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         Condensed Matter:     more books (100)
  1. Phonons in Condensed Matter Physics by R. K. Singh, 1991-03
  2. Applications of Neutron Scattering to Soft Condensed Matter
  3. Core Level Spectroscopy of Solids (Advances in Condensed Matter Science) by Frank de Groot, Akio Kotani, 2008-02-26
  4. Shock Waves in Condensed Matter
  5. Shock Compression of Condensed Matter, 1997: Proceedings of the Conference of the American Physical Society Topical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed ... Massachusetts, (Aip Conference Proceedings)
  6. Quantum Dissipative Systems (Series in Modern Condensed Matter Physics) by Ulrich Weiss, 2008-05-31
  7. Computer Simulation Studies in Condensed-Matter Physics XVI: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Workshop, Athens, GA, USA, February 24-28, 2003 (Springer Proceedings in Physics)
  8. Condensed Matter Physics and Exactly Soluble Models: Selecta of Elliott H. Lieb by E.H. Lieb, 2005-01-12
  9. Solids Under High-Pressure Shock Compression: Mechanics, Physics, and Chemistry (High Pressure Shock Compression of Condensed Matter) by R. A. Graham, 1993-01
  10. Field Theories in Condensed Matter Physics (Series in Condensed Matter Physics)
  11. Introduction to Soft Matter: Polymers, Colloids, Amphiphiles and Liquid Crystals by Ian W. Hamley, 2000-03-14
  12. An Introduction to the Liquid State (Oxford Series on Neutron Scattering in Condensed Matter, No 7) by P. A. Egelstaff, 1994-06-30
  13. Soft and Fragile Matter: Nonequilibrium Dynamics, Metastability and Flow (PBK) (Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics//Proceedings)
  14. Computer Simulations in Condensed Matter: From Materials to Chemical Biology. Volume 2 (Lecture Notes in Physics)

61. Condensed Matter Group - Department Of Physics And Astronomy - Edinburgh Univers
School of Physics condensed matter. Feedback, Text only. WELCOME TO THE EDINBURGH condensed matter GROUP WEB PAGES! Soft condensed matter.
Text only WELCOME TO THE EDINBURGH CONDENSED MATTER GROUP WEB PAGES! Soft Condensed Matter ... Update the Archive
(Group members only - new members click here CM Seminars Soft Matter Discussions Computing information ... External links
Ambleside Theory of Condensed Matter Summer School
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62. NIST Physical Reference Data
Database holding information on fundamental physical constants, atomic spectra, molecular spectroscopic data, ionization data, XRay and Gamma-Ray data, radiation dosimetry data, nuclear physics data, and condensed matter physics data.

Elemental Data Index
Access database holdings organized by element.
Use the databases below to access all information. Physical Constants Fundamental Physical Constants Searchable Bibliography on the Constants International System of Units (SI) ... Atomic Spectroscopy Data Atomic Spectra Database [ Version 2.0 Version 1.3 Handbook of Basic Atomic Spectroscopic Data Energy Levels of Hydrogen and Deuterium ... Microwave Spectral Data : Diatomics, Triatomics, and Hydrocarbons Wavenumber Tables for Calibration of Infrared Spectrometers Frequencies for Interstellar Molecular Microwave Transitions Photoionization of CO2 (ARPES) Atomic and Molecular Data ... Standard Reference Data Catalog The use of International Units and the expression of uncertainty in measurement is critical to all data activities. For information on these topics, see guidelines for evaluating and expressing measurement uncertainty , and information on the International System of Units (SI) Additional data and databases are being prepared for this server. Inquiries or comments:

63. Journal Club For Condensed Matter Physics
Journal Club for condensed matter Physics. A Monthly Selection of Interesting Papers Chosen by Distinguished Correspondents. Supported
Journal Statement of Intent

Advisory Committee
How To Subscribe
Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics
A Monthly Selection of Interesting Papers Chosen by Distinguished Correspondents Supported by Physical Sciences Research Division - Bell Laboratories
Lucent Technologies Inc., Murray Hill, NJ
Previous Selections
Last updated: April 2004 EDT

64. My Biography
Candidate in Physics, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. Majoring in soft condensed matter (physics), system sciences and complex systems (engineering).
My Biography ( Hanif Bayat Movahed ) Personal Information:
  • Nationality: Iranian
  • Age: 23 (Birth on 19 July 1980)
  • Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran
  • Persian: Mother Language
  • English: (TOEFL: 240 Computer Base Test (587 Paper Base Test))
  • Education:
  • Graduate student of Physics in GWPI (Guelph-Waterloo Physics Institute) program at University of Guelph 1998-2002 Department of Physics Sharif University of Technology , Tehran, Iran, B.Sc. in physics ( Feb. 2003), GPA: 3.32/4 Participating in Computer Olympiad workshop that was held in 1997. Allame Helli High School , under the supervision of NODET (National Organization for Developing Exceptional Talents) , Tehran, Iran, High school Diploma in Mathematics and Physics major.
  • Allame Helli Guidance School , under the supervision of NODET (National Organization for Developing Exceptional Talents) Professional Experience: School of Intelligent System (SIS), Institute for Studies on Theoretical Physics and Mathematics , Tehran, Iran
    Research Areas: Artificial neural networks for TTS (Text to Speak), E-learning, Psychophysics (Designing models for apparent motion)
    Part Time Researcher Additional Professional Experience:
  • Participant in the school on “Statistical Physics, Probability Theory and Computational Complexity”
  • 65. Soft Condensed Matter Physics Fribourg (MM FR)
    Matter Home. Soft condensed matter. Welcome to the Home Page of the Soft condensed matter Physics Group (Prof. Peter Schurtenberger
    New page
    (under construction) University of Fribourg Physics Soft Condensed Matter Home
    Soft Condensed Matter
    Welcome to the Home Page of the Soft Condensed Matter Physics Group
    Prof. Peter Schurtenberger

    at the Department of Physics of the University of Fribourg.

    66. International Journal Of Modern Physics B
    Launched in 1987, this journal covers the most important aspects of, as well as the latest developments in, condensed matter, Statistical, Applied Physics and High Tc Superconductivity. One unique feature of this journal is its review section which contains articles with permanent research value

    67. Dept. Of Condensed Matter Home Page
    Research in the Department of condensed matter Physics concentrates on both theoretical and experimental aspects of condensed matter Physics, in addition to
    Research in the Department of Condensed Matter Physics concentrates on both theoretical and experimental aspects of Condensed Matter Physics, in addition to astrophysics and some topics in field theory and matrix models.
    A number of experimental groups, three of which are hosted in the Braun Submicron Center for semiconductor research, perform studies in mesoscopic physics and superconductivity. A major theoretical effort focuses on transport in one-dimensional systems, quantum dots, disordered systems and quantum Hall systems. Two other theoretical directions relate to astrophysics and aspects of large N interacting matrix models and guage fields.

    68. APS/Division Of Condensed Matter Physics
    APS Division of condensed matter Physics. Call for nominations for DCMP Executive Committee. Two routes to suggest names for. Vice
    Sunday, June 06, 2004 APS Member Directory
    Other Divisions

    Membership Services
    ... International
    APS Division of Condensed Matter Physics
    Call for nominations for DCMP Executive Committee Two routes to suggest names for Vice Chair (becoming, in successive years, Chair Elect Chair , and Past Chair each with distinct duties).
    Secretary-Treasurer serving four years (represent DCMP on the APS Council).
    Three Members-at-Large serving three years (forming the Fellowship Committee and help select invited talks).
  • Send name to Chair of Nominations, Barbara Jones . These are due 9 April for Nominations Committee to consider. Nomination by petition, due 7 May
  • Any nomination petition "signed" by 54 DCMP members will be on the ballot. NOMINATION FORM (pdf)
    or follow the link to do it via the web

    For more details, see Email to all DCMP members
    Condensed Matter News News Sources >>Ghost of Superconductivity on a Fall Day >>Magnesium-Diboride Superconductors >>Quantum Many-Body Effects in a Single-Electron Transistor ... >>Single-electron transistor goes mechanical Presentations and Demonstrations The Future of Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
    Granular Materials: An Unusual State of Matter
    DCMP Image Gallery CMP Conferences and Workshops ... Recent Additions Education World Year of Physics 2005 Strange Matter Exhibition AIP: Education and Employment Trends Who's Hiring Physics Bachelors ... AIP: Physics in High School For teachers Teacher Resources and Interactive Tutorials from

    Research group, part of condensed matter physics, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University.
    The members of the group
    Project Coordinator
    Principal Investigators
    Graduate Students
    • Ihab El-Kady (Dept. of Physics and Astronomy) Stavrula Foteinopoulou (Dept. of Physics and Astronomy) Kevin Sutherland ( Materials Science and Engineering) Henry Kang ( Materials Science and Engineering)
    Former Group Members
    • Dr. Q.M.Li ( Sclumberger-Anadrill, Houston, Texas Dr. Ganesh Subramania (MIT) Dr. Jon Kavanaugh (Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering) Dr. Che-Ting Chan ( Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Dr. Scott McCalmont ( Electronic Technology Corp., Ames, Iowa Dr. E. Ozbay ( Bilkent University, Turkey
    Photonic Band Gap structures (PBG structures)
    Photonic Band Gap structures are periodic dielectric structures that forbid propagation of Electromagnetic waves in a certain frequency range.

    70. Sprik
    The group in Amsterdam will be reconstructed to put more emphasis on Soft condensed matter Physics. van der WaalsZeeman-Institute, University of Amsterdam.
    The group:
    Waves in Complex Media
    van der Waals-Zeeman-Institute, University of Amsterdam
    Valckenierstraat 65-67, 1018 XE Amsterdam, The Netherlands As of march 2002 has moved to:
    Complex Photonic Systems
    Applied Physics Department, University Twente
    Postbus 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands tel.: +31 53 489 3068
    Senior scientists : Ad Lagendijk, Rudolf Sprik (guest UvA), Willem Vos Junior Scientists: Lydia Bechger, Boris Bret, Femius Koenderink, Martijn Wubs
    The group in Amsterdam will be reconstructed to put more emphasis on:
    Soft Condensed Matter Physics
    van der Waals-Zeeman-Institute, University of Amsterdam
    Valckenierstraat 65-67, 1018 XE Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Gerard Wegdam
    room: 210
    tel: +31-20-525 6313, fax: +31-20-525 5788
    Rudolf Sprik
    room: B49
    tel: +31-20-525 5645, fax: +31-20-525 5788
    email: see: for all uptodate address information.
    Tom Hijmans
    tel: +31-20-525 xxxx, fax: +31-20-525 5788

    71. Department Of Physics In Uppsala
    Research in electron spectroscopy and molecular surface physics, soft Xray physics, materials physics, condensed matter theory, and surface physics.
    Välkommen till Fysiska institutionen i Uppsala: Du har kommit till sidan för Studentservice!
    Den här sidan är gjord för att hjälpa studerande vid Fysiska institutionen i Uppsala med schemauppdateringar, tentamenscheman, tentamensanmälan m.m . Just nu har vi ingen sida med ett komplett index men detta är på gång.
    Med vänlig hälsning: Karl-Einar Ericsson Webmaster för denna hemsida
    Du kan kontakta mig på:
    Kontakta webmaster!

    72. Condensed Matter Physics

    73. Dept. Of Condensed Matter
    Peter Nordlander's group investigates nonequilibrium processes in mesoscopic systems and on surfaces focus on many-electron effects. Qimiao Si specializes in the theory of strongly correlated electron systems emphasis on non-Fermi liquid behavior. projects quantum dot, Kondo, nanoparticles, high temperature superconductors

    74. The European Physical Journal B
    Journal home page. condensed matter Physics. Rapid Notes Solid and Condensed State Physics - Statistical and Nonlinear Physics - Statistical

    75. Benjamin G Lee - Applied Physics Graduate Student At Harvard
    Graduate student at Harvard University studying experimental condensed matter physics. Contains personal information, photos, and research interests.
    Welcome to the web address of Ben Lee, Applied Physics graduate student at Harvard. I had a great summer - I've gradually settled into doing research in the Westervelt group, and I got to go to Japan for two weeks in July to attend physics conferences. Just recently, I went on a trip with my family to New Brunswick - the first time I've been out east in Canada. I'm pictured below standing on the sands at Point Wolfe in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick.
    Link to New Brunswick trip photos
    Link to March break at Caltech photos Link to UTS '98 Christmas gathering in Toronto (Karen's place) photos research ... contact

    76. Welcoming Page
    Information on the 11th International Conference on condensed matter Nuclear Science to be held in the Fall of 2004. Primary topic is Cold Fusion.

    77. Redirect To CMI
    On the February 3, 2004, Chemistry of condensed matter and Physical Chemistry of Interfaces will merge into one group condensed matter and Interfaces (CMI).
    Redirect to CMI
    Auto-redirect in 5 seconds On the February 3, 2004, Chemistry of Condensed Matter and Physical Chemistry of Interfaces will merge into one group: Condensed Matter and Interfaces (CMI). Please go to the new index-page:

    78. Journal Of Physics And Chemistry Of Solids
    International medium for publication of research in condensed matter and materials science.
    Home Site map picswapper("picswap", [/authored_framework/ + "images/topbar_1.jpg", /authored_framework/ + "images/topbar_2.jpg", /authored_framework/ + "images/topbar_3.jpg", /authored_framework/ + "images/topbar_4.jpg", /authored_framework/ + "images/topbar_5.jpg", /authored_framework/ + "images/topbar_6.jpg"], 5000) Advanced Product Search Products Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids Journal information Product description Editorial board Guide for authors Audience ... Special issues and supplements Subscription information Bibliographic and ordering information Conditions of sale Dispatch dates Journal related information Most downloaded articles Impact factors Other journals in same subject area About Elsevier ... Select your view
    An International Journal
    A. Bansil, Y. Fujii, W. Pickett, K. Prassides

    See editorial board for all editors information
    Retirement of Professor Yasuhiko Fujii
    Elsevier wish to annouce that Professor Yasuhiko Fujii is to formally step down as Regional Editor of the Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids on the 31st March 2004. As from 1st Jan 2004 no new papers should be submitted to Professor Fujii, but he will complete the review process for those manuscript submitted prior to this date. Elsevier wish to thank Professor Fujii for his dedication to the journal since his appointment in 1992, and wish him continued success in his future ventures.

    79. Elliott Lieb
    Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Princeton University. Mathematical Physics, Functional Analysis, condensed matter Physics.
    Elliott H. Lieb
    Professor of Mathematics and Physics
    Princeton University
    Jadwin Hall
    P.O. Box 708
    Princeton, NJ 08544-0708 Phone: (609) 258-4420
    Fax: (609) 258-6360
    Email: lieb at princeton dot edu
    Office: 333 Jadwin Hall
    Research interests: Mathematical Physics, Functional Analysis, Condensed Matter Physics Publications Curriculum Vitae Last updated: April, 2001

    80. ICTP Condensed Matter Group
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