and treating mental disorders. Provides free psychological counseling to applicants. Includes a forum about mental disorders for general public.
"Voyage to the Self" is a psychological site serving the public. The site is unique in the world since it is an attempt to provide primary mental aid for free through the Internet to applicants from all over the world. For the first time ever, this site presents to psychologists, social workers, educators, students and the general public, the realization of self theory, which explains the foundations of human motivation. The theory proves that every person, in his being a person, has the right to realize his latent potential. This right exists on condition that the person through his actions and relationships with people will be wise to realize the positive values which he inherited from the culture to which he was born and raised. Thus he contributes to improving the world.
Enjoy surfing!
A psychologist who will volunteer to run the sites forum.
Self Discovery P.O.B.1002 Beit-Shemesh 99000, Israel.
Forum Application Form
Case of the Month
... Main Page

108. Hoffman Psychological Associates
Offers psychological services to children, adolescents, and adults. Specializes in anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, relationships, grief, gay and lesbian, and sexual disorders. Site includes articles.

Psychotherapist/Client Services Agreement
Privacy Notice Form P roviding psychological services to children,
adolescents and adults
  • Life Transitions, Adjustment Reactions
  • Coaching and Motivational Training
  • Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management
  • Eating Disorders
  • Addictions, Including Nicotine
  • Compulsive Disorders and Codependency
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Relationships: Couples, Families
  • Divorce and Grief Counseling
  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Concerns
  • Women's Issues

Page Designed and Maintained by Evelyn Steen

109. River Centre Clinic: Treating Anorexia & Bulimia Nervosa & Related Disorders
Offers comprehensive psychological and intensive treatment for eating disorders.
CLICK THE PICTURE ABOVE FOR WEBSITE OPTIONS River Centre Clinic is a spacious, comfortable, and modern treatment facility specifically designed to meet the needs of those with psychological problems. The Clinic is located in Sylvania Ohio, a suburb of Toledo Ohio and about 45 minutes south of Detroit Michigan, 2 hours west of Cleveland, Ohio and 3 hours east of Chicago, Illinois and three hours north of Columbus, Ohio. The major focus of the Clinic is the treatment of eating disorders although there are specialty services available for children as well as individuals suffering from anxiety disorders. Eating Disorder Program
The River Centre Clinic's Intensive Day Treatment Program (partial hospitalization level of care) is a specialized and cost-effective program designed to meet the specific needs of individuals diagnosed with eating disorders (anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa). The Intensive Day Treatment Program is 5 days a week, 7 hours each day and offers a sufficiently high level of intensity, structure and monitoring to prevent the need for more costly inpatient treatment in most cases. The Intensive Day Treatment Program is a safe and comfortable environment with treatment delivered by highly trained staff with extensive experience with eating disorders. It provides complete nutritional rehabilitation as well as a full range of psychological treatments for patients who need to gain or to stabilize body weight, to interrupt binge eating, vomiting, laxative abuse, diuretic abuse and to address associated conditions such as depression, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, substance abuse, low self-esteem, sexual trauma and relationship problems.

110. Hompage
Specialists in the treatment of psychological and emotional problems, addictions and eating disorders.

111. Dr. Ernest Mastria's Attention Training Institute
The principal intention of the Institute is to further the theory of Reflexive Attention Diversion (RAD) as the single cause of psychological discomfort, and Attention Training as the method to alleviate symptoms. Introduction to Dr. Mastria's method of treatment for symptoms of anxiety, phobias, depression, obsessions and related disorders.

112. :: Ez2Find :: Disorders
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113. A Psychoeducational Web Site
Resources, links, and support groups regarding psychological development, mental health disorders, and other mental health issues.
Please support
Day of the Child

December 1st
Volunteer your time
*Join the webring
A Psychoeducational Site
If knowledge is what you seek, then you've come to the right place...
So sit back, relax and take off your shoes
Welcome to my site. It is my personal goal to make this a knowledge bank of information while, at the same time, provide you with a support system unlike any you have ever encountered before. While I do not have my M.D. degree, nor am I a psychiatrist, I do have my M.A. in psychological counseling. While there are some things I cannot offer, I can offer you what I've already learned from my textbooks, my experience, my intuition, and the information that I've obtained off the net.
I'd also like to make you aware that your wise friends and relatives (as well meaning as they may be) are not doctors either. Only you and your doctor can determine the best customized treatment plan for you. I hope that this site can help you better understand this illness and please remember that the information that you find on this site is only intended as an aid to understand and/or come to terms with your diagnosis. The first step on the path to psychological growth is to obtain a correct diagnosis. This point cannot be stressed enough with regard to this important issue.
Enjoy and Learn

114. Psychology Psychiatry Counseling Therapy For Orlando And Central Florida.
Treatment for mood disorders, ADD/ADHD, stress/anxiety/anger management, couples counseling, family therapy, psychoeducational evaluations, and psychological testing.
Welcome to Pierre R. Lubold, Psy.D Richard Marcil, Jr., Ph.D. Maxine Minto, M.D. We are a multidisciplinary facility offering quality psychology (mental health counseling and therapy) and psychiatry (medication evaluation and management) by an association of professional, independent practitioners for the Orlando and Central Florida area. Adults, couples, children, and adolescents are welcome. Our practitioners work with various different mental health issues including mood disorders, ADD/ADHD, stress/anxiety/anger management, couples counseling, family therapy, psychoeducational evaluations, and psychological testing. We are located at: 716 N. Ferncreek Avenue Orlando, Florida 32803 To find out more about each of our providers and the services they offer, please click on a name below: Psychology Services (click blue hyperlink for more info) Pierre R. Lubold, Psy.D. - 407-228-1766 Richard R. Marcil, Jr., Ph.D. Psychiatric Services Maxine Minto, M.D. - 407-895-2964 Frequently Asked Questions Map Note: If you are a provider with an established practice looking for office space, please contact Dr. Marcil at 407-894-8507.

115. Anxiety And Panic - Anxiety Panic And Phobia Centers Of New York
Offers treatment and information about anxiety, fear and phobia disorders.

116. Counselling4all Home
Free counselling on a number of psychological and personal issues such as anxiety, stress, loss and grieving, depression, mood disorders, and relationship conflicts.
home about us recommend FAQ ... articles Welcome to Counselling4all......"We help you so that you help yourself better" anxiety stress loss and grieving depression/ mood disorders ... coping with trauma/ crises We as counsellor give you the time, space and support to explore issues which are important to you. We listen to you carefully, with respect, confidentiality and concern for your well being . Our work is concerned with helping individuals find realistic and workable solutions to their problems by helping them gain an insight into themselves so that they are able to utilize their own potentialities and opportunities and thus become self-sufficient, self-directed and self-actualized .Our work also involve understanding and working with the individual to discover his unique needs and motivation and help appreciate them GET COUNSELLING NOW "IF AN INDIVIDUAL RECEIVES EDUCATION ALONG WITH PROPER GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING HE/SHE IS ABLE TO DEVELOP HIS/HER PERSONALITY FULLY AND THUS IS ABLE SERVE HIS/HER SOCIETY IN TERMS OF HIS/HER ABILITIES AND TALENTS. You can place your ads here. contact:

117. The Path Of Greatest Advantage
psychological assessment research and treatment services provides therapy for addictive disorders, mood disorders, relationship and family problems.
Psychological A ssessment R eferral T reatment S ervices
Psychological ARTS is a group of mental health professionals based in Austin, Texas. Over the past 30 years we have collaborated with our clients to overcome mood disorders, addictive disorders, and relationship problems. The perspectives and methods we have developed have proved helpful to individuals both inside and outside our local area. For those who live within the Central Texas region we provide a broad range of Assessment Referral and Treatment Services. We also offer a range of products and services to distant locations This web site has two functions:
  • local clients - Click this hyperlink for information about our practice, forms, meet our staff, etc.
    All visitors: Many of the pages that follow describe generic illusions and traps that produce self-defeating outcomes. A good place to begin this journey is: Pathology and the Study of Paths
Our webmaster, William Dubin, Ph.D.

118. Lennon And Associates Family Bonding And Attachment Center--Home Page
Clinical psychological treatment center for children between the ages of 517 with behavioral and attachment disorders. Describes the facilities, staff, and services. Located in Carmel, Indiana.
Embracing Tomorrow's Hope Our Mission The Family Bonding and Attachment Center is dedicated to assisting individuals in maximizing their potential, reducing human suffering, and maintaining and strengthening families. We are committed to providing quality care by carefully designing an individualized treatment plan for each child. FBAC strives to operate within the Judeo-Christian tradition and respects the intrinsic worth and dignity of human beings from conception to death. Our Logo, depicting a child's head resting in God's palm, is entitled "The Embrace." We believe the essence of embrace, which is to clasp in the arms lovingly and readily, is symbolic of our specific manner of intervention and treatment. This logo reflects our mission to nurture a wounded child's mind, body, and spirit within the context of a loving and committed family. We are honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to share in our clients' and their families' lives. We, the staff of the Family Bonding and Attachment Center, promise to do all we can with our God-given abilities to be effective catalysts for healing and growth. Together with a child's parents or guardians, we are truly "Embracing Tomorrow's Hope."

119. Outlook South West Services
Independent agency providing experienced and qualified psychologists to GP surgeries in Devon and Cornwall. Comprehensive information for prospective clients, on common mental health disorders, self help reading list and edited links to relevant mental health resource sites.
Home Contact Us Return to the Outlook South West Home Page. About the Service Audit Issues Private Therapy We provide primary care mental health services in twenty practices in Cornwall Outcome Evaluation Contact Us About Our service Trauma Therapy Service ... Contact Us We provide a range of specialist expert witness services. We also have developed a trauma therapy service Training and Workshops Executive Coaching Staff Counselling Service Our team of clinical psychologists provide a range of different services Private Therapy Contact Us New Patients Links to useful information ... Recommended books Useful pages if you have just been referred by your doctor Private Therapy Contact Us
Outlook South West provides independent psychological services in Cornwall and Devon.
Established in 1998 we offer a range of services including the following
  • primary care mental health services training medico-legal reporting executive coaching psychological therapy and counselling
Outlook South West
PO Box 18
Tel: 01208 871414 P7 MenuMagic dwt Control Layer -Do Not Alter

120. Pyromania
Includes an introduction, symptoms, connection to other mental health disorders and treatment.

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