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21. Entertainment ... Piano Category At SunSteam Search
cristiana pegoraro, Classical pianist The official homepage of cristiana pegoraro with information about her biography and discography, her tours and concerts
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GOVERNOR OCTOBER IS ITALIAN HERITAGE, CULTURE MONTH IN NYS. Announces Int’l Acclaimed pianist cristiana pegoraro Special Guest for Celebration.
October 16, 2003 GOVERNOR: OCTOBER IS ITALIAN HERITAGE, CULTURE MONTH IN NYS Announces Int’l Acclaimed Pianist Cristiana Pegoraro Special Guest for Celebration
Governor George E. Pataki today presented the 2003 Proclamation for Italian Heritage and Culture Month in New York State to Dr. Angelo Gimondo, President of the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee, and to the members of its Board of Directors in recognition of the committee’s continuing commitment to promoting the awareness of the many contributions made by Italians and Italian Americans to our multi-cultural society. Also present for the presentation of the Proclamation was Minister Antonio Bandini the Consul General of Italy, Ambassador Charles Gargano, Chairman and CEO of Empire State Development Corporation and Claudia Massimo Berns, Assistant to the Governor for Italian Affairs. “All New Yorkers are proud to join their fellow citizens of Italian ancestry in the annual observance of Italian Heritage and Culture Month, which gives all of us the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the enormous legacy that our Italian community shares with us during this month long celebration,” Governor Pataki said. “This year, we pay particular tribute to Italy’s long and distinguished tradition of musical excellence.” Italy is the land of music, and the Italian language provides the musical words to that music. At a celebration which Governor Pataki will host later in the month, the “Italian Language and Culture,” as it is being taught in our schools, will be highlighted with student performances by the music departments of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, Stuyvesant High School, as well as some of the Italian language programs taught to students of all ages.

IL CIRCOLO CULTURALE ITALIANO presents pianist cristiana pegoraro in concert at the United Nations Wednesday, June 4, 2003, at 6.00 pm DAG HAMMARSKJÖLD

24. Classical Music CD - Cristiana Pegoraro - Schumann: Sonatas; Schumann/Liszt
If you d like more information about cristiana pegoraro Schumann Sonatas High bison gortex walking boot Classical Music - Paderewski - pianist And Composer
Cristiana Pegoraro - Schumann: Sonatas; Schumann/Liszt
Click Here to see Cristiana Pegoraro - Schumann: Sonatas; Schumann/Liszt at
Click here to find Cristiana Pegoraro - Schumann: Sonatas; Schumann/Liszt at

Here it is... Cristiana Pegoraro - Schumann: Sonatas; Schumann/Liszt . Have you been searching endlessly for this CD? Visiting music store after music store, only to be disappointed time after time? Well here is your chance to add Cristiana Pegoraro - Schumann: Sonatas; Schumann/Liszt to your collection.
For those of you who are very serious about your classical music collection, Cristiana Pegoraro - Schumann: Sonatas; Schumann/Liszt will not disappoint. Featuring performers who are tops in their fields, you will be happy you finally found this CD.
Play the Cristiana Pegoraro - Schumann: Sonatas; Schumann/Liszt CD for ambience, whether entertaining guests or creating a great environment for yourself in your home. Everyone needs some music in your life. When you come home from work, wound up, stressed out, cranky and out of sorts, put this wonderful CD on. You will find yourself rejuvenated. After all, music soothes the savage beast. Cristiana Pegoraro - Schumann: Sonatas; Schumann/Liszt

25. XXII International Festival Of Deià
Translate this page An award-winning pianist and teacher, Janet was recipient of the Bloch Friday 25 August - A prized student of Nina Svetlanova, cristiana pegoraro will play
XXII International Festival of Deià
Most of the concerts of the Deià International Festival take place in Son Marroig, former residence of the Archduke Louis Salvador of Austria , located on the northwest coast of Mallorca between Valldemossa and Deià. In the Deià International Festival of the year 2000, the following artists and composers have been selected:
Saturday 8 April - Camerata Variable from Zurich
In the opening concert the Camerata Variabile of Basle performs one of the most important chamber music pieces of the century, Stravinsky´s l'Histoire du Soldat. With or without the narrator, it´s an exciting piece of music. The instrumentation: clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, violin, contrabass, and percussion. Don´t miss it! En el primer concierto de la temporada, el Camerata Variabile de Basilea toca una de las obras maestras del siglo XX, L'Histoire du Soldat de Stravinsky. ¡No lo pierdes! Stravinsky - L'Histoire du Soldat Saturday 15 April - Wind Quintet D.A.N.S.E. from Trieste
Members of the D.A.N.S.E. Wind Quintet from Trieste will join Mallorcan pianist Maria Victoria Cortés in a performance of Albéric Magnard's great quintet.

26. Hoff-Barthelson Music School - Faculty
Original composition Ballade debut in Carnegie Hall, May, 2000, by pianist cristiana pegoraro. Private and group instruction in NYC schools.

Executive Director and Dean
Department Coordinators
Woodwinds ... Percussion
Piano Voice Composition Conducting
... Alexander Technique

Univ. of Belgrade, Manhattan School of Music. Studied with Triva, Fishbein, Goldsand. Solo recitals in Belgrade and New York.
B.A., M.A., Columbia; University of Washington, St. Louis Institute of Music, Hunter College, Juilliard. Studied with Sirota, Michna, Friedberg, Steuermann. Past faculty: Pace Univ. Faculty: Mannes Prep.
THEORA CULTICE - Staff Accompanist B.M., Ohio Wesleyan, M.M. Univ. of Michigan. Studied: piano - Hord, organ - Noehren, harpsichord - Cooper. Accompanist: Westchester Chorale, Cantemus, Pleasantville Cantata Singers, Hoff-Barthelson Festival Chorus. Faculty: Westchester Conservatory. JANET DAVIES - Piano B.A., Hunter College. Lehman Fellowship. Studied with Fink. Has performed in Philadelphia and New York. Has directed Off-Broadway and secular performances at St. John the Divine Church. ROCHEL DEOLIVEIRA - Piano B.M., Vassar College. Studied: Rosoff, Bilson, Uribe. Certifications: Abby Whiteside Foundation, Suzuki piano. Winner: Frances Walker Piano Prize. Active as soloist and choral/opera accompanist; 1999 Carnegie Hall performance. Faculty: Crestwood Music Education Center.

27. October 2003
3899206. Meet past present museum planners exhibitors. cristiana pegoraro, pianist Mon, Oct 13, 7PM, Bloomsburg University Gross Auditorium. 389-4409.
October 200
Tues, Thurs, Sat, 7AM to 1PM
Market Square, Thru October. Area vendors feature fresh vegetables, fruits, baked goods, jellies, dried flowers, and much more. 784-2522 PPL MONTOUR PRESERVE PPL SUSQUEHANNA RIVERLANDS RICKETTS GLEN STATE PARK These locations present various programs on wildlife, outdoor, educational and fun activities for the entire family throughout the year. Call for a schedule. GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER
Geisinger offers a full list of services, classes and events. For more information call 271-6435. PUMPKINVILLE AT DALE WHITENIGHT’S FARM MARKET
Sep 18 thru Nov 14, Thu thru Fri, Noon to 6PM
½ mi past Danville Airport. 275-4690. CHILDREN’S MUSEUM FALL HOURS
9/7 thru 12/31, Sun 2PM to 5PM
Columbia Mall, Bloomsburg, 784-9000

28. Panama Cruise
recitals. The pianist was cristiana pegoraro (, and her charm was exceeded only by her fantastic talent.
We know that some of you have been anxiously waiting to read the reviews of "Panama Canal: The Cruise," but it's had to wait while we caught up on the shooting of "Return to Houston: the Recovery" and for a new scanner to arrive. The bridge class Dr. Tom Bopp Duo Alexandru On Monday, we were still en route to Jamaica. We learned to waltz after breakfast (but I'm not sure we still remember how). Then, we played some cribbage before going off to our bridge lecture. Liz stayed to watch some games, and I went to hear a lecture on Mythology of Central America: from the Maya to the Cuna, and it was really interesting. We took it easy after lunch. I went to Team Trivia and ended up on the Llano Lamebrains team; we won on a tiebreaker question. That evening, we got one of the best surprises; a guest classical artist performed the first of her three piano recitals. The pianist was Cristiana Pegoraro ( ), and her charm was exceeded only by her fantastic talent. It turns out that she's the premier performer of Latin American classical music. Cristiana Pegoraro (center) jogging around the deck - not as elegant as when she's at the keyboard.

29. Italy-America Chamber Of Commerce - News
The program included performances by mezzosoprano Yasuko Ido , bassoon compositions by Vitaliano Gallo and pianist cristiana pegoraro.

30. Creative Loafing Atlanta | EARSHOT | HOMELAND BOUND
Meanwhile, Skaroulis is gearing up for a tour with classical pianist cristiana pegoraro and working on a new album with her, titled NeoClassic.
using FreeFind NEWS

... EARSHOT Homeland bound
BY TRAY BUTLER Ask pianist George Skaroulis how he defines his original music and you're in for a lengthy answer. "I call it ambient, I call it neo-classical, some people call it New Age, but I don't like that terminology," says Skaroulis. "It's a hard thing to put a finger on as far as the name. But New Age is where you find it in the record store, and that's unfortunately the title people put on it." No matter what you call it, Skaroulis' moody and melodic style has made a name for the Atlantan during the past five years, allowing him to quit his law firm day job and take his music and photography exhibit to Greece last summer. His just-released Return to Homeland is already selling well in local CD shops. Folks who've followed Skaroulis' music will recognize some tracks from the new album they're reworked versions of songs from Homeland , his first release on his own Evzone Music label in 1996 (he has since released three more albums on Evzone). "After listening to the first album over the years I really wanted to update it and give it a facelift," Skaroulis says. The new CD reimagines the old songs and includes 10 new tracks that evoke the artist's Hellenic roots. Skaroulis is lobbying one composition in particular, the sweeping and seductive "Athena," for use in the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

31. European Union @ United Nations
is a noble vision, which we live up to all too seldom, but perhaps worth dwelling on while you listen to our concert pianist, cristiana pegoraro, playing the

32. NPR : Performance Today For Friday, April 23, 1999
. pianist cristiana pegoraro (paygoh-RAH-roh) performs Crisantemo (kree-SAHN-tay-moh) and En Tres Por Cuatro (ayn trayss pohr KWAH-troh), music by Cuban

33. Newsletters
cristiana pegoraro, Classical pianist The official homepage of cristiana pegoraro with information about her biography and discography, her tours and concerts
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34. CoSy/Current<=9911
immediately . See TWA Flight 700 investigation FRI.AUG,990827 . 17 cristiana pegoraro pianist . Alice
CoSy/Home CoSy/Current ?Wha?
Previous : CoSy/Current Libertarian Junto John Lott Jr , Yale Law : MORE GUNS, LESS CRIME : UNDERSTANDING CRIME AND GUN-CONTROL LAWS to be expected . Clearly he`s not been dieting . Coney Island Minor League Ball Park proposed . ResponsibleWealth/NY Equities Mag Queens Cnty Libertarians ... Cristiana Pegoraro Pianist . Alice Tully Hall Decatur IL delinquent HS students expelled for Wilding . Yet another example of Socialists defending criminality . Yet another example of an issue which would disappear if Parents had choice of school . NYSIA/NerdsNiteOut NYSBC (ACEC)9911 couragous objection to 31M$ Glory : Sen HowardBaker School of Gov , pork . PRDI LUNCHEON on DRUG POLICY : Dr. Joseph D. McNamara, Hoover Inst., Stanford U., former chief of police, San Jose CA, : "Police Integrity: A Hidden Cost of America's War on Drugs" . HARMONIE CLUB , 4 E. 60th , $50 RSVP Westergaard MicroMidcap Conf @ WaldorfAstoria ============================: THU.NOV,991118 :============================ 22nd Westergaard MicroMidcap Conf @ WaldorfAstoria Interesting : John , who is credited by Moynahan for alerting WDC to Y2K , made no mention of it .

35. Sentinel News Stories
3 pm, May 5 cristiana pegoraro. This Italian pianist has been hailed as one of the most promising young talents of her generation, according to Ruth.
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Monday, Aug. 27, 2001
Membership campaign begins today
By BILL CAHALAN Sentinel Staff Writer FAIRMONT Music artists who have performed in concert halls across the United States and Europe will be among the performers in the Fairmont Community Concert Association's 2001-2002 season. The association membership campaign begins today and ends Sept. 12. There will be five association concerts this season at the Fairmont High School Performing Arts Center. Concerts will have performers presenting music that ranges from classic to jazz to pop. "We like high quality music that also is entertaining," said association president Dr. Andy Ruth. "We don't choose artists who come out and just give music recitals, because most people want a more personal touch from the artists." The association selects its season performers through Trawick Artists of New York City. Trawick previews talent and provides artists and performance options to choose from. The five season concerts will be: * 7:30 p.m., Sept. 27 The Golden Strings. The Golden Strings are former entertainers in The Flame Room at the Radisson Hotel in Minneapolis. Their music arrangements range from the classics to pop and romance. Their shows include strolls into the audiences.

36. Capital Arts Coalition - 2001 Long Range Calendar
700pm. Fri., 4/20/01 Capital Community Concerts present pianist cristiana pegoraro at the Community Center - 730pm. Sat., 4/21
The Capital Arts Coalition Web Site
Carson City's Gateway to Culture
art and cultural activities in Carson City, Nevada "Tell them you saw it on CarsonArts!"
Welcome to the CAC 2001 Calendar
This page is constantly updated. Come back frequently for updated information. One of the purposes of the Capital Arts Coalition is to provide a place for a long term calendar of events in Carson City. The beginnings of such a calendar is listed below. This page is really intended as a means for various organizations in Carson City to share information about future events with each other. Although we do not discourage the general public from viewing this page, the information is subject to change, and there is no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information. We suggest that you verify dates and times with the organizations which sponsor the various events. If you wish to have an event listed, please provide name of organization, date and time of event, event location, and the name, address, phone number, and e-mail address of a contact person. You may contact the web master using the link at the bottom of this page or send your request to: David Bugli, Carson City Symphony, PO Box 2001, Carson City, NV 89602-2001.
2001 calendar of events
On the following list, we have tried to list information in the following order:

37. Records International December Catalogue
Next up El Capitan (conducted by the pianist Ian Hobson!) Jody Karin Applebaum, Melissa Thorburn, David Price, Richard Lissemore cristiana pegoraro (piano).
Home July Catalogue August Catalogue September Catalogue ... November 1998 Catalogue FREDERICK DELIUS (1862-1934): Fennimore and Gerda. This is the premier recording of Delius' original, German libretto of the novel Niels Lyhne by Danish author Jens Peter Jacobsen. Unfolding in 11 "pictures", the story, set in the Norwegian countryside, tells of a romantic triangle which brings much grief and torment to its protagonists. Laconic and terse, the libretto is augmented by Delius' music which was intended to clarify matters not addressed in words. Delius' avowed intent was to create a psychological opera which would achieve "short, strong emotional impressions given in a series of terse scenes" and the subtlety of his musical scene- and mood-painting helps him succeed admirably. Randi Stene (soprano), Judith Howarth (soprano), Peter Coleman-Wright (baritone), Danish National Radio Choir and Symphony Orchestra; Richard Hickox. Chandos 9589 (England) KAROL RATHAUS- PIANO CONCERTO, ORCHESTRAL WORKS VIOLIN CONCERTOS BY BLACK 18TH AND 19TH CENTURY COMPOSERS NICOLA VACCAJ (1790-1848): Giulietta e Romeo. A student of Paisiello and author of 17 works for the stage, Vaccaj's most successful opera was this one, written in 1825. It action is that of Bellini's I Capuleti e i Montecchi of 5 years later except that Romeo is sung by a contralto. In fact, if this opera is known today at all, it is because the aria ending its penultimate scene (Ah se tu dormi, svegliati) is often interpolated into Bellini's work. The character of the music is Rossinian in its delicacy rather than having the more emotional intensity of Bellini. 2 CDs. Italian libretto. Paula Almeraes (soprano), Maria José Turllu (contralto), Coro Lirico Marchigiano "Vincenzo Bellini", Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana; Tiziano Severini. Bongiovanni 2195-6 (Italy)

38. Records International Catalogue January 1999
This Italian pianist, composer, conductor and teacher might seem to be an odd find for an English independent label but the connection cristiana pegoraro (piano
Home January 2000 January 1999 January 1998 ... December 1997 FERDINAND RIES NICOLAI TCHEREPNIN (1873-1945): Narcisse et Echo, Op. 40. The follow-up to 1909's Le pavillon d'Armide, Narcisse et Echo was also premiered (in 1911) by the Diaghilev Ballet Company. Karsavina and Nizhinsky danced the leads but the ballet was criticized for being "static". Regardless of the dramatic movement, Tcherepnin's score is a masterful and atmospheric work, showing a mastery of magical orchestration (the composer was a Rimsky-Korsakov student) and opulent tone-colors which suggest Lyadov and Debussy. A wordless chorus is used to represent Echo - a touch used again (remembered) later by Ravel in Daphnis et Chloë. A valuable addition to our knowledge of ballet scores of the turn of the century. Hague Chamber Choir; Residentie Orchestra The Hague; Gennady Rozhdestvensky. Chandos 9670 (England) PHILIP SAINTON (1891-1967): Moby Dick. Unusually for a film composer, Sainton was allowed by director John Huston to spend time on location with the film crew to work out timings, sketch musical ideas and make notes. The result was one of the most thrilling, remarkable and unjustly neglected scores in film music: a gorgeous and shimmering rhapsody of the sea. The 18 pages of notes and stills from the film also include a foreword by Ray Bradbury (who wrote the screenplay). Moscow Symphony Orchestra; William T. Stromberg. Marco Polo 8.225050 (New Zealand) ERNST VON DOHNANYI (1877-1960): Symphony No. 1 in D Minor, Op. 9, American Rhapsody, Op. 47. Dohnanyi's youthful first symphony (1900) has its second recording less than six months after its first and Bamert's reading is broader and more intense than Botstein's on Telarc. The 1953 rhapsody opens with hints of The Star-Spangled Banner and has sequences of African- and Native American style melodies before closing with an Irish-style jig. Bamert plays it for all it's worth. BBC Philharmonic; Matthias Bamert. Chandos 9647 (England)

39. :: En Construcción - Chat, Comunidad, Foros, Postales, Etc...
more. pegoraro, cristiana classical pianist from Italy with many recordings. Includes concert dates and biography. Pegtop features

40. FIERI Manhattan Calendar Of Events
An Evening with cristiana pegoraro, worldfamous Concert pianist WhenThursday, March 21st, 6-9PM Performance will begin promptly at 7PM, so please be sure to
FIERI Manhattan Calendar of Events
[February] [March]
Happy Hour at DIVINE BAR!
Thursday, March 7, from 6:30PM 'til...
Event Information:
An Evening with Cristiana Pegoraro, world-famous Concert Pianist
Thursday, March 21st, 6-9PM
Performance will begin promptly at 7PM, so please be sure to arrive early
Where: The Whaler Bar, at the Jolly Madison Hotel 22 East 38th St., New York City Event Information: Ms. Pegoraro has graciously performed for FIERI Manhattan twice before to great success and popularity, and we are proud to present her once again at this very special evening at the Jolly Madison Hotel. Price: $40 per person (includes hors d'ouevres). Cash Bar. PAYMENT: MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE BY MARCH 12, 2002. To make a reservation, please make your check payable to FIERI Manhattan and mail to: Anthony Menta, Treasurer 66 Powers St., Brooklyn, NY, 11211 Your name will be placed on our Guest List ONLY when your check has been received. There will be no refunds for cancellations/no-shows. Opera event, Giuseppe Verdi's "Falstaff"

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