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  1. Dream Psychology: Psychoanalysis for Beginners by Sigmund Freud, 2007-11-05
  2. A Dictionary of Dream Symbols: With an Introduction to Dream Psychology by Eric Ackroyd, 2005-05-28
  3. Visions in the Night: Jungian and Ancient Dream Inte (Studies in Jungian Psychology By Jungian Analysts) by Joel Covitz, Joel Covita, 2000-06
  4. Jungian Dream Interpretation: A Handbook of Theory and Practice (Studies in Jungian Psychology By Jungian Analysts, 13) by James A. Hall, 1983-09
  5. Dream Dictionary For Dummies (For Dummies (Psychology & Self Help)) by Penney Peirce, 2008-01-15
  6. The Complete Idiot's Guide Dream Dictionary (Complete Idiot's Guide to) by Eve Adamson, Dream Genie, 2007-02-06
  7. Understanding the Dreams You Dream by Ira Milligan, Judy Milligan, 1997-02-01
  8. The Nightmare: The Psychology and Biology of Terrifying Dreams by Ernest Hartmann, 1987-04
  9. It's Your Little Red Wagon... 6 Core Strengths for Navigating Your Path to the Good Life: Embrace the Power of Positive Psychology and Live Your Dreams! by Sharon S. Esonis Ph.D., 2007-11-27
  10. On Dreams by Sigmund Freud, 1990-01
  11. Play, Dreams and Imitation in Childhood (International Library of Psychology) by JEAN PIAGET, 1999-07
  12. Dreams: Exploring The Secrets Of Your Soul (Sacred Psychology Series) by Marilyn C. Barrick, 2001-06-01
  13. Dream Psychology - Psychoanalysis for Beginners - Freud by Sigmund Freud, 2007-09-06
  14. Jung and the Making of Modern Psychology: The Dream of a Science by Sonu Shamdasani, 2004-01-05

1. Dreams Psychology - 174 Of The Best Sites Selected By Humans
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Dreams Psychology
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Association for the Study of Dreams

Learning and Dreaming

Notes From a Dreamer ... on Dreaming
Voice Dialogue Dream Discussion

Aisling Dream Interpretation

All About Dreams and Nightmares
Ask the Dream Doctor Dream Analysis and Interpretation ... Working with Color in Dreams Interpretation Dictionaries Dream Dictionary On Line Dream Iris Dream Weaver Dream-Land ... Spiritwatch (part 2) Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams The Dream Construct The Knowledge Base The Lucid Crossroads ... Tryskelion - Lucid Dreaming Papers 10,000 Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindma... A Hermeneutic and Rhetoric of Dreams Montague Ullman Nightmares and Disorders of Dreaming ... The NovaDreamer Products_and_Services Books Jane Andersons Dream Network Of Dreams The Dream Oracle Ask the Dream Doctor ... Willows Dreamscapes Products_and_Services Software Awake Software Interactive Dreaming Multimedia CD Mythwell Dream Software Spinner Software ... Henry Reed, Creative Spirit Dream Interpreta...

2. Dreams Psychology Social Sciences Science
Products and Services, ? Dream Interpretation Services English Science Social Sciences Psychology Dreams Products and Services Dream Interpreters English Deutsch Espa±ol ... Dreams Dreams : Social Sciences Psychology Dreams: Dream Art
Dream Journals

Dream Sharing

Products and Services

Dream Interpretation Services: English Science Social Sciences Psychology Dreams Products and Services Dream Interpreters
English Science Biology: Neurobiology
English Science Social Sciences Psychology: Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic
English Health Conditions and Diseases: Sleep Disorders
The Dreams Foundation
Social Sciences Psychology Dreams. Resources for understanding nightmares ( The Dreams Foundation ) lucid dreaming, sleep research and disorder treatment, precognitive dreams, and dreamwork. Association for the Study of Dreams Social Sciences Psychology Dreams. A massive site containing essays ( Association for the Study of Dreams ) research papers, and advocacy material on meaning in dreams. The international association provides recommendations regarding ethical issues, lists graduate dream research programs, operates conferences, and publishes both a journal and a magazine. Learning and Dreaming

3. Products And Services Dreams Psychology Social Sciences
DreamGate Psychology Dreams Products and Services. Dream Network Psychology Dreams Products and Services. English Deutsch Espa±ol ... Products and Services Products and Services : Psychology Dreams Products and Services: Books
Dream Interpreters


Workshops and Seminars

Psychology Dreams Products and Services.
DreamGate is a web hosting project which is home to several major dream-related internet services ( DreamGate ) including the Electric Dreams e-zine.
DreamThread: Online Dream Interpretation Service

Psychology Dreams Products and Services.
Commercial dream interpretation services ( DreamThread: Online Dream Interpretation Service ) plus dream-related online shop which includes scented pillows, herbal teas, and "dream spirit" animals. Dream Network Psychology Dreams Products and Services. Home page for the subscription magazine. Presents online placement of subscription orders and lists advertising rates. Offers some articles from previous editions. Dynamo House Psychology Dreams Products and Services. Includes charts ( Dynamo House ) decoders and many other products designed to induce healthy and exciting dreams. Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D.

4. NoodleLinks: Sleep And Dreams: Psychology
Topic Sleep and dreams psychology Submitted by Sarai Tully on October 08th, 2001 Annotated Bibliography. Bower, Bruce. Brains
Topic: Sleep and Dreams: Psychology
Submitted by Sarai Tully on October 08th, 2001
Annotated Bibliography
Bower, Bruce. "Brains in Dreamland." Science News 11 Aug. 2001: 90,91,92. Background on Freud and his theories, Neuroscientists, neuropsychologist, psychologists, historians, and psychoanalysts discuss and debate over the relevance. Carpenter, Siri. "Dreams without Freud." APA Monitor Online Apr. 2001: 1,2,3,4. 8 Oct. 2001 scientific evidence the connects dreaming with chemicals and stimuli in the brain and not unfulfilled wishes. - - -. "Freud's dream theory gets boost from imaging work." APA Monitor Online July 1999: 1,2,3. 1 neurologists and psychiatrists discuss rems, pet, pons region of the brain, and mri techneques in order to futher dream research and imaging and help prove more of Freudian theories. - - -. "How does the brain catch up?" APA Monitor Online Oct. 2001: 1,2,3. 8 Oct. 2001 activity wanes in prefrontal and temporal lobe areas, other brain areas pick up the slack, new reasearch indicates.

5. Dreams Psychology Web Directory
dreams psychology Web Directory. Site à la une XN éditions art contemporain éditions et multiples artistes contemporains. dreams psychology Web Directory.
Dreams Psychology Web Directory
et multiples artistes contemporains
Dreams Psychology Web Directory In Google web directory Top Science Psychology ...
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      Association for the Study of Dreams - A massive site containing essays, research papers, and advocacy material on meaning in dreams. The international association provides recommendations regarding ethical issues, lists graduate dream research programs, operates conferences, and publishes both a journal and a magazine.
      The Dream Tree
      - A resource center which includes opportunities to participate in research (some scientific, some personal), a calendar of events for dreamers, discussion groups, pointers to projects and artwork, and recommendations for enhancing your dreams and ability to recall them.
      The Dreams Foundation
      - Resources for understanding nightmares, lucid dreaming, sleep research and disorder treatment, precognitive dreams, and dreamwork.
      Learning and Dreaming
      - A Science Friday audio discussion on the science of dreaming featuring Robert Stickgold and Matthew Wilson.
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    His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage
    By: Willard F. Harley

    7. ThinkQuest : Library : Sleep From A To Zzz
    Interpretations of dreams psychology Theories of Dreams (1). Freudian Theory of Dreams Sigmund Freud published, The Interpretation

    8. ThinkQuest : Library : Sleep From A To Zzz
    A listing of previous TQ entries specifically on Dreaming can be found at the end of our page on the Interpretations of dreams psychology.

    9. Powell's Books - Used, New, And Out Of Print
    Psychology Dreams There are 544 books in this aisle. Browse the aisle by Title by Author by Price See recently arrived used books in this aisle.
    Rare Books Technical Books Kids' Books eBooks ...
    Progressive Living


    Rare Book Room

    Recovery and Addiction

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    There are 552 books in this aisle.
    Browse the aisle by Title by Author by Price See recently arrived used books in this aisle. Featured Titles in Psychology -Dreams: Page 2 of 21 next New Trade Paper add to wish list Ask the Dream Doctor: An A-Z Guide to Deciphering the Hidden Symbols of Your DreamsWith More Than 160 Actual Dreams and Their Interpretati by Charles Lambert Mcphee Publisher Comments From Airplanes To Weddings, What Do Your Dream Symbols Really Mean? How many times have you awakened from an emotional dream convinced of its significance yet baffled by its practical meaning in your everyday life? In this remarkable book, dream doctor... read more about this title check for other copies Used Trade Paper List Price $13.00 add to wish list Dreaming Your Real Self: A Personal Approach to Dream Interpretation by Joan Mazza Synopsis A dream interpretation book that emphasizes personal, rather than universal, dream symbols....

    10. The Dreams Foundation: Dream Interpretation, Psychology & Research | Dreams & Ni
    dreams Foundation dreams, dream interpretation analysis, alternative medicine dreamwork techniques for healing nightmares, research on sleep and dreams, science and psychology of dreams, lucid
    DREAMS Update:
    Puzzled by an anxiety dream or plagued by recurring dreams? See if your dream theme is on our list of universal common dreams create a more fulfilling ending Dream Books
    Australian DreamTime Adventure
    Fill out the sleep lab dream questionnaire
    Dreams - Do they have Meaning?
    Every person on earth dreams every night – every mammal in fact. It follows then that something extremely important must be going on while we sleep and dream, yet in the industrialized world, the majority of people pay little attention to dreams, and sometimes shortchange themselves on sleep because it is perceived as lost time, or at best unproductive.
    Dreams, in the same way, encompass yet another entire dimension of experience, a world as yet unexplored by most, where a fascinating sphere of activity awaits investigation and possible harvest for greater fulfillment in waking life. The challenge is again the same — common daily experience for the average person offers little proof of this other reality, let alone the possible value of this other dimension of experience, unless one can gain perspective from outside the 9 to 5 work day framework and scientific purely objective system.
    Dream related mental skills such as dream recall or dream interpretation and information on subjects such as the meaning of nightmares or precognitive dreams isn’t taught in our schools, and the majority of our parents knew or passed on little about the value of dreams as we grew up. So it's no big surprise that many adults remember few or no dreams, and even more rarely contemplate or set out to interpret the guidance and mine the jewels of creative inspiration hidden just below the surface of consciousness in dreams. Basically, nobody told us or showed us how dreams can be extremely practical.

    11. Teaching Clinical Psychology - Working (and Playing) With Dreams
    Working (and playing) with dreams. John Suler, Ph.D back to the Teaching Clinical psychology home page
    TCP Home Page Syllabi Class Exercises Longer Projects ... Site Index
    Working (and playing) with Dreams
    John Suler, Ph.D.
    Rider University

    Created June 1995, Revised Feb 1997, June 2003 - Every dream has many layers of meaning. Every object, person, and situation in a dream may have many meanings. So take your time in trying to understand it. Think of your dream as something to EXPLORE. You have to look at it from different angles, walk around in it for awhile, work with it - and then its many meanings will begin to reveal themselves. Try not to give into the pressure to "interpret" a dream. If you put yourself or others on the spot to "tell me what it means" then you are taking the wrong attitude toward working with the dream. It's not a game of Jeopardy or a multiple choice test where there's a right or wrong answer. Working with a dream is more like playing with it - the kind of play that involves creativity, imagination, and a willingness to experiment. It also requires patience!
    Here are some ways to work with a dream: Free association
    Free Writing

    Mental Images

    (tone, color, time, space)

    12. Dream Library - Dreamwork In Psychology
    All about dreams and dreaming dreams and psychology. Psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud Some say that dreams are personal myths and myths are cultural dreams
    (home) (dreamwork) - (psychology) - (science) (postmodern) (paranormal) (literature) ... (subscribe) Dreams and Psychology Psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams was published at the beginning of 1900 and the 20th Century. The book was not initially popular and even among psychoanalysts the techniques were not as well developed as those of transference and defense analysis. Still, the publication marks the re-entry of dreams into mainstream culture after centuries of neglect. It is true that dreams were used by mystics throughout the ages and even studied scientifically by aristocratic gentlemen in the 19th Century, but in general, they had been suppressed as useful or meaningful for nearly a thousand years. Sigmund Freud saw dreams as protecting sleep, and even more, as protecting our deepest desires and fears. By connecting dreams to the operations of the unconscious, he assured their connection to psychology over the next century of development. Jungians and C.G. Jung

    13. MicroGlyphics Redirect
    This intent of this site is to provide a single concise gateway to various resources related to Archetypal (Depth) psychology and its relationship with dreams and myth.

    14. Myths-Dreams-Symbols- The Psychology Of Dreams
    MDS. Science psychology of dreams. Metaphysics of Mind Psyche. Nature/Environment. JUNG Two great minds postulating our understanding of dream psychology.
    pop up description layer
    The Unconscious World of Dream
    A Jungian Perspective
    intuitive gnosis document.write(mytext); MDS Dream
    Dictionary A B C D ...
    The main element or theme in a dream Search Site Directory Here
  • Click Here to Unfold the Unconscious World of Dreams
  • 15. Gnosis, Samael Aun Weor - Centro Gnóstico Anael.
    Offers articles on topics like Gnostic psychology and the Meanings of dreams.
    English Francais Cursos de Gnosis Gratis Escoge un tema Conocernos a sí mismos El Poder del Sexo Significado de los sueños Karma y reencarnación Desdoblamiento astral La Gnosis en la Biblia Reencarnaciones Samael Las profecías del fin Botánica Medicinal La Masturbación Los Anticonceptivos Drogadicción Alcoholismo Tabaquismo El Aborto Vih y sida Ovnis y Extraterrestres Astrología .:El Desdoblamiento Astral. En el sueño nos vemos como en una película, en donde cada uno es el actor principal. En el sueño y con el ALMA en estado inconsciente, sin saber el por qué, podemos viajar a otras ciudades, a otros países, hablar con personas que no conocemos, hablar con las ALMAS de personas que ya murieron, ver cosas que van a suceder, etc. Al despertar, el ALMA penetra nuevamente al cuerpo físico y es posible que la persona traiga ó no el recuerdo de sus sueños. Para saber más al respecto, haz click

    16. Myths-Dreams-Symbols- The Psychology Of Dreams
    dream dictionary, dreams, free dream interpretation, carl jung, joseph campbell, spirituality, comparative religion pop up description layer. Mythsdreams-Symbols. The Unconscious World of Dream
    pop up description layer
    The Unconscious World of Dream
    A Jungian Perspective
    intuitive gnosis document.write(mytext); MDS Dream
    Dictionary A B C D ...
    The main element or theme in a dream Search Site Directory Here
  • Click Here to Unfold the Unconscious World of Dreams
  • 17. Ethics In Dreamwork
    A patchwork of links to pages regarding ethics in psychology with short essays on dream topics. Part of Electric dreams.
    The Cyber-Dream Library Ethics
    in Dreamwork
    Ethical Standards in Dreamwork Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD) Dreamwork Ethics Resources online: Ethics You are the final authority on the meaning of your dreams! The word "dreamworker" here is used to mean anyone who works and plays with dreams. Some dreamworkers are psychotherapists, others are artist who allow dreams to inspire their creations. But most dreamworkers are people who explore dreams to better understand the meaning and value of their lives. I will be drawing on all these uses of the word, though the last is perhaps the most relevant. ASD Dreamwork Ethics Statement ASD Dreamwork Ethics Statement ASD celebrates the many benefits of dreamwork, yet recognizes that there are potential risks. ASD supports an approach to dreamwork and dream sharing that respects the dreamer's dignity and integrity, and which recognizes the dreamer as the decision-maker regarding the significance of the dream. Systems of dreamwork that assign authority or knowledge of the dream's meanings to someone other than the dreamer can be misleading, incorrect, and harmful. Ethical dreamwork helps the dreamer work with his/her own dream images, feelings, and associations, and guides the dreamer to more fully experience, appreciate, and understand the dream. Every dream may have multiple meanings, and different techniques may be reasonably employed to touch these multiple layers of significance.

    18. Dr. Charles T. Tart Home Page And Virtual Library
    Covers consciousness, altered states of consciousness, dreams, Gurdjieff, hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, personal growth, parapsychology, transpersonal psychology, and how to be both a scientific person and a spiritual seeker.
    Dr. Tart has two email lists you can subscribe to, for The Archives of Scientist's Transcendent Experience and notices of general interest about transpersonal and related topics. Click here for more info!
    MIND SCIENCE: Meditation Training for Practical People

    By Charles T. Tart, Ph.D.
    236 pages, Paperback 6" x 9", ISBN 1-93125400-1
    US $18.95 (10% discount).
    To order, click on the Kosmos Bookstore logo.
    You may be interested in the new web site of the online journal TASTE, edited by Dr. Charles T. Tart: TASTE is dedicated to exploring the transcendent experiences of scientists. Dr. Tart would like to thank the many journals and publishers whose kind permissions have made this Virtual Library a possibility. This site is hosted, designed and sponsored by ScienceHorizon Web Media and Palyne Gaenir . If you have questions about this web site, please send email to the Webmaster

    19. Freud The Interpretation Of Dreams, Table Of Contents
    The Interpretation of dreams (3rd edition) by Sigmund Freud. Translated by A. A. Brill (1911) Representation by Symbols in dreams Some Further Typical dreams. F. Some Examples Calculations Affects in dreams. I. Secondary Revision. Chapter VII The psychology of the Dream

    psychology book reviews and links about dreams, eating disorders and chronic pain.
    LILLIE WEISS, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona. As author of a respected professional guide, Dream Analysis in Psychotherapy, and as co-director of the Center for Psychotherapy and Dream Analysis, she has trained therapists to use dreams as an efficient tool for understanding clients' problems and helping to foster change. PRACTICAL DREAMING: AWAKENING THE POWER OF DREAMS IN YOUR LIFE

    "In clear, simple, concise language, this book provides one of the best explanations of how to grasp the meaning of your dreams. Every dreamer should read this book!"
    Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., President, The Association for the Study of Dreams and author of CREATIVE DREAMING OTHER BOOKS BY LILLIE WEISS

    A "how to" book for therapists and alternate book of the month by the Behavioral Science Book Service. GOOD GIRLS DON'T EAT DESSERT: CHANGING YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO FOOD AND SEX
    "This clearly written and carefully researched book... provides practical answers for every woman who is struggling to live in a body that seems constantly out of control."

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