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2. Instruments - Pianists Top Links
Ousset, C©cile French pianist page with biography, discography, repertoire and reviews and repertoire of the Russian pianist. rumessen, vardo - Repertoire, reviews, biography of
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Biret, Idil

Brendel, Alfred

Sgouros, Dimitris

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Pianists Web Site Links Argerich, Martha (b.1941) Excerpts from a 1979 interview with Dean Elder; in-print discography; reviews.
Rubinstein, Arthur (1887-1982)
International Music Society Page, includes these biographical notes by Harold C. Shoenberg. Reichert, Aviram Born in Israel, includes biography, contact information and MP3 clips. Saracino, Siro Curriculum, concerts, repertoire. Kolacny, Steven and Stijn (1969, 1975) Piano duo. Includes biography, RealAudio samples, calendar, contact information, picture gallery and press releases. Ousset, C©cile French pianist page with biography, discography, repertoire and reviews. Klein, Andreas German pianist; studied at Julliard School; biography, audio clips, reviews, concerts, photos. Grimaud, Helene

3. Red Carpet, Silence, And Crime
Rubert de Ventos xavier (Philosopher, Esp) 350. rumessen vardo (MP, Estonia Shehu Bashkim(Writer, Albania) 382. Sherman Russel (pianist, USA) 383. Shukriu Edi (Poet, Kosovo
Red Carpet, Silence, and Crime
Europe is preparing to welcome Vladimir Putin in Paris, despite the fact that the war in Chechnya continues, dirty and cruel. Every day, young Russian soldiers die, but twenty times more Chechens die, primarily women and children. Winter is again returning, adding to the sense of hopelessness and despair of the defiant population condemned to drift in its ravaged capital, annihilated towns and mined lands, deprived of all the necessities of life, exposed to bombardments, random shootings, tortures and mass executions. As in Kosovo half the population has fled to camps (in neighboring Ingushetia) where nothing has been prepared for another winter. Putin will explain with great pleasure that the Russian army is doing what it must and that Europe must support its crusade against "international terrorism." We fear that, except for a few critical whispers that will soon be forgotten, the silence of our representatives will only strengthen Putin in his murderous determination. We are afraid that short term calculations will lead to the barter of the martyrdom of a whole nation for the triumph of the great petroleum deal that Mr Prodi is negotiating: will gas in exchange for blood be the last word of European civilization?

4. Untitled
Tubin Suite on Estonian Dances for violin and piano Arvo Leibur, violin; vardo rumessen, piano Bis 541 CD Alexander Tcherepnin Chant Op 52 Martha Braden, pianist Newport 85521 CD
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June 4, 2004
6/27/03 Friday
Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt: Morning (Mood) Op 46/1 Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra /Neeme Jarvi DeutGramop 439513 CD Eduard Tubin: Suite on Estonian Dances for violin and piano Arvo Leibur, violin; Vardo Rumessen, piano Bis 541 CD Henry Cowell: Hymn and Fuguing Tune No. 10 for oboe and strings Manhattan Chamber Orchestra /Richard Auldon Clark; Bert Lucarelli, oboe KOCH Intl. 7282 CD Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerto for Oboe d'amore, str in A BWV 1055 Moscow Virtuosi /Vladimir Spivakov; Alexei Utkin, oboe RCA/BMG 61582 CD Aaron Copland: The Red Pony - Suite Dallas Symphony Orchestra /Andrew Litton Delos 3221 CD Anonymous Pre-Baroque: Otodik Tancz 17th C Hungarian Dance Clemencic Consort /Rene Clemencic Harm Mundi 1901003 CD Gioacchino Rossini: Woodwind Quartet No. 6 in F Sonata a Quattro Ensemble Wien-Berlin CBS/Sony 52524 CD Pablo de Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra /James Levine; Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin DeutGramop 437544 CD Georges Bizet: CARMEN: Toreador song: Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre London Philharmonic Orchestra /Sir Georg Solti; Jose Van Dam, baritone LondonDecc 458118 CD

5. NPR
14, 1999. pianist vardo rumessen (VAHRdoh ROO-mes-sen) and violinist Arvo Liebur (LEE-boor) perform Meditation Tubin (TOO-bin). We'll hear rumessen play more music by Tubin later


7. Pro Piano : NY, SF, LA ----------piano Rental, Sales, Moving, Tuning, CDs
EDWARD ALDWELL ( pianist) ADAM ALEKSANDER ( pianist) SERGEI BABAYAN pianist) vardo rumessen ( pianist) KATIA SKANAVI
Pro Piano Management

500 Words Each on the Artists

8. Pro Piano : NY, SF, LA ----------piano Rental, Sales, Moving, Tuning, CDs
EDWARD ALDWELL ( pianist) ADAM ALEKSANDER ( pianist) SERGEI BABAYAN CHITOSE OKASHIRO ( pianist) vardo rumessen ( pianist) KATIA SKANAVI
Pro Piano Artists

500 Words Each on the Artists

9. Glasperlenspiel Archives
pm Pärnu Concert Hall SUNSET WITH RAKHMANINOV vardo rumessenvardo rumessen (piano)An Estonia, autumn 1953 composer René Eespere, pianist and music producer
ARCHIVES A Joint Project of Eesti Kontsert and ERP
Ever since then Pärnu Town Hall and churches of the town have acted as concert venues for many world famous artists and ensembles (Australian Chamber Orchestra, European Union Baroque Orchestra, Roy Goodman, Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra, Christoph Eschenbach, Netherlands Chamber Choir, Musica Petopolitana, Ensemble Metropolis Project, Absolute Ensemble, Tokyo Philharmonic Choir, Gidon Kremer, Olli Mustonen, Gilbert Kaplan, Kristjan Järvi) as well as leading musicians of Estonia (Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Estonian National Male Choir RAM, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Early Music Consort "Hortus Musicus", Eri Klas, Andres Mustonen, Tõnu Kaljuste).

From July 22 to Aug 24, 2003
Wed, July 23 at 8 pm Kanuti Guild, Tallinn
Vardo Rumessen Vardo Rumessen (piano)
Tue, July 29 at 8 pm St Nicholas Church

10. Estonian Preludes
is a pianist of very considerable stature and Tubin is fortunate in having so commandingand sensitive an advocate. (Gramophone, UK); vardo rumessen, himself an
Prelude in E flat minor. Lento (1908) Prelude in C sharp minor. Lento (1911) Prelude. Poetico, con delizio (1911) Prelude. Precipitamente (1911) Prelude in E flat major. Precipitamente, feroce (1915, in memoriam of A Scriabin) Prelude in A minor. Grave e largamente (1913) Prelude in F major. Allegretto piacevole (1913) Prelude in F major. Allegro e leggiero (1916) Prelude in F major. Poco allegretto (191..) Prelude in C minor. Andante sostenuto (191..) Prelude in B major. Andante moderato (1920) Prelude in D minor. Con moto (1921) Prelude in C major. Soave (1921) Prelude in G minor. Tempestoso (1921) Prelude in D major. Allegro vivace (1921) Prelude in B minor. Moderato con anima (1921) Prelude in E flat major. Fiero (1921) Prelude in A flat major. Allegro (1921-1922) Prelude in B flat major. Sfrenatamente (1921-1922) Prelude in B flat minor. Lento (1921-1928) Prelude in E major. Allegro (1921-1928) Prelude in B major. Languido (1923) Prelude in B major Allegretto (1918-1927, in memoriam of C Debussy) Prelude in B major. Vivace (1907)

11. First International Tubin Festival, Tallinn
the Festival organiser, the pianist, musicologist and politician vardo rumessen, and the 1935 Piano cellist brother Teet and the pianist Alexander Markovitch in a programme that
First International Tubin Festival, Tallinn

By Martin Anderson
Tempo magazine Performances of Eduard Tubin's music happen far less often even in Estonia than his status as the country's most important symphonist would suggest. So the First International Tubin Festival, entitled 'Eduard Tubin and his Time,' broke musical ground not simply by exposing a number of Tubin works in concentrated concert but also by placing them in the context of his contemporaries, some of them even less familiar figures than Tubin himself. The Festival took place over an extended period (4-14 June 2001), which meant that I could go only for the second half and therefore missed several works I would like to have heard, not least the Scriabinesque Preludes for piano by Tubin's teacher, Heino Eller (1887-1970), played by the Festival organiser, the pianist, musicologist and politician Vardo Rumessen, and the 1935 Piano Quintet by Eduard Oja, another of the short-lived composers who populated Estonian music history so
prominently (Oja died in 1950, at the age of 45); I also missed an account of Tubin's

12. Vardo Rumessen Toetada Tuleb Seda Kultuuri, Mis Ennast ära Ei
vardo rumessen on see mees, kelle töötluses sai Eestis esimest korda Rudolf Agaüks noor pianist, kes möödunud aastal käis Rahmaninovi muuseumis Ivanovkas

the spiritus rector of the festival, vardo rumessen, on 17 November 1979, during the last the Gothenburg Symphony and vardo rumessen - pianist, music writer and politician - had
Third Symphony , on a bonus-CD in the coming October issue of BBCMusic Magazine . And this autumn, Paavo will make his first appearance on disc with his Cincinnati Symphony with the Fifth Symphony. So Tubin surely belongs to the world.
preparing for his piano recital, he was doing his duty as a member of parliament, running from crisis to crisis, from discussions and nightly decisions on political matters of destiny to the more trivial matters of the festival. Not only from duty, but from a deep personal interest, the Swedish ambassador in Estonia, Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier, has in a model way honoured both of Tubin's home countries by assuming the role of the official protector of the festival, as well as introductory speaker. The Chinese violinist Xiang Gao kissed the score of Tubin's first violin concerto, written during the German occupation of Estonia. It was a touching gesture of affection, but not really necessary, since every note from his bright instrument, so rich in overtones, was a declaration of love. If he is; for young musicians he's very, very hot!

14. Nädal - Loe, Mida Vaatad
asju ” Telefonijutt raamatu autoriga Tere, härra Urmas Ott, õnnitlen raamatupuhul, pianist vardo rumessen kõlab teie esituses tõepäraselt, sarmikalt.


Meie sõbrad

Tele2 Kaabel TV


DVD 2002

> Kõik artiklid > MinuTV > Filmiekspert > Kino > Video > Filmistaar > Nädala film > Nädala video Saada sõbrale Prindi Vardo Rumessen Urmas Oti seades Tekst: Marvi Taggo Telefonijutt raamatu autoriga Tere, härra Urmas Ott, õnnitlen raamatu puhul, pianist Vardo Rumessen kõlab teie esituses tõepäraselt, sarmikalt. Ei jõudnud veel, aga ma loen seda nagu piiblit, näpp vahel, ja on huvitav, intrigeerib lugema. Lisa Kommentaar Loe kommentaare (0) Nimi: E-mail: Teema: Komment: Vali oma lemmik! Lihtne tellimine ! Küsi Nädalalt! NÄDALA FILM "Jääaeg tuleb tagasi!" “Godzilla” ja “Iseseisvuspäeva” looja, sakslase Roland Emmerichi katastroofifilm “Päev pärast homset” näitab, mis võib juhtuda, kui planeet Maa meie peale ühel hetkel lõplikult vihastab. Emmerichi kontol pole just palju pisikese eelarvega valminud inimsuhtedraamasid. Meest tõmbab ikka ja jälle suurlinnade hävitamise poole. Just tema lavastatud “Iseseisvuspäevas” lasid tulnukad pihuks ja põrmuks Valge maja, Empire State Buildingi ning kõik teised tähtsad maamärgid. “Godzillas” märatses New Yorgi tänavatel aga hiigelsisalik. NÄDALA VIDEO "Ükskord Ameerikas" "Ma arvan, et olen päris hea, aga mu lemmik on Leone. Tema on mind kõige rohkem mõjutanud,” on öelnud uue põlvkonna üks populaarsemaid filmitegijaid Quentin Tarantino. Eelmise sajandi ühe tipprežissööri Sergio Leone viimaseks jäänud film “Ükskord Ameerikas” on monumentaalne gangsteridraama. Itaalia päritolu filmimees on valinud tegelasteks USA juudi kogukonna, kuid ta tunneb ennast koduselt ka võõras kultuuriruumis.

15. Nädal - Loe, Mida Vaatad
raamat. pianist, poliitik ja muusikateadlane vardo rumessen oli Pärnutuntud autoomanik ja kihutaja veel enne koolipõlve. Kui


Meie sõbrad

Tele2 Kaabel TV


DVD 2002

> Kõik artiklid > MinuTV > Filmiekspert > Kino > Video > Filmistaar > Nädala film > Nädala video Saada sõbrale Prindi Vardo Rumessen Urmas Oti lõksus Tekst: Marvi Taggo Kui Estonia valges saalis 50kroonist esitleti, ütles Ülo Krigul, et otse vaadates on rahatähel Tobias, keerad lapiti - Rumessen. Rudolf Tobiase loomingu jõulise propageerija Vardo Rumesseni 60 .sünnipäevaks ilmub Urmas Oti ja Priit Kuuse raamat. Rääkisid, et kohtute Otiga vahel Kadriorus. Kas seal tekkis kiirraamatu kirjutamise idee ja miks ta just sinu valis? Mina käin õhtuti Kadriorus jalutamas ja Ott käib vahel jooksmas, aga seda ta mulle küll ei põhjendanud, miks raamatut kirjutama hakkab. See tuli alles siis välja, kui nad Sirje Endrega olid asja paika pannud ja juba Järviga rääkinud. Sirje siis teatas mulle nende kavatsusest. Ütlesin, et sellega on aega. Priit Kuusk arvas ka, et nii kiiresti ei jõua, aga nemad tahtsid raamatu ikka 8. augustiks valmis saada. Ega ma teagi, mismoodi Ott seda teeb. Juttu on olnud, et see tuleb hinnanguline, mitte kuiv leksikon. Kuidas teil töö kulges?

16. Estonia-Wide Web: Entertainment/Music/Composers, Musicians
28 Kaisa Roose Conductor. http// - english -24.10.2002 vardo rumessen pianist and musician. http//,_musicians/welcome.html
S e a r c h E s t o n i a Search from EWW Directory:
All Entertainment Entertainment/Music
D i r e c t o r y
Entertainment Music / Composers, musicians
Taissia Filippova
Pianist. - english - 29.02.2000 - backlinks: 36
Estonian Flute Association
Info about Estonian flute events, association's regulations, members, advertisements. - estonian
John Hammink
A writer, musician, linguist, teacher. - english
Estonian Music Information Centre
Information about Estonian composers and their works. - english - 06.10.1999 - backlinks: 56
Neeme Järvi
Conductor. - estonian/english
Tajo Kadajas
Estonian songwriter and singer. Page contains audio samples and pictures. - estonian/english
Tõnis Kaumann
Composer. Biography, creations (in MP3 format), working tools. - estonian - 07.05.2000 - backlinks: 31
Maarja Kivi
Singer of the band Vanilla Ninja. -

17. Eesti Muusikafestivalid
young violinist Sigrid Kuulmann, also the Estonian National Male Choir and the RudolfTobias String Quartet, vardo rumessen as pianist, conductors Neeme Järvi

May 28 - Juny 12, 2004 Dedicated to the greatest Estonian symphonist Eduard Tubin (1905 – 1982), the Festival was founded in 1990 by pianist and musicologist Vardo Rumessen. Well-known conductor Neeme Järvi, also first recorder of all Tubin’s symphonies, has worked next to him all along the festivals. Tubin’s works unfold at the Festival in the panorama of Estonian and world composers of his time. Of great importance is the fact that the music of Tubin and other Estonian authors is performed here by renowned foreign artists as well, who take this music with them further into the world. The Music Days are followed by a scientific conference and new publications about Tubin. The Festival is organised by the International Eduard Tubin Society (founded in 2000) in collaboration with Eesti Kontsert and the Artistic Director is Vardo Rumessen , head of the Tubin Society The patron of the Festival is the Swedish Ambassador in Estonia, H.E. Mrs. Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier.

18. Eesti Muusikafestivalid
Eesti Kontsert ja Rahvusvaheline Eduard Tubina Ühing, kunstiline juht on vardo rumessen. jaGintaras Rinkevicius, viiuldaja Xiang Gao, pianist Peter Jablonski

F estivalid Juhatus Kontakt L ingid Rahvusvaheline muusikafestival
"Tubin ja tema aeg"
28 mai - 12. juuni, 2004 Eesti suurimale sümfonistile Eduard Tubinale (1905-1982) pühendatud mälestusfestivali algatas 1990. a. Vardo Rumessen, tema kõrval on festivali ees olnud ka dirigent Neeme Järvi; ühtlasi on mõlemad kõigil neil osalenud. Festivalil avaneb Tubina looming tema kaasaegsete eesti ja maailmaheliloojate panoraamis. Tähtis on, et Tubina ja ka muud eesti muusikat esitavad siin välismaa nimekad kunstnikud, viies seda edasi maailma. Muusikapäevi saadavad teaduskonverents ja uued väljaanded Tubinast. Festivali korraldavad Eesti Kontsert ja Rahvusvaheline Eduard Tubina Ühing, kunstiline juht on Vardo Rumessen . Festivali patroon on Rootsi suursaadik Eestis, H. E. Mrs. Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier. Tänavu pakub festival 16 kontserti Tallinnas, Tartus, Narvas, Viljandis ja Pärnus. Lisaks ligi paarikümnele eesti muusikule on tuntumad väliskunstnikud dirigendid Leon Botstein ja Gintaras Rinkevicius, viiuldaja Xiang Gao, pianist Peter Jablonski. Külas on Leedu Riiklik Sümfooniaorkester, Peterburi Maria Teatri solistid, lõppkontserdil kõlab R. Tobiase oratoorium „Joonase lähetamine“.
Suur-Karja 23, 15076 Tallinn, ESTONIA · Phone +372 6715 702 ·

19. Estonian Violin Music [RB]: Classical Reviews- March 2002 MusicWeb(UK)
We are in safe but inspired hands in any project associated withthe pianist vardo rumessen. rumessen, having already, recorded
Classical Editor: Rob Barnett Founder Len Mullenger:
MusicWeb Internet
powered by FreeFind
Through the Night
Eugen KAPP

Im Mondschein
Abendlied Die Kiefern
Eduard OJA Aelita's Suite Eduard TUBIN Meditation (1938) Capriccio No. 1 (1937 rev 1971) (b.1922) Vesper (1990) Der Spiegel im Spiegel (1978) Urmas Vulp (violin) Vardo Rumessen (piano) Rec Sept-Oct 1996, House of the Blackheads, Tallinn, Estonia ERES CD08 BUY NOW Crotchet AmazonUK AmazonUS We are in safe but inspired hands in any project associated with the pianist Vardo Rumessen. Rumessen, having already, recorded the complete piano music of Tubin and Tobias now turns to a varied recital of 20th century Estonians. Some of these pieces, as we shall see, are securely and benevolently harnessed to the nineteenth century. Urmas Vulp is a name less familiar or if you will, even more unfamiliar. He graduated from Tallinn in 1977 and then studied in Moscow. In 1984 he founded the Tallinn String Quartet and is its leader. The 'speaking voice' of his violin has humanity and a quick pulse. Rest assured he avoids the excesses of Sarbu or Belkin though he does not achieve the tonal purity of say Viktoria Mullova or Cho-Liang Lin.

20. ELLER Preludes For Piano: Classical CD Reviews- Jan 2001 MusicWeb(UK)
The pianist is also active as a publisher having personally published Estonian musicby Saar, Tobias, Kapp I am grateful to vardo rumessen for pointing out that
Classical Editor: Rob Barnett Music Webmaster Len Mullenger:
Complete Preludes for piano (1910-1937)
Vardo Rumessen (piano)
rec 3-4 Nov 1997, Lefrak Concert Hall, New York
Vardo Rumessen is something of a hero amongst those fascinated by Estonian concert music. He gave the US premiere of Tubin's Piano Concertino in 1993 and has also performed, in concert, works by Tobias and Tubin. BIS have his 3CD set of the complete piano music of Eduard Tubin in their catalogue. Rumessen knows the Eller Preludes from the inside. This is no exclusive recording project for him. His belief in the music suffuses his playing and he draws on deep wells of warmth as well as potency of technique. He performed the Preludes in concert in 1987 and it is also worth noting that he has given concert recitals of the complete Tubin piano music and piano pieces by Saar (1982) and the complete fifteen Etudes-Tableaux of Rachmaninov (1980). Given his approach to the Eller I suspect that his performance of the Rachmaninov cycle would be a force to reckon with if only a recording existed. The pianist is also active as a publisher having personally published Estonian music by Saar, Tobias, Kapp, Oja and Eller. Rumessen it was who realised Rudolf Tobias's oratorio

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