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41. Maurizio Pollini Edition Insights
victory and the ensuing concerts and recordings have shown, this pianist is one MaurizioPollini was born in Milan in 1942 into a culturally active family his

42. Maurizio Pollini Edition Insights
What specially commended Schnabel to pollini, however – over above these technicaland The pianist Balint Vazsonyi has written that nowadays “in the place

43. Beethoven Sonates Met Pollini En PluScore
21 in C op 53 Waldstein maurizio pollini, piano DG 435 472-2 (CD-Pluscore). verschijntde partituur in beeld en geeft een streep exact aan waar de pianist is
Beethovensonates met Pollini en PluScore
Armand van Ommeren
Pianosonates: Nr. 11 in B, op.22 - Nr. 12 in As, op. 26 - Nr. 21 in C op 53 "Waldstein"
Maurizio Pollini, piano - DG 435 472-2 (CD-Pluscore) KLANK
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44. RONDO - Wörterbuch Der Klassik-Gemeinplätze
pianist Im Alter Dirigent. Vonseinem Anschlag schwärmen. pollini, maurizio Italienischer Kommunist.

Klassik-Kritiken der Woche
Jazz-Kritiken der Woche Titelseite/Inhalt
Wörterbuch der Klassik-Gemeinplätze
A dorno, Friedrich N.: Opus 111. Wie-sen-grund ... Erwähnen, dass sein Schubert-Essay dunkel ist. Immer zitieren. Arrau, Claudio: Der deutscheste Interpretationstiefsinn kommt aus Chile. Alte Schule. Trat noch vor seinem Tod in Recklinghausen auf. B elcanto: Immer mit Cecilia Bartoli. Bernstein, Leonard: Lennie sagen. Trug in Moskau Cowboystiefel. "I wanna live in America". Ach, die Amis sind immer so herrlich locker! Böhm, Karl: Der "olle" Böhm. Vater des bekannten Wahlafrikaners. Als Künstler politisch korrumpiert. Siehe auch Strauss. Boulez, Pierre. Seine "analytische Schärfe" hervorheben. Komponist von Werken, die keiner kennt, sehr modern. Siehe auch Donaueschingen C asadesus, Robert: Pianist. Auf jeden Fall wie "Kasatßüü" aussprechen. Seine Frau hieß tatsächlich Gabi. Franzosen. Celibidache, Sergiu:

45. Louis Lortie
in Montréal with Yvonne Hubert (a pupil of French pianist, Alfred Cortot During thepast season, Mr. Lortie replaced maurizio pollini to make his Carnegie Hall
Piotr Anderszewski
Jean-Philippe Collard
Louis Lortie pianist CMA Home Page Photos Biography Chandos Recordings Click on topic or scroll down for complete information Biography June 2003 Canadian pianist Louis Lortie
Financial Times Night Fantasies
Die Welt
Eroica Bunte Blatter and other works by Schumann and Brahms was named one of the best CDs of the year by BBC Music Magazine. To the Distant Beloved, Symphonic Variations with the BBC Symphony.
Chandos Recordings
CMA Home Page Photos Biography

46. Klassik In Berlin
Translate this page maurizio pollini gehört zu den wenigen pianisten unserer Zeit Kultur des Anschlags,die pollini in den Enthusiastisch wurde der pianist aber erst am Ende
02. Dezember 2003
Pollini, der Einzigartige
Fantaisie f-Moll op. 49
Nocturnes op. 55 Nr. 1 f-Moll, Nr. 2 Es-Dur
Barcarolle Fis-Dur op. 60
Berceuse Des-Dur op. 57
Scherzo Nr. 3 cis-Moll op. 39
Balladen Nr. 1 g-Moll op. 23, Nr. 2 F-Dur op. 38, Nr. 3 As-Dur op. 47, Nr. 4 f-Moll op. 52
Maurizio Pollini - Klavier
Pollini, der Einzigartige
Von Robert Schmitt Scheubel Fantaisie
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47. EMI DVD Cziffra / Kempff / Francois
Samson Francois, pianist; MonteCarlo National Opera Orch (Ravel); French NationalRadio 8, 6 and 24) (maurizio pollini) EMI CLASSICS CLASSIC ARCHIVE DVD DVA
CHOPIN: Polonaise in A flat, Op. 53. Scherzo in B-flat minor, OP. 31. Impromptu in G-flat, Op. 51. LISZT: Transcendental Etude No. 10. Hungarian Rhapsody No.6. Gnomenreigen Valse-Impromptu. Grand Galop chromatique . FRANCK: Symphonic Variations
Georges Cziffra, pianist; French National Radio Orch/Georges Cziffra, Jr. cond. BONUS: WAGNER-LISZT: Overture (Benno Moiseiwitsch).
SCHUMANN: Arabesque in C, Op. 18. Papillons , Op. 2. , Op. 6. BEETHOVEN: Piano Sonata No. 17 in D minor, Op. 31 No. 2 "The Tempest." Piano Sonata No. 14 in C# minor, Op. 27 No. 2 "Moonlight." Piano Sonata No. 27 in E minor, Op. 90. BONUS: SCHUMANN: Novelletten , Op. 21 No. 1. BARTOK: Out of Doors
RAVEL: Piano Concerto for the Left Hand . GRIEG: Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 16.

48. Maurizio Pollini Recital 10/5/97
This afternoon I went to hear the famous Italian pianist MaurizioPollini playing Chopin and Debussy at Symphony Hall in Boston.
Maurizio Pollini Recital 10/5/97 This afternoon I went to hear the famous Italian pianist Maurizio Pollini playing Chopin and Debussy at Symphony Hall in Boston. I hadn't heard him in recital here in Boston for at least ten years, though I heard him many times at the Festival Hall in London. I think he cancelled several concerts in Boston. The previous times I had heard him he had played Chopin, Brahms, Schumann and Stravinsky (Petroushka) but not Debussy, so this recital was really interesting. In my opinion he is one of the greatest pianists of all time. He played to an almost capacity audience in Boston. The first half of the recital consisted of Chopin's works including the Prelude No 25 in C sharp minor, Ballade No 1 in G minor, Ballade No 4 in F minor, Berceuse, and Scherzo No 3 in C sharp minor. I haven't heard the Op 25 prelude in recital very much, which is surprising as it it is so beautiful. It is rather sad and dreamy, reminiscent of some of his Nocturnes, and has some interesting modulations to other keys. He played it with a beautiful cantabile singing melody. The two Ballades were very dramatic performances. In the coda of both ballades he played them extremely fast but at no time was there any blurring of tone or loss of detail. He brings out every harmonic subtlety and every nuance.

49. Classical Piano Links
CR). Daniel Pollack pianist, maurizio pollini pianist (IT). RobertoProsseda pianist (IT), Christina Petrowska Quilico pianist. Rachel
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Mirsa Adami: Pianist (AL)
John Kenneth Adams: Pianist Alessandra Ammara: Pianist (IT) Adam Aleksander: Pianist (CA) ...
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50. "Since In Music We Deal With Notes, Not Words, With Chords, With Transitions, Wi
maurizio pollini is a pianist of quite a different kind. Both arevirtuosic wizards of keyboard technique but pollini is spirited
BEETHOVEN: COMPLETE PIANO SONATAS Claudio Arrau BEETHOVEN: SONATAS Maurizio Pollini The great Chilean pianist Claudio Arrau once said that in the metaphysical language of the late Beethoven sonatas "trills become a trembling of the soul". He was also fond of reminding his listeners that Beethoven, in his existential struggle, was a contemporary figure. For him, Beethoven stood for the "spirit of humanity victorious". "Beethoven's message of endless struggle concluding in the victory of renewal and spiritual rebirth, speaks to us and to young people today with a force that is particularly relevant to our times. In the sense that his life was an existential fight for survival, Beethoven is our contemporary. In the sense that he mastered both his life and his art to reach the ultimate heights of creation and transfiguration, he will last as long as the human spirit prevails upon the earth," he wrote in an essay to accompany his first series of Beethoven sonatas. Arrau was left grasping for words to describe the power of Beethoven to affect something very deep within the listener. The metaphysical, essentialist language may not be to contemporary taste but poetically such description is reaching, just as the music reaches, past what we know easily towards what we experience intuitively. Arrau's characteristic lush, rich, fully textured pianistic sound has a type of grandeur that befits such description. If Arrau does not evoke a trembling of the soul, then he most likely will evoke a deep visceral reaction of some other kind. This seems a given from the sheer sonic power of his deep rich chords. Perhaps more than any other pianist Arrau has a distinctive recognisable sound.

51. Washington Performing Arts Society
symphony, and the first concerto, performed by the masterful pianist Mikhail Pletnev.Saturday, October 16, 430 pm More info. maurizio pollini, piano, maurizio
Purchase your tickets online to the following upcoming performances: Nicholas Angelich
Saturday, June 5th 2:00 PM
Candombe: Tango Negro
Sunday, June 13th 4:00 PM
Washington Performing Arts Society offers the complete spectrum of live classical music, from intimate piano recitals to symphony orchestras. Aspiring artists are featured, as well as returning artists with celebrity status. Kathleen Battle, soprano
Backed by a band of incredible musicians, soprano Kathleen Battle brings music from her CD, So Many Stars , to the stage for this WPAS Season Opening night program.
Monday, September 20, 8:00 pm
More info
Mikhail Simonyan, violin
Though he is still a teenager, Mikhail Simonyan's talent has been compared to that of the late violinist Yehudi Menuhin. A winner of five major competitions, this Siberian violin prodigy plays "with the poise, perfection, and inner-burning fire of a master" ( The Miami Herald
Saturday, September 25, 2:00 pm
More info
Gewandhaus Orchestra of Leipzig It is hard to imagine an orchestra so rich in history that it claims the music of Beethoven and Brahms as world premieres. The all-Brahms program includes the second symphony, and the first concerto, performed by the masterful pianist Mikhail Pletnev. Saturday, October 16, 4:30 pm

52. ETI SpA
Spontaneous applause greeted pianist maurizio pollini on Wednesday, March 5 atthe opening concert of the pollini Project at the Parco della Musica, Rome.

53. NRC Handelsblad - Cultuur: Muziek: Altijd Volle Zalen
maurizio pollini (Milaan, 1942) maakte als tienjarige pianist zijn debuut op hetconcertpodium en won in 1960 het Internationaal Chopin Concours in Warschau.
Meesterpianist Maurizio Pollini treedt al dertig jaar op Altijd volle zalen De Italiaanse meesterpianist Maurizio Pollini wordt morgen zestig. Dat wordt gevierd met een dertiendelige cd-box. door Mischa Spel Natuurlijk wordt er voor Beethoven altijd harder geklapt dan voor Stockhausen. Hij is er verbaasd noch verbolgen over. Maurizo Pollini, meesterpianist, voorvechter van nieuwe muziek en vermaard om zijn superieur heldere spel en dito uitstraling. Hij lacht zelfs even, gekleed in hetzelfde pak als hij draagt op zijn publiciteitsfoto's. Het onverwachte herkenningspunt geeft zijn intellectualistische onaantastbaarheid een menselijk kantje. ,,Laten we wel wezen,'' zegt hij, ,,de sonate 'Appassionata' van Beethoven is een verhaal apart.'' En dan zwijgt hij. Iedereen die afgelopen december getuige was van het recital dat Pollini ten beste gaf in de serie Meesterpianisten van impresario Marco Riaskoff, weet dat hij gelijk heeft. Beethoven is Beethoven. En, eerlijk is eerlijk, Pollini is Pollini. Een van de zeer weinige pianisten die de pianomuziek van Karlheinz Stockhausen gestalte weten te geven als een prisma van kleuren, nuances, temperamenten. Datzelfde geldt overigens voor de muziek van eigentijdse componisten als Luigi Nono, Giacomo Manzoni, Pierre Boulez en Anton Webern - componisten voor wie Pollini altijd een lans brak, en die ook zijn vertegenwoordigd in de dertiendelige cd-box die Deutsche Grammophon uitbrengt naar aanleiding van Pollini's zestigste verjaardag. ,,De samenstelling van de box heb ik aan de platenmaatschappij overgelaten'', glimlacht Pollini met ironische twinkeling. ,,Maar ik heb daarbij wel een duidelijke voorkeur uitgesproken voor de componisten die u net noemde. En dan vooral voor Manzoni. Men had zijn

54. Ernst Von Siemens-Musikpreis
Translate this page 1997, Lachenmann, Helmut, Deutscher Komponist, (*1935). 1996, pollini, maurizio,Italienischer pianist, (*1942). 1995, Birtwistle, Harrison, Britischer Komponist,(*1934).
Jahr Name Profession Lebensdaten Brendel, Alfred Rihm, Wolfgang Deutscher Komponist Harnoncourt, Nicolas Brinkmann, Reinhold Deutscher Musikforscher Kagel, Maurizio Argentinischer Komponist Arditti String Quartet Britisches Streichquartett Ungarischer Komponist Lachenmann, Helmut Deutscher Komponist Pollini, Maurizio Italienischer Pianist Birtwistle, Harrison Britischer Komponist Abbado, Claudio Italienischer Dirigent Robbins Landon, H.C. US-amerikanischer Musikforscher Holliger, Heinz

55. International Piano Series 2004/05 | Royal Festival Hall, London UK
finest pianist from the supreme Russian tradition. Programme to be announced. Sun24 Apr 2005. 730 pm, Royal Festival Hall, £40 £10, maurizio pollini (piano),

56. Maurizio Pollini :: Online Encyclopedia :: Information Genius
maurizio pollini. Online Encyclopedia maurizio pollini (born January 5,1942) is an Italian pianist and conductor. Born in Milan, pollini
Quantum Physics Pampered Chef Paintball Guns Cell Phone Reviews ... Science Articles Maurizio Pollini
Online Encyclopedia

Maurizio Pollini (born January 5 ) is an Italian pianist and conductor Born in Milan , Pollini studied under Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli among others. In 1960 he won the Warsaw Chopin Competition. He is noted for his performances of modern pieces such as Pierre Boulez Piano Sonata No. 2 as well as more traditional repertoire. He has conducted both opera and orchestral music, sometimes leading the orchestra from the keyboard in concertos This content from wikipedia is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License Power Supplies Hardware Information Law Advice

57. PIANISTI - Maurizio Baglini
Translate this page Baglini now is recognized as the foremost young pianist to have La Spezia Conservatoryand continued with Lazar Berman, maurizio pollini, Alexander Longquich
Maurizio Baglini Ammara Andaloro Cipolletta ... Record!
Maurizio Baglini
Anno di nascita / Year of birth: Indirizzo / Address: v. C.Battisti 73/d - I-56125 PISA PI Telefono / Phone: Fax: Posta elettronica / E-mail: Altre pagine Internet / Other webpages:
Agente / Agent: Edward Song, VIRTUOSO ARTISTS Indirizzo / Address: VAMG, LLC - Corporate Headquarters
23904 NE 69th Place - REDMOND, WA 98053
Telefono / Phone: Posta elettronica/ e-mail: Sito web/ Internet site:
Ha vinto con Kawai:
Nato a Pisa nel 1975, allievo di Piero Rattalino e Lazar Barman all’Accademia Pianistica di Imola, ha vinto all' unanimità nel 1999 il World Music Piano Master di Monte-Carlo.
Ospite di prestigiosi festival internazionali ( Benedetti Michelangeli di Bergamo e Brescia, Roque d' Anthéron Lockenhaus Yokohama - Giappone, l' Australian Chamber Music Festival ), ha suonato per istituzioni importanti quali la Salle Gaveau di Parigi, il

58. NPR : Fresh Air For Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews the new 13CD collection of recordingsby pianist maurizio pollini maurizio pollini Edition (Deutsche Grammophon

59. NPR : Performance Today For Thursday, June 15, 1995
From one of the CD recordings of Beethoven s Hammerklavier Sonata which Ted Libbeyhas selected for the PT Library, pianist maurizio pollini performs the final

60. Chopin: As Seen By A Pianist
s Aspects of Chopin, and Jean Jacques Eigeldinger’s Chopin pianist and Teacher orMartha Argerich; for Etudes, Alfred Cortot and maurizio pollini, the former
Home Content Articles La Scena Musicale ... Search La Scena Musicale - Vol. 5, No. 5 February 2000 Chopin: As Seen by a Pianist Tristan Lauber February 1, 2000
Nocturnes Op.62
and the second from Op.55). Mozart was a favourite, Beethoven less so. His attitude towards his contemporaries was ambiguous at best. He was cool towards Schumann, never reciprocating the latter’s enthusiasm for his own music. And his admiration for Liszt was tinged with jealousy. But perhaps the most important aspects of his personality were his insecurity and his indecisiveness (many letters to his parents in which he expresses his hesitation between going back to Poland to fight alongside his countrymen or staying in his new adopted home attest to this trait). This "folie du doute," his inability to make up his mind, actually permeates many of his works and is even reflected in his harmonic language, making him by far one of the most original harmonists of his time. The second Prelude Op.28 in A minor

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