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         Stein William H:     more books (27)
  1. Picturing Old New England: Image and Memory
  2. Lipids and Renal Disease (Contemporary Issues in Nephrology) by William F. Keane, 1991-10
  3. The Making of Americans (American Literature Series) by Gertrude Stein, 1995-12-01
  4. Renewing Black Intellectual History: The Ideological and Material Foundations of African American Thought by Adolph Reed Jr., Kenneth W. Warren, et all 2010-03-30
  5. The Harvey Lectures (Delivered Under the Auspices of the Harvey Society New York 1956-1957, Series LII) by T. F. Gallagher, Stanford Moore, et all 1958
  6. The structure of proteins by William H Stein, 1961
  7. Patent #2104738 Granted to William H. Engels & Gustav A Stein, Assignors to Merch & Company, Inc, For an alleged New and Useful Improvement in Bismuth Allantoinate and Processes of making it...Patent Certificate Dated January 11, 1938 (Disbound copy) by United States Patent Office, 1938-01-01
  8. Ten Poets Seattle: 1962. by Beth Bentley, Nelson Bentley, Richard F. Hugo, Carolyn Kizer, William H. Matchett, Arnold Stein, Eve Triem, David Wagoner and Theodore Roethke. Carol Hall, 1962
  9. Print Review 18 by Timothy F. Rub, Jeffrey Wechsler, et all 1984
  10. A Fair Day in the Affections: Literary Essays in Honor of Robert B. White, Jr. by William B. Toole III Douglas D. Short, Mary C. Williams Larry S. Champion, et all 1980
  11. An innovative foreign study program: international business studies in the USA. (business education): An article from: Review of Business by William A., Jr. Jones, Charles A. Burden, et all 1992-03-22
  12. Down at the Sign of the Stein. [Song.] Words by William H. Greene by William T Pierson, 1908
  13. Commentary: Vol. 29, No. 3 (March 1960) by Norman (Ed.); Bell, Daniel; Hook, Sidney; Davis, Robert Gorham; Goodman, Paul; Stein, Norman; Fiedler, Leslie; Barrett, William; Schmidt, H. D.; O'Gara, James Podhoretz, 1960-01-01
  14. Tall Ships '82 Philadelphia by Karen H. Love, 1982

41. Control Of Inductive Bias In Supervised Learning Using
8 Thomas H. Cormen , Clifford stein , Ronald L 10 Kenneth A. De Jong , william M.Spears , Diana F. Gordon, Using Genetic Algorithms for Concept Learning

42. Introduction To Algorithms, 2nd Edition
David M. Avis. Baruch Awerbuch. william A. Bayse. Steven M. Bellovin. Michael RobertSloan. Robert H. Sloan. Donna Karen Slonim. Clifford stein. Peter Szolovits.

43. CEMS
william H. Smyrl. of 3D Ordered Macroporous Metals Prepared by Colloidal Crystal Templating, H. Yan, CF JC Lytle, CB Carter, WH Smyrl, and A. stein, Chem Mater

44. EFilmCritic - WILLIAM H. MACY: The Ultimate Interview Experience
But no. william H. Macy is no gladhander. He’s no fake. He’s no ‘star’. stein’smake-up? I used a big one up. I thought, My God, it’s gone.

45. Collected Essays The American Historical Review, 104.4 The
Past. Roger B. stein, Gilded Age Pilgrims. william H. Truettner andThomas Andrew Denenberg, The Discreet Charm of the Colonial.

46. Federal Bureau Of Investigation - Directors, Then And Now
william H. Webster was born on March 6, 1924, in University Law School in 1977; thewilliam Greenleaf Elliot the Fordham Law School Louis stein Award, October
FBI History Directors: Then and Now

February 23, 1978 - May 25, 1987 William H. Webster was born on March 6, 1924, in St. Louis, Missouri, and received his early education in Webster Groves near St. Louis. He was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, in 1947, where, in 1975, he received an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree. Judge Webster received his Juris Doctor degree from Washington University Law School, St. Louis, Missouri, in 1949. He served as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy in World War II and again in the Korean War. Judge Webster was a practicing attorney with a St. Louis law firm from 1949 to 1959, and served as United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri from 1960 to 1961. He returned to private practice in 1961. From 1964 to 1969, he was a member of the Missouri Board of Law Examiners. In 1970, Judge Webster was appointed a Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri and, in 1973, was elevated to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. He resigned on February 23, 1978, to become Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

47. California Courts: Courts: Courts Of Appeal: 1st District: Justices
Robert L. Dossee, 1990. J. Clinton Peterson, 1988. william D. stein, 1988. JamesF. Perley, 1988. Frank S. Brittain, 1919. william H. Langdon, 1919. william H. Waste,1919.
Current Justices
Division One
James J. Marchiano, Presiding Justice William D. Stein, Associate Justice Douglas E. Swager, Associate Justice Sandra L. Margulies, Associate Justice
Division Two
J. Anthony Kline, Presiding Justice Paul R.Haerle, Associate Justice James R. Lambden, Associate Justice Ignazio J. Ruvolo, Associate Justice
Division Three
William R. McGuiness, Administrative Presiding Justice Carol A. Corrigan, Associate Justice Joanne C. Parrilli, Associate Justice Stuart R. Pollak, Associate Justice
Division Four
Laurence D. Kay, Presiding Justice Timothy A. Reardon, Associate Justice Patricia K. Sepulveda, Associate Justice Maria P. Rivera, Associate Justice
Division Five
Barbara J.R. Jones, Presiding Justice Lawrence T. Stevens, Associate Justice Mark B. Simons, Associate Justice Linda M. Gemello, Associate Justice
List of Past and Present Justices
January 1, 1905 - March 26, 2002
Maria P. Rivera Stuart R. Pollak Sandra L. Margulies Linda M. Gemello Mark B. Simons Laurence D. Kay Patricia K. Sepulveda Lawrence T. Stevens James J. Marchiano

48. 3D Artist Byliners
william H. Munns work Bill Munns has along Robert stein III - Anagraf/x - work
3D Artist Byliners Artist/Writers
This list of 3D Artist contributors is complete for issue #s 22 to present, with some earlier contributors also included.
Bill Allen 3D Artist Editor/Publisher
Bill Allen is Editor/Publisher of 3D Artist magazine and President of its publishing company, Columbine, Inc., founded and operated with Co-Publisher Sally Beach. Andy Anderson CyberROM Technologies, Inc.
Andy Anderson's degree in fine art from the San Francisco Art Institute and rural Oregon artist lifestyle led to carpentry, until he came to computer graphics and game development with CyberROM and Trilobyte. Michael Ash

Michael Ash, who was Tech Support Manager at NewTek during 1998, is an avid plastic and 3D model builder and also participates in live re-creations of battles with medieval armor. Daryl Bartley Empire Productions work
Daryl Bartley is Senior Animator at Empire Productions, a Northern California-based company specializing in 3D animation for broadcast/video and multimedia conent. Mike Beals

MD Peter Slack Harold A. stein, MD Raymond stein, MD Vision william Clark, MD PeterC. Donshik, MD william T. Driebe James E. Key, II, MD Bruce H. Koffler, MD
Foundation Mission, Goals and Programs
The CLAO Education and Research Foundation supports education and the advancement of research and technologies related to contact lenses, anterior segment vision care services, and public eye health care. Goals:
Fund educational programs in contact lenses and anterior segment vision care science.
Fund basic and clinical research and development relevant to contact lenses, enhanced visual acuity and anterior segment vision care science.
Support scholars and mentoring relationships
Provide training opportunities for residents and fellows
Support dissemination of new contact lens and other means of vision correction worldwide. Programs in Education:
The Oliver H. Dabezies, Jr., MD, Lectureship on Contact Lenses
The Richard L. Lindstrom, MD, Lectureship on Refractive Surgery
The Harold A. Stein, MD, Lectureship on Vision Science
The Whitney G. Sampson, MD, travel grant awards for young ophthalmologists
Foundation Information
Incorporation: Articles of Incorporation filed in the State of Colorado.

50. The Gertrude Stein/Alice B. Toklas Atelier
By william H. Honan. addition to assembling bibliographies of the work of Eliot andPound, Mr. Gallup edited writings by Pound s friends Gertrude stein, Alice B
The At lier
The 1981 Black Lizard Edition * The Arche Verlag Edition * The Medicine Show Production
The 1983 Greenwich Village Concert * The WPA Theatre Production of the Jonathan Sheffer Opera Contents of the Gertrude Stein Atelier
Texts you can hear read by Miss Stein and Miss Toklas

from The Making of Americans and The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book
(click on the book above) Texts you can read yourself by John H. Gill:
Blood On The Dining Room Floor And After

The Music of Gertrude Stein

A Personal Note
from The New York Times
Donald Gallup's Obituary

Click on the above image to hear Miss Stein on Family Living Click on her picture to hear Miss Toklas on Murder Blood on the Dining Room Floor And After . . . even gossip columnist Earl Wilson heard about it, slightly garbled . . . I n 1982, Creative Arts Book Company of Berkeley, California, published my edition of Gertrude Stein's one crime novel, Blood On the Dining Room Floor , in its Black Lizard series of detective story reprints. The book included photographs and a manuscript facsimile from the collection of the Beinecke Library at Yale, and an Afterword and Bibliographical Note which I had written for the edition. The texts are reprinted, with slight revisions, on this web site.

51. Speech Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist - April 27, 2001
REMARKS BY william H. REHNQUIST THE ARLINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY BICENTENNIAL BANQUETARMYNAVY It seems an apt occasion to use Gertrude stein s famous phrase
APRIL 27, 2001
Thank you Chairman McGeary for the kind introduction. It is a great pleasure to be here tonight. As an Arlington resident for 17 years, I am especially pleased to be with you on the occasion of the bicentennial of the founding of Arlington. But I do feel bound to express some doubt as to exactly why the year 2001 has been selected as the bicentennial of our county. I am by nature something of a skeptic about these things-I was one of a small minority which felt that the year 2001-not the year 2000-was the bicentennial year. This was a matter that could be argued either way, and since there are no ancient documents indicating that they were written in the year zero-or, for that matter, any ancient documents indicating that they were written B. C.-you could pay your money and take your choice. In the spring of 1861 Robert E. Lee and his wife and family left Arlington House and moved to Richmond, where Lee took command of the Confederate armies. Union troops occupied the mansion and its land and buildings; the estate served as headquarters for the Union Commander in Northern Virginia, General Irwin McDowell. McDowell's tenure as Union Commander, of course, ended with his disastrous defeat at the first Battle of Manassas. Congress enacted a law in 1863 which required owners of land occupied by federal troops to pay taxes to federal tax collectors. A tax of $92.07 was assessed against Arlington House, but Mrs. Lee, who was too frail to appear in person, sent a relative to pay the tax. The Tax Commissioners in Alexandria refused to accept the payment-saying that the owner must appear in person to pay the tax-and the estate was sold for taxes. It was bought in 1864 by the federal government for $26,800. A 200-acre section was set aside as a military cemetery, the beginning of what is today Arlington National Cemetery.

52. Yale University Press - Publisher Of Fine Books
william H. Truettner is senior curator of paintings and sculpture at the NationalMuseum of American Art. Roger stein is professor of art history at the
Search for a Yale book
Browse our Books
Contact Us About the Press Sample Chapters ... Go to our London site
Fixing Intelligence:
For a More Secure America
by Jonathan A. Edlow, M.D.
"General Odom uses the unique insight gained from years of experience in the intelligence business to explain in plain language an issue that is critical to U.S. national security—intelligence community reform. A valuable resource to expert and novice alike, it serves both as an excellent introduction to the intelligence community, and also as a valuable guide to the current debate over how to proceed with intelligence community reform."—Senator Richard C. Shelby
The facts behind the summer blockbuster
The Day After Tomorrow
Red Sky at Morning:
America and the Crisis of the Global Environment
by James Gustave Speth
" Moviegoers inspired to learn more will benefit from a new book called 'Red Sky at Morning' by James Gustave Speth, dean of the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale. The book, an overview of environmental threats, provides a list of the already observable consequences of warming... as well as a forecast of even greater calamities."
New York Times

53. 2004 DCF Honor Roll
W. Olsen, Ph.D. Frank A. Opaskar, MD Roger H. Perry, Ph.D MD Donald M. Schwartz,Ph.D. Michael O. Smith william T. Sprole, III M. Bradford stein Thomas C
Thanks to those below who have given in FY 2004. Donors who have pledged will be listed when their gifts are received. Class of 1966 38.4% Participation 30-39 Years of Giving Sam L. Abram
Stephen E. Abram M.D.
W. Randolph Adams, Jr.
Richard B. Alderman
John Q. Arnold
Robert M. Bach
William H. Bailey, Ph.D.
Robert S. Baird
Robert F. Baldwin
Gregory S. Ball
Timothy B. Barnard, Esq. A. George Battle James H. Beardsley, Jr. Brian A. Beattie, M.D. Charles E. Benson, III Bruce J. Berger, M.D. Robert F. Bertocchi Richard W. Birnie James F. Botelho, Jr. William L. Bower Thomas E. Brady, Jr., Ph.D. Robert A. Briggs Michael R. Bromley T. Gary Broughton Jeffrey E. Brown, M.D. William R. Bryan, Ph.D. Robert L. Bryant Ervin T. Burkholder Waldemar G. Buschmann James M. Byers, III, M.D. James C. Cason R. Scott Cheyne Jack M. Christ, Ph.D. Robert E. Cleary Peter S. Cleaves Judge R. Benjamin Cohen William L. Cooper Robert E. Cowden III David L. Cross Richard D. Daly Benjamin W. Day, Jr. Richard J. Dellamora Peter T. Dole

54. 2004 DCF Honor Roll
MD Giulio Pontecorvo, Jr., Ph.D. william H. Riley Robert Ross Walter S. Rothwell,MD Paul H. Samek Edward R M. Schaeberle Donald M. Sisson Chandler stein Robert L
Thanks to those below who have given in FY 2004. Donors who have pledged will be listed when their gifts are received. Class of 1945 46.6% Participation 60-69 Years of Giving Robert L. Allen
William N. Banks, Jr.
John M. Robinson
50-59 Years of Giving Frank N. Aldrich, Jr.
Maurice W. Baruth
Peter Beck, M.D.
Fred Berthold, Jr., Ph.D.
Harry B. Bissell, Jr.
Henry N. Blansfield, M.D.
Laurence A. Blood
Franklyn P. Bousquet, Jr., M.D. Edward W. Bush, Jr. Craig J. Cain Paul J. Caravatt, Jr. Russell E. Chase, Jr. Donald P. Cole, M.D. Edward B. Crane, M.D. Morton J. Davis James F. Dickson, III, M.D. Douglas A. Donahue George Ehinger, Jr. Rex Felton John H. Field, III Donald S. Fifield Maurice E. Frye, Jr. Richard C. Gilman Paul W. Glover, Jr. Elliot R. Goodman Ph.D. Harold C. Habein, Jr., M.D. Edward H. Harte Channing E. Harwood Richard G. Hewlett John D. Holmes, Jr. Frank M. Hutchins John G. Jennings Frederick J. Kahn David L. Kendall Richard G. Kendall Russell B. Kenworthy Robert B. Kugel, M.D. D. Jack Kugelman Thomas H. Lewis, Jr.

09/14/1946 DESCRIPTION 1 pamphlet, Sir Aurel stein, 1862 1943 Henry, Russell A.Osmun, Gordon B. Enders, Paul H. Alling, G. Howland Shaw, william R. Schurz}11.htm


Box: 7 Fold: 55 Donovan, Howard
DATE SPAN: 07/21/1942 - 06/25/1945
DESCRIPTION: Carbons from Cornelius Van H. Engert to Howard Donovan, American Consul General in Bombay, mostly regarding business of the American Embassy in Kabul.
Box: 7 Fold: 56 Dreyfus, Louis G., Jr.
DATE SPAN: 07/27/1942 - 10/17/1943
DESCRIPTION: Carbons from Cornelius Van H. Engert to Louis G. Dreyfus, Jr., American Minister to Teheran, Iran, mostly concerning American Embassy business in Kabul, with discussion of Estonian and Lithuanian refugees in Kabul who wish to enter the American Army. Box: 7 Fold: 57 DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS from Roderick Engert to Cornelius Van H. Engert (2 pp.); 1 telegram from Roderick to CVHE from Ceylon (5 Mar 1945); and 1 telegram from Sara Engert to CVHE from Peshawar, all mostly personal. Box: 7 Fold: 58 Fait, Vaclav F.

correspondence from Cornelius Van H. Engert to to Hoffman Philip, Herbert Putnam,william Phillips, Earl References to Sir Aurel stein, American Missionaries}3.htm


Box: 2 Fold: 33 Loraine, Sir Percy
DATE SPAN: 07/06/1921 - 05/30/1923
DESCRIPTION: 4 copy TLs from Sir Percy Loraine to Cornelius Van H. Engert and 2 copy TLs from Sir Percy to Joseph S. Kornfeld, with 3 carbons from CVHE to Sir Percy, 2 copy TLs from Kornfeld to Sir Percy, 1 copy TL from Sir Percy to Kornfeld, and 1 copy TL from Sir Percy to Moshir-ed-Dowleh. Mostly regards relations between Persia, Great Britain, and the United States with discussion of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and Standard Oil Company.
Box: 2 Fold: 34 Mallet, Victor
DATE SPAN: 02/19/1921 - 09/29/1921
DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS from Victor Mallet to Cornelius Van H. Engert, with 1 carbon from CVHE to Mallet, regarding refugees in Mesopotamia and travel in Persia. Reference to Gordon Paddock. Box: 2 Fold: 35 Moshir-ed-Dowleh DATE SPAN: 02/06/1922 - 03/28/1922 DESCRIPTION: 6 copy TLs from Moshir-ed-Dowleh, President of the Council of Ministers of Persia, to Cornelius Van H. Engert (3) and the British Minister to Teheran (3), with 1 carbon from CVHE to Moshir-ed-Dowleh, mostly regarding oil concessions of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and the Standard Oil Company and a loan of one million dollars made to the Persian government by the Morgan Company in connection with the concessions.

57. 1993 William H. Webster
william H. Webster was born March 6, 1924, in St. In May 1981, Judge Webster receivedthe william Greenleaf Elliot the Fordham Law School Louis stein Award and
For information about the MSU Pre-Law Society or this page, contact Eric Eubanks For information about Mississippi State University, contact
Last Updated: Wednesday, August 30, 2000 02:24 PM

58. MSN Encarta - William H. Stein
Translate this page william H. stein. william H. stein (1911-1980), bioquímico estadounidenselaureado con el Premio Nobel. Más información sobre william H. stein de,
Principal Mi MSN Hotmail Buscar ... Suscribirse a MSN Encarta Premium Buscar en Encarta
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  • M¡s de 41.000 art­culos Diccionario biling¼e Atlas din¡mico
M¡s informaci³n sobre William H. Stein de Otras funciones de Encarta Principal Mi MSN ... Dinero ©2004 Microsoft Corporation. Reservados todos los derechos. Condiciones de uso Declaraci³n de privacidad aprobada por TRUSTe

59. Past Commissioners
19681971 - P. Joseph Rabb, Allen C. Spangler, Charles A. stein Jr. 1972-1975- Charles A. stein Jr, william McKinley, Caroll H. Leppo.
Past Commissioners
Year / Commissioner(s) 1749 - George Schwaabe, Walter Sharp, Patrick Watson 1750 - William McClellan 1751 - Bartholomew Maul 1752 - John Mikel 1753 - James Agnew 1754 - Peter Shugard 1755 - Thomas McCartney 1756 - Robert McPherson 1757 - Martin Eichelberger 1758 - William Delap, John Frankelberger 1759 - John Adlum 1760 - James Welsch 1761 - George Myers (Myer) 1762 - Samuel Edie 1763 - William Douglass 1764 - Philip Ziegler 1765 - Thomas Stockton 1766 - Joseph Updegraff 1767 - Hugh Dunwoodie 1768 - William Gemmill 1769 - John Heckendorn 1770 - John Monteith 1772 - John Hay 1773 - Henry Tyson Michael Hahn 1776 - William Ross, John Hay 1777 - William Ross 1778 - Philip Rothrock 1779 - John Sample 1780 - (?)William Adams 1781 - Jacob Schmeisser (Smyser) 1782 - William Cochran 1783 - ( ?) Benjamine Tyson 1784 - Michael Hahn 1785 - Robert Morrison 1786 - William McClellan 1787 - Godfrey Lenhart 1789 - (?)Thomas Campbell 1790 - John Spengler (Spangler) 1791 - John Morrow 1792 - William Nelson 1793 - Joseph Welshans 1794 - Henry Welsh 1795 - James Black 1796 - John Forsythe 1797 - John Edie 1798 - James McCandless 1799 - Danieln Spaneler Anthony Hinkle 1801 - Samuel Nelson 1802 - Christopher Lauman, Jacob Heckert

60. Nash Finch Company
Audit Committee. Members John E. Stokely, Chairman; Carole F. Bitter;John H. Grunewald; Laura stein; william R. Voss. Responsibilities
Nash Finch Company
Board Committees The Board of Directors has three standing committees, each of which is composed exclusively of independent directors and operates under a written charter adopted by the Board setting forth its purpose, authority and responsibilities. The Board has also determined that three members of the Audit Committee, John E. Stokely, John H. Grunewald and William R. Voss, are "audit committee financial experts" within the meaning of that term as defined by the SEC pursuant to Section 407 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Audit Committee Members:
  • Carole F. Bitter Richard A. Fisher John H. Grunewald Laura Stein William R. Voss
Responsibilities: Corporate Governance Committee Members:
  • William R. Voss, Chairman Jerry L. Ford Laura Stein John E. Stokely
Responsibilities Compensation Committee Members:
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