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         Optics:     more books (100)
  1. Elementary Wave Optics (Dover Books on Physics) by Robert H. Webb, 2005-04-12
  2. Unified physics: optics (Electromechanical technology series) by Raymond F Davidson, 1972
  3. Physics Of Nonlinear Optics by Guang S. He, 1999
  4. College Physics Laboratory Experiments: Electricity, Magnetism, Optics by Roman YA Kezerashvili, 2003-01
  5. Integrated Optics (Topics in Applied Physics, Vol 7)
  6. Tenth Joint International Symposium on Atmospheric and Ocean Optics/Atmospheric Physics (Proceedings of S P I E) by International Symposium on Atmospheric A, Gennadii G. Matvienko, et all 2004-02
  7. Optics (A degree physics) by Clarence Joseph Smith, 1960
  8. Laser Optics of Condensed Matter (Physics of Optical Phenomena and Their Use As Probes of Matter Ser. : Vol. 2)
  9. Nonlinear Optics in Telecommunications (Advanced Texts in Physics) by Thomas Schneider, 2004-11-18
  10. Polymers in Optics: Physics, Chemistry, and Applications : Proceedings of a Conference Held 5-6 August 1996 Denver, Colorado (Critical Reviews of Optical Science and Technology)
  11. Problems and Solutions on Optics: Major American Universities Ph. D. Qualifying Questions and Solutions
  12. Modern applications of physical optics (Interscience tracts on physics and astronomy) by M Françon, 1963
  13. Excimer Laser Technology (Advanced Texts in Physics)
  14. Principles of Electron Optics, Volume 2: Applied Geometrical Optics (Principles of Electron Optics) by Peter W. Hawkes, E. Kasper, 1989-01-28

81. Relativistic Optics At The ANU
A paper on the physics of relativistic optics and the implementation of our visualization engine is available in Portable Document Format (.pdf).
Seeing Relativity If the speed of light could be reduced from over a billion kilometers per hour to just a few meters per second, the world would look very different. The Australian National University relativistic visualization project has used supercomputers to simulate what we might see in a world where the effects of Einstein's theory of special relativity are everyday experiences. View selected stills in the gallery download the complete movies (17 minutes / 22 megabytes) and explanatory commentary or purchase complete VHS copies. A paper is available explaining the physics of relativistic optics. Doppler-Shifted Highway At 76% the speed of light straight lines appear distorted, clouds bunch at the horizon, and a red desert is Doppler-shifted into a rainbow of different colours. Gallery Click on any of the images for a larger version.

82. Yamilov, Alexey
A member of Condensed Matter Theory group in Queens College (CUNY). Interests include general questions of localization of light, polariton optics of disordered crystals and quantum heterostructures.

83. The Laser Physics Group Redirect Page
A collection of links to the fields of laser, quantum, atomic, molecular physics and optics.

84. About - Physics Department
Provides B.Tech. in engineering physics as well as M.Sc. and M.Tech. programmes in solid state materials and applied optics. Also involved in experimental and theoretical research.
About Academic Admission Students ... Contact About - Physics Department
Courses Expertise Facilities ... Projects Introduction
The Department of Physics provides B.Tech. in Engineering Physics to the undergraduate students of the Institute. In addition, it offers one M.Sc. and two M.Tech. programmes in Solid State Materials and Applied Optics. The Department also runs an interdisciplinary M.Tech. programme in Optoelectronics and Optical Communication jointly with the Department of Electrical Engineering. The Department is also involved in experimental and theoretical research. About Academic Admission Student Life ... Contact

85. Light And Optics - Physics Books - Optical Illusions
physics Light and optics. Science with Light Mirrors This colorful book is packed with exciting scientific activities designed
Books The Universe Earth Sciences Animals Classic Science ... Technology Physics - Light and Optics
This colorful book is packed with exciting scientific activities designed to help young children explore the intriguing properties of light. All the experiments and tricks are safe and easy to carry out, using easily ordinary household equipment. Real examples show how people exploit the way light behaves for driving mirrors, periscopes, lenses and so on. Usborne Science Activities is an innovative series which responds to the growing emphasis on scientific exploration for children. The text and illustrations are clear and simple, so children can enjoy using the books by themselves. Further notes give more detailed explanations for adults who wish to work with their children. Ages 6-9. 8.25" x 8.25" 24 pages
No. BSP20-LM. Only $4.95 The Optics Book
What could be more important than light? It makes plants grow; gives us food; lets us see bright, beautiful colors; and provides warmth. But to grasp the nature of lightand visionwe must understand optics. These delightful hands-on experiments vividly demonstrate the workings of absorption, reflection, refraction, and more. Toast marshmallows by the sun's intense heat. Create a "ray box," and view the entire spectrum through a water prism, and a rainbow in soap bubbles. Or try filters to really see the world through rose-colored glasses! Along with a materials list, the book includes safety instructions, explanations of the scientific principles underlying each experiment, a note on color blindness, and a glossary. Ages 9 and up. 80 pages.

86. Webpage On Fiber Optics. Claudio Vinegoni - Home Page
Webpage on Fiber optics. Claudio Vinegoni Articles on Fiber optics. Electrochromic Materials. physics. Porous silicon and optical Spectroscopy. Raman Spectroscopy.




Claudio Vinegoni
Beckman Institute
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Biophotonics group
405 North Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
You can contact me via email: Last update: 01.30.00

87. Techtrans' Technical Dictionary
Patent terminology. Agriculture, biology, chemistry, crystallography, communications, computing, electronics/electricity, maritime, mechanics, medicine, military, nuclear physics, optics, paper making, oil production, pharmacy, semiconductors, signal/speech processing, aerospace, textiles, printing, xerography. About 75 pages.

88. AAMU: Optics Reasearch Groups
The Alabama A M University Department of physics optics and Information Processing. optics Reasearch Groups Center for Applied optics (UAH).
Optics Faculty Organizations Publications Research ... AccessGrid Node

Department of Physics
Optics and Information Processing
Optics Reasearch Groups:
Center for Applied Optics (UAH) Center for Electro Optics (University of Nebraska, Lincoln) CREOL (University of Central Florida) EOEML Electro-Optics Research (Georgia Tech Research Institute) ERIM (The Environmental Research Institute of Michigan) Fiber and Electro-Optics Research Center (Virgnia Tech) Graduate School in Optics (Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, Italy) Holography and Optical Data Storage (Stanford University) KAOS (Kelvin's Advanced Optical Systems, Univ. of Colorado) (Seoul Nat. University, Korea) Project TOP (Mississippi State University) MIT Media Lab University of New Mexico University of Rochester Optical Computing (Naval Res. Lab) Optical Computing and Processing Laboratory (University of Arizona) OCSC (Colorado State University) Optics Group (Institute for National Measurement Standards, Canada) Optical Sciences Center (University of Arizona) Optics Virtual Library OptoElectronic Computing Group (UC San Diego) Optical Memory, Imaging, and Communication

89. Quantum Optics And Atom Optics Links
print home page); physics Express Letters Quantum and Semiclassical optics, Journal of physics A (Letters free). physics Letters A
Quantum Optics and Atom Optics links
can now also be reached by typing the URL
Australian site
German Mirror Page ...
(Thanks to Peter Marzlin for setting up the German Mirror page)
All comments, suggestions, and quantum optics or atom optics links to be added are welcome. Please email Dien Rice (to Thanks to all who have contributed! If you know the correct URLs for any of the broken links below, please email me the corrections.
Maintained by Dien A. Rice
Department of Physics
Macquarie University , Australia). List begun: June 25, 1995
Last updated: December 23, 2002
Added or updated December 23, 2002

90. National Space Science And Technology Center - NSSTC
Collaborative research and education initiative focused on selected key scientific disciplines. Including the disciplines of earth science, space science, materials science, biotechnology, advanced optics technology, space propulsion physics and information technology.

Tornadoes, Lightning and Hurricanes: Scientists at Alabama Research Center Study Severe Weather


Calendar of Events

Contact Us
... Rossi Prize Awarded to Chandra Project Scientist Martin Weisskopf What is the NSSTC?
The NSSTC is a collaborative research and education initiative focused on selected key scientific disciplines. It consists of researchers and resources from government, academia, and industry collaborating in an environment that enables cutting edge basic and applied research and fosters education of the next generation of scientists and engineers. NASA Official: Robin Henderson NASA Web Privacy Statement Web Site Curator: Nancy Kabakjian

91. Technical Optics, Physics, NTNU
. . One level up. DEPARTMENT OF physics, NORSK. Technical optics, . .
One level up
Technical optics

Hans Magne Pedersen, professor

Lars Henrik Morset, stipendiat

Applied Optics

The main areas of research are video holography, radiometry, and fibre optics interferometry. Editor: Head of Dept. Contact address:
Last update:

92. Fiber Optics Group
Institute of physics at Wroclav University of Technology. Studies on polarization optics, birefringent fibers, photonic crystal fibers, fiberoptic sensors, low-coherence interferometry, and in-fiber Bragg gratings.

93. TFY4195_lab Optics, Physics, NTNU
DEPARTMENT OF physics, NORSK. TFY4195_lab optics Lecturer Professor Ole Johan Løkberg. Spring 2004. The laboratorycourse is a part of TFY4195 optics.
One level up
... Archives
TFY4195_lab Optics

Spring 2004
The laboratorycourse is a part of Optics. Objective:
The course intend to give insight into common physical phenomena. "Laboratorieøvingene gir praktisk og måleteknisk fordypning i områder innen fysikkpensum".
Editor: Head of Dept. Contact address:
Last update:

A very good tutorial on science and electronics, physics, light and electrical optics.




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  • 95. High Field Science
    physics of ultrahigh fields produced by intense and ultrashort-pulse-duration lasers. Applications to relativistic nonlinear optics, compact sources of ultrashort-duration x rays, protons and relativistic electrons.
    We study the physics of the interactions of ultra-intense and ultrashort-pulse-duration light with plasmas, using the highest laser fields ever produced in the laboratory. Scientific applications include relativistic nonlinear optics and ultrafast science. Technological applications include compact sources of ultrashort-duration x rays or energetic particles. Click any of the images above for research highlights.

    96. Telescopes - Re: What Is Active Optics? PHYSICS & ASTRONOMY
    Re What is active optics? Topics, Author, Date. What is active optics? new. Laura Evans, 0312-02 1228. Re What is active optics? new. William Berry, 03-12-02 1441.

    97. Body
    San Diego, CA USA EE. RF, microwave, manufacturing development, instrumentation, optics, UNIX networking, physics.
    var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
    Phone: ( 12011 Tivoli Park Row #2 San Diego,CA 92128 Guy S. Ihrig Electrical Engineer
    • RF/Microwave Design
    • Analog IC Design
    • Operations
    • Instrumentation
    • Optics
    • Physics
    RF Engineer
    Mitsubishi Mobile Communications Technology Center, San Diego, CA

    Member of design team for RF section of TDMA PCS phones. Experience concentrated in the transmitter section, particularly power amplifier section to the antenna section, including transmission power sensor.
    Sep., '96
    Manufacturing Development Engineer
    Hewlett Packard, Microwave Instrument Division , Rohnert Park, CA
    Supporting E4400 series digital and analog RF signal generators and HP8665 High-Performance RF Signal Generator manufacturing lines. Digital signal generators produce digital modulation formats (GSM, CDMA, TDMA, PSK, MSK, QAM, I/Q, etc.) that are used in wireless and communication industries.
    • Solved and prevented line stoppages, handled part discountenances, improved yields, improved reliability, manufacturing capacity, and design changes.

    98. Telescopes - What Is Active Optics? PHYSICS & ASTRONOMY
    What is active optics? Author Laura Evans ( Date 03-12-02 1228 What is active optics? Topics, Author, Date. What is active optics? new.

    99. MSJ Magnetics Society Of Japan
    Studies magnetic related fields including applied magnetics, magnetic recording, thin films, magnetic materials, physics of magnetics, magnetooptics, and biomagnetics. With over 2350 members.

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    of Manuscripts

    About MSJ
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    Monthly Journal Trans. Magn. Data Back Number
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    100. physics optics 396) Business Industrial Goods and Services optics (195) Science Methods and Techniques Imaging Science (73) Science physics Quantum Mechanics (385

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