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  1. Nonlinear Optics of Random Media: Fractal Composites and Metal-Dielectric Films (Springer Tracts in Modern Physics) by Vladimir M. Shalaev, 1999-12-10
  2. Introduction to Matrix Methods in Optics by A. Gerrard, J. M. Burch, 1994-06-28
  3. Practical Fiber Optics (IDC Technology) by David Bailey, Edwin Wright, 2003-07
  4. City of Light: The Story of Fiber Optics (Sloan Technology Series) by Jeff Hecht, 2004-04-08
  5. Progress in Optics, Volume 50 (Progress in Optics) (Progress in Optics)
  6. Lectures on Theoretical Physics: Optics (Lectues on Theoretical Physics) by Arnold Sommerfeld, 1964-06-01
  7. Textbook of Elementary Physics: Oscillations and Waves Optics Structure of Atom by Academician G. S. Landsberg, A. Troitsky, 2000-04
  8. Laser-Molecule Interaction: Laser Physics and Molecular Nonlinear Optics by J. R. Lalanne, Andre Ducasse, et all 1996-03
  9. Microwave and Geometrical Optics (Techniques of Physics) by S. Cornbleet, 1994-06
  10. Quantum Optics and the Spectroscopy of Solids: Concepts and Advances (Fundamental Theories of Physics)
  11. Applied Optics and Opto-electronics 1998, Proceedings of the Applied Optics Divisional Conference of the Institute of Physics, held at Brighton, 16-19 March 1998 (Institute of Physics Conference) by Grattan, 1998-01-01
  12. Far and Near Field Optics: Physics and Information Processing : 23-24 July 1998, San Diego, California (Proceedings of Spie--the International Society for Optical Engineering, V. 3467.)
  13. Applied Optics and Optoelectronics 1996, Proceedings of The Applied Optics Divisional Conference of The Institute of Physics, held at Reading, 16-19 September 1996 by Grattan, 1996-01-01
  14. Frontiers in Quantum Optics, (Malvern Physics Series) by Pike, 1986-01-01

101. Research Experience In Physics & Astronomy For Undergraduates (REU)
Research areas in this 10week program for undergraduates include astronomy and astrophysics, biological physics, condensed matter physics, high energy physics, nuclear physics, plasma and laser physics, quantum optics, and physics education.
Directors: Priscilla S. Auchincloss and Arie Bodek The Physics and Astronomy Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program is funded by the National Science Foundation to support ten to twelve highly-qualified students to undertake supervised research projects in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, for a period of 10 weeks each summer. Departmental faculty conduct research in diverse experimental and theoretical areas, including Biological Physics Condensed Matter Physics High Energy Physics Nuclear Physics ... Quantum Optics , and Physics Education. Each summer, the Department's research effort involves approximately 30 undergraduate students, in addition to approximately 120 graduate students, 35 postdoctoral research associates, and 30 regular faculty members. Much of the research performed by past undergraduate research assistants has been published in scientific journals. Many students have also presented their work at national conferences and undergraduate research symposia at the University of Rochester. Program : Over the 10-week summer research period, participants attend a series of informal seminars covering research topics as well as others, such as preparing for graduate school. These seminars are intended to foster discussion among REU students and faculty, and to serve as a basis for further social and scientific interaction. Students whose projects are primarily experimental are encouraged to attend mini-courses in electronics and in machine shop techniques. The core research experience takes place in the context of research groups working at the University's research facilities. Students present their work at an informal symposium at the end of the summer. They are encouraged to work with their research advisers toward completion of publications, submission of abstracts, and presentations of their work at professional and student conferences.

102. SpringerLink - Publication Angular Resolving Power - Physic optics - physics - Science Angular Resolving Power. Wavelength of the light Diameter of object lens or mirror
Articles Publications Publishers

Publication Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics Publisher: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg ISSN: 0946-2171 (Paper) 1432-0649 (Online) Subject: Chemical Sciences Engineering Physics and Astronomy Issues in bold contain article full text that you are entitled to view. Online First Volume 79 Number 1 Volume 78 Numbers 7-8 Number 6 Number 5 Numbers 3-4 ... Request a sample Volume 77 Number 8 Numbers 6-7 Number 5 Number 4 ... Number 1 Volume 76 Number 8 Number 7 Number 6 Number 5 ... Number 1 Volume 75 Number 8 Numbers 6-7 Numbers 4-5 Numbers 2-3 ... Number 1 Volume 74 Numbers 7-8 Number 6 Numbers 4-5 Number 3 ... Supplement 1 Volume 73 Number 8 Number 7 Numbers 5-6 Number 4 ... Number 1 Volume 72 Number 8 Number 7 Number 6 Number 5 ... Number 1 Volume 71 Number 6 Number 5 Number 4 Number 3 ... Number 1 Volume 70 Number 7 Number 6 Number 5 Number 4 ... Supplement 1 Volume 69 Numbers 5-6 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 ... Number 1 Volume 68 Number 6 Number 5 Number 4 Number 3 ... Number 1 Volume 67 Number 6 Number 5 Number 4 Number 3 ... Number 1 Volume 66 Number 6 Number 5 Number 4 Number 3 ... Number 1 Volume 65 Number 6 Numbers 4-5 Number 3 Number 2 ... Number 1 Volume 64 Number 6 Number 5 Number 4 Number 3 ... Number 1 Volume 63 Number 6 Number 5 Number 4 Number 3 Publication 1 of 1 Previous Publication Next Publication Linking Options About This Journal Editorial Board Manuscript Submission Quick Search Search within this publication...

103. High-Tech Patent Searching Services
Patent searching services by subject matter experts in the fields of biology, biotechnology, physics, optics, microfabrication, and computer hardware and software.
Patent Searching Other IP Services For Inventors Press Releases ... Home
Expert patent searching on technology-based inventions requires an excellent understanding of complex subject matters to interpret disclosures, to recognize parallels in other inventions, to analyze the prior art, to understand industry jargon, and to know where to search. Patent Complete's subject matter experts perform the best patent searches in the industry. In addition, our expert searchers utilize the most comprehensive prior-art databases available for both patent and non-patent literature searching. Contact Patent Complete today and get the patent searching expertise you deserve.

104. Linear Resolving Power - Physical Optics - Physics - Science - WebCalc
Linear Resolving Power. Wavelength of the light Object distance Diameter of object lens or mirror
Linear Resolving Power
Wavelength of the light:
Object distance:
Diameter of object lens or mirror:
Sunday June 06th Site Choices Home Calculator Menu Forums About WebCalc ... Help

105. UO Chemistry Department
Department of Chemistry undergraduate and graduate programs and research in Chemistry and Biochemistry; interdisciplinary research institutes for chemical physics, materials science, optics, theoretical science, molecular biology and neuroscience.

Department Email / Phone List

Photo of Mt. Hood by Bernd Mohr.
WEBMASTER: DECIPHERING QUANTUM CONTROL OF CHEMICAL REACTIONS Graduate student Travis Humble is developing a theory for synthesizing a molecule's dynamical state using data from wave packet interferometry experiments. LEARN MORE is s int

106. Multimedia Physics Studios - Table Of Contents
Related information and discussion of physics concepts can be found at this same site in The physics Classroom. Back to Top. Ray optics.
Welcome to the
Multimedia Physics Studios
The Multimedia Physics Studios consists of a collection of GIF animations and accompanying explanations of major physics concepts. The animations cover common physics principles discussed in a first-year high school physics course. The animation and discussion have been written specifically for high school physics students. While the animations provide a strong visual reinforcement of physics concepts, they are not interactive. Interactive Shockwave animations are currently under construction; an initial preview of such files can be found at the Shockwave Physics Studios . Related information and discussion of physics concepts can be found at this same site in The Physics Classroom
1-Dimensional Kinematics
Newton's Laws Vectors and Projectiles ... Shockwave Animations
GIF Animations
1-Dimensional Kinematics

107. Cornell NanoScale Facility
Provides nanofabrication services to over 600 research projects. Subjects for research include Astronomy, Plant Pathology, Integrated optics, and Microelectromechanical Structures (MEMS) as well as the more conventional Microelectronics, physics and Materials Research.
has served the US research community for more than 25 years. Subjects of research encompass physical sciences, life sciences, and engineering, particularly with inter-disciplinary emphasis. During 2002, nearly 350 Cornell and 350 external users utilized the fabrication, synthesis, characterization, and integration resources of CNF to build structures, devices, and systems from atomic to complex large-scales. Users belong to diverse departments: astronomy, plant pathology, materials science, physics, chemistry, life-sciences, various departments of engineering, etc., and industry, and learn and use the tools available in the facility. CNF is open 24 hours a day, and provides the interactive and exciting learning and practicing environment critical to successful research. External users typically spend a week to two to complete their work with strong staff support. Many projects can also be accomplished remotely. We invite you to explore the web-site. The research accomplishments will give you a short introduction to research, the equipment index more on detailed capabilities, and the nano-course a practical introduction to technology. Other links and the search engine will lead you to a variety of information related to nano-scale science and technology. The CNF is supported by the National Science Foundation.

108. Matyas Koniorczyk Homepage
Ph.D student (physics) in P©cs. Information on Quantum interferometry,Nonclassical states of light, andQuantum communication. Wonderful blackand-white photos of Hungary.
Mátyás Koniorczyk Homepage Your web browser does not support frames. Here is the menu frame of this webpage.

109. E-Print Archive
Fluid Dynamics; General physics; Geophysics; History of physics; Instrumentation and Detectors; Medical physics; optics; physics Education; physics and Society e-Print archive
Automated e-print archives nlin math cs q-bio physics
17 Jan 2004 Endorsement system introduced.
15 Sep 2003 Announcement of New Quantitative Biology archive.
For more info, see cumulative "What's New" pages.
Robots Beware: indiscriminate automated downloads from this site are not permitted
Nonlinear Sciences
Computer Science

110. Ultrasound And Optical Imaging
Ultrasound and optics

111. Forward To: Stony Brook Laser Teaching Center
Includes multiple student abstracts on holography and optics projects.
The web site of the Stony Brook Laser Teaching Center
is now located at Please make a note of the new address.

112. ACIGA
ACIGA is intended to undertake research and development aimed at improving the performance of present laser interferometer gravitational wave detectors through advanced designs to ultimate limits set by mechanics, quantum mechanics, lasers and optics; and to transfer this into practical designs that can be used in production of commercial products.
Welcome to the Australian Consortium for Interferometric Gravitational Astronomy (ACIGA) web page.
A short introduction to gravitational waves, see
Catching gravitational waves
In collaboration with the world gravitational wave community, the objectives of ACIGA are to:
  • Undertake research and development aimed at improving the performance of present laser interferometer gravitational wave detectors through advanced designs to ultimate limits set by mechanics, quantum mechanics, lasers and optics;
    Arrange conferences, seminars and workshops as required to compliment and enhance the research of the members of the consortium.
  • Latest News
    LIGO newsletter 2002 ACIGA receives major research funding for the high optical laser power test facillity AIGO, situated at Gingin, Western Australia First meeting of ACIGA (ANZAC Week 2002 at Gingin).
    Management Structure
    ACIGA Board Consists of the representatives of the ACIGA membership including all partners. Acts as an advisory board for all ACIGA operations including input from the International groups and Australian government and industry bodies.
    ACIGA Chairperson
    Prof David E McClelland

    Australian National University
    AIGRC Director
    Prof David G Blair

    University of Western Australia
    Prof Jesper Munch
    University of Adelaide
    ACIGA involves the collaboration of several institutions throughout Australia. Follow the links to find out more information about the research of each institution, employment opportunities, research scholarships and publications.

    113. Division Of ENGINEERING & APPLIED SCIENCE At Caltech
    Research in many areas including VLSI, computational vision, the physics of computation, optics, fluid mechanics and micromachining.
    Kudos to Professor Tom Hou , who has been named the Charles Lee Powell Professor of Applied and Computational Mathematics, and to Professor John Doyle , who has been named the John G Braun Professor of Control and Dynamical Systems, Electrical Engineering, and Bioengineering (both appointments as of June 1). Professor Tapio Schneider is one of six Caltech professors to receive an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship this year. The Sloan Fellows are selected on the basis of "their exceptional promise to contribute to the advancement of knowledge." Schneider works on understanding climate and the dynamical processes in the atmosphere that determine basic climatic features such as the pole-to-equator temperature gradient and the distribution of water vapor. Developing mathematical models of the large-scale (1000 km) turbulent transport of heat, mass, and water vapor is one central aspect of this research. Three members of the faculty have been named among the most recent winners of the prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), including

    114. Interactive Physics And Math With Java
    Copyright. Download. Comments Suggestions. Interactive physics and Math with Java. Math, Introductory physics, Single Slit Diffraction, Java Applet.
    Sergey Kiselev,
    Tanya Yanovsky-Kiselev

    Interactive Physics and Math with Java Math Write and Plot a Function (Interpreter) Java Applet Introductory Physics Single Slit Diffraction Java Applet Interaction of Radiation with an Atom Java Applet The Laser Java Applet Image Formation by a Converging Lens Java Applet Image Formation by a Diverging Lens Java Applet Image Formation by a Diverging Mirror Java Applet Induced Current Java Applet Total Internal Reflection Java Applet The Bouncing Ball Java Applet The Spring Pendulum Java Applet The Pendulum Java Applet A Two-Resistor Circuit Java Applet A Four-resistor Circuit Java Applet Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 1) Java Applet Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 2) Java Applet Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 3) Java Applet Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 4) Java Applet Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 5) Java Applet Charged Particles in a Magnetic Field Java Applet Light Dispersion through a Glass Prizm Java Applet Light Dispersion through a Glass Slab Java Applet Advanced Physics Oscillating 3D Crystal Java Applet Toda Lattice Solitons Java Applet Anharmonic Local Modes Java Applet Last modified: July 17, 1997

    115. Remote Sensing And Spatial Analysis At The University Of Arizona
    The Ph.D. minor in Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis offers course work which ranges from the fundamentals of the physics and optics of remote sensing to image processing, pattern recognition, and geographic information systems.
    The University of Arizona
    offers an unparalleled opportunity to pursue a multidisciplinary Ph.D. minor degree in remote sensing and related fields in spatial analysis. The range of courses offered in these fields is unmatched by any other institution in terms of breadth and depth. This is possible because a wide variety of academic departments and faculty participate in remote sensing and spatial analysis activities. To provide the student and fellow researchers an interlinked work and study environment, the remote sensing and spatial analysis program was set up through the university's interdisciplinary programs . It is administered by a committee of participating remote sensing and spatial analysis faculty. Yuma Arizona Produced by the Office of Arid Lands Studies . Webwork by Michael Haseltine

    116. Optical Physics
    Optical physics is part of the School of physics, which is in the Faculty of novel optical techniques for nanooptical measurements and in diffractive optics.
    About Physics@Sydney Students Research Local ... Links OPTICAL PHYSICS Optical Physics is part of the School of Physics, which is in the Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney. Our research interests are in the development of novel optical techniques for nano-optical measurements and in diffractive optics. Some of our research activities include:
    • Low-coherence interferometry for surface metrology Low-coherence interferometry for biomedical application such as in optical coherence tomography, and in microscopy Nomarski differential interference contrast method using multiple-beam shearing interferometry for quantitative phase measurements Real-time phase difference amplification by liquid crystal spatial light modulator for measuring nano-scale phase variation of a biological object Generation of optical phase singularity using Liquid Crystal Spatial Modulator Energy density in the focal region for scalar and polarized waves and beam propagation by direct numerical integration of fundamental diffraction integrals.
    Surface Profiles of Integrated Circuits
    Taken from LCI microscope
    Size: 170x100x1 microns Irradiance in the focal region
    for a linear polarized light beam
    Contact details:
    Dr. Maitreyee Roy

    117. N-slit Diffraction
    Young s Double Slit Experiment and Nslit Diffraction. Index Information about this Applet Related Applets. Although the formulas
    Young's Double Slit Experiment
    and N-slit Diffraction
    Index Information about this Applet Related Applets Although the formulas inside this applet are correct for any values you input, the display is discretized and will not display the waves properly if you deviate too far from the default values (e.g. for choices which require resolutions less than the size of a pixel). Comments to

    118. N-slit Diffraction
    optics Mirrors. Index Information about this Applet Related Applets.
    Index Information about this Applet Related Applets

    119. SpringerLink - Publication Jack s Page Basic physics and opticsJack s Page Basic physics and optics. Author Jack Ord email What s It About? It s all physics if you have no interest

    120. Welcome To The Pages Of MTA SZFKI!
    RESEARCH INSTITUTE for SOLID STATE physics and optics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
    of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    General information


    Research topics


    Bela Selmeci
    . Best seen with DHTML capable browsers at 640X480 screen resolution.
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