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         Eliade Mircea:     more books (100)
  1. The Two and the One (A Phoenix book) by Mircea Eliade, 1979-09
  2. Shamanism - Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy by Mircea Eliade, 1974
  3. Journal II, 1957-1969 (v. 2) by Mircea Eliade, 1989-10-17
  4. Images and Symbols by Mircea Eliade, 1991-06-05
  5. Two Strange Tales by Mircea Eliade, 2001-05-01
  6. Autobiography, Volume 1: 1907-1937, Journey East, Journey West by Mircea Eliade, 1990-01-16
  7. The HarperCollins Concise Guide to World Religion: The A-to-Z Encyclopedia of All the Major Religious Traditions by Mircea Eliade, Ioan P. Couliano, 2000-01-01
  8. Youth Without Youth (Univ. of Chicago) by Mircea Eliade, 2007-11-30
  9. Myth and Reality (Religious Traditions of the World) by Mircea Eliade, 1998-06
  10. A History of Religious Ideas: From Muhammad to the Age of Reforms (History of Religious Ideas) Vol.3 by Mircea Eliade, 1988-03-15
  11. Myths, Dreams and Mysteries by Mircea Eliade, 1979-06
  12. The Forge and the Crucible: The Origins and Structure of Alchemy by Mircea Eliade, 1979-03-15
  13. Le Sacré et le Profane by Mircea Eliade, 1987-01-01
  14. Sur l'érotique mystique indienne by Mircea Eliade, 1997-01-14

ati cautat eliade mircea. . Sau gasit 153 rezultate. Itinerariu spiritual. Scrieri de tinerete, 1927 – eliade mircea - Relevanta cautarii=202 mai mult . Mircea .html
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    eliade mircea, Symbolika srodka (tlum. HB Halina Bortnowska) 10(88), s. 13801403. eliade mircea, Swiat, miasto, dom (tlum.
    SIW ZNAK E-MAIL E - F EBOROWICZ Wac³aw ks., Aktualne zagadnienia biblijne w ¶wietle encykliki Humani generis 4(30), s. 302-322.
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    EDELMAN Marek, Nie byli¶my tu tylko przejazdem... [Z Markiem Edelmanem rozmawia Izabella Sariusz-Sk±pska] 3(490), s. 44-47.
    · Edward Schillebeeckx, teolog spotkania 7-8(169-170), s. 938-977;Carl Rogers: O stawaniu siê osob± 9(171), s. 1180-1194;Carl Rogers: psychologia a przysz³o¶æ ¶wiata 11-12(173-174), s. 1512-1531.
    · Egipt ¿ywy 12(78), s. 1644-1654.
    EHRLICH Emilia OSU, Faryzeusze - rozmówcy Jezusa 7(356), s. 835-850.
    EHRLICH Emilia OSU, O liryce biblijnej 4(274), s. 371-402;Postaæ Psalmów 5(275), s. 499-521;Osoby dialogu i jego owoce 6(276), s. 726-741;O trudach i mocy proroków 9(279), s. 976-992;Najstarszy obraz Chrystusa [Z-K-L] 9(279), s. 1089-1094.
    EHRLICH Emilia OSU, Rola kobiety w Pi¶mie ¦wiêtym 4(262), s. 463-473;Okres niewoli babiloñskiej 7(265), s. 965-990.

    23. Mircea Eliade MÝRCEA ELÝADE Mircea Eliade MIRCEA ELIADE - Antoloji.Com Kitap
    Onbinlerce kitap, konusuna gore, kisiye gore ve yayinevine gore duzenlendi. mircea, eliade, MIRCEA, ELIADE, mircea, eliade, MIRCEA, ELIADE,. Mircea Eliade.

    24. Mircea Eliade-biography Etc.
    Biographical and bibliographical data about eliade by Bryan Rennie, the author of Reconstructing eliade .
    Mircea Eliade (1907-1986)
    Eliade was educated as a philosopher. He published extensively in the history of religions and acted as editor-in-chief of Macmillan's Encyclopedia of Religion . The influence of his thought, through these works and through thirty years as director of History of Religions department at the University of Chicago, is considerable. Eliade's analysis of religion assumes the existence of "the sacred" as the object of worship of religious humanity. It appears as the source of power, significance, and value. Humanity apprehends "hierophanies"physical manifestations or revelations of the sacredoften, but not only, in the form of symbols, myths, and ritual. Any phenomenal entity is a potential hierophany and can give access to non-historical time: what Eliade calls illud tempus (Latin for 'that time,' I tend to think of it as 'yon time'). The apprehension of this sacred time is a constitutive feature of the religious aspect of humanity. Click to read
    Life Thought List of Works References and Further Reading Adapted from "Mircea Eliade" by Bryan Rennie in the 1998 Routledge

    25. Mircea Eliade
    mircea eliade was born in Bucharest, Romania, as the son of Georghe (Ieremia) eliade, an army officer. He had changed, according
    Choose another writer in this calendar: by name:
    B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Mircea Eliade (1907-1986) "In archaic and traditional societies, the surrounding world is conceived as a microcosms. At the limits of this closed world begins the domain of the unknown, of the formless. On this side there is ordered - because of inhabited and organized - space; on the other, outside this familiar space, there is the unknown and dangerous region of the demons, the ghosts, and the dead and foreigners - in a world, chaos or death or night. This image of an inhabited microcosm, surrounded by desert regions as a chaos or a kingdom of the dead, has survived even in highly evolved civilizations such as those of China, Mesopotamia and Egypt." (from Images and Symbols Mircea Eliade was born in Bucharest, Romania, as the son of Georghe (Ieremia) Eliade, an army officer. He had changed, according to Eliade, his name from Ieremia to Eliade due to his admiration for the writer Eliade-Radulescu. The family moved from Bucharest to Rimnicu-Sarat and later to Cernavoda. "In my memory," Eliade wrote in his autobiography, "that time spent there between the Danube and the brick-colored calcinated hills, where wild roses and tiny flowers with pale dry petals grew, is always lighted with sunshine." At school he was interested in biology and chemistry, and he had his own small laboratory. He read much, and increased this time reading books by sleeping only five-six hours. While collecting material in Italy for his study on Renaissance philosophers, he read Surendranath Dasgupta's work

    26. Mircea Eliade (1907-1986)
    Article from the Friesian school which endeavors to separate eliade's religious teachings from his involvement with Nazism.
    Mircea Eliade (1907-1986)
    As described in the Chicago note, Mircea Eliade is a marginal figure in the Friesian tradition. However, after Eliade died, certain criticisms were leveled at him that are noteworthy and deserving of serious attention. The substantive criticism was that the kind of theory of religion represented by Eliade, and for that matter Rudolf Otto himself, leads logically and directly to the neo-pagan amoralism of the Nazis, and furthermore that Eliade actually directly promoted just such a thing in Romania during or before World War II. Such accusations are of great concern. Nor are they unfamiliar, since these are precisely the problems many people (very properly) have with Martin Heidegger As with criticisms of Heidegger, in the course of this two things should be kept separate: the nature of the theory that Eliade is said to promote, and then the nature of Eliade's political involvement as a possible application of the theory. Eliade, of course, is coming out of the kind of theory found in Otto , which is only minimally different from the philosophy of religion in Nelson and Fries; and Nelson and Fries are in many ways still four-square Kantians. Otto's

    27. Mircea Eliade International Literary Society
    Include scurte eseuri despre rolul, semnificaÅ£ia şi impactul religiei ®n opera scriitorului.
    Mircea Eliade, un Savant Crestin (scurte eseuri tematice) de Prof Gheorghe Popp (Sydney, Australia) Eseuri cuprins Introducere Instinctul Religios Orice religie are un centru Cele sapte atribute ale sufletului individual Motto: "Eu pretuiesc nespus de mult o taranca analfabeta, care intra in biserica, ingenunche in fata unei icoane si se roaga firbinte. Dar nu dau nici o ceapa degerata pe un om de stiinta atheu" (Petre Tutea, Socrate al Romaniei) Introducere Prietenul meu de pe strada Stirbei-Voda, Boierul Spiritului, Petre Tutea, are perfecta dreptate. La fel zice Mircea Eliade, dar cu alte vorbe, cand, la varsta de 33 de ani, imparte intreaga omenire in doua mari categorii: In prima intra acei oameni care considera ca odata cu moartea trupului, totul s-a sfarsit aici, pe Terra. Ei traiesc, cum spune Doctorul Paul Mac Lean, directorul "Institutului de Igiena Mentala al S.U.A.", la nivelul reptilian al creierului, situat la Medula Oblongata. Filosoful englez Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) afirma, in cartea lui "Leviathan", aparuta in 1651, ca omul este o unitate egoista par excellence". Deci "Homo Homini Lupus", omul pentru om este lup, ceia ce, din punctul meu de vedere, este o grava insulta pentru lupi, fiinca ei se mananca intre dansii numai la vremuri de mare ananghie, pe cand semenii nostrii se foarfeca unii pe altii zi de zi si ceas de ceas, fara necesitate fiziologica. A doua categorie o constituie elita omenirii, care stie si crede cu tarie ca sufletul nu moare, cand trupul moare, ca sufletul porneste catre noi aventuri spirituale, in planetele astrale, unde se perfectioneaza sub calauza sufletelor mai evoluate. Acesti oameni traiesc in conformitate cu vointa lui Dumnezeu, asa cum ne-a fost ea transmisa prin Sfintele Scripturi.

    28. RO McGill - Mircea Eliade
    Biografie şi selecţie de texte de şi despre mircea eliade, pe situl Romanian Student Organization of McGill University (Montreal, Canada).
    Site map Home About us Membership ... Romanian Authors Mircea Eliade_ Biography Anno Domini De ce faci filosofie? The Myths, Dreams and Mysteries Images et Symboles ... Yoga: Immortality and Freedom Biography Romanian-born historian of religions, humanist, Orientalist, philosopher, and creative writer.
    Born in 1907 in Bucharest, the son of an army officer, Eliade witnessed the German occupation of his homeland when he was only nine years old. He had already published his one hundredth article by the time he entered the University of Bucharest in 1925. At the University, he became a devoted disciple of the philosopher Nae Ionescu, who taught him the importance of life experience, commitement, intuition, and spiritual or psychological reality of mental worlds. In 1928 he received from the maharaja of Kassimbazar a grant to study Indian philosophy with Surendranath Dasgupta at the University of Calcutta. He also spent six months in the ashram of Rishikesh in the Himalayas. In 1932 Eliade returned to Romania and was appointed to asist Nae Ionescu at the University of Bucharest in the following year. In 1934 he marries Nina Mares. She will die in November, 1944.

    29. Mircea E
    Include o biografie şi texte reprezentative din opera sa, printre care şi Tratat de istorie a religiilor.

    30. Mircea Eliade-projected Volume Edited By Bryan Rennie
    Changing Religious Worlds The Meaning and End of mircea eliade. Edited by Bryan Rennie. Photograph © 1986, Jeff Lowenthal, used by permission. SUNY Press, 2001.
    Changing Religious Worlds: The Meaning and End of Mircea Eliade Edited by Bryan Rennie
    SUNY Press, 2001 This book assesses Mircea Eliade's contribution to the contemporary understanding of religion and the academic study of religion from the Anglo-American perspective. Changing Religious Worlds measures the nature and significance of Mircea Eliade's contribution to the understanding and academic study of religion in North America today. It includes the perspectives of the continent's leading experts on Eliade and his thought, both critical and supportive. It also includes previously unpublished fiction and journal entries from Eliade himself. The book ponders whether it is time to leave Eliade behind or whether we can yet learn from either his insights or his errors, and whether the changing world has left Eliade behind or whether it is finally catching up with him. Particular consideration is given to whether Eliade makes any lasting contribution to our ability to deal with the changing face of religion and the ability to "change over" into the religious world of the other and to see through the eyes of the other. "A collection of essays of this variety and caliber is an important part of the ongoing recognition, controversy, and influence of Eliade." Robert N. Minor, The University of Kansas

    31. Mircea Eliade: From Primitives To Zen
    mircea eliade Historian of religions and man of letters, distinguished for his researches in the symbolic language used by various religious traditions and
    "From Primitives to Zen is of vital help and importance in confronting and understanding the religous lives of ancient and non-Western people.."
    A Hypertext Conversion of
    The Great Reference Work Compiled By
    Click on one of the following topics to begin Nebulous Cargo Productions. Send all comments and correspondence to J.D.Walz

    32. Eliade, Mircea. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
    2001. eliade, mircea. (mûr´sh ´´l äd´ ) (KEY) , 1907–86, American philosopher and historian of comparative religion, b. Bucharest.
    Select Search All All Reference Columbia Encyclopedia World History Encyclopedia Cultural Literacy World Factbook Columbia Gazetteer American Heritage Coll. Dictionary Roget's Thesauri Roget's II: Thesaurus Roget's Int'l Thesaurus Quotations Bartlett's Quotations Columbia Quotations Simpson's Quotations Respectfully Quoted English Usage Modern Usage American English Fowler's King's English Strunk's Style Mencken's Language Cambridge History The King James Bible Oxford Shakespeare Gray's Anatomy Farmer's Cookbook Post's Etiquette Bulfinch's Mythology Frazer's Golden Bough All Verse Anthologies Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction Harvard Classics American Essays Einstein's Relativity Grant, U.S. Roosevelt, T. Wells's History Presidential Inaugurals All Fiction Shelf of Fiction Ghost Stories Short Stories Shaw, G.B. Stein, G. Stevenson, R.L. Wells, H.G. Reference Columbia Encyclopedia PREVIOUS NEXT ... BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Eliade, Mircea

    33. Ifigenia Sau Jertfa Mantuitoare La Mircea Eliade
    Studiu de Claudio Mutti (®n rom¢neşte de Răzvan Codrescu), publicate ®n revista Rost .
    numarul 2, aprilie 2003 Prima pagina Abonamente Redactia Lamuriri ... Pe urmele romanilor din Balcani var d = document;d.write("<");d.write("! "); var d = document;d.write(" ");d.write(">"); t_rid="romfestorgrost"; Ifigenia sau jertfa mantuitoare la Mircea Eliade Miercuri, 12 februarie 1941, în sala “Comedia” a Teatrului National din Bucuresti (al carui director era la vremea aceea romancierul Liviu Rebreanu), avea loc premiera Ifigeniei , drama în trei acte si cinci tablouri pe care Eliade o scrisese spre sfârsitul toamnei lui 1939. Piesa a fost pusa în scena de regizorul Ion Sahighian, cu ilustratia muzicala a lui N. Bucliu; rolul protagonistei îi fusese încredintat Aurei Buzescu. În februarie-martie au avut loc zece reprezentatii, la care Eliade n-a putut fi prezent, pentru ca se afla peste hotare de mai multe luni. Vestile care i-au parvenit autorului cu privire la succesul dramei n-au fost prea entuziasmante: “Mi s-a spus – scrie Eliade în Memoriile sale – ca n-aveam «nerv dramatic», ceea ce este, probabil, adevarat. Daca

    34. Eliade, Mircea
    Search. Agnosticism / Atheism mircea eliade. Back to Last Page Glossary Index . Related Terms. • religion. Name mircea eliade.

    35. Liceul Mircea Eliade
    Despre liceu, servicii, oferta scolara, conturi personale, downloads.
    joi, 27 mai 2004
    vizitator Despre liceu RoEdu.Net Servicii Oferta scolara Informatii utile Ajutor Evenimente Istoric Clase Orar data fixata pentru balul bobocilor din acest an este vineri, 7 noiembrie 2003
    locul desfasurarii evenimentului va fi Sala Mihai Eminescu, iar ora inceperii este inca necunoscuta. sectiuni terminate: "subiecte si grile de corectare"
    in lucru: sectiunea "documentatii"
    bug-uri gasite: tema turpentine va fi data jos pentru modificari, ca urmare a unor bug-uri gasite in ea
    am intalnit dificultati la adaugarea unei noi galerii in sectiunea "galerii" motiv pentru care aceasta nu va functiona un timp sectiunea de bacalaureat a fost putin modificata si acum functioneaza
    a fost adaugata structura anului scolar 2003-2004
    serviciul de upload fisiere din sectiunea download functioneaza. daca sunteti inregistrat puteti adauga fisiere in una din sectiunile existente
    va rugam nu abuzati se serviciu si nu introduceti fisiere mai mari de 5mb
    in lucru: sectiunea "subiecte si grile de corectare" si sectiunea "documentatii"
    astazi, 23 iunie, a inceput examenul de bacalaureat.

    36. Mircea Eliade International Literary Society
    Copyright ?1998 and subsequent years by MEILS. All rights reserved. Motto " The History of Religions is destined to play an important role in contemporary cultural life. mircea eliade) MEILS was
    Mircea Eliade International Literary Society Mircea Eliade International Literary Society

    37. Mythos Institute
    Dedicated to carry on the work of Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and mircea eliade, and the study and practice of creative mythmaking and the art of growing souls.

    38. Terms Used In Mircea Eliade
    Terms used in mircea eliade s The Sacred and the Profane, The Nature of Religion. mircea eliade uses many terms in and from several
    Terms used in Mircea Eliade's
    The Sacred and the Profane,
    The Nature of Religion
    Mircea Eliade uses many terms in and from several languages in his classic book, The Sacred and the Profane [Harvest/HBJ, 1959], which applied Rudolf Otto's theory of numinosity to a variety of religious phenomena. It deals with aspects of religion and thus is really rather narrower than the title, "The Nature of Religion," might suggest. Here is a selection of his vocabulary that may be unfamiliar to students (who no longer have routinely taken Classical languages like Latin and Greek, let alone Arabic). This is based on a shorter list compiled by my colleagues Lisa Raskind and Gunar Freibergs at Los Angeles Valley College . Words used as foreign words are in italics, English words and coinages are not. ab initio from the beginning (Latin) ab origine at/from the beginning (Latin) aiones, aeva anthropo-cosmic human-universal (Greek) anthropophagy eating people, cannibalism (Greek) autochthony orgin or birth in the land itself (Greek) axis mundi center of the world, cosmic pillar (Latin)

    39. - Gazda Scriitorilor Români Pe Internet
    Are ca scop promovarea c¢torva dintre cei mai mari scriitori rom¢ni care şiau c¢ÅŸtigat locul ®n literatura universală mircea eliade, Marin Preda, Mihai Eminescu şi Nichita Stănescu.
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    40. Eliade, Mircea: Encyclopedia Of Religion
    Creates false dilemma that if explicit details of trinity are not in the Bible that Jesus is a creature . eliade, mircea Encyclopedia of Religion.

    Trinitarian Eliade, Mircea: Encyclopedia of Religion theologians today are in agreement that the Hebrew Bible does not contain a doctrine of the Trinity (The Encyclopedia of Religion, Mircea Eliade, Vol 15, Trinity, p53-57, as quoted in, Should you believe the Trinity?, Watchtower publication) Theologians agree that the New Testament also does not contain an explicit doctrine of the Trinity ." (The Encyclopedia of Religion, Mircea Eliade, Vol 15, Trinity, p53-57, as quoted in, Should you believe the Trinity?, Watchtower publication) What else did they fail to quote from this source?
    • theologians today are in agreement that the Hebrew Bible does not contain a doctrine of the Trinity theologians agree that the New Testament also does not contain an explicit doctrine of the Trinity . In the immediate post New Testament period of the Apostolic Fathers no attempt was made to work out the God-Christ (Father-Son) relationship in ontological terms.(The Encyclopedia of Religion, Mircea Eliade, Trinity, Vol 15, p53-57) It was prompted chiefly by belief in the divinity of Christ and later in the divinity of the Holy Spirit, but even earlier by the consistent worship of God in a trinitarian pattern and the practice of baptism into the threefold name of God.(The Encyclopedia of Religion, Mircea Eliade, Trinity, Vol 15, p53-57)

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