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         Stein William H:     more books (27)
  1. Picturing Old New England: Image and Memory
  2. Lipids and Renal Disease (Contemporary Issues in Nephrology) by William F. Keane, 1991-10
  3. The Making of Americans (American Literature Series) by Gertrude Stein, 1995-12-01
  4. Renewing Black Intellectual History: The Ideological and Material Foundations of African American Thought by Adolph Reed Jr., Kenneth W. Warren, et all 2010-03-30
  5. The Harvey Lectures (Delivered Under the Auspices of the Harvey Society New York 1956-1957, Series LII) by T. F. Gallagher, Stanford Moore, et all 1958
  6. The structure of proteins by William H Stein, 1961
  7. Patent #2104738 Granted to William H. Engels & Gustav A Stein, Assignors to Merch & Company, Inc, For an alleged New and Useful Improvement in Bismuth Allantoinate and Processes of making it...Patent Certificate Dated January 11, 1938 (Disbound copy) by United States Patent Office, 1938-01-01
  8. Ten Poets Seattle: 1962. by Beth Bentley, Nelson Bentley, Richard F. Hugo, Carolyn Kizer, William H. Matchett, Arnold Stein, Eve Triem, David Wagoner and Theodore Roethke. Carol Hall, 1962
  9. Print Review 18 by Timothy F. Rub, Jeffrey Wechsler, et all 1984
  10. A Fair Day in the Affections: Literary Essays in Honor of Robert B. White, Jr. by William B. Toole III Douglas D. Short, Mary C. Williams Larry S. Champion, et all 1980
  11. An innovative foreign study program: international business studies in the USA. (business education): An article from: Review of Business by William A., Jr. Jones, Charles A. Burden, et all 1992-03-22
  12. Down at the Sign of the Stein. [Song.] Words by William H. Greene by William T Pierson, 1908
  13. Commentary: Vol. 29, No. 3 (March 1960) by Norman (Ed.); Bell, Daniel; Hook, Sidney; Davis, Robert Gorham; Goodman, Paul; Stein, Norman; Fiedler, Leslie; Barrett, William; Schmidt, H. D.; O'Gara, James Podhoretz, 1960-01-01
  14. Tall Ships '82 Philadelphia by Karen H. Love, 1982

61. EbrINFO: Contributors
STEPHEN H. KELLERT, associate professor of philosophy at william O ROURKE s latestbook, Campaign America 96 The JULIA stein is an English professor at West
A B C D ... Z

teaches multicultural American literatures, critical theory, and cultural studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her book, Undomesticated Ground: Recasting Nature as Feminist Space (Cornell, 2000), argues that nature has served as a crucial space for the cultural work of feminism. Alaimo's contribution to ebr is an article in the "green" section of the Critical Ecologies special ( ) entitled Feminism, Nature, and Discursive Ecologies

most recent book is Bookend: Anatomies of a Virtual Self , published by the State University of New York Press; like everyone else in North America, he's completed a memoir, No Outlet: An Engineer in the Works . Amato's contributions to ebr include an exchange Politics of Selling Out ), and a riPOSTe on the same; an essay on Richard Powers and Louis Zukofsky in the electropoetics special ( ); and a riPOSTE on cronyism in reviewing. He teaches with the creative writing faculty of the Department of English at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and often collaborates with his partner Kass Fleisher.

is the founder of Alternative-X and author of the novels The Kafka Chronicles and Sexual Blood . His GRAMMATRON site has attracted over one million visitors, and the attention of

62. San Diego Lodge #35, F.&A.M. - Past Masters
1894, † George Forster, 1971, Leslie C. Fink, Jr. 1895, † Gilbert Conger Arnold,1972, Melvyn B. stein. 1913, † william H. Nichols, 1990, Wilburn C. Huntsinger.
(To May 3)
(To December 31)
John H. Petersen James H. Leach Simon F. Bolger Glenn K. Smith Gordon E. Pledger Ralph P. Lechien Chester A. Rogers Andrew M. Muir Leslie C. Fink, Jr. Melvyn B. Stein James Sutera Donald B. McClary Jack R. Levitt, P.G.M. Joe W. Davis James T. Bonner, Jr. Rene van der Ahe John De Nora Emile E. Pierre, Jr. Robin Mansfield Gerald Winstanley Harry C. Wiggs Arthur Lopez-Sainz Wilburn C. Huntsinger J. Robert Clark Henry R. Sterner Franklin D. Gore Beverly M. Hylton Dale C. Hess Thomas J. Jarrard, Jr. A. Dale Bergen Fulgencio J. J. Quimpo Patrick J. Murphy John W. Ford
Allen S. Beddoe Ronald W. Mai George E. Swick John E. Beddoe William R. McDaniel Richard B. Taliaferro Arthur Boyd, Jr. Allen C. Miller, Jr. Donald R. Taylor Rocco DeLaurentis David M. Orndoff Russell L. Thomas Lee M. Plastik Clifford C. Topliff Allen M. Fisher Darel N. Reynolds Frederick W. Von Son Marvin Frankel Carroll J. Rumpel John K. Warner Randall T. Freeman Verlin W. Ruttlind

Translate this page Annie b. 1873 d. 1952 Steeg , John C. no dates Stege , Anton H. b. 8 stein , Friederickno dates stein , Catherine b. 1884 d. 6-16-1902 stein , william no dates
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This list of headstones in Friedens Cemetery was put together by Carmella Kranz who gave me permission to use it. More will be added as I receive them.
Sanders , Minnie nee ( Giese ) b. 1855 d. 1929
Sandmann , Christian d. 1880
Sandmann , Catherina d. 11-21-1887
Sandmann , Friedrich d. 3-28-1867
Sattler , Chas W. b. 1872 d. 1960
Sattler , Dena M. b. 1874 d. 1946
Sauewein , Emelia b. 3-28-1890 d. 6-14-1973
Sauewein , Walter H. b. 5-2-1889 d. 3-1-1948 Cpl. 355 Inf. 89 Div. Mo. W.W.1
Schaefer , Mae A. b. 4-10-1884 d. 10-1-1965
Schaefer , Maria b. 11-22-1839 d. 11-28-1926
Schaefer , Allan b. 1-12-1865 d. 5-2-1913
Schaefer , John J. b. 5-2-1824 d. 6-9-1895
Schaefer , Catherine E. nee ( Kraft ) can't read dates
Schaefer , Fred b. 1882 d. 1909
Schaefer , Emma b. 1884 d. 1888
Schaefer , Adele b. 1893 d. 1893

64. American Academy Of Osteopathy
Gronemeyer, James H. Steele, Karen M. Jorgensen, Douglas J. *, stein, Joel D. Kimball,Catherine M. Turner, Alfred L. Kirmes, william J. Warner, Margaret K.

65. Plato Cacheris And Jacob A. Stein Are The New Lawyers For Monica Lewinsky
on as Plato Cacheris, left, and Jacob A. stein appeared in Washington after theyhad been retained by Ms. Lewinsky, who parted ways with william H. Ginsburg.
Plato Cacheris and Jacob A. Stein are the new lawyers for Monica Lewinsky
Monica S. Lewinsky looked on as Plato Cacheris, left, and Jacob A. Stein appeared in Washington after they had been retained by Ms. Lewinsky, who parted ways with William H. Ginsburg.
Cacheris was co-counsel for John Mitchell in the Watergate prosecution. Cacheris also represented convicted CIA spy Aldrich Ames in perhaps the worst espionage case in U.S. history. And he was the attorney for Iran-Contra figure Fawn Hall , Oliver North's secretary. Stein is the former independent counsel who investigated and cleared one-time Attorney General Ed Meese. He also served as a defense counsel in the Watergate case. He is no stranger to sexual scandal. He represented former Oregon Sen. Bob Packwood against allegations of sexual harassment. My opinion is that both as a woman and as a potential defendant, Monica’s course is clear. As a woman, regardless of what Monica did or did not do with the President, she must never reveal it. Rightly or wrongly, women who kiss and talk about afterwards are not called women any more. They have other terms for them. Look at what happened to Judith Campbell Exner. She was followed and hounded for years. The FBI, the CIA and various Congressional committees were after her long before her name was publicly known. In spite of all this, when, under great duress, she was finally forced to admit 12 years later that she had been President John F. Kennedy’s girlfriend, she was ruthlessly vilified for slandering the good name of the president. To this day, you will never read anything good about Judith Campbell Exner, even though she did nothing wrong.

william H . La rage des noirs americains ; etude psychosociologique m;Griffin integrite m; Gross stein, Janice Mean
L'index est eclate en plusieurs fichiers. La liste montre la premiere entree de chaque fichier. Identifiez l'intervalle ou se trouve l'auteur recherche et Cliquez sur l'icone.
  • Groupe de reflexion de Solidarite rurale du Quebec, sous la coordination de Jean-Paul Montminy
  • Groupe de travail canadien - Sommet mondial de l'alimentation
    - FIN -
  • Gaag, Jacques Van Der
    Private and Public Initiatives : Working Together for Health and Education... [m]
  • Gabas, Jean-Jacques
    Agricultures saheliennes et marches mondiaux : Etat des reflexions... [m]
  • Aides exterieures dans les pays membres du CILSS : L'investissement en panne... [m]
  • Aides exterieures et crise financiere dans les pays membres du CILSS... [m]
  • L'aide contre le developpement? : l'exemple du Sahel... [m]
  • La prevention des crises alimentaires au Sahel : Dix ans d'experience d'une acti... [m]
  • Gabetta, Carlos
    Le diable dans le soleil... [m]
  • Gabor, Dennis
    Sortir de l'ere du gaspillage : Quatrieme rapport au Club de Rome... [m]
  • Gaboriau, M.
    Recit d'un voyageur musulman au Tibet... [m]
  • Gaboury, Anne
  • 67. Ink 19 :: Focus
    Talk about peer pressure. courtesy william H. Macystars in Focus. Marmalade Beautiful Soup (March). Review by stein Haukland.
    Support Ink 19 click our sponsors' links! ( Advertising Info Search Contest Win Counting Crows Stuff! January 2002 Interviews Event Reviews ... Brawlin' Broads x-Reference Focus Neil Slavin William H. Macy Laura Dern ... David Payme
    Directed by Neil Slavin
    Starring William H. Macy, Laura Dern, Meat Loaf Aday, David Paymer
    It's 1943, and anti-Semitism rules the nation, right along with baseball and propaganda films. Prissy Lawrence Newman (William H. Macy) is as Presbyterian as the day is long, until he needs a set of specs. Small, horn rimmed, and as fashionable as wartime allows, they have one fatal flaw: they make him look vaguely Jewish. Not so Jewish that he would have, well, you know, that operation , but bad enough to give his boss pause. After an unfair transfer, he's out the door and no one else will pick him up because of this, um, ethnic aura. His neighbor Fred (Meat Loaf Aday) runs the local Union Crusade in his neat little working class neighborhood, which is a sort of high class Catholic KKK. It's join up or move out, as they target local Jews for a mini terror campaign, like corner newsstand operator Mr. Finklestein (David Paymer). Things go from creepy to worse when Newman hooks up with Gertrude Hart (Laura Dern), a tall, leggy blonde he had just refused to hire for because she might somehow be thought Jewish as well. I can't say why, she's a shiska if I ever saw one, born and bred Episcopalian. Heck, she even sends the wine back at communion. After a work over by the Union Crusade thugs and a rescue by Finklestein, they eventually go to the cops, report everything, and agree that, yes, they might in fact be Jewish. Talk about peer pressure.

    68. JBC -- Table Of Contents (Dec 1 1954, 211, (2))

    Year: Vol: Page:
    Receive this page by email each issue: [Sign up for eTOCs] Table of Contents: Dec 1 1954; 211 (2) [Index by Author] Other Issues: Articles Find articles in this issue containing these words:
    [Search ALL Issues]
    To see an article , click its [Full Text] link. To review many abstracts , check the boxes to the left of the titles you want, and click the 'Get All Checked Abstract(s)' button. To see one abstract at a time , click its [Abstract] link.
    William D. Cooper and Hubert S. Loring
    J. Biol. Chem. 1954 211: 505-515. [PDF]
    Richard S. Schweet, Joseph T. Holden, and Peter H. Lowy
    J. Biol. Chem. 1954 211: 517-529. [PDF]
    Jean A. Clark and Robert A. MacLeod
    J. Biol. Chem. 1954 211: 531-540. [PDF]
    Jean A. Clark and Robert A. MacLeod
    J. Biol. Chem. 1954 211: 541-547.

    69. JBC -- Table Of Contents (Feb 25 1969, 244, (4))
    Paul A. Price, TehYung Liu, william H. stein, and Stanford Moore Properties of ChromatographicallyPurified Bovine Pancreatic Deoxyribonuclease J. Biol. Chem.

    Year: Vol: Page:
    Receive this page by email each issue: [Sign up for eTOCs] Table of Contents: Feb 25 1969; 244 (4) [Index by Author] Other Issues: Chemistry and Metabolism Of Macromolecules Chemistry and Metabolism Of Substances Of Low Molecular Weight Oxidation-Reduction and Bioenergetics Enzymology ... Communications Find articles in this issue containing these words:
    [Search ALL Issues]
    To see an article , click its [Full Text] link. To review many abstracts , check the boxes to the left of the titles you want, and click the 'Get All Checked Abstract(s)' button. To see one abstract at a time , click its [Abstract] link.
    Chemistry and Metabolism Of Macromolecules:
    Barbara K. Joyce and Mildred Cohn
    Magnetic Resonance Studies of the Interaction of Cupric Ion with Native and Modified Forms of Ribonuclease
    J. Biol. Chem. 1969 244: 811-821. [Abstract] [PDF]
    Jeremiah E. Silbert and Silvana DeLuca
    J. Biol. Chem. 1969 244: 876-881.

    70. Dalkey Archive Press: An Interview With William H. Gass
    william H. GASS Well, I hadn t thought of it in If someone asked where to begin readingwilliam Gass, where Among my favorites are stein and Beckettthey re
    An Interview with William Gass By Arthur M. Saltzman
    ARTHUR M. SALTZMAN: I want to begin by asking you about Salman Rushdie. I am specifically interested in how his plight may correlate to some of the things you say in essays like "The Artist and Society," in which you contend that the artist's true impact upon society is that he helps to engineer a revolution of consciousness. How does the "reception" of "The Satanic Verses" coincide with, or possibly undermine, that contention? AMS: You seem to set up art and orthodoxy as polar opposites, as incommensurable energies. Here is a statement from your essay "Culture, Self, and Society": "A culture morally and functionally fails which does not let its crazies, its artists and its saints, its scientists and politicians, claim, on occasion, a higher law than its own congresses can pass, traditions permit, or conscience conceive." Should we also add, ". . . its religions endow"? AMS: There is a statement in Doctorow's "Book of Daniel" to the effect that failure to make connections is complicity, and its writer-hero complains that he has been deprived of the capacity to be dangerous. Perhaps "sanitized" works of art, works that are palatable and that conform to our usual diets, rob artistic experience not only of its power but of its authenticity.

    71. Dalkey Archive Press: Gertrude Stein
    The Making of Americans Foreword by william H. Gass Introduction by Steven Meyer InThe Making of Americans, Gertrude stein sets out to tell a history of a
    Gertrude Stein Titles Available
    Click on the links below for:
    An excerpt from "What are Master-pieces and Why Are There So Few of Them"

    An essay by William Carlos Williams on "The Work of Gertrude Stein"

    An excerpt from "Composition as Explanation"

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    order from:
    ... local bookstores Lucy Church Amiably In spite of all the recent interest in the writings of Gertrude Stein, the novel Lucy Church Amiably has remained one of the least known of her major works. The first edition, published in Paris in 1930, was never widely distributed in the United States and the American edition (published in 1969) stayed in print for only a short time. It was written in the summer of 1927, a very special year for avant-garde writing. Many writers composed their most lyrical works in that yearJoyce, for instance, wrote the Anna Livia Plurabelle episode of Finnegans Wake.

    72. Project Gutenberg - Author Index: S
    Smith, william, Sir. Smaller history of Greece, A; from the earliest times tothe Roman conquest. Stacpoole, H. De Vere (Henry De Vere). stein, Theodor.
    H ome P ersonalize
    A uthor: T itle Word(s): How To F ind Advanced ... ecent Books
    About Us
    D onate E vents ... ontacts
    In Depth
    V olunteering HO W ... ewsletters
    Author Index: S
    Authors: A B C D ... other Titles: A B C D ... other Languages: Bulgarian Chinese Danish Dutch ... Yiddish
    Sabatini, Rafael
    Sacher-Masoch, Leopold, Ritter von
    Sage, le
    Saint-Amand, Imbert de
    Sainte-Foi, Charles
    Saintine, Joseph Xavier
    Saint-Pierre, Bernadin de
    Saint-Simon, Louis de Rouvroy, duc de
    Salisbury, William
    Sallust, 86-34 B.C

    73. BPJ Author Index "S" -- 1950-2004
    stein, Sol On Coming out of Ether, 1 (Summer 24 (Summer 1974), 32; Roderick H. Jellema,Something Rev. william Stafford, Someday, Maybe, 25 (Winter 19741975
    AUTHOR INDEX, 1950-2004
    S [Author Index] [Tables of Contents] [BPJ Homepage] Sachs, Nelly
    Landschaft aus Schreien (Landscape of Screams), trans. by Herman Salinger Winter 1956-1957
    O the Chimneys , rev. Robert H. Glauber Spring 1968
    Landschaft aus Schreien (originally published in Winter 1956-1957 A Fine Excess: Special 50th Anniversary Anthology Fall-Winter 2000-2001 Sackler, Howard O.
    Strophe, 3 ( Fall 1952 Sacks, Gerald E.
    Ophelia and the Jester, 4 ( Winter 1953-1954
    Archaic Words Descend, 26 ( Winter 1975-1976 Sada, Daniel
    Celemania, trans. by Ricardo Pau-Llosa New Latin American Poetry (Chapbook 17), 32 ( Summer 1982 Sadler, Frank Orin
    The Final Obsession of Julio McGruder, 18 ( Winter 1967-1968 Said, Samad
    Embers, trans. by Abdullah Majid and Oliver Rice Contemporary Asian Poetry (Chapbook 6), 13 ( Winter 1962-1963 Thanksgiving, 52 ( Summer 2002 ), 6; Reading the Menu, ibid. , 7; I See, ibid. Sakellariou, Becky Dennison Math Is Beautiful and So Are You, 53 ( Fall 2002 Salam, Nurdin Trans.: with

    74. AD HOC BIBLIO - INDEX AUTEURS LETTRE S Compilé Le 00/12/13
    stein, Judith K . Presentations for decision makers Suelter, Clarence H., Practicalguide to enzymology, A Sultan, william J . Food products formulary.
  • Smith, Cedric A. B.
    Biomathematics : the principles of mathematics for students of biological and ge... [m]
  • Smith, Colin,
    Collins Spanish-English English-Spanish dictionary.... [m]
  • Smith, D. S.
    Properties of Scandinavian ropy milk culture S. lactic longi and its application... [m]
  • Smith, David R.
    Digital transmission systems.... [m]
  • Smith, Durward S.
    Processing vegetables : science and technology.... [m]
  • Smith, Frank C.
    Practice of ion chromatography, The.... [m]
  • Smith, G. C.
    Laboratory manual for meat science.... [m]
  • Smith, Gary
    Statistical reasoning.... [m]
  • Smith, Gary C.
    Laboratory manual for meat science.... [m]
  • Smith, Gordon L.
    An introduction to statistics for sensory analysis experiments.... [m]
  • Smith, Harry
    Applied regression analysis.... [m]
  • Smith, Issar.
    Regulation of procaryotic development : structural and functional analysis of ... [m]
  • Smith, J. A.
    FORTRAN/77 : an introduction to structured problem solving.... [m]
  • Smith, J. L.
    Foodborne listeriosis.... [m]
  • Smith, J. M. (Joseph Mauk)
    Chemical engineering kinetics.... [m]
  • Smith, James
  • 75. John Brickey 1640-c1718
    E. Clark 1868 7 Joseph L. Clark 1873 - 7 Perry H. Clark 1875 1833 - 1901 +Jacobstein 1820 - 1899 7 Rosa Bell stein 1850 - 1928 +william Champian Golsby
    Descendants of Jean de BRIQUETTE
    John BRICKEY 1640-c1718
    5 Mary "Polly" SLINKER 1800 - 1883 +Henry CLARK +Jacob STEIN Glenda Millicent STEIN +James Edward BAUER James Lee Bauer 1939 - +Jacqueline Eva Marie 1946 - *2nd Wife of James Lee Bauer: +Carolyn Ann 1947 - Back to : Genealogy Page Last updated on October 3, 1997 by JLBauer
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    76. H-Net Scholars - Editors Directory
    Sponberg, Alan, HBuddhism. stein, Mark, HABSBURG. Stone, David, H-Russia. Williford,Jo, H-HistoryDay. Willingham, william, H-Water. Wilson, Cheri, H-Grad, H-Law.

    77. Baltimore Carmel
    To Cardinal william H. Keehler, another admirer, Edith stein mustbe reckoned a giant of the 20 th century. Brilliant, analytical
    Baltimore Carmel
    Return to Baltimore Carmel's Home Page

    What Edith Stein means to Christian and Jews everywhere by Christopher Gaul in The [Baltimore] Catholic Review, September 17, 1998
    To Sister Sue Houchins, O.C.D., a postulant at Baltimore's Carmelite Monastery, Edith Stein "represents a 20 th century woman, a Carmelite who made a wonderful mixture of being a woman of her time and a Carmelite in her soul." Carmelites here and around the world are looking forward eagerly to Oct. 11, the day Pope John Paul II will declare Blessed Benedicta of the Cross (a.k.a. Edith Stein) a saint. The Discalced Carmelite Sisters at the lovely Dulaney Valley monastery here have a special affinity for Edith Stein - philosopher, writer, educator and feminist - not only for her brilliant intellectual prowess, her ability to observe and describe in a philosophically grounded objectivity her Carmel-refined spirituality, but because they are keenly interested in the positive progression of Jewish-Christian relations. Born into a Jewish family in Wroclaw, Poland, once a part of Germany ceded back to Poland at the end of World War II, Edith Stein left her parents' faith decisively when she was 15 and soon declared herself an atheist. But at age 30, five years after earning her doctorate in philosophy with highest honors, she converted to Catholicism and on Oct. 14, 1933, two days after her 42

    78. Nobelists Who Attended CSHL Symposia
    C/93. Smith ,Hamilton O. 1978,1984. PM/78. Stanley ,Wendell M. 1938,46, 53. C/46.stein ,william H. 1949. C/72. Sutherland, Jr. Earl W. 1961. MP/71. Svedberg ,Theodor. who attended Symposia.htm
    Carnegie Building - 1905 Nobelists who attended CSHL Symposia
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives Nobelists Symposium Year Won Arber ,Werner MP/78 Altman, Sidney C/89 Baltimore, David* MP/75 Beadle,George Wells MP/58 Benacerraf ,Baruj MP/80 Berg, Paul* C/80 Bishop, John Michael MP/89 Blobel, Günther MP/99 Bloch, Konrod F. MP/64 Blumberg, Baruch S. MP/76 Burnet, Sir Frank M. MP/60 Calvin, Melvin C/61 Cech, Thomas R. C/89 Claude, Albert MP/74 Cohen, Stanley* MP/86 Cori ,Carl F. MP/47 Cori ,Gerty T. MP/47 Cournand, Andre F. MP/56 Crick, Francis H.C.* MP/62 Dale, Sir Henry H. MP/36 Delbrück, Max* MP/69 Doherty, Peter MP/96 Du Vigneaud ,Vincent C/55 Dulbecco, Renato* MP/75 Eccles ,Sir John Carew MP/63 Edelman ,Gerald M. MP/72 Furchgott, Robert F. MP/98 Gajdusek, Daniel Carleton MP/76 Gasser, Herbert S. MP/44 Gilbert, Walter* C/80 Gilman, Alfred MP/94 Glaser, Donald A. P/60 Hartline, Haldan Keffer MP/67 Hershey ,Alfred D.* MP/69 Hill ,Archibald V.* MP/22 Hodgkin ,Dorothy C. C/64 Hodgkin, Alan Lloyd MP/63 Holley, Robert W. MP/68 Hubel, David H. MP/81 Huber, Robert C/88 Huxley, Andrew Fielding

    79. TAMUHR: Years Of Service Recipients For FY 2002-2003
    Accounting. Accounting. Lassila, Dennis R, 20. Strawser, Robert H, 30. BusinessAnalysis. stein, william E, 20. Finance. Haney, Richard L, 25. Wolken, LawrenceC, 25.
    Last Updated: Mon Dec 5 03:42:00 pm CDT 2003
    Search for a name by pressing the Ctrl key and the letter F key at the same time. Type in the name you want to look for . (You may type only part of the name to do a search. For example, type "Smi" to find "Smith". ) Executive Vice President and Provost College of Science Newton, Howard J Dean of Faculties Watson, Karan Weichold, Mark H Griffin, James M Measurement and Research Services Fann, Yui-Sing Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost Crockett, Janice E Parker, George D Shelton, Leona S Terrell, Curtis W Admissions and Records Admissions and Records Price, Karen L Wedemeier, Sandra J Computing and Information Services Computing and Information Services Hwang, Yoonja S Lomax, Jeannine M Marchbanks, Miner P Noynaert, Christopher Simmons, Hugh D Educational Broadcast Services Zent, Rodney L Educational Television Howard, Richard Pecena, Wayne M Ruedinger, Catherine A Teel, Pete D Horticultural Sciences Byrne, David H Duray, Sharon A

    80. CIAO Contributors
    william G. Gale is a senior fellow and the Joseph A. Pechman Fellow in the H. N. Haass,Vice President, Director of Foreign Policy Studies, and Sydney stein, Jr
    Contributors to CIAO A B C D ... Z A Morton I. Abramowitz is Senior Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations. He was Ambassador to Turkey and served as Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research. Herbert L. Abrams is Professor Emeritus of Radiology and Member-In-Residence at the Center for International Security and Arms Control, Stanford University. Abigail Abrash is Program Director for Asia and the Middle East at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights. As`ad AbuKhalil is an associate professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus, and a research fellow at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Richard Ackerman Titus Adeboye , African Technology Policy Studies Network, Nairobi, Kenya. Howard Adelman is a professor at York University Centre for Refugee Studies, Ontario Canada. Marcy Agmon. John F. Ahearne is Director of the Sigma Xi Center, and Lecturer in Public Policy at Duke University. Samina Ahmed is a fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

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