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         Quantum Physics:     more books (100)
  1. Molecular Physics and Elements of Quantum Chemistry: Introduction to Experiments and Theory (Advanced Texts in Physics) by Hermann Haken, Hans Christoph Wolf, 2004-06-14
  2. Problems and Solutions on Quantum Mechanics: Major American Universities Ph. D. Qualifying Questions and Solutions

141. 2. Some Basic Ideas About Quantum Mechanics
came first, and described the physics of very massive and very fast objects, thencame quantum Mechanics in the 1920 s to describe the physics of very small
2. Some Basic Ideas about Quantum Mechanics
Modern physics is dominated by the concepts of Quantum Mechanics. This page aims to give a brief introduction to some of these ideas. Until the closing decades of the last century the physical world, as studied by experiment, could be explained according to the principles of classical (or Newtonian) mechanics: the physics of everyday life. By the turn of the century, however, the cracks were beginning to show and the disciplines of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics were developed to account for them. Relativity came first, and described the physics of very massive and very fast objects, then came Quantum Mechanics in the 1920's to describe the physics of very small objects. Neither of these theories provide an easy intuitive picture of the world, since they contradict the predictions of familiar Newtonian Mechanics in the regimes for which they were developed. Nevertheless, both schemes reproduce the Newtonian results when applied to the everyday world. In seeking to understand the physics of semiconductors at an atomic level we must start from a Quantum Mechanical viewpoint, since the entities with which we will be dealing (electrons, atoms, etc) are so very small....

142. Quantum Experiments And The Foundations Of Physics
Pages and Links about quantum Optics. Created by the group around Anton Zeilinger in Vienna.
Boltzmanngasse 5
1090 Wien
Phone: +43 1 4277 51201
Fax: +43 1 4277 9512
e-mail: how to get there NEWS:
Graphic Design: Beth Anderson, ARKITEK Studios
13. Mai 2004
De Broglie wavelength of a non-local four-photon state

(Nature 429, 158-161, 2004)

by Philip Walther, Jian-Wei Pan, Markus Aspelmeyer, Rupert Ursin, Sara Gasparoni, Anton Zeilinger We demonstrate the generation of four-photon entangled states and their subsequent utilization in pure four-particle interferometry. The observed interference fringes confirm the theoretical expectation that the de-Broglie wavelength of a four-photon state is one fourth of a single photon. This overcomes state-of-the-art two-particle interferometry and opens new possibilities in quantum metrology and in quantum imaging applications. The press-info (in german) as a pdf-file: Pressenotiz 21. April 2004 Quantenkryptographie live: Weltweit erste Banküberweisung quantenkryptographisch verschlüsselt Info und Downloads 14. April 2004

143. WritWord-"Our Unitary Universe" And The "The Fetal Issue"
Rationalization of the methodology of quantum and astro-physics so that physical constants vanish from quantized equations
by Guy Myhre
Welcome to my homepage, which links to Written Words TM about various subjects of interest to me (and, hopefully, to you).
  • Our Unitary Universe Physical Constants Do NOT Exist , then, if your curiosity is aroused, continue with Our Unitary Universe , which mathematically proves these discoveries in detail. It revolutionizes Our Unitary Universe . The link between electromagnetic and gravitational force is revealed. The particle-wave duality of quantum reality is replaced by a discrete-particle reality, which refutes the Copenhagen interpretation most convincingly. These discoveries help to create the Our Unitary Universe is equal to zero Our Unitary Universe pleases you. Should you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints, please click here to E-mail them to the author. The Last Valid The Last Valid pleases you. Should you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints, please click here to E-mail them to the author.
This site has been accessed times since October 2, 2001. This Site is Proudly Hosted By:

144. The EPR Paradox And Quantum Reality
Experimental tests based on the EPR thought experiment
The EPR Paradox and Quantum Reality
John Blanton Abstract: An exploration of the meaning of "reality" as it pertains to certain aspects of quantum physics is developed Implications of this concept of reality are explored through the writings of several authors on the subject. Particular attention is given to notable physical experiments that seem to confirm this strange concept of reality. 1. Introduction Although this paper deals with a subject solidly in the physical sciences. some preliminary discussion must be made of philosophy. Hopefully this discussion of philosophy will provide the proper background for understanding the dilemma posed by the problem being discussed. The human race, developing in the reasonably constant environment on this planet, acquired a brain with thought processes that were highly accommodated to the flood of information from the senses. Within the human thought processes this flood of information, in the form of photons into the eyes. sound vibrations into the ears, tactile sensations from the skin, came to represent the reality of the physical world. Along with this concept of reality. humans acquired. as part of their increasingly complex and useful thought processes some other concepts that helped them adapt and to prosper. One of the important concepts that the brain acquired was that of causality. Things happened for a reason. For example. I he house was at the edge of the village because your uncle had it there before going off to war/ The river was flooded because heavy rains increased the amount of water flowing down the channel. The boat floated because the water it displaced weighed more than the boat. This concept of causality was even extended to circumstances for which no direct cause was readily apparent. Perhaps a large rock well had been there for as long as anyone could remember, but people still believed that there was a time when it wasn't there and that something had caused it to be there. Some things could not be explained early on, but reasonable explanations were found later, leading to the conviction that, ultimate explanations would be found for all physical phenomena. The notion of causality was a useful one that would carry the human race well in the study of science right up to the point that people started to study the physical that existed beyond their basic senses.

145. Quantum Maniacs
The society of physics students. Contains a listing of upcoming events, meetings, an officer listing, a lecture series, and links to resources.

Welcome to the Southern Oregon University Chapter CLUB NEWS – WINTER 2002 THU 3/14
It's time to pick a meeting time for spring quarter. Stop by the Physics/Engineering Study Room (SC 114) and put your initials in the calender on the dry-erase board where you are free. Also, don't forget that we will not be selling coffee during finals week. THU 3/14 Everyone is invited to attend the QM Lecture Series every wednesday at 3:30 after the QM meetings. Every week a science student will be giving a 15 to 30 minute presentation on a subject of their choice. The atmosphere is very informal and fun. Pending ICC funding, we will be offering a $10 appearance fee to any student that wants to give a talk. Check the QM Lecture page for the upcoming schedule of speakers. THU 3/14 The Quantum Maniacs web site is finally online! We hope that this can be a useful resource for all students that are interested in physics and engineering at SOU and beyond. Please e-mail the

146. The Collected Works Of Bert Schreiber (1924 -)
Includes new theory of physics based on the theory of limits; the limits to physical measurement. quantum Quanta Theory The Theory of The Universe. Destroys all prior physics theories.
This website contains eight divisions. The main point herein is my NEW physics theory that destroys all previous physics theories and replaces them with one simple theory. In addition there were other (new) mathematical discoveries as side results from this theory. I, for all theoretical purposes, demolished the current immaculate mathematical theory and its current applications, especially in physics, in more ways than one. There are also what I call FUN PAPERS which are satires of the current scientific establishment. The first one is actually the first chapter in my book disguised in non-scientific lingo. The SIDE PAPERS contain a few short versions of some of the major discoveries that I made. The full proofs are in my book. Other papers of importance, especially the one on "the scientific method"[1.] and the paper [2.] following. Next is my "reward" called EASY MONEY II which has a very few of my discoveries (pro and con) that no one has been able to collect on. Maybe you can be the first one to collect the $2,000.00 per item as listed. Next are a few selected ARTICLES that were from the results of all of my works and experiences in life.

147. Karl Popper, 1902--1994
Philosopher of science, author of quantum Theory and the Schism in physics
14 Apr 2003 14:00 Austrian-English philosopher, dead, alas, just as I began these notebooks. methodologists as William Whewell and Claude Bernard (as Popper was among the first to admit), it was one of only three which, in this century, actual scientists have bothered to pay attention to, and easily the best of them, both in its intellectual quality and its effects. (The other two were the system of Kuhn, who set out to turn Popper upside down; and Machian positivism and its descendants, including the Vienna Circle of logical positivists psychoanalysis The Open Society and Its Enemies. Who should rule? but How can we correct mistakes of policy without violence? ; not How can we make people good or happy? but How can we minimize avoidable suffering? ; not What is the best state? but What can we do now to make things better? The virtues of democracy is that, of all known systems, it is the one where policy can be reformed most peacefully and most rationally, and the one which is least likely to inflict or condone needless or unequal suffering. As for the virtues of piece-meal social engineering and reform over the construction of Utopias and revolutions social democracy ; I would be happy to call myself a Left Popperian, if I thought anyone would get it.

148. Welcome To The Center For Quantum Devices
Scientific research involving developing an understanding of the physics of new semiconductor crystals for applications.

149. Quantum Experiments And The Foundations Of Physics - Research
Information about experiments performed in Austria.
Photonic Entanglement Experiments Layout: Julia Petschinka
Maintenance: Claudia Hoffmann

150. Physics And Consciousness
Please see: Start Science Interconnection Frequency ... Home

151. Personal And Historical Perspectives Of Hans Bethe
mathematics while focusing on the personal and historical perspectives of one ofthe principal architects of quantum theory whose career in physics spans 75
Home About Reading Lecture 1 ... Lecture 3 Introduction
12 minutes Large Video (28 MB)
Small Video
(5 MB)
Audio Only
(3 MB)
Lecture 1
49 minutes Large Video (102 MB)
Small Video
(12 MB)
Audio Only
(4 MB)
Lecture 2
43 minutes Large Video (88 MB)
Small Video
(11 MB) Audio Only (4 MB) Lecture 3 49 minutes Large Video (102 MB) Small Video (12 MB) Audio Only (4 MB) Appreciation 20 minutes Large Video (46 MB) Small Video (8 MB) Audio Only (4 MB) Three Lectures by Hans Bethe IN 1999, legendary theoretical physicist Hans Bethe delivered three lectures on quantum theory to his neighbors at the Kendal of Ithaca retirement community (near Cornell University). Given by Professor Bethe at age 93, the lectures are presented here as QuickTime videos synchronized with slides of his talking points and archival material. Intended for an audience of Professor Bethe's neighbors at Kendal, the lectures hold appeal for experts and non-experts alike. The presentation makes use of limited mathematics while focusing on the personal and historical perspectives of one of the principal architects of quantum theory whose career in physics spans 75 years.

152. Rice Quantum Institute
RQI performs research in molecular physics. Programs include clusters and nanostructures, surface and materials science, physics of ultracold atoms, electronic materials and devices, and laser development and applications.
Peter J. Nordlander , Director Bruce R. Johnson, Executive Director Research Activities Pick a Topic Carbon Nanotechnology Laboratory Metal Nanoshells Bose-Einstein Condensation Molecular Computing Wavelets in Quantum Mechanics Quantum Chemistry Condensed Matter LaserScience Terahertz Radiation Molecular Spectroscopy Biophysics Applied Physics Graduate Program Research Experience for Undergraduates
Campus Map

153. Quantum And Braided Spin
The modern KaluzaKlein theories of unification of gauge fields and gravitation, the theories of grand unification and, more recently, superfield, super-string, membrane and conformal field theories have enhanced the role of the geometry of multidimensional spaces in fundamental theoretical physics. An analagous quantum geometry is explored in these online lectures.

154. European Research Network: The Physics Of Quantum Information
European Research Network research teams and papers.
The Physics of Quantum Information
European Research Network
  • Introduction Teams in the network Research objectives Links ...
  • Midterm Report
    The recent years have seen the emergence of a new field of research dealing with information at the quantum level. Quantum physics is so radically different from classical physics that a slight modification of the present knowledge of transmitting and processing information is not justified. Rather, the radically new principles in the quantum field open up completely new schemes of information transfer and processing, thus enabling new forms of communication and enhanced computational power. The Physics of Quantum Information is a proposed European network within the TMR program of the European Commission. It will bring together for the first time all relevant European activities in the field of the physics of quantum information and to guarantee, through the training of young researchers, that European expertise is disseminated broadly among the next generation of scientists. [Back to index]
    Research teams in the network
  • Experimentalphysik, U. Wien, AT
  • 155. Alexey Yamilov Home Page, Physics Department Of Queens College, City University
    A member of Condensed Matter Theory group in Queens College (CUNY). Interests include general questions of localization of light, polariton optics of disordered crystals and quantum heterostructures.
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    156. [quant-ph/9909086] Topics In Modern Quantum Optics
    This is the written version of lectures presented at the 17th Symposium on Theoretical physics covering various topics in quantum optics.
    Quantum Physics, abstract
    From: Bo-Sture Skagerstam [ view email ] Date ( ): Tue, 28 Sep 1999 17:35:03 GMT (594kb) Date (revised v2): Sat, 6 Nov 1999 15:15:10 GMT (325kb)
    Topics in Modern Quantum Optics
    Authors: Bo-Sture Skagerstam
    Comments: 97 pages, 23 figures, 187 references. Misprints corrected, most figures redrawn and references updated
    This is the written version of lectures presented at "The 17th Symposium on Theoretical Physics - Applied Field Theory", 29 June - 1 July, 1998, the Sangsan Mathematical Science Building, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.
    Full-text: PostScript PDF , or Other formats
    References and citations for this submission:
    (refers to , cited by , arXiv reformatted);
    (autonomous citation navigation and analysis) Which authors of this paper are endorsers?
    Links to: arXiv quant-ph find abs

    157. Webhosting Österreich, Webspace Österreich, PHP Und MySQL Provider
    The problem of time in quantum gravity.
    Webspace Deutschland Webhosting Schweiz Seefeld Mineralien
    Bitte besuchen Sie inzwischen einen unserer Links. www. Domain noch frei? .com .at .net .org .de .ch .li .info .biz

    158. Department Of Theoretical Physics, Uppsala University
    Research in classical and quantum field theories and dynamical systems; string theory and cosmology; condensed matter theory and mathematical physics; high energy, condensed matter, and mathematical physics; and quantum mechanics.
    @import url("./css/teorfys.css"); Department of Theoretical Physics Home


    Uppsala University

    Box 803
    SE-751 08 Uppsala Contact the webmaster URL:
    Last Modified: November 14, 2003.
    Jun 8 Venus transit Jun 28-Jul 2 Strings 2004 , Paris.
    General Information Postal Address: Department of Theoretical Physics Box 803 SE-751 08 Uppsala Telephone: +46-(0)18-471 32 45 (kansli) +46-(0)18-471 32 41 (kursexp) Fax: Visting Address: Department of Theoretical Physics Polacksbacken Hus 19

    159. Student Understanding Of Quantum Mechanics
    A set of lectures and reports outlining methods of teaching introductory quantum mechanics to a wide range of students.
    University of Maryland Physics Education Research Group
    Student Understanding of Quantum Mechanics
    PERG Info PERG materials PERG HOMEPAGE PER on the web ... Resources on the web
    Student Understanding of Quantum Mechanics
    The University of Maryland Physics Education Research Group is currently involved in two supported projects to study student understanding of quantum mechanics and to build a new course in introductory QM for scientists and engineers.

    160. ORIENTALIA Articles: Indian Philosophy And Anthropic Cosmological Principle
    Traditional Indian anthropology is analyzed at the background of ancient physics traditions of Vaisesika, Jaina, and Buddhism, modern quantum mechanics, and manyuniverses idea.
    This is an academic Eastern Philosophy and Religion site! Please, register to access all sections.
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