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  1. Extreme Nonlinear Optics: An Introduction (Advanced Texts in Physics) by Martin Wegener, 2004-10-15
  2. Atom Optics by Pierre Meystre, 2001-09-21
  3. The Physics of Laser-Atom Interactions (Cambridge Studies in Modern Optics) by Dieter Suter, 2005-08-22
  4. Engineering Physics: Fundamentals & Modern Applications (Physics) (Physics) by P. Khare, A. Swarup, 2007-05-30
  5. Optics: Learning by Computing, with Examples Using MathCad (Undergraduate Texts in Contemporary Physics) by Karl Dieter Moeller, 2002-12-06
  6. Light and Matter: Electromagnetism, Optics, Spectroscopy and Lasers (Light and Matter) by Yehuda B. Band, 2006-09-14
  7. Physics and Chemistry of Crystalline Lithium Niobate (Series on Optics and Optoelectronics) by A.M Prokhorov, Y.S Kuz'minov, 1990-01-01
  8. Applied Nonlinear Optics by Frits Zernike, John E. Midwinter, 2006-10-06
  9. Optical Waves in Layered Media (Wiley Series in Pure and Applied Optics) by Pochi Yeh, 2005-03-03
  10. Geometrical Optics in Engineering Physics by Yury A. Kravtsov, 2005-08-01
  11. An Introduction to Fiber Optics by Ajoy Ghatak, K. Thyagarajan, 1998-06-28
  12. Fundamentals of Optics by Francis A Jenkins, Harvey E White, et all 2001-12-03
  13. Reflecting Telescope Optics I: Basic Design Theory and its Historical Development (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library) by R.N. Wilson, 2007-10-12
  14. An Introduction to Atomic andMolecular Physics by Wolfgang Demtröder, Wolfgang Demtr÷der, 2005-12-22

21. GAP-Optique Université De Genève
Research and Development center for Quantum optics at the Group of Applied physics (GAP), University of Geneva. Projects, prototypes, publications, members.
Department of Physics
University of Geneva Switzerland ...

Introduction P
hysics is fascinating because of the intellectual excitement it provides and because of the applications it offers. In the Group of Applied Physics (GAP) at Geneva University we get our inspiration from both of these motivations. Optics, in this respect, has a privileged place. Indeed, in modern optics, experiments and theory progress hand-in-hand, and practical applications are close behind. Consequently, we can work both on conceptual issues and on applications. Moreover, it is a very good time for optics! The fascinating new insight about quantum mechanics brought about by recent quantum optics experiments on one side, and the tremendous development of optical communications on the other, illustrates our privileged position! T he American Research Council has recently declared optics as the technology of the 21st century. In contrast, a famous physicist, Michael Berry, has declared that the 21st century will be shaped by quantum physics, in a way similar to electrodynamics, which shaped the 20th century. Our position in GAP-Optique, at the crossroads between optics and quantum physics, ensures our participation to both challenges. Prof. Nicolas Gisin

optics.ORG optics.ORG provides photonics recources for scientists and engineers. This site is a jointventure of SPIE http// and the Institute of physics http//

23. Physics-Optics-Astronomy Library (POA)
Maintains a collection to support the instructional and research needs of faculty and students in the Department of physics and Astronomy and the Institute of optics. It also provides information services for the Nuclear Structures Research Laboratory and the Mees Observatory.
University of Rochester River Campus Libraries Libraries A to Z Physics-Optics-Astronomy Library (POA) Ask a Librarian
Search Site
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Library Information
Contact the Staff University of Rochester Libraries. Privacy Statement Last Updated April 16, 2004 Web Page Statistics

24. [quant-ph/9509002] The Real Symplectic Groups In Quantum Mechanics And Optics
A comparison of symplectic geometry with Euclidean or unitary geometries in quantum physics and optics
Quantum Physics, abstract
From: [ view email ] (ARVIND) Date: Mon, 4 Sep 95 21:20 PDT (28kb) Date (revised): Wed, 6 Sep 95 14:45 PDT Date (revised): Fri, 24 Nov 1995 19:53:30 GMT
The Real Symplectic Groups in Quantum Mechanics and Optics
Authors: Arvind B. Dutta N. Mukunda R. Simon
Comments: Review article 43 pages, revtex, no figures, replaced because somefonts were giving problem in autometic ps generation
Journal-ref: Pramana 45 (1995) 471
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References and citations for this submission:
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25. Virtual Physics: Programs For Learning Physics. Simulations Of Experiments
Win Collection of programs teaching physics. Virtual experiments. Simulations of various physical phenomena covering diffraction, dynamics, electrostatics, gravity, Kepler laws, kinematics, Kirchhoff, optics, oscillations, projectiles, thermodynamics, vectors and waves.
Learn physics with your PC!
Virtual physics is the collection of programs simulating physical phenomena. They can be used as demonstration tools at school or for individual studies and experiments at home. See what you can never see in nature! The most exiting feature of Virtual Physics is that you can perform and observe many experiments you can never see either in nature or in the school laboratory, eg. stars moving on their orbits or the motion of the molecules of gas. The program consists of 13 modules covering: Diffraction, Dynamics, Electrostatics, Gravity, Kepler Laws, Kinematics, Kirchhoff Laws, Optics, Oscillations, Projectiles, Thermodynamics, Vectors and Waves.
Main Menu
With this module you can observe diffraction. It occurs when light bends around an obstacle or, as in our experiment, passes through a slit. If the slit is comparable or narrower than the length of the light wave, the light bends. In fact the slit acts then as a separate wave source. Diffraction
With this module you can investigate the motion of a block sliding down an inclined plane as a result of Earth's gravity force. You can select one of the two visualization modes - realistic or model one. In the latter you will be able to see vectors of the forces exerted on the block.

26. Fiber Optics
Fiber optics. Another mechanism for efficiently conducting light from one point in space to another is via transparent, dielectric fibers. Gradient Index optics.
Fiber Optics
Another mechanism for efficiently conducting light from one point in space to another is via transparent, dielectric fibers. As long as the diameter of these fibers is large compared with the wavelength of the radiation, the inherent wave nature of the propagation mechanism is of little importance and the process obeys the familiar laws of geometrical optics. If the diameter is of the order of , the transmission more closely resembles the manner in which microwaves advance along waveguides.
Number of Reflections
Consider a straight glass cylinder surrounded by air. Light striking its walls from within will be totally internally reflected, provided that the incident angle at each reflection is greater than , where n f is the index of the cylinder or fiber. If the fiber has a diameter D and a length L , the path length traversed by the ray will be The number of reflections is then given by rounded off to the nearest whole number. The 1, which depends on where the ray strikes the end face, is of no significance when

27. Physics At Appleby College
A comprehensive collection of Java Applets on waves, sound, light and optics. Suitable for high school physics students.
Appleby College by
Cliff Sampson

email cliff

Observe the period of pendulum while you change length, mass or angle.(kim jong heon, korea)
Pendulum experiment java applet
Do a pendulum experiment with mouse(click/drag:to change its initial conditions length of the pendulum, initial
position, gravitational field strength). Parameters (gravitational field and its components, kinetic energy, potential
energy, velocity ...) are viewed graphically or displayed with text(length, angle, half period...). A period-initial angle plot is generated automatically, just click/drag the mouse and wait. Try and play with it to find out more features. (Fu-Kwun Hwang) Transverse Wave and Longitudinal Wave An interactive activity on transverse and longitudinal waves. Visual representation of the motion of the particles in the transverse and longitudinal waves is shown. Superposition of Two Waves (Java applet) This applet visualizes the mixing of two one-dimensional waves. The user is able to vary velocity and frequency of the waves and the two individual wave as well as the superposition is viewed graphically.

28. Applied Physics B - Lasers And Optics
Applied physics B Lasers and optics Applied physics B covers the broad field of laser physics, linear and nonlinear optics, ultrafast phenomena, photonic devices, optical and laser materials,

29. Optical Research Associates - Optics For Kids
FUN and LEARNING. Some fun and interesting things about optics (the science of LIGHT, and one of the most important fields of physics) SCIENTISTS and ENGINEERS.
OPTICS FOR KIDS: Science and Engineering
by Bruce Irving, Optical Research Associates
A NOTE TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS: Elementary school children might enjoy this quick look at some optical basics, especially if coupled with some experiments from the Optics Discovery Kit from OSA or some creative play with the commercial program ZAP! . There's also a bit of a pep talk on science and engineering as careers. Please share this with your kids! Please note also that ORA does not sell lenses or other optical "hardware" for experiments. A local science or children's museum may sell simple lenses, prisms, mirrors, etc. Edmund Scientifics is a good source for all sorts of optical and other scientific items for experimenters. Laser pointers are now quite inexpensive and can be used for optical experiments with colored filters, lenses, and optical fibers. You can buy laser pointers at office supply and electronics stores. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH LASERS.

30. Elsevier Physics
A web database with more than 80 Elsevier science journals with peer reviewed articles on Astronomy Astrophysics, Condensed Matter, Nuclear and High Energy physics, Nonlinear, Statistical Applied physics, optics, Radiation, Surfaces Interfaces, Ultrasonics
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31. Atmospheric And Ocean Optics
This is the main web page for the Atmospheric and Ocean optics Group in the physics Department at the University of Miami. Atmospheric and Ocean optics.$root.htm

32. Center For History Of Physics - American Institute Of Physics
Has a mission to preserve and make known the history of modern physics and allied sciences including astronomy, geophysics and optics.
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current issue The Center for History of Physics preserves and makes known the history of modern physics and allied fields.


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Emilio Segre Visual Archives
More than 25,000 photographs and other visual materials showing the human face of science.
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33. Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Physics Of Light And Color
Light and Color Java Tutorials Difficult concepts in the physics of light and the science of optics are much easier to understand with the aid of interactive

Microscopy Primer
Light and Color Microscope Basics Special Techniques ... Home
The Galleries:
Photo Gallery
Silicon Zoo Pharmaceuticals Chip Shots ... Movie Gallery
Light and Color
Light is a complex phenomenon that is classically explained with a simple model based on rays and wavefronts. The Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer explores many of the aspects of visible light starting with an introduction to electromagnetic radiation and continuing through to human vision and the perception of color. Each section outlined below is an independent treatise on a limited aspect of light and color. We hope you enjoy your visit and find the answers to your questions. Electromagnetic Radiation - Visible light is a complex phenomenon that is classically explained with a simple model based on propagating rays and wavefronts, a concept first proposed in the late 1600s by Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens. Electromagnetic radiation, the larger family of wave-like phenomena to which visible light belongs (also known as radiant energy ), is the primary vehicle transporting energy through the vast reaches of the universe. The mechanisms by which visible light is emitted or absorbed by substances, and how it predictably reacts under varying conditions as it travels through space and the atmosphere, form the basis of the existence of color in our universe.

34. Anmeldung
Annual meeting on atmospheric studies by optical methods to be held September 36, 2002 at the Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric physics in K¼hlungsborn.
Programme, Abstracts, Photos
September 3-6, 2002
IAP K¼hlungsborn
Abstract book (PDF)
The aim of these annual meetings is to provide a common platform for exchange of ideas, scientific results and instrumental techniques, with the only requirement that there exists a relation to atmospheric studies by optical methods. Even if the meetings are announced as European meetings, and European countries take turns in organising them, people from all over the world are welcomed to attend. The Annual Optical Meetings were started in Stockholm in the fall of 1973, with the intention of bringing together scientists, engineers and students using optical methods to study the upper atmosphere. In 2002 the meeting is organized by the Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics
Local organization committee (LOC)
The meeting is chaired by Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef L¼bken. The local organization committee members are Dr. Matthias Alpers, Prof. Dr. Ulf von Zahn and Mrs. Marion Lange (all from IAP). If you want to send an email to the LOC-members please use this link Mrs. Marion Lange

35. Virtual Physics Laboratory
The Department of physics and Astronomy. Northwestern University. Index Atomic physics Mechanics optics Waves. Diffraction. Young's Experiment and generalized wave interference through an Nslit aperture.
The Department of Physics and Astronomy
Northwestern University
Atomic Physics Mechanics Optics ...
Young's Experiment and generalized wave interference through an N-slit aperture. This Applet demonstrates N-slit interference and modulation effects from a finite slit width.
Snell's Law
Reflection, refraction and Snell's Law. This Applet illustrates Snell's Law, total internal reflection, Reflectance and Transmittance.
Ray tracing and geometric optics
Ray tracing Geometric Optics
Department of Physics and Astronomy - Northwestern University Comments to

36. IME Software's Home Page
Provides physics educational software RAYTRACE, for teaching geometrical optics, GASSIM is a molecular simulation program, ELF is an electric field and equipotential plotter.
IME Software aims to produce high quality physics educational software at an affordable price. IME's programs are characterised by interactivity speed , compactness and unprecedented flexibility . Tried and tested on real students and reviewed and used by academics around the world, all programs have an evaluation version which you are invited to download and examine free of charge.
A raytracing program written specifically for teaching geometrical optics.
A molecular simulation program for demonstrating aspects of kinetic theory and statistical mechanics.
New! ELF - an electric field and equipotential plotter. Instantly creates electric field patterns for any arrangement of point charges. Drag field lines or equipotentials into position. Show electric field vector and components at any point. Perform Gaussian integrations and integration of work along a path. An ideal demonstration tool.
Upgrade policy
Purchasing an IME Software program entitles you to download free upgrades of that program from our web site for a minimum of 12 months after purchase!
Price list
Placing an order (Electronic delivery available)
Comments, feedback or questions?

37. [Measurement Services] - Calibration, Measurement And Testing Services To Nation
Calibration and innovation involved with the measuring acoustics, length, mass, optics, temperature, thermophysical properties and materials testing at Teddington, England.
The UK's National Measurement Laboratory Advanced Search NPL Home Science National Programmes ... Publications How can we improve the site for you? Email Address Full Feedback Form
Measurement Services
Contact Us Website Map Introduction
Calibration and Innovation
NPL maintains world-class metrology facilities and offers calibration services with the highest available accuracy. Each year we carry out thousands of UKAS-accredited calibrations for measurement and instrumentation companies, manufacturing industry and others, traceable back to the national standards. We also deliver innovative, specialised measurement services, tailored to new and demanding applications. Service Categories Last updated - 4 Mar 2004 If you can't find the measurement service you want in this catalogue, contact the NPL Helpline which can put you in touch with other measurement service providers in the UK. Further Links News

38. Contents
Light and optics Polarization Polarizers; Practice Problems. Mirrors Ray Diagrams Planar Contents; Copyright; Send us mail; Thinking About physics; Frequently Asked

39. Light And Matter: Educational Materials For Physics And Astronomy
Free introductory physics textbooks for the high school or college level, available as large pdf files to download. Topics available are Newtonian physics, conservation laws, vibrations and waves, electricity and magnetism, optics and modern physics.
Physics Astronomy Courses The Light and Matter series of online
introductory physics textbooks.

Buy printed copies.

Examination copies

Reviews, adoptions, and comments
Planet Finder
, an applet for finding planets in the night sky.
, a guide to the night sky through binoculars.
Information about my classes at Fullerton College. Physics Astronomy Courses
... Contact
Site Map

40. IV Symposium On Medical Physics 2003
November 1315, 2003. Bioelektromagnetism, Biomedical optics, Biophysical and Biochemical Measurement. Educational Aspects in Medical physics, Medical Imaging and Computing, Medical Engineering, Physical Therapy, Radioprotection and Radiotherapy.
Organizers A. Chelkowski Institute of Physics University of Silesia Katowice

Center of Oncology - M. Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Institute, Gliwice

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