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         Condensed Matter:     more books (100)
  1. Symmetry and Condensed Matter Physics: A Computational Approach by Michael El-Batanouny, Frederick Wooten, 2008-03-31
  2. Condensed Matter Physics by Michael P. Marder, 2000-01-07
  3. Topics and Methods in Condensed Matter Theory: From Basic Quantum Mechanics to the Frontiers of Research by Michele Cini, 2007-08-17
  4. Neutron, X-rays and Light. Scattering Methods Applied to Soft Condensed Matter (North-Holland Delta Series) (North-Holland Delta Series)
  5. Electronic Phase Transitions (Modern Problems in Condensed Matter Sciences, Vol 32) by W. Hanke, 1992-09
  6. Soft Condensed Matter: New Research
  7. Topology in Condensed Matter (Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences)
  8. Field Theories of Condensed Matter Systems (Advanced Books Classics) by Fradkin, 1998-03-01
  9. Soft Condensed Matter Physics in Molecular and Cell Biology (Scottish Graduate)
  10. Fractal Concepts in Condensed Matter Physics (Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences) by T. Nakayama, K. Yakubo, 2003-08-13
  11. Defects & Geometry in Condensed Matter Physics by David R. Nelson, 2002-04-01
  12. Superconductivity, Superfluids, and Condensates (Oxford Master Series in Condensed Matter Physics) by James F. Annett, 2004-06-03
  13. Gauge Fields in Condensed Matter by Hagen Kleinert, 1990-02
  14. Shock-Wave Phenomena and the Properties of Condensed Matter (Shock Wave and High Pressure Phenomena) by G.I. Kanel, S.V. Razorenov, et all 2004-03-30

21. Experimental Soft Condensed Matter Group
Experimental Soft condensed matter Group The home page of the David Weitz group at Harvard. We study the physics of soft condensed matter, including colloids, emulsions, gels, glasses, polymers,

22. Condensed Matter More results from condensed matter LINKSThe Net Advance of Physics condensed matter. Computational Physics for condensed matter Theorists, by Angus MacKinnon. Various Topics
Condensed Matter (since 4/92)
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23. - Physics And Astronomy, Scientific Journals And Books From
A web database with more than 80 Elsevier science journals with peer reviewed articles on Astronomy Astrophysics, condensed matter, Nuclear and High Energy Physics, Nonlinear, Statistical Applied Physics, Optics, Radiation, Surfaces Interfaces, Ultrasonics
Contact Help Privacy Policy Select your field of interest below: Condensed Matter Nuclear and High Energy Physics Optics Radiation ... Ultrasonics
Journal Table of Contents
- Select a Journal Title - Advances in Space Research Annals of Physics Applied Radiation and Isotopes Applied Surface Science Astroparticle Physics Chaos, Solitons and Fractals Chinese Astronomy and Astrophysics Communications in Nonlinear Science ... ... and Numerical Simulation Computer Physics Communications Current Applied Physics Fluid Dynamics Research Infrared Physics and Technology International J. of Non-Linear Mechanics Journal of Computational Physics Journal of Crystal Growth Journal of Geometry and Physics Journal of Luminescence Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy ...

24. Condensed Matter- UCSD Physics
condensed matter physics in the Department comprises a relatively large and very active group of NSFfunded joint efforts in condensed matter, one in highly correlated electron
The theorists in our group are Daniel Arovas Massimiliano Di Ventra Michael Fogler Donald Fredkin , (also Biophysics), Jorge Hirsch Terry Hwa (also Nonlinear Dynamics), Herbert Levine , (also Nonlinear Dynamics), Sam Liu (emeritus), Lu Sham and Harry Suhl (emeritus). Current research interests include electronic and nonlinear optical properties of solids, quantum Hall effect, superconductivity, strong correlation effects in interacting electron systems, transport in disordered interacting systems, interplay of disorder and quantum/thermal fluctuations, classical and quantum magnetism, superfluity, liquid crystal physics, biophysical kinetics, pattern formation in nonequilibrium systems, and chaos.
The experimentalists are Dimitri Basov Ami Berkowitz Leonid Butov Bob Dynes ... Frances Hellman (also Biophysics), Brian Maple Ivan Schuller Shelly Schultz Sunil Sinha ...
Physics Home Page

The former condensed matter Laboratory (CML) website has moved to the Physics Department server please update your links to point to the condensed matter
The former Condensed Matter Laboratory (CML) website has moved to the Physics Department server:
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26. Condensed Matter Theory At MIT
condensed matter Theory Group. condensed matter Theory Massachusetts Institute of Technology Room 12113 Cambridge, MA 02139 fax (617) 253-2562

Condensed Matter Theory Group
We are part of the Department of Physics
and can be found in Building 12 of MIT
General Interests
People and Groups
Condensed Matter Theory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room 12-113
Cambridge, MA 02139
fax: (617) 253-2562 Comments on this page to: Picture Credit: Alexei A. Erchak

27. Experimental Soft Condensed Matter Group
We study the physics of soft condensed matter, including colloids, emulsions, gels, glasses, polymers, foams, and biological samples.
Current Cool Image
We study the physics of soft condensed matter, materials which are easily deformable by external stresses, electric or magnetic fields, or even by thermal fluctuations. These materials typically possess structures which are much larger than atomic or molecular scales; the structure and dynamics at the mesoscopic scales determine macroscopic physical properties. The goal of our research is to probe and understand this relationship. We study both synthetic and biological materials; our interests extend from fundamental physics to technological applications, from basic materials questions to specific biological problems. The techniques we use include light scattering, optical microscopy, rheology, and sheer brain power We sponsor an informal seminar every Wednesday the squishy physics and pizza night. To learn more and check the schedule of speakers, check out our "Squishy Physics Talks" webpage On our "extras" page, we have listed the various instruments we use; we encourage people who have an interest in using these facilities to contact us to schedule experiments. In addition, there are links to tutorials we have written about our techniques.

28. Photonic Crystal Research - Photonic Band Gap Materials
condensed matter theory group at National Center for Scientific Research, France.
Group Information
Photonic Crystals General Introduction Hexagonal Structures Symmetry Breaking Perturbative approach ... Other Servers Page created by: David Cassagne
General introduction
Photonic Band Gap Materials
Since 1994, our group has been working on Photonic Band Gap materials and their applications to optoelectronics. On this server, you will find an introduction to our research topics in the field of photonic crystals and our corresponding publications Introduction Hexagonal Structures Symmetry Breaking Perturbative Approach ... Disorder
Presentation of Photonic Band Gaps
An example of a photonic band structure Some applications 2D crystals Photonic Band Gap ? Since the suggestion in 1987 [ ] that the creation of a periodicity in dielectric materials could prevent the propagation of electromagnetic waves with certain frequencies, a lot of works both theoretical and experimental have been performed [

29. PhysicsWeb - Best Of PhysicsWeb
Careers. condensed matter. History of Physics. Optics and Lasers. Particle and Nuclear Physics. Physics in Biology. Superconductivity. Best of condensed matter.

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best of physicsweb Applied Physics Astronomy and Astrophysics Atomic, Molecular and Quantum Physics Careers ... Superconductivity Best of Condensed Matter Condensed matter is one of the most active fields of physics, with a stream of discoveries in areas from superfluidity and magnetism to the optical, electronic and mechanical properties of materials such as semiconductors, polymers and carbon nanotubes. Following the recent boom in superconductivity, there is a separate Best of superconductivity Features News Links

30. ESF - HTTP Error: 404 - Not Found
European Science Foundation network.
Search by topics... Programmes Networks EURESCO Conferences Exploratory Workshops EUROCORES Forward Looks Research Infrastructures
Networks EURESCO Conferences Exploratory Workshops ... Research Infrastructures ESF
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31. Untitled Document
ISI Current Web Contents TM. This site is included in Current Contents Connect. INSTITUTE FOR condensed matter PHYSICS PREPRINTS.
This site is included in Current Contents Connect
How to use the ICMP Preprints Online
Notes for Contributors
Preprints are available for the following years:
How to use the ICMP Preprints Online
Both abstracts and full texts are available. Abstracts are shown to the reader once the abs link is chosen in the list of preprints for the selected year. Full texts in the LaTeX, PostScript and PDF formats are available for downloading once the src or ps or pdf link is chosen, respectively. Files are compressed with gzip utility ( .gz extension) and the reader should uncompress them with gzip -d filename.gz or gzip -da filename.gz command. Multipart files ( .tar.gz or .tgz extension) are first packed with tar utility, so the reader should unpack them after the uncompression with the tar -xvf filename.tar

32. Imperial College Condensed Matter Theory Group
IC Home. New 2 Chairs in condensed matter Physics/ Nanotechnology, Home. PhD study. Research. Seminars. People. Links. Find Us. Local. IC Home IC Physics,

IC Home

IC Physics

text-only version

IC Home

IC Physics

text-only version

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Speculation about future technologies based on gravity and condensed matter.

Intergovernmental organization, research areas at NORDITA include astrophysics, condensed matter physics and subatomic physics.
news institute people research ... help Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics funded by Nordisk institut for teoretisk fysik Danmark, Teoreettisen fysiikan pohjoismainen laitos Finland, Norr¦na stofnunin ­ kennilegri e°lisfr¦°i Island, Nordisk institutt for teoretisk fysikk Norway, and Nordiska institutet f¶r teoretisk fysik Sweden, through the Nordic Council of Ministers

35. Computational Physics Resource On The Internet
A very extensive list of resource websites for computational condensed matter physics software, visualization and scientific programming software, research groups, journals and lecture material.
Computational Physics Resource on the Internet
Here I have collected some links for computational physics on the internet, which will be frequently updated. Most of the codes and sofewares on this page are free and accessable.
First principle method references
First principle calculation of solid and molecules
Ab initio molecular dynamics (Car-Parrinello Method)
Tight-binding molecular dynamics (TBMD) and empirical MD simulations
Quantum chemistry methods on electronic structure calculations

36. CUC3 Home Page
Features theoretical research and modelling on a range of topics in theoretical and quantum chemistry, condensed matter physics, surface science and statistical mechanics.
The Cambridge University Centre for Computational Chemistry groups theoretically-minded members of the Cambridge Department of Chemistry in premises on the recently refurbished third floor of the Department. Around 50 members, comprising staff, research fellows, postdoctoral associates, postgraduate students, and visiting scientists from all over the world, work on many aspects of theoretical and computational chemistry. ab initio MD, as well as global optimization algorithms for the exploration of multi-dimensional energy surfaces.
Aqueous CuII ion showing highest occupied molecular orbital. Instantaneous snapshot sampled from a spin polarized Car-Parrinello simulation. Image provided by Michiel Sprik
Information provided by

37. SpringerLink - Publication condensed matter Theory. Other Links of Interest. Comments? Last Modified 18 April 2003
Articles Publications Publishers

Publication Zeitschrift f¼r Physik B Condensed Matter Publisher: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg ISSN: 0722-3277 (Paper) 1431-584X (Online) Subject: Engineering Physics and Astronomy Issues in bold contain article full text that you are entitled to view. Volume 104 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 ... Request a sample Volume 103 Numbers 3-4 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 102 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 101 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 100 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 99 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Publication 1 of 1 Previous Publication Next Publication Linking Options Quick Search Search within this publication... For:
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For assistance inside the Americas: , For assistance outside the Americas:

38. Department Of Theoretical Physics, Uppsala University
Research in classical and quantum field theories and dynamical systems; string theory and cosmology; condensed matter theory and mathematical physics; high energy, condensed matter, and mathematical physics; and quantum mechanics.
@import url("./css/teorfys.css"); Department of Theoretical Physics Home


Uppsala University

Box 803
SE-751 08 Uppsala Contact the webmaster URL:
Last Modified: November 14, 2003.
Jun 8 Venus transit Jun 28-Jul 2 Strings 2004 , Paris.
General Information Postal Address: Department of Theoretical Physics Box 803 SE-751 08 Uppsala Telephone: +46-(0)18-471 32 45 (kansli) +46-(0)18-471 32 41 (kursexp) Fax: Visting Address: Department of Theoretical Physics Polacksbacken Hus 19

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40. SpringerLink - Publication
More results from condensed matter Physics Caltechcondensed matter Physics. California Institute of Technology. condensed matter Physics Caltech 114-36 Pasadena CA 91125.

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