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81. Joe Cocker
if only briefly; there s also tommy Eyre (keyboards is coproducer/boogie-woogie pianistLeon Russell Elton John s early 80 s guitarist Ritchie zito was heavily
Joe Cocker
Reviews on this page: With A Little Help From My Friends joe cocker! Something To Say I Can Stand A Little Rain ... Ray Charles , but he always managed to put his own stamp on the proceedings. Furthermore, he was closely tied in to the late-60's British rock scene, and during that period he brought together a lot of its best elements to produce a few fine records. A note on sidemen: Cocker is most closely associated with Leon Russell in many people's minds, and in fact Russell was largely responsible for Cocker's two biggest records (joe cocker! and Mad Dogs). However, his most loyal collaborator over the years has been keyboardist and occasional songwriter Chris Stainton. Other than that, there's little consistency to Cocker's backing band, which on most records includes a dozen or more performers. There's at least one Joe Cocker fan site . Also, Sony Music maintains a convenient little Joe Cocker discography and has put up a bunch of .wav and .au samples ; and there's also a somewhat incomplete, but more detailed discography that's connected with a big Woodstock site. (JA)
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With A Little Help From My Friends
If you don't really know Cocker, start here -

82. Jazz List Of Musicians From Mississippi
who worked with Monk Hazel, Phil zito, the Junior Arthur Art Hillery This jazzpianist, organist, composer as Count Basie, Benny Goodman, tommy Dorsey, and
Directory of Mississippi Musicians and Music
The Mississippi Writers and Musicians Project
of Starkville High School Jazz

by Jim Brewer, Chairman, Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame Jazz is another unique form of American music that has its roots in the South. Slaves took up playing European type instruments in the early 1800s. These plantation bands led to minstrel, funeral, jug and jook bands. Blues and ragtime styles developed later and were the forerunner of jazz. In the opinion of the great blues artist from Mississippi, B. B. King, "Blues is the same as jazz. Jazz grew out of the blues." And the blues was born in the Mississippi Delta.
Mose John Allison - Born Tippo, Mississippi, on Nov. 11, 1927. He is among the most understated, yet distinctive pianists and vocalists in either jazz or blues. Attended Ole Miss and has a B.A. degree in English and philosophy from Louisiana State. He worked with jazz masters Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan, Al Cohn and Zoot Sims, and has toured much. Recorded over 20 albums including Lessons in Living (1983) and Ever Since The World Ended (1989), both nominated for Grammy Awards. Also a songwriter - the Yardbirds, the Who, Van Morrison and Bonnie Raitt have all drawn upon his I00+ original songs like

83. Louisiana Music Archive: Gone But Not Forgotten, 2002
vocalist worked with the Last Straws Orchestra, Phil zito and his New Orleans pianistwas a longtime member of the original (Thomas Alfred) tommy Yetta (died 08
Louisiana Music Archive and Artist Directory 's guide to New Orleans music and Louisiana music 'Crescent City music and its artists shine brightly here at this spectacularly spicy spot' Gone But Not Forgotten 2002
remembering Louisiana music artists who passed away in the year 2002
Milton Adams (died 07/12/2002; age 83) Cajun accordion player and bandleader (Milton Adams' Midnight Playboys) from Kaplan, LA ( more (Abraham) Abe Areno (died 03/12/2002; age 77) Sulpher, LA native was a member of the Areno Boys bluegrass gospel music group. Billy Babineaux, Sr. (died 05/27/2002; age 55) New Iberia-born musician and songwriter was a longtime resident of Lafayette; he was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2001. Louis Bibbs (died 08/19/2002; age 46) New Orleans-born sax player and music educator resided in Arizona for the last 23 years (see tribute from Muzik Reviewz Joseph "Barro" Boudreaux (died 04/15/2002; age 83) Accordion player from Creole, LA led the Cajun band Barro and the Teardrops from 1972 - 2000. Howard Bowie (died 07/22/2002; age 63)

84. 2003 Results
Vincent M. zito Monroe, CT. who played the grieving patsy the way a concert pianistplayer plays of this story, but not the narrator cause I am (tommy couldn t
San Jose State University
San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192
Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
2003 Results
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Contact: Prof. Scott Rice
Department of English
408/924-4447 (W)
408/227-8159 (H) They had but one last remaining night together, so they embraced each other as tightly as that two-flavor entwined string cheese that is orange and yellowish-white, the orange probably being a bland Cheddar and the white . . . Mozzarella, although it could possibly be Provolone or just plain American, as it really doesn't taste distinctly dissimilar from the orange, yet they would have you believe it does by coloring it differently. Ms. Mariann Simms
Wetumpka, AL The wife of an Air Force retiree, the mother of an eight-year-old daughter and a fifteen-year-old herpetologist son, and the doting owner of an Australian Bearded Dragon, Mariann Simms of Wetumpka, Alabama, is the winner of this year's Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. When not stroking the beard of her Pogona vitticeps , she gardens, cooks, and runs an online interactive humor site, Like Tony Soprano, a native of New Jersey, she has lived in Alabama since her husband was stationed there thirteen years ago. Besides becoming a household name, she will receive the contest's traditional prize, a pittance.

85. Brenda Russell
Yellowjackets bassist Jimmy Haslip and pianist Russell Ferranted She was signed toTommy LiPuma s Horizon Records Paul Stallworth, Carmen Twillie Richie zito.
Brenda Russell Beautiful smooth west coast music .... Paris Rain has garnered stellar reviews and new attention for one of pop music’s most lyrical and creative artists. To celebrate the ongoing success of the album and its creator, Hidden Beach is releasing an enhanced-CD version of Paris Rain, featuring interview segments, artwork, and other exclusive material about the fabulous Brenda Russell. This exquisitely crafted album is an elegant journey of mood, melody, memory, and, of course, some of the most evocative, intelligent lyrics ever set to music. Author of such gems as "Piano In The Dark," "If Only For One Night," and the much-loved anthem "Get Here," Brenda Russell continues to exercise her miraculous powers of inspirational songcraft as well as her richly nuanced voice on the new "Paris Rain," a glorious listening experience that will satisfy the expectations of longtime Russell fans and enchant new listeners. In the year since the album has been released, Brenda has continued to exercise her considerable gifts in a variety of projects. Her co-composition with Brazilian artist Ivan Lins, titled "She Walks This Earth," was recorded by international superstar Sting for the all-star tribute album Love Affair: The Music Of Ivan Lins. Sting’s inspired performance of the uniquely beautiful song earned him a 2000 Grammy Award for best pop male vocal performance. Says Brenda, "My two favorite artists are Sting and Ivan Lins, so it worked out well. A lot of people love that song, and it makes me happy. I had two days to write the lyric! The producer called me and said Sting didn’t have time to do it, and I did it and it was very exciting. I knew it was like a do-or-die situation, either you kick butt right now or just go home, you know?"

86. AOR-EUROPE Archived Reviews - R1
Z Trio consists of a female pianist (Rachel herself The Radioactive project with guitaristTommy Denander now returns very well produced by Richie zito, and the
Archived Reviews: A B C D ... Reviews Index
RACER X: "Superheroes" 8
Mascot Records 2001 Review by Vesa Nuorala, The band is back and sounds really good I might say. The first song sounds just like Judas Priest. Heavy Metal is coming back in a big way with all these "old" bands returning. Paul Gilbert plays like a maniac and Travis bounds the skins like he has never have done before. The playing is fine throughout the record. and it's great to listen good musicians at work. The guys have had some fun doing this record because it shines throughout the record. I've never been a really big fan of this band but right now when it's coming loud in my headphones this sounds great. Some might say that this is too typical but these guys know how to play and that is something that separates them from the rest. There is even some Black Sabbath here (third song). This is a pretty heavy record, so I am not wondering it was given to me to review. [ Ed: it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do're the resident headbanger!] Some songs that stick out here are Superheroes (priest-like), King Of The Monsters (instrumental, this kicks ass big time), Evil Joe (heavy tune with some freaky guitar playing) and there is even some acoustic guitar here in the song called Time Before The Sun. (this must be the necessary "ballad"). The last song is also worth to mention O.H.B. this is song is a really great ending to a great record. I guess the title is short from One Hot Bitch.

87. Welcome To Our Website - Built Using
Leonhart, Chip Jackson, Jon Burr Ronnie zito This is and is set to play gigs withTommy Smith’s opposed to Mingus the bass virtuoso/bandleader/pianist etc.

88. Kim's Christmas Music - CDs
piano by the internets top selling pianist great cd of Christmas favorites, like 1939Tommy Dorsey coming seasoneloquent arrangements of Torrie zito brings a
e-mail me home blog phlog ... contact Merry Christmas!! Downloads Webcams More Here are some wonderful Christmas CDs available at CDBaby VARIED ARTISTS: Christmas
A unique Christmas collection featuring some of the best "CoffeeHouse" artists
Preview and Buy It!

KATIE MCMAHON: Celtic Christmas
The original lead singer from the Riverdance show; her voice has been described by the Irish Times as "poetry, perfection and purity." Her new CD Celtic Christmas is a gorgeous collection of your favorite carols and traditional Irish tunes
Preview and Buy It!

TIM JANIS: Christmas
new age, instrumental, relaxation

89. Jazz Connection Magazine
tommy was a nice person and I later worked Cully, Teddy Napoleon, Nick Travis, FredZito, Eddie Wasserman citizen s center in Chico with a pianist from Paradise Smith Article.htm
Little Boy Blew Trumpeter Richard Smith Played In Big Bands In Addition To Becoming Ag Businessman Ex-big band trumpeter Richard Smith, above, with trumpet at his home in Chico, CA. The New York City native played in well-known bands during the 1940s and '50s, including those of Louis Prima, Raymond Scott, Ted Lewis, and Guy Lombardo. by Stephen Fratallone /Jazz Connection Magazine R etired big band trumpeter and Chico, CA, businessman Richard Smith has always lived by the maxim, "Never be out of work." These words have served him well as a much-in-demand musician in the bands of Louis Prima, Georgie Auld, Raymond Scott, Vincent Lopez, Enoch Light, Ted Lewis, Art Mooney, Tommy Tucker, and Guy Lombardo, among others, in the New York and Chico music scenes, as well as in the business arena. "I always tried to fit in and I played to fit in," said Smith, 76, in a distinctive New York accent during a telephone conversation from his home in Chico. "I adapted my playing where I could play just about any style. That flexibility allowed me to get work wherever I could." And Smith worked as a professional musician at just about every conceivable venue during the1940s and 1950s from noted theaters to posh hotels to ritzy nightclubs and resorts to county fairs to ballrooms that once saturated the length and breath of America to smoky, and at times, seedy, dimly-lit joints.

90. New York Times: February 2003
22/1993, Larry Gelbart 1928, tommy Newsom 1929 A Pitcher Outside the Curve BarryZito s Bible Creative 24, 2003) FILM Polanski s pianist Wins British Film
This web page is dedicated to my Dad, Tsien-Chung Chou (1902-2000),
who read avidly The New York Times Selected Articles from The New York Times
February 2003 (* denotes news of special interest) Friday, Feb. 28, 2003:
On This Day: February 28
(Michel de Montaigne 2/28/1533-9/23/1592, Gabriele Rossetti 2/28/1783-4/24/1854, Sir John Tenniel 2/28/1820-2/25/1914, Geraldine Farrar 2/28/1882-3/11/1967, Ben Hecht 2/28/1894-4/18/1964, Bugsy Siegel 2/28/1906-6/20/1947, Milton Caniff 2/28/1907-4/3/1988, Stephen Spender 2/28/1909-7/16/1995, Vincente Minnelli 2/28/1910-7/25/1986, Denis Parsons Burkitt 2/28/1911-3/23/1993, Zero Mostel 2/28/1915-9/8/1977, Billie Bird 1908, Charles Durning 1923, Svetlana Alliluyeva 1926, Gavin MacLeod 1931, Tommy Tune 1939, Mario Andretti 1940, Bubba Smith 1945, Bernadette Peters 1948, John Turturro 1957, Rae Dawn Chong 1961)
4 U.S. Agents Killed in Texas Shootout With Cult
(By Sam Howe Verhovek, February 28, 1993)
* Linus C. Pauling Dies at 93; Chemist and Voice for Peace

[2/28/1901-8/19/1994] (By RICHARD SEVERO, August 21, 1994)
* Fred Rogers, Host of 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood,' Dies at 74

91. Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter - Rent On DVD At Online DVD Mov
Directed By Joseph zito. Written By Not Available. Young tommy Jarvis isan aficionado of horror films with a special talent for masks and makeup.
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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)
Starring : Crispin Glover Corey Feldman more.. Directed By : Joseph Zito Written By : Not Available Produced By : Not Available Rating : R Genre : Horror Release Date : Run Length : 91 minutes
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Screen Format :
Sound : English (Dolby Digital Mono)
French (Dolby Digital Mono)
Subtitles : None
Other Features:
Movie Synopsis
Jason, Crystal Lake's least popular citizen, returns to wreak further havoc in Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter. After his revival in a hospital morgue, the hockey-masked murderer fixes his vengeful attention on the Jarvis family and a group of hitherto carefree teenagers. Young Tommy Jarvis is an aficionado of horror films with a special talent for masks and make-up. Has the diabolical Jason finally met his match? Actors Crispin Glover Corey Feldman Peter Barton Joan Freeman ... Kimberly Beck Directed By Joseph Zito Written By Produced By
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92. Forum - Recent, New And Upcoming Jazz Releases
Mind Of Bill Evans the Jazz pianist on the OJC 1103/Moodsville) May 11 — with TommyFlanagan, Eddie orchestra with arrangements by Torrie zito John Scofield

93. Tiscali - Search
Translate this page 166.Zimerman, Krystian List of all commercially released recordings by the Polishpianist, news, links, covers. 167.zito, tommy Information, pictures, calendar
Tutto il Web Siti Italiani Web Immagini Video News ... Piano Pianists Agents and... Directories Jazz Biret, Idil ... Yancey, Jim...@ Siti selezionati dalla categoria Pianists
UK Piano duo; brief information only. Aleksander, Adam Polish/Canadian Classical pianist, includes brief biography and contact information. Alonso, Jose Ramon (b.1966) Spanish pianist's personal home page. Alvarez , Carmen Concert pianist born in Uruguay. Includes biography, sound bites, concert reviews, photos, etc. Archontides, P. B. Greek-Australian pianist. Includes biographical information press releases and upcoming events. Argerich, Martha (b.1941) Excerpts from a 1979 interview with Dean Elder; in-print discography; reviews. Aubin, Isabelle Brief information on the Canadian pianist with several links. Austbo, Hakon Homepage of the Norwegian pianist living in the Netherlands. Biography, repertoire, discography and upcoming concerts. Bakker, Johan Dutch pianist brings more than 35 original compositions for solo piano. With audio clips. Bates, Leon

94. BellyUp4Blues :: Whiteboy Slim
like Jazz great Gary Burton, pianist Al Copley

95. BellyUp4Blues :: L.A. Jones & The Blues Messengers
s greatest Blues stars like pianist Pinetop Perkins

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