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         Condensed Matter:     more books (100)
  1. Structure and Bonding in Condensed Matter by Carol S. Nichols, 1995-05-26
  2. Local Order in Condensed Matter Physics by S. D. Mahanti, 1995-02
  3. Current Topics in Condensed Matter and Particle Physics: Non-Perturbative Phenomena and Strongly Correlated Systems : 19 May-14 June 1991 (Kathmandu Summer School Lecture Notes) by J. Pati, Q. Shafi, 1993-09
  4. Highlights in Condensed Matter Physics: Proceedings of the Apctp-Ictp Joint International Conference : Seoul, Korea12-16 June 1998 by APCTP-ICTP Joint International Conference, 2000-05
  5. Frontiers in Condensed Matter Theory (AIP Conference Proceedings)
  6. Shock Compression of Condensed Matter-1995: Proceedings of the Conference of the American Physical Society Topical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed ... augu (Aip Conference Proceedings, No 370)
  7. Condensed Matter Theories
  8. Microscopic Aspects of Nonlinearity in Condensed Matter (NATO Science Series: B:)
  9. Structure and Bonding in Condensed Matter. by Carol S. Nichols, 0000
  10. Computational Approaches to Novel Condensed Matter Systems
  11. Symmetry and Structural Properties of Condensed Matter
  12. Nuclear Condensed Matter Physics with Synchrotron Radiation: Basic Principles, Methodology and Applications (Springer Tracts in Modern Physics) by Ralf Röhlsberger, 2004-12-22
  13. Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics Research
  14. Laser Optics of Condensed Matter (Physics of Optical Phenomena and Their Use As Probes of Matter Ser. : Vol. 2)

81. Untitled Document
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
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82. Condensed Matter Physics
condensed matter Physics. Michael Marder Center This book is a graduatelevel text in condensed matter physics. It combines classic
Condensed Matter Physics Michael Marder
Center for Nonlinear Dynamics

Department of Physics

The University of Texas at Austin
Micrograph of dendrite in stainless steel courtesy of L. A. Boatner, Janie Gardner, and Douglas Corrigan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory,Oak Ridge TN. This book is a graduate-level text in condensed matter physics. It combines classic topics from solid state physics with new material of the past thirty years. It is 895 pages long, is in the fifth corrected, printing, and is selling for $105.95.
Corrections and Comments (5
th Printing):
Corrections and Comments (2
Supplementary Materials:

The text was reprinted in February 2004, eliminating virtually all errors reported to date. Lecture notes in pdf format are available to accompany much of the book. They contain almost all the equations and pictures from the text, although sometimes equations are deliberately obscured to encourage students to work out simple results. To obtain the lecture notes, visit Nicenet . If you have not visited this site before, click on the upper-left link entitled

83. Homepage Of Igor Beloborodov
My research interests ( Theoretical condensed matter physics with an emphasis on electronic properties of mesoscopic and disordered systems. ) resume

84. Johannes-Kepler University, Linz
condensed matter group members.

85. Condensed Matter Theory Group
Head page of the condensed matter Theory Group, Uppsala University
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86. Page D'accueil
Introduction. The Moroccan Journal of condensed matter is a new journal published by the Moroccan statistical Physical Society created in march 1997.
Latest issues
Archives Contact-us Information about SMPSMC ... Home Page
The Moroccan Journal of Condensed Matter is a new journal published by the Moroccan statistical Physical Society created in march 1997. The aim of Moroccan Journal of Condensed Matter is to stimulate and lead the research in Morocco and elsewhere. It publishes original research, papers and survey articles on all areas of Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics. High standards is applied in evaluating submitted manuscripts.
2 issues per year.
Subject coverage
Are coverage theoretical and experimental studies of Condensed Matter and Statistical Mechanics, namely the properties of matter (structural, thermal, mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical) for different materials (crystalline, amorphous metals, semiconductors, insulators, glasses, liquid crystals, plastic crystals, polymers and superfluids).
Research papers
Reports of original research work; not normally more than 8500 words (14 journal

87. Institute Of Solid State Physics
Specialized in fundamental and applied research in the field of condensed matter physics, optics, spectroscopy and laser physics.

Explore Bulgaria

Nebula search
Welcome to the
Institute of Solid State Physics
"Acad. G. Nadjakov"
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

1784 Sofia, 72, Tzarigradsko chausse Blvd.
Fax: (+359 2) 975 36 32; (+359 2) 975 36 19


... E-Journals in Physics Director: Academician Alexander G. Petrov D.Sc., Ph.D. Tel.: (+359 2) 875 80 61, Deputy director: Assoc. Professor, Ph.D. Stefan Andreev Tel. (+359 2) 77 92 17 Deputy director: Assoc. prof. Ph.D., Vassil Lovchinov Tel.: (+359 2) 71 44 558 Scientific secretary: Assoc. prof. Ph.D., Marina Primatarowa Tel.: (+359 2) 71 44 627 Chairman of SC: Prof. Ph.D., D.Sc., Nicholay Tonchev, Tel.: (+359 2) 71 44 276. Admin. director: Assist. prof., Dipl. Eng., Hristo Popov, Tel.: (+359 2) 875 00 94 Secretary: Petia Lazarova Tel.: (+359 2) 875 80 61, Accountant office: Eleonora Popova Tel: (+359 2) 875 50 59

88. Quantum Optics And Condensed Matter Physics
condensed matter Physics and Quantum Optics. This page doesn t exist anymore. To find more information about the research groups
Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Optics
This page doesn't exist anymore. To find more information about the research groups you are looking for, please go to the "Research Page" of the Department of Physics:

89. Paul Scherrer Laboratory Department For Condensed Matter Research
Large Facilities in Switzerland for the study of solid and liquid condensed matter with Neutron and Muons beams.

90. International Journal Of Modern Physics B (IJMPB)
This journal covers the most important aspects as well as the latest developments in condensed matter, Statistical, Applied Physics and High Tc
What's New New Journals Browse Journals Search ... Materials Science
International Journal of Modern Physics B (IJMPB)
Condensed Matter Physics etc. Launched in 1987, this journal covers the most important aspects as well as the latest developments in Condensed Matter, Statistical, Applied Physics and High Tc Superconductivity. One unique feature of this journal is its review section which contains articles with permanent research value besides the state-of-the-art research work in the relevant subject areas. More What's New Important Forthcoming Paper
Sum-rule constraints for open mesoscopic conductors
Jagdish S. Thakur, Frederick Green and Mukunda P. Das You can now submit manuscripts for IJMPB online using our new submission system. Feature Articles (Free Online Sample Issue) Vol. 17, No. 25 (10 October 2003) Review Paper Superfluidity and Superconductivity in Double-Layered Quantum Hall State
X. G. Wen and A. Zee Research Papers Electronic Structure and Ground State Properties of Non-Magnetic NiPt Systems
Durga Paudyal and Abhijit Mookerjee Theory of the Fermionic Quantum Hall Effect
S. Fujita

91. - Condensed Matter, Scientific Journals And Books From Elsev
Search condensed matter Advanced Search. Encyclopedic Dictionary of condensed matter Physics. Encyclopedic Dictionary of condensed matter PhysicsNow Published!
Help Privacy Policy Select Other Field - Home ElsevierPhysics - Nuclear and High Energy Optics Radiation Ultrasonics
Journal Table of Content

- Select a Journal Title - Applied Surface Science Computer Physics Communications Cryogenics Crystal Engineering Current Applied Physics European Polymer Journal Journal of Computational Physics Journal of Crystal Growth Journal of Luminescence Materials Research Bulletin Micron Physica B: Condensed Matter Physica C: Superconductivity Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems ... ... and Nanostructures Physics Letters A Physics Reports Progress in Crystal Growth ... ... and Characterization of Materials

92. Condensed Matter Physics - Caltech
Condensed Matter Physics
California Institute of Technology
Condensed Matter Physics
Caltech 114-36
Pasadena CA 91125
Research Groups

Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

Solid State Sciences Seminar

Last modified Friday, October 4, 2002

93. MSU Condensed Matter Physics - Experimental
CMPE Group. (condensed matter Physics - Experimental). CMP-E Group Phone/E-mail List CMP-E Group Activity Schedule CMP on the Web Link Page.
M Home Directory
Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program
CMP-E Group
(Condensed Matter Physics - Experimental)
Associated groups' pages:
Center for Fundamental Materials Research (
CFMR The Center for Sensor Materials ... MSU CMP Theory Group
Maintained by MSU P-A Computing Services
E-mail inquiries to
- updated: 2000.04.10 (Monday) 17:41:48 EDT - by GJP

94. Condensed Matter Sciences Division - ORNL
Conducts materials characterization and processing research to investigate the properties and interactions of a wide range of materials used in advanced energy technologies.
Formerly known as the Solid State Division
2002 represented the Solid State Division's 50th anniversary. The origins of the division lie in the study of radiation damage effects in solids. Since then, the division has expanded and grown into areas of research that were completely unknown at that time. In fact, the division has expanded capabilities and programmatic directions to the extent that we have outgrown our name. Because an important part of the division's future will be focused on the study of new advanced materials and related phenomena associated with boundaries that traditionally have separated solid state physics, chemistry, and biology, we have chosen a new name that better reflects that future, namely, the Condensed Matter Sciences Division . The name change became effective November 21, 2002.
About the Division Progress Report 2002 Programs Staff Directory ... Internal Pages for Division Members Only Hazardous Materials Requests Handbook for Division Members Only CMSD Organization Chart, April 2004

95. The Institute Of Physics
condensed matter and Materials Physics Conference (CMMP04). Organised by the condensed matter and Materials Physics Division of the Institute of Physics. Advanced Find Contact us Institute Conferences: Call and Registration Details
Condensed Matter and Materials Physics Conference (CMMP04)
Organised by the Condensed Matter and Materials Physics Division of the Institute of Physics 4 - 7 April 2004
University of Warwick
Sponsors Cryogenic Ltd
Institution of Electrical Engineers Royal Micrsoscopical Society Institute of Materials
Important Dates 14 November 2003 Abstract deadline 19 January 2004 Notification of acceptance 12 February 2004 Early fee deadline March 2004 Late fee deadline 20 March 2004 Cancellation deadline, on-site fee charge 4 April 2004 Student Day 5-7 April 2004 CMMP Conference
Page Contents

General Information
Visas Location Abstract Submission ... Conference Handbook Incl Information for Presenters *NEW Registration Form Programme Overview Residential Package Oral Programme ... Booking confirmation, Enquiries
General Information

The annual Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (CMMP) conference is a major event in the physics calendar. In 2004 it will be held in Warwick in the week before the Easter holiday and will include a range of symposia with speakers and contributors from the UK, elsewhere in Europe and beyond. The wide range of plenary, invited and contributed talks plus posters will cover novel aspects of condensed matter and materials physics and applications in other areas of science and technology.We expect a large number of participants representing all parts of the CMMP community.

96. Mona Berciu's Homepage
Doctoral Candidate, Theoretical condensed matter Physics, Department of Physics, University of Toronto
Mona Inesa Berciu Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Princeton Materials Institute
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544, USA phone: 609-258-1976
fax: 609-258-1840
1. high-temperature superconductivity, with Prof. Sajeev John.
2. diluted magnetic semiconductors, with Prof. R. N. Bhatt. Where can you go from here? Try the following:

97. The Soft Condensed Matter Theory Group
Nanoscopic Liquid Crystal Droplet. A molecule in soft condensed matter will move a significant distance when a comparatively weak force is applied.
of Professor Philip Taylor
Group Photo, Summer 2002 Nanoscopic Liquid Crystal Droplet A molecule in soft condensed matter will move a significant distance when a comparatively weak force is applied. Examples of this kind of substance include polymers and liquid crystals. We build theoretical models and computer simulations of soft condensed matter systems, focusing on the connections between molecular and macroscopic behavior. Website designed by Sarah Mullet Department of Physics Case Western Reserve University

98. Condensed Matter @ JHU
condensed matter Physics at JHU. The condensed matter Also see the brochure s condensed matter research page. Additional information about
Condensed Matter Physics at JHU
Also see the brochure's condensed matter research page Additional information about specific projects in condensed matter physics may be found on separate Web pages for The Artificially Structured Materials Lab The Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) Multi-Scale Modeling of Adhesion, Nanotribology and Nanofluidics and Soft Condensed Matter Physics

99. NCSA Division: Condensed Matter Physics
The group develops software for simulations of quantum manybody systems such as superfluids, clusters, liquids and solids.
setMenu=""; currentIMG=""; setMenu = "aboutmenu"; currentIMG = "aboutimg"; Skip Navigation [1] Toggle Text Only Site Map Contacts
Search: Overview Focus Areas Hardware Software ... News Releases Electron density map of a small protein called crambin. Image courtesy of Kenneth Merz, Pennsylvania State University. For further information, see "Catch the Wave." Volumetric rendering of the distribution of intergalactic gas. Image courtesy of Michael Norman, University of California at San Diego. For further information, see "Writing the Book of the Universe." Jump to top [2]
Condensed Matter Physics
The condensed matter physics group develops software for simulations of quantum many-body systems such as superfluids, clusters, liquids and solids. The software is developed for and used on high-performance computational facilities and distributed through the Materials Computation Center. Yearly summer schools and workshops are held on topics related to computational materials science. Group Leader
David M. Ceperley

100. PNCMI 2004
The aim of this workshop is to gather scientists working on condensed matter investigations using polarized neutrons and on the development of polarized
Synopsis Polarized Neutron School Dates and Deadlines Registration ... Contacts
Click on poster for larger version. Synopsis
The aim of this workshop is to gather scientists working on condensed matter investigations using polarized neutrons and on the development of polarized neutron scattering techniques. PNCMI 2004 is a satellite conference to the Second American Conference on Neutron Scattering (ACNS 2004), which will be held June 6-10, 2004 in College Park, Maryland. Further information can be found at Topics: Condensed matter investigations using polarized neutrons
Research areas include:
  • Magnetic structures Magnetic excitations Magnetic short range order and fluctuations Low dimensional systems Magnetic nanostructures (thin films, layers, interfaces) Large scale magnetic inhomogeneities Magnetization distributions
Techniques include:
  • Powder and single crystal diffraction Reflectometry and grazing incidence diffraction Small-angle scattering Triple axis spectroscopy Spin Echo Neutron depolarization Advanced sample environments (high magnetic fields, etc.)

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