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  1. The wiregrass warrior: The true story of the life of Professor Abner Jackson by Roberta Hughes Wright, Charles Howard Wright, 2003

21. Sunday Times - South Africa's Best Selling Newspaper
aim of the 14year-old contest was to detect youthful talent in mathematics, establishingfriendly relations between african mathematicians and exchanging
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Sunday, 6 Jun 2004



Daily back page

: Sunday 21 Apr 2002 > National news
SA whiz kids strike gold SIMPIWE PILISO FRITZ van Zyl was one of four South African teenagers who walked away with all the gold medals at the 12th Pan African Mathematics Olympiad. The 17-year-old Western Cape pupil was placed third overall in the week-long contest while his teammate, Tamara von Glehn, 15, took first place. She was not available to speak to the Sunday Times. Forty-two pupils from 11 African countries participated in the event staged in Pretoria last week. Said Van Zyl: "Third place was a bit unexpected since I managed 28th place out of about 40 participants last year." He was also awarded a special prize for a "highly original solution" to one of the maths problems. The 12th Pan African Mathematics Olympiad is an annual event organised by the African Mathematical Union. Olympiad spokesman Nina Bhaktawar said the aim of the 14-year-old contest was to detect "youthful talent" in mathematics, establishing friendly relations between African mathematicians and exchanging information on teaching methods .

22. Pan Africa Mathematics Olympiad
in the near future South Africa will be able to play host to the International MathematicalOlympiad, when not only the young african mathematicians, but youth
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Speech by Dr Ben Ngubane
Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad Saturday 13 April 2002 Members of the African Mathematics Union, Distinguished Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Colleagues and most important of all, young mathematicians. South Africa is proud to welcome the Olympiad teams – the 60 bright young mathematicians from over Africa who have travelled to our country to participate in this event, the 12th Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad (PAMO). In the spirit of African friendship, it is wonderful that all of you can come together, not only to compete, but also to get to know one another. Through this experience, I hope that you will discover a new enthusiasm for mathematics. Let me first congratulate you all. Some have overcome immense personal difficulties to be here; others have overcome immense mathematical difficulties. You have all shown great talent, perseverance, and a real capacity for tremendous hard work. Welcome to the Ambassadors of participating countries, and the Olympiad team leaders. This year's PAMO is historic in that 11 African countries are participating - two thirds of Africa, and a substantial increase in participants from previous years.

23. Current Newsletter
Historians of Arab Mathematics will focus on the contributions of Andalusianand North african mathematicians. 2. Organizers of the 8th Meeting Newsletter-list2.htm
INTERNATIONAL UNION OF THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE Home Current Newsletter Directory of Members About the Commission ... Contact Us! [list2.htm] (4) Conferences/Symposia/Meetings/Lectures [Forthcoming Events 2002-2003] Conferences / Symposia / Meetings / Lectures ** Forthcoming Events 2004 - ** June 16-19, 2004 ANATOMICAL KNOWLEDGE IN THE ANCIENT WORLD: FROM PREHISTORY TO LATE ANTIQUITY , Birmingham, UK This conference is under the auspices of The Society for Ancient Medicine (SAM) and the Centre for the History of Medicine of the University of Birmingham Medical School; this will be the First European Meeting of SAM. Keynote speakers will be Professors Vivian Nutton and Sir Geoffrey Lloyd. The
registration deadline is March 1. For registration and conference
details, go to:
This International conference aims to bring together classicists, ancient historians, medical historians, medical practitioners, archaeologists and biological anthropologists to explore our understanding of the body in ancient medicine and philosophy. The
conference will look at all aspects of anatomy and anatomical knowledge from prehistory to late antiquity, with special reference to the Classical World (and its predecessors), Europe, Egypt, the Near East, the Far East, the Indian Sub-Continent and China.

24. LMS Council Diary June 2000
support mathematics within Africa. It wishes to support exchanges inboth directions with african mathematicians. The present scheme 5
Council Diary June 2000
June's Council meeting saw the presentation by the Treasurer of the Annual Budget, which was approved. Our financial situation is healthy. We are increasing our expenditure on charitable mathematical activities; this seems to be in keeping with our status as a charity, and so Council was not penitent, despite an apparent drop in our income (hard to estimate since an accurate estimate of our publication surplus is not yet available), but felt that many would think we should spend even more in this area. Council also approved small increases in subscriptions and periodical prices. Council continued the discussion sparked off by Ken Brown's visit to Africa in January of ways in which the Society might usefully support mathematics within Africa. It wishes to support exchanges in both directions with African mathematicians. The present scheme 5 will not easily extend for this purpose, and a new scheme may be needed. Proposals for exchanges will be invited from UK mathematicians. It was noted that some excellent links already exist, but since it was recognised that many Africans do not have existing contacts with the UK, it seemed that the LMS would need to facilitate the creation of further links. The Society also agreed to give start-up support to the new Journal of the Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association, which will give a forum within the region for locally produced mathematics. The President has now returned from a very enjoyable and successful visit to St Petersburg and Moscow. During his visit he discussed LMS proposals for a ‘prize fellowship’ scheme, which might finance brief visits by young mathematicians to the UK and afterwards offer them some continuing financial support back home. The details of such a scheme would need to be carefully worked out in consultation with leaders of the mathematical community within the fSU. The Society is anxious to provide support within the fSU and Eastern Europe, and not to encourage a brain drain; it is feared that schemes of this nature can often have that effect. There was also strong support in Moscow and St Petersburg for a proposal for a joint mathematical meeting with the LMS; this is being considered.

25. The Faces Of Science: African Americans In The Sciences.
Biographies of african Americans working in the science fields, ranging from geologists and astronomers to mathematicians and inventors.
The Faces of Science:
African Americans in the Sciences
The Past: "What Has Happened Before?" Profiled here are African American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering. The accomplishments of the past and present can serve as pathfinders to present and future engineers and scientists. African American chemists, biologists, inventors, engineers, and mathematicians have contributed in both large and small ways that can be overlooked when chronicling the history of science. By describing the scientific history of selected African American men and women we can see how the efforts of individuals have advanced human understanding in the world around us. Alphabetical Index to the Profiles Listed in "The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences"
Index of People
Index by Profession Women Scientists
Women profiled. First Science Ph.D.s awarded to African Americans
First African Americans who earned doctoral degrees in
science, mathematics, and engineering. Biochemists Biologists Chemists Physicists Herman Branson
George Washington Carver

Emmett W. Chappelle

26. Mathematicians Of The African Diaspora CONTENTS
mathematicians of the african Diaspora. 10th Southern african MathematicalSciences Association Conference 29th Nov. 2nd Dec. 2004. african
Mathematicians of the African Diaspora
10th Annual Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences
June 22-25, 2004 at Berkeley, CA S
outhern A frican ... African Intitute for Mathematical Sciences
CONTENTS The Greatest Black Mathematicians Profiles of 500 Black Mathematicians Black Research Mathematicians Books BLACK WOMEN in Math Sciences A MODERN HISTORY of BLACKS IN MATHEMATICS AMUCHMA Online - History of Mathematics in Africa Newsletter the ANCIENTS in Africa Africa TODAY mathematicians OUTSIDE the US Black and U.S. Minority and WORLD Organizations Black Mathematics Journals Computer Scientists of the African Diaspora Physicists Astronomers of the African Diaspora Historically Black Departments Online
Caribbean United States SPECIAL ARTICLES ... TIME LINE (U.S.) JOB OPENINGS RECENT DEATHS Statistics on Mathematicians S EARCH this website CONTACT Dr. Williams MODERN ANCIENT REFERENCES AWARDS latest award: Acknowledged in USA Today Best Bets in Education 2/20/2001 AIMS Acknowledgements major revisions 6/9/97; 2/15/99, 12/3/00, 9/9/01

Mathematical Union. It was created by, and is maintained within thewebsite of (go to) mathematicians of the african Diaspora by.
The African Mathematical Union ( AMU ) or Union Mathematique Africaine ( UMA ) is the African equivalent of the International Mathematical Union. The official webpage of the AMU is in preparation and will be operated from the Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco ( Until that time we operate this website. HISTORY of the AMU EXECUTIVE BOARD Among the activities of the AMU is the organisation of commissions: AMUCHMA - the Commission on the History of Mathematics in Africa whose newsletter is available online AMUCME , the Commission on Mathematics Education in Africa. AMUCWMA , the Commission on Women in Mathematics in Africa. AMUCMO , The Commission for the African Mathematics Olympiads. 5. The AMU Mathematical Sciences Network The AMU also publishes the journal Afrika Matematica , The First Pan-African Mathematical Journal. This web page was constructed with help from past AMU President, Professor Aderemi Kuku and Professor Paulus Gerdes of Mozambique. SEARCH this website Since 5/27/97, vistors to this site. This web page is the property of the African Mathematical Union. It was created by, and is maintained within the website of

28. The South African Mathematical Society
The South african Mathematical Society is a national association of mathematicians,conscious of its african and international context as it seeks to promote
The South African Mathematical Society Mission The South African Mathematical Society was founded in 1957 and has the advancement of mathematics in South Africa as its main objective. It has a membership of more than 200. Main activities include Council Members Application for membership Journal ... SA Committee for the IMU NEW: SAMS RESPONSE TO NEW FET CURRICULUM

The South African Mathematical Society is a national association of mathematicians, conscious of its African and international context as it seeks to promote the discipline of mathematics in all its facets, locally, regionally and internationally. It is committed to high standards of excellence in the learning, teaching and research of the discipline and will strive to explore the applications of mathematics in addressing the needs of the South African society. In particular, it aims to

29. Mathematicians Of The African Diaspora
african American mathematicians.
Mathematicians of the African Diaspora In Mathematics, more than any other field of study, have we heard proclamations and statements similar to, " The Negro is incapable of succeeding ." Ancient and present achievements contradict such statements. One of the purposes of this website is to exhibit the inaccuracy of those proclamations by exhibiting the accomplishments of the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora within the Mathematical Sciences. click graphic to enter E NTER Mathematicians of the African Diaspora If you are stuck in a frame CLICK THIS y
visitors since opening 5/25/97 This web page is

30. BENJAMIN BANNEKER 1731-1806 - Mathematicians Of The African Diaspora
Features a detailed biography as well as excerpts from a letter Banneker wrote to Thomas Jefferson.

(below) Thomas Fuller An African mathematician in the early 1700's Charles Reason, African American mathematician in 1850 Kelly Miller, first Black graduate student A Contemporary History of Blacks in Mathematics return to SPECIAL ARTICLES Banneker Almanac Banneker Biography letters of corrections to the biography Banneker Societie s Banneker's letter to and from Jefferson top BENJAMIN BANNEKER 1731-1806 letters of corrections to the biography Molly Walsh emigrated from England to the colony Maryland as an indentured slave in bondage for seven years. When her servitude ended, Molly purchased a farm along the Patapsco River near Baltimore. and two slaves. In time she set the slaves free and married one of them, a man named Bannaky (changed from Banna Ka). They had several children, one a daughter named Mary. Mary Bannaky grew up, purchased a slave, Robert, whom she later married and lived on the family farm. On Nov. 9, 1731, a son, Benjamin, was born to Robert and Mary Bannaky. Using the Bible, Molly Bannaky taught Mary's children to read, and soon after, Benjamin would read the bible to his mother and grandmother. For those times, life was good to this little community, but work was hard, but not challenging to Benjamin. He learned to play the flute and the violin, and when a Quaker school opened in the valley, Benjamin attended it during the winter where he learned to write and elementary arithmetic. He had an eighth-grade education by time he was 15, at which time he took over the operations for the family farm. He devised an irrigation system of ditches and little dams to control the water from the springs (known around as Bannaky Springs) on the family farm. Their tobacco farm flourished even in times of drought.

A special session of the 5th Pan african Congress of mathematicians (PACOM'2000). University of Witswatersrand, South Africa; 21 January 2000.
The John Knopfmacher Centre for Applicable Analysis and Number Theory
On behalf of the organising committee we are pleased to invite you to attend and present talks at these two events, which will be dedicated to John Knopfmacher , a South African number theorist of international renown who died tragically of a heart attack on 29 May 1999, during a stay as a visiting Professor in Austria. A description of his life and career can be found on his home page . The 5th Pan African Congress of Mathematicians PACOM'2000 The John Knopfmacher Centre for Applicable Analysis and Number Theory LIST OF POTENTIAL SPEAKERS Neville Robbins Jean-Paul Allouche Joachim von zur Gathen Daniel Panario Gert Almkvist Doron Lubinsky James Ridley Lutz Lucht Wolfgang Schwarz Pelegri Viader Christian Mauduit Arnold Knopfmacher Helmut Prodinger Peter J. Grabner Frederique Bassino Richard Brak Abdelmalek Azizi Oumar Mbodj Richard Warlimont NUMBER THEORY DAY 2000 - Program and Abstracts PACOM2000 - SPECIAL SESSION ABSTRACTS The latex file containing all speaker's abstracts is available for download from here . GENERAL INFORMATION Cape Town in summer is one of the most beautiful cities of the world with its coastal scenery, Table Mountain and famous beaches. The weakness of the South African currency againt the Euro and Dollar makes the cost of food and accomodation very cheap for overseas participants. The organisers of PACOM2000 have put together an impressive sightseeing program which is described on their web page. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AND DEADLINES Unfortunately we are unable to pay the cost of airfares for attending speakers, however the Centre for Applicable Analysis and Number Theory may be able to contribute some local cost to speakers at NUMBER THEORY DAY 2000. For organisational and subsidy purposes we would appreciate it if you could let us know before August 10 1999 if you are potentially interested to attend these events. The actual deadline for registration is

32. Mathematicians, Meterologists, Microbiologists -- The Faces Of Science: African
mathematicians african Americans in the Sciences. Return to The Faces of Science african Americans in the Sciences .
Mathematicians: African Americans in the Sciences
Index by Profession Biochemists Biologists Chemists Engineers ... Zoologists
Profiled Scientists Scientists Identified Not Yet Profiled
  • Andrew Norwood Aheart
  • Prince Winston Armstrong
  • Elayne Arrington-Idowu
  • Joseph Battle
  • John Henry Bennett
  • Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid
  • David Harold Blackwell
  • Simmie Samuel Blakney
  • Lillian Katie Bradley
  • Warren Hill Brothers
  • Marjorie Lee Brown
  • George Hench Butcher, Jr.
  • Charles W. Cansler
  • Edward Major Carroll
  • Jeremiah Certaine
  • Llayron L. Clarkson
  • William Waldron Shiefflin Claytor
  • Lois Louise Cooper
  • Elbert Frank Cox
  • Suzanne Craig
  • Geraldine Claudette Carden
  • Joseph J. Dennis, Jr.
  • James Ashley Donaldson
  • Samuel Horace Dougles
  • James William Drew
  • Henry Madison Eldridge
  • James R. Ellis
  • Wade Ellis
  • Earl Owen Embree
  • John Albert Ewell III
  • Etta Zuber Falconer
  • William Thomas Fletcher
  • Joseph Everett Fuller
  • Thomas Fuller
  • Sadie Catherine Gasaway
  • Fannie Gee
  • Issac T. Gilliam, IV
  • Joella Hardeman Gipson
  • Israel Everett Glover
  • Japheth Hall, Jr.

33. PACOM 2000
5th Pan african Congress of mathematicians. Cape Town, South Africa; 23 28 January 2000.
Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

34. The Pan-African Mathematical Olympiad 14th PAMO
SIXTH PANafrican CONGRESS OF mathematicians. It is crucial that mathematical knowledgeis appreciated as one of the cornerstones for Africa’s development.
SIXTH PAN-AFRICAN CONGRESS OF MATHEMATICIANS Home page Scientific Programme General Scientific events ... Contact Scientific Programme
Opening and closing Ceremonies
Plenary Lectures Invited Lectures in parallel Sessions Short Communications and Posters
The AMU Executive Committee and the Organizing Committee have invited distinguished mathematicians from the African continent and abroad to give plenary and invited lectures and to contribute to symposia, panel and round table discussions.
The detailed Programme will be made available on the website and on arrival. Opening and closing Ceremonies The official opening of PACOM 2004 will include the presentation of the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad medals.
Details will appear on the website.

35. African Mathematical Union (AMU)
african Mathematical Union (AMU). Africawide union of mathematicians. Nameafrican Mathematical Union. Acronym AMU. HQ Country Morocco.
Contemporary Africa Database ::: Institutions Home About Contact Us Suggest ... Countries Institutions: A B C D ... Z
African Mathematical Union (AMU)
Africa-wide union of mathematicians Name: African Mathematical Union Acronym: AMU HQ Country: Morocco Date Founded:
Past and present personnel listed in our People database
People are listed alphabetically. This list includes people who are currently in the stated positions or who have formerly held these positions. Dates are given wherever possible. The list is not necessarily exhaustive for this institution.
Internet Resources
Other educational institutions

You may know more than us about the African Mathematical Union
Is our information accurate, relevant, up to date? Is there anything missing? We welcome whatever you can tell us. Please fill in the African Mathematical Union update form Institutions People About ... Feedback
Build date: 03-Jun-04

36. African Mathematical Union
The african Mathematical Union was founded in 1976 at the first PanafricanConference of mathematicians was held in Rabat, Morocco.

37. South African Mathematical Society
is a national association of mathematicians, conscious of its african and internationalcontext as it seeks to promote the discipline of mathematics in all its

38. Sixth Pan-African Congress Of Mathematicians
Sixth Panafrican Congress of mathematicians. Month September 2004 Date September16 (REVISED). Name Sixth Pan-african Congress of mathematicians.
Sixth Pan-African Congress of Mathematicians
Month: September 2004 Date: September 16 (REVISED) Name: Sixth Pan-African Congress of Mathematicians Location: Institute National des Sciences Appliquees et del la Technologie
Mathematical Sciences and the Development of Africa-Challenges for Building a Knowledge Society in Africa. The scientific program will include plenary lectures, invited lectures, contributed research papers, a symposium, and exhibitions.
Please submit curriculum vitae and abstract to: J. Persens, Pres., African Mathematical Union, Univ. of the Western Cape, Private Bag X17, Belville 7535, South Africa; ; and copies to: J.-P. Ezin, Sec. General, African Mathematical Union, Institut de Mathematiques et de Sciences Physiques, BP613, Porto Novo, Benin;

39. 13th Pan African Mathematics Olympiad (PAMO)
Next year s Pan african Mathematics Olympiad will take place in Tunisiaas part of the Pan african Congress of mathematicians. Enquiries
Your browser does not support script
13th Pan African Mathematics Olympiad (PAMO)
The 13th PAMO was held in Maputo, Mozambique from 19 - 27 April 2003.
South Africa top in African maths olympiad
For the second year running a team of four High School students from South Africa have won top honours in the Pan African Mathematics Olympiad (PAMO) which was held in Maputo, Mozambique from 19 to 27 April 2003.
The South Africa team: Lisa Alberti (Deputy Leader), Divya Babu (Bronze Medal), Linsen Loots (Winner-Gold Medal), David Hatton (Team Leader), Gayle Sher (Silver Medal), Yumna Moosa (Silver Medal-first girl). The team consisting of:
  • Linsen Loots (grade 12, Parel Vallei HS)
  • Yumna Moosa (grade 10, Wynberg Girls' High School)
  • Gayle Sher (grade 10, Reddam House)
  • Divya Babu (grade 11, Ixopo High School) took a Gold, 2 Silvers and a Bronze medal respectively.
The South African team won overall first place in the Olympiad team rankings. Their coach, David Hatton (University of Cape Town), was awarded a Gold Medal as the Team Leader of the winning team. Linsen Loots was awarded the prize for the best student at the Olympiad and Yumna Moosa the best girl participant. Gayle and Divya were in fact the two next best girls.

40. Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
Date 11/07/96 at 194359 From Anonymous Subject african American mathematiciansI am trying to compile a list of african American mathematicians.

Associated Topics
Dr. Math Home Search Dr. Math
African-American Mathematicians
Date: 11/07/96 at 19:43:59 From: Anonymous Subject: African American mathematicians I am trying to compile a list of African American mathematicians. Do you have any suggestions or Internet URLs where I can find some info? Thanks. Mrs. J. Dean Date: 11/07/96 at 22:08:59 From: Doctor Sarah Subject: Re: African American mathematicians Hello! Usually the first place we look for biographical information about individual mathematicians is the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive: Also, see Prof. Scott Williams' series of pages, "Mathematicians of the African Diaspora," created to exhibit the accomplishments of the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora within the Mathematical Sciences. Next, see "The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences": I hope this will give you a good start on your project. -Doctor Sarah, The Math Forum Check out our web site!

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