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         Physics:     more books (100)
  1. The Physics of Star Trek by Lawrence M. Krauss, Stephen Hawking, 1996-09-25
  2. The Physics of Consciousness: The Quantum Mind and the Meaning of Life by Evan Harris Walker, 2000-12
  3. The Flying Circus of Physics by Jearl Walker, 2006-06-30
  4. The Physics of Superheroes by James Kakalios, 2006-09-21
  5. Fundamentals of Physics, Student Solutions Manual by J. Richard Christman, 2007-06-04
  6. The Quantum World: Quantum Physics for Everyone by Kenneth W. Ford, 2005-10-15
  7. Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics, Chapters 1-46 (with CengageNOW 2-Semester, Personal Tutor Printed Access Card) by Raymond A. Serway, John W. Jewett, 2007-05-04
  8. Thermal Physics (2nd Edition) by Charles Kittel, Herbert Kroemer, 1980-01-15
  9. Hands-On Physics Activities with Real-Life Applications: Easy-to-Use Labs and Demonstrations for Grades 8 - 12 by James Cunningham, Norman Herr, 1994-03-16
  10. Physics for the IB Diploma: Study Guide 2/E by Tim Kirk, 2008-02-25
  11. Student Solutions Manual Volumes 2&3 University Physics 11th Edition by Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman, et all 2003-11
  12. Kaplan AP Physics B & C, 2008 Edition (Kaplan Ap Physics B and C) by Bruce Brazell, Paul Heckert, et all 2008-01-01
  13. Barron's SAT Subject Test in Physics 2007 (Barron's How to Prepare for the Sat II Physics) by Herman Gewirtz, Jonathan S. Wolf M.A. Ed.M., 2007-01-12
  14. Student Solutions Manual/Study Guide for Serway/Jewett's Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Volume 2 by Raymond A. Serway, John W. Jewett, 2007-09-27

61. Physics News
physics News. Nobel Prize News and information related to physics physicsNews Update; physicsWeb News Resources; Physical Review

62. Physics 1996
Awarded to David M. Lee, Douglas D. Osheroff, and Robert C. Richardson. The press release contains a good (technical) discussion of the superfluidity of helium3.
The Nobel Prize in Physics 1996
"for their discovery of superfluidity in helium-3" David M. Lee Douglas D. Osheroff Robert C. Richardson 1/3 of the prize 1/3 of the prize 1/3 of the prize USA USA USA Cornell University
Ithaca, NY, USA Stanford University
Stanford, CA, USA Cornell University
Ithaca, NY, USA b. 1931 b. 1945 b. 1937 The Nobel Prize in Physics 1996
Press Release

Presentation Speech

Illustrated Presentation
Other Resources
The 1996 Prize in:


Physiology or Medicine
Literature ... Economic Sciences Find a Laureate: SITE FEEDBACK CONTACT TELL A FRIEND Last modified June 24, 2003 The Official Web Site of The Nobel Foundation

63. Fusion Energy And Plasma Physics Research At PPPL
Fusion energy and plasma physics research at the Princeton Plasma physics Laboratory. Located in Princeton, New Jersey.
Fusion energy and plasma physics research is the primary mission of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL). A collaborative national center for fusion energy and plasma physics research, PPPL is managed by Princeton University for the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science. An associate mission for PPPL is to provide the highest quality of education in fusion energy, plasma physics, and related technologies.
NJN Interviews PPPL Director Goldston
Open House
June 12, 2004
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

about the Open House
PPPL Colloquia for 2003-2004
PPPL HOTLINE, April 2004 Virtual Tour of PPPL
PPPL is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science , and managed by Princeton University.
DOE Eurekalert

USDOE and Other Fusion Links
U.S. Fusion Energy Program Policy Information ... Download PPPL Logo Updated: 14 May 2004 Send questions or comments to Carol A. Phillips at Laboratory Status

64. Physics Resources
physics Internet Resources. WORLD WIDE WEB RESOURCES physics papers electronic reading physics BY RESEARCH AREA High energy physics Labs

65. Science On High-Energy Lasers: From Today To The NIF
An overview of science performed with high energy lasers, including five scientific areas (astrophysics and space physics, hydrodynamics, material properties, plasma physics, radiation sources, and radiative properties).
Science on High-Energy Lasers:
From Today to the NIF
Facility Definitions

Material Properties

Plasma Physics
Radiative Properties

Richard W. Lee
Richard Petrasso
Roger W. Falcone
To help you find specific subject areas, we have also provided a document map showing all the sections and subsections. Last modified on February 1, 1996
If you have technical questions about this page contact: Richard Lee ( and Science on High-Energy Lasers: From Today to the NIF

66. CWP - Contributions Of 20th C. Women To Physics
s of important contributions to physics made by 83 women in the 20th century. These...... What can you find in this archive?
83 Eminent Physicists

A Guide to This Site

Search the Archive
Photo Credits
Whose faces are shown above?

The graphic shows the faces of some physicists spanning three generations. Click here for their names. They are among the 83 women for whom data is archived in this website. What can you find in this archive?
Descriptions of important contributions to physics made by 83 women in the 20th century. These are documented by the original papers in which the discoveries were first reported. In addition there are historical essays and other historical documents not easily available elsewhere. Where are 17th, 18th, and 19th century women?
Women in those centuries did not have access to institutions of higher learning. Their participation in scientific discovery was not possible. There are some notable exceptions such as Émilie du Châtelet, Sofia Kovalevskya, and Mary Somerville but generally women's intellectual development was thwarted. Brief historical account.

67. Physics And Astronomy Reference
physics / science reference, physical constants, online unit conversions, periodic table of elements, exact time, fundamental physical formulae and equations.
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Physics and Astronomy Reference
  • from a heptillionth to googolplex: decimal multiples, prefixes, symbols and common names
  • Greek Alphabet all greek alphabet letter symbols, their names and english equivalents
  • Special Math Constants - Archimedes', e - Natural Logarithmic Base, - Euler's
  • Fundamental Physical Constants most commonly used constants in physics and engineering
  • Astro-physical Constants solar system data, current moon phase, and more ...
  • electron, proton and neutron data, table of nuclides and more ...
  • Air Composition gas composition of air
  • Coefficients of Friction static and kinetic coefficients of friction for various materials
  • Online Unit Conversion conversion of imperial and US units to SI, and physical quantities conversions
  • download sheets of equations, from simple math to complicated quantum relativity
  • Glossary glossary of physics terms, dictionary of definitions.
  • Online Periodic Table interactive periodic tables of elements, chemical data, etc.
  • Materials Safety Info MSDS and other chemical materials safety data sheets
  • current and past winners of prestigious awards in physics, astronomy, etc.

68. Physics Astronomy
Conferences. physics Astronomy Colloquium. physics Astronomy Seminars. ephysics. Leonard Lounge Renovation. physics Astronomy New Building. News archive

69. The Physics Help Page
Email help in kinematics, Newton's laws, motion in two dimensions, momentum and collisions, work and energy, and circular motion with gravitation.
Do you need help in physics? Then you've come to the right place. I'll be adding things from time to time, so be sure to check here every so often. If you go to Glenbrook South, or another registered school, I can help you with your Minds on Physics and Internet Problems that I know, can be oh so very tedious...especially if you have, like, one problem on a MOP that you just cant get, and your teacher won't explain it, or thinks he does, but really doesn't :) Ok, anyway, I figured if Im helping everyone at school, I might as well help people on the internet as well. E-mail me Your questions on:
Newtons Laws
Vectors and Projectiles
Forces in 2-Dimensions
Momentum and Collisions
Work and Energy
Circular Motion and Gravitation
Be sure to include what topic you need help on in the subject and specificallywhat you need help on in the body of your message Some Useful links
Minds on Physics Internet Modules
(if you are a student at Glenbrook South, or other registered school)
Internet Problems (GBS Students ONLY)
Honors Physics in the Classroom (if I cant get to you soon enough, or don't have your topic listed above) Really good resource page.

70. Physics News Graphics Nanotechnology
Classic and new pictures of nanostructures from the American Institute of physics.

71. The Laws List
Laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, experiments, thoughtexperiments in physics. The laws list, 26 Lw Laws.
The laws list Lw
Laws Introduction. The laws list is a list of various laws, rules, principles, and other related topics in physics and astronomy. This list is not intended to be complete. History. The laws list originally started out strictly as a list of laws. Then, because of their similarity, I began adding rules to the list (after all, in physics, there is generally no difference between a law and a rule). Over time I added more and more similar subjects. Now, the list is more of a minidictionary of physics and astronomy terms, rather than strictly a list of laws, rules, and so forth; however, for historical reasons I still refer to it as the laws list, even though it is something of a misnomer. Contents. The laws list: A
aberration to Avogadro's hypothesis Lw The laws list: B
Balmer series to Brownian motion Lw The laws list: C
candela to Curie-Weiss law Lw The laws list: D
Dalton's law to Dulon-Petit law Lw The laws list: E
Eddington limit to event horizon Lw The laws list: F
faint, young sun paradox to Fizeau method Lw The laws list: G
G to gravitational radius Lw The laws list: H
h to Huygen's construction Lw The laws list: I
ideal gas constant to ideal gas laws Lw The laws list: J joule to Josephson effects Lw The laws list: K k to Kohlrausch's law Lw The laws list: L L to Lyman series Lw The laws list: M Mach number to muon experiment Lw The laws list: N N A to null experiment Lw The laws list: O Occam's razor to Olbers' paradox Lw The laws list: P particle-wave duality to pseudoforce Lw The laws list: Q Lw The laws list: R R

72. A Glossary Of Physics Terms, With Links To An Online Textbook.
Definitions with crossreferences to online textbooks.
Home Physics Astronomy Courses
Physics Contents
Why a new book?

1. Newtonian Physics

2. Conservation Laws
Glossary of Physics Terms
The following are glossary entries compiled from the Light and Matter series of free introductory physics textbooks
Each entry has a link to the volume that contains it.
You can also browse the tables of contents of the books:
Contents of book 1, Newtonian Physics

Contents of book 2, Conservation Laws

Contents of book 3, Vibrations and Waves
Contents of book 4, Electricity and Magnetism ... Contents of book 6, The Modern Revolution in Physics Absorption . What happens when wave passes through a medium and gives up some of its energy. See textbook. Acceleration . The rate of change of velocity; the slope of the tangent line on a v t graph. See textbook. Alpha decay . The radioactive decay of a nucleus via emission of an alpha particle. See textbook. Alpha particle . A form of radioactivity consisting of helium nuclei. See textbook. Ammeter . A device for measurin electrical current. See textbook.

73. Physics
physics, 6 Ph physics. physicsrelated information. Directories. Kepler s laws A proof of Kepler s laws. 16 Kp. The laws list
Physics Ph
Physics Physics-related information. Directories. Kepler's laws
A proof of Kepler's laws. Kp The laws list
Lw Orders of magnitude
How everything compares to everything else. Or Cross-references. Physics reference
A physics reference for students and teachers. Rp Navigation. Erik Max Francis TOP
Welcome to my homepage. e Quick links. Contents of Erik Max Francis' homepages CONTENTS
Everything in my homepages. In Feedback FEEDBACK
How to send feedback on these pages to the author. In About Erik Max Francis PERSONAL
Information about me. In
In Erik Max Francis Ph Physics Web presence provided by Alcyone Systems Last updated 2004 May 09 16:52 Web design by 7 sisters productions The Alcyone Systems Web Ring (13 sites)
Hard Science
Hard science, the easy way.
Max Pandaemonium
Max Pandaemonium's original music.
Alcyone Systems Erik Max Francis Blackgirl International CatCam Crank dot Net ... 7 Sisters Productions

74. Institute Of Solid State Physics
Specialized in fundamental and applied research in the field of condensed matter physics, optics, spectroscopy and laser physics.

Explore Bulgaria

Nebula search
Welcome to the
Institute of Solid State Physics
"Acad. G. Nadjakov"
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

1784 Sofia, 72, Tzarigradsko chausse Blvd.
Fax: (+359 2) 975 36 32; (+359 2) 975 36 19


... E-Journals in Physics Director: Academician Alexander G. Petrov D.Sc., Ph.D. Tel.: (+359 2) 875 80 61, Deputy director: Assoc. Professor, Ph.D. Stefan Andreev Tel. (+359 2) 77 92 17 Deputy director: Assoc. prof. Ph.D., Vassil Lovchinov Tel.: (+359 2) 71 44 558 Scientific secretary: Assoc. prof. Ph.D., Marina Primatarowa Tel.: (+359 2) 71 44 627 Chairman of SC: Prof. Ph.D., D.Sc., Nicholay Tonchev, Tel.: (+359 2) 71 44 276. Admin. director: Assist. prof., Dipl. Eng., Hristo Popov, Tel.: (+359 2) 875 00 94 Secretary: Petia Lazarova Tel.: (+359 2) 875 80 61, Accountant office: Eleonora Popova Tel: (+359 2) 875 50 59

75. Cookies Required
© American Institute of physics All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.
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    76. Windows To The Universe
    Aimed at portraying Earth and Space Sciences in a fun way. Includes information about space weather, global space physics and a real time movie of current solar activity.
    Text-only version Text-only version

    77. From The Institute Of Physics
    Magazines, Industry/Business, physics Policy, Branches. Advancing physics http// The Institute of physics is a registered charity, No.
    var javascript_version = 1.0; All Journals Online Services Members Books Education Careers Magazines Industry/ business Physics Policy Branches Groups
    In this month's Physics World: the future of climate change

    New non-executive chairman for Institute of Physics Publishing Jun 3 Jun 2 Heather Reid gives award to local physics teacher Jun 1 Scientists discover secret of dolphin speed May 14 Entanglement beats the diffraction limit May 13
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    78. Uniwersytet Warszawski - Wydzial Fizyki
    Warsaw Uniwersity physics Faculty. The center of physics in Poland and one of the earliest places where Internet started!
    Badania naukowe Edukacja Informacje ogólne
    Instytuty i inne jednostki

    Pracownicy i doktoranci

    Rada Wydzia³u
    ... katalog i czasopisma


    ... dalsze informacje
    Inne strony WWW

    ... dalsze informacje
    Informacje dla kandydatów na studia licencjackie,
    magisterskie, podyplomowe i doktoranckie
    i plan zajêæ USOSweb - zapisy Wyk³ady ogólnodostêpne Pracownie i seminaria studenckie ... Wyk³ady i pracownia dla uczniów Fizyka dla ka¿dego (w tym Festiwal Nauki ... dalsze informacje Spis tre¶ci ZA ... MJ WWW

    79. NIST Physics Laboratory Home Page
    Divisions / Research Areas The physics Laboratory is divided into six major divisions, described below. Also see
    About the Physics Laboratory What we do Staff directory 2002 Honors and Awards Working with us Products and Services Physical Reference Data Publications General Interest Selected Projects Nanotechnology Quantum Information Biophysics / Medical Physics
    Physics Lab Site Map
    NIST home page
    Divisions / Research Areas

    The Physics Laboratory is divided into six major divisions, described below. Also see: Postdoctoral Positions
    Major Research Facilities

    Seminars / Meetings
    develops measurement methods and associated technology for determining electron and photon interactions with matter. Atomic Physics carries out a broad program of long-term experimental and theoretical research in atomic physics. Optical Technology promotes accurate and useful optical radiation measurements in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectral regions. Ionizing Radiation provides national leadership in fundamental research and measurement standards for all types of ionizing radiation. is responsible for the standards of time and frequency; and since length is now derived from the second, develops optical frequency standards.

    80. Hyperspace Physics
    Visions of the otherworld from several paradigmatic perspectives. index updates forum chat contact English to German English to Spanish English to French English to Italian English to Portug. German to English German to French Spanish to English French to English French to German Italian to English Portug. to English Random : Yoga For Yahoos - Third Lecture - Niyama
    PHYSICS related net resources
    • The laboratory of parallel universe experimentation may not lie in a mechanical time machine ... but could exist between our ears. Dr. Fred Alan Wolf on

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