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         Condensed Matter:     more books (100)
  1. Problems of Condensed Matter Physics: Quantum coherence phenomena in electron-hole and coupled matter-light systems (International Series of Monographs on Physics)
  2. Simple Views on Condensed Matter (Modern Condensed Matter Physics, Vol. 12) by Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, 2003-06
  3. Springer Handbook of Condensed Matter and Materials Data
  4. The Geometric Phase in Quantum Systems: Foundations, Mathematical Concepts, and Applications in Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics) by J. Zwanziger, 2003-08-05
  5. Statistical Physics: Including Applications to Condensed Matter (Advanced Texts in Physics) by Claudine Hermann, 2005-02-16
  6. Group Theory: Application to the Physics of Condensed Matter by M.S. Dresselhaus, G. Dresselhaus, et all 2008-01-08
  7. Computational Methods in Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure (Aip Translation Series) by A. A. Katsnelson, V. S. Stepanyuk, 1992-01
  8. Shock Compression of Condensed Matter - 2005: Proceedings of the Conference of the American Physical Society Topical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed ... / Materials Physics and Applications)
  9. Structure and Dynamics: An Atomic View of Materials (Condensed Matter Physics) by Martin T. Dove, 2003-05-15
  10. More is Different: Fifty Years of Condensed Matter Physics (Princeton Series in Physics)
  11. Computer Simulations in Condensed Matter: From Materials to Chemical Biology. Volume 1 (Lecture Notes in Physics)
  12. Excitations in Liquid and Solid Helium (Oxford Series on Neutron Scattering in Condensed Matter) by Henry R. Glyde, 1995-06-15
  13. Condensed-Matter and Materials Physics: The Science of the World Around Us by Committee on Cmmp 2010, Solid State Technology (Organization), et all 2007-12-21
  14. Multivalued Fields: In Condensed Matter, Electromagnetism, and Gravitation by Hagen Kleinert, 2008-05-31

41. CMD 20
General Conference of the condensed matter Division, EPS, Prague 2004. !!! of the condensed matter Division European Physical Society. Prague, July 1923, 2004.
Anonymous visitor General Information
Scientific Program Student Day Satellites and
other Conferences
Registration ... Contact
Last update:
Štìpán Sechovský General Conference of the Condensed Matter Division, EPS, Prague 2004
The 20 th General Conference
of the Condensed Matter Division
European Physical Society
Prague, July 19-23, 2004
Prague Congress Center Under the auspices of: Ivan Wilhelm Pavel Bém Helena I ll nerová Rector Mayor President of Charles University of the City of Prague of Academy of Sciences of the CR
The conference is sponsored by:

42. Rambling... -
Graduate student in Applied Physics at Stanford University. Contains information on condensed matter physics, peace activism and christian stuff.

Peace Activism


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So my 'official' bio reads Suchitra Sebastian is a researcher in the area of Experimental Condensed Matter Physics , working toward a Ph.D. in Applied Physics at Stanford University . Suchitra has a fondness for juxtaposing the unusual, which seems to have shaped her research as well as the rest of her life. Her research focuses on the search for novel physical phenomena in unconventional materials. She is currently studying materials that exhibit the coexistence of seemingly contradictory magnetism and superconductivity, and those with exotic ground states due to competing interactions. Her life, well... that's another matter! Her other passions include grassroots peace activism acting in theatre , and making people laugh. Suchitra is from Chennai, India. She holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Physics from Stanford University, a Master of Business Administration degree from Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Women's Christian College (Chennai).
Once we have that out of the way, my 'unofficial' bio would really just read

crystal growth, fundamental research, nanoparticles, LMA xray and IR spectrometry, ferrofluids, plasma physics, electronic microscopy, thin layer deposition, quartz, sensors
ICMCT Homepage - Condensed Matter Research Institute Timisoara, Romania
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Text adaugat de mine (Dan Luca)

44. Condensed Matter And Materials Physics
Welcome to CMMP
This site requires a Frames capable browser, such as

45. Tel Aviv U. Condensed Matter Physics Home Page
The condensed matter Physics Department is located on the 4th floor of Shenkar building and the basement of Kaplun building Chairman Prof.

This page has been accessed times since June 1995.
The Condensed Matter Physics Department is located on the 4-th floor of Shenkar building and the basement of Kaplun building
Chairman: Prof. David Andelman
Secretary: Mrs. Chava Belson,
School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University, 69978 Tel Aviv, Israel
Faculty and Staff (homepage/e-mail/phone)
Research Activities
Graduate Studies
Graduate Students (homepage/e-mail/phone)
How to create your customized personal page Automatic home-page generator Back to School of Physics and Astronomy Comments about this page should be sent to

46. General Ether Theory
An ether theory of gravity. Starting from condensed matter theory (Lagrange formalism, continuity and Euler equation) the Einstein equivalence principle and, in some limit, the Einstein equations are derived.
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47. Condensed Matter Theory KOMET331, University Of Mainz
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48. Zettl Research Group Home Page
Department of Physics condensed matter Physics Zettl Research Group research into the electronic, magnetic, and structural properties of novel materials, including nanostructures such as telescoping nanotube bearings. (Berkeley)
Zettl Research Group
Condensed Matter Physics
Department of Physics
University of California at Berkeley
We are an experimental solid state physics group led by Prof. Alex Zettl in the Department of Physics at U.C. Berkeley and in the Materials Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory We are currently investigating electronic, magnetic and mechanical properties of nanoscale materials such as fullerenes, carbon and non-carbon nanotubes. We are also interested in unusual electronic ground state in high temperature superconductors and charge density wave materials. In our laboratory, we synthesize these materials and investigate their properties using a variety of techniques including transmission and scanning electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, high magnetic field and high pressure transport measurement. Overview of the Research Program Research Project Descriptions Research Highlights Zettl Group Publications ... Other Group Activities adamf @
Most recent update: 7/1/2003

By Riichiro Saito, Gene Dresselhaus, Mildred S. Dresselhaus; Imperial College Press, 1998, ISBN 1860940935. Introductory textbook for graduate students, researchers in condensed matter and solid state physics. publisher website
Home Author's Corner About Us Contact Us ... Exhibitions Keyword Author ISBN Series PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF CARBON NANOTUBES
by R Saito (University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo) (MIT)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Carbon Materials
Chapter 1.1: History

Chapter 1.2: Hybridization in A Carbon Atom
About the Authors
Riichiro Saito studied physics at the University of Tokyo and got his Dr Sc in 1985. Since 1990, he has been an associate professor of the University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo. He was a visiting scientist of MIT in 1992 where he did pioneering work on carbon nanotubes with Professor Gene Dresselhaus and Professor Mildred S Dresselhaus. He was visiting associate professor at the University of Tokyo, three times, in 1991, 1994, and 1997. His major subjects are solid state theory and the materials science of carbon.
Gene Dresselhaus studied physics at the University of California at Berkeley where he worked with Kittel and Kip on the early cyclotron resonance experiments on semiconductors and semimetals. His early postdoctoral work was at the University of Chicago and then a junior faculty position at Cornell University for four years. The major part of his professional career has been at MIT, first at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and later at The Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.
Mildred S Dresselhaus completed her PhD degree at the University of Chicago. After a postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell University, she joined the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and subsequently joined the MIT Faculty in 1968. She is a fellow of the American Physical Society, the AAAS and served as president of both these organizations. She is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and of the National Academy of Engineering. She coauthored a book on the

50. Racah Inst. Of Physics, HUJI --- Research Groups
Hebrew University, RACAH Institute of Physics. Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitation, Complex Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, Plasma and Laser Physics, and condensed matter Physics. Jerusalem, Israel.
RACAH Institute of Physics
Research Groups
Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitation
Complex Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, Plasma and Laser Physics
Condensed Matter Physics [Group Web Site]
Few-Body Systems
Hadronic and Nuclear Physics
High-Energy Physics, Particle and Field Theory
Neural Networks, Statistical Physics and Interdisciplinary Research

51. Condensed Matter Concepts
The 14 Bravais lattices. Index References. HyperPhysics, Go Back.
The 14 Bravais lattices Index

The 14 Bravais lattices Index

... Go Back

52. (Australia) University Of Adelaide
Mathematical Physics in the Department of Physics and Mathematical Physics. Research areas quantum field theory, string theory, statistical mechanics, theoretical condensed matter. physics, general relativity, quantum gravity and cosmology

53. David Tomanek's Home Page
Professor of theoretical condensed matter physics at Michigan State University. Is actively involved in research of fundamental properties of nanostructured materials using advanced numerical techniques.
Welcome to
David Tomanek
Home Page
I am Professor of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at Michigan State University. My main research interest is to understand fundamental properties of nanostructured materials using advanced numerical techniques. Professional Information
Publicity - Outreach
Curriculum Vitae List of Publications ... Summary Service to the Science Community
The Nanotube Site NT'04 Conference NT'02 Conference QTSM'02 Conference NT'01 Workshop NT'99 Workshop International/Informal Cluster Workshops Cluster Science Collaboration Involvement in Bio-Sciences
People and Addresses
Personal Information
Contact Information Tomanek Group Members and Affiliates Condensed Matter Physics Theory Group ... Useful Links General Interest Seminars Enjoy a virtual tour through the animated world of ...
fullerene collisions melting nanotubes ferrofluids,
or visit the Art Gallery ... go to my home page at Seoul National University ... go to my home page at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Use AltaVista to translate this document into the language of your choice.

54. Boulder School For Condensed Matter And Materials Physics
The Boulder School in condensed matter and Materials Physics has been established to provide education for advanced graduate students and postdoctoral fellows
The Boulder School in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics has been established to provide education for advanced graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working in condensed matter physics, materials science and related fields. The goal is to enable students to work at the frontiers of science and technology by providing expert training not easily available within the traditional system of graduate education and postdoctoral apprenticeship. The School, which is supported by the National Science Foundation, the University of Colorado, and NIST, will meet annually during July in Boulder Colorado. Upcoming Year:
Quantum Coherence in Atomic and Condensed Matter Systems

Electronic Applications Not Being Accepted After March 1, 2004
All students are strongly urged to plan on staying for the duration of the School. Any stay shorter than 3 weeks has to be cleared with the organizers (contact ). Stays of less than 2 weeks are unacceptable. Previous Years:
2003 School Frontiers in Magnetism
2002 School
: Physics of Soft Condensed Matter
2001 School
: Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics
2000 School
: Introduction to Superconductivity: Fundamentals and Applications
Participant Feedback Form
Call for proposals for future schools Miscellaneous Information:

55. PhysicsWeb - Best Of PhysicsWeb
New developments in condensed matter Physics.

Advanced site search
best of physicsweb Applied Physics Astronomy and Astrophysics Atomic, Molecular and Quantum Physics Careers ... Superconductivity Best of Condensed Matter Condensed matter is one of the most active fields of physics, with a stream of discoveries in areas from superfluidity and magnetism to the optical, electronic and mechanical properties of materials such as semiconductors, polymers and carbon nanotubes. Following the recent boom in superconductivity, there is a separate Best of superconductivity Features News Links

56. Condensed Matter Group
Welcome to the Home Page of the condensed matter Group. The People. Some Preprints. Current condensed matter research at Pitt.
Welcome to the Home Page of the Condensed Matter Group

57. Tony Ragucci
Presidential Fellow in lowtemperature condensed matter experiment at Ohio State University. Includes contact information and research interests.
T o n y ' s H o m e P a g e
Who I am
  • Name: Tony J. Ragucci Title: Presidential Fellow Degrees:
      B.S., Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 1996 M.S., Pennsylvania State University Ph.D., Ohio State University, (expected Fall, 2003)
    Spouse: Sylvie Bausseron Ragucci
Contact Information
  • Office: 3150 Smith Lab Labs:
    Office Phone: Fax: Department Address:
    174 W. 18th Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43210 E-Mail Address:
My Research
  • Group: Gramila - Electronic Systems at Low Temperatures Interests:
      Disorder effects in electronic transport Plasmon-enhanced electron interaction Composite Fermions Metal-Insulator Transition
    I use the technique of electron drag to measure interactions between two independent but closely spaced 2-dimensional conducting layers.
    Current Status
    Our class 100 cleanroom has been completed and independently tested. The room exceeds our original design criteria! I recently cooled down my cryostat and verified that the system functions reasonably well. The next objective is to produce new samples in our cleanroom. More on that later. For some now outdated information about cleanroom construction, check out this old ta sk list Note that these jobs (with one or two exceptions) are now all complete. I'll get to those updates later.

58. The Condensed Matter Theory Sector Of SISSA
The condensed matter Theory Sector of SISSA. The condensed matter Sector purses several projects of clear scientific relevance, mainly
Sissa Info News Facilities ... CM Sector Main research activities High Pressures Solid Surfaces and Catalysis Many Body New Algorithms ... Publications
Members Permanent Scientific Staff Temporary Scientific Staff Secretariat Staff Phd Students
PhD course PhD Admissions Organization Past Entrance Examinations Past PhD Thesis ... Condensed Matter Web Resources
Others Job Opportunities Computer Resources INFM Democritos Condensed Matter e-prints ... Plotter Service
The Condensed Matter Theory Sector of SISSA
The Condensed Matter Sector purses several projects of clear scientific relevance, mainly to understand by microscopical calculations the physical properties of real material system. There are six active research lines: each of them is presented in these pages.
News Some advances in modern coding theory and their relation with statistical mechanics
Monday, June 7, 2004 16:30

2nd International Conference on Materials Science and condensed matter Physics,21 Sep 26 Sep 2004, Chisinau, Moldova, registration deadline 07 Jun 2004.
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60. Home
Promotes the understanding, development and application of condensed matter Nuclear Science for the benefit of its members and the wider community.
Home Membership Search FAQ ... ICCF-11 International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science Ardet nec consumitur
To promote the understanding, development and application of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science for the benefit of our members and the wider community.
Society Profile
This is a newly formed not for profit Society organized as a limited liability corporation (specifically as a private company limited by guarantee under English law). See FAQ for details. See Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association This reorganization was approved at the first Annual General Meeting of the Society held on 20th March 2004. The Society is not a registered Charity. The Executive Committee is currently drawing up the Society's By-Laws This document specifies the standing orders and internal regulations of the Society and may be modified from time to time by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee welcomes your comments Membership Benefits 1) Email Newsletter. To register your interest click

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