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         Eliade Mircea:     more books (100)
  1. The Forge and the Crucible: The Origins and Structures of Alchemy by Mircea Eliade, 1971
  2. Religion on trial: Mircea Eliade & his critics by Guilford Dudley, 1977
  3. No Souvenirs by Mircea Eliade, 1982-08
  4. Death, afterlife, and eschatology;: A thematic source book of the history of religions by Mircea Eliade, 1974
  5. Myths, rites, symbols: A Mircea Eliade reader (Harper colophon books) by Mircea Eliade, 1976
  6. Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy - Bollingen Series LXXVI by Mircea Eliade, 1964
  7. From Primitives to Zen; A Thematic Sourcebook of the History of Religions. by Mircea Eliade, 1978-02
  8. Yoga. Unsterblichkeit und Freiheit. by Mircea Eliade, 1985-01-01
  9. Symbolism, the Sacred, and the Arts by Mircea Eliade, Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, 1992-04-01
  10. THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGION, VOLUMES 1 - 16 by Mircea (editor) Eliade, 1987
  11. Myths and Symbols, Studies in Honor of Mircea Eliade. by Joseph M. & Long, Charles H. (Editors) Kitagawa, 1969
  12. Myths and symbols : studies in honor of Mircea Eliade by Joseph M., & Charles H. Long, eds. Kitagawa, 1971-01-01
  13. Historia de Las Creencias y Las Ideas Religiosas (Spanish Edition) by Mircea Eliade, 1996-06
  14. Reconstructing Eliade by Bryan S. Rennie, 1996-01-10

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Eccles , Henry E.
Thus, we in the United States by our political and moral philosophy are committed to the ferment of freedom.
Military Power in a Free Society (PK067, Naval War College, 1979), p. 19.
Those who find it relatively easy to destroy a governmenta negative actionvery seldom have the ability to organize and operate an effective and equitable governmenta positive action.
Military Power in a Free Society (PK067, Naval War College, 1979), p. 22.
Discipline is self-control and in its deepest sense involves: a sense of values; the knowledge of cause and effect; the willingness to make decisions; and very importantly, the willingness to accept personal responsibility for the results of such decisions.
Military Power in a Free Society (PK067, Naval War College, 1979), p. 35.
Successful political leadership in a free society requires the ability to define the central issues and present them in such simple terms that people of good will and average intellligence can recognize the merit of the proposals one makes.

62. Eliade, Mircea - LaCentral - Barcelona
Translate this page eliade, mircea Aspects du Mythe Gallimard, Paris 1988. 4.67 €. eliade, mircea Le chamanisme et les techniques archaïques de l´extase Payot, Paris.

63. LaCentral - Barcelona
Translate this page eliade, mircea Perfiles, Sugerencias. Recorridos bibliográficos entorno a temas que queremos destacar. eliade, mircea Aspects du Mythe Gallimard, Paris 1988.

64. Society, Philosophy, Philosophers, E: Eliade, Mircea
mircea eliade (19071986) was not only a great historian of religions and novelist but also an intriguing philosopher whose vision goes well beyond the,_Mircea/
Top Society Philosophy Philosophers ... Eliade, Mircea
Related links of interest: Mircea Eliade (1907-1986) was not only a great historian of religions and novelist but also an intriguing philosopher whose vision goes well beyond the philosophy of religions. Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web.

65. Superknjižara D.o.o.
kreni 44. autor eliade, mircea. Pronašli smo 6 knjige(a), stranica 1 od 1. 33 1 44 1. eliade, mircea ISTORIJA VEROVANJA I RELIGIJSKIH IDEJA. Cijena KN 400,00.

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    Westminster College - Mircea Eliade

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    67. - Mircea Eliade (Mircea Eliade)
    MyAccount, All products by mircea eliade, Search. Browse by person (author, artist) or brand name. There are 13 products by mircea eliade. Pages 1 2, next. Eliade&cN3=100

    68. Eliade, Mircea, L Île D Euthanasius - Id. Une Nouvelle
    194, Euro 18, ISBN 2-85197-224-3. eliade, mircea, Une nouvelle philosophie de la lune. Tr. fr.

    69. CATALOG A
    eliade, mircea Dictionar al religiilor / eliade, mircea ; Culianu, Ioan P. Bucuresti Humanitas, 1993.- 332.- 973-28-0394-0 COTA Z298 INDEX/Religie
      Le meridien de Greenwich / Echenoz, Jean.- Paris : Les editions de
      minuit, 1979.- 256.- 2-7073-0254-6
      COTA: T132
      L'equipee malaise / Echenoz, Jean.- Paris : Les editions de minuit,
      COTA: T130
      Le meridien de Greenwich / Echenoz, Jean.- Paris : Les editions de
      minuit, 1979.- 255.- 2-7073-1254-6
      COTA: T132 INDEX:/literatura//roman/ ECHIKSON, WILLIAM Lighting the night / Echikson, William.- 1990.- 290.- COTA: A623 INDEX:/politologie//politologie revolutie//revolutie europa de est//europa de est/ ECK, FRANCOIS La direction du tresor / Eck, Francois.- COTA: C037 INDEX:/finante//finante tresorerie/ EDELFELDT, INGER Robin und die Unsichtbaren / Edelfeldt, Inger.- 1980.- 154.- COTA: T003 INDEX:/Literatura/ EDELMAN, BERNARD LA PROPRIETE LITERAIRE ET ARTISTIQUE / EDELMAN, BERNARD.- COTA: E071 INDEX:/DREPT//DREPT PROPRIETATE//PROPRIETATE LITERARA//PROPRIETATE ARTISTICA/PROPRIETATE INTELECTUALA/ EDOUARD, PAKER Les dictatures d'intelligentsias / Lecerf, Yves ; Edouard, Paker.- COTA: A101 INDEX:/politologie//dictatura//intelighentia//etnometodologie/ EDUSEI, KOFI

    70. Mircea Eliade
    eliade, mircea ; Kitagawa, Joseph M. Metodología de la historia de las religiones.
    Home Book Links ... Albert Ribas
    The Void and Emptiness Site. Albert Ribas. Papers
    "Mircea Eliade, historiador de las religiones"
    El Ciervo. Revista de pensamiento y cultura
    Summary De Bucarest a Chicago El narrador
    En Internet
    Mircea Eliade (1907-1986) is perhaps the greatest historian of Religions of the twentieth-century. But, in addition, Eliade wanted to be "a Rumanian writer". Its narrative works are also very interesting. A uniform approach and style conforms all his works, including essays and narrative. And above all of them we can see the immense curiosity of the author, especially in the scope of Religion. This paper draws up the Biography of Eliade (from his trip to India to his teaching in Chicago). It also reviews his different works, and offers a complete information of one of the most influential twentieth-century intellectuals.
    Entre los estudiosos de las religiones el nombre de Eliade es un referente obligado. Sus ensayos, tratados o su Historia de las creencias religiosas son y han sido fuentes obligadas de estudio.

    71. Content Pages Of The Encyclopedia Of Religion And Social Science
    eliade, mircea. (19071986) At the time of his death, eliade was Sewell L. Avery Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History of Religions
    Encyclopedia of Religion
    and Society
    William H. Swatos, Jr. Editor Table of Contents Cover Page Editors Contributors ... Web Version ELIADE, MIRCEA
    At the time of his death, Eliade was Sewell L. Avery Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History of Religions at the University of Chicago Divinity School, to which he had come from his native Romania as Visiting Professor in 1956. The crowning achievement of Eliade's scholarly work appeared posthumously; he is Editor-in-Chief of the 16-volume Encyclopedia of Religions , published by Macmillan in 1987. According to one biographer (Olson 1992), Eliade interpreted his own life as a paradox: an attempt to live in history and beyond it; to be involved in current events yet withdrawn from them; to be Rumanian and live in a foreign land; to be a literary figure and a scholar of religion. Among the myriad insights offered in the more than 150 scholarly books and novels Eliade has written is a paradoxical intertwining of the sacred and the profane (also the title of one of his most important books, a development upon a fundamental notion of Émile Durkheim). Rather than dichotomous categories, Eliade argues that these two concepts are modes of being that are embedded in a singular human experience. One discerns the manifestations of the sacred within ordinary human objects, myths, and rituals. Moreover, this discernment emerges from the cosmos and comes to the individual as a form of revelation (heirophany): "Something sacred shows itself to us."

    72. Bücher > Eliade, Mircea: Preise Und Angebote Bei Idealo
    eliade, mircea, BÜCHER-STARTSEITE. Bücher. eliade, mircea-Bücher bei,

    zum Preisvergleich
    Mircea Eliade Herder, Freiburg Broschiert Hochzeit im Himmel. Roman.
    zum Preisvergleich
    Mircea Eliade Herder, Freiburg Broschiert Auf der Mantuleasa-Straße. Erzählung.
    zum Preisvergleich
    Mircea Eliade Suhrkamp Gebundene Ausgabe Der besessene Bibliothekar. Roman.
    zum Preisvergleich
    Mircea Eliade Insel, Frankfurt Gebundene Ausgabe Isabelle und die Wasser des Teufels.
    zum Preisvergleich
    Mircea Eliade Insel, Frankfurt Sondereinband Magische Geschichten.
    zum Preisvergleich
    Mircea Eliade Insel, Frankfurt Broschiert Das Mädchen Maitreyi.
    zum Preisvergleich
    Mircea Eliade Insel, Frankfurt Broschiert Das Mädchen Maitreyi.
    zum Preisvergleich
    Mircea Eliade Suhrkamp, Ffm. Gebundene Ausgabe Der verbotene Wald.

    73. Eliade, Mircea
    eliade, mircea, mûr shu A lEäd u Pronunciation Key. eliade, mircea , 1907–86, American philosopher and historian of comparative religion, b. Bucharest.
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    74. Spirit And Sky Philosophy: Philosophers: E: Eliade-mircea
    Links Books and Writers mircea eliade Books and Writers mircea eliade. (Added Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 113494. mircea eliade (19071986) mircea eliade (1907-1986).
    Home philosophy philosophers e : eliade-mircea
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    • Books and Writers: Mircea Eliade Books and Writers: Mircea Eliade Biographical article with bibliography.
      (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 113494
    • Mircea Eliade (1907-1986) Mircea Eliade (1907-1986) Biographical and bibliographical data about Eliade by Bryan Rennie, the author of "Reconstructing Eliade".
      (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 113490
    • Mircea Eliade (1907-1986) Mircea Eliade (1907-1986) Article from the Friesian school which endeavors to separate Eliade's religious teachings from his involvement with Nazism.
      (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 113493
    • Reconstructing Eliade: Making Sense of Religion Reconstructing Eliade: Making Sense of Religion Chapter 7 of this 1996 work by Bryan S. Rennie.
      (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 113495
    • Religion after Religion Religion after Religion Description of the book "Religion after Religion: Gershom Scholem, Mircea Eliade, and Henry Corbin at Eranos" by Steven Wasserstrom.
      (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 113491
    • Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy A summary of Eliade's book by the Michigan Law Student Reading Group in the Sciences and in the Law.

    75. Modern Books On Alchemy
    270 eliade, mircea. Forgerons et alchimistes. Paris 1956 271 eliade, mircea. Metallurgy, magic and alchemy. Paris 1939 272 eliade, mircea.
    Modern books on alchemy
    Items 251- 500 of a provisional bibliography of over 1100 modern books on the subject of alchemy.
    Back to modern books page

    Dumas, J.-B.
    Lecons de philosophie chimique.
    Duval, Paulette.
    La Pensee alchimique et le conte du Graal.
    Duveen, Denis and Emil Offenbacher.
    An alchemical correspondence under the Nazi regime. New York Duveen, Dennis. Bibliotheca alchemica et chemica. Weil London Duveen, Dennis. Some symbols used by the alchemists. n.p. Duveen, Dennis. Bibliotheca alchemica et chemica. Martino Eamon, William. Science and the Secrets of Nature: Books of Secrets in Medieval and Early Modern Culture. Princeton Eberly, John. al-Kimia: The Mystical Islamic Essence of the Sacred Art of Alchemy. Anamnesis Press Eckartshausen, Karl von. Chimische Versuche über die Radicalaufloesung der Koerper. Montag en Weiss Regensburg Eckartshausen, Karl von. Essais chimiques. Paris Eckartshausen, Karl von. Magic. The Principles of Higher Knowledge, translated into English and edited by Gerhard Hanswille and Deborah Brumlich. Merkur Scarborough Canada Eckartshausen, Karl von.

    76. Mircea ELIADE

    77. ELIADE, MIRCEA - Prometeo Libros - Libreria De Ciencias Sociales
    Translate this page eliade, mircea,Libros de las Ciencias Sociales. Usted buscó Autor eliade, mircea. Se encontraron 47 títulos. 1, RELATOS FANTASTICOS. eliade, mircea.

    78. Eliade, Mircea
    Powers, Tim (Buffalo, Nova York, 1952 - ) Biografia: Obres: 1976 Epitaph in Rust 1976 The Skies Discrowned (Cahill 1993) 1979 The Drawing of the Dark. (Hypatia, 1988) 1983 The Anubis Gates. 1985 Dinner at Deviant's Palace. 1986 Forsake the Sky (rev. The skies discrowned) 1986 Night Moves (Axolotl, 1986)[CB] 1986 The Way Down the Hill (Axolotl, 1986)[CB] 1987 On Stranger Tides 1989 The Stress of Her Regard 1989 An Epitaph in Rust (rev.Epitaph in Rust) 1992 Last Call 1995 Expiration Date (Tor, 1996) Locus-Best dark Fantasy
    Septembre 1997

    79. Agricola: Kirja-arvostelut: Pyhän Jäljillä
    AGRICOLA. Teemu Taira FL, tutkija, Uskontotiede, Turun yliopisto. eliade, mircea Pyhä ja profaani. LokiKirjat Helsinki 2003. 249 s.
    Agricolan kirja-arvostelut

    FL, tutkija, Uskontotiede, Turun yliopisto

    Eliade, Mircea: Romanialainen, myöhemmin Yhdysvalloissa tutkijanuraansa luonut Mircea Eliade (1907–1986) lienee edelleen tunnetuin uskontotieteilijä. Vuonna 1957 ilmestynyt "Pyhä ja profaani" on ilmiselvästi eräs hänen keskeisimpiä teoksiaan. Erityisesti siksi, että se toimii johdantona Eliaden ajatteluun yleensä. Eliade jäsentää uskontoa kahden vastakkaisen käsitteen, pyhän ja profaanin, avulla. Hän ei määrittele käyttämiänsä käsitteitä kovin systemaattisesti ja hän puhuu usein vain pyhän manifestoitumisista. Heti teoksen johdannossa on kuitenkin tuo paljon parjattu alustava "määritelmä", jonka mukaan pyhä on sitä, mikä on profaanin vastakohta. Lukija kysyy, mitä profaani sitten on. Se on vastakkainen pyhälle eli määritelmä on kehäpäätelmä. Erottelun avulla voidaan ymmärtää paremmin esimerkiksi sitä, miksi Yhdysvallat on ollut monien kuvitelmissa uusi Jerusalem, miksi Amritsar on sikheille maailman symbolinen keskus, miksi islamia on vaikea kuvitella nykyisessä muodossaan, jos Mekasta tulisi "dar al-harb", islamille ulkoinen alue. Eliadelaisessa katsannossa nämä saavat mielekkyytensä siitä, että ne ovat uskonnollisen ihmisen maailman keskuksia. Ne sijoittuvat esikuvalliseen myyttiseen aikaan, siis aikaan ennen eteneväksi miellettyä historiaa ja nykyistä tilannetta, joka useimpien uskontojen myyteissä näyttäytyy paratiisillisten olotilojen välisenä aikana. Uskonnollinen ihminen pyrkii elämään mahdollisimman lähellä pyhää, sitä, mikä on merkityksellistä.

    80. Mircea Eliade
    Mircea Eliade Dioniso o le beatitudini ritrovate da: Storia delle credenze e delle idee religiose, vol. I: tr. it. Sansoni, Firenze 1979, 388-403 Epifanie ed occultamenti di un dio "nato due volte" hieros gamos mortale , abbia generato un dio. Iliade De Iside, 35); e lo stesso tema della persecuzione si ritrova nelle Baccanti di-wo-nu-so-jo- si ritrovi in un'iscrizione micenea Baccanti assoluta, resto Dionysos, (ibidem, De Iside, A partire da Pisistrato, si celebravano ad Atene quattro feste in onore di Dioniso Molto di meno sappiamo invece sulle feste lenee, che si svolgevano in pieno inverno. Una citazione di Eraclito precisa che la parola Lenai Lenai' daduchos. Pithoigia, apertura dei vasi d'argilla (pithoi) (Choes, askoliasmos, Lo stesso giorno delle Choes Limnaion. Basilimna, Basilimna, Boukoleion, l'antica residenza reale. Aristotele precisa (Cost. di Atene, 3, 5) che la ierogamia tra il dio e la regina si consumava nel Boukoleion . La Basilinna keres, portatori di influenze malefiche del mondo infero. A loro era consacrato l'ultimo giorno delle Antesterie. Si pregava per i morti, si preparavano le panspermie

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