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         Zizek Slavoj:     more books (100)
  1. Five Lessons on Wagner by Alain Badiou, 2010-10-17
  2. The Parallax View by Slavoj Zizek, 2006-02-17
  3. On Belief (Thinking in Action) by Slavoj Zizek, 2001-06-26
  4. The Fright of Real Tears
  5. Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Lacan: But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock
  6. The Abyss of Freedom/Ages of the World (The Body, In Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism) by Slavoj Zizek, F.W.J. von Schelling, 1997-08-01
  7. Enjoy Your Symptom!: Jacques Lacan in Hollywood and Out (Routledge Classics) by Slavoj Zizek, 2007-10-30
  8. La Revolucion Blanda (Spanish Edition) by Slavoj Zizek, 2004-12
  9. The Indivisible Remainder: On Schelling and Related Matters (Radical Thinkers) by Slavoj Zizek, 2007-01-17
  10. The Sublime Object of Ideology (Phronesis) by Slavoj Zizek, 1989-12
  11. Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism: Five Interventions in the (Mis)Use of a Notion by Slavoj Zizek, 2002-10-27
  12. Christ in Postmodern Philosophy: Gianni Vattimo, Rene Girard, and Slavoj Zizek by Frederiek Depoortere, 2008-10-01
  13. Contingency, Hegemony, Universality: Contemporary Dialogues on the Left by Judith Butler, Ernesto Laclau, et all 2000-07
  14. Iraq: The Borrowed Kettle (Wo Es War Series) by Slavoj Zizek, 2005-11-28

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Onlye. Links URL hinzufügen. A Conversation with slavoj zizek From CTHEORY. http Destination? Etext of the essay by slavoj zizek. http
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42. Zizek, SlavojmƒXƒ‰ƒ”ƒHƒCEƒWƒWƒFƒNn
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ŸZizek, Slavoj@1998@ The Spectre Is Still Roaming Around: An Introduction to the 150th Anniversary Edition of the Communist Manifesto , Zagreb: Bastard Books, Arkzin D.O.O.20001220@’·Œ´ –L –óCw‚¢‚Ü‚¾—d‰ö‚Íœpœj‚µ‚Ä‚¢‚éIxCî‹µo”ŁC99p.@1400@¦
ŸZizek, Slavoj@2001@ Did Somebody Say Totalitarianisn ?: Five Interventions in the (Mis)use of a Notion , Verso20020620@’†ŽR“OE´…’mŽq–óCw‘S‘ÌŽå‹`„Ÿ„ŸŠÏ”O‚́iŒëjŽg—p‚ɂ‚¢‚āxCÂ“yŽÐC330+5p.@2800@¦
Butler, Judith
; Laclau, Ernesto ; Zizek, Slavoj@2000@ Coningency, Hegemony, Universality: Cotemporary Dialogues on the Left

43. Spirit And Sky Philosophy: Philosophers: Z: Zizek-slavoj
Interview with slavoj zizek, November 1998. (Added Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 115917. Bibliography of slavoj zizek s works published in English.
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  • Hysteria and Cyberspace Hysteria and Cyberspace Interview with Slavoj Zizek, November 1998.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 115917
  • Japan Through a Slovenian Looking Glass Japan Through a Slovenian Looking Glass Geert Lovink interviews Zizek in 1995 on the subject of Japanese culture and media.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 115920
  • Bibliography Bibliography Bibliography of Slavoj Zizek's works published in English.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 115916
  • Real Virtuality: Slavoj Zizek and "Post-Ideological" Ideology Real Virtuality: Slavoj Zizek and "Post-Ideological" Ideology A 1998 review of Zizek's The Plague of Fantasies, by James S. Hurley. Considers Zizek's thought in terms of the plight of contemporary leftism.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 115921
  • Slavoj Zizek Slavoj Zizek Faculty page at European Graduate School. Includes biographical profile and bibliography.

44. Alibris: Slavoj Zizek
Used, new outof-print books by author slavoj zizek. 24. El Sublime Objeto de La Ideologia more books like this by zizek, slavoj buy used from $14.94! 25., Slavoj
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Browse for author " Slavoj Zizek " matched 44 titles. Sometimes it pays off to expand your search to view all available copies of books matching your search terms. Page of 2 sort results by Top Selling Title Author Used Price New Price Organs Without Bodies: Deleuze and Consequences more books like this by Zizek, Slavoj "A startling critic of great daring, who doesn't watch his back or observe the pieties as he swerves and swoops through the age of globalized and fabricated realities." Times Literary Supplement buy used: from buy new: from On Belief more books like this by Zizek, Slavoj What happens to our supposedly atheistic, secular beliefs when they meet the internet, consumerism and New Age mysticism? Zizek, the renowned philosopher and cultural critic, shows in his controversial and witty new book that, despite postmodern warnings that belief is groundless, we are secretly believers. From "cyberspace reason" to the paradox... buy used: from buy new: from Looking Awry: An Introduction to Jacques Lacan Through Popular Culture more books like this by Zizek, Slavoj

45. Haaretz - Israel News - Article
Disaster movies as the last remnants of Utopia, By Noam Yuran. Philosopher and cultural gadfly slavoj zizek, on a minilecture tour, talks to Ha aretz.

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Search on zizek, slavoj Author. References found 1 refine. zizek, slavoj. De História e consciência de classe a Dialética do esclarecimento, e volta.^d

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Translate this page Base de datos article. Búsqueda zizek, slavoj Autor. Referencias encontradas 1 refinar. página 1 de 1, 1 / 1. selecciona. para imprimir. zizek, slavoj.^d

50. Slavoj Zizek - Slavoj Žižek - Repeating Lenin
slavoj zizek s Repeating Lenin at European Graduate School. Eminent Repeating Lenin slavoj zizek. Lenin s Choice. The;g=strak;ref=1/http://w
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Repeating Lenin
Slavoj Zizek.
Lenin's Choice : of doing things not to achieve something, but to PREVENT from something really happening, really changing. All the frenetic humanitarian, politically correct, etc., activity fits the formula of "Let's go on changing something all the time so that, globally, things will remain the same!". Interpretation versus Formalization Colletti recalls how, in a private letter from 1970, first published in Die Zeit, Popper effectively wrote: "Lenin's book on empiriocriticism is, in my opinion, truly excellent." However, both Adorno and Lenin take here the wrong path: the way to assert materialism is not by way of clinging to the minimum of objective reality OUTSIDE the thought's subjective mediation, but by insisting on the absolute INHERENCE of the external obstacle which prevents thought from attaining full identity with itself. The moment we concede on this point and externalize the obstacle, we regress to the pseudo-problematic of the thought asymptotically approaching the ever-elusive "objective reality," never being able to grasp it in it infinite complexity. However, is Marx's proletariat really the negative of positive full essential humanity, or "only" the gap of universality AS SUCH, irrecoverable in any positivity?

51. Slavoj Zizek, Jacques Lacan, Fantasy
slavoj zizek on Fantasy. (and en passant Kant and Kierkegaard on The Third ). 1 The gap that separates beauty from ugliness is . . .
Slavoj Zizek on Fantasy (and en passant Kant and Kierkegaard on "The Third")
[1] The gap that separates beauty from ugliness is . . . the very gap that separates reality from the Real: what constitutes reality is the minimum of idealization the subject needs in order to be able to sustain the horror of the Real. [ The Plague of Fantasies (London: Verso, 1997), p. 66] [2] Do we not encounter . . . the horrifying weight of the encounter of a neighbor in the Real of her presence? Love thy neighbor? No, thanks! And this split . . . , the radical oscillation between attraction and repulsion, between longing for the distant beloved and feeling estranged and repelled by her proximity, by no means exposes a 'pathological' imbalance . . . : such an oscillation is constitutive of human desire, so that the true enigma is, rather, how a 'normal' subject succeeds in covering it up and negotiating a fragile balance between the sublime image of the beloved and her real presence, so that the flesh-and-blood person can continue to occupy the sublime place and avoid the sad fate of turning into a repulsive excrement. [p. 67] [2a] An en passant : Robert Musil ("Tonka," in

52. Zizek, Russell, And Roth
Investigations, pp. 3334.. Consider the contrasting view of slavoj zizek, The Plague of Fantasies (London Verso, 1997), p. 72 The obverse
SEXUAL RELATIONS AND EQUALITY Bertrand Russell, in Marriage and Morals , offered the principle that Morality in sexual relations . . . consists essentially of respect for the other person, and unwillingness to use that person solely as a means of personal gratification without regard to his or her desires. and decided that "prostitution sins against this principle" (p. 122). Russell reflected, at the same time, on the sexual activity of married couples and concluded as did Victoria Woodhull in the 19th Century and as do Andrea Dworkin and Robin Morgan today that much of this sex also sinned against his principle: "the total amount of undesired sex endured by women is probably greater in marriage than in prostitution" (p. 122). This suggests that Russell was not impugning the power of consent to justify sexual activity, but was insisting on a more critical account of genuine consent. Sounding like a contemporary socialist feminist, Russell admonished, "the intrusion of the economic motive into sex is always . . . disastrous. Sexual relations should be a mutual delight, entered into solely from the spontaneous impulse of both parties" (p. 121). [Excerpted from Alan Soble, Sexual Investigations , pp. 33-34.]

53. Real Virtuality Slavoj Zizek And Post-Ideological Ideology
Review of slavoj zizek, The Plague of Fantasies. London Verso, 1997. zizek, slavoj.


Translate this page pedir libro, MIRANDO AL SESGO. autor zizek, slavoj. ISBN 950-12-6512-9. páginas 304. precio 25 euros. Contenido. En este libro, slavoj
MIRANDO AL SESGO autor: Zizek, Slavoj ISBN: precio: 25 euros Contenido
Pero el texto de Zizek, por su carácter lúdico, es completamente distinto de los que asociamos con el enfoque desconstructivo difundido por Jacques Derrida. Al aclarar lo que Lacan dice y lo que no dice, Zizek puede diferenciarlo de los posestructuralistas que tan a menudo se proclaman continuadores del maestro francés.
Consultas Pedidos Informaciones ... Links Carrer del Berlinès, 20. 08022 Barcelona, (Spain), tel.: (34)93.418 53 36, fax:(34)93. 417 56 12 e-mail:

56. Nina Ort: Seminare
Translate this page Gemeinsame Diskussion zizek interpretiert Lacan und jongliert mit den Medien Vorbereitende Lektüre zizek, slavoj (1991) Liebe Dein Symptom wie Dich selbst!
Nina Ort
24. Oktober 2003:
  • Organisation des Seminars, Formales, Verteilung der Referate
31. Oktober 2003:
7. November 2003:
  • Sitzung wurde zur Diskussionssitzung umgestaltet. Hierdurch verschieben sich alle weiteren Termine um eine Woche.
(4) 14. November 2003:
  • Gemeinsame Diskussion: Zizek interpretiert Lacan und jongliert mit den Medien
    Kap.: I (S. 9-48)
(5) 21. November 2003:
(6) 28. November 2003:
  • Ich schlage vor: statt dieser Diskussionssitzung gleich mit Kapitel III weiterzumachen, also:
  • Das gefallene Objekt der Postmoderne Kap.: III (S. 81-112)
(7) 5. Dezember 2003:
  • Diskussion: "Symptome" der Postmoderne? "Poststrukturalismus" - "New Historicism" - "New Criticism" - "Cultural Studies" Sitzungsprotokoll
(8) 12. Dezember 2003:
  • Referat: Zizek: Grimassen des Realen. S.: 78-114
(9) 19. Dezember 2003:
  • Referat: Gegenprobe Kafka: Das Urteil als typisch moderner Text
Weihnachtsferien (10) 9. Januar 2004:

57. Did Someone Say Totalitarianism? - Zizek, Slavoj - Sjakoo's Catalog
AMSTERDAM. SEARCH ORDER NEW BOOKS HOME ABOUT US . Auteur zizek, slavoj Titel Did Someone Say Totalitarianism? Sub titel
Titel: Did Someone Say Totalitarianism?
Sub titel: Four Interventions in the (Mis)use of a Notion
Totalitarianism, as an ideological notion, has always had a precise strategic function: to guarantee the liberal-democratic hegemony by dismissing the leftist critique of liberal democracy as the obverse, the twin, of the rightist Fascist dictatorship. Slavoj Zizek, addresses the prevalence of the consensus-view of totalitariansim, which invariably focuses on one of four things: the Holocaust as the ultimate, diabolical evil; the Stalinist gulag and the alleged truth of the Socialist revolutionary project; the recent waves of ethnic and fundamentalism to be fought through multiculturalist tolerance; or the deconstruction idea that the ultimate root of the totalitarianism is the ontological closure of thought. In exploring this cobweb of family resemblances, Zizek concludes that the Devil lies not so much in the detail of what constitutes totalitarianism but in what enables the very designation. 2002, 280 pag., € 21,85

58. On Belief - Zizek, Slavoj - Sjakoo's Catalog
Titel: On Belief
Sub titel:
What is the basis of belief in an era when globalization, multiculturalism and big business are the new religion? Slavoj Zizek, renowned philosopher and irrepressible cultural critic discusses this, and other such questions in this book. From "cyberspace reason" to the paradox that is "Western Buddhism", "On Belief" probes beneath the surface of the way we normally think about belief, in particular Judaism and Christianity. Holding up the so-called authenticity of religious belief to critical light, Zizek draws on psychoanalysis, film and philosophy to reveal that perhaps nothing could be worse for believers than their beliefs turning out to be true. 2003, 176 pag., € 14,95
Routledge, London, ISBN 0-415-25532-5

59. Slavoj Sez...
An interview with slavoj zizek. This is the edited version of an interview with the Slovenian philiosopher and cultural theorist
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An interview with Slavoj Zizek
This is the edited version of an interview with the Slovenian philiosopher and cultural theorist Slavoj Zizek originally broadcast on Doug Henwood's radio show, April 17, 2003. Zizek combines Lacanian psychoanalysis and Marxist political economy to analyze politics and culture. To hear the original interview, which is much longer than this, visit here What did you think as Saddam's statue was falling in Baghdad? Strangely, my first association was the bombing of Buddha statues in Afghanistan. I'm not implying that the U.S. is a new Taliban, the game where both are fundamentalists is a little too easy. Nonetheless, if we take statues as such, representing some kind of traditional culture, not so much American bombs as the American capitalist model is a much more effective destructive force than those poor Taliban bombs. My second reaction was, you know, if there is a lesson to be learned from history, from the fall of Communism ten years ago, is a deep distrust of this enthusiastic moment. Yes, probably a majority of Iraqis was, to put it modestly, relatively enthusiastic. Life was difficult under Saddam. Probably for an ordinary Iraqi, it may get a little bit better. But these enthusiastic explosions are just a moment; what matters to me is the day after. And there I'm a little bit less enthusiastic than it may appear. The first problem: the idea was, "Let's bring democracy to Iraq." A couple of simple facts have to be mentioned here. First, for simple geopolitical strategic interests, the U.S. cannot afford democracy in the Middle East now. And I'm not playing any Marxist games about the illusions of bourgeois democracy. I simply mean usual Western liberal democracy - multiparty elections. This would assure that sooner or later, some kind of, if not

60. Radio Archives
April 17, 2003 Cultural theorist and philosopher slavoj zizek on the Iraq war, American imperialism, the role of fantasy in politics, etc.
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Doug Henwood's radio archives
(since July 2003) latest content added May 24, 2004 LBO editor Doug Henwood does a radio show on WBAI, New York, covering economics and politics. It's on most Thursdays, 5-6 PM NYC time. WBAI is at 99.5 on the FM dial - and also, via RealPlayer, on the web . Here are some archived shows, as well as some individual interviews. A number of people have asked about the theme music. It's the Kronos Quartet performing "Wawshishijay (Our Beginning)," written by Obo Addy, from the album Pieces of Africa . I inherited it from Samori Marksman the late and severely missed former program director of WBAI, who bequeathed me the time slot, and decided to keep the theme in his memory. TECHNICAL NOTES The files are available in two flavors of MP3 - streaming and downloadable. (Streaming means you listen to it online in real time without transferring a file to your computer; downloadable means you transfer the file to your computer and listen offline. In either case, you'll need a program that can play MP3-format files.) Shows are also available in two levels of fidelity - high (close to FM radio quality), at 64kbps, and low (close to telephone quality), 16kbps. Streaming the hi-fi shows requires a broadband connection; low-fi should be withing the capacity of a dailup. Downloading a low-fi version takes less than a third the time that the hi-fi version does. Shows are about 56 minutes long; the 64kbps versions are around 26 megabytes, and the 16kbps versions, around 7 mb.

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