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61. Pletnev Live At Carnegie Hall
The 44year-old Russian pianist-conductor mikhail pletnev made a belatedCarnegie Hall debut as a pianist in November 2000. Listening
Pletnev Live at Carnegie Hall

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62. Welcome To
Pirojenko, Alexandre includes biography, resume, and repertoire a pianist fromRussia. pletnev, mikhail - unnofficial web site for the Russian pianist.
Pianist Classical Pianist Adami, Mirsa - sound clips, biography, and concert schedule for this Albanian pianist.
Albulescu, Eugene
- provides information on the Romanian pianist and educator. Includes performances, discography, and reviews.
Aleksander, Adam
- bio, sound clips, and contact information for the Canadian pianist.
Alexeev, Sasha
- Russian-born composer and classically trained pianist who blends contemporary, New Age sounds into his music.
Alvarez, Carmen
- biography, current projects, sound clips, photos, and more for the pianist from Uruguay.
Anderszewski, Piotr
- provides information on the Polish-born pianist.
Argerich, Martha

Ashkenazy, Vladimir

Astriab, Lou
- provides information on the American pianist.
Ax, Emanuel

Babinsky, Margarete
- provides biography, sound clips, photos, reviews, discography, and more for the Austrian pianist. Badura-Skoda, Paul

63. Pianist Vladimir Mischouk
Yosas Domarkas, Samuell Friedemann, Valeriy Gergiyev, Arnold Katz, KenIchiroKobayashi, Akira Naitoh, Alen Paris, mikhail pletnev, Àlexander Polyanichko
Data and place of birth
January 13, 1968 St.Petersburg, Russia
Education and Teachers (master classes included)
Music School of the St.Petersburg Conservatory, Prof. V.Kunde St.Petersburg Conservatory, Prof. T.Kravchenko Sibelius Academy (Finland), Prof. D.Bashkirov Madrid Musical Academy, Prof. D.Bashkirov International Piano Foundation, Cadenabbia, Italy (under W.G.Nabore, Director; with L.Fleischer, K.Schnabel, R.Tureck, D.Bashkirov, Fou Ts'ong, A.Weissenberg, and D.Fischer-Diskau)
Concert halls:
Chamber ensembles:

Naum Shtarkman - National artist of Russia, professor of Moscow conservatory (piano)
Shostakovich String Quartet, St.Petersburg String Quartet
Trio St.Petersburg (since With: Liana Issakadze - National artist of the USSR, Vadim Repin, Anton Barakhovsky, Dmitriy Berlinsky (violin); Ivan Monighetti, Dmitriy Yablonsky, Peter Mezhvinsky, Henry Demarquette (cello);

64. Wauu.DE: Arts: Music: Instruments: Keyboard: Piano: Pianists: P
http// pletnev, mikhail Unofficial websiteof the Russian pianist and conductor. News, biography, audio
Home Arts Music Instruments ... Pianists : P Search DMOZ-Verzeichnis:
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Pogorelich, Ivo
  • Paderewski, Ignaz Jan (1860-1941)
    Biographical essay and list of works by Wanda Wilk from the Polish Music Reference Center.
  • Panizza, Alexander
    Official Site of Argentinean-Canadian Concert Pianist. Features upcoming engagements, reviews, repertoire and demo recordings.
  • Papadiamandis, Mathieu
    Young Greek pianist; short information and presenting his debut recording (needs flash-plugin).
  • Paratore, Anthony and Joseph Piano duo, born in Boston of Italian descent; includes biography, discography, repertory, and contact information.
  • Parker, Jon Kimura Canadian pianist's web page, includes touring schedule, biography, interviews, reviews, pictures and recordings.
  • Perahia, Murray Official web site of the Grammy-winning pianist, includes biography, recordings, calendar.

65. - More Detail: Pletnev Live At Carnegie Hall (Incls Free Bonu
free bonus CD) SPECIAL PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME mikhail pletnev, piano (music secondscherzos by finding viewpoints undreamt by any other pianist…the five

66. Buy Mikhail Pletnev Live At Carnegie Hall - Classical Music Cd Store
mikhail pletnev Live At Carnegie Hall. Artist mikhail pletnev. Album Live AtCarnegie Hall. Qty review. A Russian pianist with solo firepower
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World Music

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Listen Mikhail Pletnev
Mikhail Pletnev - Live At Carnegie Hall
Artist: Mikhail Pletnev Album: Live At Carnegie Hall Cat. #: Discs: Label: Deutsche Grammophon Usually ships: 2 - 4 days Normally: NZD OpusCDs Price: NZD Qty: review
'A Russian pianist with solo firepower ... magisterial command astonishing display' (New York Times, USA, November 2000)
'The delicate purity of Pletnev's tone in the sonata's hushed final pages seemed to make time stand still.' (Chicago Sun-Times, USA, November 2000)
'The Arietta was masterly, with an ethereality that brought forth much of the incandescent beauty and transcendence.', 'When performed back-to-back with fleet-fingered facility and knowing sense of drama, as [the Chopin scherzi] were here, the experience was a revelation. 'Just as striking was [Pletnev's] improvisational air. He made us believe, as Chopin must have in his salons, that he was making things up as he went along.' (Metromix, Chicago, USA, November 2000)

67. Buy Mikhail Pletnev / Collins / RNO Beethoven / Mozart: Clarinet Concertos - Opu
The Beethoven Clarinet Concerto now exists, in a thoroughly enjoyable and oftenamazingly sensitive transcription by pianist and conductor mikhail pletnev.
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Concerto Mikhail Pletnev / Collins / RNO
Mikhail Pletnev / Collins / RNO - Beethoven / Mozart: Clarinet Concertos
Artist: Mikhail Pletnev / Collins / RNO Album: Beethoven / Mozart: Clarinet Concertos Cat. #: Discs: Label: DG Usually ships: 2 - 4 weeks Normally: NZD OpusCDs Price: NZD Qty: review
Yes you have read it right! The Beethoven "Clarinet Concerto" now exists, in a thoroughly enjoyable and often amazingly sensitive transcription by pianist and conductor Mikhail Pletnev. Michael Collins displays great virtuosity, perfectly matched by the beautifully crafted phrases and consistently clean and detailed playing of the orchestra. An adventurous new transcription, balanced by an equally stylish performance of the most famous of all clarinet concertos, Mozart's Clarinet Concerto. Recommended.
Track Listing
Disc 1: Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A majorK.622

68. RCA Captures Evgeny Kissin S American Tour On Disc
mikhail pletnev commands a broad swathe of the piano pletnev displays his unorthodoxstyle in the perplexing The pianist launches Schumann s Fantasia in C

69. Classical Piano Links
RU). Roberto Plano pianist (IT), mikhail pletnev pianist (RU). JonathanPlowright pianist (UK), Lovro Pogorelich pianist (CR). Daniel
var version = 1.0; var version = 1.1; var version = 1.2; var version = 1.3;
Mirsa Adami: Pianist (AL)
John Kenneth Adams: Pianist Alessandra Ammara: Pianist (IT) Adam Aleksander: Pianist (CA) ...
Friends Around The World - Our Related Links Collection

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70. STRADIVARIUS - Musica Classica
Translate this page CIAIKOVSKI Peter Ilyich, International Tchaikovsky competition vol.2 pianist,DISCHTER MISHA DOUGLAS BARRY (piano) pletnev mikhail (piano), MIKHAIL (piano

Grigorievich Viktiuk (b. 1936, theater director) Yury Bogatyrev (actor) Gennady N.Shmakov (literary scholar, died of AIDS) mikhail pletnev (b. 1957, pianist).
Prince Boris (L) and Vasily III (R) (Famous gay or bisexual Russians or Russians who slept with people of the same sex or had strong romantic attachments, based partly on K. K. Rotikov's Drugoi Peterburg and partly on Simon Karlinsky's several articles (please check the works of both before attempting to contact either). I decided to restrict this list to people who are safely dead, but it will probably still raise a few hackles among conservative Slavists.)
George the Hungarian (beloved of Boris)
St. Moses the Hungarian (George's brother)
Grand Prince Vasily III (1479-1533, reigned from1505)
Ivan IV (The Terrible, 1530-1584, reigned from 1533)
Feodor Basmanov (oprichnik, patricide, and lover of Ivan IV!)
Dmitry the Pretender (aka False Dmitry, ?-1606)
Prince Ivan Khvorostinin (lover of the above Dmitry)
Ivan Miatlev (1796-1844, poet)

Ivan Dmitriev (1760-1837, sentimentalist poet)
Philip Vigel (Wiegel, diplomat and friend of Pushkin) M. A. Dondukov-Korsakov (V. P. of the Academy of Sciences in Pushkin's day) Count S. S. Uvarov (Minister of Education)

72. CDK Music
mikhail pletnev spoke of performing the cycle When I reflected in his music. Indeed,pletnev s performance of view of life read intimately by the pianist. 12 Pieces.htm
part of track I


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Pyotr Tchaikovsky (1840 -1893) created a great number of piano works. These compositions were intended to serve specific purposes and be performed in certain environments. Works like the First Piano Concerto were created for big concert halls, to celebrate solemn moments of Russian history and unify the national spirit of Russian society. Miniatures usually were performed at home, in a circle of friends and family. They are a symbol of the privacy and comfort of many Russian homes and reflect the Russian style of life in the 19th century. Though Tchaikovsky's piano miniatures were addressed mostly to nobles and prosperous townsfolk, his music speaks to everyone. Intimate and sincere, with rich melodies and simple to perform, the music gained great popularity for the composer.
Op. 40 was composed in 1878 and dedicated to Pyotr's brother Modest. No. 9 is a revised version of the Waltz written in 1876. No. 10 is based on the Danse Russe in the ballet Swan Lake.
Mikhail Pletnev spoke of performing the cycle: "When I play this music I seem to become immersed in the atmosphere in which the composer lived, as if I am reading his diary or memories. And a new facet of Tchaikovsky's perception of life opens up to me, reflected in his music." Indeed, Pletnev's performance of Tchaikovsky's pieces is the great artist's view

73. CDK Music Catalogue
pianist mikhail pletnev spoke of performing the cycle, When I play this music Iseem to become immersed in the atmosphere in which the composer lived, as if I Buy Message.htm
CDK Music Catalogue Check back often because the list of available titles is growing dramatically.
At this time, only the following titles are available for purchase:
Evgeni Kostitsyn
American Requiem I

Help Iraqi Children!
All profits from sales of this album will be used for this humanitarian mission.
Vocal soloists, two mixed choirs and large symphony orchestra
$19.99 US
GW Bush, Osama bin Laden, Abraham Lincoln, Amr Moussa, EE. Cummings, Walt Whitman, Koran and Bible in American Requiem I, which opens the ring of three American Requiems by Evgeni Kostitsyn.
Order an exclusive autographed copy
Maxim Berezovsky
Ukrainian Sacred Music of the 18th Century

Choir a capella $13.99 US The creative work of Maxim Berezovsky (1745-1777), one of the most outstanding composers of the 18th century, is one of the greatest mysteries in Ukrainian Music. Only a small part of his musical works have been found to the date. Pyotr Tchaikovsky Ballet Suites: Swan Lake, Nutckracker

74. Oxford Student: 22nd November 2001: Classical
was with their Principal Conductor that they embarked on a critically acclaimedBeethoven Piano Concerto Cycle with virtuoso Russian pianist mikhail pletnev.
22nd November 2001 Home News Editorial Features ... Sport Top stories Fun What's On Your Say Crossword Archive Contact Links Printer friendly page
Strauss: Metamorphosen
Beethoven: Piano Concertos 2 and 4
Mikhail Pletnev (piano)
Phiharmonia Orchestra / Dohnanyi
Royal Festival Hall
The Philharmonia orchestra has had a colourful history. Established in 1945 by EMI executive Walter Legge primarily as a recording orchestra (it remains the world's most recorded symphony orchestra), the Philharmonia has gone from strength to strength, having worked under, most famously, Klemperer, Karajan, Sinopoli, and Salonen. The orchestra is now in its fifth season with Christoph von Dohnanyi and it was with their Principal Conductor that they embarked on a critically acclaimed Beethoven Piano Concerto Cycle with virtuoso Russian pianist Mikhail Pletnev. Pletnev is an extremely interesting soloist, someone whom one must watch as well as hear. His body language and facial expressions are fascinating to observe and it is intriguing to see how he interacts with the orchestra. During his performance earlier this month of Beethoven's second and fourth piano concertos, one really had a sense of partnership, rather than the traditional antagonistic relationship between the two elements. This was no pre-conceived performance, and both pianist and orchestra constantly fed off one another, giving the feeling of a truly organic performance. Pletnev was particularly impish in the Beethoven second piano concerto and his slightly unorthodox, but totally involving reading surely aided this lesser known work, as did the Philharmonia's accompaniment, especially in the final movement. The opening of the fourth concerto was wonderfully done - Pletnev was obviously on his best behaviour for this more serious work - the cadenzas were magnificently and stylishly played and a wonder to watch. Dohnanyi's direction ensured that the poetic writing was brought out, and one finds it hard to fault the balance throughout. However, there was occasionally a sense that Pletnev had to temper his approach based on how much Dohnanyi was prepared to let the orchestra off the lead, but on the whole, one got the impression that all concerned were totally in tune with one another's approach and this partnership cannot be underestimated in Beethoven.

75. Washington Performing Arts Society
The allBrahms program includes the second symphony, and the firstconcerto, performed by the masterful pianist mikhail pletnev.
Purchase your tickets online to the following upcoming performances: Nicholas Angelich
Saturday, June 5th 2:00 PM
Candombe: Tango Negro
Sunday, June 13th 4:00 PM
Washington Performing Arts Society offers the complete spectrum of live classical music, from intimate piano recitals to symphony orchestras. Aspiring artists are featured, as well as returning artists with celebrity status. Kathleen Battle, soprano
Backed by a band of incredible musicians, soprano Kathleen Battle brings music from her CD, So Many Stars , to the stage for this WPAS Season Opening night program.
Monday, September 20, 8:00 pm
More info
Mikhail Simonyan, violin
Though he is still a teenager, Mikhail Simonyan's talent has been compared to that of the late violinist Yehudi Menuhin. A winner of five major competitions, this Siberian violin prodigy plays "with the poise, perfection, and inner-burning fire of a master" ( The Miami Herald
Saturday, September 25, 2:00 pm
More info
Gewandhaus Orchestra of Leipzig It is hard to imagine an orchestra so rich in history that it claims the music of Beethoven and Brahms as world premieres. The all-Brahms program includes the second symphony, and the first concerto, performed by the masterful pianist Mikhail Pletnev. Saturday, October 16, 4:30 pm

76. La Scena Musicale - On The Aisle By Philip Anson
The Moscowbased Russian National Orchestra was created in the former SovietUnion in September 1990 by pianist mikhail pletnev, bringing together what
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Audio Midi LSM About LSM LSM News Distribution Advertising ... Web Search On the Aisle INDEX Russian National Orchestra Mikhail Pletnev, Conductor Avery Fisher Hall New York, N. Y. Great Performers at Lincoln Center Series Jan. 21, 2000. New York - The fall of Soviet Bloc communism and the subsequent drying up of government subsidies stimulated the creation of several new orchestras along the lines of privately sponsored western institutions. Hungary's Budapest Festival Orchestra was founded in 1983 by conductor Ivan Fischer and pianist Zoltan Kocsis. The Moscow-based Russian National Orchestra was created in the former Soviet Union in September 1990 by pianist Mikhail Pletnev, bringing together what promotional literature describes as "the finest musicians in the country" and "many players from the principal ranks of the major Soviet orchestras, most of them soloists in their own right." The need to earn hard currency and to promote their thirteen Deutsche Gramophon recordings means that the RNO has to tour constantly. Their latest American tour covered Ann Arbor, Worcester, Troy, Long Island, and Manhattan between Jan. 19 and Jan. 24. Performing six concerts in as many days is no way to get the best out of weary musicians, as the RNO's lacklustre Jan. 21 concert at Lincoln Centre's Avery Fisher Hall demonstrated.

77. Klassik Tipps Archiv Klavier April/Juni 2000
Translate this page solo geschaffen. Der Dirigent und pianist mikhail pletnev hat eine Auswahldavon schon vor einiger Zeit eingespielt. Jetzt ist diese 4 00/arklav5.htm
KLASSIK TIPPS ARCHIV - Rubriken KLAVIER Empfehlungen Oktober 2000 - Januar 2001 Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky, der grosse Symphoniker, hat auch schöne Kompositionen für Klavier solo geschaffen. Der Dirigent und Pianist Mikhail Pletnev hat eine Auswahl davon schon vor einiger Zeit eingespielt. Jetzt ist diese Aufnahme wieder erschienen und ist ein echtes Schmankerl, präsentiert von einem der besten Pianisten unsere Tage. Wer virtuose romantische Klaviermusik liebt, der wird diese CD sicher mögen: Igor Kamenz , spielt Liszt, Rachmaninov und Carl Tausig souverän virtuos und mit dem nötigen Griff, ohne die klanglichen Schattierungen zu vernachlässigen. Johann Nepomuk Hummel stellt ein musikalisches Bindeglied zwischen der typischen "Wiener Klassik" und der aufkommenden Romantik dar. Aus seiner noch wenig bekannten Klaviermusik hat der britische Pianist Howard Shelley eine charakteristische sowie brillant musizierte Auswahl vorgelegt. Mit einem Klick auf die Titelbezeichnung landen Sie direkt bei der Detailbeschreibung. CD TIPP Titel Inhalt Stilrichtung Tschaikowsky Klavierstücke Verschiedene Klavierstücke, gespielt von M. Pletnev

78. - Classical Music And More
pianist mikhail pletnev gave his Carnegie Hall recital debut recitalon November 1, 2000. Critical acclaim for the Russian pianist

79. Deutschlandfunk - Die Neue Platte Vom 14.3.99, Kammermusik
Translate this page Franz Liszt - aus Sonate h-moll. So beginnt die Sonate h-moll von Franz Liszt, undso beginnt sie der russische pianist und Dirigent mikhail pletnev auf einer
Die Neue Platte Sendung vom:
Pletnev - Liszt
Moderation: Norbert Ely
  • Musikbeispiel: Franz Liszt - aus: Sonate h-moll
  • Musikbeispiel: Franz Liszt - aus: Sonate h-moll
  • Musikbeispiel: Franz Liszt - aus: Gnomenreigen
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Labelcode: LC 0173
Bestellnr.: CD DG 457629-2 Related Links: Aktuelle Ausgaben Alle Ausgaben

80. Pianist Definition Meaning Information Explanation
A performing classical pianist usually starts playing piano at a very young age EgonPetri; Maria Joao Pires; mikhail pletnev; Maurizio Pollini; Viktoria Postnikova;
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A pianist is a person who plays the piano A professional pianist can perform solo pieces, play with an orchestra or smaller ensemble , or accompany one or more singer s or solo instrumentalists. A performing classical pianist usually starts playing piano at a very young age, some as early as three years old. Many well-known classical composer s were able pianists themselves; for example, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ludwig van Beethoven Franz Liszt Frederic Chopin ... Robert Schumann , and Sergei Rachmaninov were all virtuoso pianists. Some pianists have special preferences as to which composer's music they play. Most western forms of music can make use of the piano. Consequently, pianists have a wide variety of forms and styles to choose from, including jazz classical music , and all sorts of popular music Well-known or influential classical pianists:

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