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81. Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra -- Natori Performing Arts Center,Japan
Interview with mikhail pletnev pianist at the Finnish Radio SymphonyOrchestra Concert. 800 PM, 4 June 1999 at the Natori Performing
Interview with Mikhail Pletnev
Pianist at the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra Concert
8:00 PM, 4 June 1999 at the Natori Performing Arts Center
Immediately following his performance during a Grieg piano concerto, we were given an opportunity to interview Mikhail Pletnev
Mr. Pletnev is the founder of the Russian National Orchestra and he will be Music Director and Conductor of the RNO until this fall, after which he will remain with them as Conductor Laureate. He has decided to concentrate more on composing and performing as a piano soloist.
When he wasn't storming over the keyboard or gently caressing it, his face clearly reflecting his actions and feelings, Mikhail Pletnev maintained a relaxed posture with his arms hanging down. Despite his dramatic stage presence, in person we found him to be the owner of a rather wry sense of humour that, once realized, made him a pleasure to speak with. He is a man of few words, many of them kindly humorous, as you will discover when you read the short interview below. We spoke with him while he was enjoying a full bowl of fresh ripe cherries.
NPAC : Hello Mr. Pletnev, we're here to interview you for the Natori Performing Arts Center Website.

82. Bronson Piano Studio
mikhail pletnev. by. Lyn Bronson. mikhail pletnev performed a solo recitalat Carnegie Hall last night. pletnev is the complete pianist.
Reviews of Musical Events on the Monterey Peninsula
Lyn Bronson, Editor
P.O. Box 1801
Carmel, CA 93921
Phone: (831) 624-7971
Fax: (831) 625-3717
E-mail: Date Review Organization
Mikhail Pletnev in Recital Carnegie Hall
Mikhail Pletnev
Lyn Bronson
Mikhail Pletnev performed a solo recital at Carnegie Hall last night. In the lobby, in the elevators, and in the hallways you might have thought you were in downtown Moscow. New York City’s Russian community (the cultural community, of course, and not the mob increasingly responsible for New York’s organized crime) turned out in force, and they were fans. For them Pletnev could do no wrong. And believe me, he did plenty of wrong! Pletnev is the complete pianist. He has the technical equipment and expressive skills necessary to make music on the highest level. I don’t believe there is anything he can’t do at the piano. Unfortunately, precious few of his skills were put to use in making music on the artistic level of which he is capable. The program began with five selections from Schumann’s Bunte Blätter , Op. 99. The first one he played was the beautiful fragment used by Brahms in his Op. 9 Variations on a theme of Robert Schumann. Under Pletnev’s hands the poignant simplicity was gone, replaced by heart-on-the-sleeve over-emoted anguish over every note. Any opportunity to make inner notes more expressive he exploited (whether or not they had any musical significance), and expressive rubatos so stretched the musical line that musical coherence dissipated. This was merely a foretaste of what was yet to come.

83. Great Performances . Berlin Philharmonic Europakonzert: Ode To Joy 2000 | PBS
The concert includes brilliant Russian pianist mikhail pletnev as well as vocalsoloists Eike Wilm Schulte, Violeta Urmana, Karita Mattila, and Thomas Moser.
The rousing "Ode to Joy," from the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra performing on the streets of the revitalized city of Berlin.
A long-awaited new era of freedom was ushered into Europe when the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989. There was little disagreement over what music would best mark the occasion Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, featuring the legendary "Ode to Joy." Now, more than 10 years later, the renowned Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Claudio Abbado performs Beethoven's Ninth for their annual May Day concert, recapturing the spirit of exultation that swept the world when one of the last vestiges of World War II was finally vanquished. The concert includes brilliant Russian pianist Mikhail Pletnev as well as vocal soloists Eike Wilm Schulte, Violeta Urmana, Karita Mattila, and Thomas Moser.
Late music critic John Ardoin explains the history of the Berlin Wall and its significance to this year's Europakonzert; why Ludwig van Beethoven's music is the ideal choice for the evening's program; and the unique venues and performers of past Europakonzerts.
Click here
to explore the Web companion for this program, which originally aired on May 31, 2000.

84. Virtuoso Piano Transcription : Discography
SHURA CHERKASSKY THE LAST OF THE GREAT pianist ROMANTICS, VOLUME ONE, Shura RUSSIANPIANO SCHOOL mikhail pletnev mikhail pletnev (Melodiya, 74321 25181 2);
  • LISZT AT THE OPERA I, Leslie Howard (HYPERION, CDA66371/2)
  • LISZT AT THE OPERA - IV, Leslie Howard (HYPERION, CDA67101/2)
  • RUSSIAN PIANO SCHOOL NO.16 : IGOR ZHUKOV, Igor Zhukov (MELODIYA 74321 33214 2)
  • PIANO TRANSCRIPTIONS, Arcadi Volodos (SONY, SK 62691)
  • PIANO WORKS FOR LEFT HAND, Leon Fleisher (SONY, SRCR 9183)
  • CZIFFRA EDITION Vol.6 "BIS & INEDITS" (EMI, 7243 5 65255 2 8)
  • 85. 21st Century Online
    ensemble. The orchestra was under the baton of mikhail pletnev, worldfamousRussian pianist, composer and conductor. Born into

    86. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikowsky - Piano Concertos 2 & 3
    mikhail pletnev s performance of Tchaikowsky s 2nd Piano Concerto is simply toogood. does not deserve such a dignified interpretation from a pianist as fine
    Tchaikowsky, Pyotr Ilyich Pletnev, Mikhail.
    The Philharmonia Virgin Classics Mikhail Pletnev's performance of Tchaikowsky's 2nd Piano Concerto is simply too good. This music does not deserve such a dignified interpretation from a pianist as fine as Pletnev. Give me Emil Gilels' pedal-drowned thrashing of this schlocky pot-boiler any time. As for the 3rd Concerto, well, that's another matter. Pletnev is in his element tackling this buearacratic-sounding score. These 2 concertos are works I had a certain interest in for a few years. During high school I found a copy of the score to the 2nd Concerto in a closet at the University of Tampa. I had never heard of any Tchaikowsky piano concerto except for the B-flat minor, op. 23, and so I thought that this 2nd Concerto was some kind of fake edition by someone claiming to be Tchaikowsky. (I had recently heard about the many imposters claiming to have written music by Pergolesi, so it seemed vaguely plausible) (Oh, how I hate that word "plausible.") Anyway, Tchaikowsky did, as I now know, write 3 Piano Concerti. I have an LP back in Tampa of Michael Ponti playing all 3 movements of the 3rd Concerto. This always struck me as an oddity, since virtually every reference to this piece which I had seen indicated that only the 1st movement was ever completed, and that it was not even completed by the composer but by a student of his, Taneyev.

    87. For The First Time, A Japanese Pianist Won Playing The Japanese Piano Ayako Ueha
    CFIIIS , and it was the very first time that a Japanese pianist won at find trulybig names such as Van Cliburn, Vladimir Ashkenazy, mikhail pletnev, and many
    News Releases Home News Releases June 22, 2002
    June 22, 2002
    For the first time, a Japanese pianist won playing the Japanese piano Ayako Uehara is the Grand Prix winner at the 12 th Tchaikovsky International Competition
    Yamaha piano was selected for consecutive times,
    following the previous winner Mr. Matsuev
    Ms. Ayako Uehara, 21, Japan, who is a student of Yamaha Master Class, won the Grand Prix at the 12th Tchaikovsky International Competition which has been held in Moscow, Russia, since June 6 th
    At the competition, she played Yamaha concert grand piano named 'New CFIIIS', and it was the very first time that a Japanese pianist won at this competition using the Japanese piano. As a matter of fact, Mr.Matsuev from Russia who won the first prize in l998 also used Yamaha piano, so Yamaha has enjoyed the great honour of sending the most outstanding winners onto the stage for two times consecutively.
    The Tchaikovsky International Competition started in l958 and has been held every four years.
    Besides piano, there are violin, cello and also vocal sections, and it is considered as one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. Every time many young artists from all over the world participate in this competition. Among the past winners, we find truly big names such as Van Cliburn, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Mikhail Pletnev, and many more, who have taken fantastic career since their success in Moscow.
    Yamaha Corporation began manufacturing the grand piano in l902, and has offered pianos as the official instrument to various international competitions such as Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition, during the hundred years of history until today.

    88. ArkivMusic Prokofiev, Rachmaninov Piano Concertos No 3 / Pletnev, the onestop shop for all your classical music needs! Prokofiev, Sergei Rachmaninov. Performer mikhail pletnev. Conductor Mstislav Rostropovich Piano Concertos. pletnev and

    89. NDR Kultur - Pletnev Plays Schumann
    Translate this page NDR Kultur - pletnev plays Schumann - mikhail pletnev ist nicht nurPianist, sondern auch Dirigent und Komponist. Sein Spiel ist,2515,OID354142_REF182,00.html


    Pletnev plays Schumann
    Pletnev, Mikhail

    477 057; LC 0173
    Erschienen bei:
    Deutsche Grammophon
    Symphonische Etüden op. 13
    Fantasie op. 17 Bunte Blätter op. 99, Nr. 1-5 Arabeske op. 18 (Sendetermin: 7. Mai 2004, 15.30 Uhr)
    Vorgestellt von Christoph Vratz Der 1957 in Russland geborene Pletnev gehört zur renommierten Schar derer, die sich einen ersten Preis beim Moskauer Tschaikowsky-Wettbewerb auf ihre Fahnen schreiben dürfen. Doch Pletnev ist nicht nur Pianist und Dirigent, sondern auch noch Komponist. Seine Diskographie ist eher überschaubar und enthält einige interessante Querwege, etwa eine Aufnahme ausschließlich mit Klavierwerken von Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. Jetzt hat Pletnev wieder vertrautes Terrain beschritten und ein reines Schumann-Programm zusammengetragen. "Durchaus phantastisch und leidenschaftlich vorzutragen" hat Schumann diesen Eröffnungsteil seiner "Fantasie" überschrieben, doch Pletnev nimmt die Leidenschaft an die kurze Leine. Die schäumende Bassbewegung dosiert er übermäßig, um darüber, anstatt eines wilden Irrlichtes, ein ruhiges Leuchten zu setzen. Zwar hält sich Pletnev genau an Schumanns Tempovorgabe, und auch sein Piano ist herrlich samtig; doch wo ein Fortissimo gefordert ist, bleibt Pletnev provokativ meditativ. Erst am Ende des zweiten Teils öffnet Pletnev große Portale. Außerdem enthält diese Produktion eine Auswahl der "Bunten Blätter" sowie die Arabeske op. 18. Mikhail Pletnevs Schumann-Spiel ist genau durchdacht, aber auch voller Eigenwilligkeiten. Es ist kühn und exzentrisch, aber auch befremdend verklärt.

    90. > Musik > Klassisk
    Den russiske pianist mikhail Pletnevs koncerter og indspilninger formår ofte at ForPletnev er partituret snarere blot et udgangspunkt tonerne spilles ganske
    sitemap Musikforsiden Klassiskforsiden Anmeldelser ... Redaktionen Anmeldelse print anmeldelse Michail Pletnev
    Deutsche Grammophon
    af Mathias Biilmann Christensen
    "Ingen betvivler vel hans virtuose beherskelse af sit instrument, men han hører ikke til blandt de fortolkere der loyalt og pligtopfyldende forsøger at spille præcist hvad der står i et givent partitur."
    Mikhail Pletnev
    De 'Symfoniske Etuder' havde oprindeligt titlen 'Etuder med orkesterkarakter for pianoforte fra Florestan og Eusebius' - to fiktive karakterer som Schumann lod utrykke sine maskuline og feminine sider.
    Mere Gould end Liszt
    Publiceret d. 10. maj 04 medvirkende
    • Mikhail Pletnev, piano
    Lyt link Cover Netradio DR Klassisk Program Om netradio Nyhedsbrev Koncertkalender I samarbejde
    med KultuNaut Seneste anmeldelser

    91. Welcome To
    Kagan s pace is brisk, nononsense; the Russian pianist mikhail Pletnevtakes a more contemplative approach. Number 7, for instance
    Beethoven and his pupils Susan Kagan, piano Koch International Classics 3-7521-2 HI and Mikhail Pletnev, piano Deutsche Grammophon 457 493-2 Susan Kagan
    Beethoven composed Bagatelles, mere trifles? It hardly seems possible, this composer from whom every note seems to have been dragged as if as the result of some tumultuous artistic struggle. Yet he did - three sets in all. And he himself refers to them as 'trifles'. Not that surprising, really, when we remember that music was his language; hopeless with words, he expressed himself fully only - and totally - through his music. And so the Bagatelles are his small talk, his relaxation. One imagines him sitting at the piano at the end of a hard day's composing, and playing for his own benefit, something light, as it comes into his head, with no worry about somehow unifying it into a cohesive whole of three movements, as for a sonata, for instance. The listener must approach the Bagatelles in the same way. The set that Susan Kagan chooses for her recording is the second set, Opus 119. Their genesis is interesting. Barry Cooper, the British Beethoven scholar, has established that numbers 1-6 date from as early as 1797, 7-11 much later. The complete set was published in 1823 - the year of the Diabelli Variations and the Ninth Symphony, underlining the impression that they provided a repose from the serious business of composition.

    92. - Classical Music And More
    Grammy(R) Award Nominee pletnev Plays Rachmaninov Prokofiev pianist Mikhailpletnev and the Russian National Orchestra under the baton of Mstislav

    93. Aktuelle CD-Besprechung, DVD-Kritik, CD-Besprechungen, DVD-Kritiken
    mikhail pletnev.

    94. Evgeni Mikhailov, Pianist
    Paul BaduraSkoda E.Mikhailov is an excellent pianist, demonstrating bright MikhailPletnev In September 1995 the Russian National Orchestra performed A
    Pianist Evgeni Mikhailov was born February 7, 1973 in the city of Izhevsk (Russia) into a family of musicians. After graduating from the Music School and Music College in Izhevsk, he entered Kazan State Conservatoire (class of Professor E.Bournasheva), then took a post-graduate course at the Moscow State Conservatoire (class of Professor M.Voskressensky). Since September 1996 Evgeni Mikhailov has been a teacher of Kazan State Conservatoire, and since November 1997 - a soloist of Moscow State Philharmonic Society.
    • In 1993 Evgeni Mikhailov won the 9th V.Safonov All-Russian piano Competition in Kislovodsk.
    • In 1995 he became the winner of the 1st A.Scriabin International piano Competition in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), and also the possessor of three special prizes, including the S.Richter's prize.
    • In 1996 E.Mikhailov become the laureate of the 1st G.Eriksson International piano Competition (Sweden).
    • In 1999 he become the laureate of the 21st International piano Competition "E.Pozzoli" (Italy).

    95. Subscriptions
    A special threeconcert series that focuses on the artistry of Russian pianist MikhailPletnev in concerts with the Gewendhaus Orchestra of Leipzig and in a

    96. ArkivMusic | Prokofiev, Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos No 3 / Pletnev, Etc
    movements, virtually every note from orchestra and pianist is a Performer MikhailPletnev (Piano) Conductor Mstislav Rostropovich Orchestra/Ensemble Russian

    97. Ringhotel Adler Post - Musik
    Translate this page Barbara Hendricks. Opernsängerin. Mara Kayser. Schlagersängerin. MikhailPletnev. pianist. Helmut Deutsch. pianist. Ruth Ziesak. Opernsängerin. nachoben.
    Online-Gästebuch: lesen eintragen Mathias Kirschnereit Pianist Norichika Limori Dirigent Walter Althammer Dirigent Stefan Vladar Pianist Leif Ove Andsnes Pianist Christian Tetzlaff Geiger Helen Grimaud Pianistin Jochen Kowalski Opernsänger Emmanuel Pahud Soloflötist Marie-Pierre Langlamet Harfenistin Grigory Sokolov Pianist Duo Pekinel Klavier-Duo Boris Berezovsky Pianist Shao-Chia Lü Dirigent Olli Mustonen Pianist Guarneri Quartett Streichquartett Nikolai Demidenko Pianist Till Fellner Pianist Anatol Ugorski Pianist Mikhail Mourath Pianist Vadim Repin Musiker -Violine- Jewgenij Kissin Pianist Bo Skovhus Opernsänger Andras Schiff Pianist Roman Trekel Pianist Nicholas McGegan Dirigent Andrea Rost Opernsängerin Olaf Bär Opernsänger Matthias Goerne Opernsänger Alfred Brendel Pianist Tabea Zimmermann Musikerin -Viola- Sir Roger Norrington Dirigent Lilya Zilberstein Pianistin Michael Gees Pianist Andrea Groethuysen Pianist Yaara Tal Pianistin Christoph Prégardien Opernsänger Willy Freivogel Kammermusiker GMD Dr. Richard Treiber Dirigent und Präsident der Mozartgesellschaft
    Schwetzingen Barbara Hendricks Opernsängerin Mara Kayser Schlagersängerin Mikhail Pletnev Pianist Helmut Deutsch Pianist Ruth Ziesak Opernsängerin nach oben Pascal Rophé Dirigent Thomas Hengelbrock Dirigent Uschi Bauer Schlagersängerin Harald Stamm Opernsänger Mihaela Ursuleasa Pianistin Lisa Leonskaja Pianistin Hans Werner Henze Komponist Francoise Pollet Opernsängerin Thomas Dewey Pianist Margaret Price Opernsängerin Lazar Berman Pianist Tricia Park Opernsängerin Gwyneth Jones Opernsängerin

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