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61. Department Of Dance | SondDance
Mexico by such artists as Mel wong, Ze eva A versatile collaborative artist, david is the Senior Composition from UCLA, an accomplished pianistimproviser, a

More on Enrollment Facilities Bios BIOS Rhythmic Training for Dancers , CD-ROM, An Interactive Guide to Music for Dancers
HCFA dance home news ... search/site map

62. WSO Begins Season Spiced With Variety -
concert included a performance by Moscowborn pianist Maxim Philippov Dzialowski, Darlene Hommer, Linda Dzialowski, Lauren Dzialowski, david wong, Michael wong
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Pgh. Tribune-Review

Valley News Dispatch

Daily Courier
Photo Gallery click to enlarge WSO begins season spiced with variety: Kypros Markou with Sande and Rick Hendricks John Swoger/For The Tribune-Review click to enlarge Fashion show benefits Jeannette hospital foundation: Dr. Kevin Wong and his daughter Erica John Swoger/For The Tribune-Review click to enlarge Benefit golf outing Sean Stipp/Tribune-Review Tools Print this article E-mail this article Subscribe to this paper Larger Smaller Text By Dawn Law TRIBUNE-REVIEW Monday, October 13, 2003 Kypros Markou, Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra's music director, said on Saturday that listening to classical music could be compared to driving a car.

63. »»Indie Holiday Music Reviews««
My mother was a great pianist, and hearing david s interpretation evokes a lot must get Christmas CD. A Holiday with david wong delivers all the main Christmas
Indie Holiday Music Reviews
Related Subjects:
More Pages: Indie Holiday Page 1 Music reviews for "Indie Holiday" sorted by average review score: Roman Holiday Released in Audio CD by The Orchard (15 April, 2000) Amazon base price:
Used price:
Buy one from zShops for: Artist:
Jeff Reid Tracks:
  • In Time Better Days In Your Eyes Million Violins Roman Holiday In the Garden Here Brother Fear of Fire
Average review score: A.W.E. some! Jeff Reid is an inspiration! Thoughtful, intelligent lyrical compositions maintain perfection throughout his CD "Roman Holiday". Having also had the pleasure of seeing Jeff perform all his cuts in person I am more than honored to agree with all other reviews listed and then some! Jeff maintains a professionalism and a definate signature with his style as a musician and a writer that opens the heart, mind and soul of the listener. He is a storyteller of prolific proportions and runs amok with pure ambiance of the BEST in writers and performers. "Time", "Roman Holiday" and "Brother" are unmistakably rich with insight and warmth in spirit as he glides through the acoustic riffs with keeping the music interesting in mind. A MUST BUY for the serious singer/songwriter lover! A Must Buy . . .

64. Ivory Classics 5th Anniversary CD
orchestra that feature Grammy Award winning pianist Earl Wild Schein, Shura Cherkassky, Ralph Votapek, david Korevaar and 10year-old prodigy, Albert wong.
Ivory Classics 5th Anniversary CD
Ivory Classics 5th Anniversary CD

(1) Turina -Rapsodia sinfonica Op.66 (Earl Wild) Massimo, Freccia,Conductor, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 6:34
(2) Chopin - Mazurka in A minor Op 17, No. 4 (Dame Moura Lympany)3:49
(3) Ravel - Toccata from 'Le Tomeau de Couperin' (Ralph Votapek)3:48
(4) Liszt - Etudes d'Execution Transcendante No. 5 'Feux Follets' (Ruth Slenczynska)3:43
(5) Chopin - Waltz Op. 64 No. 3 (Ruth Slenczynska)2:42
(6) Faure Barcarolle No. 6 in E-flat Op. 70 (David Korevaar)3:22
(7) Faure Barcarolle No. 8 in D-flat Op. 96 (David Korevaar)3:07
Mozart - Sonata in C Major, K,54S (Ann Schein)
(8) 1st Mvt. - Allegro 2:58 (9) 2nd Mvt. - Andante 4:30 (10) 3rd Mvt. - Rondo, Allegretto 1:22 (11) Mendelssohn - Song without Words in A minor Op. 38, No. 5 (Shura Cherkassky)2:26 (12) Ravel - Menuet from Le Tombeau de Couperin' (Nadia Reisenberg)4:01 (13) Prokofiev - Prelude in C Op. 12 (Nadia Reisenberg)1:53 (14) Hummel - Rondo in E Flat (Albert Wong)4:27 (15) Paderewski - Fantaise Polonaise Op. 19 (Earl Wild) Arthur Fiedler, Conductor, London Symphony Orchestra 19:10

65. Artist Detail
including those by Jang, LA based pianist Glenn Horiuchi Rollins and the contemporary master, david Murray. critic Philip Elwood has named wong among the

66. MovieGoods - Search For "Michelle Yeoh"
Richard Gere is an accomplished pianist. Royal Warriors (1986) CAST Michelle Yeoh, Henry Sanada, Michael wong; DIRECTED BY david Chung Looking for a Yeoh&mgaid=NMNL1200

67. Honolulu Star-Bulletin Features
16 weeks, including his farewell concert with pianist Stanislav Ioudenitch in July. According to news reports, since wong took over from david Atherton, the
Monday, October 7, 2002
Isle maestro to leave
Hong Kong post
By Tim Ryan
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra music director Samuel Wong, who is also music director of the Honolulu Symphony, will step down from his post next July at the end of his three-year contract. A native of Hong Kong, Wong joined the Hong Kong orchestra as music director in September 2000. During the 2002-03 season, Wong will conduct the orchestra for another 16 weeks, including his farewell concert with pianist Stanislav Ioudenitch in July. According to news reports, since Wong took over from David Atherton, the orchestra has been mired in controversy over his leadership. Musical America, a weekly newspaper covering drama, music and the arts, said philharmonic spokesman Paul Tam declined to give a reason for Wong's departure, saying it was the result of private negotiations between the general committee of the orchestra and Wong. The South China Morning Post reported that 15 musicians have been sacked and 19 have resigned from the 89-member ensemble since Wong was appointed; many players complained about Wong's management style and the orchestra's falling musical standards. Among those who left were three section principals viola, flute and oboe and two assistant principals cello and oboe. Wong and the orchestra administration have attributed the turnover to changes as the orchestra grew in stature.

68. POSITIF Magazine (France)
IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (wong KarWei MOTHER S SMILE (Marco Bellocchio); THE pianist (Roman Polanski CONDUCT (Bertrand Tavernier); SPIDER (david Cronenberg); SPIRITED
POSITIF magazine (France) Positif , the great rival to Cahiers du Cinema , doesn't actually compile "official" Top Tens. Instead, each issue has a "Bloc Notes" section written by one of the magazine's critics, and including - in the final issue of each year - that critic's Films of the Year. Since 1981, all end-of-the-year lists have been compiled by Michel Ciment , the best-known of the Positif critics, except for 1982 when the "Bloc Notes" section - and therefore the annual list - was written by Isabelle Jordan . The older 1965 list is also by M. Ciment. Thanks to the indefatigable Steve Erickson Lists are in alphabetical order.
  • BLACK PETER (Milos Forman) DESNA (Yuliya Solntseva) A HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA (Alexander Mackendrick) KING AND COUNTRY (Joseph Losey) KISS ME STUPID (Billy Wilder) LORD JIM (Richard Brooks) THE MOMENT OF TRUTH (Francesco Rosi) SANDRA (Luchino Visconti) WINTER LIGHT (Ingmar Bergman) THE AVIATOR'S WIFE (Eric Rohmer) EXCALIBUR (John Boorman) FRANCISCA (Manoel de Oliveira) GARDE A VUE (Claude Miller) HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (Jerry Schatzberg) POPEYE (Robert Altman) RAGING BULL (Martin Scorsese) STALKER (Andrei Tarkovsky) THREE BROTHERS (Francesco Rosi) TRAGEDY OF A RIDICULOUS MAN (Bernardo Bertolucci) ALEXANDER THE GREAT (Theo Angelopoulos) CUTTER'S WAY (Ivan Passer) THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S WOMAN (Karel Reisz) IDENTIFICATION OF A WOMAN (Michelangelo Antonioni) LES JEUX DE LA COMTESSE DOLINGEN DE GRATZ (Catherine Binet) A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S SEX COMEDY (Woody Allen)

69. Artists Of SFAAJ2001
Ra, Archie Shepp, Tatsu Aoki, Jon Jang, and Francis wong. Kroll (keys), Ted Strong (percussion) and david Yamasaki (guitar is a Bay Area jazz pianist/composer.
October 3-7, 2001 Yoko Noge w/ Tatsu Aoki, Francis Wong, and Jimmy Biala Yoko Noge loves the thrill of reacquainting 1990's audiences with timeless jazz and blues from the past. She plays thundering boogie-woogies piano lines as well as deft glissandos, and she can sing with the practiced timing of a classic blues singer or with the husky sexuality of a heartbreaking chanteuse. Playing many of Yoko's compositions, with vocals in Japanese and English, the band revitalizes classic blues and mainstream jazz with its blend of Osaka and Chicago cultures. Azumi
Azumi is a very original Japanese Blues singer, guitar player, and composer. Blues giants such as John Lee Hooker, Lightning Hopkins, and Howling Wolf influenced his foot stomping style and sharp guitar lines. He tours 200 days a year with his guitar and a notebook to draw MANGA (Japanese cartoons). His concerts and recordings have been reviewed and highly praised by many Japanese music publications. He is currently working on a CD of Japanese traditional songs. Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra
The Asian American Orchestra was founded in 1997 while Dr. Anthony Brown served as Director of Big Bands Behind Barbed Wire, a federally funded multimedia national educational program about the Japanese American internment experience of World War II. The twelve member intercultural ensemble's Far East Suite CD, a reinterpretation of the Duke Ellington Orchestra's classic 1966 recording, received a Grammy nomination in 2000 for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Performance.

70. ReAct: The Repertory Actors Theatre, History - 1995 The Importance Of Being Earn
Designer Set Design Properties Light Board Operator House Technician pianist Rehearsal Stage Mitch McGowan Rick wong Kathy Cory david Hsieh Mitch
Seattle's Multi-ethnic Philanthropic Theatre Company
The Importance of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde
Original One-Act Adaptation by David Hsieh - Theatre Off Jackson
Production Team ReAct Thanks Press Coverage ... Photo Gallery
Take a look @ the Encore Presentation of The Importance of Being Earnest The Cast
(in order of appearances)
Lane, a servant
Algernon Moncrieff
John Worthing, J.P.
Lady Augusta Bracknell
Gwendolen Fairfax
Miss Prism, a governess
Cecily Cardew Reverend Chasuble, D.D. Merriman, a butler Alisa Cray T.J. Langley John Bianchi Leslie Jean Warner Caroline Leigh Blakeslee Lisa Marie Nakamura Emily Jo Testa Gordon Hendrickson Don P. Bradshaw

71. ReAct: The Repertory Actors Theatre, History - 2003 The Joy Luck Club
in a scene from ReAct s The Joy Luck Club Photo Rick wong. Directed by david Hsieh. Operator Lightboard Operator Fight Choreographer Running Crew pianist Set
Seattle's Multi-ethnic Philanthropic Theatre Company
The Joy Luck Club By Amy Tan
Adapted by David Hsieh Based on the novel by Amy Tan
January 9-February 15, 2003 Langston Hughes Theatre
Production Team ReAct Thanks Press Coverage ... Photo Gallery
The Joy Luck Club Merchandise including Books, Videos and Posters
are currently available through the ReAct Shop! The Cast
(in order of appearances) Kathy Hsieh
Shirley Oliver

Lindo Jong
Meg Tapucol-Provo
An-mei Hsu
Maydene Pang Ying Ying St. Clair and Ensemble Katie Tupper Masumi Hayashi-Smith Young Jing-mei, Wu Daughter #3 and Ensemble Allen Go Canning Woo and Wu Tsing Herb Tsuchiya Old Chong and Chinatown Shopkeeper Ulric Dihle Audience Boy, Chess Opponent, Ted Jordan and Ensemble

72. NZ Listener | Talk To The Hand By Peter Shaw
Before it, English pianist Peter Donohoe triumphantly traversed that old but never failing warhorse Tchaikovsky s Concerto in by Helene wong by david Eggleton,
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Site by: Select a site... NZ Herald Classifieds MyTown UBD Wises Guardian Weekly
August 9-15 2003 Vol 189 No 3300 Winner, Best Book Pages, 2003 Montana Book Awards Michael Houston Arts
Talk to the hand
by Peter Shaw
It was a clever and logical idea for the Auckland Philharmonia to schedule its current series of four piano-concerto-based concerts around the 150th anniversary of the company that makes Steinway pianos. These sleek black instruments have long dominated the stages of the world's concert halls. Most first-rate artists have one or more in their homes. Those of us with more humble Broadwoods or Brinsmeads can only enviously touch the keys of a Steinway in shops where the price tag rivals that of a Mercedes.
This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Russian composer Sergey Prokofiev. He had the misfortune to die on March 5, 1953, about an hour before Stalin; his death went unannounced during the protracted period of mourning for the Russian leader. Prokofiev's funeral the following day was small, and attended only by close friends. Four years later the state made amends by posthumously awarding Prokofiev the Lenin Prize.
It remains to be seen where and how Stalin's anniversary will be commemorated in 2003. However, orchestras throughout the world are programming performances of works by Prokofiev. Many of them include works less frequently heard than his tuneful First (Classical) and Seventh symphonies, the third piano concerto and, of course, the wonderful Romeo and Juliet ballet score recently performed by the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

73. Staff
of German UNSW) Amy Moran (pianist, diplomat) Patrick Sach (administrator USYD and composer) david Salter (ABC Robert Wooding (historian) Richard wong (engineer
Department Staff
Alumni Composers Musicologists ... Conductors
Department of Music
Professor Allan Marett
PhD Camb BA Well MA Lond
Chair of Musicology
Head of Department
PH: 9351 3428
Professor Anne Boyd AM, DPhil York BA
Chair of Music
PH: 9351 6947

Dr Linda Barwick BA PhD Flin Senior Research Fellow Director of PARADISEC Dr Aaron Corn Australian Post-Doctoral Fellow PH: 9351 7339 Professor Richard Charteris BA, MA, PhD, FAHA, FRHistS, ATCL Professor in Historical Musicology and Senior Research Fellow Assoc Professor Winsome Evans OAM BEM, BMus LTCL Performance Convenor and Director of The Renaissance Players PH: 9351 3616 Dr Charles Fairchild BA Ill, MA York Tor, PhD NY Buffalo Popular Music and Ethnomusicology PH: 9036 5224 Dr Matthew Hindson BMus MMus Melb PhD Composition and Media Technology PH: 9351 2889

74. The Salt Lake Tribune -- Coming Up: Music
and cellist Colin Carr joined forces with pianist Yael Weiss in 2001, after the death of david Golub, the Guest recitalist pianist Jerry wong of the
February 29, 2004 document.write(Banner("area=slt.arts.position0/adsize=banner1",468,60)) Quick Search
Features Film Finder Columnists - Kirby - Television ... Privacy Policy Coming Up: Music
Compiled by Catherine Reese Newton
Family matters: The American Mothers of Utah will present a free interfaith service examining "The Effect of Music on the Family" tonight at 7 in the Logan LDS Tabernacle. The Logan LDS Institute New Horizons Choir will sing; speakers include Pastor Kevin Skidmore of Logan Church of Christ, Utah Mother of the Year 2003 Brenda Anthony and Utah Young Mother Representative 2003 Sheri Egbert.
Folk Vespers: First Unitarian Church's Folk Vespers series continues tonight at 7:30 with Steve Keen, performing traditional Celtic, Klezmer and Scandinavian music, with special guest Kate MacLeod. Admission is free, but donations are encouraged.
Live from Amsterdam: The Osiris Piano Trio of Amsterdam performs Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the Eccles Conference Center at Utah State University, Logan. Pianist Ellen Corver, violinist Peter Brunt and cellist Larissa Groeneveld will perform works of Hummel, Bloch, Frank Martin and Dvorak. Tickets are $15; $5 with student ID.


75. David Ben-Zvi: Movies
Maiden; Bitter Moon; The Ninth Gate; The pianist. Complete Movies (or very close) wong KarWai In The Man Who Wasn t There. david Mamet House
Here's a list of all movies I've seen in the last few years. Here's a selected list of films I've seen - first the directors and some stars I've seen the most of, then the directors I've seen practically every movie of, then a listing of foreign films by country and some English-language directors. A "*" stands for more than one viewing of a movie (not necessarily a recommendation!), and "**" stands for extreme multiplicities (at least 4 viewings). By categories: Hong Kong Japan France Italy ... English language directors , and some other nationalities Here's a list of movies I'm still missing from the IMDB Top 250 of all time poll.
** Films (seen 4 or more times):
  • Ashes of Time
  • Tampopo
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Sleeper
  • Annie Hall
  • North by Northwest
  • Legend of Fong Sai Yuk
  • New Legend of Shaolin
  • Tai Chi Master
  • Seven Samurai
  • Yojimbo
  • Les Enfants du Paradis
  • Amadeus
  • The Princess Bride
  • Star Wars
  • Empire Strikes Back
  • Casablanca
  • It's a Wonderful Life
Most Viewed:
Woody Allen:
  • Take the money and run
  • What's up tigerlily? *
  • Bananas *
  • Sleeper **
  • Love and Death *
  • Everything you always wanted to know.. *

76. The Asian Improv
pianist Jon Jang and Francis wong founded this label recording, a sextet date that features david Murray on Francis wong s first recording, the Great Wall of
The Asian Improv:
Adventures in Cross Cultural Synthesis
Jon Jang and his Pan Asian Arkestra, courtesy of In Motion Magazine
by Dave Kaufman (August 1998)
Eastern music has had a considerable impact on the evolution of jazz since the 1950's. However, jazz musicians have only begun to explore the immensely rich variety of musical styles originating from the Asian continent. Some of the freshest, most innovative, and compelling sounds have emerged from a movement known as the Asian Improv. This movement consists of a growing number of (mostly) Asian American artists such as Jon Jang, Francis Wong, Glenn Horiuchi, Mark Izu, Miya Masaoka, Fred Ho, Jeff Song, Jason Kao Hwang, and Vijay Iyer . African American artists such as Anthony Brown and James Newton have also played an instrumental role in the evolution of this art form. Asian Improv music is not reflected in any one style, but in a strikingly diverse body of work that draws on a range of traditional classical and folk musics from countries such as China, Japan, India, Korea, and the Philippines. These artists all share a profound appreciation of the jazz tradition from Ellington to Mingus to the contemporary vanguard. This music is not borne out of hybridity, facile East-meets-West fusion or any conscious mixing of styles but of a more organic deeply rooted understanding of the jazz idiom as well as the music of their ancestry. The Asian Improv movement is also a product of a growing political consciousness and activism in the Asian artistic (and broader) community. Many of these artists are first generation American-born and have experienced a sense of marginalization and exclusion from the American mainstream and music industry. Although they may not have experienced the overt racism and institutional discrimination to the extent that their parents have, the culture of division and intolerance of difference has informed their lives and their art. This sentiment is eloquently expressed in the following quote by pianist Vijay Iyer, from the liner notes to his excellent CD

77. Top Twenty Of The '00s
Monsters, Inc (2001) Pete Docter/david Silverman 18. The pianist (2002) Roman Polanski 19 Aoyama) 8.Chunhyang (Im KwonTaek) 9.In the Mood for Love (wong Kar-Wai

78. Frontiers Newsmagazine
honorees are Dr. Betty Berzon, BD wong, david Roman, and Brown, Lauren Maddison, Joel Perry, david M. Pierce own sheet music, and they ll provide the pianist.§ion=65&id=1

79. Vancouver Recital Society | Press | Press Releases
cello), renowned countertenor david Daniels, as Distinguished pianist Stephen Kovacevich also performs on Gloria wong, the VRS s General Manager, explained
February 28, 2000
Telephone: (604) 839.8186

2000/2001 Recital Season Leila Getz, C.M., Artistic Director and founder of the Vancouver Recital Society, has announced the Vancouver Recital Society's 2000/2001 Recital Season. Up-and-coming musicians are featured alongside established artists and classical music superstars in fourteen great concerts. For over twenty years, the Vancouver Recital Society has had unprecedented success in presenting musicians who have that magical ability to transport their listeners to another place. Combining a rich history of discovering young artists on the brink of international stardom with a track record of attracting the classical music world's most influential superstars, the VRS has established one of the world's great recital series. VRS AND CHAN CENTRE PRESENT NEW SERIES Joining Getz at the announcement was Michael Noon

80. The ABC's Of The A-List
World Bank, and Elaine Wolfensohn • Sara Wolfensohn, pianist • Yeni wong, chair, Riverdale International Holding, and Glenn Golonka • Rep. david Wu (DOre
Related The ABC's of the A-List
How People Wind Up With an Invitation to the White House

Chinese Premiere Zhu Rongji, left, and President Clinton greet cellist Yo Yo Ma as he arrives for the April 9 dinner.
By Roxanne Roberts
and David Montgomery
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, April 14, 1999; Page C1
Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji and President Clinton stood in the receiving line, pumping hands and beaming as they greeted guests at last week's official White House dinner. The men and women were dressed to the nines and looked very pleased to be there. But how did these folks get invited to this shindig? Good question. Even some of the guests aren't sure. "I got this invitation two weeks ago, and I have yet to find out why," said Ya-Yue J. Van, president of Molecular Kinetics. "I'm just a small businesswoman from the state of Washington." "I don't know," admitted D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a guest at Thursday's dinner who last attended a function like this during the Carter administration. "They don't send out a little card of explanation." Yeni Wong, who developed the corner of Seventh and H streets NW in the heart of Washington's Chinatown, last saw the president when the First Family dropped by her Golden Palace restaurant at Christmastime.

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