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         Trotsky Leon:     more books (99)
  1. Marxism and Terrorism by Leon Trotsky, 1995-07
  2. History of the Russian Revolution by Leon Trotsky, 2008-07-01
  3. Leon Trotsky and the Politics of Economic Isolation (Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies) by Richard B. Day, 2004-06-10
  4. Fascism: What It Is and How to Fight It by Leon Trotsky, 1993-12
  5. My Life by Leon Trotsky, 1970-06-01
  6. My Life: An Attempt at an Autobiography (Dover Value Editions) by Leon Trotsky, 2007-06-05
  7. Art and Revolution: Writings on Literature, Politics, and Culture by Leon Trotsky, 1992-06
  8. Literature and Revolution by Leon Trotsky, 2005-05-01
  9. The Prophet Outcast: Trotsky 1929-1940 by Isaac Deutscher, 2003-12-18
  10. Writings of Leon Trotsky, 1938-39 by Leon Trotsky, 1974-01-01
  11. The Prophet Unarmed: Trotsky 1921-1929 (Vol. 2 of 3) by Isaac Deutscher, 2003-12-18
  12. Writings of Leon Trotsky (1936-37) by Leon Trotsky, 2002-01-01
  13. Trotsky by Irving Howe, 1978-06-29
  14. Leon Trotsky: A Biography by Ronald Segal, 1979

1. Leon Trotsky Internet Archive
Leon Trotsky's writings, Writings of Leon Trotsky

2. FBI - Freedom Of Information Act - Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky 909 pages. Records relating to the 1940 murder of Trotsky in Mexico by an assassin wielding a pickaxe. Part 01. Part 02. Part 03. Part 04. Part 05.
Leon Trotsky
909 pages Records relating to the 1940 murder of Trotsky in Mexico by an assassin wielding a pick-axe. Part 01 Part 02 Part 03 Part 04 ... FOIA Homepage

3. Trotsky Leon - Lev Davidovich Bronstein From FOLDOC
trotsky leon Lev Davidovich Bronstein. biography, history of philosophy Russian social and political philosopher (1879-1940) who Leon - Lev Davidovich Bro

4. Leon Trotsky - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Leon Trotsky. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Enlarge 1915 passport photo. ImageLeontrotsky.jpg After his deportation from the Soviet Union.
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Leon Trotsky
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 1915 passport photo Leon Davidovich Trotsky Russian transliterated Trostskii Trotski , or Trotzky October 26 O.S. November 7 N.S. ... August 21 ), né Lev Davidovich Bronstein Bolshevik revolutionary and Marxist intellectual. He was an influential politician in the early Soviet Union ; first as People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs and then as the founder and commander of the Red Army and People's Commisar of War. He was a founding member of the powerful Politburo . Trotsky was expelled from the Communist Party and deported from the Soviet Union due to his opposition to Josef Stalin 's policies and power consolidation, and was later murdered in Mexico by a Soviet agent. His date of birth in the Gregorian calendar is November 7 Soviet revolution of . Since the Julian calendar was replaced in 1918, his date of death is that of the Gregorian calendar. He was born in Yanovka Kherson Province Ukraine , the son of a farmer, David Bronshtein, of Jewish background.

5. Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky, Lev Davidovich Bronshtein (he assumed the name Leon Trotsky in 1902) was born in Yanovka, Russia, on 7th November, 1879.
Leon Trotsky
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Lev Davidovich Bronshtein (he assumed the name Leon Trotsky in 1 902) was born in Yanovka, Russia, on 7th November, 1879. His parents were Jewish and owned a farm in the Ukraine. When Trotsky was eight years old his father sent him to Odessa to be educated. Six years later he was transferred to Nikolayev where he was first introduced to the ideas of Karl Marx
In 1897 he became involved in organizing the underground South Russian Workers' Union. He was sent to Siberia after being arrested for revolutionary activity. After four years in captivity, he escaped and eventually made his way to London . Trotsky joined the Social Democratic Party and while in England he met and worked with a group of Marxists producing the journal Iskra . This included George Plekhanov Pavel Axelrod Vera Zasulich Vladimir Lenin and Julius Martov
At the Second Congress of the Social Democratic Party held in

6. Leon Trotsky
trotsky leon. Mexico 1940 Epstein,E. Dossier The Secret History of Armand Hammer. The names below are mentioned on the listed pages with the name trotsky leon.
Mexico 1940
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7. Léon Trotsky
trotsky leon, LA RÉVOLUTION PERMANENTE, 15,09.

8. Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky. Leon War. Leon Trotsky was likewise responsible for tens of thousands of civilian deaths in Russia and the Ukraine.
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Leon Trotsky
Leon Davidovich Trotsky Russian ; also transliterated Trostskii Trotski , or Trotzky October 26 O.S November 7 N.S ... August 21 ), was born Lev Davidovich Bronstein ) to Jewish parents in Yanovka, Kherson Province, Ukraine . His date of birth in the Gregorian calendar is November 7 - the same day as the Soviet revolution of . Since the Julian calendar was replaced in 1918, his date of death is that of the Gregorian calendar. He was first arrested in while working as an organizer for the South Russian Workers' Union. In he was sentenced to four years in exile in Siberia . He escaped from Siberia, taking the name Trotsky from a former jailer in Odessa , and proceeded to London to join Vladimir Lenin , then managing editor of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party newspaper Iskra He attended the Second Congress of the RSDLP in London in the summer of , and in the internal dispute which split the party, sided with the Mensheviks against Lenin. Although his allegiance to the Mensheviks was short-lived, the damage to his relationship with Lenin lasted for the next 14 years. By , he had returned to Russia . His involvement in the October general strike and his support for that armed rebellion led to his conviction and sentence to exile for life. In January , he escaped en route to exile and once again made his way to London, where he attended the Fifth Party Congress. In October he moved to

9. Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky. 18791940. Russian Politician. Revolutionary Leon Trotsky was arrested and sent to Siberia at the age of 19 for being a member of a Marxist group.
Leon Trotsky Russian Politician Revolutionary Leon Trotsky was arrested and sent to Siberia at the age of 19 for being a member of a Marxist group. He escaped and joined Lenin in London in 1902. Trotsky participated in the abortive revolution of 1905. In 1917 he returned to Russia with Lenin to lead the revolution. He became the new Communist state's first Foreign Minister, and negotiated the Russian peace treaty with Germany. He then became the Commissar of War, leading the Communist forces in the Civil War. After Lenin's death, his influence waned, and in 1927, Stalin ousted him from the Party. His continued criticism of Stalin led to his expulsion from Russia in 1929. In 1940, he was assassinated in Mexico by Soviet agents. Bibliography: Deutcher, Isaac, The Prophet Armed: Trotsky, 1879-1921. New York. Oxford University Press. 1980.
Garza, Hedda. Leon Trotsky . (World Leaders: Past and Present). 1986. Mda Pubns.
Segal, Ronald. Leon Trotsky . 1980. Pantheon Books Inc.
Howe, Irving. Leon Trotsky . 1979. Viking Press.
Warth, Robert D. Leon Trotsky. 1977. Twayne Pubs. Inc.

10. Search Results
Click for details, TROTSKY, Leon. Whither France? NY Pioneer (1936). First edition. Translated by John G. Wright and Harold R. Isaacs. Leon

11. Leon Trotsky - Encyclopedia Article About Leon Trotsky. Free Access, No Registra
encyclopedia article about Leon Trotsky. Leon Trotsky in Free online English dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. Leon Trotsky. Trotsky
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Leon Trotsky
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Leon Davidovich Trotsky Russian Russian Russian
Spoken in: Russia and many adjacent countries
Region: Eastern Europe and Asia
Total speakers: 220 Million
Ranking: 7th
classification: Indo-European
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Official status Official language of: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, United Nations Regulated by: - Language codes ISO 639-1: ru ISO 639-2: rus SIL: RUS Click the link for more information. transliterated Transliteration in a narrow sense is a mapping from one script into another script. It tries to be lossless, i.e., the informed reader should be able to reconstruct the original spelling of unknown transliterated words. To achieve this, it may define complex conventions about how to transliterate letters that have no simple correspondence in the goal script. Romaji, as an example, is a transliterating method. Click the link for more information. Trostskii Trotski , or Trotzky October 26 October 26 is the 299th day of the year (300th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar, with 66 days remaining.

A site celebrating leon trotsky, aiming to provide an overall view of his ideas and struggles.
The purpose of this web site is to provide an overall view of the ideas and struggles of Leon Trotsky. Trotsky played a leading role, together with Lenin, during the 1917 Russian Revolution. It was Trotsky who organised the Red Army as well as the fightback against all the forces of reaction that were attempting to strangle the revolution in blood. The Revolution Betrayed - a Marxist masterpiece - a review by Alan Woods After the Civil War and the death of Lenin, unfortunately the Soviet Union remained isolated. One revolution after another (Germany 1918, Hungary 1919, Italy 1920 and so on...) was defeated. The economy the Bolsheviks had inherited from Tsarism was extremely underdeveloped. And in isolation from the rest of the world, this meant that the material conditions for a rapid advance towards socialism did not exist. In this situation a bureaucratic counter-revolution took place. A bureaucratic elite raised itself above the working class. Stalin and his regime represented the interests of this bureaucracy. But in order to consolidate their control over society this bureaucracy had to eliminate the genuine traditions of Bolshevism. Thus the struggle between Stalin's faction and the Left Opposition, led by Trotsky, was a struggle between the genuine representatives of the working class and the up-and-coming bureaucratic elite.

13. Leon Trotsky
Lev Davidovich Bronstein (leon trotsky) was born on October 26, 1879, son of a hardworking, thrifty, and well-to-do jewish farmer, in the southern part of
Keywords: Leon Trotsky Lenin the Bolshevik Leader Iskra Red Army ... Kahlo Lev Davidovich Bronstein ( Trotsky ) in 1897 Lev Davidovich Bronstein (Leon Trotsky) was born on October 26, 1879, son of a hard-working, thrifty, and well-to-do jewish farmer, in the southern part of Ukraine. The family valued education highly, and when Lev was about nine years old they let him move to the city of Odessa, to stay with his 'uncle' and to go to school. This is where Lev developed his nice manners and intellectual personality. Lev was an exeptionally bright and capable student, and in 1896 he moved to Nicolayev to complete his secondary education and to study matematics. This is where Lev turned revolutionary. In 1897 he was instrumental in founding the South Russia Workers Union and in 1898 the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP). However, Lev was arrested for his political activities, put in prison, and in 1900 deported to Siberia. In 1902 he adopted the name Trotsky as he escaped, and met Lenin in London. Trotsky then joined Lenin on the staff of Iskra (The Spark), the Communist newspaper. Trotsky and Lenin, as intellectuals, had much respect for each other, however, in 1903 at the Second Congress of the RSDLP, the Bolsheviks were led by Lenin, while Trotsky was among the Menshevik leaders.

14. Leon Trotsky
Lev Davidovich Bronstein (leon trotsky) was born in Yanovka, Ukraine, as the son of an illiterate Jewish farmer. trotsky s father
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B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) - Leon Trotski, pseudonym of Leib or Lev Davidovich Bronstein Russian Jewish Revolutionary leader and Soviet politician, a close friend of Lenin. Trotsky's theory of 'permanent revolution' became unpopular after Stalin had gained power in the Soviet Union. Trotsky was assassinated by one of Stalin's agents. Although Trotsky later condemned the Red Terror, he was, perhaps, one of its first proponents. "Things are not going well. The Greek soldiers landed on the shores of Crimea, according to the reports of Allied diplomats and newspapermen, were mounted on Crimean donkeys, but the donkeys were not able to arrive in time at the Perekop Isthmus. Things are not going well. Evidently even donkeys have begun to shake off the imperialistic harness." (from Trotsky's speech on April 1919) After attending a Jewish primary school, Trotsky studied at a state school in Odessa. He was a very good student, who especially loved mathematics, but was expelled for a year when he fell foul of the French teacher. "I can hardly think of a single teacher whom I might remember with affection", he recalled. Trotsky become an ardent disciple of Karl Marx already in his youth. In 1896 Trotsky joined the Social Democrats and two years later he was arrested as a Marxist and exiled to Siberia. Four years later he escaped and reached England by means of a forged passport that used the name of a jailer in Odessa's prison, Trotsky.

15. BBC - History - Leon Trotsky (1879 - 1940)
leon trotsky (1879 1940). leon trotsky, head of Red Army, 1920. A key figure in the Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia in 1917
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Leon Trotsky (1879 - 1940)
A key figure in the Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia in 1917 and the man who built up the Red Army during the subsequent civil war, Trotsky was second only to Lenin in the early stage of Soviet communist rule. But this gifted intellectual lost out to Stalin in the power struggle of the 1920s, was forced into exile and ultimately murdered by an agent of his political nemesis. Born Lev Davidovich Bronshtein and of Jewish origin, Trotsky became involved in underground activities as a teenager. He was soon arrested, jailed and exiled to Siberia. Eventually, he escaped and spent the majority of the next 15 years abroad, including a spell as war correspondent in the Balkans. While Lenin assumed leadership of the Bolshevik faction, Trotsky became a Menshevik and developed his theory of 'permanent revolution'. After the outbreak of revolution in Petrograd in February 1917, he made his way back to Russia. Despite many previous disagreements with Lenin, Trotsky joined the Bolsheviks in August 1917 and played a decisive role in the communist take-over of power the same year. His first post in the new government was as foreign commissar, where he found himself negotiating peace terms with the Germans, before taking over as war commissar. In this capacity, he built up the Red Army which prevailed against the White forces in the Civil War, and thus, Trotsky played a crucial role in keeping the Bolshevik regime alive. He saw himself as Lenin's heir apparent but he was not a team player, his intellectual arrogance made him few friends, and his Jewish background may also have worked against him. When Lenin fell ill and subsequently died, Trotsky was easily outmanoeuvred by Stalin. In 1927, he was thrown out of the party, and internal, then foreign, exile followed.

Article by John Mitchell in Mexico Connect describes trotsky's exile in Mexico City and his compound at Cocoyan, attempts on his life and his assassination.
By John Mitchell
His E-mail

His Website
On a balmy summer evening in August 1940, a young man gained admittance to the study of Leon Trotsky's heavily guarded house near Mexico City. He asked Trotsky to read something he had written. While Trotsky was poring over his article, the visitor removed an alpine climbing axe from his overcoat and sank it into the great thinker's skull. The assassin, who called himself Jacson Mornard, was traveling with a forged Canadian passport and claimed to be in Mexico on business. In reality, he was a Stalinist agent who had been posing as the boyfriend of Trotsky's personal secretary in order to carry out his mission. Joseph Stalin had expelled Trotsky from Russia in 1929 for relentless criticism of his dictatorial regime and its corruption of Marxist ideals. For almost a decade, Trotsky was doomed to wander from country to country - Turkey, France, and Norway - under constant pressure from Stalinist elements. However, he continued speaking out in letters, essays and books, including his Diary in Exile and his monumental three-volume History of the Russian Revolution Finally, in 1936 Trotsky was granted asylum in Mexico and settled in Coyoacán on the outskirts of Mexico City. At the time, Mexico had a strong Communist party, but it, too, was divided into volatile Stalinist and anti-Stalinist factions. In the middle of this political hotbed, the aging revolutionary and his wife of many years, Natalia Sedova, established their first real home since leaving the Soviet Union.

17. In Memory Of Leon Trotsky
In Memory of leon trotsky. by Alan Woods. Introduction. Lev Davidovich trotsky was, alongside Lenin, one of the two greatest Marxists of the twentieth century.
In Memory of Leon Trotsky
by Alan Woods Introduction Literature and Revolution ) and even on the problems faced by people in everyday life in the transitional period ( Problems of Everyday Life) The Revolution Betrayed In Defence of Marxism and Stalin . His writings of the period 1930-40 provide us with a veritable treasure-house of Marxist theory, dealing not only with the immediate problems of the international labour movement (the Chinese revolution, the rise of Hitler in Germany, the Spanish Civil War), but of all manner of artistic, philosophical and cultural questions. The Early Beginnings On 26th August 1879, just a few months before the birth of Trotsky, a small group of revolutionaries, members of the underground terrorist organisation Narodnaya Volya The Russian terrorists actually succeeded in assassinating the tsar. In spite of all this, all the efforts of the terrorists led to nothing. Far from strengthening the mass movement, the acts of terrorism had the opposite effect of strengthening the repressive apparatus of the state, isolating and demoralising the revolutionary cadres and, in the end, leading to the complete destruction of the Narodnaya Volya Trotsky and Iskra Iskra , which played the key role in organising and uniting the genuine Marxist tendency. All the work of producing and distributing the paper and maintaining a voluminous correspondence with Russia was carried out by Lenin and his indefatigable companion Nadyezhda Krupskaya. Despite all the obstacles, they managed to smuggle

18. FASCISM -- What It Is And How To Fight It
Text of leon trotsky's 19301932 pamphlet, providing a Marxist analysis of fascism.

from Leon Trotsky's 1930-32 pamphlet
"FASCISM What It Is and How To Fight It"
  • Introduction
  • Fascism: What Is It?
  • How Mussolini Triumphed
  • The Fascist Danger Looms in Germany ...
  • Build the Revolutionary Party
  • 19. Leon Trotsky And Trotskyism
    Articles by or about leon trotsky and trotskyism from the archives of Albert Vera Weisbord. Essential reading in the study of trotskyism.
    Leon Trotsky and Trotskyism
    Class Struggle, Volume 1 Number 1, May 1931
    Thermidor and Bonapartism, by Leon Trotsky. Class Struggle, Volume 1 Number 2, June 1931
    The Ten Commandments of the Spanish Communists, by Leon Trotsky. Class Struggle, Volume 1 Number 3, August/September 1931
    1. The Crisis in The International Left Opposition, by Vera Buch
    2. Trotsky's New Thesis on Russia - Statement of the C.L.S. Class Struggle, Volume 1 Number 5, December 1931
    Letter from Trotsky to the C.L.S. and the Reply. Class Struggle, Volume 2 Number 1, January 1932
    Comrade Trotsky on the American Economic Crisis. Class Struggle, Volume 2 Number 2, February 1932
    Current Comment: What Will Trotsky Say Now? Class Struggle, Volume 2 Number 3, March 1932
    Comrade Trotsky on the Labor Party Question, on "Thermidor", and other questions. Class Struggle, Volume 2 Number 5, May 1932
    L.D.Trotsky on the Disarmament Conference (Answer to the Chicago Daily News) Class Struggle, Volume 2 Number 7, August 1932
    1. Letter to the Communist League of Struggle - L.D.Trotsky 2. On the Labor Party Question in America - L.D.Trotsky

    20. Leon Trotsky Internet Archive
    Extensive collection of leon trotsky's written works. The archive also contains images of trotsky and a short biography.

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