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1. Heinrich Neuhaus
Web page about remarkable russian musician heinrich neuhaus, presented by pianist and piano teacher Nina Svetlanova heinrich neuhaus. ( 1888 1964) heinrich neuhaus was an outstanding pianist and pedagogue, a creator of a
HEINRICH NEUHAUS Heinrich Neuhaus was an outstanding pianist and pedagogue, a creator of a piano 'school' which is a great achievement in a development of the art of piano playing. Neuhaus' life-long teaching attitude was strongly influenced by the first impressions of his childhood. He was born in 1888 in a small, provincial city in Elizavetgrad, Ukraine. His father Gustav, of German origin, and his mother Olga, of Polish origin, were a music teachers. They opened the first music school in their town, and were teaching literally all day long. According to Heinrich Neuhaus, his father was very musical but with limited pianistic skills. In his teaching Gustav emphasized the so-called technical or physical side of piano playing beyond all reasonable limits. For years, everyday, for many hours, Heinrich heard his parents teaching in this way, completely based on the physical elements of playing, and he absolutely hated it. Therefore, the key concept of his own teaching was appeal to the intellect of the student. He perhaps avoided physical aspects somehow more than he later thought would be reasonable. His mother, Olga Blumenfeld, was the sister of

2. Famous People With Perfect Pitch
Napravnik, Eduard F. Conductor, Russia. neuhaus, heinrich, Pedagogue, pianist, Ukraine.Nyiregyhazi, Ervin, pianist, Hungary. Ohigashi, Yuko, Composer, pianist, Japan.
FEATURED PRODUCT The Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse
by David Lucas Burge other books Name Occupation Nationality Abbado, Claudio Conductor Italy Anderson, Christine Pianist, singer, songwriter USA Andrews, Julie Actress, singer England Argerich, Martha Pianist Argentina Arrau, Claudio Pianist Chile Aznar, Pedro Rock musician, bassist, multi-instrumentalist Argentina Bach, Johann Sebastian Composer, organist, harpsichordist Germany Bartók, Béla Composer Hungary Beethoven, Ludwig van Composer, pianist, conductor Germany Beiderbecke, Bix Jazz musician USA Bennett, Richard Rodney Composer England Bernstein, Leonard Composer, conductor, pianist USA Bey, Andy Singer, pianist USA Blackmore, Ritchie Guitarist, rock musician England Boulez, Pierre Composer, conductor France Branch, Mihelle Songwriter, guitarist USA Britten, Benjamin Composer, conductor England Burge, David Lucas Creator of the Perfect Pitch Ear-Training SuperCourse USA Caamaño, Roberto

3. - Sviatoslav Richter Pages - Heinrich Neuhaus heinrich neuhaus on Richter. PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST so impossibly difficult to determine who was the best pianist, the best violinist, or the best singer, in any particular Heinrich Neuhaus on Richter
by Heinrich Neuhaus
Our country is rich in excellent pianists: Vladimir Sofronitsky, Emil Gilels, Lev Oborin, Yakov Zak, Maria Grinberg, Maria Yudina, and in the younger generation: Dmitri Bashkirov, Yevgeny Malinin and others. There are too many to name and all of them are different. To me the question: "Who's best?" which usually intrigues the general public and is precisely why people throng to all kinds of competitions, seems an idle one. Who's "best" - Bach, Mozart, Beethoven or Brahms? Pushkin, Dante, Goethe or Shakespeare? Raphael, Velazquez, El Greco or Titian? Frankly, I don't know. In the world of physical reality we can positively state that Elbrus is the highest peak in the Caucasus and Mont Blanc the highest in the Alps. These things can be measured. Take the races: horse No. 1 beats horse No. 2 by a quarter of a head. This is an actual happening and can be measured (although I could never understand why this "quarter of a head" should rouse the spectators to such a pitch of excitement). But how can we measure accurately the qualitative differences of phenomena in the spiritual world, how can we determine their "height" as we determine the height of Elbrus or Gauri Sankar? For art is perceived not only intellectually ("measurably") but also emotionally, or in other words "non-rationally". The emotional approach to art is not a debatable subject because of the famous maxim that "tastes differ". (Personally, I think it's most debatable since tastes can be good or bad.)

4. Untitled
Playing' the great twentieth century pedagogue heinrich neuhaus speaks of talent as passion plus For example, a young pianist may demonstrate great potential and the requisite
By reference to the pedagogical literature on musical performance, discuss the concept of giftedness and the challenges a musically gifted performer might encounter in the realization of his/her potential.
In addition to the difficulties encountered in evaluating the abilities of the gifted performer, the pedagogical definitions that have emerged over the years have further complicated matters. While these definitions may provide insights into the nature of giftedness they just as often reflect the historical position and personality of the writer. In his Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments (1753), Carl Phillip Emanual Bach describes the gifted musician as one who is inspired by intensively listening to accomplished musicians and in turn is capable of expression through "giving a stirring performance" : a view consistent with eighteenth century deference to precedent and authority. Less than a century later, Franz Liszt spoke of giftedness as an intrinsic quality of passion qualified by a meditative and reflective cast of mind; an intrinsically motivated capacity for 'natural abandonment and passion (Boissier 1831). In order to be true to his gift, Liszt, in his early twenties withdrew from active performance for two years to put himself through the painstaking process of technical and musical re-examination (Boissier 1831).

5. Natasha Dukan, Pianist
A pianist. In pianist Natasha Dukan we see a rare combination of passion, intimacy, sensuality Conservatory in its heyday when heinrich neuhaus roamed the halls), and later
Natasha Dukan, Pianist "Dukan played with refined touch, reveling in Scriabin's exotic sonority and disquieting harmonic trickery (R. Broun, Washington Post, 2001)
A Pianist In pianist Natasha Dukan we see a rare combination of passion, intimacy, sensuality, refinement, a powerful differentiated sound and brilliant technique. Her career roots lie in the last turbulent years of the former Yugoslavia, and her Slavic temperament and fire are always in evidence in her performances. She has the rare capacity to play with utter abandon yet maintain absolute control over the myriad complex elements of pianistic craft which lie behind a truly mature technique. Critics have praised her from Moscow to Maryland and audiences are unanimous in their warm appreciation of her gifts. Critical Response Ronald Broun, critic for the Washington Post, claimed "Dukan played with [a] refined touch, reveling in Scriabin's exotic sonority and disquieting harmonic trickery her rhythmic pulse was pleasurably elastic, and she threaded limpid legato lines through densely scored commotions."

6. Heinrich Neuhaus Web Site
Associazione Musicale heinrich neuhausItalia, is dedicated to this Russian pianist and teacher. It also includes Svjatoslav Richter, Emil Gilels, Radu Lupu, and others.
Heinrich Neuhaus

7. Grigory Kogan
As a pianist, Grigory Kogan had a huge repertoire and enjoyed a very intensive recitals,he also played piano duets with Grigory Ginzburg and heinrich neuhaus.
GRIGORY KOGAN Grigory Mikhailovich Kogan was one of the most remarkable figures of his time. As a man of extraordinary scholarship, he spoke many languages, pianist, lecturer, critic and pedagogue, he was author of many books, on a variety of subjects, ranging from The Psychological Requisites for Pianistic Success The Piano Texture , to Ferrucio Busoni Couperin , the important monography The Pianist's Work , etc. Read two Chapters from the first English edition of "Busoni" by Kogan. He also edited a number of piano pieces and music books, wrote articles in newspapers, magazines and encyclopedias, wrote concert and book reviews, school curriculums, etc. Grigory Kogan defended his doctoral dissertation at the age of 19 and soon became professor of Kiev Conservatory. He was also an art historian, scholar and polemicist, and was very influential to a whole generation of Soviet pianists through his lectures, books, reviews, articles and concerts. Kogan came to Kiev in 1911 at the age of 10 and lived there for 15 years, until 1926.

8. Heinrich Neuhaus Information Page
Name, heinrich neuhaus. Occupation, Pedagogue, pianist. Birthdate,April 12, 1888. Birthplace, Yelisavetgrad, Kirovograd, Ukraine. Obtained
Name Heinrich Neuhaus Occupation Pedagogue, pianist Birthdate April 12, 1888 Birthplace Yelisavetgrad Kirovograd, Ukraine Obtained from a- Bruno Mosaingeon Sviatoslav Richter: Notebooks and Conversations , translated by Stewart Spencer, Princeton University Press, 2001 Posted by Leong Yan Hoi [a] Comments " In the book Sviatoslav Richter: Notebooks and Conversations by Bruno Mosaingeon, Richter mentioned that not only was his perfect pitch altered by a full tone in his old age, but that the same thing happened to his teacher, the great pedagogue Heinrich Neuhaus. He went on to say that the main reason why he played with a score in his last years was that because of this altered pitch he tended to transpose automatically when playing from memory, and was thus afraid of presenting musical pieces in the wrong key to the audience. " [a] Add/correct data on this person Go back to Main Page

9. Music Download
Music Download. neuhaus, heinrich (18881964)- Associazione Musicale heinrichneuhaus-Italia, is dedicated to this Russian pianist and teacher.
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10. Instruments - Pianists Top Links
includes short biography, repertoire and soundclips. neuhaus, heinrich (18881964) - Associazione Musicale heinrich neuhaus-Italia, is dedicated to this Russian pianist and teacher
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pianists and teachers of the 20th century, heinrich neuhaus practically createdhis The pianist s vast repertoire included compositions by Beethoven, Schumann

12. David S. Ware Sessionography
later to be known as CooperMoore) as pianist, Chris Amberger on the bass, Marc Edwards on the p.6 UPDATE 02-0130; info via Holger neuhaus heinrich Smejkal.}
Photo of Mr. David S. Ware by Nuno Martins , whose work can be seen at Tomajazz
The David S. Ware Sessionography
and GIGography
by Rick Lopez
A work in progress.
Document Born April 27, 1998
UPDATE May 14, 2004
Trying to locate "...Mr. Abdul Hannan for purpose of re-releasing his LP on Roaratorio. Anyone who knows his current whereabouts - Boston, New York, or ?..." please cantact James Lindbloom or Rick Lopez

13. Prokofiev's Associates
Nabokov, Nicolas – composer (19031978) Nestyev, Israel – musicologist (1911-1993)neuhaus, heinrich – pianist, teacher (1888-1964) Nijinsky, Vaslav
People associated with Sergey Sergeyevich Prokofiev
My intention is to eventually link each of these names to a dedicated page with an outline biography and compiling lesser-known material relating to the subject and their relationship to Prokofiev.
Please mail me with any additional information such as missing dates, people who you believe should be on this list, first names, etc; any amendments will be gratefully received and given credit here.
(born 1902)
(b 1913)
(wrote verses for Alexander Nevsky) (1901-1957)
Meshcherskaya, Nina Alexeeva
Ossovsky, Alexander Vyacheslavovich - musicologist
(b 1924)
(b 1927)
Zakharov, Boris (aka "Boryusya") Stepanovich – pianist
With thanks to Manoel Correa do Lago for the Vera Janacopoulos link. Further information gleaned from Sergey Prokofiev Dnebnik 1907-1933 ('Sergey Prokofiev Diary 1907-1933') published by sprkv, Paris (ISBN 2-9518138-0-5) Introduction to Sergey Prokofiev Introduction to Gustav Holst Publications and interviews

14. Who We Are, Who Is Neuhaus
heinrich neuhaus is a legendary musician and pianist. Up to some yearago we would have added Soviet . But we are today a little
Heinrich Neuhaus Web Site
home who we are sviatoslav richter leopold godowsky ... write us Web design:
visitors since October, 16th, 2000 Heinrich Neuhaus is a legendary musician and pianist. Up to some year ago we would have added "Soviet". But we are today a little bit in embarrassment defining this man, born in Ukraine from German father and Polish mother, who lived in Pietrograd, Kiev, Georgia and Moscow, pupil of Leopold Godowsky , merely a Russian. Perhaps it is more correct to consider him as belonging to a universal culture. His students, of all nationalities, are scattered around the whole world: United States, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Japan. Here, in an unpublished photo, Neuhaus is surrounded by students of various countries of the world. From left to the right: Gérard Frémy (France), Gabriel Amiras (Romania), Snezhanka Barova (Bulgaria), Maria Vlad (Romania), Lenina Popova (Russia), Maria Kruscelnycka. His students, among which great pianists like Sviatoslav Richter, the Romanian Radu Lupu, the French Gérard Fremy, the Czech Zdenek Hnat, the Bulgarian Ganev, Lazarova, the Hungarian Gaby Amiras, and so many ex-Soviets, continue to spread the teaching and to remember him. Many of his students have operated and continue to operate in Russia, such as Emil Gilels, Jakov Zak, Anatolij Vedernikov, his son Stanislav Neuhaus, Teodor Gutman, Evgenij Malinin, Lev Naumov, Vera Gornostaeva, Vladimir Krajnev, Evgenij Mogilevskij and many others. Some of them wanted to accomplish a far-reaching achievement. Esja Elinajte has established an Association Heinrich Neuhaus in Switzerland. Elisso Wirsaladze has annually organized In Georgia a Festival devoted to Heinrich Neuhaus - until the civil war made it impossible.

15. Daniel Daroca - Pianist - Research
b i o g r a p h y. pianist Daniel Daroca began his musical career in his native Cuba. to study with Leonid Brumberg, a famous artist and former assistant to heinrich neuhaus. While in Vienna, Mr

16. A Note To The Text About Godowski, By V.Voskobojnikov
heinrich neuhaus Web Site. neuhaus’ recollections about Godowsky as a composer andas a teacher while his opinions about the Godowsky as a pianist were fully
Heinrich Neuhaus Web Site
A note to the text
By Valerij Voskobojnikov
home who we are sviatoslav richter leopold godowsky ... write us Web design:
visitors since October, 16th, 2000 "An example about how much some Russian composer greatly valued Godowsky, can be considered the Rachmaninoff’s "Polka", which is dedicated to him. This composition exactly reproduces the way of thinking and the style of Godowsky's transcriptions. I used to make a joke about this matter, answering to people which was asking me about what Godowsky transcription I liked more: 'The Rachmaninoff Polka, so much is similar …'. " Neuhaus was particularly puzzled about the transcriptions of the Chopin studies that Godowsky made. They are astonishingly difficult, so that only a pianist of the caliber of Godowsky could afford them. Neuhaus believed they were quite unuseful. Also the collection "Renaissance" make him quite doubtful. It collects some elaboration - in a modern fashion – of excerpts of ancient music. The Godowsky’s Sonata was long and prolix. There were plenty of themes, intricacies, imitations of Beethoven, Chopin, etc. The composer was aware of that, when he told Neuhaus during 1935: "Maybe I’m a incurable scribbler, and maybe for this reasons I normally write so much!"

17. Entertainment/Music/Instruments/Keyboard/Piano/Pianists
neuhaus, heinrich (18881964) Associazione Musicale heinrich neuhaus-Italia,is dedicated to this Russian pianist and teacher. It

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    Official Web site of British Pianist with information about her research as a Chopin scholar and performer.
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18. Wolfgang Lempfrid: Heinrich Neuhaus (DLF)
pianist heinrich neuhaus. Exposé. Berühmtgeworden ist der pianist heinrich neuhaus hauptsächlich als Lehrer.
W. Lempfrid
Der Pianist Heinrich Neuhaus
Dieser Beitrag ist entstanden als Sendemanuskript
(Sendung: 30.5.1993 – "Historische Aufnahmen") Berühmt geworden ist der Pianist Heinrich Neuhaus hauptsächlich als Lehrer. Von 1922 an bis zu seinem Tod im Oktober 1964 unterrichtete er am Moskauer Konservatorium. Zu seinen Schülern zählten unter anderem Svjatoslav Richter, Emil Gilels, Radu Lupu oder Victor Krainew. Daß er nicht nur "Meistermacher", sondern selbst einer der besten russischen Pianisten war, ist vielzuwenig bekannt. Seine Aufnahmen aus den 50er Jahren mit Werken von Bach, Beethoven, Chopin und Skrjabin sind erst vor kurzem von den sowjetischen Rundfunkarchiven freigegeben worden.
    Musik-Nr.: Komponist: Alexander Skriabin Werk-Titel: Interpreten: Heinrich Neuhaus (Klavier) Label: Vogue (LC )
    VG 651 / 65 1028 Gesamt-Zeit: Archiv-Nummer:
Den Klavierspielern ist der deutsch-russische Pianist Heinrich Neuhaus wohl vornehmlich ein Begriff wegen seines Buches: " Die Kunst des Klavierspiels ". Als diese nicht sehr umfangreiche Schrift 1958 in Moskau erstmals veröffentlicht wurde, sorgte sie bei den Klavierpädagogen für Unruhe: Forderte doch Neuhaus, daß eine vernünftige Pianistenausbildung sich nicht auf die technischen Aspekte, auf Fingerfertigkeit und Treffsicherheit beschränken dürfe; sondern beim Klavierspiel müsse es um mehr gehen – um die musikalischen Inhalte und wie sie am besten zum Ausdruck gebracht werden können.

19. KölnKlavier Wolfgang Lempfrid: Interpreten (Übersicht)
Translate this page lesen heinrich neuhaus pianist und Pädagoge Deutschlandfunk1993 Beitrag lesen O, Anfang der Seite. P, Anfang der Seite.
W. Lempfrid
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20. Radu Lupu
pianist. Cella Delavranca before winning a scholarship in 1961 to the Moscow Conservatoirewhere he studied with Galina Eghyazarova, heinrich neuhaus and later
Radu Lupu Pianist Radu was born in Rumania and began studying the piano at the age of six with Lia Busuioceanu, making his public debut with a complete programme of his own music at the age of 12. He continued his studies for several years with Florica Muzicescu and Cella Delavranca before winning a scholarship in 1961 to the Moscow Conservatoire where he studied with Galina Eghyazarova, Heinrich Neuhaus and later with Stanislav Neuhaus. He won first prize in three competitions: the 1966 Van Cliburn, the 1967 Enescu International, and the 1969 Leeds International. In 1989 he was awarded the prestigious "Abbiati" prize, given by the Italian Critics' Association. He is regularly invited to play with all the great orchestras of the world including the Berlin Philharmonic, with whom he made his Salzburg Festival debut in 1978 with Karajan, the Vienna Philharmonic, with whom he opened the 1986 Salzburg Festival with Muti, the Royal Concertgebouw, all the major London orchestras, and all the great American orchestras. His first major America appearances were in 1972 with the Cleveland Orchestra and Barenboim in New York, and with the Chicago Symphony and Giulini. He has played at all the major music festivals and has been a regular guest at the Salzburg and Lucerne Festivals. Radu Lupu's recordings include: the Beethoven Piano Concertos with the Israel Philharmonic and Zubin Mehta; several Mozart Concertos; Brahms 1; Grieg and Schumann; the complete Mozart Violin and Piano Sonatas with Szymon Goldberg; and solo works by Beethoven, Brahms, Schumann and Schubert (Decca). He has also made two records with Murray Perahia (CBS), and two albums of Schubert Lieder with Barbara Hendricks (EMI). His most recent releases for Decca are Schubert's Sonatas in A major D664 and B flat major D960 which won a GRAMMY for 1995, and Schumann's Kinderszenen, Kreisleriana and Humoresque, which won an Edison Award for 1995 - in each case as the "Best Instrumental Record of the Year." Last year, for Teldec, he joined with Daniel Barenboim for a disc of pieces for four hands by Schubert.

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