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  1. Free Electron Lasers: Proceedings of the Beijing Fel Seminar, Beijing University, 11-23 August, 1988 (Beijing Institute of Modern Physics, Vol 2) by Chen Jiaer, Xie Jialin, et all 1989-04
  2. Joint Soviet-American Workshop On The Physics of Semiconductor Lasers (AIP Conference Proceedings)
  3. Research on Laser Theory (Horizons in World Physics)
  4. Advances in Laser Spectroscopy (Nato a S I Series Series B, Physics) by Italy) NATO Advanced Study Institute on Advances in Laser Spectroscopy (1981 : San Miniato, F. Strumia, et all 1983-09-30
  5. Photonics: Linear and Nonlinear Interactions of Laser Light and Matter (Advanced Texts in Physics) by Ralf Menzel, 2007-09-10
  6. Applied Laser Medicine
  7. The Physics and Technology of Laser Resonators by Hall, 1990-01-01
  8. Physics and Chemistry of Photochromic Glasses (Laser & Optical Science and Technology Series) by Alexander V. Dotsenko, Leonid B. Glebov, et all 1997-09-24
  9. Laser-Molecule Interaction: Laser Physics and Molecular Nonlinear Optics by J. R. Lalanne, Andre Ducasse, et all 1996-03
  10. Atoms in Intense Laser Fields (Advances in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics)
  11. Physics of, and Science with, the X-ray Free- Electron Laser
  12. Physical Processes in Laser-Materials Interactions (Nato a S I Series Series B, Physics)
  13. Physics of Laser Driven Plasmas by Heinrich Hora, 1981-09
  14. Laser physics: Laser Optics '93, 21-25 June 1993, St. Petersburg, Russia (Proceedings / SPIE--the International Society for Optical Engineering)

81. Bookworkz Subject Category - Optics And Laser Physics
CATEGORY LISTINGS OPTICS AND laser physics. $225.00. 0471973874, Metal Vapour Lasers Physics, Engineering and Applications Christopher E. Little (Univ.
Biology Chemistry Computer Science End-User Computing ...
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Optical Harmonics in Molecular Systems: Quantum Electrodynamical Theory

David L. Andrews; Philip Allcock

Cloth - 258 Pages - $145.00
Quantum Optics: An Introduction, 2nd Revised and Enlarged Edition

Werner Vogel; Dirk-Gunnar Welsch; Sascha Wallentowitz

Cloth - 442 Pages, 6-7/8 x 9-7/8 in. - $145.00 Simulation and Experiment in Laser Metrology: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Laser Applications in Precision Measurements held in Balatonfüred/Hungary, June 3-6, 1996 Editor: Zoltan Füzessy; Editor: Werner Jüptner; Editor: Wolfgang Osten Cloth - 325 Pages, - $70.00 Quantum Optics in Phase Space Cloth - 716 Pages, 6 x 9 in. - $100.00 A Guide to Experiments in Quantum Optics Hans-A. Bachor (The Australian National Univ., Canberra, Australia) Paperback - 378 Pages, - $70.00 Laser Applications in Surface Science and Technology Horst-Günter Rubahn (Max-Planck Institute for Stromunsforschung, Germany) Paperback - 346 Pages, 6 x 9 in. - $84.50

82. Britney Spears Guide To Semiconductor Physics: Semiconductor Physics, Edge Emitt
Britney Spears lectures on semiconductor physics, radiative and nonradiative transitions, edge emitting lasers and VCSELs. physics. Not content with just singing and acting, in the following pages, she will guide you in the fundamentals of the vital laser
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Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics
It is a little known fact, that Ms Spears is an expert in semiconductor physics. Not content with just singing and acting, in the following pages, she will guide you in the fundamentals of the vital laser components that have made it possible to hear her super music in a digital format.
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The Basics of Semiconductors Semiconductor Junctions Finite Barrier Quantum Well ... About the Author
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83. Spectra-Physics
Welcome to the new, expanded Spectraphysics website which offers our full spectrum of products. Follow one of the links below to see laser products or our homepage. Be sure to update your bookmark!
Welcome to the new, expanded Spectra-Physics website which offers our full spectrum of products. Follow one of the links below to see Laser products or our homepage. Be sure to update your bookmark!
Laser Products

84. NIST: Atomic Physics Div. - Laser Cooling And Trapping Gp
This department of the National Institute of Standards and Technology studies the physics of laser cooling, electromagnetic trapping, and other radiative manipulation of neutral atoms and dielectric particles. Home of 1997 Nobel Prize winner William D. Phillips, whose team has cooled atoms to less than a millionth of a degree above absolute zero.
Laser Cooling and Trapping Group
The Laser Cooling and Trapping Group studies the physics of laser cooling, electromagnetic trapping and other radiative manipulation of neutral atoms and dielectric particles. These fundamental studies are used to develop applications to new kinds of physics measurements and processes such as high resolution spectroscopy, atomic clocks, atomic collisions, atom optics, bio-molecular interactions, and atomic-scale and nano-scale fabrication. Laser cooling and trapping of neutral atoms are explored at NIST in the group of Bill Phillips ( Nobel Prize Group Staff Job Opportunities:
Division Postdoctoral Positions

Current and Former Post Docs

Atomic Physics Division home page
Physics Laboratory home page ... NIST home page Projects: Atomic Clock: develop advanced techniques of laser cooling cesium atoms for use in atomic clocks. Bose Einstein Condensation investigate properties and applications of dilute quantum gases of alkali atoms. Cold Collisions study ground state and photoassociative collisions of ultracold atoms. Metastable Xe study ultracold Rydberg atoms and plasmas using laser cooled and trapped metastable xenon.

85. Physics News Update Number 473 - Story ULTRAVIOLET LASER AT DESY
A free electron laser has reached wavelength of 93 nm. From physics News Update.
advanced search Number 473 (Story #1), March 3, 2000 by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein ULTRAVIOLET LASER AT DESY ; figure at Physics News Graphics

86. Quantum Optics And Laser Science
physics Department of Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, London, UK.
QOLS is the new name for LASP; for details of the restructuring of the group see here . Further information about this research group can be found by clicking on the buttons below.
For the Physics Department website click here
For recent Post Graduate talks, please click here
This page maintained by Kevin Goddard
Last updated 9th October 2003

87. Spectra-Physics Inc.
Manufactures broad range of laser and optical components and devices for industrial, medical, and research markets. Uses include telecommunication, microelectronics, image recording, and manufacturing processes. Site incorporates detailed product information.

Research on highpower lasers, laser-matter interaction, inertial fusion, generation of super-strong pulsed magnetic fields, dense magnetized plasmas, tokamaks, theory and numerical modeling of hot plasmas, diagnostics of fast-varying processes.
I nstitute of Plasma Physic and Laser Microfusion
Warsaw, Poland
English version
Instytut Fizyki Plazmy i
Laserowej Mikrosyntezy

Warszawa, Polska
Wersja polska

89. Physics & Advanced Technologies Directorate
The physics and Advanced Technologies Directorate at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory executes and supports programs that apply cutting edge physics and advanced technologies to develop physics and Advanced Technologies was established in July 2000 through the merger of the former physics Directorate and elements of the former laser Programs
@import url(/CSS/PhysImported.css);
Physics and Advanced Technologies was established in July 2000 through the merger of the former Physics Directorate and elements of the former Laser Programs . The PAT directorate has a budget of approximately $140M and a staff of approximately 400 employees. Physics and Advanced Technologies is highly integrated, multidisciplinary, and has substantive research ties to the rest of the Laboratory, and to universities and industry. Our Mission is to be a leader in frontier physics and technology for 21st-century national security missions: stockpile stewardship, homeland security, energy independence, and the exploration and use of space. PAT ORG CHART LLNL JOBS LLNL SEARCH Research ... Home UCRL-WEB-147981 Updated: 31 Jan. 2003

90. Wiley InterScience: Journal Home - Laser Physics Letters
More results from Institute of laserphysics - University of Hamburg Welcome to the Institute of laser-physics. The Institute of laser-physics was founded in 1991. It is designed as a center of basic
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Upgrading to a newer or different browser (such as the latest versions of , Internet Explorer for Windows or Macintosh , or Opera ) will improve your browsing experience on Wiley However, it is not imperative that you upgrade immediately. This site will continue to function satisfactorily in your current browser, although the visual design may be sub-par. Maintenance Message Home Physics and Astronomy Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Laser Physics Letters
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Volume 1, Issue 6 (June 2004)

91. Laser And Particle Beams
laser and Particle Beams is an international journal which deals with the physics of intense laser and particle beams, the interaction of these beams with matter, and their applications.

92. Michael Allen
This site details projects completed by Michael Allen during his final year studying Applied physics in Dublin City university. Projects include DNA analysis using laser ablation and xray standing waves surface science technique.
about me contact Final Year 2002/2003 FYP 2003 Quantum App Spec Plasma Sets ... HogansStand Welcome to my Webpage In here you will find details of all my projects, particularly final year projects. I am studying Applied Physics in DCU For more details see ' about me See side menu for project links GRADUATION 2003 See a few photos from our graduation ceremony and ball here My Sites... Strokestown GAA Comhaltas Roscomain Art Restoration with Laser Ablation michael allen ap4 2003

93. Forward To: Stony Brook Laser Teaching Center
Includes multiple student abstracts on holography and optics projects.
The web site of the Stony Brook Laser Teaching Center
is now located at Please make a note of the new address.

Contact details, physics (interaction of Helium with an intense laser field), and family photographs.
@import "/style.css";
Welcome to my home on the web. Have a look round and get in touch if you want to find out more. I have submitted my thesis ! The viva date is being arranged. Tonight I fly to South America for two months of backpacking!
Crapola Physics: Modelling The Non-Sequential Double-Ionisation of Helium
I have finished my research and the thesis is taking shape. I hope to give a rough draft to my supervisor by the middle of March have it ready for submission by the middle of April. Download the latest draft
At the end of March I will spend a week with my older sister Erika and her family in Virgina (20th March to 28th March). After submitting my thesis I am going to South America for a couple of months (23rd April to 19th June), flying to Buenos Aires in Argentina and working up the Andes through Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru to Quito in Ecuador.
Exotic Interest Rate Derivative Trading
I have accepted a job offer from CSFB with the exotic interest rate derivative traders. I start in London on 5th July but will be head straight off to New York for nine weeks of training (12th July to 11th September). This summer I completed my fourth internship at the investment bank, building spreadsheets, trading bunds and fetching coffee. I will be looking for rented accommodation around Canary Wharf for the first six months at least. Search for flats:

95. Iipopescu
Professor of plasma physics and optics, Bucharest University, a corresponding member of the Romanian Academy of Sciences. Research interests electrical discharges in gases, plasma physics, atomic and molecular collisions, laser spectroscopy, xray sources and gamma-ray induced emission.
Prof. dr. Ioan-Iovitz POPESCU Member of the Romanian Academy CURRICULUM VITAE
LIST OF SCIENTIFIC WORKS NEW major links: Denisa Popescu - In Memoriam by Carl B. Collins 27 November 2003 My dearly beloved Denisa (Daisy) - Pictures of Dr. Denisa Popescu at her apogee Our wedding (August 10, 1963) Her look while discovering multiphoton spectroscopy With Professor Carl B. Collins , Center for Quantum Electronics, UT Dallas Working out spectral records ... Heralding Laser Spectroscopy - Dr. Denisa Popescu new in July 2003 How my dearly beloved Denisa (Daisy) went to Death added in April 2004
(Are those damned impact factors a reason to kill?)
A letter to Professor Leonida Gherasim, Her cardiologist On a Zipf’s Law Extension to Impact Factors new in June 2003 Science Journal Titles and their Vocabulary new in March 2003 Ether and Etherons new in January 2003 ROUMPHYS - A Roumanian Physicists Database new in December 2002 Science Journal Ranking by Average Impact Factors updated in December 2002 US Mirror Site - Ranking and Impact of Scientific Journals launched in July 2002 Visitors since October 2001:

E-mail :

96. Laser Applications Group (844.06)
The laser Applications Group (844.06) develops and applies stateof-the-art laser techniques and optical diagnostics to support measurements in industrial and
The Laser Applications Group (844.06) develops and applies state-of-the-art laser techniques and optical diagnostics to support measurements in industrial and environmental processes. The group emphasizes interdisciplinary research in selected areas of photophysics, photochemistry, and optics. The efforts include: optical stimulation and characterization of transient processes in gases, liquids, solids, and at interfaces; time-resolved spectroscopy; linear and nonlinear light-scattering interactions as probes of surface and interfacial structure; and measurements of the optical properties of nanometer-scale structures.
The group has numerous collaborations within NIST, and we have extensive ties to researchers at universities, in industry, and at other government labs. We welcome postdoctoral fellows and visiting researchers, and we urge all who are interested in working with our group to contact us.
Staff Keith Lykke , Group Leader Kum Ham , Secretary Kimberly Briggman , Chemist Pat Connelly , Engineering Technician Thomas Germer , Physicist Lori Goldner , Physicist Edwin Heilweil , Research Chemist Angela Hight Walker , Research Chemist Jesseong Hwang , Biophysicist David Plusquellic , Research Chemist Ping-Shine Shaw , Physicist John Stephenson , Research Chemist
NRC Postdocs
Neil Anderson
, Research Chemist Matthew Beard , Research Chemist Jeffrey Krogmeier , Research Chemist Jacob Yeston , Research Chemist
Guest Researchers
and Contractors

Takayuki Arie
, Guest Researcher Bruno Boulbry , Guest Researcher Matthew Campbell , Guest Researcher

97. UIC Physics Research
Active physics research program cover both experimental and theoretical topics in the major research areas of atomic, biological, condensed matter, materials, highenergy, nuclear, laser and molecular physics. Researchers in the physics Department are engaged in research programs at facilities located on the UIC Campus, as well as at Fermi lab, Argonne National Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory. The Microphysics Laboratory, Atomic and Molecular physics Laboratory and Modern Microscopy Laboratory are world-class facilities located on the UIC Campus.

98. Institut Fuer Experimentalphysik, Uni Graz
Part of the School of Natural Sciences, University of Graz; mainly deals in surface, optics, and laser science, magnetrometry, spectroscopy, and general photonics. Information for students and researchers, staff pages.


99. Ion Laser Repair & Refurbishment, Laser Rental, Laser Resale
Refurbishment of Coherent Radiation, Spectra physics, American laser, and Lexel ion tubes. Replacement tubes and magnets.
With over 25 years of experience in the laser repair and resell business, Holo-Spectra Inc. is pleased to expand the availability of their services to the world market reached via the world-wide-web. We invented the ion laser refurbishment business in the United States and have developed highly refined techniques for the complete refurbishment of the ion tubes of Coherent Radiation, Spectra Physics, American Laser, and Lexel. We have replacement tubes as well as magnets for many of these systems ready to ship. Need a replacement tube? We have a few! Do you need help with the lasers from ? Coherent Spectra Physics Lexel CR-52 CR-3,4,6,8,10,12,18 CR-500K CR-800,900,920 Innova 60, 70, 90 Innova 20 Innova 100, 200, 400 Innova 300 Series Chroma 10 PureLight Star BeamLok 2060, 2080 Enterprise OEM Please call for free assistance, parts and repair quotes, and tremendous savings on complete refurbished systems.
Sophisticated Equipment
Thorough Craftsmanship A typical tube rebuild will include bore cleaning, recathoding, extensive bakeout and ultra high vacuum processing, rewindowing, burn-in, water-way cleanup of the magnet, regasing, and alignment. With a sensitive instrument such as a laser, reliability is a key concern and Holo-Spectra addresses this with stringent processes and high caliber equipment. But in a science that is as much an art, our unparalleled experience is the company's greatest asset and our confidence becomes your GUARANTEE. All tubes sold or work performed has a one-year warranty; a warranty that is only matched by an original purchase.

100. Old Connecticut College Dept. Of Physics, Astronomy And Geophysics Home Page
Offers a variety of majors and research experiences. Facilities include an observatory, ion accelerator lab and a laser spectroscopy lab.
The Connecticut College Physics, Astronomy and Geophysics home page has moved to a new location. Please visit our new home

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