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1. Bradley Joseph
Hear, see, and read all about this contemporary pianist/composer who's solo albums have taken the music world by storm. bradley. joseph. Narada recording artist, bradley joseph, is an extraordinary contemporary pianist/composer. This site Who is bradley joseph, you ask? Well he used to play for
Joseph Narada recording artist, Bradley Joseph, is an extraordinary contemporary pianist/composer. This site will allow you to see an artist in constant evolution, taking his fans along for the ride. Who is Bradley Joseph, you ask? Well... he used to play for Yanni and Sheena Easton, among others, and now is a successful solo artist. He has three releases, Hear the Masses Rapture , and Solo Journey , and was actually "discovered" by his record label, Narada, via the Web. Get to know Bradley and his exceptional music by browsing the links to the left (or top, depending on your browser). Within these walls you'll find sound clips from both albums, liner notes, photos, links, and more. For even more information, go to the Official Bradley Joseph Web Site
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2. Bradley Joseph Bio
Artist Bio Who is This Guy? If you haven t heard of bradley joseph, you will.This contempoary pianistcomposer is set to make his mark on the world.
Joseph Artist Bio: Who is This Guy? If you haven't heard of Bradley Joseph, you will. This contempoary pianist-composer is set to make his mark on the world. Bradley was born and raised in Willmar, Minnesota, which is about 100 miles from Minneapolis. He started out playing classical piano and the trombone, before venturing into jazz, rock, and pop, and ending up as Yanni's keyboardist for the first part of the 1990's. Bradley's run with Yanni included the extremely popular Live at the Acropolis CD and video, which is stil frequently played on PBS stations nation-wide three years after its release. After playing for Yanni, Bradley moved on to become musical director for Sheena Easton, while doing his own solo work at the same time. That work resulted in Hear the Masses , which finally brought Bradley's music to the public. Hear the Masses did well, especially with Bradley's exposure on the Web, via this page, the Official Bradley Joseph Web Page , and his former connection with Yanni In fact, that Web exposure was what made Narada Media notice this talented musician. They signed him to a multi-record deal quickly, and that relationship has resulted in Bradley's latest effort

3. MusicalOnline: Pianists
is a known GreekAustralian pianist and recording artist Ottaviucci, Fabrizio. Winston, George. joseph, bradley. Jazz. Top
Musical Online MusicalOnline Magazine
Web Concert Hall
Previous page Directory ... Free Registration Keyboard Links top s s Classical Newage Jazz Harpsichord Organ ... Misc Classical Alessandra Ammara
Panayotis Bernard Archontides
- is a known Greek-Australian pianist and recording artist. The site contains info on the artist, his activities, audio clips and links to other music sites.
Artymiw, Lydia

Alexander Braginsky

Berman, Bart

Jeffrey Biegel
Chen, Gwhyneth
- The Grand Prize Winner of 1999 International Web Concert Hall Competition and the first prize of Ivo Pogorelich International Piano Competition.
Choi, Janny

Nicolas Constantinou
Introductory, Biographical, contact
Cooperstock, Andrew
- Pianist. Winner of the National Federation of Music Clubs Competition. He is Associate Professor of Piano at the University of Oklahoma. Crawshaw, Sandra Dick, James Dowling Richard Lara Downes - has attracted attention as one of the most exciting and communicative young pianists of today's generation, cited by critics for her "breathtaking virtuosity" and "penetrating, sensitive accounts of classical and romantic repertoire". Find out about Lara's concert tours, recordings, news and reviews! Will Duchon Erlendsdottir, Edda

4. Bradley Joseph: Default
bradley joseph is an instrumental keyboardist/composer who has played with such artists as Yanni and Sheena Easton. official bradley joseph home page! The name is new to some but the work of this extraordinary pianist, composer and own at last, bradley joseph has composed five
Welcome to the official BRADLEY JOSEPH home page! The name is new to some - but the work of this extraordinary pianist, composer and performer is well known as the sound behind such celebrities as Yanni and Sheena Easton. On his own at last, BRADLEY JOSEPH has composed five remarkable CDs for you to enjoy. Bradley's sixth CD is due out this summer. Bradley Joseph creates music to elevate the listener's spirit. His compositions range from rich, symphonic arrangements to sparsely elegant solo piano. Bradley is a great keyboardist . . . and a wonderful composer! Yanni Bradley Joseph is a composer who's in touch with his music. - Entertainment Tonight Bradley is one of our top sellers in the Chicago market - Musicland Put a Bradley Joseph CD in your player, leave the immediate world behind and enjoy!

5. Pianist Bradley Joseph-YanniTour
My BIG Solo! Look at that concentration ..This is my view every show. Back to menu.
My BIG Solo! Look at that concentration..... This is my view every show. Back to menu

6. Pianist Bradley Joseph-YanniTour
bradley s keyboard setup from the side. Thevideo directors workstation. Back to menu.
Bradley's keyboard setup from the side. The video directors workstation. Back to menu

7. MUSISCOPE - Instrumentistes - Piano
joseph, bradley pianist/composer, formerly with Yanni and SheenaEaston. Page includes sound clips, photos, ordering info, more.

Instrumentistes - Liste des pianistes et de leurs agents. Sites en Français

8. JFLC - Hank Jones
Hank Jones, Solo Piano. by joseph Hooper 33) bradley pianist MULGREW MILLER.34) Vox Mulgrew Miller (MM int
Jazz From Lincoln Center Hank Jones, Solo Piano by Joseph Hooper
1) Music: Satin Doll (Ellington) (12/17) 2) Vox: Mulgrew Miller (MM int. #252, 10/2/98 at 15:40) "He is a gentleman first. You notice that right away.// A very refined personality. And that comes through in his music. Taste." George Mraz (MZ int. #252, 10/2/98 at 0:22) "//He's special in every way (laugh).// (note: skip a couple sentences) "First time I really heard of him was from Oscar Peterson when I used to play with him // and he always talked about Hank Jones. He had two favorites. Art Tatum and Hank Jones." 3) Bradley: MUSICIANS HAVE A GREAT RESPECT FOR HANK JONES, BUT FOR MOST OF HIS CAREER, HE HAS BEEN CONSIDERED MORE A TEAM PLAYER THAN A JAZZ STAR. THROUGH THE LATE '40S AND EARLY '50S, HE BACKED ELLA FITZGERALD AND TRAVELED WITH THE ENSEMBLE CALLED "JAZZ AT THE PHILHARMONIC". HE RECORDED WITH THE GREATS: BENNY GOODMAN, CHARLIE PARKER, AND MILT JACKSON. THEN HE SPENT SEVENTEEN YEARS WITH THE CBS STUDIO ORCHESTRA, CHOOSING A STEADY PAYCHECK AND FAMILY LIFE OVER THE UNCERTAINTIES OF THE ROAD. 3) Bradley: (cont.)

9. Bill Nunn
joseph Robbie Robertson; Substitute Failure Is Not an Option, The aka Legend ofthe pianist on the Ocean, The bradley, Physical Therapist; New Jack City (1991

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Bill Nunn
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20 October
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
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Commanding black performer Bill Nunn made his feature debut in fellow... (show more)
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  • 10. Artist Page
    bradley ParkerSparrow Composer/pianist/Recording Engineer (312 As a pianist-composerSparrow s compositions appear and composed ballets for joseph Holmes and

    11. Welcome To
    biography, reviews, engagements, teaching availability information, and more forthe internationally acclaimed pianist. joseph, bradley Jurriaanse, Ariane
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    Ax, Emanuel

    Babinsky, Margarete
    - provides biography, sound clips, photos, reviews, discography, and more for the Austrian pianist. Badura-Skoda, Paul

    12. Jazz From Lincoln Center: Geri Allen
    Geri Allen: Solo Piano Jazz From Lincoln Center Final Draft, December 14, 1998 by Joseph Hooper 1) Music: RTG (Allen) (solo concert 10/29/98) (edit sugg: first choice 3:30-5:40 block; second choice 2:50-4; third 6:30 end) 2) Vox: Teo Macero (TM int. 11/16/98 at 3:55) "I'm impressed. I think she's probably the best pianist today, bar none, man or woman. // There's something chemically in the make-up that makes her move forward and get you by the head, gets you to think a little bit." Geri Allen (GA int. 10/30/98 at 56:50) "//I use all the information I can// I love the way Ravel used the instrument and the way that Debussy used the instrument//. There are a lot of ways to approach it// but I also, I think as a basis for my departure, the history of the jazz piano, // it's the mothership. (laughs)" (note: if above vox is too tangled, here is alt. geri) Alt. Vox: Geri Allen (GA int. 10/30/98 at 55:45) "When you look at the history of the piano and how its been used in jazz, // there's so much there in the pallette in the instrument, that I have to find my own way through that. // Making the instrument itself speak and finding// the most direct ways to do that//." Alt Vox: Andy Bey (AB int. 10/30/98 at 16:40)

    13. Caskets On Parade - Book Of The Dead: "Bo" - "Bt"
    composer/arranger/pianist Margaret Bonds wrote music for Shakespeare in Titanic 4thofficer joseph Groves Boxhall born on 3 War II soldier John H. bradley on of
    Caskets On Parade Book of the Dead ... Obits: "Bo" - "Bt" Caskets On Parade Book of the Dead Obits Bo Bt A Ba - Bd Bi - Bh Bo - Bn Bo - Bt Bu - Bz B C D ... Main movie writer Jeffrey Boam did screenplays for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) and Lethal Weapon 3
    born on in Rochester, New York
    expired age cause: lung disease
    former Croatian Army chief of staff Janko Bobetko indicted by the U.N. war crimes tribunal (1991)
    born on in Sisak, Croatia
    expired in Zagreb, Croatia age
    research scientist Dr. Frederick Carl Bock as an Army Air Corps Captain flew the B-29 ("Great Artiste") that monitored the Nagasaki bombing ; the B-29 that he usually flew ("Bockscar") dropped the bomb and was piloted by Major Charles Sweeney
    born on in Greenville, Michigan
    expired in Scottsdale, Arizona age cause: cancer
    University of Pennsylvania China scholar Derek Bodde was the first Fulbright scholar (1948); author of Peking Diary: A Year of Revolution
    born on in Brant Rock, Massachusetts expired in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania age underground comics artist Vaughn Frederic Bode liked to draw lizards born on in Utica, New York

    14. Tom And Jerry - Encyclopedia Article About Tom And Jerry. Free Access, No Regist
    many of the creative staff like William Hanna and joseph Barbera. Jerry cartoons upto 1958 was written by Scott bradley Composer, pianist and conductor and Jerry
    Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
    Tom and Jerry
    Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Tom and Jerry Pairing of names from Pierce Egan's Pierce Egan (1772-1849), early journalist, sportswriter, and writer on popular culture. He wrote first about boxing in his serial publication, Boxiana, or Sketches of Modern Pugilism (1824), in which he originated the description of boxing as "the sweet science". In 1824, he began publication of a monthly journal, Life in London . His articles for that paper were collected in his best-known work,
    Click the link for more information. Life in London, or Days and Nights of Jerry Hawthorne and his elegant friend Corinthian Tom . Egan was a noted chronicler of London low life of the Regency Period The English Regency , or simply Regency , is a name typically given to a period from 1811 to 1820 in the history of the United Kingdom. During this time the Prince Regent, later King George IV of the United Kingdom, governed the United Kingdom during the incapacity of his father, King George III of the United Kingdom. Artistic trends of the time include:
    • Regency dance
    • Regency novels

    Click the link for more information.

    15. Brad Mehldau, Solo Piano
    Jazz From Lincoln Center. Brad Mehldau, Solo Piano. by joseph Hooper. 23)bradley pianist BRAD MEHLDAU. ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE. .
    Jazz From Lincoln Center Brad Mehldau, Solo Piano by Joseph Hooper 1) Music: Sehnsucht 2) Vox : Brad Mehldau (BM int. 9/24 at 35:30) "//It's composers like Schuman, Schubert, // Brahms, who have this interior, // inner thing that pulls you in//. (note: go back two sentences) For whatever reason it seems to suit my temperament.// (note: skip forward a couple sentences) Ever since I can remember I was like that. Those were the kinds of things that appealed to me from a very early age with music. The very fine line between loneliness and // solitude, reflection. (note: optional close) Being alone, always appealed to me when I was a kid//." 3) Bradley: MODERN STANDARDS AND CLASSICAL JAZZ STYLE - BRAD MEHLDAU AT THE PIANO ON THIS EDITION FROM JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER . I'M ED BRADLEY. 4) Music (fades) 5) Bradley: FOR MOST JAZZ PIANISTS, THE STRUCTURE OF A TUNE TELLS THEM WHAT THEY CAN AND CAN'T DO AS IMPROVISERS - BUT NOT BRAD MEHLDAU. SURE OF HIS ABILITIES, HE APPROACHES A SONG LIKE A COMPOSER WITH A THEME AND A BLANK PAGE. WHEN HE CHOOSES A DIFFICULT TUNE LIKE JOHN COLTRANE'S "COUNTDOWN," THINGS CAN GET A LITTLE UNUSUAL.

    16. JOHN BELL YOUNG, Pianist
    with Hugh Downs, John DesMarteau, joseph Fabio, Edvard Lieber, bradley Pennington,Joanna The superb American pianist and Fulbright scholar, Albert

    John Bell Young's Critic's Choice of Great Pianists

    Aftermath: John Bell Young's Account of New York, September 11-18
    For John Bell Young's VIDEO MASTERCLASS ARCHIVES, the most commprehensive site on the Internet devoted to master classes on the piano repertoire taught by internationally celebrated concert artists, please visit: WWW.MASTERCLASS.WS
    For booking information
    for your series, university or organization see Mr. Young's agent, Identity Marketing for Concert Artists (IMCA) at
    Email: To read John Bell Young's paper on Intonatsia and the Politics of Expression: Russian Intonation in Theory and in Practice , presented at the 1998 World Piano Pedagogy Conference, go to:
    John Bell Young's experimental article Confession of Alexander Scriabin , in which he addresses the interpretaion of the never completed Mysterium and Prefatory Action can be found at:

    17. The Magnificent Melting Object
    Quicktime), courtesy of host/pianist Park Changsoo Dan Reynolds, and, hopefoolly,Tim bradley (featuring Kelvin joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate in economics and
    The Magnificent Melting Object
    contact me
    Super Unity!


    Foster/Jenkins/Eubanks Trio
    Anecdotal Evidence
    An Austin TX zine, by Josh Ronson, called Monk Mink Pink Punk , has been around for 10ish years. The new issue is online only, and features several fine Gyorgy Ligeti interviews. Two of them are published for the first time in English. I did not know that the original names of Amando and Amanda (in Le Grand Macabre ) were Spermando and Clitoria , but I'm glad I found out.
    I get to teach Kafka this summer!
    In international news, I received two boxes of cds from rasbliutto and urantia , and some stuff from jyrk . The Bird cassette is jaw-droppingly beautiful, the GOD cdr is a pleasant surprise, and the Super Unity 5-cdr box set is a woozy diversion with phenomenal packaging. The Don->Dan disc I'm up and down on, same goes for the Hundred Flowers Ensemble and the Joe Foster/John Krausbauer , but I'm happy to hear/see the Heart/Po$ter after lo these many. I almost had to pay huge import tax because Eubanks got silly on the valuation, but my coworker fluently talked them out of it and into settling for 50,000 won (about 42 buck$).
    On the European front, I have some

    18. Pianist Resources
    watkins pianist; great pianists; laredo pianist; Famous pianists; bradley moorepianist; NUDE pianist; download the jazz pianist; joseph backer classical
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  • the jazz pianist vol.2
  • 19. Babel: Roundtable: May 1999: The State Of Classical Music: Foreword
    joseph Fabio Real estate developer, record producer Edvard Lieber pianist, composer,filmmaker, recording bradley Pennington Executive Director Boston Bel
    May 1999 The State Of Classical Music: A Prognosis For Its Future In The 21 st Century By John Bell Young Featuring: John DesMarteau: Producer, President of Americus Records Hugh Downs : Co-anchor of ABC-TV News Live From Lincoln Center Joseph Fabio : Real estate developer, record producer, patron of the arts Constance Keene: Pianist, recording artist, professor: Manhattan School of Music Edvard Lieber : Pianist, composer, filmmaker, recording artist Bradley Pennington: Executive Director: Boston Bel Canto Opera Joanna Porackova: Dramatic soprano Paul Sperry: Tenor, recording artist, professor of voice at the Juilliard School John Bell Young: Pianist, recording artist, critic for American Record Guide, Opera News, Babel FOREWORD St. Petersburg Times in 1997, as timely as they are prescient. In discussing the role of the arts in contemporary society, and particularly in an America obsessed with fame and the sybaritic pleasures of youth, he said: Who Killed Classical Music?

    20. Meet The Composer - Composer Contacts
    Benzecry Composer from Argentina; Stephanie Bennett; joseph Benzola; Dan Phillip Bimstein;Laurence Bitensky Composer and pianist; Ed Bland; G. bradley Bodine;
    Board of Directors


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