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81. Calendar
Botany, 4 pm, 1076 Derring Ethics in Biotechnology, by Eric wong, Doris Zallen Performers include violinist david Ehrlich, pianist Teresa Ehrlich
A non-profit publication of the Office of the University Relations of Virginia Tech
Including the Conductor a special section of the Spectrum printed 4 times a year
Virginia Tech Spectrum , January 26, 1995
Thursday, 26 Bloodmobile, , 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Squires Commonwealth Ballroom. Blood Donor Hours, noon-6 p.m., NRV Donor Center. Science Study Center Discussion, 12:30 p.m., 101 Price House: "Restructuring the Electric Utility Industry," by Carl Weinberg, formerly of Pacific Gas and Electric. YMCA Slide Show, Cranwell Center, 12:10 p.m.: "Who Gives Hoot!" by Jerry Via. Financial Aid Workshop, 5:30-6:30 p.m., Litton Reaves 1860. Ecology Program, 7:30 p.m., Hillcrest ground-floor living room: "Walking on Two Legs: Ecology and Spirituality Go Together" by Satish Kumar. Friday, 27 Science Policy Group Discussion, 10 a.m. 101 Price House: "Research and Development in a Regulated Environment," by Carl Weinberg, American Wind Power Association. Rebecca Orr Memorial Benefit Concert, 8 p.m., Squires Recital Hall: Performances by David Ehrlich, Teresa Ehrlich, Mary Louise Hallauer, Jill Coggiola, Caryl Conger, Clarity James, Lynne Mackey, and others.

82. WHAT'S NEW - In JULY 2003!
but conductor Kent Nagano and his pianist wife are david KIM RECEIVES AWARDS david L. Kim, director of Martha wong RHouston, the only Asian-American member of
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March 2003

April 2003
... December 2000 SPECIAL FEATURES Tia Carrere Margaret Cho Church of Rhythm Hiroshima ... HOME SECTIONS Featured Actors Featured Actresses Featured Directors Featured Musicians ... JULY 2003 NEWS As we enter July 2003, the Asian/Asian Pacific American (US Asians) communities and the world continues to seek a ways to live together in an environment that provides freedom for the human spirit. From the volatile Middle East, to the ever-evolving scenarios throughout Asia, the multiple efforts of defining the EU's (European Union) vision, the hidden troubles in Africa and the tumultous changes in South America - we truely live in "interesting times" filled with complexities that has its birth in times that existed many years ago. As the Asian/Asian Pacific American communities' struggle to have their voices heard exist in these "interesting times" - the importance of acquiring an in-depth perspective of our historical heritages and its legacy becomes even greater. As stated in a well-known axiom - "If one doesn't know one's history, one is doomed to repeat its mistakes."

83. University Update Datebook
Music faculty/pianist Findlay Cockrell UCAA Women’s Studies present Happy Together, a film by wong Karwai Lecture by david Eng to follow at 730 pm For more
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March 28, Thursday

How to Start and Maintain Healthy Eating

Noon - 1 p.m., Page Hall, Downtown Campus. You will learn how to change negative thought patterns and eating behaviors to lose weight! For more information, call 442-5483 or visit our Web site at April 2, Tuesday
Tuesday Policy Luncheon

12:15 p.m., Rudolf Room, Husted Hall, Downtown Campus. Dr. Robert Worden, School of Criminal Justice, University at Albany, will be the guest speaker. His topic will be “Citizen Oversight of the Police.” For more information, call 442-5244. Department of Chemistry - IXth Kuivila Lecture
4 p.m., PAC, Recital Hall. Dr. Peter J. Stang of the University of Utah will present the Kuivila Lecture, “Nanoscale Molecular Architecture: Design and Self-Assembly of Metallacyclic Polygons and Polyhedra via Coordination.” For more information, call 442-4400. French Studies Program Film Series
7:30 p.m., HU B39.

84. New York Post Online Edition: Entertainment
Haunted Cop Shop (1987), an actioner written by wong. a tribute to legendary jazz pianist Fats Waller Young Adam, from British director david Mackenzie, and
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Prince of the City
New York's
Big Chill
The Rhythm of Latin New York
Every Tuesday Search Archives Contact UsNew Jobs OpenNewsCorp Sites ... Reprints WONG DAY'S JOURNEY
By V.A. MUSETTO Michele Reis in "Fallen Angels," unreeling at BAM Rose Cinemas.
Email Archives Print Reprint May 16, 2004 ONE of the hottest flicks at Cannes is Wong Kar-wai's first venture into sci-fi. Closer to home, the sunglass-wearing Hong Kong hipster is getting a complete (except for "2046") retro at BAM Rose Cinemas in Brooklyn. A good introduction to the director's work is "Fallen Angels" (1995), the story of a hit man (Leon Lai) lured by two women - his agent (Michele Reis) and an orange-haired punkette named Baby (Karen Mok). The funniest scenes involve a mute ex-con who breaks into stores that have been shut for the night and forces people to shop there. On a more serious note, there's "In the Mood for Love" (2000), Wong's most popular film to date.

85. David Ben-Zvi: Movies
Frantic; Death and the Maiden; Bitter Moon; The Ninth Gate; The pianist. Complete Movies (or very close) wong KarWai In Cruelty *. david Mamet
Here's a list of all movies I've seen in the last few years. Here's a selected list of films I've seen - first the directors and some stars I've seen the most of, then the directors I've seen practically every movie of, then a listing of foreign films by country and some English-language directors. A "*" stands for more than one viewing of a movie (not necessarily a recommendation!), and "**" stands for extreme multiplicities (at least 4 viewings). By categories: Hong Kong Japan France Italy ... English language directors , and some other nationalities Here's a list of movies I'm still missing from the IMDB Top 250 of all time poll.
** Films (seen 4 or more times):
  • Ashes of Time
  • Tampopo
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Sleeper
  • Annie Hall
  • North by Northwest
  • Legend of Fong Sai Yuk
  • New Legend of Shaolin
  • Tai Chi Master
  • Seven Samurai
  • Yojimbo
  • Les Enfants du Paradis
  • Amadeus
  • The Princess Bride
  • Star Wars
  • Empire Strikes Back
  • Casablanca
  • It's a Wonderful Life
Most Viewed:
Woody Allen:
  • Take the money and run
  • What's up tigerlily? *
  • Bananas *
  • Sleeper **
  • Love and Death *
  • Everything you always wanted to know.. *

86. Robert's Hard To Find Videos
Joy (Italian 1987 - Daria Nicolodi david Brandon - directed SECAM, Physical Weapon (Hong Kong - letterboxed - Anthony wong) $66.66. VHS, pianist, THE $37.58.

87. National Film Music Award Winners
Vous 2002 WOJCIECH KILAR for The pianist 2001 YANN MOTZING for Young Einstein 1985 david SKINNER for GARCIA for Fallen Angels 1994 JAMES wong for Butterfly
National Award Winners
The Awards of the French Motion Picture Academy
BENOÎT CHAREST for Belleville Rendez-Vous
WOJCIECH KILAR for The Pianist
BRUNO COULAIS for Himalaya
TONY GATLIF for Gadjo Dilo
BRUNO COULAIS for Microcosmos
ZBIGNIEW PREISNER for Three Colours: Red
KHALED BARKAT for Un Deux Trois Soleil GABRIEL YARED for L'Amant JORDI SAVALL for Tous Les Matins Du Monde JEAN-CLAUDE PETIT for Cyrano de Bergerac OSWALD D'ANDREA for La Vie et Rien d'Autre ERIC SERRA for The Big Blue MICHEL PORTAL for Champ d'Honneur HERBIE HANCOCK for Round Midnight ASTOR PIAZZOLLA for Tangos l'Exil de Gardel MICHEL PORTAL for Les Cavaliers de l'Orage VLADIMIR COSMA for Le Bal MICHEL PORTAL for Le Retour de Martin Guerre VLADIMIR COSMA for Diva GEORGES DELERUE for The Last Metro GEORGES DELERUE for L'Amour en Fuite GEORGES DELERUE for Get Out Your Handkerchiefs MIKLÓS RÓZSA for Providence PHILIPPE SARDE for Barocco FRANÇOIS DE ROUBAIX for Le Vieux Fusil
The Awards of the Italian Motion Picture Academy
ANDREA GUERRA for La Finestra di Fronte FABIO VACCHI for Il Mestiere Delle Armi NICOLA PIOVANI for The Son's Room ENNIO MORRICONE for Canone Inverso ENNIO MORRICONE for The Legend of 1900 NINO D'ANGELO for Tano da Morire PAOLO CONTE for La Freccia Azzurra MANUEL DE SICA for Celluloide FRANCO PIERSANTI for Lamerica NICOLA PIOVANI for Dear Diary ENNIO MORRICONE for Jona Che Visse Nella Balena

ll give workshops, perform, go into the community, wong says, excited When you re a solo pianist, you end up spending david Pledge didn t have nearly as far to
Three faces of fine arts on campus today
by Kim Anderson Kendra Bayer, who received her Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture last May, came to UM almost by accident. Visiting a museum in hometown Indianapolis with her parents, Bayer discovered a piece by Missoula artist Nancy Erickson. Bayer pursued the lead and found herself at UM's sculpture program. "This has just been an incredible place for me to work," she says. "The program is wonderful, especially if you're self-motivated. I like the fact that it's small, and if you choose to get a lot of attention, you can." During Bayer's years in Missoula, her figurative bronze and aluminum pieces grew bigger and started to tell a story largely influenced by her art therapy work with Alzheimer's patients. Many of the pieces feature perambulators, baby bottles, dressmakers' forms of the female torsostrong images of motherhood and childhood. "My thesis show was titled 'Know Who You Are,' which came directly from my work with Alzheimer's patients," Bayer says. "Often the things that remained clearest for them were their childhood and their early parenthood. Holding a doll would trigger a powerful connection. That led me to look more closely at who we really are." When Jee Kiat Wong transferred to UM in 1992 from Malaysia, he was an undergraduate majoring in radio and television. Now he's pursuing a master's degree in music.

89. Concert Series 2003-2004
Symphony as well as duo recitals with pianist Rieko Aizawa. with Gerard Jarry in Paris and david Cerone of Lydia wong piano One of Canada s most sought after
Concert Series
Concert Series
how to get there
I Profundi, Piano Quartet
The first concert of the 2003-2004 season
Roman Borys - cello
Erika Raum - violin
Scott St. John - viola
Lydia Wong - piano
Friday, October 17, 2003
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Program: Mozart : Piano Quartet in G- K.478 Allegro Andante Rondo(Allegro Moderato) Kelly-Marie Murphy : Four Degress of Freedom Intermission Schumann : Piano Quartet in Eb Op.87 Sostenuto assai-Allegro ma non troppo Scherzo(Molto vivace) Andante cantabile Finale(Vivace) I Profundi -a musical entity which gathers appropriate musicians together for the performance of both familiar and unfamiliar works of chamber music. A program is chosen because the works need to be played and because they complement each other. The musicians are also mutually complementary and come together to bring the music to life. Roman Borys - Cellist Cellist Roman Borys is one of Canada's most active chamber musicians. A founding member of the Gryphon Trio, one of North America's finest piano trios, Roman Borys also performs regularly with the Toronto String Quartet as well as with numerous festival ensembles. The Gryphon Trio tours regularly throughout Canada, the United States and Europe and has recently recorded its third CD for the Analekta label. The Gryphon Trio is currently an ensemble-in-residence both at the Music TORONTO chamber music series as well as at the University of Toronto. As a result of the Gryphon Trio's interest in the creation and commissioning of new works, Roman now dedicates some of his time to producing Gryphon Trio collaborative works as well as larger music projects. Current projects include a new work for piano trio and narrator by composer Omar Daniel and 2001 Giller nominee, writer Michael Redhill, as well as the multimedia work Constantinople, which is set to tour internationally in the 2002-2003 season. Last spring Roman produced events in major centres across Canada for the Department of Canadian Heritage. Hosted by Heritage Minister Sheila Copps, theTomorrow Starts Today events highlighted Canada's cultural diversity as well as its young artistic talent.

90. Notable
Mark de (JapaneseAnglo New Zealander?) pianist Corwin, Lola Amerian) filmmaker (Girlfight) Kwan, Michael david (Chinese-Swiss The World of Suzy wong) Lam, Wi(l
Highlighted names go to official homepages.
Amuro, Namie (Japanese-Italian) singer ( Love Enhanced Aoki, Brenda Wong (Japanese-Chinese-Spanish-Scots) performance artist ( First Voice Aoki, Devon Edwenna (Japanese/German-English) model (father is Rocky Aoki, former Olympic wrestler and owner of the Benihana) Anaida (Greek-Persian) singer ( Chori chori Nazuk nazuk Anderson, Erika Surat (Indian-Danish) filmmaker ( None of the Above, Turbans Anwar, Joni (Scottish-Indonesian) singer, actor Arai, Lucy (Japanese-American) artist Ashley, Brooke (American-Korean) adult film star (first porn star diagnosed with HIV) Baker, Brandon (English-German-Spanish-Filipino) actor ( One World Bald, Vivek Renjen (Indian-Australian) filmmaker ( Taxi-Vala/Auto-biography Barkin, Ellen (Mongolian-American) actress ( The Big Easy Beaumont, Beverly (Filipina/Irish-Spanish) model Becker, Samantha Marie (Filipina-Native American-Spanish) actress ( A Pig's Tail Behrman, Liz (Chinese-?) model Berenyi, Miki (Hungarian-Japanese) musician ( Lush Berssenbrugge, Mei-mei (Chinese-?) poet (

91. August 2003 Preview: Nairn Jazz Festival Highlights
Reed’s three appearances in the festival provides a showcase for the pianist in a classic trio setting, with his own rhythm team of david wong (bass) and

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August 2003

Nairn Jazz Festival Highlights
Ann Davidson Exhibition

Runrig's 30th Anniversary

Blazin' Fiddles on Tour
Innovation and Creativity in Shetland Schools ... August 2003 Nairn Jazz Festival Highlights August 2003 Preview: Nairn Jazz Festival Highlights
KENNY MATHIESON selects five outstanding events from the Nairn Jazz Festival programme.
Jesse Davis KEN PEPLOWSKI QUARTET with JESSE DAVIS Conference Centre, Newton Hotel Sunday 3 August, 8pm American clarinettist and saxophonist Ken Peplowski is a Nairn regular, but is joined in this concert by a newcomer to the festival, alto saxophonist Jesse Davis. That promises to be an intoxicating combination, spurred on by an excellent rhythm section featuring Ben Aronov (piano), Dave Green (bass) and Steve Brown (drums). Peplowski also leads his quartet at the Knockomie Hotel, Forres (Monday 4 August, 1pm), and links up the Jay Leonhart Trio at Brodie Countryfare (Monday 4 August, 8pm). JAMIE CULLUM TRIO Conference Centre, Newton Hotel

92. Welcome To The Best Of New Orleans! Film Listings 02 11 03
R) david Ellis takes over for James wong in directing in Australia in this romp from david McNally (Coyote 16, AMC Palace 20, Chalmette THE pianist (R) A
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25TH HOUR (R) A Spike Lee's subtlest and most effective film since Clockers is the story of a convicted drug dealer (Edward Norton) on the last day before he goes to prison for seven years. (Barton) Canal Place ABOUT SCHMIDT (R) A Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor's offbeat drama is the story of a widower (Jack Nicholson) who struggles to decide whether he should dissuade his daughter (Hope Davis) from marrying her boyfriend (Dermot Mulroney). (Barton) Canal Place, AMC Palace 20
ADAPTATION (R) A Director Spike Jonze and writer Charlie Kaufman ( Being John Malkovich ), have done it again with this story of a blocked screenwriter (Nicolas Cage) trying to adapt The Orchid Thief , a nonfiction bestseller by Susan Orlean (Meryl Streep) about a renegade Florida botanist (Chris Cooper). (Barton) Canal Place
ANTWONE FISHER (PG-13) Denzel Washington makes his directing debut and co-stars in the fact-based story of a troubled sailor who eventually becomes a Hollywood screenwriter.

93. Performers
My Favorite Performers. david wong I saw one of his concerts and he was fabulous. There were about 800 people in the audience who went wild after his encore. If you haven't heard of him already, he
var PUpage="76001070"; var PUprop="geocities"; My Favorite Performers
David Wong
- I saw one of his concerts and he was fabulous. There were about 800 people in the audience who went wild after his encore. If you haven't heard of him already, he is an extremely famous pianist . In addition to being such a good musician, he is also sexy, so check out the pictures Christian Lindberg - quite possibly the world's only solo trombonist. He doesn't play with any symphony orchestra, he tours as a soloist. He is an amazing player and has earned the trombone so much respect by showing that we are capable of everything the other more popular solo instruments are. He also has more cd's out than any other trombonist. Joshua Bell - A very talented musician indeed and unquestionably one of the best artists around. Gil Shaham - another violinist. I got to see him perform the Sibelius violin concerto with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra when he toured. He is my favorite violinist and that is my favorite violin concerto. It was wonderful.

94. Copyright 2004 J. David Goldin
The Lux Radio Theatre. Copyright 2004 J. david Goldin. These are all the examples of this program in the GOLDINdex database. These listings are accurate as of May 4, 2004. chorus), Hubert Head (chorus), david Knight (chorus), Tudor Williams commercial spokesman), Barbara Jean wong (commercial spokesman), Frank Woodruff Lux Radio Theatre

95. Music Faculty At Penn
He appears as pianist on recordings for CRI, New World, Crystal, and the Her music has been performed by Gilbert Kalish, Scott Kluksdahl, david Starobin, the
Faculty Click on a program heading or individual name to jump to biographies of the faculty members. You may also scroll down the page for a complete set of biographies. Composition James Primosch , Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies Jay Reise , Robert Weiss Professor of Music Anna Weesner , Assistant Professor History of Music Lawrence F. Bernstein , Karen and Gary Rose Term Professor of Music Emma Dillon , Assistant Professor Jeffrey Kallberg , Professor and Chair of the Department of Music Guthrie Ramsey , Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Gary Tomlinson , Annenberg Professor in the Humanities Carol A. Muller , Associate Professor Theory of Music Mark J. Butler , Assistant Professor
Cristle Collins Judd
, Associate Professor Eugene Narmour , Edmund J. Kahn Distinguished Professor of Music Anthropology of Music Carol A. Muller , Associate Professor Timothy Rommen , Assistant Professor Gary Tomlinson , Annenberg Professor in the Humanities Jeffrey Kallberg , Professor and Chair of the Department of Music Emeritus Professors Thomas H. Connolly, Ph.D, Harvard University, 1973.

96. OFFOFFOFF Film Top10 TOP 10 FILMS OF 2003 (Top Ten Movies Of 2003. Ten Best Film
By david N. BUTTERWORTH The principals, who also include Sophie Okonedo as a hooker, Benedict wong as a morgue attendant, and Sergi López as a
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    Top 10 films of 2003
    By DAVID N. BUTTERWORTH Whether MPAA President Jack "Boom Boom" Valenti's year-end critics screener ban precipitated a reverse backlash or not, 2003 was nevertheless the year in which the independents won big over the majors. With the exception of Pixar's delightful "Finding Nemo", virtually every movie on my Ten Best list was one that eschewed big budgets, major stars, and/or predictable storylines ("Nemo" was a familiar fantasy but beautifully told). Four of the ten films were documentaries and that, in and of itself, is telling (and who knows how my list might have looked had I also seen "Spellbound", "My Architect", and Errol Morris's excellently received "The Fog of War"). Here, therefore, in alphabetical order are those films I considered to be the Best of the Year, along with a few you should definitely cross the street to avoid.
  • 97. Yoon Jae Lee - Conductor And Pianist
    Yoon Jae Lee is a student conductor and pianist. He is currently studying at The Mannes College of Music. See all his cool stuff in his home page!
    Yoon Jae Lee
    Yoon Jae Lee was born in New York in 1978. When he was five, he began his musical studies on the violin. At age ten, he enrolled at the Manhattan School of Music Preparatory Division where he studied piano, violin, viola, composition, and conducting. Wishing to pursue a career in music, Mr. Lee attended The Mannes College of Music where he earned his Bachelor of Music in orchestral conducting and piano. During this time he was a prize winner in the 1997 Five Towns Music and Arts Foundation Piano Competition and was one of six candidates chosen to participate in a conducting masterclass with Kurt Masur. Upon graduating from Mannes, Mr. Lee decided to concentrate on a conducting career. He went abroad in Austria to study at the University Mozarteum Salzburg for two years. Mr. Lee’s principal conducting teachers include Michael Charry, Samuel Wong, David Hayes, Dennis Russell Davies, and Jorge Rotter. He served as assistant conductor for the New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra, the ISO Symphony Orchestra of New York, and the Salzburg Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra. As guest conductor, Mr. Lee has conducted the Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg and the Bruckner Orchester Linz.

    98. Playbill News: William Roy, Songwriter And Pianist Who Collaborated With Julie W
    1970, he was a respected pianist and trusted
    June 4, 2004 Home Club Offers

    Join Club
    ... Printer-friendly William Roy, Songwriter and Pianist Who Collaborated With Julie Wilson, Dead at 75 By Kenneth Jones
    04 Sep 2003
    William Roy.
    William Roy, the songwriter, conductor and pianist known as a trusted accompanist to cabaret star Julie Wilson, died Sept. 2 in West Palm Beach, FL, of respiratory failure following a series of small strokes, according to friends and colleagues. Mr. Roy, known to pals as Billy Roy, was 75 years old and had moved to Florida in 1996. As a songwriter, he penned the score to the Broadway musical Maggie, starring Keith Andes, Betty Paul and James Broderick, in 1953, and contributed songs to the revue, New Faces of 1962. His work was heard in nightclubs in New York City, including Julius Monk's revues at the famed Upstairs at the Downstairs in the 1950s. "The Four Seasons at the Seagram" was among the songs Mr. Roy wrote (with lyricist Louis Botto, a longtime Playbill editor). The song was a satire of a man who attended the Four Seasons restaurant and fell into the pool there, only to be extracted the following spring. Typical of other topical songs by the duo was "After Burton, Who?" (about Liz Taylor). He thrived in the era when writers could seemingly launch a career by having their songs in a nightclub show. Mr. Roy wrote with many collaborators over the years, and penned several musicals that played outside of New York.

    99. BGEA: Oral History Project - Collection 141
    Billy Graham Center Archives. BGEA Oral History Project Collection 141. Note What follows is a description of the documents in this collection which are available for use at BGC Archives in Wheaton, Illinois, USA.
    Billy Graham Center Archives
    BGEA: Oral History Project - Collection 141
    [Note: What follows is a description of the documents in this collection which are available for use at BGC Archives in Wheaton, Illinois, USA. The actual documents are not, in most cases, available online, only this description of them. Nor are they available for sale or rent. Some or all of this collection can be borrowed through interlibrary loan
    Table of Contents
    Brief Description of This Collection
    Title Page and Restrictions

    General Historical Background of Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

    Historical Background
    Alphabetical Index to Tapes

    Lists of Audio Tapes, Books, Films, Negatives, Pamphlets, Phonograph Records, Photographs, and Slides in This Collection (Location Records)
    Audio Tapes



    List of the Contents of Boxes of Paper Records in This Collection (Container List)
    Brief Description. Oral history tapes and transcripts of over 1,000 persons who had some involvement with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), Billy Graham, or an international or regional congress on evangelism. Interviews include information on a wide variety of other evangelistic endeavors as well. Interviews, in most cases one per individual, were conducted by the BGEA. Transcripts are available for all interviews. The collection also contains office files relating to the search by the BGEA among crusade workers, etc., for materials documenting Graham's career. There are restrictions on the use of this collection; use of the collection requires the written permission of the BGEA representative.

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