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  1. Math Trailblazers. Quick Start: Table of Contents, Unit Summaries, Scope and Sequence. Unit Resource Guide, Grade 5
  2. Math Trailblazers Grade 4 Table of Contents Unit Summaries Scope and Sequence (grade 4 journey using science and language arts with mathematics)
  3. More Math Transparencies: Dominoes, Multiplication Tables, Decimal Squares, Coins, Calculator, and Much More by Various, 1994
  4. Tables, Charts and Graphs (Milliken Math Champs!, Grades 6-8)
  5. Ten Steps to Improve Your Child's Times Tables (Let's Learn at Home: Maths) by Ian Gardner, 1998-09-18
  6. EZ Times Table: An easy, visual way to learn multiplication and division by playing with patterns, and making friends with numbers by Thomas Biesanz, 2008-01-31
  7. Round Table Geometry: 30 Activities to Connect Math & Literature by Elena Dworkin Wright, Susan Shapero, 1998-12
  8. Handbook of Mathematical Tables and Formulas by Richard Stevens Burington, 1973-02-01
  9. Machinery's handbook guide to the use of tables and formulas: Hundreds of examples and test questions on the use of tables, formulas, and general data in Machinery's handbook by John Milton Amiss, 1984
  10. Graphs, Tables, Schedules & Maps: The Real World of Adult Math (Number Power #5) by Robert Mitchell, Donald Prickel, 1983-10-01
  11. Math Sticker Workbooks: Simple Times Tables by David Clemson, Wendy Clemson, 1997-06-01
  12. The Easy-to-Learn Mathematics Self Teacher
  13. Algebra 2 for Christian Schools: Teacher's Edition, Book 2 (Second Edition) by Kathy D. Pilger, 2001
  14. Times Tables: I Can Do Maths by Green Debbie, 2005

81. Swett, Research, Erdos-Strauss Conj
The conjecture states that for any integer n 1 there are integers a, b, and c with 4/n = 1/a + 1/b + 1/c, a 0, b 0, c 0. The page establishes that the conjecture is true for all integers n, 1 n = 10^14. tables and software by Allan Swett.
Allan Swett, Current Research on ESC... rev. 10/28/99 The Erdos-Strauss Conjecture 4/n = 1/a + 1/b + 1/c,
(Note: Some of the linked pages are under revision.)
Principal Ideas, Part 1: A C++ Program
One may establish ESC(n) for a particular class of integers n using an identity. For example, the identity 4/(2+3x) = 1/(2+3x) + 1/(1+x) + 1/((1+x)(2+3x)) establishes that ESC(n) is true for n = 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, ... (simply take x = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...). That is, ESC(n) is true for all positive integers n which are congruent to 2, mod 3. (Two integers are said to be "congruent mod n", if and only if n divides their difference. We abbreviate the fact that A and B are congruent mod n as A == B (mod n) .) A "generic" identity provides a set of similar results: Vocabulary: S(n)
AX + W == (mod 4n-1) for some positive integer divisors X and W of n. Let E(n) denote the set of positive integers congruent, mod 4n-1, to an element of S(n). Then Theorem: Link to a proof of the Theorem.

82. CMS Publications
3 main titles, searchable indexes and tables of contents.
home about the CMS media releases search ... other societies
CMS Publications
Canadian Journal of Mathematics
About the CJM
CJM On-line ...
Institutional Online Agreement

Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
About the CMB
CMB On-line ...
Institutional Online Agreement

Crux Mathematicorum with Mathematical Mayhem
About CRUX with MAYHEM ...
Institutional Online Agreement

CMS Notes
About the CMS Notes
CMS Notes On-line ...

Email addresses of Editors
BOOK REVIEWS Book Reviews from the CMS Notes PUBLICATIONS CATALOGUE 2003 Publications Catalogue (PDF) BOOKS AND SERIES The CMS Books in Mathematics Series
(new series published by Springer
CMS Tracts in Mathematics
(a new series) Editors A T aste ... The CMS Advanced Book Series (published by Wiley The CMS Conference Proceedings Series (published by AMS) Information related to subscription, paper submission, editors and other publication details is available on the covers of each publication. Subscription Rates Information: comments? search for?

83. Teaching Tables - Making Learning Times Tables Fun
times tables games, table games, multiplication games, tables, times, time, primary math games, primary maths games. Teaching tables
times tables games, table games, multiplication games, tables, times, time, primary math games, primary maths games
Teaching Tables is a certified Curriculum Online product and can be purchased using eLearning credits.
Access resources instantly Generate millions of worksheets in a click Download and install (Home users only)(PC)
(New - dedicated download server for increased speed and reliability)

Purchase Teaching Tables CD-ROM (PC)

Multiplication Bingo Machine Supporting Resources About
Bingo Machine

10 bingo cards

3 bingo cards
2 bingo cards ... Blank Cards A fun way for the class to practise their multiplication facts. Give each pupil a bingo card generated in the supporting resources section and set the bingo machine running. The bingo machine will display a multiplication question for a preset time. If a pupil has the answer on their card they must cross it off. The first pupil(s) to cross off all their numbers wins. Table Mountain About Select the table you wish to practise and then begin your ascent. If you manage to reach the top you can print out a certificate and view a report of your mistakes ( one player games only ). If you're feeling particularly brave you can take the Table Mountain Challenge but be careful a single mistake sends you right back to the bottom!

84. SevilleDriver
Journal dedicated to the study of Santayana's life and work. Includes tables of contents, PDF files of many articles.
Overheard in Seville:
Bulletin of the Santayana Society
Editor: Angus Kerr-Lawson
Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1, Communications about papers on Santayana's life and works
should be sent to Kerr-Lawson. E-mail address:
Communications about Santayana bibliography, the Santayana Society,
the Santayana Edition, or business matters, should be sent to: Kristine W. Frost
Managing Editor, Santayana Edition
School of Liberal Arts, IUPUI
Cavanaugh Hall 207
425 University Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5140, E-mail address: The Bulletin appears annually. It is formatted and composed for typesetting using Microsoft Word and PostScript, and printed by Graphics, University of Waterloo. It is published and distributed by Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Papers are published dealing with all aspects of Santayana's philosophy, his literary works, or his life. There are regular progress reports on the Santayana Edition and updates to Santayana bibliography. Announcements concerning the Santayana Society and its annual meeting also appear in each number.
Tables of Contents: 1983 - 2003
Certain of the texts of the articles beginning in 1993 are available through hyperlinks as shown below. More recent articles appear as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files

85. Aliquot Sequences
Aliquot sequences arise in iterating the sumof-divisors function s. Bosma has calculated tables up to start value 50,000 and 80 digits.
Aliquot sequences
Aliquot sequences arise in iterating the sum-of-divisors function s, which assigns to a positive integer the sum of its proper divisors (i.e., excluding the number itself). An aliquot sequence thus starts with a positive integer n, followed by s(n), then s(s(n)), etc. The main open question in the area is given by the Catalan-Dickson conjecture, which states that for any starting value n one of two things happens: either the sequence ends in a cycle, or it reaches 1 after finitely many steps (and is said to terminate then). Cycles of length 1 come from perfect numbers: 6 = 1 + 2 + 3 = s(6), 28 = 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14 = s(28), etc. Cycles of length 2 are also called amicable numbers: 220, s(220)=284, s(284)=220. Longer cycles are also called sociable numbers. Progress in numerical work to verify the Catalan-Dickson conjecture relies upon progress in integer factorization methods, as no better method is known for the determination of the divisors of a number than the obvious method using its prime factorization. I became interested in aliquot sequences while testing the integer factorization algorithms in Magma. I have listed some of the numerical work I have done. Several other people are involved in a big effort to push our knowledge for small starting values.

86. Noam D. Elkies Home Page
Harvard. Number theory, algebraic geometry. Preprints, tables in computational number theory.
Noam D. Elkies
Professor, Department of Mathematics Harvard University E-Mail Work Address
Department of Mathematics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138. Work Telephone
fax Mathematics Music Chess links My Brandenburg Concerto #7 (no kidding!) will be premiered by the Metamorphosen Chamber Orchestra Saturday, September 27 at 8PM in Jordan Hall (New England Conservatory, near Symphony Hall). I'll speak at a pre-concert talk at 7:15. Here are my program notes.
Please ignore these HTML tests.
sample link #1
sample link #2

sample link #3(

87. Andrej Dujella Home Page
University of Zagreb, Croatia. Page on Diophantine mtuples; tables of high-rank elliptic curves; Link to mathematical departments and number theory groups and seminars; Information for students on courses in number theory and cryptography.
Andrej Dujella
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics

University of Zagreb

Bijenicka cesta 30

Phone: (+385 1) 4605 780
Fax: (+385 1) 4680 335
Room: 301
Site Map
Curriculum vitae Publication list (with papers in dvi format)
Fields of interest:
Diophantine equations (11D) Diophantine m -tuples, i.e. sets with the property that the product of any two of its distinct elements is one less than a square; Simultaneous Pellian equations; Thue equation Elliptic curves (11G05) Construction of high-rank elliptic curves; Integer points on families of elliptic curves Diophantine approximations (11J) Applications of Baker's theory and hypergeometric method; Continued fractions Fibonacci and Lucas numbers (11B39) Diophantine and divisibility properties of binary recursive sequences; Connections with Diophantine m -tuples Cryptography (94A60) Elliptic Curve Cryptography; Teaching Diophantine m-tuples page
Elliptic curves tables:
Undergraduate courses:

88. High School Math
B Regents Exam Review Mr. Hoffman s math Stuff Virtual math Manipulatives Online math Tools Free Scientific Calculator math Reference tables Algebra Algebra
Math Guide
Featured Sites
Equivalent Fractions Game

High School Math Problems

Math A Regents Exam Review

Math B Regents Exam Review
Virtual Math Manipulatives

Online Math Tools
Free Scientific Calculator

Math Reference Tables

Algebra Algebra Tutorials - Mrs. Carlton High School Algebra Problems PurpleMath: Practical Algebra Lessons Geometry Exploring Circles High School Geometry Problems Polygons: Vocabulary Lesson The Pythagorean Theorem Trigonometry Dave's Short Trig Course High School Trigonometry Interactive Trigonometry Trigonometric Identities Calculus AP Calculus - Mrs. Roberts High School Calculus Problems Interactive Calculus Lessons Visual Calculus Tutorials ... Words Hub

89. Richard E. Borcherds (Berkeley Home Page)
Berkeley. Quantum algebra and number theory. Preprints, lecture notes, tables of lattices and modular forms. Fields medallist, 1998.
Richard E. Borcherds, University of California Department of Mathematics , 970 Evans Hall #3840, Berkeley CA 94720-3840, USA.
(510) 642 8464 Fax: (510) 642 8204
Author/Related Author Anywhere Title Class MR Number Ref Author Ref Anywhere Full search From German From French to German to French Dictionary Thesaurus

90. Tables Of Drinfeld Modules
Complete tables of signnormalized, rank one, Drinfeld modules on the elliptic curves over finite fields of order less than 16.
Tables of rank one Drinfeld modules
Complete tables of sign-normalized, rank one, Drinfeld modules on the elliptic curves over finite fields of order less than 16 were computed by Dummit and Hayes ( Mathematics of Computation , 875-883) in 1994. These tables are available in two usable formats by anonymous ftp . The first format is designed for inclusion in TeX documents, and the second is designed to be read into Mathematica notebooks. See also D. Dummit, Genus two hyperelliptic Drinfeld modules over F2 , The Arithmetic of Function Fields, Proceedings of a Workshop at Ohio State University, June 17-26, 1991, de Gruyter, Berlin and New York, 1992, pp. 117-129.

91. Tablas Matemáticas De David
Colecci³n de tablas y f³rmulas de la matem¡tica elemental.
escoja idioma
Tabla de Sumas

... Tablas
Cabos Sueltos
Vectores Complejidad Curvas ... Derivadas
Asuntos Avanzados
Serie de Fourier
Transformadas ¡Ya puede David Manura

92. 3D Rhymin Times Tables
offers an educational math software game to help children learn the multiplication tables with interactive problems, lessons, and homework videos.

93. Algorithmic Number Theory: Tables And Links
Compiled by Noam Elkies.
Algorithmic (a.k.a. Computational) Number Theory : Tables, Links, etc.
Tables of solutions and other information concerning Diophantine equations [equations where the variables are constrained to be integers or rational numbers]:
  • Trinomials with unusual Galois groups ( x x x x x x x x +567, etc.)
    • (Supporting computational data for Nils Bruin's theorem here
  • Elliptic curves of large rank and small conductor arXiv preprint; joint work with Mark Watkins; to appear in the proceedings of ANTS-VI (2004)): Elliptic curves over Q of given rank r up to 11 of minimal conductor or discriminant known; these are new records for each r in [6,11]. We describe the search method tabulate the top 5 (bottom 5?) such curves we found for r in [5,11] for low conductor, and for r in [5,10] for low discriminant.
  • Data and results concerning the elliptic curves ny =x -x arising in the ``congruent number'' problem:
    • Transparencies for ANTS-V lecture, in PS and PDF added 7/2002
    • All for which the curve has analytic rank at least 3, listed and used;
    • , under an additional conjecture;

94. TableTrainer Maths Multiplication Tables Educational Game Mathematics
A math program designed to assist the learning of multiplication tables.
About TableTrainer
TableTrainer is a maths educational program designed to assist in the task of learning multiplication tables. Maths "games" don't always hold children's interest for long. So rather than create a maths game, I designed something that could be used once a day for about 10 minutes. The logic being, that once they had used TableTrainer, they could then carry on with the more serious task of playing their latest video game. The program allows you to practice and test multiplication tables from 1 to 12. You can select which tables you practice or are tested on. The results for all tests are stored. The results page has a graph of all your tests so you can compare them. The results page also shows which calculations were wrong, so you can identify any problem areas.

95. Collapsed Adjacency Matrices, Character Tables And Ramanujan Graphs
A database of character tables of endomorphism rings.
Collapsed Adjacency Matrices, Character Tables and Ramanujan Graphs
This is a database of character tables of endomorphism rings. Let G be a finite group, K a field and M a finite set on which G acts transitively. For a in M let M ,...,M r be the distinct orbits of G a , which have respective representatives a =a, a ,..., a r . Let E i i [k,l] be the collapsed adjacency matrix for the orbital digraph (M,E i ). Therefore A i is defined as the number of neighbours of a k in M l (see PrSoi for details).
Let R denote the endomorphism ring End KG ,...,S k
The entries of a column of the character table are the eigenvalues of the corresponding orbital digraph (see PrSoi for details).
(see CePoTeTrVe for details). For rank up to 5 the collapsed adjacency matrices have been computed by Cheryl E. Praeger and Leonard H. Soicher (PrSoi) . Several matrices (also for larger rank cases) can be found in IvLiLuSaSoi , where numerous further references are given.) The following matrices originally have been published in:
: Fi with 2 .M
: Co with 2 .O
: J with 2 .M
: M with 2.BM.

96. ACTA
tables of contents.
The Acta Mathematica Vietnamica is a scientific publication published under the auspices of the Institute of Mathematics, NCST Vietnam . As a companion to our print publication, AMV On-line provides : Journal Information Editorial Board Current Issue Journal Contents ... Next Issue Future Contents Instructions for Authors Links to Other Websites

97. Math Science Center
Tutorials, tips, and tables to help with general math and science concepts. Materials (texts, quizzes, worksheets, curriculum) from several math and science courses. Developed by math and science instructors at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College.
Southwest Wisconsin Technical College
Math Science Resource Center
About the Site Contact Information Southwest Tech Web Site Resources Courses Topics Math Review Math Tips Applied Math ... General Math What's New Links Elementary Algebra Free Stuff Geometry ... Introductory Science
About This Site
top of page
The Math/Science Resource Center is designed to organize much of the information that is traditionally presented by Math/Science Center Staff. The site is a compilation of materials. You will find printable tables of math and science related data such as a table of measurement conversions You will find printable step-by-step instructions for solving specific problems like making metric conversions. There are interactive tutorials, such as making recipe conversions, that are available to download. The tutorials provide a more comprehensive look at a given math or science application. There are also course materials for most of our Math and Science courses. Take a look. There is something useful for everyone. A great deal of the material on this site is stored as "pdf " files. Converting files to the PDF format is a very common method of making documents available online. This is the same format used by the IRS for putting tax forms online. You

98. Geometry Formulas And Facts
An excerpt from the 30th Edition of the CRC Standard Mathematical tables and Formulas, covering the area of Geometry (minus differential geometry), by Silvio Levy.
Next: Part I: Two-Dimensional Geometry
Up: Geometry Reference Archives
Geometry Formulas and Facts
Silvio Levy This document is excerpted from the 30th Edition of the CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulas , published in late 1995 by CRC press This completely rewritten and updated edition of CRC's classical reference work is edited by Dan Zwillinger, and boasts the participation of dozens of distinguished contributors in all fields of mathematics. Ordering information is available here The present excerpt covers the area of Geometry (minus differential geometry). It was written by Silvio Levy and is reproduced here with permission. All the figures were made by the author using Mathematica , except those in Section , which were made using kali This online version was prepared with the help of Nikos Drakos's converter; for compatibility of text and formulas, choose a largish text font with your browser. A button in the text indicates a cross-reference.

99. Computational Number Theory - Tables And Computations
Browsable interfaces to tables and computations on elliptic curves, quadratic forms, and modular forms.
Computational Number Theory
Tables and computations
In this pages you will find browsable interfaces to tables and computations on elliptic curves, quadratic forms, and modular forms.
This project is part of the computational component of the NSF award DMS 0200605, P/I Fernando Rodriguez Villegas
Part of Computational Number Theory

100. Index Of /GAEL/math
Index of /GAEL/math. May2003 1646 1k es-graphs.htm 23-May-2003 1646 1k es-integrals.htm 23-May-2003 1646 1k es-misc.htm 23-May-2003 1646 1k es-tables.htm 23
Index of /GAEL/math
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