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  1. Personality Psychology: Domains of Knowledge About Human Nature by Randy J. Larsen, David M. Buss, 2006-11-29
  2. Personality Psychology: Domains of Knowledge About Human Nature with PowerWeb by Randall J. Larsen, David M. Buss, 2004-08-04
  3. The Person: A New Introduction to Personality Psychology by Dan P. McAdams, 2005-05-06
  4. Criminal Psychology And Personality Profiling (Forensics: the Science of Crime-Solving) by Joan Esherick, 2005-11-30
  5. Personality Psychology: Science of Individuality by Nathan Brody, Howard Ehrlichman, 1997-08-12
  6. Theory of Personality: The Psychology of Personal Constructs (The Norton Library) by George A. Kelly, 1963-05
  7. Handbook of Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology
  8. APS, Current Directions in Personality Psychology Reader (Association for Psychological Science Readers) by Society (APS) The American Psychological Society, 2004-06-21
  9. Readings in Personality Psychology by John D. Mayer, 2006-08-06
  10. Handbook of Research Methods in Social and Personality Psychology
  11. Personality W/ Power Web by Randall J. Larsen, David M. Buss, 2001-10-03
  12. Current Directions in Personality Psychology (Association for Psychological Science Readers) by Association for Psychological Science, Carolyn C. Morf, et all 2007-06-11
  13. Handbook of Research Methods in Personality Psychology
  14. Paradigms of Personality Assessment by Jerry S. Wiggins, 2005-10-04

1. Personality Psychology Links By Subtopic
personality psychology Links Online Tests, Emotional Intelligence,Psychological Measurement, and Many Other Topics.
Personality Psychology Links
Listed below are links related to personality theory and research, personality assessment, online personality tests, intelligence testing, and more. The following table shows a detailed outline of topics.
This page contains links on:

2. Great Ideas In Personality--Theory And Research
These are the questions addressed by personality theory and research. This website deals with scientific research programs in personality psychology.
Great Ideas in Personality General Personality: For Students: For Professionals: How do people tend to think, feel, and behaveand what causes these tendencies? These are the questions addressed by personality theory and research. This website deals with scientific research programs in personality psychology. They are offered as candidates for the title "great ideas"; whether they are indeed great remains an open question. Search Great Ideas in Personality:
Search the web:
Search PubMed abstracts:
What's New
New additions include links to 39 free on-line Personality Tests , 15 new Personality Papers , and rankings of Ph.D. programs in the U.S. and U.K.
Personality Research Programs: Department Rankings: About This Website: Other Personality Websites: Maintained by G. Scott Acton

3. SOSIG: Personality Psychology
personality psychology, Editor LTSN Psychology, Social Science Information Gateway. You are here Home Psychology Home Psychology personality psychology.
Personality Psychology Editor: LTSN Psychology, Social Science Information Gateway You are here : Home Psychology Home Psychology > Personality Psychology
in Psychology
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Resource Type Search in whole catalogue current section Top 50 sites in Psychology Advanced Search Thesauri Map of the Psychology section Browse Sub-Sections Personality Theory Personality Traits and Processes Psychoanalytic Theory Browse Related Sections Personality Disorders Personality Scales and Inventories Psychosocial and Personality Development Internet Resources Listed By Type alphabetically Europe UK For a short description click the title. To access the resource directly click Editor's Choice (key resources in this subject) Great Ideas in Personality Personality Project (The) Books/Book Equivalents Up Varieties of Religious Experience (The): A Study in Human Nature, by William James

4. Kashdan's Personality And Positive Psychology Links
personality psychology Web Sites. SELFREPORT TESTS ON WEB On-line Psychiatry Tests. Anxiety Disorder Screening Tests. Personality Disorder Screening Tests. More info on Personality Disorders. Neuropsychological Tests European Association of personality psychology. International Society for the Study of Personal Relationships
click here to return to Todd B. Kashdan's home page
Personality Psychology Web Sites
The Science and Theory of Individual Differences SELF-REPORT TESTS ON WEB
On-line Psychiatry Tests

Anxiety Disorder Screening Tests

Personality Disorder Screening Tests

More info on Personality Disorders
Implicit Attitudes Test

(assesses social-cognitions in sensitive areas)
ERIC® Clearinghouse on Tests
Test Locator QueenDom's Test Collection (including perfectionism, assertiveness, procrastination, optimism, etc.) Keirsey Temperament Sorter ... Tests with Questionable Psychomeric Properties (but may offer entertainment on a rainy day) 60-Second Personality Test Sensation-seeking test CareerPro Personal Profile The Platinum Rule GENERAL PERSONALITY SITES: POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY SITE (the only legitimate site on positive psychology) Self-Determination Theory, Research, and Measures The Personality Project (excellent site for empirical work on individual differences) Great Ideas in Personality Personality Psychology Links The Personalities of Animals INTELLIGENCE TESTING IQ Tests Online Self Discovery IQ Test Test Your IQ (45 minutes) One of the better IQ Tests Online THE BELL CURVE CONTROVERSY The Bell Curve Workbook (compilation of scholarly links) Two Views of The Bell Curve Contemporary Psychology Robert Sternberg on The Bell Curve Skeptic magazine) EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: What's Your Emotional IQ?

Torino Informa sulle attivit  di ricerca e di didattica del personality psychology Workshop. Contiene elenchi dei corsi, notizie sulle teorie e sugli studiosi, forum, una biblioteca virtuale, link e uno sportello online.
Diretto da: Felice Perussia
Dipartimento di Psicologia
Benvenuti nel sito ufficiale del
Dipartimento di Psicologia
  • Phersu Library , con oltre 2.500 link diretti a libri, articoli e testi vari, o anche ad altri documenti e risorse, disponibili in versione integrale direttamente sulla rete internet, in forma gratuita-freeware.
  • offre un punto di riferimento e di incontro, a carattere tecnico-scientifico, per studenti e studiosi che si interessano a questi temi (quanto meno: offrendo una introduzione e una guida di prima mano alla materia).

Indica, in sostanza, qualcosa come l'attore-pantomimo-danzatore-sciamano-sacerdote
(eventualmente anche la sua maschera o le sue insegne).
Da Phersu deriva il latino persona e l'italiano
(tra cui, secondo alcuni, anche il nome-aggettivo Perseo).
Affresco del Phersu Danzante , nella Tomba degli Auguri,
presso la necropoli dei Monterozzi a Tarquinia.

6. The Personality Project
personality psychology addresses the questions of shared human nature, dimensions of individual differences and unique patterns of individuals.
The Personality ProjectOverview
The Personality Project
What's New?
"Big 5" personality test Recommended Readings
Overviews ...
Personality Taxonomies
  • Descriptive Taxonomies
  • Theoretical Taxonomies
  • Intelligence
Assessment and Applications
Personality theory

7. The Personality Project
A guide to the academic research literature in personality and personality theory. Meant for those with a serious interest in current personality theory and research. Departments of Psychology with Personality Programs. Advice for undergraduates important part of the study of personality. personality psychology addresses the questions of shared

8. The Personality Project - Psychological Organizations
Specialized Societies European Association of personality psychology (EAPP). Graduate Departments of Psychology with Personality Programs.
Back to the Personality Project
Psychological Organizations and Graduate Programs
National and international societies the sponsor conferences and publish journals relevant to personality include:

9. Wheaton College: Faculty: David Wulff
personality psychology; psychology of religion history, theories, research methods, and philosophical issues; phenomenology of everyday experiences (Wheaton College, MA).
@import url( );
Faculty profiles
Wheaton catalog Course schedule Academic calendar
David Wulff
Professor of Psychology
Office: Knapton 329
Department(s) and Program(s)
Ph.D., University of Michigan
B.A., Wittenberg University
Th.D.(honorary), Lund University, Sweden
Main Interests
Personality psychology (including theories of personality and methods of assessment); psychology of religion (history, theories, research methods, and philosophical issues); phenomenology of everyday experiences.
Research Interests
My published scholarly work is mainly in the psychology of religion, including my book, Psychology of Religion: Classic and Contemporary (2nd edition; Wiley, 1997). Current projects include the preparation of a collection of my essays on the psychology of religion for republication, the development of a psychology of the conservative mind, and a reassessment of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a remarkably popular assessment device inspired by the psychology of C. G. Jung.
Teaching Interests
In most of my courses, from the basic introductory course to my laboratory in personality assessment, I accent the wide range of perspectives that make up contemporary psychology, from the rigorously scientific approaches at one end of the spectrum to the qualitative-interpretive approaches at the other. My course in the psychology of religion likewise represents a diversity of views. But one of my courses is entirely given over to descriptive-interpretive perspectives: "Experiencing: The Phenomenology of Everyday Life" is a study of phenomenological psychology as it may be applied to a variety of everyday experiencesincluding reading and writing (the course is writing intensive), driving a car, and occupying a hotel roomas well as to experiences that are foreign to most of us, such as being autistic or totally paralyzed.

10. Lifexplore - Personality, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Tests, Type Descriptions, Mor
time to this site, or you are new to personality psychology, then read the Personality Intro For more advanced students of personality psychology, please see the Function Types

11. Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, Description Of Content
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. PERSONALITY PROCESSES AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES encourages research on all aspects of personality psychology.
Journal of
Personality and
Social Psychology Journal Description Published monthly Editors: Patricia G. Devine, PhD John F. Dovidio, PhD Charles S. Carver, PhD The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology publishes original papers in all areas of personality and social psychology. It emphasizes empirical reports but may include specialized theoretical, methodological, and review papers. The journal is divided into three independently edited sections: ATTITUDES AND SOCIAL COGNITION addresses those domains of social behavior in which cognition plays a major role, including the interface of cognition with overt behavior, affect, and motivation. Among topics covered are the formation, change, and utilization of attitudes, attributions, and stereotypes, person memory, self-regulation, and the origins and consequences of moods and emotions insofar as these interact with cognition. Of interest also is the influence of cognition and its various interfaces on significant social phenomena such as persuasion, communication, prejudice, social development, and cultural trends. INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS AND GROUP PROCESSES focuses on psychological and structural features of interaction in dyads and groups. Appropriate to this section are papers on the nature and dynamics of interactions and social relationships, including interpersonal attraction, communication, emotion, and relationship development, and on group and organizational processes such as social influence, group decision making and task performance, intergroup relations, and aggression, prosocial behavior and other types of social behavior.

12. What Is A Personality/Social Psychologist?
The Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) group interaction. Although personality psychology has traditionally focused on aspects
What is a Personality/Social Psychologist?
A boy, barely a teenager, sprays his schoolyard with bullets. A black woman and white man become lifelong friends despite living in a town filled with racial conflict and strife. A group of top-level executivesthe best and the brightestblunder into an avoidable decision that bankrupts their company, all because they fail to share crucial information with one another.
What causes people to become murderously violent? Why do some people maintain their racial prejudices throughout their lives whereas others replace their hatreds with tolerance and respect? When do people work best as a group and when are they better off alone? If you find questions such as these intriguing, you should consider a career in personality and/or social psychology.
Topics of Study
How do people come to be who they are? How do people think about, influence, and relate to one another? These are the broad questions that personality and social psychologists strive to answer. By exploring forces within the person (such as traits, attitudes, and goals) as well as forces within the situation (such as social norms and incentives), personality and social psychologists seek to unravel the mysteries of individual and social life in areas as wide-ranging as prejudice, romantic attraction, persuasion, friendship, helping, aggression, conformity, and group interaction. Although personality psychology has traditionally focused on aspects of the individual, and social psychology on aspects of the situation, the two perspectives are tightly interwoven in psychological explanations of human behavior.

13. The Personality Project - Psychological Organizations
European Association of personality psychology (EAPP). The biennial meeting was held in July European Association of personality psychology (EAPP). The biennial meeting was held at

14. Personality Psychology--Syllabus
personality psychology. G. Scott Acton Department of Psychology Northwestern University Personality and personality psychology.
Syllabus for Psychology 260
G. Scott Acton
Department of Psychology

Northwestern University

This course is a survey of theory and research on personality. Topics considered include (a) evaluation of the scientific status of theories such as psychoanalysis; (b) various approaches to the nature / nurture controversy, such as behaviorism, evolutionary psychology, and behavior genetics; and (c) questions regarding the proper number of dimensions of personality and intelligence. Prerequisite: Introduction to Psychology or permission of instructor.
August 31, 1999
Personality psychology: The science of individuality (pp. 1-10). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
September 2, 1999
Personality on the World Wide Web
September 3, 1999
"This Is Me" Paper Due
September 7, 1999
Stevenson, L. (1987). Rival theories. In Seven theories of human nature (2nd ed., pp. 3-12). New York: Oxford University Press. Stevenson, L. (1987). The criticism of theories. In

15. Graduate School Programs - Social / Personality Psychology
Directory of Social and personality psychology graduate and postgraduate school programs, including contact information, program descriptions and links to
Social and Behavioral Sciences
American Psychological Association
American Psychological Society
Social Psychology Network
The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
Graduate School Programs - Masters, Ph.D. Programs Also Available Worldwide: Outside the United States
Distance Learning

Certificate Programs
Or select other related directories here All psychology programs Students: Register to be Recruited with Express News! Graduate School Handbook Financial Aid Information ... Bookstore
Administrators: Add or Update Programs with General Listings Advertise Your Program With Who we are Who advertises on the site ... Who visits the site Contact Us: Give us a Banner Contact Schools E-mail Info ... Employment with EDU, Inc.

16. Online Psychology Tests And Quizzes About Your Personality
Online personality psychology tests learn about yourself with these free, anonymous, and instant quizzes.
Change language: English Deutsch
Find out about your personality! All of the following psychology personality tests are based on true psychology research, meaning that you will find out accurate information about yourself. Results are instant, free, and anonymous!
Are you a Freak?

A psychology test which measures your need-for-uniqueness level.
The Morality Test

Discover what your morals say about your personality! This test examines those aspects of thought and behavior that relate to commonly accepted notions of right and wrong.
Do-Re-Mi's: What Your Music Tastes Say About You

Find out what personality traits you have based upon your musical tastes! This test reveals your music tastes on four different dimensions and explains your personality based on these factors.
Big Five Personality Test

This test measures what many psychologists consider to be the fundamental dimensions of personality.
Are you a blurter or a brooder?
...and how this affects your love life Who is right for you? How does the way you deal with your emotions influence your relationship satisfaction? This test measures a personality characteristic that determines who you relate to most effectively. Find Your Star Wars Twin Based on the Big Five survey, this test tells you which characters from Star Wars you're most like.

17. Find Your Star Wars Twin - More Info On Personality Psychology
find your star wars twin, Further reading on personality psychology http// This site seems to
Further reading on Personality Psychology:
This site seems to be the most central in ACADEMIC personality circles and has a lot of good links, but while they may be of interest to the serious psychology student, they might seem quite dry to the average user. Home page of lab of very well respected researcher - will give you an idea what it is personality researchers do! An online textbook that will give the reader a basic background on personality psychology.
Take it!

Click here
take the test
and find out.

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  • 18. MANY FACES: Chap. 2 Personality Psychology
    personality psychology Havings, Doings, and Beings in Context Brian R. Little Carleton University and Murray Research Center Radcliffe Institute for Advanced
    Chapter 2 Personality Psychology: Havings, Doings, and Beings in Context
    Brian R. Little
    Carleton University and
    Murray Research Center
    Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
    Harvard University
    Introduction: Voices in the Cafeteria
    Imagine that we are listening in on a conversation between three students in the college cafeteria. Their discussion weaves around many topics but the dominant theme is their common project of applying to graduate school in psychology. Speaking animatedly and downing her third cup of coffee, Eve declares that she is only applying to her top three choices and she's looking forward to dragging her boyfriend to Ann Arbor. She suddenly bolts from the group realizing she's late for her stats class. Adam says little, nods often, and is wondering whether he really is grad school material. Besides, his parents want him to go back home after graduation to work in the family business. Nikki isn't really listening at all; she's hung over again, hadn't realized grad application deadlines were coming up, and frankly is fed up with Adam and Eve and the whole human condition. She mumbles something they can't quite hear and heads for the restroom.
    If you are sitting in the adjacent booth in the cafeteria, would you linger a bit, intrigued by the differing styles, contrasting concerns, and singular stories you hear emerging in the snatches of conversation? If so, then you probably have a natural affinity for personality psychology. This chapter surveys the past and present state of personality psychology as a core specialty within psychology and examines how it goes about understanding the lives of the Eves, Adams, and Nikkis of this world.

    19. Department Of Psychology, University At Buffalo, SUNY
    Offers undergraduate, Master's, and PhD programs in psychology. Graduate degrees specialize in clinical, biological, cognitive, and socialpersonality psychology.
    Department of Psychology
    Behavioral Neuroscience

    Clinical Psychology

    Cognitive Psychology

    Social-Personality Psychology
    Park Hall
    Room 206
    Buffalo, NY 14260-4110
    Phone: (716) 645-3650
    Fax: (716) 645-3801
    .. dedicated to increasing the scientific understanding of mind and the behavior of individuals, groups, and social systems...
    Vision Statement
    SITE INDEX Psychological Services Center The Graduate School

    20. Psychological Online Documents - Differential And Personality
    Psychological Online Documents Differential and personality psychology. For citing the documents please follow the proposed standard

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