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  1. Earn Extra Money In Your Spare Time Selling OGT Calculators On-line by Jassen Bowman and James Orr, 2007
  2. Earn Extra Money In Your Spare Time Selling Scientific Calculators On-line by James Orr, 2007
  3. Unraveling The Inner Game To Solar Calculators Sales Success Online by James Orr, 2007
  4. SALES ONLINE DIRECT EXPANDS SHIPPING CALCULATOR APPLICATION.(aiShip ): An article from: Productivity Software
  5. Business Math Using Calculators: Custom Edition for Vc Online by David Burton, Jo Burton, et all 2005-12-30
  6. The Secret Online Business Setup Guide (With OGT Calculators Industry Resource Guide) by Jassen Bowman and James Orr, 2007

121. Stellar Crisis Room - Welcome
General resource for the free, interactive web war/strategy game. Includes FAQ, beginner's tutorial, links to active servers, annotated archive of past game maps, build calculators, history of the game, and news about players and servers.


Captain, she won't hold

122. TCalc-Financial Calculators
TCalcFinancial calculators. Add the Best Financial calculators to YourWeb Site! With Your TCalc calculators are powered by TValue! TCalc
4 Jenner St., Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92618, FAX (949) 727-3268,
Products Place an Order ... Site Map
TCalc-Financial Calculators
Add the Best Financial Calculators
to Your Web Site!
With easy-to-use web-based TCalc-Financial Calculators from TimeValue Software, you can instantly enhance the value of your web site. Your customers will be able to calculate loan payments, set savings goals, make rent vs. buy decisions, and more. These handy calculators will give your customers another reason to visit your web site. Perhaps best of all, your customers will have a reason to come back again and again.
Your TCalc calculators are powered by TValue!
TCalc-Financial Calculators perform thousands of calculations each day. They are powered by the same engine that drives our TValue loan amortization software. TValue is the standard for loan, lease, and investment calculations and is used by all national accounting firms. Your calculators are the best in the business.
Choose the calculators you need!

123. Wilson Markle Stuckey Hardesty & Bott
Larkspur firm specializing in solving the organizational, tax, accounting, and financial problems of closely held and emerging businesses. Includes servicebureau-supplied newsletter, financial calculators, and tools.
Providing the following client services:
Consulting Services:
Consulting Services
Business Succession Planning
Business Valuations
Estate Planning
Financial Planning
Retirement Planning
Business Consulting
Business Entity Selection
Tax Services: Tax Services Tax Planning Tax Preparation IRS Representation International Taxation Payroll Services Sales Tax Services Accounting Services: Accounting Services Audit Services Audits, Reviews and Compilations Compilations Bookkeeping/Write-Up Forensic Accounting Financial Statements Other Services: Other Services Expert Witness Services Litigation Support Internet Commerce Taxation of electronic commerce Contact Information: Firm Information Certified Public Accountants A Professional Corporation 101 Larkspur Landing Circle Suite 200 Larkspur, CA 94939 Phone: Fax: Firm Contacts: Donald R. Wilson , CPA 415-925-1120 ext. 125 Alan S. Markle , CPA

124. Museum Of Soviet Calculators
Displays handheld and desktop calculators from the 1900s to the present, showing interesting features of each.
Russia Today , and many more as a significant "Cool Site"!
Museum of Soviet Calculators
"Possible is that which can be done immediately, impossible that which takes a little longer..."
Start the Tour!
This tour arrow, and the title bar tour arrow on each page, will take you on a guided tour through the major parts of this site, including all Soviet manufactured machines.
The tour does not include external links, articles, or non-Soviet machines. Be sure to read all the articles listed in the article index , too!
Welcome to the Museum! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Davie, I'm based in Hobart, Tasmania , and I'm a collector of hand-held computing devices such as slide rules and electronic calculators. On this site you will find pictures and details about all the Soviet electronic calculators that I know about. Most of the data on this site appear due to the generous contribution of images and information by fellow calculator collectors, and from my new Russian friends, to whom I send my thanks. I do not have most of these calculators in my collection! Special thanks to Sergei Frolov. He's provided most of the images you see on this site, and is a wonderful source for information about these machines. You can see

125. All FREE Online Measurement Converters Calculators And Unit Translators Metric I
Collection of free Java measurements converters, calculators, unit translators and Java Games with downloadable source code and zip files.

Equivalents Health Links Homework Links ... Previous Page Free Measurement converters, calculators and equivalents for all occasions. Most of them are interactive, some are just for information. All the interactive pages are implemented in JavaScript so make sure your browser is JavaScript enabled (most are). We hope you find the site useful. CONVERTERS AND CALCULATORS 5 Scale Temperature AtoB Distance Area Atmosphere ... Java Games Visit our Poster Stores
Posters - Art Prints
T-Shirts - Badges
Stickers - Keyrings
T-Shirt Store UK/EU Poster Store
USA Poster Store


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126. Guidelines And Me Meters For Investing, Saving And Managing Your Money
Offers stock market tips, investment guidance, retirement planning resources, tools and calculators.
Search Site Great Leaders CD
Get Rich From Your Refund

Before that tax return burns a hole in your pocket, try these nine ways to light a fire under your financial goals. ( Full Story
by Rick Doble
Rx for Savings

Learn the many ways your local pharmacy can help you lower the cost of medication. ( Full Story
WHAT DO YOU THINK? This year, financially speaking, I expect to be... better off than last year. the same as last year. worse off than last year.

Are you saving enough? Should you convert your IRA to a Roth IRA? What are your contibution limits? Find out with our retirement calulators. Building the Nest What will your refinancing costs be? How much of a mortage can you afford? Use our calculators to get a handle on your money. Legal Documents Incorporate Now Chopra's Key to Freedom Deepak Chopra turns his eye on the Western world and sees too much action with too little satisfaction. The physician's prescription for change is a shift in consciousness. Full Story Today's Tip For Tightwads Our economizing crusader is at it again. This time Rick Doble tells us how to expand our wardrobe without losing the shirt off our backs. ( Full Story Click here for more Money stories Home Family ... Advertise with us MyPrimeTime and the other MyPrimeTime products on this site are trademarks of MyPrimeTime, Inc. The names of actual companies and their products mentioned on this site may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

127. Mortgage Resources: Financial Calculators
calculators for every issue concerning real estate finance.
Financial Calculator Page
Home Products and Services Links Page Brief Application ... Glossary of Terms Mortgage Calculators Qualification Calculator Mortgage Calculator Simple Loan Payment Calculator Mortgage Payment Table Calculator ... Convertible Balloon Mortgage Calculator Retirement and Investment Calculators Yield Calculator Retirement Calculator Future Value/Annuity Calculator Mortgage Calculators Qualification Calculator Use this calculator to approximate your qualification for a new home. Remember, there are many programs available with no income specifications and/or greater flexibility than these shown. Also, each transaction is very personal and must be individually tailored. Please call or e-mail for specific scenarios. Mortgage Calculator Need an amortization schedule for a proposed transaction? This will even allow you to figure in regular prepayments if so desired. Simple Loan Payment Calculator If you just want to calculate the payment on a loan, whether for a mortgage, auto loan or credit card, simply enter the amount, interest rate and loan duration. Mortgage Payment Table Calculator Would you like a table of payments for a range of loan amounts and interest rates? Try this, it can be pretty handy.

128. Fryed Software - The Future Of Ti-Basic, Today.
Contains BASIC programs for nearly all TI calculators as well as information and screenshots for upcoming programs.
Fryed Software If you are seeing this, It may mean the Following... 1: Your Browser Sucks
2: Your Calculator Outperforms your Computer
3: For Some Strange Reason, Your using a Text Browser.
Click here to go to the Fryed Software Homepage

129. Riggs Bank - Wealth Management - Investing Calculators
Choose One

130. Riggs Bank - Personal Finance - Borrowing Center - Borrowing
calculators. Choose One © 1997

131. Measure 4 Measure: Sites That Do The Work For You
Beer Recipator A Beer Recipe Calculator. An interactive set of web pagesthat homebrewers can use to formulate their recipes online.
"Computers can figure out all kinds of problems,
except the things in the world that just don't add up."
James Magary
Check out my other sites: Word Play Map Happy
Serendipitous Sites Part of the Homewood Public Library Web Site
New sites added December 23, 2003.
Links checked and updated January 2, 2004. Comments, additions, updates? Email me at: Sites on "Measure 4 Measure" are organized into the following categories: Science/Math Health Finance
All 'Round the House
... A Measure Of Everything Else
Acceleration Equivalents
Enables you to convert between nine units of acceleration. [New URL]
Angular Acceleration
Convert to and from various units.
Angular Velocity
Convert to and from various units.
Area Equivalents
Convert area measures from one square unit to another. [New URL]

132. Practical Weight Loss Site - How To Lose Fat And Keep It Off.
Calorie and BMI calculators.
Practical Weight Loss
The Healthy Way to Lose Fat and Keep It Off
Recipe of The Day
Your Ideal Weight Calorie Calculators Affiliate Program ... Contact Me
WHAT OTHERS HAD TO SAY ABOUT MY NEWSLETTER: Don't ever stop doing this newsletter, the way you do it is the BEST, and I will recommend it any time I can!! THANK YOU! Karla Gloor, Painesville, Ohio

Hi! I'm Melanie Mendelson, the person who created this site. I lost 23 lbs and kept it off, and so can you
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Please take a moment to sign up for my FREE weight loss newsletter that will educate you, motivate you and help you reach your weight loss goals: Your Name Your E-Mail
I will send you a short Fitness Tip daily. I value your privacy, and will never share, rent or sell your e-mail address to anyone. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time. The Top Diet and Weight Loss Supplement Reviews Are Here! Click Here to see which ones really work and which ones are just hype! Not all exercises or diets are suitable for everyone. The instructions and advice presented on this site are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. The creators, producers, participants and distributors of this site disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the information and advice provided here.
var site="sm7weightloss"

133. Java And Javascript Financial Calculators - Present Value PV, Fut
Fullfunction financial calculators.
Arthur's Java and Javascript Financial Calculators
- by Dr. Arthur Hau (updated 6/24/2001)
  • Traditional IRA Calculator - Use IE browser only!
    Javascript Calculator for the calculation of the yearly distributions you receive after retirement when contributions are made in an ordinary investment account and in a Traditional IRA, respectively.
  • Roth IRA Calculator - Use IE browser only!
    Javascript Calculator for the calculation of the yearly distribution from a traditional IRA and the yearly distribution from a Roth IRA after conversion. This Roth IRA Calculator takes into account income tax deferral and the present and future values of IRA contribution and distribution under a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA.
  • Javascript PV/FV Financial Calculator - Use IE browser only!
    Javascript Calculator for the calculation of Present Value, Future Value, PV, FV, Present Value Interest Factors, Future Value Interest Factors, pvif, fvif, Present Value Interest Factor of an Annuity, Future Value Interest Factor of an Annuity, pvifa, fvifa

134. Mortgages - Get Your Home Loan At Loanspeed!
Offers free information, including a lender locator, loan calculators, and a chat room and glossary.
Sponsor is a national mortgage lender, specializing in home equity loans, consolidation, creative solutions, and personal service!
Click Here for your Free Savings Analysis , with no obligation.


Capital One

- Instant Online Decisions
Blue from American Express

MoniTrust PROBLEM CREDIT American Consumer Credit Counseling eCreditRepair Future Card BOOKS LoanSpeed Bookstore AUTO LOANS E-LOAN PeopleFirst Welcome to LoanSpeed! If you're shopping for a home loan, you may want to start by doing a little research at our bookstore , and in the glossary of mortgage terms. If you're ready to consult directly with a mortgage company, locate one in your state in our directory of lenders. For those who truly want to save time and get the best deal..."

135. House & Home
Comprehensive site with articles on home repairs, decorating, and planning as well as glossaries, calculators, and basic advice.
initHide=0; /* You may give each page an identifying name, server, and channel on the next lines. */ var s_pageName="BHG:popup:bhg_popup_entry_qnepremium4_www:I405B1P05" var s_server="" var s_channel="bhg" var s_pageType="" var s_prop1="" var s_prop2="" var s_prop3="" var s_prop4="" var s_prop5="" var s_prop6="" var s_prop7="false" /* E-commerce Variables */ var s_campaign="" var s_state="" var s_zip="" var s_events="" var s_products="" var s_purchaseID="" var s_eVar1="" var s_eVar2="" var s_eVar3="" var s_eVar4="" var s_eVar5="" var s_eVar6="" var s_eVar7="" var s_eVar9="" var s_eVar10="" var s_eVar11="" var s_eVar12="" /********* INSERT THE DOMAIN AND PATH TO YOUR CODE BELOW ************/ /********** DO NOT ALTER ANYTHING ELSE BELOW THIS LINE! *************/ var s_linkInternalFilters=" " var s_code=' ' //> Special Offer! close Order NOW and get a FREE YEAR of Better Homes and Gardens a FREE COOKBOOK That's 2 full years (24 issues) for the regular 1-year rate - just $22. Plus, we'll rush you your FREE cookbook! But HURRY this offer won't last!

136. Worldpole
Manufacturer and exporter of electronic data banks, universal reminders, clocks, calculators, and similar products.

137. Colorado Springs Real Estate - Cheyenne Mountain Realty
Offers home buyer and seller assistance with property listings, open house schedules, industry tips, rate calculators, and area information.
Tell a Friend
Colorado Springs Real Estate Residential Rent ... Relocate
Mission Statement Cheyenne Mountain Realty's mission is first and foremost helping Colorado Families through the largest transaction they may ever by involved with; the purchase of their dream home . Our Brokers are committed to the values of honesty integrity , and doing what's right for our clients , while nurturing lifelong relationships with families. Taking care of "our families" is our business and we strive to complete each transaction through high ethical and professional standards.
Our History In 2000 we decided to start Cheyenne Mountain Realty with a vision of being a "different." Real Estate Company. Since Colorado Springs has a large military presence, we have a mix of prior Active Military, Military Spouses and Native Colorado Springs Residents as Brokers. This doesn't make us different from the other Real Estate Companies, but what does is our commitment to "our families." Our families are part of our company; there are several Husband/Wife, Partner Teams to ensure our clients’ needs are known and the transactions are completed efficiently. "Families helping Families," is a well known theme in our company and we strive to maintain a family oriented atmosphere. Client appreciation is another difference; we have several client appreciation events, such as a Client / Family Outings to Sky Sox Stadium. We want to keep our relationship with you and your family long after the transaction has been completed and the moving boxes have been put away.

138. Original Documents On The History Of Calculators
Contains HTML versions of some original documents related to the history of calculators.
Original Documents on the History of Calculators
This site contains HTML-versions of some original documents related to the early history of calculators.
For more information on the history of calculators, see Erez Kaplan's Calculating Machines , the pre-HP section of Dave Hicks' Museum of HP Calculators and James Redin's Vintage Calculators (and their lists of links).
If you are interested in the more recent history of computers, check out the document collections of Ed Thelen and the Computer History Museum
An extensive German source is the Rechnerlexikon
External sites are labeled as:
The Making of America

Gallica at the BNF

: other external site Sound-alike matching  

139. Basic Car Audio Electronics
Car audio technical information with tutorials on amperes, current, crossovers and voltage. Browse diagrams and calculators to determine car audio needs.

140. Mortgage Tree - More Than A Loan... A Future
Queenslandbased broker offering products from several vendors. Includes information about products and services, an application form, and financial calculators.
Mortgage Tree Home Apply Online The Company Lending Information ... Site Map

Mortgage Tree
is p roudly Australian Owned
and Operated
Click on your state to find your nearest Personal Financial Manager
Click Here

if you would like a PFM to contact you.

Email webmaster Mortgage Tree is a Total Financial Service Provider specialising in Home Loans, Lines of Credit, Financial Planning and Personal Insurance services. Mortgage Tree offers these products and services through it's network of
Mortgage Tree Personal Financial Managers.
At Mortgage Tree we provide you with a Convenient Mortgage broker service. We find the best Home or Investment loan from over 200 loan products from 20 lenders.
  • Free Home Loan Placement Service A Free Financial Analysis with every loan Save Time - We will come to you at a place and time that suits. Save Money - We can help you save $thousands off your mortgage.
Our Mortgage Tree Personal Financial Managers are not only experienced home loan lenders they are also trained in financial planning, so you get more than a loan, you also get a future.

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