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1. Byron Janis
byron janis. FIRSTS OR DISTINCTIONS. First American pianist sent toUSSR to open the Cultural Exchange Program 1960. First pianist
Byron Janis
First American pianist sent to USSR to open the Cultural Exchange Program 1960 First pianist to appear on front page of the New York Times twice in 7 years in 1960 for his extraordinary success for opening the Cultural Exchange between the United States and Soviet Union and in 1967 for his discovery of two Chopin Waltzes in France First American pianist to record in Russia First American pianist to win Grand Prix du Disque for his recording of Rachmaninoff 1st and Prokofieff 3rd concertos First American to win Harriet Cohen International Music Award the Beethoven Medal, 1962 for best performance of two Beethoven Sonatas, the "Waldstein" and Opus 109 Inaugurated the American Week at the Brussels World's Fair First Russian performance of Copland Sonata and Gershwin Piano Concerto First performance of Gershwin Piano Concerto in Buenos Aires, Argentina First pianist to perform all Five Rachmaninoff Concertos in two evenings The prestigious British publication Classical CD Magazine has chosen Byron Janis' recording of the Rachmaninoff 3 as the best recording of this concerto.

2. LICENSEBOX - Personality - Byron Janis
World renowned concert pianist byron janis has inspired millions through themagic of his music and wonderfully inspirational story of strength and
Home Profile Properties Services ... Contact World renowned concert Pianist Byron Janis has inspired millions through the magic of his music and wonderfully inspirational story of strength and determination to overcome the debilitating pain caused by arthritis and the depression caused by a 20 year absence of playing the piano. Mr. Janis represents the beauty of classical music and the will of the human spirit. Recordings Byron Janis - Pictures at an Exhibition - Moussorgsky Byron Janis - In Moscow Byron Janis - Rachmaninoff Tchaikovsky Byron Janis - Rachmaninoff Encore Byron Janis Great Pianists of the 20th Century I Great Pianists of the 20th Century II Byron Janis - Plays Chopin Byron Janis - True Romantic ©2001 MODA Entertainment, Inc.

3. Saluting Byron Janis -
Larger Text Smaller Text. Saluting byron janis. Tools Print this article The "Today" show's salute to Pittsburgh pianist byron janis, which was preempted in March by the war in
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Larger Text Smaller Text Saluting Byron Janis Tools Print this article E-mail this article Subscribe to this paper Larger Smaller Text By Mark Kanny TRIBUNE-REVIEW CLASSICAL MUSIC CRITIC Wednesday, May 28, 2003 The "Today" show's salute to Pittsburgh pianist Byron Janis, which was pre-empted in March by the war in Iraq, will air at 7 a.m. Thursday on NBC, locally on WPXI (Channel 11). Bob Dodson interviewed the pianist in his Park Avenue apartment in New York City. Janis made his Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra debut at age 16, a performance that led directly to becoming the first piano student of Vladimir Horowitz. He had a major career and recorded extensively, but arthritis curtailed his concertizing. Janis is married to Maria Cooper, daughter of film star Gary Cooper. He is writing his autobiography. She's writing a biography of her father and his friendship with author Ernest Hemingway.

4. Byron Janis: Can't Stop The Music
There is no denying that psoriatic arthritis changed byron janis's life. In addition to the pain and the For me, as a pianist, it was having it in both
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Byron Janis: Can't Stop the Music
There is no denying that psoriatic arthritis changed Byron Janis's life. In addition to the pain and the skin involvement that comes with this type of arthritis, joint deterioration meant Janis had to have surgery that shortened his thumb on his left hand, leaving him unable to reach the next octave on the piano easily. The pain and depression resulting from arthritis left him suicidal. He stopped working for two and a half years. Fifteen years after he announced he would no longer play in public, Byron Janis, at age 71, has rebuilt his life. He spoke to the Arthritis Foundation about how arthritis has changed and enhanced his life, and what he learned about himself in the process. AF:
When did you know that you wanted to be a concert pianist?
BJ: When I was five years old. AF: How did you cope with your diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis?
BJ: I took an aggressive stand in exploring ways of dealing with the pain. I used

Internationally renowned concert pianist; includes biography, recordings, reviews, performances.
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©2001 Byron Janis
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pianist byron janis recently overcame a decadeslong disability in his hands to record a lovely, contemplative CD of music by Frederic Chopin. But what was his playing like before his hand trouble

7. Uri Geller Peace Cadillac
East. I told my close friend, the concert pianist byron janis inNew York, and he said When you do it, I want to come too. . I
May 14 th The Jerusalem Report VOLUME IX NO.1 Uri Geller Peace Cadillac THIS IS A CRAZY IDEA. BUT IT'S THE CRAZY IDEAS which sometimes change the world. The idea has been growing for a long time now. It started off with my custom-built Cadillac Brougham, a 1976 gas-guzzling, sleek, chrome monster I bought at the height of my Seventies excesses, when I was very rich and very famous and wanted everybody to know about it. When I moved to Britain, a dozen years later, I had to stop driving the Caddy. It wasn't practical in the small village of Sonning-on-Thames. To give me room for a 3-point turn, the local police had to seal off traffic from both directions. I knocked my two garages into one, which provided just enough space to park the car, and bought a Toyota. But I dreamed of one last trip in my glorious, impractical behemoth - a kind of pilgrimage, a drive for peace, across the Middle East. I told my close friend, the concert pianist Byron Janis in New York, and he said: "When you do it, I want to come too." I said, "Byron, that's nice, but this is a very personal thing. Something I need to do alone."

8. Five Questions For Pianist Byron Janis
Five questions for pianist byron janis. Sunday, March 23, 2003 One wonders how many miles renowned pianist byron janis' hands have traveled on their countless runs up and down the
Pittsburgh, PA
June 4, 2004 News Sports Lifestyle Classifieds ... About Us Take me to... Search Local News Nation/World Sports Obituaries Lifestyle Business Opinion Photo Journal Weather Classifieds PG Store PG Delivery Web Extras Contact Us About Us Help Corrections Site Map Previous Articles Movies/Videos TV/Radio Books ...

Five questions for pianist Byron Janis Sunday, March 23, 2003 By Andrew Druckenbrod, Post-Gazette Classical Music Critic One wonders how many miles renowned pianist Byron Janis' hands have traveled on their countless runs up and down the keyboard. But it's quality, not quantity that brought fame to the McKeesport-born pianist. His commanding virtuosity and insightful interpretations have led him around the world and placed him on many recordings. He debuted in Carnegie Hall as a 20-year-old and was included in the Phillip's "Greatest Pianists of the 20th Century" series a few years ago. Since arthritis has hindered his ability to perform, he has been devoting time to composing music and to writing an autobiography. On the occasion of his 75th birthday tomorrow, we got the busy-as-ever musician to pause for five questions on the phone from his residence in New York City, where he lives with wife Maria Cooper, daughter of Gary Cooper.

A PUBLIC MAN, A PRIVATE BATTLE. CLASSICAL pianist byron janis. courtesy of National Arthritis News " byron janis brings an experience like no other the union of reason of ecstasy, of logic and of
A PUBLIC MAN, A PRIVATE BATTLE. CLASSICAL PIANIST BYRON JANIS courtesy of National Arthritis News "Byron Janis brings an experience like no other...the union of reason of ecstasy, of logic and of exaltation. He touches the dangerous boundaries of the sublime, where I believe, great art resides." Jean Cotte, French journalist who writes for Le Journal Du dimanche and France Soir. Great artists inspire awe in others because they appear to be "superhuman." In their finest moments they seem to be inspired by something beyond themselves, to touch the heavens and bring something greater than human to earth. But even the best artists must face the restrictions imposed by a human body. The mind and body must work together, and while the mind may soar to great heights, the body must always work to overcome its physical limitations. The body presents boundaries which only those who are driven to excel can surpass. Byron Janis is hailed internationally as one of the world's greatest pianists. Since his debut at age 15 with the Pittsburgh Symphony, he has performed in all the great concert halls of the world, as well as the White House. The first American pianist to "break through" the Iron Curtain, Janis inspired forty minutes of applause from an audience in Moscow; in France, he was awarded the Chevalier des Arts et Lettres. Among many other honors and awards he counts the Grand Pris du Disque and the Harriet Cohen International Music Award for a recording. His genius for music was discovered at an early age, and he became the renowned Vladimir Horowitz's first student. Byron Janis has been a major force in the world of music for over 40 years. And honors continue to come his way, the most recent one being the Artist Award, which was presented to him by Pennsylvania Governor Richard Thornburg in May.

10. LICENSEBOX - Properties
byron janis. World renowned pianist, byron janis, has been gifted sinceearly childhood with the beauty of music at his fingertips.
Home Profile Properties Services ... Gary Cooper Western cowboy, or international sophisticate, Gary Cooper starred in over 90 memorable films. His most famous films include High Noon, Sgt. York, For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Pride Of The Yankees, Meet John Doe, and Beau Geste. "YUP!" Frances Dee The beautiful and vivacious Frances Dee has starred in over 45 unforgettable films such as Little Women, Wells Fargo (with husband Joel McCrea) , Souls At Sea, and Because of You. Ms. Dee is currently still acting in films and working on her biography. Carl Foreman Writer/Producer Carl Foreman has penned some of Hollywood's most poignant films including The Men, The Guns of Navarone, Bridge On The River Kwai

11. Cheap Byron Janis Prokofiev; Rachmaninov (Recorded By Mercury
Dreyfuss movie The Competition, and byron janis s performance is Reviews. AverageRating Rating janis delivers The best drive of both the pianist and the

12. BYRON JANIS - The Pianist
HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME THE MUSICAL. Click here to see more of Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame byron janis has written a remarkably beautiful and touching score byron janis has composed the theme for the feature film byron janis wrote the musical theme for the Global Forum
HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME - THE MUSICAL Byron Janis has written a remarkably beautiful and touching score to the classical story, written by Victor Hugo, making this his most ambitious and spectacular project to date. Currently on its way to Broadway. Click here to see more of Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame COOPER AND HEMINGWAY: THE TRUE GEN Byron Janis has composed the theme for the feature film documentary on the fascinating friendship between screen legend Gary Cooper and celebrated author Ernest Hemingway, which will be in theaters at the end of 2001. A HERO'S PASSING BY The talent of Byron Janis as a composer was again exhibited in the music that he created for a major special on Gary Cooper that aired in November, 1989 on Turner Network Television. THE ONE WORLD Byron Janis wrote the musical theme for the Global Forum on Human Survival that was held at Oxford, England, April 1988, and for the PBS Special that featured the conference, and for the documentary film which was aired around the world. The music has since been turned into a song, "The One World", in collaboration with Sammy Cahn as lyricist.

13. VMTA Conference: Byron Janis Concert
byron janis Concert Tickets. Each Conference Registrant will receive 1 complimentary ticket for the byron janis Concert in his/her registration packet. Additional tickets will be available for purchase from the Concert Hall Box Office. pianist Vladimir Horowitz heard 16year-old janis play, he was so impressed he invited him to become his first student." byron janis
Byron Janis Concert Tickets
Each Conference Registrant will receive 1 complimentary ticket for the Byron Janis Concert in his/her registration packet. Additional tickets will be available for purchase from the Concert Hall Box Office. Adult guests of VMTA members will receive a 20 percent discount off the listed ticket price. Student guests will receive a 50 percent discount. Ticket prices for guests of VMTA members will be: Adult: $14.00 (reflects 20% discount) Student: $ 8.75 (reflects 50% discount) In order to be seated together with his/her guests the VMTA member will need to exchange his/her ticket for one in the same area as his/her guests. Members may book additional tickets ahead of time by calling the ticket office at (703)-218-6500 ( ) and requesting the appropriate VMTA ticket discount. The Box Office will be open from 10:00am-6:00pm Friday, October 31 and from 10:00am through the Concert on Saturday, November 1 should you wish to wait to purchase your additional tickets.
Byron Janis
Jen Graves of The News Tribune in Tacoma, WA writes that the career of Byron Janis "started when a kindergarten teacher tipped his parents off to his talents after hearing him imitate songs on a xylophone. At 8, he was studying with the great Russian pianists Josef Lhevinne and his wife, Rosina. He went on to study with Adele Marcus, one of Lhevinne's pupils. When the legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz heard 16-year-old Janis play, he was so impressed he invited him to become his first student." Byron Janis made his orchestral debut at age 15 with Toscanini's NBC Symphony Orchestra. This prompted other orchestral appearances, including one with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. As a result of these appearances, Janis became the first student of Vladimir Horowitz and studied with him for four years. He was the youngest artist ever signed to a contract by RCA Victor Records; at 19 Janis completed a highly acclaimed first concert tour abroad to South America.

14. Erickson Retirement Communities - News Bureau
janis. byron made his debut at age 15 with Arturo Toscanini, on the NBC SymphonyHour, and was the first student of Horowitz. He is a proven composer, pianist

15. Janis, SR90300
byron janis (b. 1928) was one of the most brilliant of his generation of Then janisembarked on a successful career as a concert pianist, including a

Site Map Systems Gallery User Manuals ... Misc. Photo I found this one at a local GoodWill for 99 cents. Condition is NM/NM. Performance is inspired. Sonics offer a great concert hall ambience with explosive dynamics. In short, I liked it. An excerpt taken from "Biography: Byron Janis (b. 1928) was one of the most brilliant of his generation of American pianists before his career was cut short by illness. At the age of seven he was taken to New York, becoming a pupil of Adele Marcus, then with Joseph and Rosina Lhévinne. In 1943 he made his professional debut playing Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No 2 with the NBC Symphony Orchestra in New York, with Frank Black conducting. In 1944 he repeated the same concerto in Pittsburgh with thirteen- year-old Lorin Maazel conducting the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Vladimir Horowitz was in the audience, and subsequently invited Janis to study with him. Then Janis embarked on a successful career as a concert pianist, including a 1948 tour to South America, and a 1952 tour of Europe. In 1960 Janis was chosen as the first American artist to be sent to the Soviet Union, opening a newly formed Cultural Exchange between the USSR and the United States. The result was a brilliant Mercury Living Presence LP that is an all-time classic, pairing the Rachmaninov First and Prokofiev Third Concertos. Aided by exemplary sound recording, the Prokofiev in particular is still regarded by many connoisseurs as the work's finest recorded interpretation. In 1995 the CD version won the Cannes Award for Best Reissue. He interrupted his career in the late 1960s at the onset of an illness, and temporarily resumed it in 1972. Soon however, his concert appearances became more rare....."

16. Byron Jannis And The UW Orchestra @ Meany Theater
But virtuoso pianist byron janis, hailed as one of the great ones by the ChicagoTribune, is a wonderfully amiable and charming man, eager to share his music
The University of Washington Student Newspaper Thursday, January 23, 1997
Byron Jannis and the UW Orchestra @ Meany Theater
Amy Swanson

Daily Staff This man was one of the first American musicians allowed to perform in the Soviet Union - at the height of the Cold War - bringing his audience to tears. On his invitational return trip in 1962, he made history by recording with a Russian orchestra. This now-legendary recording won him the coveted Grand Prix du Disque, the international Grammy, as the first American pianist to accomplish such a feat. He played his first Carnegie Hall recital in 1948, 15 years after starting piano lessons at age five, and the rave reviews from his subsequent decades of international tours are seemingly endless. With credentials like these (to name but a few) he could be forgiven a touch of arrogance. But virtuoso pianist Byron Janis, hailed as "one of the great ones" by the Chicago Tribune, is a wonderfully amiable and charming man, eager to share his music and his wealth of knowledge. Now, the legendary Janis is bringing his music and knowledge to UW, presenting Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major with the University Symphony Orchestra next Tuesday.

17. Dave S Psoriasis Info - Famous People Index
janis, byron (pianist with PA in his fingers, b. 1928) Home Page;;International Piano Competition and Festival Jury Biographies;

18. Biography Search
Physician, born in New York City, New York, USA. janis, byron,, (1928 ).pianist, born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USA. janis, Elsie,, (1889-1956).

19. NPR : Performance Today For Wednesday, June 18, 1997
(Egre Recordings). ». pianist byron janis PERFORMS. pianist byron janisperforms the Mazurka in F minor Op. 67, No. . pianist byron janis RECENTLY.

20. Salon | Sharps And Flats
surely that is too pedantic a way of classifying these performances that seem sonaturally expressed on byron janis Plays Chopin. Every pianist plays Chopin


Want to buy this CD?
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Various Artists
Soundtrack to "The Saint"
Auntie Christ
"Life Could Be A Dream"
Daft Punk "Homework" That Dog "Retreat from the Sun" The Muffs "Happy Birthday To Me" SEARCH MUSIC ARCHIVES BY: Artist Genre Title Reviewer ... INTERVIEW with Mark Eitzel By Dave Eggers MUSIC FEATURES ARCHIVE document.write(''); byron janis plays chopin WALTZES, NOCTURNES AND MAZURKAS EMI in a time when many lament the passing of a great era of pianists, along comes Byron Janis to remind us of them. Janis is one of yesterday's pianists. He had a brilliant career beginning in the 1950s, and the recordings he made for Mercury in that period are legendary, especially a dynamic performance of Rachmaninoff's First Piano Concerto with Fritz Reiner. In the mid-'70s, he developed arthritis in his hands, and rather than stop performing, struggled on for a decade before increasingly vicious reviews and creeping immobility convinced him to stop. In retirement Janis served a brief stint as director of the Waterloo Festival and, improbably, wrote a musical theater version of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," that played briefly on Broadway. In the summer of 1995, Janis discovered drugs that eased his arthritis, allowing him to go into the studio and make this disc of Chopin mazurkas, nocturnes and waltzes, his first recording in 34 years. The disc confirms Janis' former glory. Mazurkas aren't something you can really teach. Sure, the notes are learnable, and most any pianist can wrap his fingers around the basic meter. But there's something elusive and undefinable about how mazurkas get from their first to their second beats, how that little nudge in the middle of the bar propels the line forward, how a slight hesitation dropped into the accompaniment sets up the melody and lets it exhale. Jazz played from written scores is only an imitation of a feeling; likewise, mazurkas read from the page are plastic flowers at best. The late classical pianist Arthur Rubinstein had it right less concerned about hitting a few wrong notes than he was about expressing his musicality, he had a way of playing mazurkas that made you smell them before they reached your ear.

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