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1. Leopold Godowsky
A comprehensive site dedicated to classicalcomposer and pianist leopold godowsky.

2. Leopold Godowsky - Biography
leopold godowsky (18701938) leopold godowsky was a unique figure among all his contemporaries a phenomenal pianist and musician of the most
Leopold Godowsky (1870-1938)
by Jeremy Nicholas
(author of Godowsky - The Pianists' Pianist
I am not concerned at not being known; I seek to be worthy to be known. -K'ung fu-tzu, quoted by Godowsky in the foreword to his Bach transcriptions I love the piano and those who love the piano. The piano as a medium for expression is a whole world by itself. No other instrument can fill or replace its own say in the world of emotion, sentiment, poetry, imagery and fancy. -Leopold Godowsky in a letter to Maurice Aronson (Paris, 10th July 1931)
Godowsky was born on 13 February 1870, the only child of Anna and Matthew Godowsky, in Sozly, a little town not far from Wilno, the ancient capital of Lithuania. His father, a respected physician, died in a cholera epidemic only eighteen months after his son's birth. With barely enough money for food and lodgings, Anna and her infant son moved to nearby Schirwinty and thence, at the invitation of her friends Louis and Minna Passinock, to Wilno. Louis's consuming passion was music - a fine amateur violinist who ran a piano shop - and, having no children of his own, set about teaching young Leopold the violin in the hope that he might turn him into a second Paganini. Though his pupil was soon proficient enough to have mastered the solo part of Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E minor it was to the piano that he was instinctively drawn, despite being actively discouraged at first. I would be very glad could I have stated with truth that I was a pupil of [Franz] Liszt or any other great man, but I was not. I have not had three months lessons in my life. I have been told I was playing the piano before I was two. I think, however, an imaginative family perpetrated this story. I cannot vouch for the truth one way or the other. I have had some extraordinary experience, and this may have happened. I do not remember whether anybody taught me the value and meaning of notes and the use of the fingers of the keyboard, or whether I acquired my knowledge in an autodidactic way, but I do remember that I had no help from my fifth year on.

3. International Piano Archives At Maryland, UM Libraries
leopold godowsky. leopold godowsky, a composer and pianist, was born in Wilna, Russia on February 13, 1870. godowsky made his first public performance at the age of 9, which was followed by tours of
Performing Arts Library International Piano Archives at Maryland The Collection
Leopold Godowsky
Leopold Godowsky, a composer and pianist, was born in Wilna, Russia on February 13, 1870. Godowsky made his first public performance at the age of 9, which was followed by tours of Russia, Poland and Germany. Five years after his initial appearance, Godowsky toured America for the first time. Throughout his life, Godowsky would tour all over the world from spots in Europe and the U.S. to places like Java, Cuba, Japan and South America. Nicknamed "The Brahma of the Keyboard" by Leon Saxe, Godowsky forged a career that covered a variety of posts, from the director of the Piano Department at the Chicago Conservatory of Music (1895 to 1900) to the Emperor Director at the Piano School of the Imperial Academy of Music in Vienna. Well known as a composer, performer and teacher, Godowsky's life turn took a downward turn in 1930 when he suffered a severe stroke, which rendered him unable to perform. Coupled with financial problems, Godowsky's health sunk him into a depression from which he never fully recovered. Godowsky died in New York City on November 21, 1938. Godowsky summed up the highs and lows of his career aptly when he said "I worked honestly with the highest ideals for my chosen art and beloved instrument. I have accomplished in my field more and greater things than all my contemporary colleagues. Yet real recognition and material benefits were not given to me; but crediting me sparingly and grudgingly, my life ebbed, and now I find myself ill and poor. A few know the importance of my having lived. When I am but a memory my works and my influence will begin to live."

4. Choate Rosemary Hall Fall 98
The Clinton, Connecticut, retreat of leopold godowsky III '56 is as richly textured as his life He is the grandson of leopold godowsky, Sr., the pianist and composer
Leopold Godowsky III '56 Leopold Godowsky III '56
The Gershwin Legacy Continues
By Heather Zavod The Clinton, Connecticut, retreat of Leopold Godowsky III '56 is as richly textured as his life
and work. The cozy, beamed rooms of the older part of the fieldstone house lead to a glorious two-story room surrounded on three sides by glass walls and dominated by a grand piano. Godowsky is a composer, a pianist, and also the nephew of George and Ira Gershwin.
This year, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of George Gershwin, Godowsky performed his Concerto in F at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall last February and again in November with the Wallingford Symphony Orchestra at the Paul Mellon Arts Center. Chicago Tribune music critic Howard Reich says, "Pianist Godowsky...offers one of the most romantic
and heartfelt performances of the Concerto in F in the last three decades." "The family connection is not a secret," Godowsky says, "but I've always been very shy about taking advantage of it."
The Concerto in F, which Godowsky ranks with Porgy and Bess as among Gershwin's most important works, is unique in the way it combines jazz and the more classical elements of music. Accepting an invitation to perform at Lincoln Center, Godowsky learned the second and third movements in three monthsa short time for such a demanding pieceand without listening to other recordings because he wanted to interpret the music for himself. What makes his performance amazing is that Godowsky is dyslexic. He began to study piano at the age of five, but, unable to read music, he played mostly by ear. In his later teens, when "music meant more to me than anything," Godowsky compensated for this then-unrecognized problem and strengthened his sight-reading ability through sheer repetition and practice.

5. SoundStage! Leopold Godowsky - Java Suite
May 2001. leopold godowsky Java Suite. Pro Piano Records PPR224529 leopold godowsky (1870-1938), a Polish-born pianist and composer, was considered a piano prodigy from an early age
May 2001
Leopold Godowsky - Java Suite
Pro Piano Records

Released: 2000 by John Crossett
Musical Performance Recording Quality Overall Enjoyment Pro Piano Records is a new label to me, but a quick perusal of their website revealed that they have released quite a number of recordings (all solo piano big surprise, huh?) over the last few years. All of their discs have been recorded to the highest standards of the day; most are 20-bit, although the most recent are 24-bit. Leopold Godowsky (1870-1938), a Polish-born pianist and composer, was considered a piano prodigy from an early age. He claimed that he had no teacher that he could remember, although he did spend time with Camille Saint-Saëns discussing theory. He wrote prolifically throughout his life, mostly for the piano. His Java Suite for solo piano, written in 1920, consists of 12 pieces, in four parts, and commemorates his impressions and feelings from his journey to Indonesia. This suite has never, until now, been recorded in its entirety. Esther Budiardjo, the performer on this disc, comes from Indonesia. She is currently completing her doctorate at the New England Conservatory of Music and has been performing publicly since 1993. This is her second disc for Pro Piano (she previously did an all-Mendelssohn album).

6. Leopold Godowski
leopold godowsky, the greatest contemporary pianist, passed away staying a goodand honest friend of Soviet Union, and a lively and tireless antifascist.
Heinrich Neuhaus Web Site
Leopold Godowsky
By H.Neuhaus
home who we are sviatoslav richter leopold godowsky ... write us Web design:
visitors since October, 16th, 2000 A Note by the Editor (V.Voskobojnikov) This 1939 report is an excerpt from the book "Riflessioni, Ricordi, Diari, Lettere" ("Thoughts, recollections, diaries, letters") edited by Valerij Voskobojnikov, Sellerio Editore (in Italian). Leopold Godowsky was one of my friends and my best Teacher, too. I can recollect my first meeting with such a beautiful pianist. Upon suggestion of F.M. Blumenfel'd - one of the estimators of his talent - my father sent me to him in Berlin in order to follow his piano classes. This small, chubby but lively man spoke me in a very plain way. After he heard my performance of the F minor Chopin's Piano Concert, he told me: "You have your own personality, and I will keep it". Godowsky used to talk very little with his pupils during his lessons, and even more seldom about performance techniques. Most of his pupils - coming from any corner of the world - were thinking that the Maestro, the great virtuoso, would have initiated them to the secrets of the technical mastery - but they would have been disappointed. During his lessons Godowsky was talking only about music. This photo of L.Godowsky appears at page 75 of the third volume in Russian language devoted to Neuhaus "Genrich Nejgauz. Vospominanija. Pis'ma. Materialy" ("H. Neuhaus, recollections, letters, papers"), Moscow 1992, edited by Elena Richter, who was one of his pupils.

7. MSN Encarta - Godowsky, Leopold
godowsky, leopold. godowsky, leopold ( 18701938), Polish American pianist and composer, one of the also in Vienna (1909-14). godowsky was acclaimed for his brilliant piano

8. A Note To The Text About Godowski, By V.Voskobojnikov
They are astonishingly difficult, so that only a pianist of the caliber 24 Tonfantasienim Dreiniertestakt für Klavier von leopold godowsky ( Masks’ waltzes
Heinrich Neuhaus Web Site
A note to the text
By Valerij Voskobojnikov
home who we are sviatoslav richter leopold godowsky ... write us Web design:
visitors since October, 16th, 2000 "An example about how much some Russian composer greatly valued Godowsky, can be considered the Rachmaninoff’s "Polka", which is dedicated to him. This composition exactly reproduces the way of thinking and the style of Godowsky's transcriptions. I used to make a joke about this matter, answering to people which was asking me about what Godowsky transcription I liked more: 'The Rachmaninoff Polka, so much is similar …'. " Neuhaus was particularly puzzled about the transcriptions of the Chopin studies that Godowsky made. They are astonishingly difficult, so that only a pianist of the caliber of Godowsky could afford them. Neuhaus believed they were quite unuseful. Also the collection "Renaissance" make him quite doubtful. It collects some elaboration - in a modern fashion – of excerpts of ancient music. The Godowsky’s Sonata was long and prolix. There were plenty of themes, intricacies, imitations of Beethoven, Chopin, etc. The composer was aware of that, when he told Neuhaus during 1935: "Maybe I’m a incurable scribbler, and maybe for this reasons I normally write so much!"

9. Classifieds : Leopold Godowsky Sonata E Minor Class Music For Sale (24V
The godowsky Sonata in E Minor, Adam Aleksander pianist Pro Piano Records Another seldom recorded masterpiece from one of the 20th Century's greatest pianist/composers.About UsPro Piano (the classifieds
Leopold Godowsky Sonata E Minor Class Music
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Leopold Godowsky Sonata E Minor Class Music
image The Godowsky Sonata in E Minor, Adam Aleksander Pianist... Pro Piano Records
Another seldom recorded masterpiece from one of the 20th Century's greatest pianist/composers.
About Us Shipping Policy Same day shipping... CDs free in contiguous 48 United States... 40% shipping charge to other locations worldwide. Free UPS Ground. Free 1st Class US Postal Service... contiguous 48 States. Pianos and musical instruments shipped free within 50 mile radius of the Pro Piano purchasing office (stairs, steps and other difficulties, levied a slight charge.) Other destinations on a "case by case" basis, determined by mileage, stairs, difficult contingencies, etc. (Please add 8 1/4% Sales Tax to all orders within New York State. Foreign and non-contiguous 48 State orders, please add 40% to advertised price.) Return Policy 100% Return Rights for Defective CDs ONLY... All other sales final. (Please add 8 1/4% Sales Tax on all orders delivered within New York State.)

10. Leopold Godowsky
leopold godowsky. leopold godowsky (February 13, 1870 November 21,1938) was a pianist, composer, and teacher. He has been described
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Leopold Godowsky
Leopold Godowsky February 13 November 21 ) was a pianist, composer, and teacher. He has been described as the "Pianist of Pianists". Godowsky was born in Soshly, near Vilnius , in what is now Lithuania His career as a concert pianist, which eventually would take him to every continent except Australia and Antarctica, began at age ten. In , after a tour of North America, he returned to Europe, intending to study with Franz Liszt in Weimar . Upon learning of Liszt's death shortly after his return, he traveled instead to Paris , where he was befriended by the composer and pianist Camille Saint-Saëns , who enabled him to make the acquaintance of many leading French musicians. Saint-Saëns even proposed to adopt Godowsky if he would take his surname, an offer which Godowsky declined, much to the older man's displeasure. Godowsky's pedagogical activity began in at the New York College of Music. While in New York , he married Frieda Saxe and became an American citizen. In he moved to the Broad Street Conservatory in Philadelphia , and again in to the Chicago Conservatory, where he headed the piano department. A successful European concert tour in

11. Leopold Godowsky | Buddha The Obscure
von Goethe When pianistcomposer leopold godowsky turned up missing in Septemberof 1915, his wife believed he was lost, possibly the victim of amnesia.
Frank Cooper Buddha the Obscure
In the news


The Husum Festival
Buddha the Obscure
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Even those who support the art of transcription are prone to tomsnobbery. Wagner greatly admired Liszt's transcription of the Rienzi
Carmen Sonatina Variations on a Theme from Bizet's Carmen
to Tango Chaconne Petrouchka or suppress a genuine smile after Grigory Ginsburg's romp of Rossini's Largo ad Factotum or even resist clamoring to one's feet after a blistering rendition of Liszt's La Campanella In a 1967 issue of Clavier Studien Clavier Sonata in B minor or Hungarian Rhapsody No.6 Kunsterleben Amidst these tiresome querelles Polonaise Toccata Sonata in E minor Walzermasken Java Suite Passacaglia Prelude and Fugue on BACH Five Centuries of Keyboard Music is Concerto for the Left Hand Studien Music for Piano BBC Music Magazine reviewed a recording containing Godowsky's Valse Macabre Alt Wien To assume that Godowsky regarded the Chopin Studien Godowsky readily acknowledged the Chopin sic let's move on create
Style in Piano Playing Clavier Clavier Piano Questions Answered The New York Times Five Centuries of Keyboard Music The Godowsky Collection Vol.4

12. Leopold Godowsky | Articles
(18701938), pianist, writer and lecturer Frank Cooper. No lapidary ever practicedhis craft with more finesse than did leopold godowsky the art of music.
Frank Cooper Buddha the Obscure
In the news


The Husum Festival
Articles About Godowsky
You'll need Adobe Reader to view these PDF files. Some of the scanned text is small, look for the magnification tool.

Adler, Clarence.
The New York Times (July 1953)
Adler, Clarence.
The Piano Teacher (July-August 1963)
Adler, Clarence. Musical Courier Brune, Adolph. Music (November 1899-April 1900) Cooke, Francis. The Etude (April 1953) Godowsky, Leopold. Music (November 1896-April 1897) Godowsky, Leopold. The Etude (January 1928) Godowsky, Leopold. The Etude (June 1936) Hinderer, J.G. The Musician (July 1933) Hodgson, Leslie. Musical America (December 1938) Huneker, James Gibbons. The New York Times (April 1919) Mathews, William Smythe Babcock Music (May-October 1896) J.L.H. Musical America (November 1912) W.F.G., ed. The Musician (November 1914) Hagel, Byron. Musical Courier (October 1915) Osgood, H.O. Musical Courier (May 1924) H.F.P. Musical America (December 1912) Rosenfeld, Maurice. Musical Courier (January 1914) Sanders, Herbert.

13. Leopold Godowsky, Jr. --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Son of the pianist leopold godowsky, the young godowsky attended New York City sRiverdale School, where he met his future photographic partner, leopold Mannes

14. Leopold Godowsky (1870 - 1938)
23leopold godowsky (1870 1938 leopold godowsky was born in. Lithuania. A Wunderkind , largely self-taught, protégé of Saint-Saëns, the superman. of piano playing a pianist

A Polish American pianist and composer, one of the greatest piano virtuososof his era, leopold godowsky was born in Wilno (now Vilnius, Lithuania).

16. Leopold Godowsky (1870 - 1938)
8.2237941leopold godowsky (1870 1938)Piano Music Vol. IIThe Polish-born, American-naturalised leopold godowsky was born in Lithuania.The superman of piano playing a pianist for pianists (James

17. MSN Encarta - Related Items - Poland
godowsky, leopold (18701938), Polish American pianist and composer, one of theoutstanding piano virtuosos of his era. Born in Wilno (now Vilnius,
var fSendSelectEvents = true; var fSendExpandCollapseEvents = true; var fCallDisplayUAText = false; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: logoImg(''); Encarta Subscriber Sign In Help Home ... Upgrade to Encarta Premium Search Encarta Related Items from Encarta Poland Polish Americans Polish Language Polish Literature Warsaw, capital ... (1870-1938), Polish American pianist and composer, one of the outstanding piano virtuosos of his era. Born in Wilno (now Vilnius,... View article Try MSN Internet Software for FREE! MSN Home My MSN Hotmail ... Feedback

18. Leopold Godowsky - The Pianists' Pianist -



19. Klassik Tipps Archiv Klavier April/Juni 2000
Translate this page leopold godowsky, polnischer pianist und einer der ganz grossen Tastenvirtuosen hatsich einen besonderen Namen mit der Bearbeitung Stücke grosser Komponisten 3 00/arklav4.htm
KLASSIK TIPPS ARCHIV - Rubriken KLAVIER Empfehlungen Juli - September 2000 Leopold Godowsky , polnischer Pianist und einer der ganz grossen Tastenvirtuosen hat sich einen besonderen Namen mit der Bearbeitung Stücke grosser Komponisten gemacht. Sämtliche Studien über die Etüden von Chopin sind ein unglaubliches Stück Musik, mit höchster pianistischer Herausforderung. Marc Andre Hamelin hat sich hier zweifellos selbst übertroffen. Johann Sebastian Bach Goldberg Variationen sind ein wunderbares Werk und ein Markstein in der Musikgeschichte. Angela Hewitts Einspielung gilt als eine der besten Bach Interpretationen der letzten Zeit. Charles Alkan ist ein französischer Komponist der Romantik, der bei uns praktisch unbekannt ist, bzw. war muss man jetzt sagen. Erst in der letzten Zeit wurde der Musik dieses Komponisten zu neuem Leben verholfen. Machen Sie sich selbst ein Bild mit den Klavierstücken, gespielt von Bernard Ringeisen und Laurent Martin, die sehr preiswert zu haben sind. Es lohnt sich. Mit einem Klick auf die Titelbezeichnung landen Sie direkt bei der Detailbeschreibung.

20. Leopold Godowsky (1870-1938) - leopold godowsky Sozly, Litouwen, 1870 NewYork 1938 Pools-Amerikaans pianist en componist. godowsky begon
klassiekemuziekgids net Leopold Godowsky
Sozly, Litouwen, 1870 -
New York 1938
Pools-Amerikaans pianist en componist
Godowsky begon als wonderkind en studeerde bij Rudorff in Berlijn en Saint-Saëns in Parijs.
In 1901 vestigde hij zich in de Verenigde Staten, waar hij directeur van het conservatorium van Chicago werd.
Van 1909 tot 1914 doceerde hij in Wenen, als opvolger van Busoni
Men herinnert zich hem als de allergrootste pianovirtuoos van zijn tijd: 'pianist der pianisten', zo werd Godowsky vaak betiteld.
Vergeleken met andere groten uit zijn tijd - Rachmaninov , Busoni en Hofmann - was het vooral het gevoel voor lyriek en klankkleur dat Godowsky's spel van hen onderscheidde. Zijn composities betreffen voornamelijk pianomuziek en pedagogisch werk. Vermaard - en berucht wegens het feit dat zij vrijwel onspeelbaar zijn - zijn de talrijke transcripties (vooral van het werk van Chopin ), waarbij hij de muziek - die hij qua vorm en inhoud intact liet - van melodisch, ritmisch en harmonisch commentaar voorzag.
Vooral zijn 53 'vermoeilijkingen' van Chopins toch al niet erg eenvoudige etudes (27 in totaal) moeten worden genoemd.

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