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         Augustine Of Hippo St:     more books (122)
  1. Pilgrim City: St Augustine of Hippo and his Innovation in Political Thought by Miles Hollingworth, 2010-08-24
  2. City of God by St. Augustine of Hippo, 1898
  3. St. Augustine Answers 101 Questions on Prayer by St. Augustine of Hippo, 2009-09-15
  4. The Confessions of St. Augustine Bishop of Hippo (Everyman's Library, 200 A) by Saint Augustine, 1950
  5. The Rhetoric of St. Augustine of Hippo: De Doctrina Christiana and the Search for a Distinctly Christian Rhetoric (Studies in Rhetoric & Religion) by Richard Leo Enos, 2008-08-15
  6. St. Augustine of Hippo: Life and Controversies by Gerald Bonner, 2002-11
  7. The Confessions of Saint Augustine by St. Augustine of Hippo, 2010-03-19
  8. The Pilgrim City: Social and Political Ideas in the Writings of St Augustine of Hippo by R.W. Dyson, 2001-03-01
  9. St. Augustine of Hippo: The Christian Transformation of Political Philosophy (Continuum Studies in Philosophy) by R.W. Dyson, 2006-11-21
  10. The Transferal of the Relics of St. Augustine of Hippo from Sardinia to Pavia in Early Middle Ages (Studies in Bible and Early Christianity, 41) by Jan T. Hallenbeck, 2000-01

1. St. Augustine Of Hippo
St. Augustine of Hippo. Considered to be one of the most outstandingtheologians in the history of the Catholic Church, Augustine
St. Augustine of Hippo Considered to be one of the most outstanding theologians in the history of the Catholic Church, Augustine was born in North Africa in 354 A.D. and died there in 430. There are a great many web pages devoted to him and his thought. This page will attempt to categorize and list as many as have been found. Because there are so many things said about him, this listing is somewhat sloppy in its distinctions. Biographies of Augustine Writings of Augustine Articles about Augustine's thought Art work depicting Augustine ... Return to Jack Pejza's homepage Last revised April 1, 2004

2. Roman Catholic Parish Of St. Augustine Of Hippo: Home Page
St. Austell, Cornwall. Mass times, contact details, parish groups, notice boards.
Roman Catholic Parish of St. Augustine of Hippo: Home page

3. Saints - Augustine Of Hippo
St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church. Augustine of Hippo. Born November13, 354. Died August 28, 430. Canonized Feast Day August 28.
Augustine of Hippo Born: November 13, 354 Died: August 28, 430 Canonized: Feast Day: August 28 Patron Saint of: brewers, printers, theologians The Catholic Encyclopedia

4. St. Augustine Of Hippo, St. Austell, Catholic Churches In Cornwall, England
St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Austell, Places Contact Information. ROMANCATHOLIC CHURCHES IN CORNWALL. ST. augustine of hippo st. AUSTELL.
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Woodland Road,
St Austell,
Tel.: (01726) 7383
Parish Priest
Rev Robert Draper
Mass Times:
- Saturday for Sunday: 6.00pm
- Sunday: 8.30am, 10.30am
- Holydays: 10.30am, 7.00pm
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Places of Worship in England Catholic Churches in Cornwall
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5. St. Augustine Of Hippo
St. Augustine of Hippo. A. Review 1. The roles of reason and will inphilosophical inquiry four conceptions 2. Why Augustine? B. The
St. Augustine of Hippo
A. Review
The roles of reason and will in philosophical inquiry: four conceptions
Why Augustine?

B. The Confessions in general
The Confessions as autobiography ... Some main themes [from books 1-3]
C. Twelve Phases of Augustine's Life

A. Review
  • 1. The roles of reason and will in philosophical inquiry: four conceptions
      Enlightenment (or Modern): The ideal is to proceed on the basis of "pure" or "cool" reason alone and to make inquiry as free from affection and authority as possible. This is initially accompanied by a robust optimism about the reliability of reason and its ability to lead us to true wisdom on its own [Descartes, Cleanthes, Mill]; but it can easily be turned to skepticism and even pragmatic indifference to the search for wisdom when this optimism proves unwarranted [Philo in his more cheerful and superficial moments].
      Post-Enlightenment (or Post-Modern): It is a delusion to think of the search for wisdom as anything but a movement of will or instinct, with reason serving only to rationalize what one already accepts without reasonable grounds. Characterized by both (i) a seriousness with regard to ultimate metaphysical and moral questions and (ii) a suspicion regarding any claim to intellectual authority, including the so-called [sneer stage left] authority of reason [Nietzsche, Philo in his darker and more profound moments].
      Classical: At its best, philosophical inquiry is an act of reason, presupposing moral rectitude, by which we are able to discoverwithin severe limitationsmetaphysical and moral truth. [Socrates]

6. St. Augustine Of Hippo
St. Augustine of Hippo Icon by Nancy Oliphant. Available as cards, plaques,photos and magnets. St. Augustine of Hippo by Nancy Oliphant.

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Home Catalog Specials ... About Us St. Augustine of Hippo
by Nancy Oliphant Send an E-card with this image Narrative: Augustine was born to a pagan father and Christian mother, St. Monica, in a North African farming village near the border between present day Algeria and Tunisia. In his time, the region was a province of the Roman Empire. Augustine received classical education and training in rhetoric at Carthage. He then held teaching positions there as well as in Milan prior to his conversion and baptism in 387. After returning to Africa, he was ordained and subsequently appointed Bishop of Hippo Regius. He actively tended his episcopate there until his death over 30 years later. Since then, St. Augustine's copious writings have continued to influence Christian dogma and theology.
In this icon, to represent his intellectual contributions and stature as a Doctor of the Church, St. Augustine holds a scroll which is surrounded by flames and bears a quotation from his Confessions, a spiritual autobiography. Augustine's garment reflects those worn in antiquity by Alexandrian bishops. And the swirling golds of the background recall the movements of grace which transform the restless human spirit. See more images by Nancy Oliphant The narrative above is printed on the back of each note card and is included with all plaques, prints and photos.

7. Augustine Of Hippo: St. Augustine
augustine of hippo st. Augustine Campfire If ye would like to moderate theSt. Augustine Campfire, please drop a line. St.
Augustine of Hippo:
St. Augustine Campfire

If ye would like to moderate the St. Augustine Campfire, please drop a line.
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8. About St. Augustine Of Hippo
St. Augustine of Hippo is the patron of brewers because of his conversion froma former life of loose living, which included parties, entertainment, and
Saint Augustine St. Augustine of Hippo is the patron of brewers because of his conversion from a former life of loose living, which included parties, entertainment, and worldly ambitions. His complete turnaround and conversion has been an inspiration to many who struggle with a particular vice or habit they long to break. This famous son of St. Monica was born in Africa and spent many years of his life in wicked living and in false beliefs. Though he was one of the most intelligent men who ever lived and though he had been brought up a Christian, his sins of impurity and his pride darkened his mind so much, that he could not see or understand the Divine Truth anymore. Through the prayers of his holy mother and the marvelous preaching of St. Ambrose, Augustine finally became convinced that Christianity was the one true religion. Yet he did not become a Christian then, because he thought he could never live a pure life. One day, however, he heard about two men who had suddenly been converted on reading the life of St. Antony, and he felt terrible ashamed of himself. "What are we doing?" he cried to his friend Alipius. "Unlearned people are taking Heaven by force, while we, with all our knowledge, are so cowardly that we keep rolling around in the mud of our sins!" Full of bitter sorrow, Augustine flung himself out into the garden and cried out to God, "How long more, O Lord? Why does not this hour put an end to my sins?" Just then he heard a child singing, "Take up and read!" Thinking that God intended him to hear those words, he picked up the book of the Letters of St. Paul, and read the first passage his gaze fell on. It was just what Augustine needed, for in it, St. Paul says to put away all impurity and to live in imitation of Jesus. That did it! From then on, Augustine began a new life.

9. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: St. Augustine Of Hippo
Home Catholic Encyclopedia A Life of st. augustine of hippo. Lifeof st. augustine of hippo. (See also WORKS OF SAINT augustine
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... A > Life of St. Augustine of Hippo A B C D ... Z
Life of St. Augustine of Hippo
See also WORKS OF SAINT AUGUSTINE and TEACHING OF SAINT AUGUSTINE The great St. Augustine's life is unfolded to us in documents of unrivaled richness, and of no great character of ancient times have we information comparable to that contained in the "Confessions," which relate the touching story of his soul , the "Retractations," which give the history of his mind , and the "Life of Augustine," written by his friend Possidius , telling of the saint's apostolate. We will confine ourselves to sketching the three periods of this great life: (1) the young wanderer's gradual return to the Faith; (2) the doctrinal development of the Christian philosopher to the time of his episcopate; and (3) the full development of his activities upon the Episcopal throne of Hippo I. FROM HIS BIRTH TO HIS CONVERSION (354-386) Augustine was born at Tagaste on 13 November, 354. Tagaste, now Souk-Ahras, about 60 miles from Bona (ancient Hippo-Regius ), was at that time a small free city of proconsular Numidia which had recently been converted from

10. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Teaching Of St. Augustine Of Hippo
Home Catholic Encyclopedia A Teaching of st. augustine of hippo. Teachingof st. augustine of hippo. st. augustine of hippo
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... A > Teaching of St. Augustine of Hippo A B C D ... Z
Teaching of St. Augustine of Hippo
St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430) is "a philosophical and theological genius of the first order, dominating, like a pyramid, antiquity and the succeeding ages. Compared with the great philosophers of past centuries and modern times, he is the equal of them all; among theologians he is undeniably the first, and such has been his influence that none of the Fathers, Scholastics, or Reformers has surpassed it." (Philip Schaff, History of the Christian Church ) Elsewhere, we have discussed his life and his writings; here, we shall treat of his teaching and influence in three sections: I. HIS FUNCTION AS A DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH When the critics endeavour to determine Augustine's place in the history of the Church and of civilization, there can be no question of exterior or political influence, such as was exercised by St. Leo, St. Gregory

11. Saint Augustine
Aurelius Augustinus more commonly "st. augustine of hippo " often simply "augustine" (354430 C.E religious and scriptural traditions. augustine is one of the main figures through
version history

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A B C D ... Z
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Saint Augustine
Aurelius Augustinus [more commonly "St. Augustine of Hippo," often simply "Augustine"] (354-430 C.E.): rhetor
Confessions massa damnata De Civitate Dei XXI.12], the overwhelming majority who are justly predestined to eternal punishment by an omnipotent God, intermingled with a small minority whom God, with unmerited mercy, has predestined to be saved. The sheer quantity of the writing that unites these two extremes, much of which survives, is truly staggering. There are well over 100 titles [listed at Fitzgerald 1999, pp. xxxv-il], many of which are themselves voluminous and composed over lengthy periods of time, not to mention over 200 letters [listed at Fitzgerald 1999, pp. 299-305] and close to 400 sermons [listed at Fitzgerald 1999, pp. 774-789]. It is arguably impossible to construct any moderate sized and manageable list of his major philosophical works that would not occasion some controversy in terms of what is omitted, but surely any list would have to include Contra Academicos Against the Academicians , 386-387 C.E.]

12. Catholic Online - Saints - St. Augustine Of Hippo
Catholic Online Saints st. augustine of hippo. Feastday August 28Patron of brewers 430 st. augustine of hippo is the patron of

13. Blessed Augustine Of Hippo. His Place In The Orthodox Church: A Corrective
augustine in his arguments against the Latin teaching on a passage in which the Bishopof hippo speaks of most exalted teachings of the Church Fathers—, st.
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Blessed Augustine of Hippo: His Place in the Orthodox Church
A Corrective Compilation
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An Article from Orthodox Tradition
There are those who argue that Saint Augustine (†430) wrote a number of things inconsistent with the consensus of the Fathers, especially with regard to sin and human guilt before God and the nature of Grace. This is partly because distortions and overstatements of certain among his theological precepts by Medieval and Reformation thinkers have been unfairly attributed to the Saint himself. In fact, though, one would be hard-pressed to find in the writings of St. Augustine evidence of an intentional distortion of the Church’s teachings or signs of tenacious resistance to correction by his contemporaries. Indeed, Pope Vigilius [†555], in reconciling himself to the decisions of the Fifth Œcumenical Synod, invoked the memory, among "...our Fathers," of the "blessed Augustine" for his willingness to retract and correct various among his "writings" and "sayings" ("Decretal Letter,"

14. Roman Catholic Parish Of St. Augustine Of Hippo: Home Page
Mass times, contact details, parish groups, notice boards.
The Roman Catholic Parish of
St. Augustine of Hippo
St. Austell, Cornwall
Deacon: Rev. John Sanders Parish Priest: Father Robert Draper Telephone: 01726 73838 There is usually someone here to receive calls 9.00am-12noon each weekday.
Tuesday - 7.00pm - LITURGY OP THE WORD
Wednesday - 10.30am - MASS (Followed by Exposition)
Thursday - 7.00pm - LITURGY OF THE WORD
Friday - 10.30am - MASS
Friday - 2.00pm - Requiem Mass Isobel Martin PRAYING FOR PEACE IN IRAQ Special prayers will take place during Exposition on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION Saturday 5,15 - 5.45pm. ROSARY PRAYER FOR PEACE PARISH BREAKFAST After the 8.30am Mass on Sunday. We hope visitors will be able to join us. ** If you're not sure how to find us, click here for a map **
Please pray for:
  • Peace - especially that world leaders affirm Life by seeking peaceful solutions to conflict. Isobel Martin who died recently and whose Requiem Mass will take place on Friday next, 12 September at 2.00pm.

15. Human Intelligence: Redirect
The biographical profile of st. augustine Of hippo, focusing on his/her contributions to the development of intelligence theory and testing. Contributors. Comments. st. augustine Of hippo. ( November 13, 354 August 28, 430) 391-430, priest, later bishop of hippo now Annaba, Algeria
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16. Merddyr's Sanctuary
SCA essays, st. augustine of hippo's, Peter Abelard, st. Thomas' Church st. Catharines ,Spartan Hoplite , Jacopo Tintoretto's, Paul the Deaconsoon, poetry, art.
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17. St. Augustine Episcopal Church
Provides church schedule, announcements, community profile, mission statement and opportunities for involvement.
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Welcome to Saint Augustine's Website

39 South Pelham Street
(mail to P.O. Box 771)
Rhinelander, WI 54501
Fr. Dean Einerson, rector
Office: 715-362-3184
Rectory: 715-362-1868 Home What's New Schedule About St. Augustine's ...

18. Augustine Of Hippo - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia; st. augustine Between Two Worlds; augustine and othercatholics . Bibliography. Peter Brown, augustine of hippo (Berkeley University
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Augustine of Hippo
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aurelius Augustine Augustine of Hippo , born A.D. , Tagaste; died August 28 Hippo Regius (modern Bône, now Annaba Algeria ) is a Saint and Doctor of the Church according to Roman Catholicism . In the Eastern Orthodox he is also a Saint, the Blessed Augustine, the Bishop of Hippo. Table of contents showTocToggle("show","hide") 1 Life
2 Writings

2.1 Letters

3 Augustine and the Jews
6 Bibliography
Saint Augustine was raised in Roman north Africa, educated in Carthage and employed as a professor of rhetoric in Milan by 383. He followed the Manichaean religion in his student days, and was converted to Christianity by the preaching and example of Ambrose of Milan. He was baptized at Easter in 387, and returned to north Africa and created an monastic foundation at Tagaste for himself and a group of friends. In 391 he was ordained a priest in Hippo. He became a famous preacher (more than 350 preserved sermons are believed to be authentic), and noted for combatting the Manichaean heresy. He also advocated the use of force against the Donatists , asking "Why . . . should not the Church use force in compelling her lost sons to return, if the lost sons compelled others to their destruction?" (

19. NetSERF: Literature: Works By Author: Augustine Of Hippo, St (354-430)
Enchiridion. st augustine of hippo, Life of City of God, Theby st. augustine of hippo. Note by book URL http// htm
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Literature Works by Author : Augustine of Hippo, St (354-430)
De Dialectia
St Augustine of Hippo, Life of>>
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Augustine : Selected Bibliography
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City of God, The by St. Augustine of Hippo
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De Trinitate : On the Trinity by St. Augustine of Hippo
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Letters of St. Augustine of Hippo
Over 200 letters from Augustine of Hippo to various early Catholic fathers. Note: by letter URL:

20. Augustine [Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy]
He has entered so far into st. The more widely known augustine became, the moreValerius, the bishop of hippo, was afraid of losing him on the first
Augustine (354-430) Table of Contents (Clicking on the links below will take you to that part of this article)
Early Years
Back to Table of Contents
Manichean and Neoplatonist Period Having finished his studies, he returned to Thagaste and began to teach grammar, living in the house of Romanianus, a prominent citizen who had been of much service to him since his father's death, and whom he converted to Manicheanism. Monnica deeply grieved at her son's heresy, forbade him her house, until reassured by a vision that promised his restoration. She comforted herself also by the word of a certain bishop (probably of Thagaste) that "the child of so many tears could not be lost." He seems to have spent little more than a year in Thagaste, when the desire for a wider field, together with the death of a dear friend, moved him to return to Carthage as a teacher of rhetoric. The next period was a time of diligent study, and produced (about the end of 380) the treatise, long since lost, De pulchro et apto perfecti or fully initiated members. This did not last long, however, for the prefect Symmachus sent him to Milan, certainly before the beginning of 385, in answer to a request for a professor of rhetoric.

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