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         Electronics:     more books (100)
  1. Electronic Transport in Hydrogenated Amorphous Semiconductors (Springer Tracts in Modern Physics) by H. Overhof, 1989-04
  2. Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions
  3. Physics of Electronic Conduction in Solids by Frank J. Blatt, 1968
  4. Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics: Photo-Electronic Image Devices (Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics)
  5. Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics, Part A: Photo-Electronic Image Devices (Advances in Electronics & Electron Physics) by Peter W. Hawkes, 1986-03
  6. Mosby's Radiologic Physics Electronic Teaching Library on CD-ROM by Mosby, 2003-07-15
  7. Physics of Opto-Electronic Materials (General Motoes Symposium)
  8. Applied Charged Particle Optics, Part C: Very High Density Beams (Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics Supplement) by A. Septier, 1983-06
  9. Electronic systems (Study topics in physics) by W Bolton, 1980
  10. Advances in Electronics & Electron Physics
  11. Electronic and Atomic Collisions: IVth International Conference on the Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions
  12. Surfaces and Interfaces: Physics and Electronics ("Surface Science") by R. S. Bauer, 1983-12
  13. Electronic, Optoelectronic and Magnetic Thin Films: Proceedings of the Eighth International School on Condensed Matter Physics, Varna, Bulgaria 18th (Electronic ... & Electrical Engineering Research Studies) by J. M. Marshall, N. Kirov, 1995-04
  14. Photo-Electronic Image Devices. Advances In Electronics and Electron Physics, Volume 40B by B. L Marton, R. W. Airey, et all

61. Inspec® - The Quality Database For Physics, Electronics And
service providing access to the world s scientific and technical literature in physics,electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering
Login or Register Shop Help Search ... Email Lists Inspec
Produced by the IEE, Inspec is the leading English-language bibliographic information service providing access to the world's scientific and technical literature in physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computers, computing, information technology, manufacturing and production engineering. Inspec Matters - Latest Issue Summer 2004 (Includes an article on Transit of Venus) This file is in Acrobat PDF format News
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The Institution of Electrical Engineers, registered as a charity in the UK
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62. @ FLC Electronics Inc - Lab Instrumentation
Primary scientific interest is physics of polar liquid crystals and the discovery of SurfaceStabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal structure. Develops a series of instruments used for liquid crystal research and other applications. Includes FLCs and liquid crystal display research information, product specifications and industry links.
high voltage multichannel arbitrary waveform generators high voltage linear amplifiers photodetectors high current linear amplifiers ... dielectric spectroscopy software Click on the picture or link for info about the product FLC Electronics AB, Sweden
See company information sales representatives or send us an email Dan-El Technologies LTD. represents us in Israel (February 2004). Welcome! Di electric S pectros ... ptical monitoring Research software. Please feel free to download demo version Revision 3.0 of the Waveform Generator WFG500 software has been released. Recommended upgrade for all WFG500 users. Please fell free to download ! (June 2003) Revised manual . (June 2003) New help . (June 2003) Site updated February 5, 2004

63. School Of ETE
Courses are oriented towards electronic instrumentation and communications engineering, applied physics and electronics. The courses have an applied nature, including a strong laboratory component and considerable project work.
Canberra School of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
Preparing YOU for the challenges of the 21st Century ? In the 21st century, technology will become more important to everyone and Australia will need highly qualified engineers to design and maintain our high technology communication systems.
Become a leader in this exciting age of innovation in optical fibres,
the Internet, mobile phones, interactive digital TV and virtual reality
These subject areas and more are covered in the Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Degree, giving students solid experience in engineering practice with a grounding in engineering science, allowing development of an engineering career that could span a variety of fields.
This web page is maintained by Assoc Prof Andrew Cheetham.
Last Updated: 27 September 2001

64. Bill Beaty's Homepages: Surplus Sources: Science, Electronics
physicsNet physics equipment archive search; Surplus_Shed (optics electrn); WJ Systems(robotics stuff) Archie Mcphee (weird toys) - All electronics Corp.


Surplus Parts and Equipment for Amateur Scientists

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Whacky wehirdo products on WWW
  • , hilarious catalog
  • Archie Mcphee , glow-in-dark roaches, tiki lamps, boxing nuns.
  • Johnson Smith tricks, gags, costumes, amazing stuff
Other collections of surplus links
Some Surplus sources on WWW

A very good tutorial on science and electronics, physics, light and electrical optics.




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    67. Department Of Physics
    Information on 100level and 200-400 level papers, electronics, energy management, physics careers and research in physics, plus archives, departmental directory, links to other physics Web sites and information for overseas students. Seminars/Conferences
    Physics Home
    Research Electronics Energy Studies ...
    Research in Physics
    What are we interested in? Quantum physics, space physics, ice and more...
    Information about department seminars which are normally held each Monday afternoon.
    100-level Papers
    Paper prescriptions and timetables; self-testing exam papers
    200-400 level Papers
    Paper prescriptions and timetables for all papers above 100-level.
    Departmental Directory
    Contact details for staff and senior students in the Department.
    Overseas Students
    If you're thinking of coming to Otago from overseas, this is the place to look.
    Find out about our programmes in Electronics.
    Energy Studies
    Find out about our courses in Energy Studies and Energy Management.
    Physics Careers
    So you've got the degree, now get the job. What can you do?
    Physics Handbook
    The departmental handbook in PDF form (474 kB). Last modified : Jun 02, 2004 @ 11:53am

    68. Semiconductor Physics For Solid State Electronics
    Index electronics concepts. HyperPhysics***** Condensed Matter, R Nave. Go Back.


    Electronics concepts
    HyperPhysics Condensed Matter R Nave Go Back

    69. Technical Jobs - High-tech Jobs From UK Technical Recruitment Consultants ECM Se
    Focus Technical research, development and consultancy jobs, including software, electronics, maths and physics vacancies.
    Technical jobs in the UK.
    Contact ECM Selection to find the latest high-tech jobs and other vacancies available in the UK.
    ECM Selection, one of the most respected technical recruitment specialists, is highly focussed, working at the very top of the High-Tech Sector. ECM recruits for the top research centres, technical consultancies and product development companies - throughout the UK. Enter the ECM website here.
    Search for technical jobs online or contact us direct for a discussion about your career aims.
    Please use our website to search for technical jobs, or other high-tech vacancies currently available, whether in London, Cambridge, Oxford, Guildford, Reading, or throughout Southern England and the UK. You can search for current technical vacancies in a number of ways. For example, browse the full list of all vacancies, or search for technical jobs or other opportunities by using the key word search option. Alternatively, use the ECM job builder feature to specify your required job sector, location and salary to build your ideal job. You can also then choose to be automatically notified when, for example, new technical jobs vacancies which match your criteria are added to the site. Our vacancies across many technical and scientific sectors are regularly updated on the site, so if you don't find anything on your first visit, please come back regularly, or you can make a general application by submitting your CV to

    70. Nanotech Planet - The Nano Circuit: Molecular Electronics Meets Physics Reality
    Molecular electronics Meets physics Reality By Sandra Helsel. WhatMEC is doing is like planning a trip, but having to build the,4028,10501_2

    search all of

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    Nanoelectronics Planet
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    Molecular Electronics Meets Physics Reality By Sandra Helsel "What MEC is doing is like planning a trip, but having to build the highway to get there." That's how Chris Gintz, President of Molecular Electronics Corporation (MEC) described his company's business development plans. A practical visionary, Gintz is a well-known and respected executive from the computer industry who has been described as a "go-to-market" kind of guy. Gintz joined MEC in April of 2002, joining one of the brightest teams of scientists in the nanoelectronics sector, including MEC's founders Drs. Mark Reed of Yale and Jim Tour of Rice. As he fully assumed the position of CEO over the past several months, Gintz set about to build his metaphorical highway, which would transport MEC to its long-term goal: a molecular memory market. With his experience defining technologies into end-user products that are market-based, Gintz knows that the promise of early commercialization of MEC's molecular memory research portfolio can not be immediately fulfilled. "It's simply too early to commercialize molecular memory technology at this point," he said. "The problem has turned out to be much more difficult that we anticipated. I think it is very unlikely that we are going to see hybrid molecular electronic and silicon systems anytime soon. It turns out that the processes are extremely difficult."

    71. Homepage Of The Raman Research Institute.
    Research in selected areas of physics and astronomy, including electronics, liquid crystals, theoretical physics, and astrophysics.
    History and Present Structure
    RRI in brief

    RRI Academic Profile
    Research Activities
    Astronomy and Astrophysics

    Liquid Crystals

    Theoretical Physics

    Electronic Instrumentation


    Workshop ... Feedback Main Building Prima Vera of Mexico (Botanical name: Cybistex donnell-smithii Planted in 1973 in the RRI lawn at the spot where Prof. Raman's body was cremated on 21 Nov. 1970. Student and Training Programme Ph.D. Programme Engineering Trainee Programme Technical Assistant Trainee Programme Shortlisted candidates Positions Available Faculty and Postdoctoral Positions Engineering and Technical Positions Other Links RRI Events Calendar Annual Report Research Publications In-house meeting 2004 Contact Information Addresses and Telephones People Personal Homepages Guest Book Search: Match: All Any Format: Long Short Designed by Pioneer Academy. This page was last updated on 27 th May 2004.

    72. Institute For Research In Electronics And Applied Physics
    Institute for Research in electronics and Applied physics at theUniversity of Maryland research, faculty, students, alumni.
    Student Information: Undergraduate - TREND Research Program Undergraduate Research Fellowship
    Graduate - Admissions Research Fellowship IREAP Graduate Student Seminar Series Thesis/Dissertation Templates ... ponent" Fall 2003, Vol. 1, No. 2
    Formerly known as the "Institute for Plasma Research"
    A joint Institute of the College of Computer, Mathematical, and
    Physical Sciences
    and the A. James Clark School of Engineering

    Click on picture for further information
    University of Maryland Directory Search

    2002 US News Map

    U.S. News and World Report

    73. CAMP WATONKA; Summer Science Camp For Boys In The Poconos, N.E. Pennsylvania
    Small, privately owned boys camp located in Hawley, Pennsylvania. Provides a handson science program in addition to sports, crafts and waterfront activities. Programs in astronomy, bio-chemistry, electronics, physics, and other sciences available.
    Welcome to Camp Watonka and its web site. Each year we welcome 130 boys and 60 staff to our science oriented program from America and overseas We hope you enjoy browsing this site. If you would like to receive a brochure or have comments or questions; please call, write or email us. Don and Betty Wacker.
    Dave, Amy, Dave Jnr, Jacob and Aleaha Wacker Science Camp for Boys aged 7 - 15 See the interactive tour page for a complete Camp tour. Camp Watonka was founded to provide a 'hands-on' science program where campers could gain experience in a wide range of sciences in a fun, interactive way.
    Our well equipped laboratories, well qualified staff and small groups combine to provide an exciting and educational program. Dates
    1st Session: Jun - Jul
    2nd Session: Jul - Aug
    s / direction s
    Prospective Parents
    Call to visit the camp
    PO Box 127 Hawley, PA 18428

    74. Politecnico Di Milano - Home Page
    University founded in 1863, offering degrees, PhDs and training courses in architecture, chemistry, electronics, engineering and physics.
    Il browser non supporta i frame.

    75. Meerstetter Engineering GmbH - Power Electronics, Physics & Electronics, Laser E
    Translate this page high frequency, transformer, galvanic isolation, hv-gims-1051, hvhftr-1034, powerelectronics, laser electronics, physics electronics, industrial electronics
    Engineering company specialized in power electronics and laser power supplies. Products: high power pulsed laser diode drivers, cw laser diode drivers, high-voltage power supplies
    power supply, power supplies, laser, diode, flash lamp, high power, driver, pulsed, pumped, solid state laser, ldd-1046, cwldd-1053, high voltage, high frequency, transformer, galvanic isolation, hv-gims-1051, hvhftr-1034, power electronics, laser electronics, physics electronics, industrial electronics, engineering, DPSS

    76. Inst För Teknikvetenskaper
    Research in solid state electronics, ion physics, micro structure technology, materials science, solid state physics, solid mechanics, and signals and systems.

    77. Chair Of General Physics And Molecular Electronics
    in cooperation with other chairs of physical department (General physics and Waveprocesses, semiconductor physics, physical electronics, physics of crystals
    Information about chair
    Chair of General physics and molecular electronics.
    M odern physics develops in tense correlation with such subjects of scientific and technological activity of mankind as informatics, microelectronics, optoelectronics and biotechnology. That express in that even the fundamental physical researches may be rated like real steps for future practical applications. So research objects may in short time become elements of modern devices, for example, computers, telecommunication facilities, sensors and etc. Just such principles for carrying out scientific researches, direct to reveal the basic regularity physical appearances, important for practical employment, are distinctive feature of the work in our collective – at the chair of general physics and molecular electronics. Research works at the chair organized by four scientific tendencies:
    • 1. physics of solid nanostuctures ;
    • 2. laser physics of the solid body’s surface ;
    • 3. molecular physics ;
    • 4. solid molecular-ionic sensorica.
    Professor P.K. Kashkarov, G.S. Plotnikov and S.N. Kozlov are the leaders of the research groups. Scientific workers of these groups yearly publish 20-30 articles at the international and at the home physical journals and hold large number of reports at international and Russian conferences. It became possible to carry out such active research due to financial support of

    78. NN-Stereogram Creator PRO Official Website
    Application to create stereogram images. Start with a 3D model, continue with hidden image settings, and finish with pattern generation.

    79. The Transistor - History
    was the spark that ignited a huge research effort in solid state electronics. Bardeenand Brattain received the Nobel Prize in physics, 1956, together with
    The Transistor in a Century of Electronics
    A Three Terminal Device A transistor mounted on a metal can with three wires to each of the three terminals. The transistor is a three terminal, solid state electronic device. In a three terminal device we can control electric current or voltage between two of the terminals by applying an electric current or voltage to the third terminal. This three terminal character of the transistor is what allows us to make an amplifier for electrical signals, like the one in our radio. With the three-terminal transistor we can also make an electric switch, which can be controlled by another electrical switch. By cascading these switches (switches that control switches that control switches, etc.) we can build up very complicated logic circuits. These logic circuits can be built very compact on a silicon chip with 1,000,000 transistors per square centimeter. We can turn them on and off very rapidly by switching every 0.000000001 seconds. Such logic chips are at the heart of your personal computer and many other gadgets you use today.

    80. Uni-Sofia, Faculty Of Physics, Nuclear Electronics Group
    digital electronics or programming? Introduction (in BG) and More information (inBG) NEW! Have a look at the webpage of the Kirchhoff Institute for physics
    Faculty of Physics University of Sofia
    Dept. of Atomic Physics
    Nuclear Technique and Nuclear Power Engineering
    Nuclear Electronics Group
    Address: University of Sofia, Faculty of Physics, Dept. of Atomic Physics, 5 J.Bourchier Blvd, 1164 Sofia Bulgaria

    The Nuclear Electronics Group works actively on the design and the application of modern electronic equipment in the experimental nuclear physics. The results of any experiment are a function of the quality and the functionality of the used electronics. For many projects it is necessary to develop special modules, that have no industry analog and are to a great extent unique. Our group is ready to face any challenge, that a modern experiment may impose.
    Telephone Room mail Dr. Venelin Angelov, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ilko Rusinov, Asst. Prof. PhD Konstantin Stefanov Eng. Nikolai Koralov, Technical Asst. MSc Deyan Penchev Atanasov

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