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1. Maurizio Pollini
2. I already tried so see maurizio pollini live three times After a record sprintto the Tonhalle, pollini had already He is a very sensitive pianist so I had
No. 4, March 2000
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Maurizio Pollini
biography, albums, concert review
Maurizio Pollini: concert at the Tonhalle Zurich, February 16, 2000
Debussy: Douze Etudes pour piano. Boulez: Sonate Nr. 2
I already tried so see Maurizio Pollini live three times in my life. All three times the concert was cancelled due to the artists's health problems. The same happened in January. On February 16, my chance came to see him. But then, the locomotive of the train bringing me to Zurich broke down. A delay became unavoidable. I had to change to another train. Arriving in Zurch, it had begun to snow. After a record sprint to the Tonhalle, Pollini had already started playing. He is a very sensitive pianist so I had to wait behind closed doors and listen from there to his rendition of the First Book of Debussy's Twelve Etudes for Piano . He just had started with part IV In sixths . After the First Book , the public applauded him generously and gave me the chance to slip unnoticed into the concert hall.
Debussy's Twelve Etudes for Piano from 1915 mark a new beginning in the work of the French composer. They were the product of a creative phase following months of crisis and silence beginning with the outbreak of the First World War. His study of Chopin's

2. Maurizio Pollini - The Late Beethoven Sonatas
When Italian pianist maurizio pollini made the two recordings of Beethoven's five last almost unbearable clarity and directness from maurizio pollini. His cold crystaline reading
R  e  c  o  r  d  i  n  g     o  f     t  h  e     M  o  n  t  h A  u  g  u  s  t    9  8 Ludwig van Beethoven: Pianosonatas nos. 28 - 32 Maurizio Pollini, piano
1997 (76/77). Deutsche Grammophon (The Originals) (2 CD's) 449 740-2 G OR2    medium price
Much of the same clarity can be found in the highly acclaimed recordings from American pianist Richard Goode (Elektra-Nonesuch). Goode's interpretations are dazzling in their "classisist"  manner, but they still come short of Pollini's probings into the deeper layers of the music. He continiues where other pianists surrender either from the lack of understanding or the capability to face the profundity of these works. Pollini pulls with him the beauty, the sorrow and the terror from the depths of his readings and presents them to us in the most sublime manner. There are no attempts to force the emotional storms and pathos on the listener. Pollini as Beethoven himself, presents us with mere glimpses of  absolute beauty, melancolia and rage; you can just barely make it out in the white of your eye. Such is the greatness of this music and these particular recordings.
The E-major and the A-flat major sonatas opp. 109 and 110 (nos. 30 and 31) are smaller than the two great ones they are squeezed in between. They do however contain the same greatness as their grander siblings, and they both posess a rare combination of charmfulness and sublime grandeur.

3. - Classical Music And More
recorded legacy of pianist maurizio pollini. pollini Beethoven "Diabelli" Variations. For pianist maurizio pollini, music is a

4. Maurizio Pollini
Translate this page Der Schüler maurizio pollini mag seinem Lehrer Arturo Benedetti-Michelangeli inden zweiten Frau, Emma Bardac, muss sich der pianist pollini nicht verstecken.
www. cosmopolis .ch
Nr. 12, 15. Februar/14. März 2000
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The Web Maurizio Pollini
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Voiles Des pas sur la neige L'Isle joyeuse
Debussy: Douze Etudes pour piano. Boulez: Sonate Nr. 2
Premier Livre von Debussys Premier Livre
Debussys und Debussys Etuden waren erst von Pierre Boulez richtig wiederentdeckt und gewürdigt worden. Pollinis Programm mit der Verbindung von Debussy und Boulez macht deshalb Sinn. Die Sonate Nr. 2 des zeitgenössischen französischen Komponisten und Dirigenten, der unter anderem an der Spitze des Cleveland Orchesters und und der New Yorker Philharmoniker stand sowie das französische, der Avantgarde gewidmete IRCAM leitete, stammt aus dem Jahr 1948. Der damals erst 23jährige Boulez vollzog damit nach eigenen Worten "den totalen und bewussten Bruch mit der Gesamtheit der klassischen Dodephonik", es sei "der entscheidende Schritt zu einer integralen seriellen Welt" gewesen. Tonhöhe und -dauer behandelte er seriell, währenddem Klangfarbe und Tonstärke noch immer eine gewisse Freiheit genossen. Lent viel gut eine Minute, sein

pianist maurizio pollini will perform all 32 Beethoven piano sonatas this season at Carnegie Hall. The series continues on Monday night with the third of seven planned concerts. From a CD, pollini

6. MSN Encarta - Pollini, Maurizio
pollini, maurizio (1942 ), Italian pianist. pollini was born inMilan, Italy, and made his debut at the age of 9. By age 15 he
MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: logoImg(''); Encarta Subscriber Sign In Help Home ... Upgrade to Encarta Premium Search Encarta Tasks Find in this article Print Preview Send us feedback Related Items performance at Carnegie Hall, 1987 teacher Magazines Search the Encarta Magazine Center for magazine and news articles about this topic Further Reading Pollini, Maurizio News Search MSNBC for news about Pollini, Maurizio Internet Search Search Encarta about Pollini, Maurizio Search MSN for Web sites about Pollini, Maurizio Also on Encarta Editor's picks: Good books about Iraq Compare top online degrees What's so funny? The history of humor Also on MSN Summer shopping: From grills to home decor D-Day remembered on Discovery Switch to MSN in 3 easy steps Our Partners Capella University: Online degrees LearnitToday: Computer courses CollegeBound Network: ReadySetGo Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions Encyclopedia Article from Encarta Advertisement Pollini, Maurizio Multimedia 1 item Pollini, Maurizio (1942- ), Italian pianist. Pollini was born in Milan, Italy, and made his debut at the age of 9. By age 15 he had caught the attention of the Italian press with a performance of the ‰tudes by Polish composer Fr©d©ric Chopin . After graduating from the Milan Conservatory in 1959, Pollini gained international prominence the following year by winning the Chopin Piano Competition, held every five years in Warsaw, Poland. He was the youngest contestant in the competition. Following this victory, he studied with his compatriot pianist

7. Maurizio Pollini --  Britannica Concise Encyclopedia Online Article
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia. pollini, maurizio. Britannica Concise 5, 1942, Milan, Italy. Italian pianist.

8. Pollini, Maurizio At Edifying Spectacle
DG has marked the 60th birthday of pianist maurizio pollini with this remastered,13disc set of some of his greatest ventures into the more info,
Pollini, Maurizio Edifying Spectacle Thanks for helping, Richard Home Music Styles Classical ... ( P ) / Pollini, Maurizio Search All categories Baby Books Classical Music DVD Electronics Kitchen Magazines Office Products Popular Music Computers Software Toys Videos Video Games Cell Phones Books, Music, DVD Books


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In association with
Beethoven: Sonatas for piano No29; Sonatas for piano No32

by Ludwig van Beethoven
Customer Review:
Maurizio Pollini is unlike any other pianist in the history of music. The son of an architect, he has an astonishing memory and is endowed with the uncanny ability to evoke an organic sense of wholeness in nearly every piece he has undertaken to play. His technical gifts - supernatural articulation,... more info Customer Rating: Click here for more information Chopin: Etudes Op.10/Op.25 by Fryderyk Chopin Price: Customer Review: Chopin's Etudes are very complex piano pieces; this recording gives you the chance to appreciate them in the perfect masterful rendition of Maurizio Pollini. It's truly amazing to listen this recording for the first time - hearing the virtuoso pieces unravel in a blizt of intense, powerful storm of... more info Customer Rating: Click here for more information by Fryderyk Chopin Price: Customer Review: Pollini's famous recordings of Chopin's 1st concerto and etudes are justly acclaimed, but this choice album is begging for reissue in the "Originals" series. Pollini masterfully plays these microcosmic works as a cycle with trademark technical assurance and in a warmer tone than the etudes...

9. Maurizio Pollini
maurizio pollini. Son of a famous Italian architect, maurizio pollini is the intellectual's dream pianist an intrepid, intensely

10. Pollini, Maurizio At Edifying Spectacle
maurizio pollini, maurizio pollini by Robert Schumann Price $23.98 Customer ReviewThis set isn t bad at all, but Sure, pollini is a great pianist and he
Pollini, Maurizio Edifying Spectacle Thanks for helping, Richard Home Music Styles Classical ... ( P ) / Pollini, Maurizio Search All categories Baby Books Classical Music DVD Electronics Kitchen Magazines Office Products Popular Music Computers Software Toys Videos Video Games Cell Phones Books, Music, DVD Books


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Robert Schumann: Sonata for Piano No. 1, Op. 11 / Fantasia, Op. 17 - Maurizio Pollini

by Robert Schumann
Click here for more information

by Ludwig van Beethoven Price: Click here for more information Maurizio Pollini by Robert Schumann Price: Customer Review: This set isn't bad at all, but for some reason I think its qualities have been exaggerated too much. Sure, Pollini is a great pianist and he made many legendary recordings. But this set contains some things I'm not totally satisfied with. The Chopin scherzo is definitely a large miss. Pollini uses... more info Customer Rating: Click here for more information Beethoven: Sonatas for piano No21; Sonatas for piano No11 by Ludwig van Beethoven Price: Customer Review: This release of Three of Beethoven's Piano Sonatas is the first of a new type from DG and Schott's the disc plays in either your CD player or your CD-Rom Drive and is encoded with the scores for the pieces on the recording. Which is an interesting idea, as for the perofrmances Pollini as ususal...

11. Classical Net Review - Maurizio Pollini
It is a given in our media obsessed society that a world famous concert pianist makepiles of records. maurizio pollini is an exception, having only committed
Maurizio Pollini
  • Ludwig van Beethoven : Concerto #5 "Emperor" in E Flat Major, Op. 73 (1809) * Wolfgang Mozart : Concerto #23 in A Major, K. 488 (1786)
Maurizio Pollini, piano
Claudio Abbado, conductor
La Scala Orchestra (Vienna 5/25/73)
* Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (Salzburg 8/30/86)
Exclusive EX 92 T 64
Wolfgang Mozart
  • Sonata #14 in C minor, K. 457 (1784) Sonata #17 in D Major, K. 576 (1789) Fantasy in C minor, K. 475 (1785) Adagio in B minor, K. 540 (1788)
Maurizio Pollini, piano
(London 1979)
Exclusive EX 92 T 16
  • Robert Schumann : Concerto in A minor, Op. 54 (1845) Ludwig van Beethoven : Concerto #4 in G Major, Op. 58 (1804) *
Maurizio Pollini, piano
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra/Herbert von Karajan (Salzburg, 1974)
* Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, pianist
* Belgrade Philharmonic/Z. Zdravkovic (1974)
Exclusive EX 92 T 17
  • Claude Debussy : Polonaise #7 "Fantasie" in A Flat Major, Op. 61 (1846)
Maurizio Pollini, piano (Salzburg August 6, 1986) Exclusive EX 92 T 22
Wolfgang Mozart
  • Concerto #12 in A Major, K. 414 (1782) Concerto #14 in E Flat Major, K. 449 (1784)

12. Maurizio Pollini - Wikipedia
Translate this page Mailand) ist ein italienischer pianist und Dirigent. Leben. Bereits imAlter von neun Jahren gab maurizio pollini sein Debut als pianist.
Maurizio Pollini
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie
Maurizio Pollini 5. Januar in Mailand ) ist ein italienischer Pianist und Dirigent bearbeiten
Bereits im Alter von neun Jahren gab Maurizio Pollini sein Debut als Pianist. Er wurde zunächst am Konservatorium in Mailand ausgebildet, später auch vom berühmten Pianisten Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Beim Internationalen Pianistenwettbewerb in Genf im Jahre , in dem kein erster Preis vergeben wurde, errang Pollini den zweiten Preis. Im Jahre gewann er den Ettore-Pozzoli-Wettbewerb in Seregno , im Jahr darauf den Chopin-Wettbewerb in Warschau . Seither tritt er international in Konzerten auf. Zeitweilig betätigte sich Pollini auch als Dirigent, namentlich beim Rossini-Festival in Pesaro bearbeiten
Aufmerksamkeit erlangte Pollini zunächst durch schwungvolle Darbietungen insbesondere von Werken Chopins . Ende der 60er Jahre konzentrierte er sich mehr auf Klarheit und klangliche Feinabstimmung. Obwohl er von der Fachkritik häufig als weltweit konkurrenzlos in technischer Hinsicht eingestuft wurde, galten seine Interpretationen in der Zeit teilweise als spannungs- und leblos. Spätere Interpretationen zeigten wieder ein höheres Maß an Impulsivität und Ausdruckskraft. Schwerpunkte von Pollinis Repertoire sind Werke von Chopin

13. / A&E / Music / Pianist Makes A Splash With Anti-elite Act
Last summer, the fleetfingered French pianist Francois-Rene Duchable, 51, brought his discouragingly artificial" and remarking that maurizio pollini was "wearing himself out from

14. Classical Music - Andante - Maurizio Pollini
contributor Michael Church looks appreciatively at the pianist s career in by theVienna Philharmonic in league with David Oistrakh, maurizio pollini and Josef

15. Pianist
A performing classical pianist usually starts playing piano at a very Maria JoaoPires; Mikhail Pletnev; maurizio pollini; Viktoria Postnikova; Andr?Pr?in;
Main Page See live article Alphabetical index
A pianist is a person who plays the piano A professional pianist can perform solo pieces, play with an orchestra or smaller ensemble , or accompany one or more singers or solo instrumentalists. A performing classical pianist usually starts playing piano at a very young age, some as early as three years old. Many well-known classical composers were able pianists themselves; for example, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ludwig van Beethoven Franz Liszt Frederic Chopin ... Robert Schumann , and Sergei Rachmaninov were all virtuoso pianists. Some pianists have special preferences as to which composer's music they play. Most western forms of music can make use of the piano. Consequently, pianists have a wide variety of forms and styles to choose from, including jazz classical music , and all sorts of popular music Well-known or influential classical pianists:

16. - Maurizio Pollini Edition On DG
maurizio pollini has just turned sixty; his place as one of of the first movement,frompollini’s expressive hauntingly realised by composer and pianist in co

17. Maurizio Pollini
maurizio pollini De zestigste verjaardag van de grootste Italiaanse pianist enzijn dertigjarige samenwerking met Deutsche Grammophon verdienen een eerbetoon
Klassiek Punt nr.3 - november/december- Maurizo Pollini
Links Nieuwigheden Angela Gheorgiu "Mysterium" het parkoers van een ster ...- Maria João Pires "Moonlight" Myung-Whun Chung : Latijnse ziel... ... C.P.E. Bach Maurizio Pollini Hagen Quartett Kim Kashkashian Leila Josefowicz Riccardo Chailly ... Kleine CD-koffertjes, grote geschenken...
Maurizio Pollini...
De zestigste verjaardag van de grootste Italiaanse pianist en zijn dertigjarige samenwerking met Deutsche Grammophon verdienen een eerbetoon. Dat doen we in de vorm van 12 cd's, waarvan 3 met klassieke en romantische concerto's, 5 met romantische muziek voor piano solo en 4 met hedendaagse muziek. Het geheel is een weerspiegeling van zijn muzikale voorkeuren, van Mozart tot Luigi Nono. * Bonus-cd Chopin: Pianoconcerto nr. 1 uit de finale van de Internationale Chopin Wedstrijd (1960) Schumann: Pianoconcerto met Karajan in Salzburg (1974) Eveneens afzonderlijk verkrijgbaar: Bartók-Stravinsky / Beethoven-Mozart / Beethoven: Klavierkonzerte / Beethoven: Klaviersonaten 13, 14, 17, 21 / Beethoven: Klaviersonaten 29, 32 / Boulez-Debussy / Brahms-Schumann / Chopin / Liszt-Schumann / Manzoni-Nono / Schoenberg-Webern / Schubert. Pollini edition incl. bonus-CD *• 12CD’s • 471.350-2

18. Piano
Tussen 1970 en 1984 nam de Oostenrijkse pianist al de pianoconcerto’s van Mozartop met The Academy of StMartin-in-the-Fields onder leiding maurizio pollini.
Klassiek Punt nr. 4 lente/zomer 2002-
Links Nieuwigheden Anne Sofie von Otter Strijkers Gitaar ... Stemmen Piano Orkest Interview Christophe Rousset Interview Ivan Fischer Yuri Bashmet ... Collectie 20/21 eeuw Yundi Li Yundi Li: een van de meest belovende pianisten van de jonge generatie! Kun je bij een pianist van amper negentien lentes al gewagen van een volwassen artistieke persoonlijkheid? Je zou geneigd zijn neen te zeggen. Op die leeftijd heeft een musicus meestal nog ettelijke jaren voor de boeg om een eigen stijl te ontwikkelen. Yundi Li schijnt hierop een uitzondering te vormen. Hoewel pas aan het begin van zijn carrière, is hij in staat de boodschap van een partituur te ontcijferen en die aan het publiek door te geven. Zo persoonlijk en overtuigend is zijn manier van spelen. Het eerste hoogtepunt in zijn nog prille carrière was alvast de eerste prijs in het befaamde Chopin-concours in Warschau, in het jaar 2000. Deze eerste cd bevestigt zijn uitzonderlijk talent. Luister maar en u zult terecht uitkijken naar zijn volgende cd met werk van Liszt. Yundi Li - Chopin Deutsche Grammophon - 1 CD 471.479-2

19. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Chopin: Preludes / Maurizio Pollini At Epinio
When I originally found this disc by pianist maurizio pollini at a localmusic store, I simply listened to the preludes that I knew well (No.

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Chopin: Preludes / Maurizio Pollini
Overall rating:
Reviewed by 1 Epinions user - Write a review Compare Prices View Details Read Reviews ... Subscribe to reviews on this product
Read Review of Chopin: Preludes / Maurizio Pollini Review Summary About the Author
Pollini Makes His Mark: Chopin: 24 Preludes
Mar 26 '04
Author's Product Rating
Elegant, poised, and virtuosic performances by one of the best pianists around.
Cons The brevity of the disc. The Bottom Line I would highly recommend this CD to anybody who is seeking first class performances of some of the most beautiful and challenging works by Chopin. Full Review In a way, Maurizio Pollini is a pianist who is always associated with music that is very difficult. Yet, he has not chosen to be a specialist. He can play late Beethoven sonatas with the same virtuosity and panache as he can command the interesting, but finger twisting keyboard works of composers from the 20th century such as Arnold Schoenberg. Pollini has always struck me as a combination of iron and steel mixed with elegance, sensitivity, and a wonderful sense of elegance that is difficult to find among any other pianists. Overall, I would suggest this cycle of the 24 Preludes, Op. 28 by Chopin as a disc that is worth listening to over and over again. Remember that the pieces can be listened to separately or as a whole so you can choose the way that you listen to them. This entire disc is only 36 minutes long, but I have found that the brevity is not necessarily something that could be seen as a negative. The brevity, however, could be a negative if you want a longer disc. Even if you have never heard of Pollini before or Chopin, I would highly suggest that you buy this disc for the sheer enjoyment of one of the best pianists around.

20. Pianists, The Piano
A pianist web site from the Netherlands. Forums, pianist audio samples, masterpianists, piano compositions. pollini, maurizio. R . Rachmaninov, Sergei .
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Pianists . The Piano . Great Pianists A Web Directory Pianists Web Index: A B F G ... W Back to General Index: A E F J ... Orchestras Pianists, Piano Pop Music Scores String instruments Theory/ musicology ... Women in Music Credo
plays Chopin, Schumann and Liszt
Bach: Keyboard Concertos

Nos. 3, 5, 6, 7

Murray Perahia

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Brendel, Alfred. Brendel's essays on music - excerpts.
Chopin Piano Competition Competition regulations. Competition directories Competitions. An international directory of piano competitions in 58 countries compiled by Masa Mizuno. International Piano Competitions. Piano Net. Cortot, Alfred. Information on one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century, hoping to ignite some interest in pianophiles as well as students of piano. Franz Liszt International Piano Competition G Great Pianists of the Twentieth century. From Philips. I International Tchaikovsky Competition, Moscow. M Martha Argerich International Piano Competition Mr Land's Piano Lesson. A virtual piano lesson. Museum of Pianos. The Virtual Piano Museum. A Photographic History The Open Directory Project ... index of pianist webpages. P Paderewski International Piano Competition Pianists.

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