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  1. College Algebra and Internet Guide 97 Math and Student Activity Manual and How to Study Math by Wells, 1999-06
  2. Steck-Vaughn Summer Studio Math (Student Workbook Level C) by Harcourt Achieve Inc, 2007

141. Odyssey Program-> Brandeis University
Catalog of summer courses for gifted high school students. Curriculum supports handson student inquiry in Brandeis classrooms and laboratories in current topics in science, math and technology.
Odyssey Program
Summer School
Genesis Brandeis University Rabb School : Odyssey
Summer Programs
Thank you for your interest in Brandeis University. The Summer Odyssey Program has been discontinued. We will continue to provide other educational activities in the summer. Please see the Genesis Program and Summer School for more details. Brandeis Quick Jump... Search Directory Home Prospective Students Current Students Faculty Staff Alumni Parents Visitors Jobs News Calendar Profiles Map About Brandeis Directions Undergrad Admissions Academics IT Services Libraries Registrar Research Offices GO: Contact Us Brandeis University

142. Pharmacology Math: A Tutorial For Nursing Students
Fear of math or Concerned about Proficiency? Go Figure. . . What is different about Pharmacology math? What do I need to know to be successful?
Fear of Math or Concerned about Proficiency?
To Navigate through this site, click on the ' Go Figure ' or 'Back' buttons. What is different about Pharmacology Math?
  • What do I need to know to be successful? Show me how to do it. Key points. Abbreviations Conversions / Equivalencies
Note: This is the "tutorial" section. A suggestion: Read the tutorial for your area of need before performing the quiz. If you need help with basic math calculation, you can review and practice basic math at this link at Maui Community College. You should book mark this site to return here. Quizzes Available
  • Matching: Equivalencies Matching: Abbreviations Multiple Choice: Titration (Critical Care) Multiple Choice: Pediatric focus Short answer: OB focus Multiple Choice: Pulling it all together (Management focused questions)

Department of Nursing Education Homepage Part of Math Site updated 8/2003
For questions, contact

143. Ordinary Mathematics
Covers forms, numbers and functions. Introduces high school students to basic to advanced math principles and reasoning.

144. OSU High School Math Contest
Open to students in Oklahoma. Modeled after the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition.
High School Math Contest
Contest Description
Every fall since 1991, OSU's Math Department has sponsored a High School Math Contest bringing Oklahoma high school students to Stillwater for a day of serious mathematical problem solving. The contest has proved very popular with students and teachers alike, currently bringing over 600 students from high schools throughout the state to campus each year. For a few years we offered the contest in a second location, in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas. The contest consists of 8-10 challenging problems to be completed in two and one-half hours. The exam uses high school algebra and geometry, and other subjects such as trigonometry, number theory, or combinatorics may appear. The exam is designed to teach logic and problem solving skills and to encourage creativity. It is modelled after the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition , sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America , which is offered annually to college students throughout the US and Canada. The book Algebra Through Problem Solving,

Spectrum math and Spectrum math Achieve help students gain a solid understanding and confidence in math fundamentals. These grade
Select One Direct Instruction Fine Arts Instructional Technology Intervention Language Arts Mathematics Phonics Reading Science Social Studies Test Preparation
Step 1 Click on a subject under Curriculum Solutions Step 2 Click on a program. Step 3 Select quantity, click Add to cart Step 4 Click Cart to view contents or click Checkout Step 5 Continue Shopping with SRA or go to Checkout This site contains professional courtesy pricing. All prices listed within are for educational professionals only. Orders shipped to addresses other than school address will be charged non-professional pricing.
Supplemental Products
Spectrum Math Grade Levels 1 - Adult Independent practice builds math skills and boosts test scores! Spectrum Math and Spectrum Math Achieve help students gain a solid understanding and confidence in math fundamentals. These grade-specific workbooks teach skills that consistently give students trouble on standardized tests and each practice set contains easy-to understand instructions, review materials, and assessment opportunities to strengthen student's understanding of math concepts. Research-based strategies facilitate student success, and lessons range from basic to advanced so that each student's needs are met. ISBN Title Quantity Price Spectrum Math Student Edition Grade 1/Gold Spectrum Math Student Edition Grade 2/Brown Spectrum Math Student Edition Grade 3 / Red Spectrum Math Student Edition Grade 4/Orange Spectrum Math Student Edition Grade 5/Yellow Spectrum Math Student Edition Grade 6/Green

146. Wonderama, Explorations In Science Education
Wonderama is a Lansing based company providing assembly and handson programs in science and math to students in Michigan.
var TlxPgNm='index';

147. The NASA Qwhiz - A Prime Online Game
A realtime, multi-player K-12 web game for math and science teachers and students.
NASA Qwhiz!
A K-12 Study Game
Anyone Now

Prime, the Computer

Schedule/Host a Game

Play/Watch a Scheduled Game
QwhizMaker Make your own Qwhiz!
Sign Up
Register first QwhizMiner A Data Miner for Qwhizzes Qwhiz Hall of Fame INSTRUCTIONS Qwhiz Survey JSC LTP Home New feature! Direct Link your web page to any NASA Qwhiz.
Also, check out our new online robotic simulation at the ROVer Ranch
Last Update: 4/1/03
Curator: Stephanie Smith
Responsible NASA Official: Robert O. Shelton Notices: What You Need to Know About NASA JSC Web Policies
Credits NASA Privacy Statement ... Accessibility

148. Wheelock College, Math Student Build A 600-cell
Human Development . math and Science, The students were at a workshop at the New England Regional Meeting of the mathematical Association of America.
at a Math Conference
building a 600-Cell
American Studies
Arts Humanities Human Development ... Math and Science The students were at a workshop at the New England Regional Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America . They are in the process of constructing a three-dimensional model of a regular four-dimensional figure called a 600-cell. Just as we draw flat (two-dimensional) images to suggest three-dimensional figures, we can build three-dimensional models to help visualize four-dimensional figures.
Arts and Sciences Home Page
Wheelock College Home Page Wheelock College
200 The Riverway, Boston, MA 02215-4176, ph. 617-879-2000 © 2004, WHEELOCK COLLEGE®

149. Math Forum: Macalester College POW Archive
Weekly math problem and archive from Professor Stan Wagon for firstyear college students presented by the math Forum.
Hosted by The Math Forum
Macalester College Problem of the Week
About the Problem of the Week Which Way Did the Bicycle Go?
Where are the answers?
Other math problem pages ... Search the MacPOW Archives
Spring 2004
Previous Problems

Stan Wagon
Tom Halverson , or Rob Leduc as indicated.
Reproduced with permission.
The Math Library Quick Reference Search ... Contact Us

150. Center For Excellence In Education
Founded by Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, the Center in McLean, Virginia sponsors two free programs for secondaryschool students. The Research Science Institute enables gifted math and science students from the United States and other countries to develop advanced research studies under the supervision of leading scientists. The Role Models and Leaders Program encourages inner-city students to pursue university education and professional careers.
Home Home History Trustees Supporters ... Staff The Center for Excellence in Education nurtures careers of excellence in science and technology for academically talented high school and college students. CEE's programs challenge students and assist them on a long-term basis to blossom into creators, inventors, scientists and leaders of the 21st century. Today, the Center sponsors two free programs for high school students: the Research Science Institute (RSI) and the USA Biology Olympiad . RSI participants represent five continents, and each year CEE program alumni travel as guests of foreign education ministries to promote mutual understanding among the world's future leaders. CEE's programs are made possible in large part by individuals, corporations, and governmental organizations, and by scholars who contribute their time and experience as RSI mentors . Please use this site to find out more about CEE's programs and how you can help , or contact the Center via the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

151. Welcome To The Math League
math League provides students with fun and educational math contests, problem books, and math educational software.
Math Contests Contest Books Math Software Homeschoolers ... FAQ
Building student interest and confidence in mathematics through solving worthwhile problems. The Math League is dedicated to bringing challenging mathematics materials to students. The Math League specializes in math contests, books, and computer software designed to stimulate interest and confidence in mathematics for students from the 4th grade through high school. Over 1 million students participate in Math League contests each year. Contest problems are designed to cover a range of mathematical knowledge for each grade level. All of the problems on each contest require no additional knowledge of mathematics beyond the grade level they test. Math Contests
Math League contests are available for grades 4 through High School. Challenging, interesting problems make learning math fun! Sample Contests Contest Dates High School Dates Check School Registration ... Contest Books
Math League contest books are available and contain dozens of practice math contests, complete with answers and solutions. Great for sharpening math skills and motivating student interest! Educational Software
Math League Educational Software programs are comprehensive learning tools, with thousands of practice problems and solutions organized by subject.

152. Education Planet
Helps teachers, students and parents find software, videos and supplies to lesson plans, maps, news and books. Also provides services such as forums, online teacher training, sites of the week and web tools.

153. Awesome Library - Mathematics
Large resource for students of middle schools. Includes algebra, calculus, graphing, and data analysis by subject and standard.

Talking Library Examples ... Spelling Here: Home Classroom Mathematics > Middle-High School Math
Middle-High School Math

By Subject and Standard


Data Analysis

Also Try
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  • Ask Dr. Math (Math Forum)
      Provides organized structure for gaining answers. Award-winning site.
  • Questions for Discussion (Droujkov and Droujkova)
      Provides questions for students designed to turn a boring arthmetic exercise into an exciting research adventure. 5-00
  • Math Games (
      Provides almost two dozen games to help teens in junior high or high school learn basic math. 7-02
  • Math Puzzles (Bogomolny)
      Provides games and puzzles that require math to solve. 9-99
    Lesson Plans
  • By Grade Level (Learning Network -
      Provides dozens of math lesson plans by grade level. 5-01
  • By Grade Level (PBS) 8-00
  • By Grade Level and Topic (8-10) (British Columbia Ministry of Education)
      Provides math outcomes and activities by topic and grade level (8-10). 5-00
  • By Topic (Thinkquest Team 20991)
      Provides math tutorials by topic. 5-00
  • 154. University Of Maryland Math Competition
    Open to all high school students in Maryland and the District of Columbia, with past results, problems and solutions.
    Here is the link to the 2003 University of Maryland High School Mathematics Competition
    Every autumn, the University of Maryland organizes a High School Mathematics Competition, open to high school students enrolled in Maryland or the District of Columbia. The Competition provides students stimulation, feedback and the opportunity for achievement. There are cash prizes and Edward Krahn Scholar opportunities, which vary from year to year.
    The competition consists of two examinations. Generally, over 2000 students take the Part I examination. Students who score well on the Part I exam are invited to participate in Part II of the Competition (a considerably more challenging exam). The exams require a sound knowledge of high school mathematics up to, but not including, calculus. Both parts require mathematical insight and ingenuity.
    The Competition began in 1979 under the leadership of Brit Kirwan, then chair of the Mathematics Department. The first Competition was organized by Professor Gertrude Ehrlich. Over the years, the Competition has been graced by many fine students. For recent years, we have more detailed records:

    155. Practical Uses Of Math And Science (PUMAS) Home Page
    A collection of onepage examples of how math and science topics taught in K-12 classes can be used in interesting settings, including everyday life. The examples are written primarily by scientists and engineers, and are available to teachers, students, and other interested parties via the PUMAS Web Site.
    PUMAS ( poo' mas) is a collection of one-page examples of how math and science topics taught in K-12 classes can be used in interesting settings, including everyday life. The examples are written primarily by scientists and engineers, and are available to teachers, students, and other interested parties via the PUMAS Web Site. Our goal is to capture, for the benefit of pre-college education, the flavor of the vast experience that working scientists have with interesting and practical uses of math and science... Ralph Kahn
    PUMAS Editor and Founder
    PUMAS Masthead
    Background Information
    We are now collecting examples for PUMAS Please contribute examples!
    Currently the PUMAS Collection contains 52 examples. PUMAS Examples (A current list by title)
    Chosen as a Selected Web Resource
    by the National Council of Teachers
    of Mathematics Illuminations Project Last updated: Friday April 5, 2002
    PUMAS Editor: Ralph Kahn
    WebCurator: Cecelia Lawshe
    Supported in part by NASA
    Earth Science Enterprise

    156. ThinkQuest : Library : Basketball Explorations
    Basketball is a game that involves many disciplines notably math, physics and arts. Educational site developed by students for ThinkQuest as a project to show how these disciplines relate to basketball. Also resources index.
    Index Basketball
    Basketball Explorations
    Basketball is a game that involves several disciplines including math, physics, and art, along with many others. This site attempts to show you the connections by looking at topics like the geometry of a basketball court, team logos, color theory, and game statistics. Finish up with a final exam and the Color Picker game. Visit Site 1997 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Awards Fourth Place Languages English Students Kevin Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, Scotch Plains, NJ, United States James Scotch Plains Fanwood High School, Scotch Plains, NJ, United States Dmitry Edward R. Morrow High School, Brooklyn, NY, United States Coaches Arlene Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, Scotch Plains, NJ, United States Diane Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, Scotch Plains, NJ, United States Diane Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, Scotch Plains, NJ, United States Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site.

    students will use grocery store flyers to study consumer math concepts. I teach 6th grade math and have about 43 students per period, so I must be prepared!
    GRADES: 4-9
    • sheets of blank paper.
    • protractors
    • straight edge of some kind
  • Draw ten different triangles. Label each vertex of the triangle using numbers one, two, three. Put the numbers at the vertex of each angle, outside the triangle.
  • Using your protractor, measure all angles of each triangle. Record the measurements of each angle inside the triangle.
  • Complete the following chart: Triangle, Angle 1, Angle 2, Angle 3, Sum of the three angles
  • Record any patterns that you find regarding the angles of a triangle.
    This lesson can be varied to determine the properties of isoceles, and equilateral triangles as well.
    This lesson creates ownership for the student, ensuring that they will never Forget these properties.
    submitted by
    GRADES: 7-11
    The Mathematics Behind Mazes examines Euler's Formula (Points + Regions = Lines + Parts), and provides the students with a chance to design and construct a model of a maze, to practice equations and to obtain a better understanding of coordinate planes.
    • Euler's Formula Handout
    • dictionary-1 per group
    • scissors-1 pair per group
    • tape-1 roll per group
    • glue-1 bottle per group
    • graph paper-several sheets per group
    • cardboard-several sheets per group
    • white paper-several sheets per group
    • access to a computer
  • Have students list any characteristics of mazes which they already know.
  • 158. Welcome To ... The Newest Math Tool.
    TechDraw is the new math tool for students of all ages to express their thoughts and ideas with realistic 3-dimensional perspective drawings.
    "A simple invention such as this has been needed for many years" ...4th grade teacher Whether 1st grade or 12th grade,
    will be of immense value to students of all ages by helping them express their thoughts and ideas with realistic 3-dimensional perspective drawings.
    A fourth or fifth grader can easily produce drawings that excel those of most high school seniors.
    But most of all, Tech-Draw will help students, in their formative years, to become aware of the need for order, precision and accuracy in all forms of measuring. Tech-Draw will give students an advanced ability to more skillfully express this newly gained awareness, knowledge and creative ability. SEE FOR YOURSELF!
    Click on the photos below for larger views! Even a 5 year old child can produce creative and original 2-dimensionl perspective drawings.
    Award-Winning Tool
    selected Tech-Draw as one of the top 60 inventions of the year for display at the 25th Annual National Inventors Exposition at Epcot, Disney World
    Tech-Draw was the winner of two Gold Medals (BEST in Educational, Most Outstanding Educational Booth) and received the highly coveted, special

    159. Math Pop Quiz
    Interactive math puzzles let students test their addition, subtraction, multiplication, geometry, division, and algebra skills.
    fwLoadMenus("#A6EDFF","#D4F6FF"); Search Cool Quiz!
    Quizzes Puzzles Humor ...

    Play Again

    Hall of Fame
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    Which of the following is equal to 4/25? Score: Chances: JOIN COOL QUIZ!
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    Privacy Policy
    Media Kit About Us ... Make Us Your Homepage

    160. Math Contest
    Available to middle school and high school students in the state of New Mexico.

    This annual contest is directed by professors Cristina Pereyra and Cathy Gosler.
    Sponsorship comes from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the PNM Foundation.

    Abraham Hillman,Cathy Gosler
    and Josephine Hillman Abraham P. Hillman , professor emeritus of mathematics at the University of New Mexico, died at his home in Albuquerque on January 19, 2004, after an extended illness.
    Born in Brooklyn, New York, December 18, 1918, he attended schools in Brooklyn and received his undergraduate degree from Brooklyn College. This was followed by graduate studies at Columbia University, where his advisor was J.F. Ritt. He did not complete his doctorate at Columbia University, however, but transferred to Princeton University where he completed his Ph.D. under the direction of the eminent topologist, Solomon Lefschetz. [ more
    Los Alamos Math Team
    (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) - A grant of $16,000 from the PNM Foundation will fund the 34th Annual UNM-PNM State High School Mathematics Contest, where outstanding students compete for prizes and recognition.

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