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  1. Keys To Business Networking For Your Solar Powered Calculator Online Business by Jassen Bowman, 2007
  2. Learn the Solar Calculators Online Business Networking Secrets by James Orr, 2007
  3. Show Me The Money: The Financial Side of Selling Solar Calculators Online by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007
  4. Time Management Tips For Calculators Online Business Success by James Orr, 2007
  5. The Godfather Principles of Your Calculators Online Business by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007
  6. Successful Sales Strategies For Selling Solar Calculators Online by James Orr, 2007
  7. The Godfather Principles of Your Solar Powered Calculator Online Business by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007
  8. How To Set Up A Calculators Online Store And Get Paid by James Orr, 2007
  9. Time Management Tips For Solar Powered Calculator Online Business Success by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007
  10. How To Sell Solar Powered Calculator Online With Absolutely No Inventory by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007
  11. Success Marketing Strategies For Your Solar Calculators Online Business by Jassen Bowman and James Orr, 2007
  12. The Techie Stuff: Setting Up Your Solar Calculators Online Storefront by Jassen Bowman and James Orr, 2007
  13. Earn Extra Money In Your Spare Time Selling Calculators On-line by Jassen Bowman and James Orr, 2007
  14. Earn Extra Money In Your Spare Time Selling Solar Powered Calculator On-line by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007

Contains emulators for many different computers and calculators/PDAs for many different platforms. English/Italian

102. HP Calculator Emulators For The PC
The Emulators page of, the premier source of software for and information about the HP48 and HP28 RPN programmable graphic calculators and the HP38G programmable graphic calculator. Lots of tools here.
HP Calculator Emulators for the PC The first size listed is the downloaded file size and the second size listed is the size on the calculator.
There are 36 files totaling 24326KB in this category. details Horizontal emulator face for the 49G with 4X zoom for use at 800x600 resolution or higher. By Fernando Erazo Velasco.
Colored 49G Emulator Faces
details Twenty-one colorful emulator faces of the 49G for use at 1024x768 resolution or higher. By Kelly E. Griffith.
EMU - WinCE/PPC HP48/49 KML 1.2
details This script operates EMU on a WinCE machine with a horizontal format. This gives a faithful representation of the HP48/49G/49G+ look and feel. Importantly the HP48/49 LCD is now of size 2 and laid horizontally which makes it almost identical in size to a real HP48/49. The 49G+ script uses the 49G ROM but has the same color scheme as a 49G+. This modification is based on a KML script by Calculon which in turn was based on Leo Bueno Castillo's original script. Many thanks to those authors for their work. By Murray Rogers and others.

103. -- Algebra Calculators
calculators Index Equation Percentage Calculator This collection of simplecalculators will solve various percentage problems. Fraction
Calculators Lessons Resources ... Subscribe
Calculators Index Equation Calculator
By far, our most popular calculator! Will solve an equation using several steps and show all of the required work. Proportion Calculator
This calculator will solve and show work for any basic proportion using cross product properties.
Simplifies an expression using Order of Operations or by Combining like terms. Order of Operations with Substitution Support
Evaluates an expression by substituting for given variables, then simplifying. Equation Calculator with Substitution Support
Use this calculator to substitute one or more variables before solving. Simplifying Equations
Use this calculator if you only want to simplify, not solve an equation. Term Multiplication
Multiplies one or more terms. Factoring Calculator
Uses trial and error to find all of the factors of any positive integer. Prime Factoring Calculator Uses trial and error to find all of the prime factors of any given number, provided it has no prime factors larger than 463. Percentage Calculator This collection of simple calculators will solve various percentage problems.

104. Affordable Brokerage Company,Real Etate,Denver,Colorado Springs, Real Estate, Do
Specializing in residential and new home construction sales. Includes current listings, rates and calculators, industry reports, and school information.
A ffordable B rokerage C ompany Colorado Springs Area or Denver Metro Real Estate (719)574-HOME (4663) (303)798-6966
Toll Free: (800)711-6020
Don and Sandy Stark: Colorado Springs Area
Kerri Stark: Denver Metro Area
Click here to sign our Guestbook!
Attention Buyers: ABC saves you B ig on any
home in the Multiple Listing Service or New Builder Construction. It does not have to be our listing. Attention Sellers: A ffordable B rokerage C ompany aves you B ig
Please feel free to browse through this site to explore the Colorado Springs Area and Denver Metro Area. This comprehensive online tool offers direct access to the latest properties for sale in your area. Featuring extensive community information, consumer links, school information, free reports, answers to commonly asked real estate questions, and more, you’ll find everything about real estate within one easy source.
If you currently own property and are thinking of placing it on the market, this site contains information about preparing your home for sale, selecting the right agent, pricing your home appropriately, marketing it effectively, going through the inspection processes, and receiving a timely market evaluation.
Thanks for visiting my online real estate source. Please bookmark this site for future reference, and ENJOY!

105. -- Calculators, Lessons, And Resources!
News. 05/19/2004. A new Function Graphing Calculator has gone live. Other calculatorswill be updated soon. Survey. Help us build a better website! calculators.
Advertisement Let Algebra Helper do your Algebra Homework! Algebra Helper solves algebra problems just like your teacher! You enter a problem , and our software solves it step-by-step, while providing clear explanations .Visit us for a free on-line demo at: is a collection of tools created to assist students and teachers of algebra.
Begin by reading one of our lessons , find help with your homework using our step-by-step calculators , and test your knowledge using interactive worksheets
A new Function Graphing Calculator has gone live. Other calculators will be updated soon.
Help us build a better website! Please take a few minutes to complete the survey Premium Features
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Basic Algebra Concepts Equations

Word Problems

Order of Operations

Advanced Simplifying Negative Exponents
Negative Exponents of Variables

Negative Exponents in Fractions
Substitution ... Difference Between Two Squares
Basics Basic Equations Basic Proportions Simplifying Multiplication Two Single Terms Distributive Property FOIL Method Exponents Of Numbers Of Variables Of Polynomials (parenthesis) Advanced Simplifying Order of Operations Negative Exponents Of Numbers Of Variables Fractions Factoring Numbers Finding a Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of Numbers Finding a (GCF) of Two Terms Greatest Common Factor From an Expression ... Difference Between Two Squares
Equations Solving Simplifying Solve by factoring Completing the Square ... Equation Calculator with Substitution Expressions:

106. Mechanical Calculators Prior To The 19th Century
Explains the development and motivation for creating calculating machines.
Mechanical Aids to Computation and the Development of Algorithms
3. Mechanical Calculators prior to the 19th Century
3.1. Introduction
It was observed, at the conclusion of the last chapter, that the general adoption of a notational formalism sophisticated enough in which to express some complex calculations, coincided with a greatly increased requirement for techniques and tools that could assist in difficult numerical analyses. Consider, for example, the following fields in which such computational problems became of great importance from the middle of the 15th century onwards:
A. Navigation
1) A scenario used in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice ca. 1596): Antonio's troubles with Shylock arise as a result of the former being unable to repay the loan advanced to him due to the failure of his merchant ships to arrive within a month of their scheduled date. While computational mechanisms to help in navigation would not in themselves be sufficient to alleviate all potential difficulties, such tools would be of some assistance in planning expeditions, estimating how long they would take, and scheduling departures in order to avoid adverse weather conditions en route , e.g. if a particular sea area is known, from previous experience, to be prone to violent storms during certain parts of the year, then a ship that had to travel through such an region could have its departure dates fixed to try and avoid that period. A primitive and crude measuring device em the geometric compass em was produced by Galileo in 1597: this was of some assistance in translating distances on maps to distances at sea.

107. Car Alarm, Car Stereo, And Cruise Control Info For Installers
Technical information for car audio and alarm installers. Also browse general installation tips, diagrams and impedance calculators.
document.write(code); Basics Car Audio Car Security Cruise Controls ... Search
Basics Diodes Ohm's Law Relays Resistors ... Tools/Equipment
Car Audio Introduction Install Pics 2001 Metra Guide 2002 Metra Guide ... Miscellaneous
Car Security Introduction Accessories Basic Connections Door Locks ... Starter Interrupts
Cruise Controls Introduction Electrical Conn. Mechanical Conn. Servo Settings ... VSS and Tach Info
Forums All Forums Car Audio Car Security Cruise Controls ... Last 100 Topics
General Info Books Calculators Charts Diagrams ... Vehicle Information
Et Cetera About the12volt Advertising Contact Us Contributors ... Site Search Car Alarms Keyless Entry Remote Car Starters Power Windows ...

Technical Information for Mobile Electronics Installers Welcome to This is an on going project to provide mobile electronics installers an on line resource for *technical information as well as tips and tricks of the trade. Due to the tremendous amount of requests for vehicle alarm and stereo information, we will only reply to requests in the12volt's install bay - Mobile Electronics Forums . Joining is free and simple, and includes access to our

108. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing And Engineering Calculators - Engineers Edge
Edge. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Calculator.All calculators Require a JAVA Enabled Browser. More Information.
Register Sponsor Engineers Edge! Click Here Tell A Friend about Engineers Edge Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Calculator All Calculators Require a JAVA Enabled Browser. More Information Tolerance Analysis Utilizing
Geometric Dimensioning Tolerancing
Conversions, Fluids, Financial, Torque, General
Tolerance Calculator (Floating Fastener) Tolerance Calculator (Fixed Fastener) Acceleration Conversion - Equivalent Scientific Calculator ... Automotive Horsepower Spring Power Conversion - Equivalent Kinetic Energy Compression Spring Compression Spring "k" Constant ... Time Conversion - Equivalent Pressure Vessel Metrology Conversion - Equivalent Credit Card Debt Thickness Of Circumferential Shells Under Internal Pressure Thickness Of Longitudinal Stressed Shells Under Internal Pressure ... Pipe Strength Thread Stress Wind Chill Torque - Fastener Thread Stress Area less Than 100 ksi Torque Conversion ... Assembly Mass Estimate Worksheet Sheet Metal Distance Bend to Mold Line Bend Allowance Strain Gage Plastic Snap Fit Half Bridge Beam Bending Strain Gage Snap Fit Straight Finger Strain Snap Fit Tapered Finger Strain Triangle Solutions Triangle Solutions Menu Beam Bending Equations / Calculation Supported on Both Ends Uniform Loading Beam Bending Equations / Calculation Supported on Both Ends Single Load at Center Sides b and c Known ... Beam Bending Equations / Calculation Free and Guided on One End, Rigid one End With Uniform Load

109. Basic Electronics.COM
Explanations of electronics. Volts, ohms, amperes, and basic circuits. Includes calculators and reference materials.
Last Updated:
April 25, 2004
Email Me

Your Projects

Basic Electronics FAQ

Welcome! New to the subject of ELECTRONICS ? Browse around and make use of the simple nature and graphical content of this site. Don't worry! There are no tests at the end of the day. Enjoy.
Place mouse over symbol to see selection in LCD screen then view explanation in the browser's status window.
Browse - It's my belief electronics should be initially browsed and not taught. Most people get started (myself included) by trying to accomplish one specific task. They don't want a degree in electrical engineering! They do want a simple understanding to make their projects work. This is my approach here.

110. Catholic Memorial Physics Page
High School physics formulas, Java Applets, physical constants, science project ideas, physics carols, scientific calculators, study skills, and links to other resources.
Welcome to Catholic Memorial Physics! Catholic Memorial is located at 235 Baker Street, West Roxbury, MA, 02132
Lobby Home Page About Catholic Memorial Physics Discussion Board Physics at C.M. ... Teacher's Page
Laboratory Demonstrations Lab Reports Science Projects Calculator ... Calculator Tutor
Library Physical Constants Properties of Substances Physics Carols Dictionary of Units ... Slide Shows
Classroom Assignments Preview Policies Quiz ... Puzzles This page has had
visitors since October 1,1998.
Email Web Author This PIRA Webring site is owned by
R. W. Harris
List Sites Last Update: Web Author: Bro. Robert W. Harris

111. Efunda Cool Calculators
Financial calculators. Spring calculators Frustrated by reading spring catalogstrying to figure out which spring gives you the right force or displacement?
Cool Calculators About Us Trade Show Career News ... Login
All Materials Design Center Processes Units and Constants Formulas Mathematics for Home Membership Palm Store Forum ...
Financial Calculators Loan Calculator

This calculator takes any two of the three variables (Loan, Interest Rate, and Number of months) and gives the answer for the remaining one. Lease Calculator
Leasing a car? Confused about the money factor that car dealers always mention? We have a mathematical proof that relates money factor to the actual interest rate. APR Calculator
So what is the difference between APR and the Interest Rate? This calculator gives a full definition of APR and helps you determine it for a given interest rate and points cost. Currency Calculator
Updated daily, this calculator gives the extrange rates of more than 60 currencies and converts from one to another. Engineering Design Aids Unit Conversion Calculator
Featuring more than 800 units in our database (and growing), we give the unit definition and SI-dimensions in addition to converting from one unit to other units in the same family. Fraction Calculator
Design engineers, ever wonder what the closest 32

112. HomeServices Of America, Inc.
Includes information to coach consumers through all stages of a move. Features helpful planners, calculators, tips and suggestions.
Carol Jones Realtors CBSHOME Real Estate Champion Realty Edina Realty Home Services Carol Jones Realtors CBSHOME Real Estate Champion Realty Edina Realty Home Services ... Woods Bros. Realty

113. Chris Gillings' Web Site: Slide Rules And Calculators
Images grouped by type.
Slide Rules and Calculators
Please note that these are my personal collections.
I am not a dealer and these items are not for sale; nor am I
interested in offers of items for sale. So please do not contact
me with offers to sell, buy or swap. If you have something you really
truly believe in your heart of hearts that I would be interested in,
please read my trade policy before contacting me.
I've a number of slide rules, abacuses and calculators of varying ages and condition. I am beginning to concentrate my efforts on Special-Purpose slide rules: the more obscure the better. Don't expect to find much more at these links than images. I've only bothered to comment on a few of them. If you're really interested and want more details I'm sure you'll contact me.
Slide Rules
Aristo Scholar 0903LL, Scholar 0903, Scholar LL 0905, TriLog 0908
Concise 28N Circular, 300 Circular
Faber-Castell 'Statics', Novo Duplex, Darmstadt 1/54,
Fuller Fuller Cylindrical by Stanley, 1941
Griffin Halden Halden's Calculex Sun-Hemmi 30 (pre WWII), 30 (post WWII), 101 4' Teaching Rule, Unnumbered (Pat.51788) Hope K-12 Prep.

114. Astronomical Calculations - Approximate Methods For Planet, Sun And Moon Positio
Calculations including coordinate conversion, position and circumstances of the Moon, and positions of the planets. Designed for programmable calculators, spreadsheets and illustrative applications where high accuracy is not needed.
Astronomical calculations
This site contains low precision formulas, algorithms and some code for calculating the equatorial, ecliptic and horizon coordinates and the rise transit and set times of the Sun, Moon and the planets. You will also find some information on plotting star charts horizon charts and planispheres ; all based on the polar and equatorial stereographic projection The methods in this Web site are low precision and are not suitable for celestial navigation , occultation prediction, eclipse prediction or similar circumstances where high accuracy is needed. Thanks to people who have pointed out errors - some are bound to remain so check results against known sources before trusting the methods here. VBA module that defines 'user functions' for finding the sunrise/set and times of the three twilights for any latitude. - Added 2nd Jan 2003 Coordinates Alt Az from Ra and DEC Precession Sidereal time
Charts Plotting a planisphere Plotting an horizon sky chart Plotting a star chart
Planets tables charts corrected! Circular orbits Elliptical orbits QBASIC elliptical Kepler's equation
Sun Position to 0.01 deg

115. Nutrition Calculators - Calories, Body Mass Index, And Ideal Body Weight
Calculate ideal body weight, body mass index, calories needed, and calories burned during activity.
All Terms Any Term
Search Tips

Home Calculators Continuing Ed. Health Links Dietetic Jobs Pyramid Vitamins What's an RD? WVDA Board Licensure Members Area Obesity Run Annual Meeting Obesity Run Contact Us
Dietetic Association
Your browser must support Javascript for these to work. Please read the
Also read the information below on Ideal Body Weight and Body Mass Index.
Calories for Men

Calories for Women

Body Mass Index

Physical Activity- Gym Activities Occupational Activities
The Calorie calculators provide information for weight maintenance. This is based on the information you provide (height, weight, age, and activity level). If you are overweight or underweight the calculation may be high or may be low. You can choose a healthy weight for yourself and use that weight in the calculation. If the goal is to lose weight, 1 pound per week, subtract 500 calories per day from the current daily intake. If the goal is to gain weight, 1 pound per week, add 500 calories per day from the current daily intake. Theoretically this works because 1 pound of fat represents 3500 calories (500 calories per day multiplied by 7 days equals 3500 calories). If you have questions regarding your weight and calorie intake visit a registered dietitian. Body Mass Index (BMI) calculates body fat according to the relationship of weight and height. A BMI

116. Hacked CASIO Graphic Calculators
Mainly about cfx9850 G XMS, programming assembler and others.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

117. GraphPad QuickCalcs: Free Statistical Calculators
QuickCalcs. 1. Select category, 2. Choose calculator, 3. Enter data, 4. Viewresults. Choose the kind of calculator you want to use. Categorical data
1. Select category 2. Choose calculator 3. Enter data 4. View results
Choose the kind of calculator you want to use
Categorical data
Fisher's, Chi square, McNemar's, Sign test, CI of proportion, NNT (number needed to treat). Continuous data
Descriptive statistics, detect outlier, t test, CI of mean/difference/ratio/SD, post tests. Statistical distributions and interpreting P values
Calculate P from t, z, r, F or chi-square, or vice-versa. View Binomial, Poisson or Gaussian distribution. Correct a P value for multiple comparisons and Bayes. Random numbers
Assign subjects to groups, simulate data. Chemical and radiochemical data

118. Louis M. Iannucci & Co. LLP CPA's
Elmsford firm. Includes servicebureau-supplied newsletter, financial calculators, and tools.
Providing the following client services:
Consulting Services:
Business Succession Planning
Computer Consulting
Estate Planning
Financial Planning
Retirement Planning
Business Consulting
Investment Review
Business Entity Selection
Tax Services: Tax Services Tax Preparation IRS Representation Payroll Services Sales Tax Services Accounting Services: Accounting Services Bookkeeping/Write-Up Financial Statements Other Services: Selection of Mutual Funds Real Estate Management Contact Information: Firm Information Louis M. Iannucci Certified Public Accountant's 75 North Central Avenue Rte 9A Elmsford, NY 10523 Phone: Fax: Cell: Email: Firm Contacts: Louis M. Iannucci , CPA 914-347-2922 ext. 10 Ron Eletto 914-592-3944 ext. 16 John Regan 914-347-2922 ext. 13 Phyllis E. Sapper , CPA Vincent A. Iannucci , PA Senior Accountant 914-347-2922 ext. 14

119. Mortgage Loan Calculators
calculators. Paid Sponsor. Mortgage calculators.
Help Pages Compare Today’s Rates Find Local Lenders Mortgage Calculators Mortgage Trends ... Mortgage Home Calculators Paid Sponsor Mortgage Calculators Deposits Calculators Credit Cards Calculators

120. Fort Collins Real Estate, Loveland Real Estate, Larimer County Real Estate - RE/
Office locations, property listings, mortgage calculators, relocation information and agent roster.
w Fort Collins w Loveland w Windsor w Berthoud w
w Greeley w Wellington w Laporte w Weld County w
Fort Collins Real Estate
South Fort Collins
4703-A Boardwalk
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Downtown Fort Collins

215 West Oak Street, Suite 100
Fort Collins, CO 80521

3850 N. Grant Avenue, Suite 200
Loveland, CO 80538
3459 W. 20th Street, Suite 113 Greeley, CO 80634 Click Here To See Our Listings! Call RE/MAX First Associates, Inc. today to discuss all of your real estate! CLICK ANY LINK BELOW... Community Information Area Attractions Local Restaurants Movies ... More... For More Information: RE/MAX First Associates, Inc. 4703 A Boardwalk Dr. Fort Collins, CO 80525 Office: w Fax: E-Mail: RE/MAX First Associates, Inc. Each RE/MAX office is independently owned and operated. w About Us w Agent Roster w Property Listings w Resources w Free Reports w Real Estate Info w Interest Rates w Apply Online w Mortgage Calculators w School Information w Community Links w Consumer Links w Favorite Links w Real Estate News w Contact Form w Email

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