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         Rotblat Joseph:     more books (77)
  1. Annals of Pugwash 1983: Arms Race at a Time of Decision
  2. Security, Cooperation and Disarmament: The Unfinished Agenda for 1990S, Proceedings of the 46th Pugwash Conference (Social Sciences Series) by Joseph Rotblat, 1998-08
  3. Strategic Defence and the Future of the Arms Race by John P. Holdren, Joseph Rotblat, 1987-06
  4. Atomic energy: A survey by Joseph Rotblat, 1954
  5. Nuclear Non-Proliferation: and the Non-Proliferation Treaty
  6. History of the Pugwash conferences by Joseph Rotblat, 1962
  7. PUGWASH--THE FIRST TEN YEARS History of the Conferences of Science and World Affairs by Joseph Rotblat, 1968
  8. A Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Desirable? Feasible? by Joseph, Jack Steinberger and Bhalchandra Udgoankar (eds. Rotblat, 1993-01-01
  9. Joseph Rotblat's legacy of peace.(APPRECIATION)(Brief Article): An article from: National Catholic Reporter by David Krieger, 2005-09-16
  10. Joseph Rotblat: from Los Alamos to Pugwash.(Obituary): An article from: Queen's Quarterly by Mel Watkins, 2006-03-22
  11. Remember your humanity.(Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech by Joseph Rotblat)(Transcript)(Cover Story): An article from: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
  12. Overkill: The Story of Modern Weapons, with a Preface By Professor Joseph Rotblat by John Cox, 1977-01-01
  13. Joseph Rotblat: the road less traveled.(founder of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs): An article from: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists by Susan Landau, 1996-01-01
  14. Disarmament: 1996--Disarmament at a Critical Juncture: Panel Discussions Organized by the Ngo Committee on Disarmament

61. Bridges
Joshua Lederberg, Jerome Karle, Paul J. Crutzen Marcia Haydee, Ismael Ivo, NicolaasBloembergen Ferid Murad, Sir joseph rotblat, Richard J. Roberts Anita
Joshua Lederberg, Jerome Karle, Paul J. Crutzen
Marcia Haydee, Ismael Ivo, Nicolaas Bloembergen
Ferid Murad, Sir Joseph Rotblat, Richard J. Roberts
Anita Roddick, Zhores I.Alferov, Robert Huber, Sir Vidia S. Naipaul
HSH Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein
Karan Singh, Jakob von Uexkuell , Jessye Norman
e-mail : , date time speaker venue topic Tues, Nov 11 HSH Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein Prachatipok bldg. From Civil Society to World Civil Society Wed, Nov 19 Joshua Lederberg main auditorium Health as an Imperative to Peace and Peace as an Imperative to Health free ticket Tues, Nov 25 Jerome Karle main auditorium The Role of Science and Technology in the Quest for a World of Peace free ticket Tues, Dec 2 Paul Crutzen main auditorium Air Pollution in Asia and its Impact on Regional and Global Climate free ticket Thurs, Jan 8 Marcia Haydee main auditorium lecture/demonstration “Meet the Artsist” free ticket Mon, Jan 12

62. Joseph Rotblat :: Online Encyclopedia :: Information Genius
joseph rotblat. Online Encyclopedia Józef rotblat sometimes incorrectlyjoseph rotblat (born November 4, 1908 is a Polish (though
Quantum Physics Pampered Chef Paintball Guns Cell Phone Reviews ... Science Articles Joseph Rotblat
Online Encyclopedia

Józef Rotblat sometimes incorrectly Joseph Rotblat (born November 4 is a Polish (though with British citizenship) physicist who received the Nobel Peace Prize in in conjuction with the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, an organization of scientists which he headed at the time, for their efforts towards nuclear disarmament He was born in Lodz in central Poland. Graduated from University of Warsaw and until he worked at the university, the Radium Institute in Warsaw and other scientific institutions. He went to Liverpool on a scientific grant and was caught by the WWII . In Britain he was collaborating with James Chadwick and during the war he was involved in the Manhattan project but left when he had found out that it led to the arms race. He became one of the prominent critics of nuclear arms race and founded with Bertrand Russel the Pugwash organization. Despite the Iron Curtain and the Cold War he advocated establishing links between scientists from the West and East. Similarily to the Hippocratic Oath he thought that scientists should have their own moral code of conduct.
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63. Soka Gakkai Internacional
Translate this page Guerrero de la paz. Profesor joseph rotblat. joseph rotblat tenía 91años cuando nos reunimos, por segunda vez, en febrero de 2000.
NOTICIAS SGI QUARTELY Por Tema NOTAS DE PRENSA DAISAKU IKEDA SGI Quarterly Retratos de ciudadanos mundiales Una serie de ensayos del presidente Ikeda en los que reflexiona sobre sus encuentros con diversas figuras mundiales. Guerrero de la paz Profesor Joseph Rotblat Presidente emérito de las Conferencias Pugwash Joseph Rotblat tenía 91 años cuando nos reunimos, por segunda vez, en febrero de 2000. Aun a esa edad él continuaba recorriendo el mundo con inmutable vigor, la espalda recta y un ritmo aún más rápido que el de un hombre en la flor de su vida. ¿Por qué es tan activo? “Yo tengo un objetivo esencial”, me dijo él, “y me he mantenido siempre muy decidido en su búsqueda. Eso, creo, es lo que me ha permitido mantener el vigor”. El objetivo al que se refería Rotblat era su determinación de erradicar del mundo las armas nucleares y la guerra en sí. Cuando el Instituto Toda para la Paz y la Investigación de Políticas realizó una conferencia internacional sobre “Prerrequisitos no nucleares para el desarme nuclear" en el Reino Unido, en 1997, el profesor Rotblat llegó a la sala de la conferencia dos horas y media más temprano para revisar todo el equipo, los proyectores y los micrófonos, y para asegurarse de que todo estuviese instalado perfectamente. Debido a que es un laureado con el Premio Nobel y, además, de avanzada edad, uno podría esperar que llegaría a la hora justa de acuerdo con lo programado, haciendo su camino hacia la sala de conferencias sin prisa y esperando que todo estuviese dispuesto para él. Pero el profesor Rotblat siempre lo confirma todo por su propia mano, sus propios ojos y su propio oído, y lo hace alegre, cortés y completamente.

64. SGI - Features
joseph rotblat Emeritus President of the Pugwash Conferences. joseph rotblatwas 91 years old when we met for the second time in February 2000.
FEATURES Introduction SGI QUARTERLY Current Issue Previous Issues VIEWS ON SGI Articles
Portraits of Global Citizens
A series of essays by SGI President Ikeda in which he reflects on his encounters with various world figures
Warrior for Peace Prof. Joseph Rotblat
Emeritus President of the Pugwash Conferences

Joseph Rotblat was 91 years old when we met for the second time in February 2000. Even at that age he continued to zip around the world with unchanging vigor, his back straight and his pace even faster than that of a man in the prime of life. Why is he so active? "I have one overriding objective," he told me, "and I have remained as determined as ever in pursuing it. That, I believe, is how I have maintained my vigor." The objective Rotblat referred to was his determination to rid the world of nuclear weapons and of war itself.
When the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research held an international conference on "Non-Nuclear Prerequisites for Nuclear Disarmament" in the U.K. in 1997, Professor Rotblat arrived at the conference hall two and a half hours early to check all the equipment, the projectors and the microphones, and to make sure everything was set up perfectly. Since he is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and is also advanced in age, one might expect that he would arrive just on schedule, making his leisurely way to the lecture hall and expecting that everything would be in order for him. But Professor Rotblat always confirms everything with his own hand, his own eye and his own ear, and he does so cheerfully, courteously and thoroughly.

65. Joseph Rotblat, Remember Your Humanity
disarm.armstra **. Remember Your Humanity. Nobel Peace Prize Acceptancespeech by joseph rotblat, Oslo, 10 December 1995. At this momentous
Documents menu Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 05:47:32 -0600
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 1996 06:53:59 GMT
Organization: PACH
Subject: Nobel Peace Laureate Rotblat's Speech /** disarm.armstra: 96.0 **/
** Topic: Rotblat's Speech **
** Written 12:04 AM Mar 1, 1996 by web:edshaff in cdp:disarm.armstra **
Remember Your Humanity
Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance speech by Joseph Rotblat, Oslo, 10 December 1995
At this momentous event in my life - the acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize, I want to speak as a scientist, but also as a human being. From my earliest days I had a passion for science. But science, the exercise of the supreme power of the human intellect, was always linked in my mind with benefit to people. I saw science as being in harmony with humanity. I did not imagine that the second half of my life would be spent on efforts to avert a mortal danger to humanity created by science, The practical release of nuclear energy was the outcome of many years of experimental and theoretical research, It had great potential for the common good. But the first the general public learned about this discovery was the news of the destruction of Hiroshima by the atom bomb, A splendid achievement of science and technology had turned malign. Science became identified with death and destruction. It is painful to me to admit that this depiction of science was deserved, The decision to use the atom bomb on Japanese cities, and the consequent build up of enormous nuclear arsenals, was made by governments, on the basis of political and military perceptions. But scientists on both sides of the iron curtain played a very significant role in maintaining the momentum of the nuclear arms race throughout the four decades of the Cold War.

66. PBS - The Nobel: Visions Of Our Century
played by nuclear arms in international politics and, in the longer run, to eliminatesuch arms. In his Nobel acceptance speech, joseph rotblat said, The
He soon resigned, after learning that Nazi Germany was not researching nuclear weaponry. Due to intense moral conflicts, he switched his field of research to medical physics. Rotblat is professor emeritus of physics at the University of London and has been the president emeritus of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs since 1988. Additional Links Biography - Nobel e-Museum Rotblat on Science and Humanity in the Twentieth Century Article on Rotblat - The International Peace Bureau Pugwash Conferences Official Web Site

67. Kalender
Translate this page 1910 Kurt Langenbein. 1908 joseph rotblat. 1906 Bernha Günther. 1895 HeinriScheppmann. 1906 Bernha Günther. 1908 joseph rotblat. 1910 Kurt Langenbein.
D i e i n f o k a l e n d e r N o v
Februar April Mai ... (suchen) Martin Balsam
Inhalt suchen oben
*4 Nov 1914 New York NY. +13 Feb 1996 Rom
Filme Inhalt suchen ... oben
*4 Nov 1939
Felix Braun
Inhalt suchen oben
*4 Nov 1885 +29 Nov 1973 Klosterneuburg
Art Carney Inhalt suchen oben
*4 Nov 1918 Mount Vernon New York.
Hermann Conring 94 Jahre, Bundestagsabge. (CDU) Inhalt suchen oben
*4 Nov 1894 +9 Feb 1989 Bundestag Puff Daddy Inhalt suchen oben *4 Nov 1970 Harlem/Ney York. Claudia Doren Inhalt suchen oben *4 Nov 1931 +19 Feb 1987 Luis Figo Inhalt suchen oben *4 Nov 1972 Sportler/innen des Jahres Ereignisse: Wolfgang von Geldern 58 Jahre, Bundestagsabge. (CDU) Inhalt suchen oben *4 Nov 1944 Dorum Bundestag 74 Jahre, Bundestagsabge. (CDU) Inhalt suchen oben *4 Nov 1906 +31 Okt 1981 Bundestag Franz Hanreiter Inhalt suchen oben *4 Nov 1913 +Feb 1992 Bundesliga Alfred Heineken Inhalt suchen oben *4 Nov 1923 +3 Jan 2002 Noorwijk Ereignisse: Ixi Inhalt suchen oben *4 Nov 1962 Elmshorn Marlene Jobert Inhalt suchen oben *4 Nov 1943 Algier Filme Klaus Kirschner 61 Jahre, Bundestagsabge. (SPD) Inhalt suchen oben *4 Nov 1941 Aistaig/Neckar Bundestag Thomas Klestil Inhalt suchen oben *4 Nov 1932 Wien Kurt Waldheim Staatsspitze Kurt Langenbein Inhalt suchen oben *4 Nov 1910 Bundesliga Eduard Lintner 58 Jahre, Bundestagsabge. (CSU)

68. Martin Kalinowski, Wolfgang Liebert, Jürgen Scheffran: Wissenschaft Für Eine A
Translate this page Martin Kalinowski, Wolfgang Liebert, Jürgen Scheffran. Wissenschaft für eineatomwaffenfreie Welt. Friedensnobelpreis für Pugwash und joseph rotblat.
Texte Vorheriger Nächster Dossier ... Home
Martin Kalinowski, Wolfgang Liebert, Jürgen Scheffran
Wissenschaft für eine atomwaffenfreie Welt
Friedensnobelpreis für Pugwash und Joseph Rotblat
Die Lebensgeschichte von Joseph Rotblat, mit 87 Jahren heute der letzte noch lebende Unterzeichner des Russell-Einstein-Manifestes, ist untrennbar mit der Geschichte des Nuklearzeitalters verbunden. Am 4. November 1908 in Warschau als Sohn jüdischer Eltern geboren, studierte und promovierte Rotblat dort in Kernphysik. Kurz vor dem deutschen Überfall auf Polen im Jahre 1939 nahm er ein Angebot von James Chadwick an, für Forschungen am Zyklotron nach Liverpool zu gehen. Unabhängig von anderen Wissenschaftlern erkannte er, daß unter bestimmten Bedingungen eine Uranbombe mit gewaltiger Sprengkraft gebaut werden könnte. Es stellte sich für ihn nun die Frage, ob es vertretbar sei, derartige Forschungsarbeiten durchzuführen. Er war überzeugt, daß die Wissenschaft nur im Dienste der Menschheit genutzt werden sollte und nicht, um zerstörerische Waffen zu entwickeln.
Die Pugwash-Bewegung
Sein politisches Hauptbetätigungsfeld fand er in der Pugwash-Bewegung. Die Bedrohung der ganzen Menschheit durch die Nuklearwaffen veranlaßte Bertrand Russell, Albert Einstein und neun andere namhafte Wissenschaftler am 9. Juli 1955 zur Veröffentlichung eines Manifests, in welchem sie eindringlich vor den Gefahren der atomaren Bewaffnung warnten und die Regierungen der Welt drängten, ihre Streitigkeiten mit ausschließlich friedlichen Mittel auszutragen. In dramatischer Weise wird die Frage formuliert:

69. Joseph Rotblat
Translate this page joseph rotblat. joseph rotblat ha studiato a Varsavia e Liverpool doveha preso il PhD in fisica prima della seconda Guerra Mondiale.
Joseph Rotblat
Joseph Rotblat ha studiato a Varsavia e Liverpool dove ha preso il PhD in fisica prima della seconda Guerra Mondiale. E' stato Professore di Fisica a Londra dal 1950 fino al 1976 e da allora Professore Emerito. E' stato uno degli undici firmatari del Manifesto Einstein-Russel Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs Ha ricevuto assieme al Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs il Premio Nobel per la pace 1995 Motivazione della Norwegian Nobel Committee per l'assegnazione del premio Nobel. Il discorso di accettazione del premio Nobel
Seminari in Italia
Nel novembre '95 il Prof. Rotblat ha tenuto alcuni seminari

70. Joseph Rotblat - The Open Source Development Network
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Book Titles
Resort Results > Title Release Date Ending War
Hardcover Nuclear Radiation in Warfare
Hardcover Striving for Peace, Security and Development in the World Annals of Pugwash 1991
Hardcover Towards a War-Free World
Hardcover Confronting the Challenges of the 21st Century
Hardcover The British Nuclear Weapons Programme
Paperback War No More Paperback
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71. Rotblat
The following presentation by joseph rotblat, President of the Pugwash Conferenceson Science and World Affairs and the recipient of the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize
A Nuclear Weapon-Free World Leading to a War-Free World
The following presentation by Joseph Rotblat, President of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs and the recipient of the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize, was made at the United Nations on 25 April 1996 as part of a conference sponsored by the NGO Committee on Disarmament, entitled "1996: Disarmament at a Critical Juncture." An audiotape of Professor Rotblat's remarks is available for $5 from the NGO Committee The Chernobyl accident, ten years ago, has resulted in a number of deaths, much local human suffering which will take years to evaluate, as well as economic upheaval in near and distant countries. But it has further and wider implications. It has attested once more to the close interdependence of the whole world in the nuclear age. It was a warning to us all of the peril in tickling the tail of the nuclear dragon. And, it was a small scale demonstration of the utter disaster that a nuclear war would be. There is nothing new in what I have just said. The effects of nuclear weapons have been known for a long time. But we need to be reminded of them from time to time. Indeed, they should be shouted loudly, loud enough to drown the voices arguing for the retention of nuclear weapons on the grounds that they are just bigger versions of conventional weapons. A Threat to the Existence of the Human Species But, there is yet another consequence of the invention of the atom bomb, a threat that is hardly ever mentioned, although we have been living under this threat ever since the development of nuclear weapons. It is hardly mentioned because it is too dreadful even to think about. This is the threat to the whole of civilization, indeed, to the continued existence of the human species. The chief characteristic of the nuclear age is that for the first time in our history we have acquired the potential to destroy the human species, as well as many other species of animals.

72. Preparing For Peace Lecture. Rotblat: The Quest For Global Peace
Professor Sir joseph rotblat. September 2001. Making war illegal is anurgent task Remember your humanity and abolish war. joseph rotblat.
Home Up Preparing for Peace The website of the Westmorland General Meeting 'Preparing for Peace' initiative
The quest for global peace
Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat
September 2001
The tragic events of 11 September have reminded us that “No man is an island”, no country can isolate itself from all the others. Our quest must be for global peace, because peace is indivisible; there cannot be peace in one part of the globe while war, or acts of terrorism occur in another part. We live in a world of ever-increasing interdependence of all inhabitants of the earth, an interdependence largely due to the advances in science and technology. Globalization – whether in its positive or negative aspects – has brought about a situation whereby events in any part of the globe affect us all: in economic, cultural, or political issues, and certainly in military matters; in matters of war and peace. This is so because other advances in science and technology have resulted in the development of weapons of unprecedented mass destruction, the omnicidal weapons, first demonstrated in 1945, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The destruction of these cities heralded a new age, the nuclear age. The chief characteristic of the nuclear age is that for the first time in the history of civilization we have acquired the technical means to destroy our own species, and to accomplish it, deliberately or inadvertently, in a single event. In the nuclear age the human species has become an endangered species.

73. Preparing For Peace Rotblatt Biog
Professor Sir joseph rotblatt. Professor rotblat, nuclear physicist, resigned fromworking on the development of the atomic bomb and then went on to become a
Home Up Preparing for Peace The website of the Westmorland General Meeting 'Preparing for Peace' initiative
Professor Sir Joseph Rotblatt
Professor Rotblat, nuclear physicist, resigned from working on the development of the atomic bomb and then went on to become a founder member of the Pugwash Movement concerned with science ethics. He is the last surviving signatory of the 1955 Bertrand Russell-Albert Einstein Manifesto
urging governments to renounce war. In 1995 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the Pugwash Movement and his efforts to renounce the use of atomic weapons. He has been a tireless advocate of peace.
Lecture: The quest for global peace. September 2001 Home Papers Publications ... Coming Events

74. Maney Publishing - Search Our Catalogue
Sir joseph rotblat Affiliations / Location London, UK Publications authoredor edited by joseph rotblat Interdisciplinary Science Reviews.

75. Intervista A JOSEPH ROTBLAT
Translate this page Intervista a joseph rotblat. Piergiorgio Odifreddi. Il 9 luglio 1955Bertrand Russell rendeva noto un manifesto, firmato da una decina
Intervista a JOSEPH ROTBLAT Piergiorgio Odifreddi Il 9 luglio 1955 Bertrand Russell rendeva noto un manifesto, firmato da una decina di scienziati eccellenti, che metteva in guardia contro i pericoli della proliferazione nucleare bellica. Firmato da Einstein una settimana prima di morire, il documento venne considerato il suo testamento spirituale, e attirò l'attenzione del mondo intero. Tra il 7 e il 10 luglio 1957, nella cittadina canadese di Pugwash, in Nuova Scozia, ventidue scienziati si riunirono in un convegno a porte chiuse per discutere i temi sollevati dal manifesto. L'incontro fu il primo di una lunga serie, e diede il nome a quello che oggi si chiama il Movimento Pugwash. Nel 1995, a quarant'anni esatti dalla presentazione del manifesto Russell-Einstein, il Movimento Pugwash e il suo presidente storico, Joseph Rotblat, l'unico fisico che ``fece il gran rifiuto'' a Los Alamos, ricevettero il premio Nobel per la pace per i loro sforzi volti a diminuire ed eliminare il ruolo delle armi nucleari nella politica internazionale. Abbiamo intervistato Rotblat nell'ufficio del Movimento Pugwash a Londra, che egli continua a frequentare giornalmente fin dalle prime ore dell'alba, nonostante i suoi 94 anni.

76. Felix On-line
Published on Friday, 14 February 2003. Sir joseph rotblat. AlthoughPhysics lecture theatre 1 hosts many excellent guest lecturers

77. Betr. 40 Jahre Göttinger Erklärung
hielt Prof. Dr. joseph rotblat vom 9. bis 11. Dr. joseph rotblat, handelt.
Erinnern Sie sich Ihrer Menschlichkeit!" Tobias Damjanov: Notizen einer Reise
Der Autor: Tobias Damjanov, Dipl.Soz., lebt in Hamburg und ist Mitglied der ZC-Redaktion.

78. Fagbokhandelen På Internett
Konfliktløsing. innen Fredsstudier. Latour, Bruno War of the Worlds Pris119.00. rotblat, joseph, Hinde, Robert A. War No More Pris 195.00.

79. Biography
The 1995 Nobel Peace laureate and cofounder of the Pugwash Conferences on Sciencesand World Affairs, Professor Sir joseph rotblat will give a Dean s Lecture
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Short biography of speaker: Sir Joseph Rotblatt The 1995 Nobel Peace laureate and co-founder of the Pugwash Conferences on Sciences and World Affairs, Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat will give a Dean's Lecture about whether our civilisation will survive if ever nuclear weapons, the ultimate in warfare, are used in any future conflict. Sir Joseph, who has had a distinguished career in radiology and atomic physics dating back more than 70 years, was directly involved in the development of the atomic bomb between 1939 and 1944 both at the Universities of Liverpool and Los Alamos. Yet he is passionately committed to ensure that scientific advancements are used to benefit mankind rather than destroy it. He was a co-founder of both the Atomic Scientists Association in 1946 and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in 1966, and has worked tirelessly for over half a century to educate the public about the peaceful and military applications of nuclear science and energy.
The Pugwash Movemen t is a global network of scientists seeking to work with governments to ensure the achievements of science and technology are harnessed for the good of mankind, rather than for destructive purposes. It runs a series of influential conferences on science and world affairs which bring together, from around the world, influential scholars and public figures concerned with reducing the danger of armed conflict and seeking cooperative solutions for global problems. Delegates include science and arms control advisers to Governments, key academics and scientists and former and future holders of high Government office.

80. Joseph Rotblat - - Shopping Comparison
Search results for joseph rotblat 1 12 of 12 matching books below.Sorted by Popularity, Book Titles, Resort Results .
June 5, 2004
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1 - 12 of 12 matching books below. Sorted by Popularity
Book Titles
Resort Results > Title Release Date Ending War
Hardcover Nuclear Radiation in Warfare
Hardcover Striving for Peace, Security and Development in the World Annals of Pugwash 1991
Hardcover Towards a War-Free World
Hardcover Confronting the Challenges of the 21st Century
Hardcover The British Nuclear Weapons Programme Paperback War No More Paperback
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