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         Computational Physics:     more books (100)
  1. Symmetry and Condensed Matter Physics: A Computational Approach by Michael El-Batanouny, Frederick Wooten, 2008-03-31
  2. Computational Plasma Physics: With Applications To Fusion And Astrophysics (Frontiers in Physics) by TAJIMA Tajima , 2004-07-24
  3. Methods in Computational Physics Volume 12 S by Berni Alder, 1972
  4. Computational Physics: FORTRAN Version-Paperback by Steven E. Koonin, 1998-07-01
  5. Advances in Chemical Physics, Computational Methods for Protein Folding (Advances in Chemical Physics)
  6. Methods in Computational Physics (Methods in computational physics) by Bruce A Bolt, 1973-12-14
  7. Computational Many-Particle Physics (Lecture Notes in Physics)
  8. Annual Reviews of Computational Physics
  9. An introduction to computational physics: Part I: grid methods (Publications of the Scuola Normale Superiore) by Sauro Succi, 2007-05
  10. Computational and Group-Theoretical Methods in Nuclear Physics: Proceedings of the Symposium in Honor of Jerry P. Draayer's 60th Birthday by Jutta Escher, SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTATIONAL AND GROUP-THE, et all 2004-04
  11. Computational Materials Science: From Basic Principles to Material Properties (Lecture Notes in Physics)
  12. Computational Nuclear Physics 2: Nuclear Reactions/Book and Disks by K. Langanke, J. A. Maruhn, 1993-03
  13. Introduction to Computational Methods in Many Body Physics
  14. Seismology: body waves and sources (Methods in computational physics) by Bruce A Bolt, 1972

21. CCP 2004 - Conference On Computational Physics 2004
Conference Overview. Important Dates. Fees and Grants/ Registration. Topics/Call for papers. Scientific Programme Invited Speakers. Web services Accomodation.

Scientific Programme
Important Dates Fees and Grants Abstract Submission ... "Bridging the Scales" - SIMU conference
Aug 29th - 31th, 2004
Last Update:

22. Computer Simulations In Physics
Computer Simulations in Physics. A page with examples of simulations of fluid dynamics, wave equations, mechanics and more, done by a student of computational physics at University of Wroclaw (Poland). Graphics and animations included.

23. TU Graz - Institut Für Theoretische Physik - Computational Physics
Part of the Faculty of Science, Graz University of Technology. Information for students and researchers, staff pages.
sitemap new pages HOME News Workgroups Lectures Multimediale Lehre ... Intranet search for
Technische Universität Graz
Institut für Theoretische Physik - Computational Physics
Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics
Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang von der Linden Vice head: ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bulla Address: Petersgasse 16
A-8010 Graz

Austria Telephone: Fax: Welcome to the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics! For some of our lectures you need an account at our computer lab - please complete this form Andreas Hirczy

24. Computer Physics Communications Program Library
Contains over 1800 refereed programs in computational physics and physical chemistry which are described in the journal Computer Physics Communications published by Elsevier Science.

CCP 2001 Conference on computational physics - Translate this page

A conference menu maintained by Y.S. Kim.
Mathematcical and Computational Physics
  • STRINGGEO.04 (6.5-11) String geometry (Snowbird, Utah, USA)
  • ICCS.04 (6.7-9) Workshop on modelling and simulation of multi-physics multi-scale systems, intl conference on computational science (Krakow, Poland)
  • VAXJO.04 (6.7-12) Foundations of probability and physics-3 (Vaxjo, Sweden)
  • ROMP.04 (6.9-12) 36th symposium on mathematical physics with special session "open systems and quantum information" (Torun, Poland)
  • IARD.04 (6.12-19) Meeting of intl association for relativistic dynamics (Saas Fee, Switzerland)
  • INTGGE.04 (6.17-19) 8th intl colloquium on integrable systems and quantum groups (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • SIDE.04 (6.19-24) Symmetries and integrability of difference equations - euroconference on analytic difference equations, special functions and quantum models the Lattice (Helsinki, Finland)
  • SYMMP.04 (6.21-24) 11th intl conference on symmetry methods in physics (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • MCC.04 (6.21-26)
  • VOLGA.04 (6.22-7.3) 16th Petrov school (summer school-seminar on recent problems in theoretical and mathematical physics (Kazan, Russia)
  • NCG-RT.04 (7.5-10)

27. Condensed Matter Theory - Computational Physics
Translate this page Condensed Matter Theory computational physics. Prof. Dr. DE Wolf.
University of Duisburg Department of Physics
Condensed Matter Theory
Computational Physics
Prof. Dr. D.E. Wolf
People Publications How to get here
Main Research Topics
Information/Upcoming Events
Links to other things
email to webmaster A Statement in German

28. Computational Physics
computational physics. In computational physics, one tries to give numerical solutions to problems which couldn t be solved with standard analytical methods.
Computational Physics Group Gerhard-Mercator-University
Computational Physics
Home In comparison to Experimental and Theoretical Physics, the two classic ways of doing physical research, Computational Physics is relatively new. In Computational Physics, one tries to give numerical solutions to problems which couldn't be solved with standard analytical methods. With simulations, one tries to develop easy models of complex physical processes. Simulations can be done in a parameter range which is, due to technical or even financial reasons, unaccessible to experimentalists. Computer simulations involve the following steps
  • Modelling of a phenomena using present theoretical understanding.
  • Efficient implementation, development of computer algorithms.
  • Prediction of new phenomena, quantitative evaluation. In our group, we mostly do computer simulations of crystal growth and granular media . The picture to the right shows an example of a Molecular Dynamics simulation of grains flowing through a vertical pipe. The grains are colour coded, with red standing for a high velocity, while in the opposite blue particles are comparable to a traffic jam. Other simulation techniques used in out group are Contact Dynamics and Monte Carlo Methods. For doing those simulations, of course we need a lot of computing power. Besides our own network of workstations, consisting of some IBM RS6000, four HP PA-RISC computers and a few Linux-PCs, Theoretical Physics in Duisburg has a Parsitec Parallel Computer. The Universities Computing Centre
  • 29. North Dakota State University - Fargo, N.D. <2004>
    Physics At North Dakota State University. Theoretical Gravitation and Torsion, High Energy Particle Theory, Ionospheric Physics, Nonlinear Studies, computational physics.
    Sunday, June 06, 2004, 11:51:54 AM academic programs , admission, request information orientation sessions, dates and deadlines ConnectND summer construction , news, policies news, networks, calendar of events
    Temperature 73 F
    Wind se 10 mi/hr
    mostly sunny
    Last Updated: Monday, 24 May, 2004
    Published by North Dakota State University

    1301 12th Avenue North - Fargo, ND 58105

    30. Ingenta: All Issues -- Journal Of Computational Physics
    user name. password. remember me. enter. Athens click here to login via Athens. Physics/Astronomy Physics (General), Journal of computational physics,

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    online articles
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    Physics/Astronomy Physics (General)
    Journal of Computational Physics ISSN 0021-9991
    in our archives:
    Volume 115 (1994) through Volume 183 (2002) Publisher: Academic Press see publisher's website see journal home page LATEST NEXT PREVIOUS EARLIEST Volume 183, Issue 2, December 2002 Volume 183, Issue 1, November 2002 Volume 181, Issue 2, September 2002 Volume 181, Issue 1, September 2002 Volume 180, Issue 2, August 2002 Volume 180, Issue 1, July 2002 Volume 179, Issue 2, July 2002 Volume 179, Issue 1, June 2002 Volume 178, Issue 2, May 2002 Volume 178, Issue 1, May 2002 Volume 177, Issue 2, April 2002 Volume 177, Issue 1, March 2002 Volume 176, Issue 2, March 2002

    31. Ingenta: All Issues -- Journal Of Computational Physics
    More results from Institute for computational physics HomepageWelcome to the Institute for computational physics. Physics on High Performance Computers. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hans Herrmann. Institut

    32. Institute For Computational Physics: Publications
    Spheres Comp. Phys. Comm. 121122268-269,1999 Proc. Conf. computational physics 1998, Granada HTML, PostScript (gzipped), abs .

    News Research Teaching ... Sitemap
    Recent Publications
    Here are some recent publications from our Institut. As we are just setting up the server, this is a only a small collection of the work done. Most Papers below are in .html format to allow easy browsing, as well as a .tex or .ps version. Please contact the authors if you cannot find what you are looking for. Do you want to add your work? Contact webmaster , please.
    • H. J. Herrmann, J-P Hovi, and S. Luding (eds.),
      Physics of dry granular media,

      NATO-ASI Series, Kluwer academic publishers, Dordrecht, 1998.
      [ Author index ]
      , and [ Contents ]
    Publications and Preprints
    • Trapping and Mobilization of Residual Fluid During Capillary Desaturation in Porous Media
      A. Lucian and R. Hilfer
      PostScript (gzipped)
      abs C. Manwart and R. Hilfer
      On the Reconstruction of Random Media using Monte Carlo Methods PostScript (gzipped) abs R. Hilfer

    33. Fortran 90/95 And Computational Physics
    By Jens Hjorleifur Baroarson.

    34. Computational Physics Laboratory
    Translate this page computational physics Laboratory. Main. Information. Francais. Plan. Staff. Español. Links. Projects. English. Internships. Harware and Software. MITLA. webmaster.
    Computational Physics Laboratory Main Information Francais Plan ...
    site made by Corentin Naudy
    contact Last update : 18-Nov-2003

    35. Chris Oubre
    Graduate student at Rice University, and one of an emerging new breed in computational physics, which combines the two passions Programming and Finding out Why.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. This is my professional web page. On this page you will find information concerning my education, work, presentations and research. I am part of an emerging new breed of physicists: Computational Physicists . I have decided to pursue a career which combines my two passions: Programming and Finding out Why Computational Physics offers many advantages. Below is a very small list Computational Physics allows me to do many interesting experiments. I can do ab-initio calculations, solving problems from first principles only. On the other extreme, I can solve problems with non-mathematic methods like genetic algorithms With basically the same tool set, I can solve problems in cosmology, atomic physics, nano-physics, etc... Who do you think predicts the weather? Never have to worry about photo-multiplier tubes breaking or contaminations on my films How else can you perform experiments in extreme conditions like the surface of the sun? You get to make coOl movies Currently I am involved in Graduate studies at Rice University in Peter Nordlander's group. For my Masters, I studied xenon Rydberg atoms as they approach a metallic surface, in an electric field. For my Ph. D. I plan to investigate the time dependent interaction of electro-magnetic radiation on nano-particles .using

    36. Simon Engler
    Information about Astrophysics, computational physics, Numerical Simulation. Contains FORTRAN programs that can be downloaded.
    Department of Astronomy and Physics Saint Mary's University Faculty of Science Burke-Gaffney Observatory Contact Us ... Local
    This week in the Department
    Colloquium (Friday, 3-4pm, MM310) 10:30-11:30am, Wednesday May 19, 2004 Globular Cluster Archaeology: Nucleosynthesis and Extra Mixing in Extinct Stars
    Pavel Denissenkov
    Department Highlights
    • Would you like an astronomer or physicist to visit your school? Would you like to know what activities and programs the Department offers to the community? Then visit the Community Connections site for further information! An image has just been taken of asteroid Saint-Marys by Astronomy Technician Dave Lane Visit the website for the Institute for Computational Astrophysics (ICA). On it, find news about the new Canada Research Chair appointments (Tier I and II), along with other information about the institute. An asteroid has been named after Saint Mary's in honour of the 200th anniversary celebrations. This came about through the efforts of our very own Dr. David Turner, and are discussed in the press release . He can be seen in a photo from the announcement.

    37. 5th Granada Seminar On Computational Physics, 1998
    5th Granada Seminar on computational physics. (and EPSIUPAP 1998 Conference on computational physics). PROGRAMME 1998 Conference on computational physics.

    38. Webmaster
    Welcome to the home page of the section computational physics of the Department of Applied Physics. Our research instruments are computers.
    Last updated 06 Jun 2002
    Welcome to the home page of the section Computational Physics of the Department of Applied Physics. Our research instruments are computers. Within the section we aim to develop and implement models for the simulation of physical phenomena. Simulation techniques include (quantum) molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo and lattice Boltzmann equations with applications in statistical mechanics, renewable energy, life sciences and hydrodynamics.
    Faculty of Applied Physics
    Delft University of Technology
    Lorentzweg 1
    PO Box 5046
    2600 GA Delft
    The Netherlands

    39. Macphee-Cobb, Linda
    Homepage including cgi scripts, computational physics links, cat pictures, webcam and news.

    40. Programming By Physicist
    Student of computational physics. Includes information on programming, cars and media equipment.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

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