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1. John Lee Williamson
Sonny Boy Williamson 1. .. tribute by eRIC Leblanc. john Lee Curtis Williamson. " In his mouth and hands, the harmonica learned to wail and chirp, laugh and cry, in spanking new rhythms and to daring new beats." Lonnie johnson, TBone Walker, and john Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson) briggs, Keith Notes. // In booklets to Finally, I suggest the subdued pianist on "Up The Country Blues" and
Sonny Boy Williamson 1
tribute by: eRIC Leblanc
John Lee Curtis Williamson
"In his mouth and hands, the harmonica learned to wail and chirp, laugh and cry, in spanking new rhythms and to daring new beats."
Sonny Boy Williamson's Gravemarker
"The sound he created virtually laid the groundwork for the electric blues band style that was developed in Chicago about the time of his death."
~ David Evans, Memphis State University music professor "... a forceful singer, popular recording artist, and the first truly virtuosic blues harmonica player, whose richly imagative solo flights resulted in completely re-shaping the playing approach and the role of his humble instrument in the blues."
~ Pete Welding "Easily the most important harmonica player of the pre-war era, John Lee Williamson almost single-handedly made the humble mouth organ a worthy lead instrument for blues bands leading the way for the amazing innovations of Little Walter and a platoon of others to follow. If not for his tragic murder in 1948 while on his way home from a Chicago gin mill, Williamson would doubtless have been right there alongside them, exploring new and exciting directions. Williamson commenced his sensational recording career with a resounding bang. His first vocal offering on Bluebird was the seminal "Good Morning School Girl," covered countless times across the decades. That same auspicious date also produced "Sugar Mama Blues" and "Blue Bird Blues," both of them every bit as classic in their own right.

2. Briggs At Large Newsletter
briggs Elementary School. briggs At Large Newsletter. The Voice of john R. briggs Elementary School. February 2, 2001. A Message from Mr. Pretti. Our Facilities Issue are if a duo wishes to be accompanied by a pianist, or if a performer (or duo) wishes to include dancers as
J. R. Briggs Elementary School Briggs At Large Newsletter The Voice of John R. Briggs Elementary School February 2, 2001
A Message from Mr. Pretti
Our Facilities Issue
The JR Briggs School was built in 1968 and at the time was considered a state of the art educational facility intended to house a total of 19 classrooms and approximately 380 children. Since that time two portable classrooms were added about 15 years ago. As enrollment continued to grow, an addition was completed in 1991. This increased our classrooms by four, one of which is now dedicated to special education classroom use. Our portables still remain, being used as fifth grade classrooms and we are so desperate that we may transfer a very used portable from Oakmont to the Briggs School Site. Special Education Resource Room Currently the school houses over 500 students during the day and space is truly a major problem particularly in the area of program related space. Seven special education professionals currently share a 15 by 18 foot space in which student service delivery takes place in speech, reading and is also used for testing. Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy takes place in the corridors and at an exit way. OT/PT Area “In the Exit Way” The assistant principal’s office is in an area that contains the schools server, two copy machines and paper storage. There is no privacy in the school for phone calls as well, other than the principal’s office.

3. Welcome To
briggs, john six-foot six-inch pianist that plays a broad repertoire,which ranges from classical, through cross-over, to light music.
Pianist Classical Pianist Adami, Mirsa - sound clips, biography, and concert schedule for this Albanian pianist.
Albulescu, Eugene
- provides information on the Romanian pianist and educator. Includes performances, discography, and reviews.
Aleksander, Adam
- bio, sound clips, and contact information for the Canadian pianist.
Alexeev, Sasha
- Russian-born composer and classically trained pianist who blends contemporary, New Age sounds into his music.
Alvarez, Carmen
- biography, current projects, sound clips, photos, and more for the pianist from Uruguay.
Anderszewski, Piotr
- provides information on the Polish-born pianist.
Argerich, Martha

Ashkenazy, Vladimir

Astriab, Lou
- provides information on the American pianist.
Ax, Emanuel

Babinsky, Margarete
- provides biography, sound clips, photos, reviews, discography, and more for the Austrian pianist. Badura-Skoda, Paul

4. ISFP, The Myers-Briggs Personality Type
The 16 Myersbriggs Personality Types. Liberace, pianist; Elizabeth Taylor, actress;Yogi Berra, professional Brooke Shields, actress; john Travolta, actor, dancer
The 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types S = S N = i N TRADITIONALISTS (SJ) EXPERIENCERS (SP) IDEALISTS (NF) CONCEPTUALISTS (NT) HOME What Do The Letters Mean? ... Mating
"The Composers"
I ntroverted, S ensing, F eeling, P erceiving
General ISFPs are the first to hear the different drummer. Many eagerly plunge into new fashions, avant garde experiences, 'hip' trendssome even setting the trends. More in touch with the reality of their senses than their INFP counterparts, ISFPs live in the here and now. Their impulses yearn to be free, and are often loosed when others least expect it. The ISFP who continually represses these impulses feels 'dead inside' and may eventually cut and run. ISFPs may be quite charming and ingratiating on first acquaintance, flowing with compliments which may (or may not) be deserved. On other occasions, the same individual may be aloof and detached. Some ISFP males are fiercely competitive, especially in sport or table games, and may have great difficulty losing. This competitive nature, also seen in other SP types, sometimes fosters 'lucky,' 'gut' feelings and a willingness to take risks. Organized education is difficult for the majority of ISFPs, and many drop out before finishing secondary education. Their interest can be held better through experiential learning, at which many excel. ISFPs will practice playing an instrument or honing a favored skill for hours on end, not so much as practice as for the joy of the experience.

5. The Estate Project
Brassard, pianist Robert briggs, bass Thomas Francis briggs, jazz vocalist White Eagle,tenor Youri Egorov, pianist David Eisler, tenor john Charles Ellis
(Vocalists, Instrumentalists, and Conductors)
Music Writers
(Authors, Journalists, and Critics)
Stage Directors
(for Opera and Musical Theater)
(Vocalists, Instrumentalists, and Conductors) Richard Alan , musical director
Edwin Alexander, bassoonist
Ross Allen, musical director
William Alvis, pianist
Norman Andersson, bass-baritone
Richard Apel, organist and choirmaster Fortunato Arico, cellist Clinton Arrowood, flutist John Balka, organist Frank Banks, musician Karl Bargen, violist (Composers Quartet) Buddy Barnes, musical director, vocalist Randy Barnett, pianist, accompanist Charles Robert Benbow, organist, choirmaster Laurence N. Berry, organist, choirmaster Marty Blecman, rock musician, dj Richard Charles Bollig, pianist, choral singer Louis A. Botto, tenor (Chanticleer) Jorge Bolet, pianist Jerry Brainard, organist Wayne Brassard, pianist

6. Classical Musical Midi, A Good Place To Read A Composers Biography With A List C
and Switzerland (182931), he achieved a wide fame as pianist, composer and I liketo thank john briggs for sequencing and donating the following pieces, to
JAKOB LUDWIG FELIX MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY rd February 1809 - 4 th November 1849 Mendelssohn, Felix (1809 - 49), German composer, born Hamburg, grandson of Moses M. (q.v.). He was baptized and educated as a Christian, his father adding the surname Bartholdy to the family name. His youth was spent in the refined surroundings of a family of very considerable wealth, culture and brilliant social connection. He benefited by the tuition and advice of Berger, Zelter, Weber, Cherubini and Moscheles, and by the time he was 20 had already produced his famous Octet, 3 piano quartets, 2 sonatas, 2 symphonies and the Midsummer Night's Dream overture, besides a host of songs, an opera and many short pieces. The next few years were passed in visiting London, Munich, Vienna and Rome, and in incidental tours in Scotland, Italy and Switzerland (1829-31), he achieved a wide fame as pianist, composer and conductor. The first of his 10 visits to England took place in 1829. The Hebrides (fingal's Cave) overture was composed in 1830 (revised 1832). In 1835 he became conductor of the celebrated Leipzig Gewandhaus orchestra, and 2 years later married Cecile Jeanrenaud at Frankfurt. He conducted his oratorio St Paul at Dusseldorf in 1836 and Elijah at Birmingham in 1846. Persistent overwork and an excess of activities undermined his health: he died in Leipzig. His reputation, extravagantly high in his lifetime, is now sustained mainly by his violin Concerto, 1844, the incidental music to A Midsummer Night's Dream (particularly the overture), the Scottish and Italian symphonies and the Hebrides overture. Elijah is still popular with choral societies, but the chamber music and piano works (examples of impeccable craftsmanship, like all Mendelssohn's music) appeal to a more limited circle.

7. Briggs At Large Newsletter
The Voice of john R. briggs Elementary School are if a duo wishes to be accompanied by a pianist, or if a performer (or duo) wishes to include dancers as
J. R. Briggs Elementary School Briggs At Large Newsletter The Voice of John R. Briggs Elementary School January 26, 2001
A Message from Mr. Pretti
The Ironies of School Improvement, MCAS, and Budgetary Constraints
The school department faces the very same challenges hoping to at least maintain programs and teachers. The promises of our politicians whether from state government or up to the presidency (in the hope of fixing or saving education) seems both hollow and ironic. How many education presidents and governors will we have before the average town benefits? Every year we face overrides. Every year we are unable to purchase the new program, or hire the position(s) that will make a true impact on education in the school district. Ashburnham and Westminster are certainly not alone. We are unable to fix these problems by ourselves. Municipalities in Massachusetts all face these very same funding issues yet promises of state aid increases are realistically just promises. It will take significant state increases in funding for education and municipalities to ease the pain of increasing local tax bill. In the interim the reality is that schools can only hope and perhaps pray (away from school!) that taxpayers will understand the bind that municipalities face. In a time in which we are hoping to improve on our MCAS scores, we are strapped with the reality of our limitations for true change and for improvements for our children. Our schools will have to continue to be creative and hope that fuel, health care, and uncontrolled costs won’t reduce us to the level of the most dangerous of losses in education – our teachers

8. Find A Pianist In The UK
An artist of extraordinary magnetism Daily Telegraph, Sarah Beth briggs has performedthroughout the British I am a classically trained pianist. john Stafford.

9. Brumfield Associates - Artist Management/Public Relations -
Recent recordings include the chamber works of john briggs, Settings by works ofjohn Harbison and john Cage as Bryan has been the principal pianist with the

10. The Ladd Family GraveSite Guestbook!
Wright (who went by Wright ) was a wellknown pianist and music Bettina Ann briggs,Robert Hale briggs, Jr., and myself, john Wright briggs (I was born
The Ladd Family GraveSite Guestbook!
Current Page Page 6 Page 5 Page 4 Page 3 Page 2 Page 1 ... Sign Guestbook
12/11/03 07:53:02 GMT
John W. Briggs MY URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me Location: Cloudcroft, NM Comments:
12/05/03 05:51:34 GMT
Jack Lord MY URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me Location: Greene Point, Sandy Pond Comments:
Hey How are you doing? Long time no see. You did a real nice job putting this together. I might be able to come up with a couple pictures of Mable (Ladd) O'Brien. Let me know if you would like them. I think they were taken down on the mallory rd farm, Just below Rip's. Date back into the late 50s. Jack
10/11/03 05:35:49 GMT
Harold R. Ladd MY URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me Location: Fort Wayne, IN Comments:
My family came from the East, VA I belief. Don't know much about years ago...Mostly settled in and around Putnam Co.,Ohio(Cloverdale).Grandfather was John,father was Melvin.Ever hear of this klan ? Thanks for your website info. H. R. Ladd formerly of Delphos, Ohio now reside in Ft. Wayne, IN
09/10/03 04:23:07 GMT
Shelly Ladd MY URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me Location: Sugar Grove, IL

11. Archives - 1996 Newspaper Clippings ) FLCC
FLCC alums name officers, January. Arts. briggs, john. pianist at FLCC, October FLCC to present a performance by pianist john briggs at 1996 Family Day Open House, October

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    • 'Transitions' workshop planned, October A local 'expo' on adult education, August Adult student information program

12. Vic Briggs Bio
Highly respected by his men, Captain briggs led them through he had been an awardwinning pianist to be members of The Steampacket with Long john Baldry , Rod
VIC BRIGGS England was a grim place in the years following the Second World War and Vic, like many of his contemporaries, was always listening to the radio as a way to escape some of the gloom that surrounded peoples' lives in the early '50's. When he was ten years old Vic heard ‘Rock Around the Clock’ by Bill Haley and the Comets . It was thrillingly unlike anything he had ever heard before and he began to collect records by Bill Haley, Elvis Presley and Little Richard , the wild abandon of the music of the latter quickly made him Vic’s favorite rock ‘n’ roll artist. At 12 years, Vic began to attend Hampton Grammar School . In spite of its very staid middle class traditions and rigid attitudes, and the fact that the headmaster and teaching staff were vehemently opposed to rock music and the culture that surrounded it, pupils from that school had a huge influence on the rock music scene in years to come. Amongst Vic’s contemporaries at Hampton Grammar were Paul Samwell- Smith and Jim McCarty ( The Yardbirds Murray Head (movie actor and singer “One Night in Bangkok”) and Brian May Queen The skiffle craze was in full swing and for Christmas 1957, Vic’s mother gave him a guitar. He quickly mastered a few chords and within months was playing with semipro bands. By the time he was sixteen he was playing two or three nights a week with a band called the Cruisers Rock Combo. One night in February of 1961

13. CB0004
Bryan has been the pianist on virtually all of the cartoons released by His recentrecordings include works by john Harbison, Mel Powell, john briggs, and john
i hear it in the rain CB0004 The music
Five Pieces for Piano Two Preludes for Piano (1996-97), and For Celesta
Living to be Hunted by the Moon
(1987) is a dark, slow-moving study of texture and tone color for two clarinets, two bass clarinets and sampled sounds. Built from four parallel pentatonic scales, it treats the listener to many unexpected harmonic twists and turns as it broadens in range.
I Hear It in the Rain
The composer
Michael Jon Fink
Los Angeles Times has described Fink’s music as "lustrous" and "metaphysically tinged" and likened it to the work of the late composer Morton Feldman.
Featured performers
Bryan Pezzone
Les Noces ), and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. He also tours with the jazz group Free Flight. Bryan has been the pianist on virtually all of the cartoons released by Warner Brothers and Disney over the past seven years. His recent recordings include works by John Harbison, Mel Powell, John Briggs, and John Cage.
Marty Walker Los Angeles Times called Walker’s playing "masterfully expressive;" El Nacional (Mexico City) wrote that his playing "took the audience to another musical dimension;" and

14. CB0009
Pezzone has been the pianist on virtually all of the cartoons released by recentrecordings include works by john Harbison, Mel Powell, john briggs, and john
adams/cox/fink/fox CB0009 The music
Adams' Dark Wind was written for Marty Walker and this CD in 2001. Although it is a process-driven piece involving polyrhythms and ever-widening intervals, its rolled percussion and piano parts and quietly expressive clarinet lines lend it the feeling of a freely composed, almost impressionistic work.
The Fink, Cox, and Fox quintets were written for Marty Walker in 1990, and given their premieres by him that same year at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (L.A.C.E.) gallery. These pieces were released in 1992 in a limited pressing on the short-lived Raptoria Caam label, a company run by composer/performer Maria Newman.
Fink's Thread of Summer is a continuous melody filtered through the various timbres of the quintet's instrumental combinations. Cox's When April May floats a lyric line over a repeating harmonic structure. Fox's Between the Wheels is a series of quiet bass clarinet statements, accompanied by violin harmonics, heard against a cycling tapestry of string tremolos.
The composers
John Luther Adams
The Light That Fills the World
Rick Cox is a Los Angeles-based composer and multi-instrumentalist. As a featured performer (woodwinds, guitar, and sampler), he can be heard on such popular film scores as

15. Are You Lovely?
Mr. briggs has also performed on cruise ships and in Born in Wildwood, New Jersey,john attended the Catholic He has worked as a pianist, vocal couch, composer
Home The Stars of Lovely
Kelly Briggs

Jerry Christakos

John McMahon
Up Coming Events! In the News...

Cabaret Hotline Online

Show Business Weekly

Nightlife Awards
... Contact US! Kelly Briggs received the Gwen Verdon scholarship and is a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. He has appeared on Broadway and in the national companies of Les Miserables and Cats. He also co-produced and directed Broadway On The Boardwalk at Caesar’s Atlantic City. Mr. Briggs has also performed on cruise ships and in night clubs around the globe. He can be seen on the nationally syndicated program Debates Debates as the Host and Timekeeper Jerry Christakos originated the role of Gabriel in the Broadway and London companies of Kiss of The Spider Woman. He has appeared as Enjolras in the national tour of Les Miserables, and was a featured soloist in the national tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber: Music of The Night. In addition, he was a featured singer in the tour of

16. Duke Ellington
bop pioneer Thelonious Monk and freejazz pianist Cecil Taylor which paid tributeto author john Steinbeck; and and Jimmy McPhail; and tap dancer Bunny briggs.
magnum('heritage') Browse Africana Home Research Center Channels: Blackworld Heritage Lifestyle Movies and TV Music Books People Arts Funstuff Health and Beauty Services: Africana Box Office Radio Africana Political Action Center Open Source Talk Back Welcome Guest Sign In Register Home Encarta Africana > Duke Ellington Duke Ellington For nearly half a century Duke Ellington led the premier American big band, and through his compositions and performances he brought artistic credibility to African American jazz. Ellington played the piano, but his orchestra was his true instrument. In the late 1920s he perfected an exotic style that was later termed jungle music. During the 1930s Ellington developed a lush approach to orchestration that introduced new complexity to the simplistic conventions of swing-era jazz. Throughout the 1930s and 1940s he struggled against the limitations of the three-minute 78 R.P.M. recording and the general adherence to 12- and 32-bar song forms, in the process vastly extending the scope of jazz. Personally and politically, Ellington preferred to avoid direct confrontation; yet he was active as far back as the early 1940s in the cause of racial equality. Ellington took what had begun as a vernacular dance music and created larger and more artistically challenging musical forms, exemplified in his three-movement composition Black, Brown, and Beige (1943). Due to the fame of Ellington-the-bandleader, Ellington-the-pianist is often overlooked. Yet particularly during the 1960s some of his most creative playing took place in small groups and demonstrated his willingness to engage such younger musicians as tenor saxophonist John Coltrane.

17. Sounds French - David Briggs Plays The Organ Of Blackburn Cathedral
s grandfathers were both organists, his mother was an excellent pianist and his andenlarge the organ, in consultation with David briggs, john Bertalot, Canon
Lammas Search Reviews Links ... Next
Sounds French David Briggs plays the organ of Blackburn Cathedral Organ: David Briggs Entr e Grand Orgue Pierre Cochereau (from 'Les Offices du Dimance,' 1974) transcribed by David Briggs Scherzo Symphonique (1968) Pierre Cochereau transcribed by David Briggs Choral No.1 Cesar Franck Symphonie en Improvisation (22 June 2003) David Brigg s
Final Messe Alme Pater (1985) Jean Langlais
Agnus Dei Incantation pour un jour Saint Jean Langlais Attende Domine Jeanne Demessieux Allegro Deciso (Evocation, Op 37) Marcel Dupre
Total playing time 67m 47s
Buy this CD.
Cost £13.99 per CD. Post and Packaging £1 PER ORDER. Quantity
See reviews of this CD.
Sounds French
Entrée Grand Orgue Pierre Cochereau (1924-84) (from ‘Les Offices du Dimanche’, 1974) transcribed by David Briggs Scherzo Symphonique (1968) Pierre Cochereau (1924-84) transcribed by David Briggs I never had the good fortune to meet this extraordinary personality who has so influenced my own musical development. Over a period of 11 years, from 1984, I spent thousands of hours transcribing some of his more famous recorded improvisations from LP (and later CD). Everything that Pierre Cochereau improvised at Notre-Dame from 1969 until his death was recorded by Francois Carbou, Cochereau's greatest confidant, and owner of Disques du Solstice. The many releases of Cochereau at Notre-Dame have become benchmarks for the study of improvisation, and have won considerable popularity amongst the music-loving public.

18. Sarah Beth Briggs
pianist Sarah Beth briggs, an artist Sarah was a longstanding pupil of the lateDenis Matthews and has also worked with Edith Fischer, john Lill, Peter
SarahBeth Briggs - Piano A truly virtuosic pianist, who has already built an enviable reputation not only through her brilliant pianism, but also due to her well-planned programmes of purely musical content, and her very special way of presenting them. Sarah was a long-standing pupil of the late Denis Matthews and has also worked with Edith Fischer, John Lill, Peter Donohoe and Radu Lupu. For further details, please see or call Sarah on 01904 787011. Details correct at time of appearance with the NSO, March 2004. Introduction Musical Director Rehearsal Schedule Where to find us ... NSO Home

19. Jazz Singers - Joie De Jazz - Jazz Band & Jazz Singer,Classical,Sacred Music, Fr
with Mike Murray and Bill Morrison and also a blues band, The Sidewinders with pianist/VocalistTony Chris. john has studied percussion with Tony briggs of the
Listen to Joie de Jazz now! Check out our cabaret event on hope and healing " Imagine! Only Love Wins in the End!" Click Here!
One of Southern New England’s premiere jazz bands. They present swinging up-beat tunes as well as mellow jazz moods for your dancing and listening pleasure. Delight to your favorite standards, ballads and blues from the Big Band era, from contemporary grooves to world jazz sung in French, Spanish and Portuguese. Joie de Jazz features the sultry, sophisticated vocal stylings of songstress Micheléy Angelina and veteran jazzmen, Frank Procaccini, saxes, clarinet and flute, Kent Hewitt, piano, Jim Hunter, stand up bass and John Moore, drums. With Micheléy Angelina’s vocals, this is an outstanding group sure to please you and your guests for weddings, anniversaries, parties or any special occasions you’re planning. Micheley Angelina Although Micheley primarily sings jazz she also has been a soloist in folk, classical and sacred repertory for twenty years. As well as musical leads in operas and musicals. She has a strong performing background in classical ballet, modern, mime, jazz, character and middle eastern belly dance, studying on Ford Foundation scholarship with N.Y.C. Ballet since the age of 14 with such greats as Marina Svetlova, George Balanchine, and Thalia Mara of NYC, Samuel Avital and Marcel Marceau of Paris. Micheley has also written a Broadway musical and is currently working on a science fiction / new age film trilogy.

20. Research: AIDS & American Music
cellist Clinton Arrowood, flutist john Balka, organist tenor (Chanticleer) JorgeBolet, pianist Jerry Brainard, organist Robert briggs, bass Thomas
Main Business Park Other Home-Based Businesses htmlAdWH('7002182', '234', '60');
About My Research: I am a music consultant working as the Director of the Music Archive program of The Estate Project for Artists with AIDS. This project is dedicated to preserving and promoting the music of composers who have died from AIDS and who are living with HIV/AIDS. Currently we are gathering information on the effects of AIDS on American Music.
I am appealing to the general public and to members of the music community in particular for assistance in my research which is focused on three areas:
Consult the list of composers that we have identified to date (below) and let me know of other composers that should be added. We are interested in all composers who have died without regard to the type of music they wrote or their level of prominence. For convenience, we have divided the names into two general fields Composers and Singer Songwriters.
We are also especially interested in making contact with composers living with HIV/AIDS so that we may assist them as needed. We will approach any referrals with discretion and confidentiality.
For each composer on our list, we want to secure, at a minimum, the following information:

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