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         Biophysics:     more books (100)
  1. Patterns in Protein Sequence and Structure (Springer Series in Biophysics)
  2. New Techniques in Biophysics and Cell Biology (New Techniques in Biophysics & Cell Biology) by Roger H. Pain, B.J. Smith, 1976-01-01
  3. Nonselective Cation Channels: Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biophysics (Exs (Experientia Supplementum)) by D. Siemen, 1993-09
  4. Biophysics of Gap Junction Channels by M.D., Camillo Peracchia, 1990-12-05
  5. Tissue Specificity and Autoimmunity (Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Vol 16) by Sidney Shulman, 1974-06
  6. Molecular Biophysics by Richard B. & Pollard, Ernest C. Setlow, 1962
  7. Hormone Receptors (Horizons in Biochemistry & Biophysics) by Leonard D. Kohn, 1982-04-21
  8. Optical Technologies in Biophysics and Medicine IV: Saratov Fall Meeting, 2002
  9. The redox potential of the blood in vivo and in vitro,: Its measurement and significance (A monograph in American lectures in biochemistry and biophysics) by Ernst Ziegler, 1965
  10. Biophysical Aspects of Transmembrane Signaling (Springer Series in Biophysics)
  11. Long-Term Potentiation: From Biophysics to Behavior (Neurology and Neurobiology) by Philip W. Landfield, 1988-01
  12. Drug Carrier Systems (Horizons in Biochemistry & Biophysics)
  13. Imaging for Detection and Identification (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics)
  14. Sensing with Ion Channels (Springer Series in Biophysics)

81. Department Of Biochemistry And Molecular Biophysics
Graduate program, faculty, positions, postdocs, student resources, and publications.
Visitor number
since Jan 97

by the Department of
Biochemistry and
Molecular Biophysics
at Washington
University School of
[Site Map] [Directory] [HR/Personnel Info] ... Dr. Carl Frieden
Wittcoff Chair and Department Head For years, Washington University School of Medicine has been a world leader in biochemical research and the training of young scientists. The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, originally called the Department of Biological Chemistry, is dedicated to the investigation of the complex relationships between macromolecules. Studies of protein-protein interactions, protein-nucleic (either DNA or RNA) acid interactions and protein-ligand interactions that control biological processes such as transcription, signal processing, protein structural changes, protein folding as well as other cellular functions represent current areas of interest. The strong focus of the department is on understanding these processes in a quantitative way based on understanding of the structural and dynamic aspects of macromolecules. The significance of delineating the quantitative structural basis of molecular and cellular events lies in the potential for making predictions that allow advances in medicine and improvements in the quality of life. The department is a part of the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences that consists of various programs including the Programs in Molecular Biophysics Biochemistry and Bioorganic Chemistry . These programs involve 95 faculty and 40 graduate students (both Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D.) and are designed to prepare students for scientific careers as independent investigators. Applications to the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics or to the programs in Biochemistry or Biophysics can be requested from the

82. Biophysics

83. Molecular And Cellular Neuroscience
Covers all areas of molecular and cellular neuroscience, from biophysics to development to regeneration.
Home Site map picswapper("picswap", [/authored_framework/ + "images/topbar_1.jpg", /authored_framework/ + "images/topbar_2.jpg", /authored_framework/ + "images/topbar_3.jpg", /authored_framework/ + "images/topbar_4.jpg", /authored_framework/ + "images/topbar_5.jpg", /authored_framework/ + "images/topbar_6.jpg"], 5000) Advanced Product Search Products Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Journal information Product description Editorial board Guide for authors Online submission ... Audience Subscription information Bibliographic and ordering information Conditions of sale Dispatch dates Journal related information Most downloaded articles Impact factors Other journals in same subject area Related publications ... Select your view
Editors in Chief
G. Lemke, F. Walsh

See editorial board for all editors information
Under strong editorial leadership and with a top-flight editorial board, Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience covers all areas of molecular and cellular neuroscience, from biophysics to development to regeneration.
ISSN: 1044-7431
Subscription for the year 2004, Volumes 25-27, 12 issues:

84. Kluwer Academic Publishers - Biologia Plantarum
Biologia Plantarum, an international journal of experimental botany, publishes in English original research reports, review articles and brief communications in all fields of plant physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology, genetics, structural botany and pathology.
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85. UAB Dept Of Physiology And Biophysics
MCLM 701 1918 University Boulevard Birmingham, AL 352940005. Chairman s Welcome. Seminar Series. On-Line Time Sheets. Oracle Login. Information for employees.
MCLM 701
1918 University Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35294-0005 Chairman's Welcome Seminar Series On-Line Time Sheet s Oracle Login Information for employees Access department email Medical Physiology Site last updated
03 May, 2004

86. Matteo Carandini's Lab
biophysics of visual cortex (Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland)
Home People Positions Publications ... SK Home Matteo Carandini Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute 2318 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94115 Research M y main interest is the early visual system and and how it does what it does. In particular, I study the lateral geniculate neurons (LGN) and the primary visual cortex (V1). These are the two brain structures that connect the eyes to the portion of cerebral cortex that deals with vision. We try to understand how LGN and V1 are wired up and to find simple mathematical expressions to describe their output. One of my longstanding interests is pattern adaptation, which is always a good excuse to show a funny demo . Look at the rotating spiral for 30 s or more, and then look at something you know well, like the back of your hand. A measure of success for our research is whether we can predict the responses of neurons in the early visual system to arbitrary, complex visual stimuli. For example, look at the responses of an LGN neuron to a cartoon To find out more about this line of research, check out the symposium on neural responses to complex stimuli that I organized in January 2003.

87. Biophysics Home Page
biophysics Program The Ohio State University 119 Aronoff, W. 12th Ave. 614292-5626 Columbus, OH 43210. biophysics News. biophysics 2003 Symposium.
Biophysics Program
The Ohio State University
119 Aronoff, W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
Biophysics News
Biophysics 2003 Symposium The Ohio State Biophysics Program is a campus-wide graduate program with participating faculty from several departments. The program is administered by the College of Biological Sciences, but faculty also come from the Colleges of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Medicine, and Optometry. Last updated March 2004 Please send your suggestions, comments, corrections of this web page to Carlos Amero Director of the program:
Thomas Clanton

Administration Information
Susan Hauser

88. Index Of /hypermail/BIOPHYSICS
Institut für Neuroinformatik Systems biophysics ContentsSystems biophysics - Contents.
biophys/bionet.biophysics Newsgroup Archive
And now, a word from our sponsors... Please contact if you wish to advertise in this space. BIOSCI Home Page Other Newsgroups BIOSCI Documentation Post a new article to biophys/bionet.biophysics via the BIOSCI mail-Usenet gateway. Read the most recent biophys/bionet.biophysics articles This archive is broken down by year (YYYY) and month (MM)
The articles are stored in directories named biophys.YYYYMM
and are listed below the search box.
This archive is indexed using Excite. To search for a keyword or phrase occurring in the biophys/bionet.biophysics newsgroup, enter your query below. Search For: It's best to enter words or simple phrases. You can use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and parentheses to narrow the search, and prepend search words with a + sign (or - sign) to require (or exclude) words from the search. On the results page, you can click on the and icons next to each returned "hit" to look for other similar pages. More Search Help Name Last modified Size ... Parent Directory 25-Apr-2001 16:14 - current/ 04-Jun-2004 00:35 - biophys.200406/

89. NEC Lectures On Biophysics
Biological networks course for physics students and fellows, 1620 June 2002 Princeton, NJ. Includes schedule from last year, profiles of speakers, and application information.
NEC Lectures on Biophysics
Biological Networks
June 16-20, 2002 Sponsored by NEC Research Institute Cha o Tang and Ned S. Wingreen, Co-Chairs


Day Visitors

Many biological phenomena are especially remarkable from a physical point of view. This year's lectures will focus on biological networks. Topics are chosen to illustrate the opportunities for research at the interface of physics and biology, especially the convergence of theoretical issues and new experimental insights. The orientation is toward graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with a physics background. Lectures will be held at NEC Research Institute and students will be housed at Princeton University.

The molecular biophysics unit (MBU) at the Indian Institute of Science was founded in 1971 by Prof. biophysics and electrophysiology, Ion channels in cells.
Indian Institute of Science, BANGALORE - 560 012, INDIA
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The molecular biophysics unit (MBU) at the Indian Institute of Science was founded in 1971 by Prof. G.N. Ramachandran. The main thrust of its research activities has been directed towards the structure, conformation and interaction of biomolecules. The unit has grown over a quarter of century, during this period, about 100 young scientists have obtained their Ph.D. degrees and the number of research publications exceeds 1000. Seven faculty members have received prestigious S. S. Bhatnagar prize; eight members are fellows of the Indian Academy of Sciences and seven members are fellows of the Indian National Science Academy.
List of faculties NAME RESEARCH FIELD Prof. C. Ramakrishnan
Conformation of cyclic peptides and conformational analysis of protein structure Prof. M. Vijayan
X-ray crystallography of proteins and other biologically important molecules Prof. K.R.K. Easwaran
Structure and conformation of biological molecules using spectroscopic techniques; Membrane biophysics and biology Prof. P. Balaram

91. Georgetown University Department Of Physiology And Biophysics
This Department provides a full range of research training experiences and graduate courses, offers both M.S. and PhD. degrees, and participates in the M.D./Ph.D. and multidisciplinary programs within the Medical Center.
Please find us at our new home site:

92. Biophysics Graduate Group
The biophysics Graduate Group.
The Biophysics Graduate Group
Home Academics Admissions Facilities Faculty ... Students
Contact Information Student Affairs Officer
299 Life Sciences Addition, MC 3202
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720.
U.S.A. Tel: (510) 642-0379
Office: 299 Life Sciences Addition E-mail: Webmaster:

93. CSIRO PUBLISHING - Functional Plant Biology
A journal for publication of biochemistry, biophysics, developmental biology, cell and molecular biology, plantenvironment and plant-microbe interactions, and the integration of these areas.
appPath = ""; Home Journals About Us Shopping Cart Continuing Australian Journal of Plant Physiology You are here: Journals Functional Plant Biology Search All content This Journal All Journals Generic info Advanced Search FPB Home Page About the Journal Online Content ... How to Order Functional Plant Biology
Current Issue Volume 31 (5)
Feature Paper
Evolution of plant water relations in Australia

Functional Plant Biology (established in 1974 as AjPP ) offers authors superior editorial service for high quality manuscripts on biochemistry, biophysics, developmental biology, cell and molecular biology, plant-environment and plant-microbe interactions, and the integration of these areas. More... Features
  • personalised and professional service
  • broad international readership and authorship
  • critical but helpful reviewing
  • fast turnaround and rapid publication times
  • special subscription rates for members of selected plant physiology societies
  • FREE PDF reprints provided to authors
  • Online Content
    Current Issue

    Previous Volumes
    For Authors
    Notice to Authors
    How to Order
    Subscription Options
    Pay-per-view Related Product Australia: 300 Years of Botanical Illustration A magnificent overview of the way Australian plants have been depicted over the past three centuries.

    94. Physiology & Biophysics, University Of Iowa, Graduate Program Information
    Mailing Address Department of Physiology biophysics University of Iowa 5660 Bowen Science Building 51 Newton Road Iowa City, IA 52242 Tel (319) 335-7802
    Seminar and Workshop Calendar, Department Overview

    Information about current faculty, Links to individual faculty pages
    Faculty Job Posting

    Current faculty and their research Curriculum
    Sample Curriculum, Courses, MD/PhD, Co-op/Exchange Program
    Graduate Program

    Postdoctoral Program

    Postdoctoral Training, Research
    Faculty Job Posting Departmental Directory Links to Related WWW Sites Support the Department Mailing Address: University of Iowa 5-660 Bowen Science Building 51 Newton Road Iowa City, IA 52242 Tel: (319) 335-7802 Fax: (319) 335-7330 Email: Revised by Web Editor

    95. Lab. Of Molecular Biophysics, University Of Oxford
    Information on the laboratory's work, job vacancies, and graduate opportunities.
    Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics
    University of Oxford.
    Laboratory Information and Activities.
    External Links.
    Within the University of Oxford. Department of Biochemistry Oxford Centre for Molecular Sciences University's main Server University of Oxford Libraries ... Equipment for Cryocrystallography . and Oxford Cryosystems Electronic Reference Library (Medline and other databases). Electronic Journals Collection Other Links.

    96. Biophysics, University Of Genoa
    Translate this page proteomics, bioelectronics, biophysics, NMR, polymer, cytochromes, chromatin, DNA, biochemistry, p450, ck2, biotechnology, bioengineering.


    Universita' di Genova Biophysics
    University of Genoa
    Director: Prof. Claudio Nicolini Indirizzo/Address:
    Corso Europa 30
    16132 Genova, Italy
    fax +39-010-35338215
    Attivita' didattica
    Jobs opportunities
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    97. Cambridge Journals Online - Journal Home Page
    My CJO Index, My CJO Homepage Quarterly Reviews of biophysics, Quarterly Reviews of biophysics A review journal of biological function, structure and mechanism,
    My CJO Homepage
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    Browse Journals Alphabetically By Subject Area Subscribed Journals Advanced Search Site Holdings Account Options Personalise Help Context Help Contents FAQs Diagnostics Site Map Password Help Advanced Search Quick Search
    Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics
    A review journal of biological function, structure and mechanism
    Volume 36

    Show Back Volumes

    Editor(s): Professor Steve Goldstein, Yale University School Of Medicine, U.S.A
    Professor Astrid Gräslund, Stockholm University, Sweden
    Professor Gerhard Wagner, Harvard Medical School, U.S.A. Professor Peter Wolynes, University Of California San Diego,U.S.A. Description The official journal of the International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB), Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics covers the whole field of biophysics, from ion channels to DNA topology and from X-ray diffraction to NMR. The journal has gained a worldwide reputation, demonstrated by its high ranking in the ISI Science Citation Index, as a forum for general and specialised communication between biophysicists working in different areas. The majority of reviews published are invited from authors who have made significant contributions to the field, who give critical, readable and sometimes controversial accounts of recent progress and problems in their speciality. Thematic issues are occasionally published. Subscription Prices Year Category Access Type Price* Institutions subscribe Institutions Online Only subscribe Individuals Print Only

    98. Howard University Physiology And Biophysics
    Ph.D. program is offered with specialties in many areas of physiology. Links to program information are included.

    99. Department Of Biochemistry And Biophysics, Stockholm University
    in genomics and bioinformatics), Welcome! to the home page of the Department of Biochemistry and biophysics. The Department is located
        Learn more about research conducted at our department.

        Find contact information.

        Info about courses and PhD programme.
        Seminar series at the department.

      Internal pages
        Intranet (for internal use only)
        Forskarskola i genomik och bioinformatik
        (Graduate research school in genomics and bioinformatics)
      to the home page of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics. The Department is located with the other departments of chemistry and Life Sciences in the Arrhenius Laboratories for Natural Sciences, which are situated in the northern part of the University Campus at Frescati. Presently 150 people are working at the Department of which about 70 are PhD students engaged in internationally highly recognized research covering a broad range of subjects. The Department is also deeply involved in teaching, with courses at all undergraduate levels. A close link between the undergraduate program and the research projects has since long been a tradition at the Department. I hope that you will enjoy our home page and find the information you need. If not feel free to contact me or any of my colleagues at the Department.

    100. Physiologia Plantarum Home Page
    The scope of the journal ranges from molecular and cell biology, via biochemistry and biophysics, to classical plant physiology and ecophysiology, thereby maintaining contact among the different organizational levels of plant biology.
    Editorial Information

    Table of Contents

    Association / Society
    Customer Services

    Subject Sites Blackwell Plant Science
    Physiologia Plantarum
    An International Journal of Experimental Plant Biology Published on behalf of the Scandinavian Society for Plant Physiology Edited by:
    Print ISSN:
    Online ISSN:
    Frequency: Monthly
    Current Volume:
    2002: 33/135 (Plant Sci) Impact Factor:
    Aims and Scope
    Physiologia Plantarum has been published by the Scandinavian Society for Plant Physiology since 1948. The journal publishes original, hypothesis-driven research describing aspects of experimental plant biology covering molecular and cell biology, biochemistry and biophysics and ecophysiology. By maintaining this broad scope, Physiologia Plantarum aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between researchers working at different organizational levels of plant biology. Physiologia Plantarum has been using a fast, web-based manuscript handling and review platform since 2000, with a time to first decision for papers received in 2003 of around 6 weeks. To further speed up publication, in spring 2004 all papers accepted will be published electronically via

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